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Roleplay - Whats mine... HE wants... by Tru Coles / Vaminoptra

She was once a vampire that knew every language. She loved to travel, but once she learns that she's being chased by Dracula, she's scared that he'll kill her. She knows he has the key to ressurrecting every fallen monster that's in museums, and feared that he'll use his power to get to her. So, she fled to the america, trying to learn english and bumps into another vampire, that might possibly help... and so it gorws...

Roleplay Details

Tru Coles-me
-p (R (i VAMPIRES) )
-P (B (I dracula's army) )


Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: Cheimi was in Cairo, learing about Imotep. She was intriuged about its history of his love for Anaksunamun. And she was in a loving town that was peaceful. She liked how the people's culture suited them. She, on the other hand, was another story.
She lived through the lives of many... Imotep, Constantine, Dracula... She was through all the times that earth had faced and departed. She was at peice for over a millinium, but her gut and still- beating heart tell her that something terrible was goint to happen...

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