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Roleplay - vampire´s home... (( new please JOIN)) by Torana / MilkyStar

Joice was just a normal highschool girl....
One night she and her friends wanted to have fun..
they walked down the road to the old ghost mansion, no one have lived there in about a 100 years...
Joice came inside the house, and without fear she walked down the hallway...
As the human smell comes trough the house, somewhere in the dark, two eyes slowly opends...

Roleplay Details

NO cyber...take it to pm if you must
Violence is allowed..
swearing....i dont mind at all ^^
((if you are a vampire
what you are in the family:
want to kill the human or not: ))
Father vampire: Open
Mother Vampire: open
Oldest sister: taken
Oldest brother:open
youngest brother:open
youngest sister:open
Name: Helena Thompson
Age: 19
What You are in the Family: Oldest sister
Kill the human or not: No, just play with them
Personality: Can be frightening but only teases. She only likes the blood of animals because she hates taking life from people. She never takes life from the animals also, just barely taking enough blood to survive. She loves playing jokes on her siblings. She's easy going and loves to play, even though she's the oldest.
Name: Joice
Age: 17
personality: She is kind, yet has a temper, Joice is gentle and calm when she is not angry.


MilkyStar / Joice: Joice looked down the hallway, " damn thise place is old...", her blond hair moved gently, even tough she couldnt feel any wind, but there had to be some wind here, thise place was so old that it had to have some holes in it.
Joice walked slowly down the hallway, her steps eccoed as she walked, everything looked so old yet she couldnt find any dust at all, that seemed a bit old, but she tried not to think about it at all, it would just slightly creepy, she normaly didnt get scared at all doing thise things, but for some reason thise house made her feel watched, like someone was watching her every move.
NodokaHayashi / Helena Thompson: Name: Helena Thompson
Age: 19
What You are in the Family: Oldest sister
Kill the human or not: No, just play with them
Personality: Can be frightening but only teases. She only likes the blood of animals because she hates taking life from people. She never takes life from the animals also, just barely taking enough blood to survive. She loves playing jokes on her siblings. She's easy going and loves to play, even though she's the oldest.
((May I join?))
MilkyStar / Joice: (( sure thanks for joining^^))
NodokaHayashi / Helena Thompson: ((No problem! I'm excited. I'll do my intro post now!))
Helena was sleeping in her coffin when she was awoken by a strange smell. She slid open the lid to her dark mahogany coffin, a small amount of light filtering in to show the hot pink lined interior. She sniffed the air. (i Human?) She was confused. She sat up, pushing the lid too far, allowing it to clatter to the floor. She gasped as she heard the sound. Helena's ears were more sensitive then her whole families and the loud clatter hurt her ears. She stood up and stepped from her coffin. She picked up the lid easily and closed it, making sure not to let much dust in. She went to her closet and picked out a new dress. She slipped out of her night gown and into the dress. It was her favorite. It was a deep navy color. It's off the shoulder sleeves showing off her favorite attribute of herself: her collarbone. It's bodice was tight, and the skirt was a bit flowy around her legs. There was a small train to the dress and she enjoyed spinning around with it on. She put on her silver slippers and walked from the room, following the smell of human. (i I wonder what poor unfortunate soul has stumbled into our abode this time) she thought, flashing a small smile, her white teeth shining, her eyes sparkling at the thought.
MilkyStar / Joice: (( me tooo ^^))
Joice jumped as she heard a loud banging noise like something was dropped, " no way....am i starting to imagine things...i suddenly hope not...caus i ahve a math test tomrrow..", she turned on her flah light, it was a small light that came out yet it shinned brightly like a little sun in thise dark house, she had to blink a couple off times before her eyes got used to the small flash lights light, she always had one in her pocket.
Joice walked further down the hallway, her light went over a few things, like a vase and some dusty flowers, paintings off pale yet pretty people, maybe they where the ones to live here before, she tough to herself before she turned the light away and headed further down the hallway.
NodokaHayashi / Helena Thompson: Helena stole down the hallway, making no sound at all. She followed the smell, it's intensity growing. Soon she saw a light up ahead. (i What is making that light?) she asked herself. She didn't know but she knew they human was holding it. She could smell the human perfectly now. As she got closer, she could smell that it was a female. (i Ah, this could be fun. I wonder if she'd want to be a vampire.) she thought, her eyebrows raised a bit in curiousity. She got closer and could see the girl. She had beautiful blonde hair and was carrying a small metal object that was emmitting the light. She'd never seen something like it before but she knew it wasn't the sun so it wouldn't harm her. She giggled softly, hiding in a doorway watching her. She sniffed the air, her fangs extending. She was hungry but wouldn't bite the girl. She knew it would be rude and unlike her. She would be seen as a brutal vampire and that was not something she wanted to be. She decided to watch her for a bit.
