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Roleplay - Bloody Nightmare(plz join) by Becka / emolover

There is a killer in a mansion.But he isn't a regular killer.He tise the people up.If they are girls he rubs all over them and touch them.The guys he scrapes their skin.

Roleplay Details

Anything goes


emolover / Becka: -waiting time-
Vaminoptra / Fang a.k.a. Bang: okays, i'll join~
emolover / Becka: -kk.Well i need a cute killer...guy-
Vaminoptra / Fang a.k.a. Bang: okays... i'll c wat i cn do...~
Kemy542 / Yukia: (Join?)
emolover / Becka: -sure but can you help get a cute killer that looks like a killer?-
Kemy542 / Yukia: (Oh yeah sure you want a guy right?)
emolover / Becka: -yes-
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i ill join as well, if thats still ok.))
Vaminoptra / Fang a.k.a. Bang: btw... i have a rp... ÇáÍÈ æÇáÍÑÈ ÇáØÑÞ ãä ÇáÚÇáã.... Love and War is the ways of the world!!!!
Check this out...~
emolover / Becka: -ok you can join.um ok bang no idea what that caie thing is-
Vaminoptra / Fang a.k.a. Bang: lol.. its arabic... the translation's behind it...
emolover / Becka: -ok-
Vaminoptra / Fang a.k.a. Bang: kays...~
emolover / Becka: -anyone there-
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i yes ma'am))
emolover / Becka: -ok im still looking for a guy who wants to be the killer-
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i ok. well im here when ever you want to start. ^.^))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((I'll use this char))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i anyone on?))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((I am))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i hi))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Yo))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((So... whats up?))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i nothing much. just waiting for this rp to start...you?))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Well pretty much the same))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i do you know where everyone else went?))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Lol No, and how would I?))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i lol. idk.))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Want to start a new RP?))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i sure ^_______^))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Ok u start and i'll join))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Well when u do just tell me the name))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i no. lol. it was your idea. you start and ill join. lol. ^.^))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((What kind of RP do you want to do?))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: GTG
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i im not picky. it really doesnt matter to me. ^.^))
emolover / Becka: -hey.do we have a guy killer yet?-
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i yes. but he had to go.))
emolover / Becka: -ok.well what does his pic look like?-
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i think its cute. scroll down a bit and youll see it. ^.^))
emolover / Becka: -ok-
emolover / Becka: -oo.hotty-
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i lol. i would agree if i liked guys.))
emolover / Becka: -its fine-
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: like...~
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Back?))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i yay! now we can start.))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ))Cool IM ready when u are))
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: lol~
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i ok. i think we should wait for the owner though))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((... well I can't stay forever))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i aww shucks....v.v))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Come on LETS START :D))
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: okays, lol~
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i ok))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Kami you start :P))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i youre the killer..you start.))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Or not?))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i plz start.))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Whats the theme anymore, I can't remember))
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: lol...~
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i me either. all i know is that youre a killer.))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Kills everyone :P))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i you cant do that lol. XP))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Well I gtg I got to SLEEP))
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i night night))
emolover / Becka: -hey-
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Yo))
emolover / Becka: -are you the killer?-
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((I think so...))
emolover / Becka: -well sense your pic is a dude so ya you are.Oh and im the owner-
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Cool, Cool, I wasn't really sure who the owner is... so do you want to do some RPing now, since we're both on?))
emolover / Becka: -sure.You can start-
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((What is the occasion for us being in the masion?_))
emolover / Becka: -idk.I guess people dared us.But its your house.-
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake is lying in bed fast asleep, having peaceful dreams until he is awoken by a strange sound. "What, foot steps?" he got out of bed "That's strange 'cause I live alone" he then leaves his room to investigate
emolover / Becka: Becka had entered the house.She looked around.She loved her friends like sisters but sometimes they fought.She went into a room that looked like a living room.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: As Jake pulled his hood further over his eyes he saw someone in his house! "My oh my, what do we have here" he said to himself " A beautiful girl eh?" He then enter the room with the girl.
emolover / Becka: Becka turned around to face him."Oh uh,Did your friends dare you to come here?"She looked at him.She liked his hoody.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "No" he said as he eyed the girl "This is my home and you are trespassing" he then pulled the hood further downwards.
emolover / Becka: Becka stood there."I-im sorry.I guess ill have to go."She walked to the door and tried to open it.It didn't bugde.
Andres / Damien Ian: May i join or is it full?)
