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Roleplay - Summer at the Beach ((Need two guys!!!)) by Jasmine Wolfe / Jennifer4

Jasmine and her sister meet two guys on their trip to the beach for summer. What will happen between them?

Roleplay Details

Jasmine: Me
Jasmine's sister: Ember


Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: Jasmine put her suitcases into the back of the car and waited for her sister. "Hurry up!" She called as she got in on the drivers side. It was only a couple hours to the beach but she wanted to get in some swimming before they went back to the hotel.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: <Anyone?>
alexdstar / Ember Scott: ooc:Join as sister?
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: ((Sure.))
alexdstar / Ember Scott: Ember sighed as she hurried with her things, "Hold up!" she called back to her siter as he placed everything she needed in her backpack that she was taking. She smied slightly as she finished packing her things and ran out the door. She walked towards the car and opened the passenger door as she quickly got in and closed it after her.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: She pulled out of the driveway and started to drive to the beach. There was bound to be some traffic here and there but nothing to really worry about. "You brought the surfboards right?" She asked Ember. She was kinda worried that they would forget something that they really needed at home.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: Her eyes widened slightly as she looked at her sister, "I thought you were supposed to get them..." she said quietly as she stared at the road blankly.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: She spun the car around. "Anything else we forgot?" She asked as she sped home. She looked at Ember waiting for an answer. "This is the last time I am turning around to go home." She said.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: "I think so..." she said as she thought for a momment, "Yeah, I have everything." she finally answred as she held on to the seat as she watched her sister speed back home.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: When they arrived back home she got out of the car and ran into the house and got their surfboards and stuck them in the back of the car then got back in and drove off. "Okay...Now we have everything." She said as she smiled some.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: She watched her sister as she waited in the car for her to return. She didn't have to wait long and soon their surfboards were in the car. She gave her sister a smile as she got in the drvers seat.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: "Are you ready for this?" She asked as she drove, weaving through traffic. She glanced at Ember ever so often to make sure she was okay. She and Ember went on a lot of adventures together.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: She looked at her sister as she gave her a soft smirk, "Aren't I always?" she asked her as she slightly tilted her head to the side.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: "I suppose you are." She said as she smiled back. As they drove there they talked about their past adventures together and gave ideas of where to go after this.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: She loved when her sister took her places, she never said no yet to anywhere she's planned on going. She knows her sister always has something fun instored even if they can get on each others nerves.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: When they arrives at the hotel she smiled. "It looks fancy from the outside." She said as she got the stuff out of the back of the car. She handed Ember her surfboard and then grabbed hers.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: She took the surboard as she looked up at the hotel, "Cool." she said smileing a bit. She held her surf board close to her as she grabbed her backpack and swung it over her shoulder.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: Jasmine walked inside and checked them in happily. She was relieved that they were actually here and that they had everything. She gave Ember one of the room keys. "Did you wanna go down to the beach today or wait till tomorrow?" She asked her.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: She shrugged, "Either. If not the beach it's the pool." she said as she smiled up at her sister. She took the key and held it tightly in her hand.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: "Its your call." She said as she started heading to the room. She waited for the elevator and sighed a bit.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: "Pool?" she asked her as she quickly followed right behind her. She glanced around the hotel, it looked very nice in her opinion.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: "Alright." She said as she smiled. They took the elevator up. She walked to the room and opened the door. She got out her bathing suit and changed.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: Ember smild slightly as she went up the elavator with Jasmine. She held on to the rail thingy since she hated the feeling of when it stopped. She followed her sister into the room and quickly got out her bikini and changed as well.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: "Race ya there." She said as she stood by the door than ran out with her towel an the room key.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: "Your on!" she said as she quickly grabbed a towel and threw it over her shoulders. She smirked as she glanced over at her sister.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: She looked at Ember and smiled."I'm gonna win!" She yelled as she laughed. She dodged people coming the other way.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: Ember smirked slightly as she started running, doging a maids cart wasn't as easy as she expected, but she managed. A couple of people complained about them and she just giggled as she ran.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: Jasmine slowed down when she got nearer to the pool. She smiled some and looked around. This was the best day all summer so far.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: She ran infront of her sister and sliped along the pools side as she fell in, she had managed to drop her towel before it got to wet.
Jennifer4 / Jasmine Wolfe: She watched Ember happily. She put the towels on a chair then jumped in. She swam around then splashed her sister.
alexdstar / Ember Scott: Ember laughed quietly when she splashed her and quickly went under the water when she did. She smiled a bit as she came up every so often for a breath.

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