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Roleplay - Human Bonds (1x1 closed) by .Shilo. / Fushen

Legend has it that in the forest next to a nearby town a spirit wolf walks the forest floor. It is said that this wolf watches over the town and it's people, bringing good luck to all who live there. This wolf is said to have snow white fur with bright blue lines that glow at bright as the moon. Most people see this as just a legend, though, they believe that they make their own luck, not that it's provided by some mythical creature. Others, however, believe in this story with all of their hearts and actually hunt down this magnificent creature. One of them actually caught the spirit wolf and took the poor animal back to his own place, planning to sell it to the highest bidder. The wolf proclaims many things, but the man only gets even more excited because he captured a (i talking wolf). Will the wolf ever get away? Will the man have a heart and set the wolf free? Please do join to find out.

Roleplay Details

(bold (b RULES:) )
Stick to the story
I don't think it's possible to cyber XD
Cussing is alright
A romance thing between the two would be creepy
Wolf: Myself
Hunter: Josh Night


Fushen / .Shilo.: ((anyone?))
Fushen / .Shilo.: ((Someone please join?))
Fushen / .Shilo.: ((C'mon...I (i said) please. ^-^))
countryboy16 / josh night: //join?//
Fushen / .Shilo.: ((sure thing ^-^))
countryboy16 / josh night: //thanks..//
Fushen / .Shilo.: ((np did you wanna start or did you want me to?))
countryboy16 / josh night: //you can.//
Fushen / .Shilo.: ((alrighty then))
Shilo ran quickly, swerving in and out of the trees with ease. Her snow white fur rippled as her muscles flexed under her pelt. She looked over her shoulder quickly and slowed down to a trot, her paws making barely any noise as she stepped on the fallen leaves. "Ha. Foolish humans...I'm to cunning and quick to be caught." she muttered with a small laugh.
countryboy16 / josh night: Josh looked ahead. He sighed. "Why are you running?" he asked. "i'm from the village you protect...not trying to catch you...just well trying make friends I guess." Josh said smirking.
Fushen / .Shilo.: She growled at him and pinned her ears back, taking a step back timidly. "If you knew any better you would let me be, human." she muttered, bearing her teeth at the stranger.
countryboy16 / josh night: Josh frowned."What if i dont know any better?"Josh steped closer to her.
Fushen / .Shilo.: "Then I'm advising you to stay away. So, now you know." she said, her growling becoming louder as he got closer.
countryboy16 / josh night: "But i want to stay."he snarled.
Fushen / .Shilo.: "I would advise against it." she muttered, turning and starting to circle him. "You still have the chance of running. There is no shame in being afraid." she said, raising an eyebrow to see what he would do.

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