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Roleplay - The Dragon Room : A New Beginning OOC by Layra. / Aylar

Hello there!

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Kovaks92 / Raze: Heeeeeeey
steelunit / Kalako: Boo
Aylar / Layra.: herro.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: lol now delete this post before Nick sees XD
CarlyJohnson / Elie: just pm everyone XD
Kovaks92 / Raze: How is everyone doin?
Aylar / Layra.: all traces goen. *proud* someone's gotta give reil the link. and i call tagteam with either my bro or elie and mr popo
steelunit / Kalako: Raze, look in Saiyan rp...
Kovaks92 / Raze: Me and Kalako are gunna team up later. once his little episode with the gang is iver he is going to show up at the tower and we will see what happens from there
steelunit / Kalako: We are?? Sweet... now I can get hit for not doing my training right. xD
Kovaks92 / Raze: Does Raze come off as being mean like that O.o???
Aylar / Layra.: lol no, he comes off as a teacher. though at some times he reminds me of vageta
Kovaks92 / Raze: YES!!! thank you layra. thats the basically the personality i aim for XD
Aylar / Layra.: *laughs* so may i join the other dragonball z?
Kovaks92 / Raze: sure go ahead just fill out the character list thingy
Aylar / Layra.: ...can i have the link? too lazy to comb through the list
steelunit / Kalako: Well, Reil is the one who hits people in the head....
Aylar / Layra.: ima miss him. ^^ i cant wait till he comes to life again
CarlyJohnson / Elie: wha another dbz rp without the godmodding and still with good rpers! I WANT IN!
Kovaks92 / Raze: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/103067
steelunit / Kalako: Its not quite the same... its Basically all Saiyans.
Kovaks92 / Raze: Yeah the one i did is a Civil war between saiyans. i hope it turns out good
steelunit / Kalako: I was thinking of making Kalako on the DBZ: Journey a Human with a saiyan blood in him, but he was not going to be quite as strong as a half blood or a pure saiyan.
Aylar / Layra.: we've sparked a DBZ outbreak...its a plague
steelunit / Kalako: This Saga is going to be Epic when Reil comes on.
Aylar / Layra.: lol
Kovaks92 / Raze: I wonder why Dende hasnt pressed Raze on his back ground yet. a saiyan on earth is usally a cause for concern
steelunit / Kalako: True, espically a rare almost-extinct race.
Aylar / Layra.: mm im thinking about making my background as my charrie is related to one of the famous DBZ charries...
Kovaks92 / Raze: you do reaalize that the old Z warriors died 500 hundred years before this rp. it would be a very distant relation
Aylar / Layra.: yes, but there is still some amount of power. ^^
steelunit / Kalako: John is on.
Kovaks92 / Raze: where is Reil!!!! you guys wanna know raze's story?
Aylar / Layra.: pm him the link i suppose, but if nick gets in im making a new ooc and john doesnt get the link
Aylar / Layra.: i do!
steelunit / Kalako: Reil!!!!!! We want to curse you for leaving us!!! Sure.
Kovaks92 / Raze: Ok. first off his real name is Vega his Father's name was Raze. Vega showed great potential and defeated his first opponent, a saiybaman, at the age of 5. Trained as a Saiyan Warrior he never left his fathers side and eventally they became cloer as father and son and as brothers in arms. One day while attacking a heavily populated city for food and supplies Raze saved a young Alien woman from being killed by a fire and some how the Saiyan leaders found out about this. The leaders are all unnaturally cruel and are Sadists. they condemened him to death and he was dragged away after telling Vega he regretted nothing. Vega was knocked out and put in a pod sent for earth. when he awoke he recived a message from the leaders telling him to destroy every living thing and warned him not to fail them like his father. Vega cursed them and vowed Revenge and told them he will not rest until they are dead. He took the name Raze in honor of his father
steelunit / Kalako: Epic story.
Aylar / Layra.: awie!!!! thats so sad!!!
Kovaks92 / Raze: So he has basically never had anything but fighting and his father which is why he took the loss of his first real friend so hard
Aylar / Layra.: which means he's going to dominate in finding the dragon balls. OH! i figured out who im gonna be related to! *giggles*
steelunit / Kalako: Who?
Aylar / Layra.: Bulma
Kovaks92 / Raze: But your hair isnt blue or any unnaturall color
steelunit / Kalako: lol... wow...
Kovaks92 / Raze: REIL IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!11
TylLot / Reil: <<so you all made an occ. thats great. Well if it's not too much trouble can i ask you all to delete your occ in the other? also who's all here?>>
steelunit / Kalako: Yup, now we can do the teams.
Aylar / Layra.: then ill make it that way! jeez....five hundred years and my hair has to be blue...*goes to look for a pic grumbling to herself*
Kovaks92 / Raze: Im here and im working on deleteing my OOCs
Aylar / Layra.: how would i get this into picture form?
TylLot / Reil: <<allright for the teams I will allow you to choose but i have come up with possible journies for each of you depending on your teams. For instance i came up with one for Layra,elie, and Mr.Popo that has to do with a arabian king haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: Alight, and Reil... I stopped Nick from going too far... he was trying to make a Gravity Chamber...]
Kovaks92 / Raze: Hey Reil. can i do the Gang thing i came up with. While Raze was wandering alone to clear his mind he over heard some gang talking about a magical treasure their boss found. once Raze manages to get the dragonball he returns to the tower to give it to dende and before he leaves he is filled in and joins in the search
Aylar / Layra.: het dust, will you help me real quick?
TylLot / Reil: <<haha thanks. I was going to bring that in later when everyone is more powerful. I've also been coming up with rules of how much you can use it and how high you can turn it up depending on your powerlevel. Has anyone chosen teams yet?>>
CarlyJohnson / Elie: im here just trying to handle puppies at the same time >_<
TylLot / Mr.Popo: <<and yes Raze you can go ahead with it>>
Aylar / Layra.: i keep trying to talk to elie about teaming with erh, but she wont answer...u,u
steelunit / Kalako: Idk, Becky.
Kovaks92 / Raze: Once im done with my bandit episode me and Kalako are teaming up
CarlyJohnson / Elie: oh lol I thought we were a team XD....didnt know you wanted to talk about it
steelunit / Kalako: Raze, your post on Saiyan rp.
Kovaks92 / Raze: srry. im kinda more focoused on this right now...mabey later i only made it cause i was bored and thought reil wouldnt be on till alater
Aylar / Layra.: yayz! im teamed with elie....right? *blinks*
steelunit / Kalako: [Lol, alright Raze.]
Aylar / Layra.: i got a pic! *dances*
TylLot / Mr.Popo: All right you can all start if you want on the rp. Girls start on the lookout so mr.popo can meet you and do you want me to tell you the first journey now?
Aylar / Layra.: sure do!
TylLot / Mr.Popo: <<allright>> Basically the girls and Mr.Popo are traveling across a dessert when they realize they are almost out of food. Eventually the two pass out and Popo drags them to a nearby palace. The Prince takes them in and feeds them and during the banquet they realize that the prince is using the Dragon ball as part of his hat and they ask for it but the prince does not give it. In fact he sets out to make the two girls his wives. Now they have to somehow get the dragonball and get out without getting hitched!
Aylar / Layra.: ....why does that sound incredibly familiar....
TylLot / Mr.Popo: <<I got the idea from an alvin and the chipmunks movie>>
Aylar / Layra.: ...
TylLot / Mr.Popo: <<what? different one?>>
Aylar / Layra.: no it suits just fine, just caught off guard fromm the source XD
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Its fine...*sigh* can I just beat on the prince...also someone needs to go help Elie gain strength a bit from being in the fight with nick...no offense he didnt hold back with the beam and his power level should have killed me...just didnt want to die yet.
Kovaks92 / Raze: Christmas christmas time is here time for joy and time for cheer...what? I LIKE ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS!!!
Aylar / Layra.: lol thats why im here! you guys wanna know whats up with the turtleshell?
Kovaks92 / Raze: its magicall im assuming
CarlyJohnson / Elie: turtleshell?
Aylar / Layra.: lol its a healing shell. its the only thing she's actually worked hard for. she found it in a deep chasm next to the bones of....something. it can heal almost anything. elie, layra wears a small turtle shell around ehr neck.
TylLot / Mr.Popo: <<well i've decided to not let mr.popo go with anyone. HE HAS TO TAKE CARE OF HIS GARDEN! DENDE WOULDN'T KNOW HOW TO! also i'm busy trying to do reil as well so it could get hectic.>>
Aylar / Layra.: lol your posts sound almost exactly like goku. god i miss this show...wait, so how are elie and i doing our storyline?
TylLot / Mr.Popo: <<you can edit how you get to the palace. Maybe just one of you passes out or something like that. i'll be right back, got to take a shower>>
Aylar / Layra.: hmmm i vote elie passes out....and i carry ehr. cause my char doesnt eat alot and can survive the hot wather better. XD have a great shower
CarlyJohnson / Elie: You could take me on the carpet when I am passed out already then we both faint as it crashes into the sand near the prince's palace.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: or what she said....my character has not eaten or anything really since Reil vanished so would make sense
Aylar / Layra.: Mr. Popo wont be there elie, lol im about to visit you so brace yourself for true kindness! *grins evilly*
steelunit / Kalako: Need to wait for Reil now.