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: He smiled "Sorry 'bout that it gets stuck sometimes" he moved closer to her "And at times I can't leave my house for hours" he "tried" the door as well. "Well I think it was a mind of its own, so you better stay here for the time being"
emolover / Becka: -its never full.But we already have a killer so yeah you cant be a killer.unless you wanna be brothers or something with the killer then you could be a killer-
Andres / Damien Ian: im cool with that. how should i start?)
emolover / Becka: -just walk into the house
Becka sighed."Im not here to get into trouble."She scooted away from the door.She gulped alittle.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "By the way I am Jake, Jake Jollymore..." he said as he moved closer still. But then he thought he heard someone else enter his domain
Andres / Damien Ian: *A young man about 20 walked up to the door. He fiddled with a pocket knife. He just got it from his dad. He knocked on the door. He was paid and dared to go in as part of gambling debt. He Waited for a sound to find out if it was empty.*
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "Who is there?" cried Jake as he moved away from the girl and towards the door
Andres / Damien Ian: "Oh crap" *he mutters* " Um can I come in it's cold out here?"* He was being watched by his friend cause he heard them laughing. He was played.*
emolover / Becka: Becka ran away from the guy.She headed in the kitchen and hid in a corner.She leaned her head back.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "No, GO AWAY!" he yelled, as he entered the kitchen after the girl
Andres / Damien Ian: *he opened the door* "Oh come on. I'm cold and I'll be gone when my parents get here cause i just told them to get me in an hour. Please dude?"
emolover / Becka: Becka saw the man that entered the kitchen.She stayed still making sure to watch him.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "Please dont run, I didn't mean to scare you" he said as he continued to approach the girl
Andres / Damien Ian: *he shouted* "I'm coming in dude." *he closed the door behind him and set down.*
emolover / Becka: She scooted closer to the corner as far as she could go.She could see someone at the door.She reached in her pocket and threw a bead infront of the door.It made a tiny noise.
Harleymoon / Miaka: - can i join please? -
Andres / Damien Ian: *he jumped scared. He walked to the bead and picked it up.* " Oh so the dudes a girl not a dude." *he nods and waits there* "Um, sorry for bargin in like this but I'm cold and need a place for like an hour that ok girl?"
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "Huh" Jake says as he approached the door. He thought he heard something so he tried the door to the kitchen
Andres / Damien Ian: *he saw the man* "So it is a dude. But um hey can I stay here for like an hour? Oh and here i found this bead." *he smiled and held it out to him.*
emolover / Becka: -yep you can join.-
Becka smacked her head.She couldn't believe the guy!She cralled out of the corner and ran behind the man who just entered.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he was confused* "Guy or chick, which one of you owns the house? Cause i hope it doesn't bother you I'm here?"
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: As he entered the room he saw a boy and a girl. "Another one? I guess introductions are in order" he pulled his hood back and said "I am Jack Jollymore and this is my house, and you are?"
Andres / Damien Ian: "Oh, hey man." *he sticks his hand out.* "I'm Damien Ian."
Harleymoon / Miaka: - thankyou -
She walked round the back of a house, and went to break open a window, she didnt usually just break into peoples houses, she was low on money and this was her last choice, plus the other times she hadnt been caught even if there were people there. She quietly pulled herself through the window, making sure not to step on any broken glass.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake gingerly shook Damien's hand and then turned to the girl and asked "What about you?"
Andres / Damien Ian: *he stepped out from in front of the girl.*
emolover / Becka: Becka looked at the man who owned the place."Im becka."She kept a straight face and put her hand out.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: He shook her hand with more "warmth" and "kindness" then Damien's. He then said "If you don't mind me asking, could you explain to me why you are here so late at night?"
Harleymoon / Miaka: She quietly cleared up the glass that was on the floor so it was less obvious. She then looked around, where did this guy keep his important stuff? She needed to find something good.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he laughed* "Well, um I was cold while i was walking so i needed a place to stay and this was it so my parents could come get me." *he looks around.*
emolover / Becka: Becka kept her eyes on the owner."Im here cause i got dared.She gulped agian.She was kinda scared.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he laughs but he was lieing so he shutup.* "What were yall doing in the kitchen?"*he holds the bead out to the girl*
emolover / Becka: Becka didn't say anything.She took the bead."Thank you."
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "I see you need to wait for your parents, that's fine" and then he turned to the girl "And a dare eh, thats fine but you could of asked"
Andres / Damien Ian: (is this kindof in modern times with phones and things? or even cars or like old times?)
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((I would assume modern? I didn't start this))
Andres / Damien Ian: *he looked around* "Um dude i think someone else is here. I heard a crack now im hearing footsteps."
