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Roleplay - The Last Sentile (1X1 Closed) by Sarah Walker / Blackwolfe90

“Our country once the worlds shining beckon of hope is beginning to crumble. The rise of crime, deaths, and inhumane nature has thrown our nation into utter chaos. Many of you have left our once great society in hopes of a better life. I promise that this crisis will soon be abated we have engineered the future of this nation. They are stronger, faster, and feel no pain. They are not humans; far from it. They look but do not act as we do; for they have no emotions. They are the elite and will save the lives of millions both in the police & armed forces. They are the answer to your prayers America. They will bring light into this darkness. They are…..The Drones.”
~President Allan Walker Hayes. 2144
In a time of chaos a solution was formed by the leaders of the American people. An elite officer not human, not machine, but something more advanced than both. At first they protected us now they are at war with us.
In the year 2186 the Drones have all but eliminated all of humanity in the United States.
One year prior a man named _____ and his men of the 700th E.E. (Electronically Enhanced) unit were sent to the Drones main city of Thieves to have once last chance of destroying what there leaders had created. They were the most skilled and deadly; yet out of 25 only _____ survived. His rifle is the closes thing to A.I. tech the world will ever see, without her guiding voice he would be unable to survive. A year of hiding was all for none when a group of five rebels drove into the city; shooting up all Drones in sight. Soon the crash into abandoned station wagon all die valiantly but one. Sarah Walker… (Quick lesson. Drones only know were humans are through human’s body heat. Version 2 however that is not the case)….. Who is thrown out of the vehicle knocked unconscious is a small hole of cement which masks her body temp. _____ takes her to his hideout, under ground near water, and mends her wounds, but _____ soon discovers that Sarah knows the key to destroying the Drones. They are then thrown into a world wind of gunfire, blood, fear, rage, and something that neither of them expected…..Romance. They must now fight to the very last Sentinel.

Roleplay Details

Violance and killing is espected as is Romance.
All Cyboring will be done in pm or Time skip.