Aylar / Layra.: what roleplay are you in to cause a char like that brother? *totally interested*
steelunit / Kalako: What char?
TylLot / Reil: <<i'm here but only for a second. I have to go pick up my sister from my aunt's and she lives kinda far. I might be on later tonight though. But you can go ahead and start your search.>>
Aylar / Layra.: alright, later reil!
dustin, the madman character
Kovaks92 / Raze: Can you atleast post once before you go! i cant do anything till you get back other wise
steelunit / Kalako: Its for a killer rp I am in.
Aylar / Layra.: oooh....can i know the name?
steelunit / Kalako: The Bloody Engagement [Needs more boys Open]
Aylar / Layra.: hmmm...wont join then
steelunit / Kalako: Creator not on anyway.
Kovaks92 / Raze: I wont be able to post until Reil returns :(
Aylar / Layra.: i helped you along. ^^
steelunit / Kalako: I think you both got stuck.
Kovaks92 / Raze: I am stuck. without Reil i really cant do anything right now
steelunit / Kalako: Wait... I know how you can get unstuck.
Aylar / Layra.: ill show the dragonball to dende and you go with dustin
steelunit / Kalako: Well... wait... Layra will tell you that its a dragon ball after she looks at it. Then she will then leave the dragon ball with Dende as Elie calls for her or something.
Kovaks92 / Raze: the only thing that will convince Raze to do anything is Dende
Aylar / Layra.: ...meanie...
Kovaks92 / Raze: and after what he went through to get it its his XD
steelunit / Kalako: Layra.... remember... he is a stubborn Saiyan.
Aylar / Layra.: ima try at least...
Kovaks92 / Raze: have fun trying to get something from a stubborn angry saiyan XD
Aylar / Layra.: i can be stubborn too
steelunit / Kalako: Oh boy... now you know why I left her many years ago. lolz
Aylar / Layra.: lol it was only three you jerk
Kovaks92 / Raze: what are you 2 talking about
steelunit / Kalako: Nothing.
Aylar / Layra.: told ya i can be stubborn. *points to post in rp*
Kovaks92 / Raze: not as stubborn as a saiyan *tries to point to rp but arm broken* oh yeah oops
steelunit / Kalako: lol
Aylar / Layra.: *pokes broken arm* does this hurt?
Kovaks92 / Raze: *Right eye twitches* N-no not at all
Aylar / Layra.: *pokes harder* are you lying?
steelunit / Kalako: I don't really wanna puse, he said to continue on.
Kovaks92 / Raze: *Cringes but tries to make it look like a smile* no i-it dosnt h-hurt
Yeah but i actually am kinda stuck so you two can train or somethin but im pausin
Aylar / Layra.: *sits on the ground*
steelunit / Kalako: Bahh.... well... then to the Saiyan rp then.
Kovaks92 / Raze: //nah i gotta go for a bit ny way...later//
steelunit / Kalako: Wow... later then.
Aylar / Layra.: *bored*
Aylar / Layra.: reil's back
steelunit / Kalako: I saw... is Raze back?
Aylar / Layra.: ive no idea
Aylar / Layra.: Raaaaaaaazzzzeeeeee!!!!
TylLot / Reil: <<ok seems much didn't happen while i was gone. Who's all here?>>
Aylar / Layra.: me and kalako...
TylLot / Reil: <<hmmm...i think you have two dragon balls after Raze came back so if you want i can send you two after another>>
Aylar / Layra.: we have one from what i understand, but i didnt read Raze's fight. its up to Kalako though
TylLot / Reil: <<we have two, the one raze found and apparently nick already had one before the fight with Reiko. Not sure how haha but i guess we have two now. the three star and the five star>>
Aylar / Layra.: hmmm nick...hey! dont let nick have the link to the ooc..
TylLot / Reil: <<why? something happen?>>
Aylar / Layra.: no, just no one likes him
CarlyJohnson / Elie: I need to eat dinner but i will be back soon, and about nick...he sort of god mods a lot. I don't mind him rping Reil it is just he aims to fight way too much in the rp its like rp constant.
TylLot / Reil: <<haha you don't know how many pm's i've gotten about this. and see you soon elie.>>
steelunit / Kalako: Alot? Well, if I do this mission for a dragon ball... I will have to hurry back so me and Raze can team up xD
Aylar / Layra.: about nick? he's atotally out of contorl. i think you should kick him out of the roleplay
TylLot / Reil: <<you want me to give you a solo one kalako?>>
steelunit / Kalako: Well..... hmmm... I am not sure... I guess... since I am already out there alone in the winter lands.
Aylar / Layra.: im with elie, well, not yet. i still have to ask her
TylLot / Reil: <<all right basically the dragon balls inside a glacier and after you blast it out or whatever it causes an avalanche that threatens the nearby village. whether you help the village or not is up to you. sound good?>>
steelunit / Kalako: Hmmm... I can start touching my evil side. Hehe
TylLot / Reil: <<i've been thinking about doing alignment points>>
Aylar / Layra.: lol thats incentive
steelunit / Kalako: Hehe... you should Reil... cause alot of villagers are going to die.
TylLot / Reil: <<yep however this means some bonuses will be unavailable to evil people that would be to good people like (i fate of the world) or (i savior of the world). But thats also vice versa>>
steelunit / Kalako: And probably one is to kill a savior is for evil?
TylLot / Reil: I have a bunch written down for both. Such as (i Tainted anger) and also (i Yin and Yang) which i came up for you and your sister if you choose different sides
steelunit / Kalako: Cool, and nice twist of the not wishing Reil back yet. Now to find the dragon ball and see what I feel like doing to the village.
Aylar / Layra.: omg!!! piccolo!!! *giggles like a fangirl* okay...moment over... >.>
TylLot / Reil: <<haha figures :). Did you like my 'softie' moment?>>
Aylar / Layra.: *goes to read that post*
Aylar / Layra.: awie...and i laughed. did you know Piccolo was my my number one ultimate most favorite character?
TylLot / Reil: <<i could tell towards the beginning of the rp.>>
steelunit / Kalako: Uh huh... now read my post xD
TylLot / Reil: <<yea i saw haha, you cruel hearted demon>>
Aylar / Layra.: ...how could you tell?
TylLot / Reil: <<you meditate like him, you talked about him constantly and use his techniques. he's my favorite too. which is why i'm a namek and act like him haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: Lol.... Ima let the survivors freeze... and never tell anyone about that. Thanks for letting me be cold hearted solo fighter. :)
Aylar / Layra.: lol yes, piccolo is my idol, dont get her started on it..*punches kal* you big jerk! okay well i have no room to talk, i would have done the same thing...
steelunit / Kalako: I thought about describing the avalance in gruelsome details... but I didn't want people to puke and freak.
Aylar / Layra.: lol you should go back, it'll improve that thing which you call a post
oh my god! i almost forgot to say that that fight with Reiko reminded me of Cell!!
TylLot / Reil: <<haha don't forget Dende can watch the earth from his lookout.>>
Aylar / Layra.: dende whould tell me so i can start a fight with my brother...ima go find dende...
TylLot / Reil: <<and dende could tell you about his chat with reil haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: Dende better keep his mouht shut about my mission! He will regret it.
Aylar / Layra.: ...and piccolo!! *gets excited*
Aylar / Layra.: lol i posted, you should tell her about her brother
steelunit / Kalako: Nooo! Don't! Not yet.....
Kovaks92 / Raze: hey hey im back :D
Aylar / Layra.: hmmm... welcom back!
steelunit / Kalako: Hey Hey there.... I am starting on the road of evil now! Only Dende knows though... so Shhh...
Kovaks92 / Raze: i like the new move i gave raze :) and what did i miss exactly?
Aylar / Layra.: nothing, Kalako found another dragonball, killed a vilallage and im talking to dende
Kovaks92 / Raze: oooooooo Raze gunna beat ya down
Aylar / Layra.: no one knows except for dende and he hasnt said anything about it
Kovaks92 / Raze: I see...Oh im thinking about bringing that android i destroyed back later as a sub character or something
Aylar / Layra.: ill fight it!
steelunit / Kalako: It comes back strong and upgraded?
Kovaks92 / Raze: yeup...the weasly guy will get his revenge...if its ok with Reil
TylLot / Dende: <<and yes it's ok. How strong though. Powerlevel i mean>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: He was a couple thousand higher then Raze and when he comes back he will be doube that
Kovaks92 / Raze: brb...dishes
Aylar / Layra.: i have a question, oh! and watch this.
TylLot / Dende: <<haha i love Jeff Dunham. How did you get the video on your post? also whats your question?>>
Aylar / Layra.: lol just type youtube: url
my question is can Reil trian layra when he gets back, he had to have lerned a few things by then
TylLot / Reil: <<haha believe me Reil will learn alot and as for the training it might have to be put on hold with the android. Also reil is just as strict as Piccolo....haha also if the android doesn't show up before the wish then their will be a suprise>>
Aylar / Layra.: thats why she should train with him! lol so how do we plan on fghting the android? i have to go soon...
steelunit / Kalako: Why do I feel... the last dragon ball... won't be easy to get?
Kovaks92 / Raze: //ok...i will be in controll of the anroid and the weasly guy whom ive yet to give a name seeing as you had Reiko...ok?