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: *Looks around* "Yes I heard them too" he starts to head for the door "Don't worry I take care of them" he then left the room
Harleymoon / Miaka: She heard someone, it sounded like they knew she was here. She quickly but quietly ran to another room, when she got there she spotted a bit of money, well enough to feed her for a while, she smiled and pocketed it, and then waited to see if anyone else could hear her.
emolover / Becka: -its moderin time-
Becka sighed.She sat down on the caoch and closed her eyes.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he set down near her and pull out his phone asking for her to punch her number in.* " Here" *he whispered*
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake moved stealthily through his house towards the noise. He knew were if you would step it would not make a sound. He then put his ear to the door of the room he thought the girl was in. "Someone is in there" he whispered. But before he entered the room he grabbed a small knife slipped it in his pocket and entered the room
emolover / Becka: Becka handed her phone to him."Put yours in."She typed hers in and waited for him to finish.
Harleymoon / Miaka: Miaka then felt the urgency to hide, she could not get caught, not when she had already been successful. She hit behind some sort of cabient. She had her hand on the money she had just got, just incase she would have to run, she didnt want to lose it. She held her breath as she heard someone enter, she couldnt see them so hopfuly she couldnt be seen.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he did the same and handed it back. He got his and texted to her "He is creepy"*
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: As he entered the room Jake noticed someone important, there weren't a lot of places to hid. He then said in a normal voice "Come out now, I now you are here!"
Andres / Damien Ian: *he hears Jake* "See thats what i mean!" *he whispers*
emolover / Becka: Becka texted"I know.I just hope he doesn't hurt anyone."She smiled."If he has alot of money in ones ill take it and go get me a male stripper.Yummy"
Andres / Damien Ian: "ok, weird, I'm for hire."*he winks* "Just kidding. But I think we should try to leave if he catches us we will say we were walking back and forth then sit back down ok?"
Harleymoon / Miaka: She clutched the money tighter, she wasnt going to come out, even though he didnt sound threataning, it still didnt seem safe, maybe the nice aproach was the idea, and then shed be in trouble.
MischiefMayday / Ace Corpse: [can I join?]
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: uh... Hi...
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "Come out please, I just want to know why your here!" he said as he looked around try to spot where she was without her knowing. He also toyed with his knife in his pocket.
Andres / Damien Ian: (so many people want to join w00t)
Harleymoon / Miaka: Wants to know why? She ddint think anyone would be happy if she said why, she came to rob him because she needed to. 'Im not coming out.' She whispered very softly. She dared not move.
MischiefMayday / Ace Corpse: [haa. so is that a yes? ^.^]
Andres / Damien Ian: im not the owner XD)
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "THERE!" he whispered to himself as he heard the girl behind the cabinet. He then slowly moved in front of the cabinet and swiftly moved it out of the way and then he saw the girl. "Oh so there you are!"
emolover / Becka: -ok.oh and im the owner-
Becka smiled."Yeah but the front door wont open i tried.And are you sure your not for hire?"
Andres / Damien Ian: *he stands up and walks towards the door then peeks into it. he has her cornered and he wonders if he should help her or not. Robber or not he was creepy.*
Harleymoon / Miaka: She frowned, darn it. She took one look at him. 'I think I'll be going now.' She said softly and backed away from him, right escape route where? She still held onto the money, she wasnt loosing it now.
MischiefMayday / Ace Corpse: [Okay. :3 so what's going on right now exactly?]
Andres / Damien Ian: *he shrugs at her and motions her to watch*
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: With amazing speed he grabs her shoulder and forces her against the wall. He looks down at the money and says "Oh I see how it is, you came to steal from me?"
Harleymoon / Miaka: It hurt as she hit the wall, she looked at him scared, he did that so fast. She didnt agree with his question. 'Please dont hurt me.' She said almost patheticly. 'I dont want him to leave me.' She said softly but sternly, there was more than one reason that she was stealing money.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he watched in awe.* "oh my god he is gonna hurt her" *he whispered*
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake then loosens his grip on he shoulder and says "Who is he?" he asks as a small smile creeps across his face.
emolover / Becka: Becka ran toward the noise.She spotted the man holding a girl agianst the wall.She put her phone up."Hey!Stop it!"
Harleymoon / Miaka: 'None of your business.' She said and took advantage of him loosening his grip, she would of punched him for smiling but she was just scared of this guy. She ran to the door.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he stands there as she barged in* "dangit i was gonna do that!' *he said joking*
MischiefMayday / Ace Corpse: [where can I jump in at? xD]
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake doesn't turn around and says "She was trying to steal from me, so I am just asking her a few questions Becka!"