MilkyStar / Joice: Joice felt something look at her, she turned the flash light to a doorway she tough she had felt somthing from, " uhm..no way right...", she giggled to herself then turned and walked in trough a doorway to a pretty room, it seemed to be a living room old furniture and stuff around on the walls, like painting and plates, " thise things must be about a hundred years old i mean look at it", she picked down a painting off a lake with flowers by the side, but the lake was blood red, everything seemed so peace full in the painting, yet scary like any moment something would crawl up form that lake, she shoke herself a bit, then putted the painting back on the wall, and walked over to a desk, old pens and papirs was all over it, but it looked like it had been used resently, nothing was dust on, it was so weird.
NodokaHayashi / Helena Thompson: Helena watched the girl pick up the lake painting. It had been her favorite when she was smaller. She listened to the girl talk to herself. (i Silly humans) she thought. She stepped forward, following her into the room. She was sure her father had been in the room yesterday. She smiled at the pens and paper on the desk. It was his private desk and she knew there was blood stains on the actually desk but they were covered by the papers strewn across it. She stepped into the room. If the girl turned around, she would be seen. But Helena didn't care, she sort of wanted to be seen by the girl. Helena smiled, her fangs flashing in the light the girl held. She kept her smile, her eyes watching the girl closely. She clasped her hands in front of her, standing as still as a statue, smiling eerily.
MilkyStar / Joice: Joice heard a clapping sound and turned around quickly, " that...that wasnt there before...who in the world are you??", she asked as she letted her light shinne right up in the girls face, thise thing or what ever it was had commed in here without letting her hear anything, either way it wasnt normal, and her teeth, it looked mostly like a vampire´s teeth would look, but really vamoire´s didnt exit, at least that was what she belived.
NodokaHayashi / Helena Thompson: Helena stood still for a moment as the light shone on her face. She continued to smile, her teeth still extended. She let her bright red tongue flick out and slide over her lips. She took a breath and then spoke, "Good evening. My name is Helena. I'm the oldest daughter of the house. And who might you be, human?" she asked. She stepped forward, not scared in the least. She soon was standing in front of the girl. She reached out and stroked the right side of her face with her right hand. She let her fingers travel down the girl's cheek to her neck, brushing away the hair that clung to it. (i So tempting. I could easily sink my teeth into her neck right now.) She smiled again, her teeth fully extended, her eyes flashing red.
MilkyStar / Joice: Joice felt the strange girls fingers down by her neck, she blushed strongly then snapped out off it and with a quick smack she removed the girls hand, "Good evening i am Joice...i am sorry for coming into your house like thise..i didnt think anyone lived in thise house", her voice was polite yet still had a toph sound to it as she spoke, her metal like blue eyes was barried deeply into Helena´s red ones, as she watched the girl without fear.
Joice stepped one step back still looking at the girl without even moving her eyes from her, Joice letted her fingers run trough her blond hair as she watched the girl, Helena´s red hair shinned like a fire in the dark and so did her eyes, even tough she was pretty, her skin was very pale, like she hadent been out in the sun forever, joice letted her fingers run trough her short blond hair, as she looked at Helena.
NodokaHayashi / Helena Thompson: ((Sorry I disappeared. My internet stopped working and I was doing everything I could to fix it. Finally I just went to my friend's house.))
Helena smiled, her eyes returning to their normal green. She rubbed her hand. It was slightly pink where the girl had hit her. It had stung a bit. "You are correct in saying that nobody lives here," she said, sorrow in her voice. She looked around. "Feel free to continue looking around" she said. She pointed to the painting that Joice had picked up earlier of the blood red lake. "Do you like this painting?" she asked, walking over to it. She picked it up. Only to her was the lake moving, the wind in the picture causing the lake to be a bit choppy. She was rather glad that Joice wasn't too scared of her. Most humans ran at the sight of Helena and her family members. She looked at the girl with a piercing stare, her eyes noticing everything about the girl. She looked to be about 17. Her blood running in her veins smelled 17 as well. Helena breathed in deeply. She loved and hated the smell of humans. Her fingers ran over the painting. As she touched the lake, it felt wet to her touch. She picked up her fingers, looking at the blood running down them. Something had pricked them. She slowly brought her fingers to her lips, sucking the blood from them. She looked at Joice.