faded color / Josh T.: Hey, i'll join, though I have no idea what this is about. lol.]
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: <Yes it is Ill start>
Sarah held on to the side of the white many van. As it bumped up and down on the sand she watched as the city of Thieves came into view. It was once the jewel of the continental United States, but now it was far from it. It was a beckon of fear in her honest opinion. She looked over to the other side of the car and saw her shaggy faced friend smoking a cigar.
“That will kill you...”
She teased him.
“Ill die happy!!”
He yelled back laughing.
She shook her head as she cocked her semi automatic; a standard for all rebels. Sarah always had a few matches hanging out of the side of her mouth. She didn’t smoke or anything but for some reason it gave her comfort.
“Lets Lock and Load!!!”
The voice from behind the wheel bellowed as they entered the city.
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: Off the side of the street, beneath the tall grass under the overpass, there was a grate, and a window. Sgt. Micheal Miller served in the Marines for 12 years before everything turned to shit. He and his team of awol friends had been under attack from the drones for a good long year, and they killed everyone but him. In the end, he learnt from their mistakes, and went completely underground with the opperation. He stripped grocery stores of anything he could when they weren't looking, rigged booby traps, salvaged some furniture through an old opening in the drains about a click down the road, and had camaras in every storm drain all over the city. His standard issue military gear had dents and was now a dull black from constant wear and tear. He always checked his COM channels, looking for survivors, but was never succesful. He needed a way to kill all of these bastards at once, but had no clue how to.
Today he was on his normal patrol, silenced SMG in hand, checking all the wires and camaras, making sure all was good. He walked back to a nook on the side of the drain that was big enough for a chair, and some monitors for survailence, though he never sat down, he did often watch their movement. He had all the patrols memorized, and the times of convoys, but this time, there was something different. An odd van approached. He looked carefully and saw that it was not a drone van, and quickly sprinted down the tunnel... [How was that? I never have seen the movie, sorry.]
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: <It was great perfect>
Sarah started unloading rounds of amo killing multiple with her male comrades as the jetesaned through the city. They screached at every turn as bullets flew evey were. She shot at every Drone in sight they expeled there blue like blood. Soon they crashed into an old station wagon. Sarah was thrown from the side of the van. She rolled several feet into a somall ditch surrounded by concrete there she was knocked out. Her outher four comrades fought valantly but were soon easly despatched by the drones who blew up the car. She was alone and unconsiouse as the day turned to night.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: <U here?>
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: Mike put on his ghiley suit, and covered himself with mud from the tunnels entrance as he crawled towards the unconcious woman. He checked her pulse. (i Still alive...) He said to himself as he lay ontop of her as drones passed by. He got off, and slowly dragged her back, laying her on the chair, laying it back. He cleaned her off the best he could, then waited as midnight came and went. Morning was near.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: Sarah woke up dazed she looked around slowly standing up. She grabed her large jagged knife from her right boot as she walked around the underground compound. She looked at the clear pool of water which seemed to reflect light into the whole area she stood looking down into her own reflection.
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: Mike was patroling the tunnels, once again checking all the wires and camaras when he came back to the nook and saw that the woman he rescued was alive. He trained his sights on her, and walked slowly. "Ma'am, I mean you no harm. Please state your name and what your business in this town is." He said, moving slowly up to her.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: She pointed her knife at him
"Im Sarah Walker Captain of the Rebel Brigade here to stop the Drones state your business here as well sir"
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: He lowered his rifle. I was marooned here. My men, dead, my rations, low, my life expectancy ended 3 months ago as well. Your in my home actually." he said.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: <Sorry have been real sick>
"Were are my weapons?"
She stared coldly at him
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: [No problem, feeling better?] He pointed to a corner, and turned to walk away down the tunnel. "Theres some extra clothes there as well." He said over his shoulder.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: <I wont be on Wensday,Thursday and maybe Frieday Im having some teeth takedn out(Molars growing in sideways I have my granny still over also so I dont know how much Ill be on this week sorry Dont quite the rps please>
"Umm thanks i guess...."
She turned and walked over there
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: [I wont. Hope all goes well.] He walked off into the distance.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: <Back for a bit have to do VBS (Im a consular,sorry cant spell) And will be doing that all week sorry guys I feel so so so bad>
She changed into the cloths he provided then walked over to find him weapons in hand
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: He stood at the mouth of the tunnel, watching the movements of everything out there. Even the trash in the wind. [np hun, do what u gotta do. I'm training for the Navy SEALs this week neways.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: <Kk thanks>
She stood behind him
"Any movement??"
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: "Not any more than usual. Normal patterns, convoy movements, and transportation. How are you feeling?" He asked, still looking out.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: "Im fine."
She said bluntly to him as she leaned agienst the wall.
"Whats in the compartments that there shipping or do you know?"
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: "Different items from food, and medicines, to weapons and arms. I've managed to take out one before, which contained the food now stored back at the place you just left, and ammo. 3 boxes are left." He said as he placed a hand on the oposing wall. He looked at her through his glass visor. From the outside, his face was not visible, but beneath he had straight black hair, a stern look on his face at all times, and was muscular to boot. An ideal looking guy.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: She sighed as she touched the rim of her glasses which made a permeter appear inside them.
"Well the way I see it we have two opions. One we liveon 3 boxes of ammo which mind you will last us less than 30 secs if we are ever attacked or opion Two. We go down there get some supplyes and then hide for a few days before striking agien"
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: "I usually strike twice a week, and take them in different directions each time so they never find me. I have the entire place rigged to blow on my command if I should ever..." He looked out then slowly shook his head. "We can attack that convoy, but with the lack of guard duty, its likely a trap with nothing inside but more of them. An ambush. I say we wait till morning, then go from there." He said as he looked back at her.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: "I doubt it. Look at the inside hul with your cold blue vision finders nothing shows up on the scanners in the crates we can take it easly and if it is a trap. I can sacrifice you and get away myself."
She teased slightly at the end
faded color / Sgt. Micheal Miller: "Or, heres another idea, you could not sacrifice me. Yeah, i like that way better." He laughed. "We can try, but there very deceiving." He added.
Blackwolfe90 / Sarah Walker: "Well see who sacrifices who.."
She grined as she jumped down to the ground from her current position rolling and hidding.

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