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "And now look she is getting AWAY!"
Harleymoon / Miaka: She pushed past the people by the door, she still had the money.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake the headed towards the door trying to chase after her
Andres / Damien Ian: *he grabs the girl* "Hey now as much as i dont care he is giving me a place to stay at for a while."*he drops his head*
Harleymoon / Miaka: 'I need this, leave me alone, i will just leave and i wont bother you again!' She pleaded.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "Thank you Damien" he said as he approached the girl. He then ripped the money from her hands"
emolover / Becka: "NO!"She was getting pulled both ways."Let go Damien!"
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Pulled both ways?))
Harleymoon / Miaka: 'No! I need that!' She said, her eyes were still pleading for the money. 'Just give me something.' She said and then added quietly. 'Do a good deed for once.'
Andres / Damien Ian: *he sighed and handed the girl his wallet* "Here go girl. theres at least 4g in there. Go now" *he sighed at what he did*
Harleymoon / Miaka: She smiled and gave him a hug after taking the wallet. 'Thankyou.' She said looking in the wallet for a second. She went out of the room smiling to herself.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake the shifted towards one of the book cases "If she thinks she's getting away that easily she must be mistaken" he then types in a password in a pad under a book setting a trap for the theif
Andres / Damien Ian: *he shruged* "Dude whats your problem you could have asked for it back instead of hurting her!"
Andres / Damien Ian: *he grabbed his hand and punched him in the face. He then pushed the girl swiftly over the trap as he saw a crease in the floor*
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: He glared at Damien "I just don't take well to thieves" he then thought to himself "Well at least I'll take of her soon"
Harleymoon / Miaka: She stumbled slightly. 'Hey I said I was leaving. Leave me alone!' She shouted the last part, she guessed the person that had found her owned the house, and wasnt too happy.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Um... I didn;t do anything to you Miaka ... yet BWAHHAHA))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - other dude pushed moi, how mean is that! -
Andres / Damien Ian: *he grabbed the man and slammed him into a wall and pulled out his knife.* "Let us all leave or i will um Kill you yeah kill you!!"
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake smiled "Yeah right, Well to bad for you I have a lot of time on my hands so I have already planned for something like this"
Harleymoon / Miaka: She frowned, she was going to leave but she hated fighting. 'Please dont fight!' She said, she put away the wallet she had been given. She started looking for the way out.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he raised a brow. The man was in no place to be calling the shots* "Shutup dude before I.... cut you you know?"
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "Its too late!" he said, as he slipped out of Damiens grip, pulled on a breath mask and pull a book out of the book case. Knockout gas started to pour out of the ceiling. "Nighty Night!"
Harleymoon / Miaka: She didnt go back into the room, there was something not right. She started running, trying not to breath, all she had to do was find the door and she would be out of here with the money she needed.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he hit the ground hard knocked out.* "What is this stu...."
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Jake then leaned over picked up Damien and threw him over his shoulders, and left the room. Jake then headed down to the basement to set Damien up in his new "play" room.
Andres / Damien Ian: (um your jake im damien XD)
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((lol thanks)) He then throws Damien onto a table and straps him in. The chair is the kind they normally use on mental patients. He then headed over to his work bench as Damien started to wake up.
Andres / Damien Ian: (wheres everyone else?)
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Up IIs Becka still here? and I just about to chase after Miaka))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - right here... -
Miaka ended up falling down, she had not been looking where she was going, she hadnt breethed in the gas yet.
Andres / Damien Ian: *he soon woke up and tried to move.* "What tha?" *he looks around not seeing anyone.*
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: "I'll be back" said Jake in his most evil sounding voice. He then left the room, but before he did he turned off the lights and left Damien alone in the dark. He then headed back upstairs and headed after Miaka
Harleymoon / Miaka: She saw him coming, she sort of stood herself up and started running, she didnt trust this guy at all, he seemed like he was more than someone that was mad about being robbed.
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: He started to run after her. When she started to get farther away he removed the knife from his pocket and threw it at her
Andres / Damien Ian: *he shouts*"RUN" *he kicks and punches up wards then he remembered something. Theses are belts basically. He loosened one with his teeth freeing an arm. Then he got loose trying to find his way now.*
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((gtg))
Harleymoon / Miaka: She screamed when she felt something hit her arm, she closed her eyes for a second and then kept on running, trying to go as fast as she good, considering she was bleeding. 'Leave me alone!'
Andres / Damien Ian: awwwwww hey goto this link ok?)
