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Roleplay - 1x1 Not So Easily Swayed... by Kyrie / Nullification

Kyrie is a normal girl. A bit punk-rock kick ass but otherwise she is nice enough. Thing is, after her brutal background..Can she ever trust again ? Boys always tease her for not having a boyfriend. But what happens when a popular guy falls for her? Can he actually get through the one and only, tough ass Kyrie?

Roleplay Details

Kyrie: Me
Boy: needed
The pupils are ona field trip by a lodge next to a Loch. Weathers usually bad. there are Dorms.


Nullification / Kyrie: Kyrie yawned and stretched. She was sitting in the main lounge of the House. She didn't mind the whole field trip thing, it was nice. Her i-pod was plugged into a docking station. She sighed and looked up as her usual tormenters approached.
'Oi! Weirdo?"they jeered, Kyrie shook her head.She was used to getting made-fun of. She had learnt to ignore it until her temper flared.
Nullification / Kyrie: (Anyone...?)

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