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Roleplay - Heaven Sent (1x1) (Looking) by HeyYou / HeyYou

Lalita; an angel from Heaven who was brought there before her time to serve God. After centuries of living like that, Lalita finally couldn't take it anymore. She had never gotten a real chance to lead the life of a human, and it was something she longed for.
So she did something that changed her life forever. She defied God and returned to Earth, disguised as a human.
Disappointed at her lack of loyalty, God sent an angel - who is also now disguised as a human - to look for her and to try and convince her to return home to the skies.
Will Lalita return?

Roleplay Details

Need the angel sent to look for Lalita.
Basic ES rules
As literate as possible. I will be very strict about having at least 4-5 (i decent) lines.


HeyYou / Lalita (Human Form): Coming through the sound of crashing waves and the bellowing seagulls that surrounded her, Lalita could just about hear the distant sounds of people. Her eyes had not been on anything for the recent passing minutes besides the pale rising sun on the sea’s horizon. Her whole body quivered slightly as she let out a reserved sigh, her eyes squinting now against the growing brightness of the sun. She held her gaze as long as she could before looking away across the welcoming, pale beach. Closing her eyes briefly, Lalita let a small gust of clean, sea wind hit her face as her long hair billowed behind her, feeling the cool air refreshing her skin.
It was moments like these that made her so happy she had returned to Earth. The beauty it possessed was astounding, and Lalita thought it rivalled the beauty of Heaven. Certainly there was more variety, what with the vast mountains, luscious fields, growing cities, and – of course – beaches. Taking another step through the shallow waters of the shore, Lalita let the salt water roll across her feet as she smiled.

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