TylLot / Reil: <<well i'm sure thats a long ways off. I think finding the dragon balls will take a while so don't worry about having to leave soon. Were in no rush.>>
Aylar / Layra.: because...the android has a sibling! and its stronger than the first one! *laughs*
TylLot / Reil: <<i heard haha, which is why Reil and Piccolo are training so hard. Though piccolo won't let Reil go back until he completes his training, even if a android is terrorizing the earth>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: Its not going to be a diff android. its just a repaired, super upgraded 69
Aylar / Layra.: yes, but there should be a socond one..
Kovaks92 / Raze: Trust me you wont want a second one. Android 69 will have a power level over 60,000 if not higher and he will be very hard to hurt
Aylar / Layra.: so its kinda like reiko's match...your not gonna die are you?
steelunit / Kalako: He won't... he got me xD And I forgot how the dragon balls work... I know you get one wish... but I forgot what happens to them after you use the wish. They turn to stones and scatter again... but hold long they stay like that?
Kovaks92 / Raze: //not against the android but sooner or later Raze will die...Reil gets piccolo its only fair Raze eventually meets Vegeta. but it will be a while before Raze kicks the bucket...those pesky saiyins so darn tenacious and persistant//
Aylar / Layra.: lol why are people using the lines? its an ooc room...you dont need them
Kovaks92 / Raze: im used to doing it for ooc DX
Aylar / Layra.: *pats back* its okay. and yes kal, the scatter. i dunno how long they stay like that hough
steelunit / Kalako: I feel so stupid... I use to watch the DBZ episodes.... xD
Kovaks92 / Raze: They are stone for one year
steelunit / Kalako: Hmmm... I just had a evil thought.... to make the fighters wait for one year.
Aylar / Layra.: what is that?
Kovaks92 / Raze: I would advise against it...you dont want an irate saiyan on your ass
TylLot / Reil: <<plus an irratated namek. Not to mention this namek will have a whole other year to train with piccolo. Wouldn't be a pleasent homecoming>>
Aylar / Layra.: i think something like that happened to goku on DBZ...but he was sent back anyways wasnt he?
steelunit / Kalako: Hehe.... just a thought.... I still have to plan it... but it would so be evil.
Kovaks92 / Raze: besides if we have an evil super tank with arms and legs we will wan tall the help we can get...im going to make 69 a beast
Kovaks92 / Raze: and is dende aver going to reply to Raze, Kalako, and layra talking to him in the rp?
Aylar / Layra.: lol, my question goes unanswered. i remember the android episodes...*nostalgia*
i think the episode should end after elie and i depart
steelunit / Kalako: Maybe Reil had to do something? He did say he might do alignment points... we all know I am going bad... I just wonder how far that path I will go?
TylLot / Reil: Layra how do you put the youtube video's on your post? i have an idea.
Aylar / Layra.: here
youtube: url
put youtube, then copy and past the link
Aylar / Layra.: is it the bouncy ball song?
steelunit / Kalako: That first post I deleted was... as a test... this video is a nice song.
steelunit / Kalako: Ughhh... stupid videos... and nice annoucements Reil. Its like you did those annoucement on ther DBZ shows yourself...
TylLot / Reil: <<haha thanks and click the video, i'll be posting that will all the episode intro's haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: Lol, sweet! We got a theme song now!
Aylar / Layra.: youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhQhGCjZrWY
look! my one goal for this year is to get these
TylLot / Reil: from now on during the search for the dragon balls this will be the opening theme. then we will switch back afterwards.
TylLot / Reil: youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkrbIzKr-j0&feature=PlayList&p=1094CF009B4DE546&index=5
Aylar / Layra.: little goku!!
Kovaks92 / Raze: ok reil. well im just waiting for you to post the announcer starting the episode now
Aylar / Layra.: 0.0...i'll be right back...
TylLot / Reil: <<i did post as the announcer starting the episode didn't i? oh i didn't title the episode! I'll repost haha>>
Aylar / Layra.: im back...there was a spider on my computer. DUSTIN! STOP EATING MAH COOKIES!
CarlyJohnson / Elie: >_< I HATE SPIDERS
TylLot / Reil: <<ok i edited the video on the intro post and titled it. you can begin the episode. and sure raze why not haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: *munchs on Cookies* They are Tasty!! And Red Ribbon Army?!?!!? Raze... ready to have some fun?? lol
Aylar / Layra.: *tackles off of his comp* gimme mah cookies!
TylLot / Reil: <<haha yep Kolako i named it that for a reason. the red ribbon army is back! so if it wouldn't hurt i would like one of the groups, either can volunteer or both, i need one of the groups that once they are about to get the dragon ball it gets stolen by the red ribbon army and they find out their not the only ones after them.>>
Aylar / Layra.: ...i dont remember the red ribbon army...
Kovaks92 / Raze: //you read my mind Reil
steelunit / Kalako: I do.... annoying guys.... they where in the regular dragon ball episodes. Little Goku defeated them right?
Aylar / Layra.: *goes to google it*
Aylar / Layra.: wait so the androids are affiliated with the red ribbon army?
TylLot / Reil: <<i'll leave it up to you to decide how they get the dragon ball and all that. Right now i have to focus on reil's training haha. since it's five hundred years in the future it will have to be different leadership and everything. Also Raze is it a red ribbon scientist who made your android 69?>>
TylLot / Reil: <<oh i read the post, nice raze haha>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: //yup. the last villan was yours...i got this one coverd buddyy//
steelunit / Kalako: Well, since Raze is leading the (r RR ). Who should take them on?
TylLot / Reil: <<your all taking them on...well once you actually figure out you have an enemy haha>>
Aylar / Layra.: i hae to go for a few minutes, mom gave me chores. XD
Kovaks92 / Raze: while we are all out looking for dragon balls dende is going to get a suprise visit from some RR guys...mwuahahahahahahhaa
steelunit / Kalako: I think Raze is about to punch me. Hehe xD
TylLot / Reil: <<i just realized we won't be able to sense the android reil since it isn't alive haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: Poor Dende... he about to have a Hello there (r Red Ribbon Army).
TylLot / Reil: <<he's got Mr.Popo!>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: And the RR guys have low power levels so you dont suspect them of anything
steelunit / Kalako: Can Mr. Popo really stop a bunc of RR guys?
TylLot / Reil: <<well....no he's to peacefull...he'll probrably offer them something to eat...HE WILL WIN THEM OVER WITH KINDNESS!>>
Aylar / Layra.: lol i love mr popo...he could attack him with his watering can XD
Aylar / Layra.: elie dissapeared...
TylLot / Reil: <<if you've seen where goku meets mr.popo he's very fast, goku couldn't even land a hand on him!>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: is everyone off the tower but dende and popo...id like to start the attack of the RR
Aylar / Layra.: no elie and i are still there, you can start the attack anyways, just put a whole bunch of people there
Aylar / Layra.: i have to go, ill be on tomorrow morning. good night guys!
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): im on the tower still was waiting for Layra to post >_< Night Layra
Kovaks92 / Raze: where is reil/dende?
steelunit / Kalako: Look in rp... theres your answer. Well, this will be alot of fun.
TylLot / Reil: <<nvm i don't have to leave...haha and everyones gone. *sighs*>>
steelunit / Kalako: So you think.
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): no im here
TylLot / Reil: <<well theres one however we can't really do anything haha. Well i guess i can go work on my other rp...or soon to be rp haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: Other rp, care to enlighten me about this rp? Hmmmm?
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): T-T damn you Reil you had to die and make my character an emo reck
TylLot / Reil: well the one thing i love more then dragon ball z (what TylLot you love something more then dragon ball Z! yes yes i do) the one thing i love more then dragon ball z is dynasty warriors. i've tried making rp's about it before but it never worked out that well. So i've been working on making a good dynasty warriors rp that will survive more then a day.
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): lol why not just have us rp in it even if we don't know it we can learn....I don't vanish unless no one posts in a week.
steelunit / Kalako: lol, wow.... I never got interested much in them... I might need help with it if I jonied.
TylLot / Reil: <<it's allright you don't have to join if you don't want. I havn't even made it yet. I'm trying to come up with a rank system where your deeds earn you more offices and such. Also making an alignment system so you can either be a kind hearted general or a cold, calculating type.
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): well I have rped with you on different rp so I trust your taste enough. just tell me when its up alright..ill be up for another few hours.
Kovaks92 / Raze: I hath returned. i just recived a phone call and i dont need to show up so...yeah...hi
Kovaks92 / Raze: and the dynasty warriors thing sounds cool i love those games
TylLot / Reil: <<thanks Raze. i'm working on it and finding links for pics of all the characters so people won't have to go hunting for them.In the mean time we can continue with this rp though Raze you can still keep controling Mr.popo and Dende for the time being while i control Reil in otherworld>>
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): T_T *prays that the red ribbon army isnt interested in pretty girls like they were in the shows
steelunit / Kalako: Cool, some of us are back.
Kovaks92 / Raze: id preferr if you controlled popo and Dende but ill talk to myself and threaten myself if i must T_T
steelunit / Kalako: Just post as Raze for now...
Kovaks92 / Raze: on an unrelated note this is the final upgraded form of 69
TylLot / Reil: <<haha nice>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: They took the green skin and what not from the old old OLD demon piccolo threat in hopes to scare people into doing what they say
steelunit / Kalako: lmao!!
Kovaks92 / Raze: where did reil dissapier to?
TylLot / Reil: <<i'm here, i've just been working on my next reil post. Your dende right?>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: oh i wasnt sure if you meant i could be if i wanted or was
steelunit / Kalako: I g2g. Cya ya tomorrow morning.