Andres / Damien Ian: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/98023 me and a few friends are rping here :))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - ok byee, i gotta go too acctually, be back shortly, i think i have to leave right now but im not sure... -
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: lol...~
emolover / Becka: -hey-
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: hello,ello~
emolover / Becka: -if i dont respond i might be disconnected-
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: okays... got ya~
emolover / Becka: -k=]-
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: lol...~
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: I'm gonna be here for awhile so...-
Harleymoon / Miaka: - helloo -
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((joinage please?))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((I dont think the owner is on..))
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((bummer ='( lol guess i'll wait ^-^))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - was earlier. yes i am aware that that point doesnt help -
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((lol no problemo))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((... What??))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - i was confussing. sorry -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: -Its cool...-
Harleymoon / Miaka: - good good -
emolover / Becka: -hey guys.-
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((ello ello))
emolover / Becka: -oh hi.Im guessing you wanna join?-
Harleymoon / Miaka: - heya -
emolover / Becka: -hi-
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((yes please))
emolover / Becka: -ok.You can join=]-
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((tyvm...do i know you? wait i think it's...um...have you ever heard of Gears of the World?))
emolover / Becka: -huh?-
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((it's an rp that died...i think you asked to join and there was that one guy who kept bitching about how stupid the gear thing was...ring any bells or am i just freaking you out? lol))
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((Join?))
emolover / Becka: -oh that.Yep i remember.Sorry im on alot of rp-
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((lol np i was just wondering lol.))
emolover / Becka: -k.Well do you know any good rps?-
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((Can't we just start this one up again? Or do you have another one? ))
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((um...yeah check out enchanted forest i think that one's alright))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Back again :P))
Fushen / Amy Martin: ((welcome back...how should i jump in? *thinks*))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - welcome back from disapearing -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Yeah I tend to do that... I'm like a ninja :P))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - woot! ninja...hehe -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: (( So.. Becka what do u want to do...))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: (....... Ninjaman.. Ninjaman does what ever a Ninja Can....))
Aikolarren / Emphysema: (( So are you ditching this one?))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Who?))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - are we ditching? :s and i agree with the ninja man point! -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: (( :P We could start a new one?)) Ninja Ninja TIME!
Harleymoon / Miaka: - hrrm i dont mind really mr ninja -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Well If anyone wants to do anyhing I will be waiting... IN THE SHADOWS!)) *Throws a Smoke Bomb then hides*
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((I'm dying for any kind of RP. What did you have in mind?))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - well... *walks into the shadows* well what we do now? -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Cyber?)) jk :P
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((Yeah ok except for cyber. Lol What ELSE did you have in mind?))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - haha that aint right -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Um......................................................... SOMETHING FUN :D))
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((Ok well what do you usually do? Gifted teens, high school....?? ))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - whats fun? tell mee! -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: -High school? says" Epic Ninja :P
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((I'm just tossing out ideas.))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - i just like something awsomely fun and i want it noow! -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((I like it P:))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - what do we do? Im bored -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: -... I dunno LETS HAVE A VOTE for what we want to do-
Harleymoon / Miaka: - what are the options? -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((... Uh.... High School, Super Power People... Other?))
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((Well I usually do things with powers. I opened one a while ago, but then just left it lol ))
Harleymoon / Miaka: - other is not an option! so i'll go with super power people -
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Cool then, im gonna name it Super Power People but its gonna say that its closed))
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ok
Harleymoon / Miaka: - ok, let us know what it is acctually there -
emolover / Becka: -ok if im gone the person whos incharge is Emphysema
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((I think the ninja man is making another rp, wanna join? ))
emolover / Becka: -kk.what is it?-
Aikolarren / Emphysema: ((He said he was gonna name it something like Super Power People, but put it as closed. ))
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/103327 THE LINK
emolover / Becka: -hey-
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: Yo
Andres / Max Hiruba: {hi :)}
emolover / Becka: -ok.you guys wana rp?-
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Sure))
Andres / Max Hiruba: (sure)
emolover / Becka: -well.im not starten-
Andres / Max Hiruba: {Can i be the killer? jake was last time :P}
Scalptre / Jake Jollymore: ((Not my decision, but I like it ))
Andres / Max Hiruba: <<lol>>
emolover / Becka: -sure.go for it.-
Andres / Max Hiruba: *He woke up very soon late at night. He thought he heard a noise so he walked downstairs looking around. He gave up and grabbed a drink from the fridge. He sipped on it sitting on a couch not far from the door. He set there in darkness.*
emolover / Becka: becka saw a man in the kitchen.She went behind the wall and closed her eyes.She tried to not be seen.

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