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Roleplay - [D.N.Angel] [Simple] [And] [Clean] (needs Daisuke) by ~Dark~ ~Mousy~ / MisoSoup

This anime is about Daisuke Niwa, a 14 year old boy, and the family "curse". This boy has a special talent, and that is to transform into Dark Mousy, a thief who steals works of art made by the Hikari family. The Hikari artwork has magic embedded into it that make it have special abilities. This series centers around the conflict that Daisuke has with Satoshi, a classmate that can transform into Dark other half, Krad, and the budding relationship with Risa and Riku, two twins. at the end of the series in the anime, Dark and Krad are sealed into the statue that they came from that was made by the Hikari family.
Now Dark is back but in his own body. Satoshi has moved away. And now everyone is shocked.

Roleplay Details

RISA HARADA:[GoldenStar]
RIKU HARADA:[Harleymoon]


MisoSoup / ~Dark~ ~Mousy~: (( ... ))
Harleymoon / riku harada: - join? -
MisoSoup / ~Dark~ ~Mousy~: (( sure ))
Harleymoon / riku harada: - thanks :) -
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: (( (b CAn i play Risa!?!) ))
MisoSoup / ~Dark~ ~Mousy~: (( yes ^-^ ))
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: (( (b omg!!! ZANK YOU!!!) ))
Harleymoon / riku harada: - haha. do we start or do we wait for a daisuke? -
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: (( (B IDK...) ))
MisoSoup / ~Dark~ ~Mousy~: (( I guess we start Oh and I forgot to put that it starts in summer ))
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: (( (b ok who has fist post!?!) ))
MisoSoup / ~Dark~ ~Mousy~: -Dark felt like he was falling. But from where? Wasnt he locked away? He then felt like he hit his side and then everything was somehow brighter yet he couldnt see anything. Dark opened his eyes and stared up at the statue he had been locked inside of. He tried to talk to Daisuke but it didnt work. He looked down and was wearing black robes and pants the robes baring his chest. He got up and looked around. He was all alone-
Harleymoon / riku harada: Riku walked out onto the balcony of her house. She had been wondering where her sister was but now she desided not to look for her. She looked to the sky and was glad it was summer, when the weather was nice she could be outside more. She grinned to herself. She wasnt sure if Risa had gotten over what had happened before, she wasnt even sure herself if she had.
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: Risa was in her room, she hid her face form the sun by hiding under the covers. SHe sighed not being able to sleep and walked out of her room. SHe saw Riku on the balcony. "Hey Riku."
Harleymoon / riku harada: She smiled when she saw Risa, how she always got up so late Riku would never understand. 'Hey Risa.' She smiled turning round to lean on the balcony. She brushed her hair back with one hand, wondering if she looked as tired as Risa.
Harleymoon / riku harada: - i gotta go byee -
MisoSoup / ~Dark~ ~Mousy~: (( kk bye ))
MisoSoup / ~Dark~ ~Mousy~: -Dark walked around the city then came accross the Harada residence at the edge of town. He was bored of walking so he knocked on the door aimlessly.-
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: Risa simled and walked over to Riku, she leaned aginst the wall watching her sisster. "What are you looking at?" She peared over the balcony wall to the sreet.
MisoSoup / ~Dark~ ~Mousy~: (( gtg ))
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: (( (b Ciao CIao darling) ))
Harleymoon / riku harada: - hello? -
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: (( (B I am here for a few) ))
Harleymoon / riku harada: - you here now? -
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: (( (b I am here for a sec or two. Post back to me.) ))
GoldenStar / Risa Harada: (( (b anyone!?!) ))

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