MilkyStar / Joice: (( its alright ^^....well i hate it when my com does that..you just go like arrrgh))
Joice looked at Helena as her eyes turned green again, she saw how her hand had left a mark on Helena´s white skin, and felt a bit sorry for hurting her, she didnt want to hurt her, she had just been slightly surprised, " well...uhm no one lives here..but you live here..so there is at least someone", she said with a gentle smile as she looked at Helena she didnt really get what Helena was saying to her, but she wanted to understand thise girl, something about her seemed really interresting she wanted to know su much more about her.
Joice looked at the painting Helena was holding, " uhm..yeah i think it is a really nice painting...but it is also slightly sad", she always said her mind, and that was what she had done again, Joice sometimes wanted to hit herself, sayind a painting was sad, was slightly stupid, she giggled off herself.
" well...Helena how long have you been living here...why havent i seen you down in the town at all??", she asked with a smile as she looked at Helena the town was very small so she would have seen her if she had been there, and she would have remebered someone like Helena, cause she was so pretty and diffrent.
NodokaHayashi / Helena Thompson: Helena giggled slightly at Joice's words. "Yes, it is a bit sad." She decided not to talk anymore about nobody living in the house. Yes, she resided there, but no, she was not living. She was one of the living dead, so on a technicality, she was not living. She turned to face Joice. "Well, my dear, I don't venture outside. The sun hurts me, thus my pale appearance." She explained. She didn't want to say that she would end up killing people if she was out at night. She could handle a few humans but if there were more than 10 in one place, she wouldn't be able to handle the smell of the blood in the air. She looked at her fingers. They were already healed. She smiled a slight smile to Joice. "Why are you here? Do you take to walking into homes of others?" she asked her. She didn't mean to sound rude but she was sure what she had just said sounded thusly. She smiled to compensate for it. She laid the painting down, hoping she didn't get pricked again. She looked at the papers on the desk. There was her father's handwriting. She picked up a paper and smelled it. It smelled of him. She laid it back down and faced Joice, standing like a statue once again. In her many years of residing on the planet, she learned to do everything slowly and take everything in. And that's just what she did. Sometimes she would take a few minutes to respond to questions.
MilkyStar / Joice: Joice smiled, " uhm...no i dont normally go into houses that people live in i mean...well i tough that thise was a hunted house..you know like slightly scary, i am very sorry but we didnt think anyone lived here Helena", she smiled gently to Helena as she looked at her she was very pale indeed maybe she had something with her skin, so that the sun was hurting, that was heard off before.
Joice looked as Helena smelled the papir, " uhm i didnt touch it i swear...if that is what you are looking after...i really didnt nor read what it said", Joice hoped that she hadden done anything that would make Helena angry, she looked so much like a sick princess the pale kind that isnt allowed to go outside couse the witch says so, but then again Joice should be old enough to stop thinking off those silly stories.
Joice putted her hands on her back and, then looked at Helena as she stod there, her black shirt seemed tight over her cheest as she stod like that, she was wearing black shorts and long boots, it made her look very boy like, yet her body clearly showed she was a girl, she wasnt the most pretty girl but she wasnt bad looking either.
NodokaHayashi / Helena Thompson: ((Hey where are you from?))
Helena smiled. "I know you didn't touch it. I can't smell you on it." She let her fingers slide over the desk chair's back. She leaned on it, facing the girl. Joice was dressed in uncomfortable looking clothing. Her long boots made Helena's feet hurt just by looking at them. She'd never worn shorts before because they looked too revealing. They appeared to be pajamas. She shook her head. "It's no matter about you coming in. Just be careful. You never know what you might find in houses that look haunted." She smiled, her fangs showing, her eyes flashing red. She didn't want to scare Joice but she did at the same time. She wasn't sure how far she could go before startling the girl and she wanted to test it.

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