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Roleplay - Saiyan Civil War by Raze / Kovaks92

A thousand years before the adventures of Goku a war that determined the fate of the universe was taking place. The Great Warrior Race that is the Saiyans had amazed an enormous army and few knew the reasons why until a Powerful General over heard talk of sending the army on a Suicidal mission to destroy everything in the Universe besides their own planet. This General distrought by the knews told everyone. Branded as a traitor him and the few brave Saiyans that followed him now have to stop the army before their evil mission can take place.

Roleplay Details

Power level cannot be over 1,200(strong as Radditz) but dont worry you will get stronger as time passes
We need good guys and bad guys but there will be loads of NPC(NonPlayableCharacter) that will be used as fodder to do destroyed by our heroes, and villans.
There are no dragon balls, The only planets are Vegeta,Saiyan home world, and a small planet known as Freyx, made up.
finally no instant kills and you cant dodge evrything unless your power level is way higher. the closer your power levels the more evenly you will be matched
Accepted Characters:
Name: Raze
Race: Saiyan
Rank: General
Power level: 1,200
Allignment: good
Name: Kalako
Race: Saiyan
Rank: Warrior
Power level: 1,000
Allignment: Neutral
Power level:1,000


Kovaks92 / Raze: Raze paced the small building that made become a makeshift HQ. Him and his small troop had managed to survive an escape and trip to this small back water planet but soon he was going to have mount an attack to show he was running away and hideing he was going to fight back. He wanted to see if any of his men would voulenteer for this risky mission but if need be he would go alone.
steelunit / Kalako: He followed General Raze with him. He heard about the plans and didn't believe it at first. He was with Raze before and never did like the guy much, but he soon thought he can trust him. He followed him with a few others.
emolover / Becka: -may i join-
Kovaks92 / Raze: Raze turned to face his small group of Allies. "I am going to attack the main saiyan army. i know where they are their weakest and after a short attack to get their attention i will return here to plan a larger scale attack. are there any brave warriors here who are willing to join me in this pivotol moment. this day will mark the beginning of the rebellion."
steelunit / Kalako: He walked forward to Raze. "I will join you.... I can't let anything happen to you." He looked around for any others.
Kovaks92 / Raze: //Fill out the little info thing and yes you may//
Kovaks92 / Raze: Raze chuckled and crossed his arms. "I belive you are Kalako correct? a Warrior in name and Rank i belive. Tell me why do you want to join me and why exactly do you think you cant let anything happen to me? rank no longer matters here. i am no more differant then you" he looked at the others. "Then any of you! we are here to stop the atrocity that the saiyan army has become and end the Tyranny of our evil king"
steelunit / Kalako: He nods and puts a hand on Raze's shoulder. "Then if ranks no longer matter.... then let us fight as brothers and sisters.... Brother Raze."
Aylar / Layra.: Name:Layra
Power level:1,000
Kovaks92 / Raze: //be in the meeting me and Kalako are in//
Aylar / Layra.: Layra stepped forward, "I will join, for no other reason then revenge for myself" She said, looking to the two others who had spoken.
Kovaks92 / Raze: Raze nodded. "Then revenge you shall have." he looked at Kalako then Layra. "Come my brother and sister we go to fight! we go to win! Long live the Revolution!" he stepped out side and waited for Layra and Kalako then began to fly towards the massive Saiyan army
steelunit / Kalako: He nodded to Layra and Raze and started to fly besides Raze. He knew they will have to fly through alot of their own brothers and sisters.
Aylar / Layra.: layra followed wordlessly, mentally preparing herself for her task. She knew the people they were going against were once her friends and family.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Name: Sakura
Race: Saiyan
Rank: Princess of Freyx
Power level: 900
Allignment: good
((just wondering if this would be allowed...planning to have her be sent by her grandfather to planet Vegeta to try and stop the Saiyan war, while her father wants her to end it with Freyx being the heads))

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