Kovaks92 / Raze: i need a name for the weasly man....
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): Call him Butch XD final fantasy weasly guy who always is a baddie. XD
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): Wait did I just get taken since you never let me go...T_T IM A HUMAN SHIELD! DAMN YOU REIL
Kovaks92 / Raze: no they let you go
Kovaks92 / Raze: that sounds like a good stopping point for tonight reil
TylLot / Reil: <<yep, i just did the end of episode announcment>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: //we stoppin for tonight?//
TylLot / Reil: <<i think so. that way people will get whats happened when they come tommorow. Besides it's getting late where i am.>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: its 11:41 here pm
TylLot / Reil: <<oh it's only 10:41 here. i'm staying on still but i'm working on my other rp>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: do i think its too early for 69?
TylLot / Reil: <<nah it'll be fine. It'll be like a race for the dragon balls and even if he meets one of the other warriors it doesn't have to be a fight to the death. In all the sagas the warriors fought the villains multiple times and would end up running away,knocked out...or dead>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: Raze and 69 will have a few clashes. raze getting stronger from fights and 69 stronger from getting the dragon balls
TylLot / Reil: <<yea thats why Piccolo is stepping up Reil's training but it won't matter if i can't get back to earth haha>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: well just cause the dragonballs are in the android dont mean they cant be used....and they do scatter once used
TylLot / Reil: haha i'm sure yall will think of a way. of course i think i should leave this villain to yall...depending on how strong he gets haha.
Kovaks92 / Raze: 20,000 for each dragon ball and i plan on him getting all 7
TylLot / Reil: 140,000!
Kovaks92 / Raze: yeup
CarlyJohnson / Selena (Kitty): lol its 11:44 where I am but if we do dynasty warriors can I be Xiao Qiao once you make it...was reading and think I would suit her XP
Kovaks92 / Raze: plus his exoskeleton is extreamly hard AND he cant run out of energy
TylLot / Reil: <<haha sure selena though i'm not sure when i'll have the rp done. Also i've got pictures for every single one of the characters. and raze this dude is awesome!....I HAVE TO FIGHT HIM! i was only planning on training reil until he gets to 100,000 so i'm about halfway there>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: You rly like 69? im going to have fun fighting as him as well as against him
steelunit / Kalako: Morning
Aylar: hey everyone
Kovaks92 / Raze: I hath returned
steelunit / Kalako: sweet, I think Ima get a taste of what 69 is.
Aylar / Layra: ...i missed alot....i have no idea where i should start...
steelunit / Kalako: Idk, Raze... can I fight 69 for abit?
Kovaks92 / Raze: be careful his current power level is about 60,000
steelunit / Kalako: I know... he can just laugh at my attempt and then flick me.
TylLot / Reil: <<ello everyone>>
Aylar / Layra.: hello
Kovaks92 / Raze: hello. lets just say raze is off doing something im going to just be 69 for awhile
steelunit / Kalako: Great.... I am not going to get any help then. Oh well... time for me to get my butt beat.
TylLot / Reil: <<i just went back and edited the post, it tells the episode name. Oh and raze if you are still interested i got that other rp started>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: sure reil....whats it called?
Aylar / Layra.: where should i start? cause Elie isnt here
TylLot / Reil: <<the tigers of Jiang Dong. I have to go but i'll be back in like 20 minutes>>
Jayden18 / Kaily: Sorry never knew bout this ooc my bad
Aylar / Layra.: i just recently made it, dont worry. ^^
Jayden18 / Kaily: Is it ok if I have a dragonball? Since my person's root go back too Trunks
Aylar / Layra.: wait for reail to come back to answer that. hey Kaily, do you want me to fly down and discover you?
Kovaks92 / Raze: you have to ask reil if you can have one but having one wouldnt be smart at the moment seeing as 69 is out looking for them and has a power level of 60,000 and every dragon ball he gets it goes up by 20,000
Jayden18 / Kaily: If you could that would be helpfull.
steelunit / Kalako: Well, I am about to go all out on that thing.
Kovaks92 / Raze: the dragon balls are INSIDE him...you cant see them
steelunit / Kalako: I edited.
Aylar / Layra.: Alright Kaily, im going now
Kovaks92 / Raze: cool. have fun with 69...he wont take it easy on you at all...but im guessing soull get a serious couple exp boosts for fighting something as powerful as him
steelunit / Kalako: Yea..... but lets see what happens... Your probably need to help me after 69 leaves.
Aylar / Layra.: maybe the fight should move into the destroyed town...^^
Kovaks92 / Raze: sorry but raze is on the moon training alone...if you wanna escape alive your going to have to do it alone cause 69 wont spare your life without good reason
Aylar / Layra.: hey ill be back in like, half an hour.
steelunit / Kalako: You can have it where 69 soon hits me so hard ot the ground that the rubble covers me and my powerlevel drop dramatically. But not yet.
steelunit / Kalako: Omg...... John is about to ruin it.... or get himself killed.
Kovaks92 / Raze: two people will have a better chance to survive then one
steelunit / Kalako: Ehhh... true.. just watch for godmodding.
Jayden18 / Kaily: Question. If someone DOES die could they train with the orginal Z warriors? VIA the fact they are dead too...
steelunit / Kalako: Depends on which z warrior is there.
Kovaks92 / Raze: yeah. just dont expect to hurt him. not only is he made out of a super strong material he has almost triple your power level so you are extreamly at a dis advantage
steelunit / Kalako: Yea.... and ouch. Give John another hit.
Kovaks92 / Raze: wow didnt know youd go out with one hit XD
steelunit / Kalako: Well..... you kicked really hard... and I used alot of my ki with fury wave.
Kovaks92 / Raze: wow after a hit and a blast from someone three times stronger then him he is STILL standing....determined little bugger
steelunit / Kalako: I know....... give him a few punchs and kicks and another blast. That should keep him down.
Aylar / Layra.: am i supposed to come rescue my brother? *teasing*
Aylar / Layra.: is kaily still here?
steelunit / Kalako: I am already knocked out... but you could sense that my powerlevel is almost gone. Like something abd happened.
Aylar / Layra.: i have to wait for Kaily...where is he?
steelunit / Kalako: Spirit bomb?!? Really? I think that may have gone too far.
Kovaks92 / Raze: its ok... imma try to kick him into it
Aylar / Layra.: quick! Zanzoken!
steelunit / Kalako: Lets watch for a god modding. He shouldn't be able to stop that.
Jayden18 / Kaily: sorry back my friend just came too my house his gf won't let him see his kids anywho sup
Kovaks92 / Raze: Gohan was able to ostop and push back the spirit bomb during the fight with vegeta
Kovaks92 / Raze: and 69 is a hell of alot stronger then gohan was
Aylar / Layra.: Zanzoken can save him...hey Kaily, how old is your char?
steelunit / Kalako: Look..... god modding..
Jayden18 / Kaily: 13
Aylar / Layra.: i called john out on his godmodding
CarlyJohnson / HlNATA: O.O RUN AWAY!
Aylar / Layra.: oh hey raze, im at the fight with you john and kalako
Aylar / Layra.: Hey you guys, im going to g shower. ill be back in fifteen minutes kay?
steelunit / Kalako: John.... trying to go to far...
Kovaks92 / Raze: hey john. i hink unless i ask and you say i can i cant blast you without it being power playing...
Aylar / Layra.: hey go look at my post and tell me if i god modded
Kovaks92 / Raze: alittle seeing as a spirit bomb wont make him move your kick wouldnt be able to
Aylar / Layra.: i edited it, ^^
CarlyJohnson / HlNATA: god I am leaving john's resident evil rp I think....the god modding is too much lol and he is now playing my brother in it which I was hoping for a good rper to get...
Aylar / Layra.: hey elie, in the bags i put on the carpet, theres a few flare guns. ^^ just thought i'd add a few security insurances
steelunit / Kalako: Technically..... John should have been knocked to the ground already.
Aylar / Layra.: yeah i know...now to reveal another charming ability from my turtleshell.
Kovaks92 / Raze: 69 now has a power level of 80,000
steelunit / Kalako: Wow.... we need the other dragon balls!
Aylar / Layra.: hmmm...how to defeat 69....hey raze, i have a question im sure ill regret asking
Kovaks92 / Raze: go ahead and ask
Aylar / Layra.: why the number 69?
steelunit / Kalako: Ok... wtf?!!? They can't have Senzu beans.... those are rare.
Aylar / Layra.: someone needs to talk to Reil...
Kovaks92 / Raze: well in the series they made it to 20. so i figured they have made more androids since then but i didnt want to go too high and 69 just seems kinda evil to me
Aylar / Layra.: lol
Kovaks92 / Raze: what?
Aylar / Layra.: alright seriously now, im gonna go shower ^^ bbk in fifteen!
TylLot / Reil: <<what seems to be the problem?>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: no problem its just dende and reil are kinda needed plus we reached an episode stopping point and there was a fight to be reviewed
TylLot / Reil: <<i've been working on the fighting review, they kinda take time...alot haha>>
Kovaks92 / Raze: crap. i gtg for awhile. good thing one of my guys is in space and the other off searching for dragon balls and unable to sensed. be back later
Kovaks92 / Raze: srry i didnt know
CarlyJohnson / xiao qiao: oh who is playing the prince that tries to get Layra and me to be his brides...im in the desert already
Aylar / Layra.: i know, as soon as i get to the lookout im gonna freak out because your gone. ^^
Aylar / Layra.: ill play the prince i guess
CarlyJohnson / xiao qiao: k
Aylar / Layra.: ish anyone home?
CarlyJohnson / xiao qiao: lol im here
TylLot / Reil: <i'm here>>
Aylar / Layra.: *pokes reil* stop using those line things
Aylar / Layra.: hey reil, wanna play the prince?
TylLot / Reil: <<haha i'll pass sorry.>> and i like the lines :P
Aylar / Layra.: *pokes* fine. ill play the prince.
kaily, your char has absolutly no powers?
steelunit / Kalako: Reil... have Dende come to me.
Aylar / Layra.: hey i just had an epiphiny
Aylar / Layra.: shouldnt dende and kalako talk about the village? and where is elie?
steelunit / Kalako: Oh... I think Dende will mention that. After he sends Mr. Popo off.
Jayden18 / Kaily: He has power just not sure of them
Aylar / Layra.: hey kaily, im debating on whether or not my char should mentor you. what do you think?
TylLot / Reil: <<i'm wondering if yall are going to bring back Reil during the android saga or after haha>>
Aylar / Layra.: is it possible to wish all the Z fighters back with reil?
steelunit / Kalako: We need the balls... so after... and fight review still being worked on?
TylLot / Reil: <<no we can't bring any of them back, they died of natural causes. if you brought them back they would just die again>>
TylLot / Reil: <<i'm working on the fight review, it's hard with there being two rps and i'm still having to post in both WHILE working on the review>>
steelunit / Kalako: [Then take the time.]
Aylar / Layra.: oh haha i knew that. jeez...my hair is falling out like crazy...*pulls a strand of hair off of the keyboard*
CarlyJohnson / xiao qiao: lol uh chill everyone let Reil vanish for a bit to do some of his stuff with no stress....just take your time and tell us to pause alright boss man *Salutes*
Jayden18 / Kaily: your choice
Jayden18 / Kaily: so wait were doing the same dbz sagas with new z fighters?
Aylar / Layra.: elie i posted, get ready for the prince to become obsessed with "two fair maidens" XD
CarlyJohnson / xiao qiao: k well i posted.
CarlyJohnson / xiao qiao: oh did you get a wedding dress pic yet? i got one for when we are forced to become brides
Aylar / Layra.: we get out before we become brides silly!
steelunit / Kalako: John => persistant bugger
Aylar / Layra.: josh?
steelunit / Kalako: typos from hell
Aylar / Layra.: lol wow...so is you char gonna do one last good thing before he goes evil? because i cant figure out how we're going to escape the prince...
steelunit / Kalako: Idk..... I guess.... but he must heal first.
Aylar / Layra.: lol thatll take a while, unless my necklace fell into your clothing or something...*plan*
steelunit / Kalako: Ehhh?
Aylar / Layra.: i used my turtleshell to heal you, but i dont think i put it back on,maybe you could make it to where it fell into you clothing or latched onto a button?
Aylar / Layra.: lol wrong room, and you totally used it wrong. blow into the top hole and blue beam will pop out. point that at all your injuries and they'll heal
Aylar / Layra.: reil you need to do something about nick...
Aylar / Layra.: wheres Elie!?!?
steelunit / Kalako: idk
Aylar / Layra.: gah...
Aylar / Layra.: does anyone know where to look to watch full episodes of dragonball Z?
steelunit / Kalako: Back, and are ya reading what these two are saying?
Kovaks92: I hath returned
Kovaks92: what did i miss?
steelunit / Kalako: Look in rp yourselves... they trying to power play and god mode yet again... -sighs-
Kovaks92: why wont reil boot em
steelunit / Kalako: IDK.... ask Reil
Aylar / Layra.: ish back, what i miss?
CarlyJohnson / Elie: well I might just retire from this if it keeps up...I am having more fun in the dynasty warriors one that Tylot (Reil) made.
that is because there are good rpers only so far in it tho XD
steelunit / Kalako: god modding and power playing
Aylar / Layra.: oh boy, lemme get in there.
TylLot / Reil: <<uummmm....i sense something is wrong?>>
Kovaks92: yes. were bout all tired with nick and his god modding and power playing...its was before that mess started
CarlyJohnson / Elie: why dont one of you post about flying around and gathering all teh dragon balls at the speed of light....say that no one can keep up with you and because of your emotional trama from the post before your power level is over 9,000
CarlyJohnson / Elie: XD sorry had to do a mean post once in my time right
Aylar / Layra.: your in the wrong room hun, nick doesnt have the link.^^ and i posted for you elie
Aylar / Layra.: hey guys, go read nicks post and help me ^^
Jayden18 / Kaily: recap
Aylar / Layra.: hey kaily, we were picked up by a price, so i put it to where you were sleeping in our room.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: >_< I don't have the energy to argue with people who don't know how to rp tonight.....I am just going to ignore and delete my ooc trying to clean up the bit of the thread...its flooded now with anger posts from people left and right T_T TyLOT HELP PLEASE!
Aylar / Layra.: elie im going to post as the prince again, lol stay calm
CarlyJohnson / Elie: alright lol
Aylar / Layra.: posted
CarlyJohnson / Elie: sorry had to ask >_< there should be a god modders anonymous rp so we can just send the link to people who god mod and ask em to join the rp without telling em straight forward.
Aylar / Layra.: that sounds like an amazing idea
Aylar / Layra.: dustin dont forget your supposed to save elie and i at some point
CarlyJohnson / Elie: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/103226
Aylar / Layra.: elie go post
Kovaks92: i think nick is quitting soon :D
Jayden18 / Kaily: someone fill me in is this an rp doing te same enmies goku fought?
steelunit / Kiloso: No... this is way after them.
Aylar / Layra.: i dunno, we have to find that out. hey kaily, go wander into the palaces dining room where elie and i are
steelunit / Kalako: Reil, you there?
Jayden18 / Kaily: Wouldn't Roshi and Baba still be alive? Same for Piccollo since he is Namekien?
CarlyJohnson / Elie: its 500 years after gt....no way in hell
Jayden18 / Kaily: Well Roshi is eternal and Piccolo is namekian so if Dende is alive...
Aylar / Layra.: roshi is eternal?
steelunit / Kalako: Reil???
Aylar / Layra.: hey wheres Raze?
TylLot / Shenron: <<whats going on in the rp right now?>>
steelunit / Kalako: I need to know where a dragonball's general location is (not exact). Probably with a strong guy guarding it or something.
TylLot / Shenron: <<theres one at the bottom of a lake...well in the belly of a big fish at the bottom of a lake and then theres one near a volcano. choose either>>
steelunit / Kalako: Volcano sounds nice. I don't want to be like Reil. And I have a idea for the Volcano. Hehe..... poor Dende might have a heart attack.
TylLot / Shenron: <<if you make the volcano erupt and destroy the town then Dende will be angry! not to mention Reil when he gets back...eventually>>
Kovaks92: 69 finds it when you do perhaps?
steelunit / Kalako: Its a thought....... and I might be very powerful at the end of this saga. But I rather go evil...... I am suppose to be evil. 69?!?! At the volcano?!?! Hmmm... new idea..
Kovaks92: Join up with 69! he may be an adroid but with a good reason and some persuading he can double cross RR
steelunit / Kalako: Thats what I was thinking... ish... 69 can watch me destroy the cities and then come up to me.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: I posted i posted XD
Kovaks92: mwuahahahaha. and with someone helping 69 find the dragon balls he will get stronger quicker
steelunit / Kalako: I think thats my best way to be very very evil.... MUAHAHAHAW!!!
CarlyJohnson / Elie: O.O simblin goes evil.....
Kovaks92 / 69: But....how will you convince him to find the balls for himself and make him stop working for RR
steelunit / Kalako: I can make a good reason... xD
Kovaks92 / 69: we will be a supah evil team!!!! i just hope noone figures out how to beat him...its actually quite simple
Kovaks92 / 69: brb gotta eat and clean up
steelunit / Kalako: K, and muhahahw! I bet to defeat him, you have to push a button?
steelunit / Kalako: Tylot... you have any IMs?
Kovaks92 / 69: back
Kovaks92 / 69: not quite THAT easy
TylLot / Sun Quan: <<no i don't have im and Raze i have a guess>>
Kovaks92 / 69: tell me the guess through a pm if its right i dont want the others to know
CarlyJohnson / Elie: I posted in the dynasty warriors rp too
steelunit / Kalako: I have offically went evil... and now for Dende's reaction.
Kovaks92 / 69: mwuahahahahahahhahahahahahaha!
CarlyJohnson / Elie: O.O if you evil...does that mean when Reil is back I should watch out for him and me....
Aylar / Layra.: hey raze, since kalako's evil now, you should come sacve eie kaily and i from the prince ^^
Kovaks92 / 69: how will raze know where you are?
steelunit / Kalako: Turtle shell is still at the lookout. You can then think she left it and ask dende.
Aylar / Layra.: ill send out a really bright kamehamah thingy. lol i have to go look up the other name for that...
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Dende knew where we were going....so you should be able to assume something went wrong if enough time passes not hearing from two humans and a half human
Aylar / Layra.: Layra is going to murder Kalako...
steelunit / Kalako: hehe xD
Aylar / Layra.: whats that website i gave you for the fighting moves dustin? do you have that IM saved? if not, i need a website like that...
Kovaks92 / 69: have fun he is allies with 69 now...who has 5 dragon balls meaning....100,000 power level
CarlyJohnson / Elie: O,O he is going to show up before Reiz >_< NOOOO I DONT WANNA DIE NOR BE SOMEONE'S BRIDE!
Aylar / Layra.: dont worry, raze will save us! i need the name of the new kameha wave thing.
steelunit / Kalako: http://www.angelfire.com/anime/dbzbreakdown/moves.html
And did you see Nick's post??? WTH? He starts going evil after I did?!?! And hey Carley ^^
CarlyJohnson / Elie: whats the hey about >_< EVIL MAN EVIL IVE BEEN ON!
Aylar / Layra.: chill girl...*hides behind her brother*
steelunit / Kalako: Hey Raze.... You wanna kill him or we both do?
Aylar / Layra.: there you go Raze, Elie, i posted. go read it!
steelunit / Kalako: 69, Ima start my betrayal with Nick and John.
Kovaks92 / 69: kk..i posted something asking you too any way XD
steelunit / Kalako: K, I got john... if he doesn't god mode me.
Aylar / Layra.: hmmm ima need 69 soon...lol raze your gonna have to fight yourself soon ^^
Kovaks92 / 69: le gasp! fight myself! i do that enough in real life.....what?
Aylar / Layra.: lol, just go postie, i need raze to appear so the prince can radio 69 ^^
CarlyJohnson / Elie: lol did nick just steal a Yu yu Hakasho move >_<
steelunit / Kalako: Yes he did.... this is DBZ... NOT YU YU HAKASHO!!!
Aylar / Layra.: o.o.....0.0....-.-.........._^_
Kovaks92 / 69: um you do realize 69 no longer works for RR now right? and i cant belive he stole yusekes move
steelunit / Kalako: We know...... that is way out of the DBZ moves.... thats somethig completely different.
But wait 69.... RR doesn't know that... and when we hear aboutthe dragonball.... we can still get one..
Aylar / Layra.: im not reading your guyses posts...dont make me go back and edit that? please?
steelunit / Kalako: I think we just killed Nick and Josh..... they went silent.
Kovaks92 / 69: and 69 can kill some RR guys...ok he will come
Aylar / Layra.: yay! by the way layra has a dragonball ^^
steelunit / Kalako: [I guess Kalako will jsut have to steal it from his sister.
Aylar / Layra.: ouch...not if she kicks your ass. she gets alot stronger when shes angry...lawl
steelunit / Kalako: Hehe.... we will see... now to kick John's butt.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: just kick him in the nads..
steelunit / Kalako: That should work.... if he dodges that... Ima yank my hair.
Aylar / Layra.: if he dodges that, call him out for godmodding ^^
CarlyJohnson / Elie: ((but i jumped at the fat man T_T....))
steelunit / Kalako: I will, He can use that kamehameha.... but that won't stop my fury wave... its fully charged.... its going to take him out.
Aylar / Layra.: you dont have a choice! im making you leave! *giggles*
Aylar / Layra.: ...because your human and facing an android with the powerlevel of 100,000 will kill you?
CarlyJohnson / Elie: so...>_< REIL I CAN VISIT REIL XD
Aylar / Layra.: no...well i dunno about that one...
steelunit / Kalako: Did I god mode?
Aylar / Layra.: i dunno, leeme go look. and elie, i have contol of the princ, he jumped offa the building. *stubborn*
Kovaks92 / 69: you know none of us can beat 69...i might be able to damage alittle but i wont be able to do much
steelunit / Kalako: I got a plan...... maybe.... You know Kalako can't be trusted... he will have a way to defeat the Android... after I think of one.
Aylar / Layra.: lol kalako is evil, remember? why would he want to defeat the android?
Kovaks92 / 69: its very simple how...reil already figured it out...but there is only ONE way to defeat him
steelunit / Kalako: Who said Kalako wanted to share with the Android all the power?
steelunit / Kalako: What?!!? Hint please...
Jayden18 / Kaily: Are we doing time skips like in the show? jw
Aylar / Layra.: your too slow, she caught it already. so nya! *sticks out tongue*
Kovaks92 / 69: lol. its only cause i was fdoing a long post DX
steelunit / Kalako: Hey 69... look at me kick John's butt.... and are you about to tell her about me ?!?!?!?
Aylar / Layra.: woah elie...are you going evil?
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Elie really doesn't know anyone but Reil...she sees a guy who looks like reil and is gullible enough. Won't be intentionally going evil because she wants to get Reil back.
steelunit / Kalako: Raze.... I think I know how to beat 69.... Ima pm you thing.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: O.O the android said he would let her revive Reil....oh god here goes the anger.
Aylar / Layra.: ...what?
steelunit / Kalako: Now to hrut my little sister.
Aylar / Layra.: *tackles dustin* you little sister hurter! ima tell mom!
steelunit / Kalako: lol.... actually... I won't this time.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: YAY IM GOING TO SAVE REIL XD...i hope
Aylar / Layra.: nope, go read my postie
TylLot / Reil: I have some bad news guys...i will be leaving the site indefinatlly. I encourage you to go on with the rp with Raze in charge. If you have any further questions pm me and i'll answer them but as for rping i'm afraid to say that i am done. Raze your also in charge of the dynasty warriors rp
Kovaks92 / 69: whoa why are you leaving indeffinately?!?!?!
TylLot / Reil: It's a personal decision. Again if you have any questions ask me over pm.
Kovaks92 / 69: it wont be the same without you...
Aylar / Layra.: I PM you Reil...
TylLot / Reil: <<i'm sorry, as for reil in the rp he decided to stay in otherworld, letting the earth run it's course as it should be>>
steelunit / Kalako: Well..... great.... we need a way to do fighting reviews then... and such... This rp was getting good.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: wha but T_T Tylot..... I mean if you want to end the dragonball rp or something fine but don't vanish I like the dynasty rp it was perfect and without you it is going to be different.
Kovaks92 / 69: //i will do the review and announcer i guess. reil i will try to keep the rp in good condition...btw i PMed you...can you atleast tell us why your done RPing?//
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Please....Tylot...if it is personal you don't have to but your one of the rper's that I wanted to constantly rp with since you always did good posts...
TylLot / Reil: Raze here is a easy explanation for the exp system, it's not perfect but i tried:Well the powerlevels system is really quite simple. You take into account certain conditions like fatigue, or enviormental hazards and how difficult the fight it. The more difficult the fight the more expierence. Also bonuses are worth more as you get more and more powerful. For example once you get past ten thousand bonuses are usually in the thousands instead of hundreds. Once you get to a hundred thousand some bonuses may be worth ten thousand a peace. Also take into account the emotional conditions of the battle, for example if someone gets angry and goes ballistic that could be bonus or if a friend dies or is hurt and they go ballistic that could effect the bonuses. Don't forget to think about the powerlevel difference as well, stronger fighters won't get as much facing weaker opponents. But the opposite is the same. If someone is much weaker adn charges in just to get their face beat in you don't get exp for getting the crap beat out of you, you'll get some but don't expect to jump your powerlevel up 20,000 for it. So training with people your level is the best way to gain exp.
Kovaks92 / 69: ok...any chance for you ever coming back to rp?
Aylar / Layra.: reil i PM'd you
TylLot / Reil: i suppose i do owe an explanation. Whether you hate me or not for this decision is your choice. well here it goes. I don't get on the computer that much and i'm able to balance video games easily with the rest of my life. However one thing i love doing is writing. Stories,poems,songs, anything i can think of really. And one day i found elite skills, a website where you can write stories with other people by controling one character in the story! I loved it! it helped my writing alot but eventually i became addicted to the site and it interferred with my life. Eventually i had to give it up and get on with my life. About a week or two ago i tried to start again, this time trying to balance it but for the past week or two i have done nothing but ES. I just can't balance it with my life. I love writing and i love this site but i can't balance it with my real life, between this,cross country, writing and friends i can't do it. so basically i'm quitting because of my addiction to this site. Yall were great but i need to move on.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Reil.....did you vanish already ....please tell me you didn't.... >_< thats so not cool...
Kovaks92 / 69: i understand...ill miss ya buddy
CarlyJohnson / Elie: well can you just come back on one night a week....I have the same problem and we could support each other doing that....I mean I have college and I am on here a lot.
sorry I shouldn't ask that.....im going to miss rping with ya, pop in once in a while to say hi alright.
TylLot / Reil: <<thanks for the offer elie but i couldn't do it. For the next few days or so i'll hop on to check my pm's but besides that it's pretty much good bye. Thanks for being great rpers. Hope to meet you all someday haha>>
Aylar / Layra.: awie...*pouts in a corner* im all sad now...
steelunit / Kalako: Cya Reil. :(
CarlyJohnson / Elie: same....Reil is there a way you can make Raze an admin somehow so he can updated the settings and details on the dragonball z and dynasty one.
Aylar / Layra.: Bye Reil, Pop on every month or something if you can handle it!
steelunit / Kalako: I think He needs Reil's account.
Aylar / Layra.: maybe reil will give him his account...
steelunit / Kalako: Hopefully Reil didn't leave.... He could give Raze. TyLot account to control the rps.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Reil do you have xbox live?
Aylar / Layra.: love the pic Raze
steelunit / Kalako: I think he is gone now..... pm that question.... and now I have to go.... -sighs- Raze.... do a episode end soon..... We need to do one.
Kovaks92 / 69: working on it
Aylar / Layra.: Bye big brother!
steelunit / Kalako: K, Night all. I will be on tomorrow. And Raze, we need a way to talk to each other. Mostly a IM. If you have one, pm me it. Night!
Kovaks92 / 69: How did i do as the announcer guys? not as good as reil i know...
CarlyJohnson / Elie: it was good...I could picture it...sorry feel really down right now...
Aylar / Layra.: it was really good
Kovaks92 / 69: i do as well
Aylar / Layra.: i cant believe Reil left...What are we gonna do without him?
CarlyJohnson / Elie: I don't know....im trying to not cry right now....its like losing a friend because of a draft or military call.
Kovaks92 / 69: I will do my best as announcer and everything but it wont be the same without him. i feel like you do elie
Aylar / Layra.: Did he give you his account Raze? Damn, i need to get my mind offa this...i think we should stop the dragonball z rp for tonight..
Kovaks92 / 69: no he didnt...ill ask in a pm i guess. i agree. nite everyone...im sorry if im not as good as reil with the reviews and announcer thing
CarlyJohnson / Elie: No you are as good as him, its just the whole Reil leaving thing has me really upset.
Aylar / Layra.: your fine Raze, i guess ill see you all later...
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Yeah....ill at least post in ooc a bit tomorrow...don't know how I will feel in the morning.
Kovaks92 / 69: so do i...see yall tomm
steelunit / Kalako: I am up, and Kovaks, I sent you a pm of my myspace.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: hey......feeling a bit better...I can at least post now >_>
steelunit / Kalako: K, and look what Nick said. I think some of us will be happier now.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: k
Aylar / Layra.: hey you guys, how are you doing?
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Hey Layra....im doing better than yesterday...
Aylar / Layra.: yeah so am i, still mad to think about it though. but nick is leaving! *happy dance*
CarlyJohnson / Elie: yeah that's true..
Aylar / Layra.: gah...im not in the mood to roleplay..
CarlyJohnson / Elie: I am able to roleplay a bit right now...been rping mostly baddies in a teen titans rp.
Aylar / Layra.: 0,0....
h1 i want the link!
CarlyJohnson / Elie: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/103270
Aylar / Layra.: elie how should i post my entrance?
Kovaks92 / 69: hello everyone im here! im going to do the episode opener now
CarlyJohnson / Elie: hmm don't know lol have not had a beastboy post.....you could have left the tv on in the tower and saw the distraction.
Aylar / Layra.: yay! Raze'a ehre!
Kovaks92 / 69: its the next day and kalako is with 69 in the cave and everyone else is at the watch tower waiting for reil to wake from the blast he was hit with the day before
CarlyJohnson / Elie: what about me
Aylar / Layra.: your with 69 and kalako
CarlyJohnson / Elie: oh did you want to play as my older sister Layra in dynasty warriors?
Aylar / Layra.: ...why of course! gimme the link!
steelunit / Kalako: Hey guys.
Aylar / Layra.: herro brother
steelunit / Kalako: Kovaks, I gave you my myspace link. So we can IM each other and talk about the DBZ rp. I think I can help with it.
Kovaks92 / 69: sent u a friend request alrady kalako
CarlyJohnson / Elie: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/103161
It is Dao the older sister of the two that you would have...she acts similar to you like both of the sisters fight psyically over whose husband or bf is better all the time.
steelunit / Kalako: I don't see it..... pm me your link.
Aylar / Layra.: elie find me a pic for Dao
CarlyJohnson / Elie: Here is one
Aylar / Layra.: oooh can i have the link?
CarlyJohnson / Elie: http://th03.deviantart.net/fs39/300W/f/2008/347/b/e/bee4453169b28261a3533da30d8f9c7d.jpg
CarlyJohnson / Elie: I gotta go right now but I will be back later
steelunit / Kalako: That sucks, now for 69.
Aylar / Layra.: i have a sinking feeling this roleplay is going to die soon...
steelunit / Kalako: Don't Think That!!!
Aylar / Layra.: why? our main objective quit elite skills
steelunit / Kalako: Well, the only thing I can think of.... is a new DBZ rp... but we all need a way to talk about it. Rules, and I can help Kovaks with the Reviews and Announcer.
steelunit / Kalako: Hello??
Jayden18 / Kaily: huh?
steelunit / Kalako: Hey
Aylar / Layra.: Dustin!
CarlyJohnson / Elie: hey
Aylar / Layra.: carley! i have no idea how to post in that tiger rp
CarlyJohnson / Elie: lol well I will be there in a few hours....im in eastern time zone so say 11pm right now it is 7 so four hours from now I resume rping for an hour or two.
Aylar / Layra.: (http://www.myspace.com/beccaboo4u my myspace. go look)
CarlyJohnson / Elie: >_< I was really upset because Reil was so similar to me and he left because of the same thing I was thinking of before....I am addicted most know this but I am fighting it and doing work by making time for myself to rp.....ITS HARD AS HELL TO LIMIT MY RP TIME >_<
CarlyJohnson / Elie: lol I don't got a myspace yet XP
steelunit / Kalako: *sighs* If the original DBZ rp is not working, since we can't edit. We should make a new.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: I think it will be fine...we should probably state it is closed and continue it in a new rp
steelunit / Kalako: Maybe we could get one or two new rpers. Cause Kovaks and I might be sharing mains. Ima help him soon when I can contact him.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: well you can always help out if you guys want I can be the one who approves rpers and test em out...dont really want to get another nick back here.
steelunit / Kalako: Alright, but lets not make new until everyone approves, but the new rp will be a back up.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: yeah definitely
steelunit / Kalako: Oh well, now to wait for others. Need a better way to contact Kovaks.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: yeah we should all use msn or something...
steelunit / Kalako: I have IMs.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: ims?
steelunit / Kalako: Instant Messengers. MSN, AIM, Yahoo IM.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: mine is barmaidjill@yahoo.com....my msn one wont work anymore >_<
steelunit / Kalako: Alright.
CarlyJohnson / Elie: ((sadly I won't be active today or tomorrow, got an exam today and then I have a trip to go on. I will be back Sunday night Monday Morn tho....also need to make sure I don't get on....if I post on here at all today or tomorrow...shout at me T_T))
steelunit / Kalako: Alrigth, now get! lol
Kovaks92: //hey im back but not for long. im going to be rly busy for a few days im srry DX//
steelunit / Kalako: its ok
Kovaks92: have i missed much?
steelunit / Kalako: Nope, rp was on stand still when you weren't here. Me and Elie been talking about the rp.
steelunit / Kalako: I g2g for awhile, I sent you a pm, and I will talk to you when I get back.
Kovaks92 / 69: oh ok. i think i should be able to post a few replies
steelunit / Kalako: Back
Aylar / Layra: hello!
steelunit / Kalako: Hey
Aylar / Layra: how are you?
steelunit / Kalako: Good, jsut got done mowing.
Aylar / Layra: lol im glad i dont have that chore
steelunit / Kalako: lol
Aylar / Layra: Lol in my state there's a resteraunt called "five guys". So my boyfriend asks me in the car, right in front of his parents, "so you ever done five guys?" -,-
steelunit / Kalako: lol, thats funny.. lol
TylLot / Reil: <<hey it's reil haha. i wanted to see how you all were doin. seems raze has kept the rp going. awesome. doesn't seem any of you are on though. just poppin by.>>
Aylar / Layra.: Hey there Reil! I thoght you weren't on here anymore...
TylLot / Reil: <<i came to see how everyone was doing. i'm not roleplaying.>>
Aylar / Layra.: Yeah...I really dont think this roleplay is going to last much longer...
TylLot / Reil: <<why not? looked great when i looked>>
Aylar / Layra.: The five posts we posted? Awie...I haveta go now. Bye bye!
PyroSk8r / Seshanu: (( would appreciate if people would join in on my rp. It is for a story im writing. Goin ta have people help me with it. just jump and and make sure it goes well with wats goin on at the moment
http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/103278 ))
steelunit / Kalako: Hey Reil
TylLot / Reil: <<guess i didn't scroll down that far...maybe i should come back....i don't know i'll sleep on it. bye bye!>>
TylLot / Reil: <<hey there kolako>>
steelunit / Kalako: Well, Layra might be right, We are trying to cope without you gone, and we need a way to edit the rp without bothering you. Raze been busy lately.
TylLot / Reil: <<yea i've looked at all my other rp's and they've kinda halted. didn't think me being gone would effect the rp so much. i've been thinking about coming back, rping on my I-Touch so i can still do other stuff too.>>
steelunit / Kalako: Well, if you stayed and listen to Elie, she has the same problem, but she managed to fix her time. She justs has someone like me to tell her she had enough.
TylLot / Reil: <<yea someone told me that on a pm. I kinda left at a bad time. I had two good rp's goin and I had two more up my sleeve for later haha. I do have someone to tell me when enough is enough, she's just been gone for awhile but she's back home and lettin me have it. can't believe i'm saying this but i missed her haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: We all missed you.... even if we rped with you for a few days.
TylLot / Reil: <<haha i missed you all too. tell ya what i'll try to get back into it and see how it goes. heck this site is how i improved my writing, maybe now that my cousin and sister are back nagging me i can manage this and my personal life haha>>
steelunit / Kalako: Alright, yea.... and we need a way to communicate. instant messenger, mypsace... something.
TylLot / Reil: <<hmm...i don't know if i have any of those....wait i have a myspace!....unless my ex deleted it. She wasn't what you call the nicest person. Heck i hardly ever used the thing. could never figure out how to edit the page or whatever>>
steelunit / Kalako: *sighs* you know its easy to get a instant messenger.
TylLot / Reil: I use to have one. Msn? i think thats what it was called...or was it Smn...no...um i have no clue haha
steelunit / Kalako: MSN? What about a Windows Live Messenger?
TylLot / Reil: Is that the same thing?
steelunit / Kalako: If you use a hotmail account. You will be using MSN.
TylLot / Reil: haha i have no idea. well i'll check into it some time though i'm heading off to bed, just got back from the movies not too long ago. later, tell raze,elie and who ever is left that i said hello.
steelunit / Kalako: K, they will read the posts. Cya soon, hopefully.
Aylar / Layra: Good morning everyone
steelunit / Kalako: Hey guys, seeing this rp not going to last, I might make my own DBZ rp, I will try to keep it from this time frame, you will all be welcome after I make it and come up with the rules and such. I just hope the rp really hasn't died.
Kovaks92: IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
steelunit / Kalako: Where were you?
Kovaks92: busy with personall stuff
Kovaks92: im back now though
steelunit / Kalako: Alright, Maybe this rp is not dead anymore... yet... but school is starting soon, thats going to limit me on time.
Kovaks92: ok new rp. everyone starts off weak again and i will start off evil
steelunit / Kalako: So you read my post? Yea, I just was letting people know... We can both have it where we control the rp and rules. I can assist you on the power lvling and such like some characters.
Kovaks92: ok. well im only for another 30 ir 49 minutes tonight but will be on longer tomm
steelunit / Kalako: Kk, So want me to make?
Kovaks92: pls. saga one will be the saiyan saga i will be two baddies. Variel and Raze
steelunit / Kalako: K, give me a moment, when I make we can figure out rules in there, Ima borrow this DBZ rules aibt and fix.
Kovaks92: kk
steelunit / Kalako: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/105008
Kovaks92: wait since variel is the sagas maiun abddy can he be stronger then 1200?
steelunit / Kalako: What level? Cause we have to start this off.
Kovaks92: kk i posted and have to get off in a few so once you post pause till tomm
steelunit / Kalako: k, I need to feel out the setting and such
Kovaks92: im here
steelunit / Kalako: kk, I need help on how to make the setting, any ideas?
Kovaks92: 500 years after the old Z warriors
steelunit / Kalako: Alright, is that settings good?
steelunit / Kalako: I g2g, I will be bbl. Have to go swimming.
CarlyJohnson / TlA: ((im back sorry had a bit of a rough week))
Kovaks92: same here
oh i made a WATCHMAN rp
CarlyJohnson / TlA: ((lol what happened to the dragon ball one))
Kovaks92 / 69: me and Kalako made a new one but i made a WATCHMEN rp to do while i wait for him
steelunit / Kalako: Hey, won't be on long probably.
Kovaks92 / 69: im on for a long time tonight
CarlyJohnson / TlA: well glad to see you two again XD...uhm pm me the links if I finish my homework before midnight I will join the dragonball one most likely
....I really dont know watchmen XD....I could play a normal civilian if you give me a brief summary.
steelunit / Kalako: Ok, but I will try to stay as long as I can
Kovaks92 / 69: the rp im doing is next Gen and the real story has no affect on how the rp will go
CarlyJohnson / TlA: ((k also do you two have msn or yahoo.))
steelunit / Kalako: I have both
CarlyJohnson / TlA: ((think I have yours if yoru dustin ))
Kovaks92 / 69: i only have this and myspace but i cant acess myspace on this comp
CarlyJohnson / TlA: lol I dont have a myspace one. dont use myspace anymore was way to hard to keep up on
steelunit / Kalako: I have MSN or Yahoo IM
Kovaks92 / 69: kk i have an idea. you lose the first time, and Variel spares you then you get trained and get stronger or something
steelunit / Kalako: Alright, but I won't go down without a fight.
Kovaks92 / 69: i know but remember he IS stronger and more experienced but i wont god mod or power play
steelunit / Kalako: Same, but you might have to deal with Fury blast. ^^
steelunit / Kalako: Lol.... yea... its a very handy move... its so cool looking.. and it hurts like hell XD Its kinda like Kamehameha..... with lightning around it.
Kovaks92 / 69: beware the Vulcan Cannons
steelunit / Kalako: Yea.... I figured.. man those are going to hurt.
Kovaks92 / 69: and if i were you id also beware Variel's Blast Furnace
steelunit / Kalako: That sounds very familiar... 69...
Kovaks92 / 69: yeup
all of Variels moves will be blast some thing
Ex: Blast Cannon, Blast Furnace, Death Blast, etc.
steelunit / Kalako: Oh boy.... I am so lucky to be facing him.... I need allies...
Kovaks92 / 69: the one you should look out for most is blast furnace...Its like the big bang attack but evil Fire stuff
steelunit / Kalako: I know... don't you dare use that XD
Kovaks92 / 69: cant promise that... *evil smile*
steelunit / Kalako: No promises about the fury ^^
Kovaks92 / 69: remember when you do the bonus EXP thing variel also gets stronger
steelunit / Kalako: Oh yea... might need help with that... but I think I know how... oh... and this might hurt.
Kovaks92 / 69: fury thingy? as soon as you do be prepaired for a Blast Furnace my friend
steelunit / Kalako: Oh yes I am... Ima try to dodge that..
Kovaks92 / 69: key word TRY its his ultimate attack brah and he is very particular about using it
steelunit / Kalako: Yea... thats why Ima try to dodge... but fail
Kovaks92 / 69: lol
steelunit / Kalako: Boy we need people... I don't wanna die XD
Kovaks92 / 69: rofl
steelunit / Kalako: Oh look... that suprised me.... ouchie!!
Kovaks92 / 69: i changed it little from 69's version
steelunit / Kalako: I noticed... now to taunt you XD
Kovaks92 / 69: youd get away with taunting Raze...not Variel. Does Kalako like pain or something?
steelunit / Kalako: Oh... its alittle like Last will thing... he is not going to give up if Earth is in stake.
steelunit / Kalako: Oh god this is going to be fun... I need to make a new char and such.
Kovaks92 / 69: lol. Raze will join you soon dont fret
steelunit / Kalako: kk, I am doing the battle review... take me abit
steelunit / Kalako: There.... omg.... that was a pain
Kovaks92 / 69: yeup
steelunit / Kalako: How you like it?
Kovaks92 / 69: its good. good job
steelunit / Kalako: Thank you, can I ask you a favor?
Kovaks92 / 69: sure
steelunit / Kalako: Can you play as the Guardian of the Earth? It can be Dende or a made up Namek. I jsut need someone to play as him. You seem good at that, so I wanted to ask you.
Kovaks92 / 69: his name is Reziel
steelunit / Kalako: Alright, give me the information needed about him and I will put him up after I do dishes.
Kovaks92 / 69: 1200 power level, piccolo, 38 (young for a namek) Good (DUH!!!)
steelunit / Kalako: Alright, got ya in.... you better post again, so I can fly to the lookout.
steelunit / Kalako: g2g for the night, I will post after you tomorrow
steelunit / Kalako: Kovaks.... go ahead and post your guys and the lookout guardian.... I will have to post when I get back from somewhere.
steelunit / Kalako: Hey, Kalako is a Sayian too... he was born from from one of the Z warrior's generations.
Kovaks92 / 69: i thought you was human?
steelunit / Kalako: If you read the details... I changed it ^^ oh dang... I need to edit our powerlevels!!
Kovaks92 / 69: haHA!
steelunit / Kalako: I will be slow at this... and new... oh wellz... I fixed it.
CarlyJohnson / Jane Heartily: just post the link to the two rp whenever. I wil post during the day a bit.
steelunit / Kalako: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/105008
steelunit / Kalako: Elie.... you can be a powerful being too... or you wanna stay a weak human?
CarlyJohnson / Jane Heartily: weak XD
steelunit / Kalako: ALright
steelunit / Kalako: Post Kovash
Kovaks92 / Raze: I HATH RETURNED!!!!!
i made a flash. Triple mohawk guy is Raze, the girl is his mom and the grey and black haired guy is his father
steelunit / Kalako: Hey... your psots before I do the end of the Episode.
Kovaks92 / Raze: posted
steelunit / Kalako: Alright... one last post from you then the Annoucer.
Kovaks92 / Raze: kk
Kovaks92 / Raze: watch the flash at the link i posted
steelunit / Kalako: I did... wow and like my announcer post?
Kovaks92 / Raze: good except you should describe the saiyans some or atleast name them. other then that great. fav part in the flash?
steelunit / Kalako: Hold on.. editing posts
Kovaks92 / Raze: its ok it was more of a future refference thing
steelunit / Kalako: Alright... and I liked it when Mohawk punched his hand into the guys chest and made him explode XD
Kovaks92 / Raze: when RAZE did it you mean
steelunit / Kalako: Hehe... yea XD
Kovaks92 / Raze: lol
steelunit / Kalako: Your post you saiyan ^^

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