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Roleplay - Sex chamber by Ashlin / emolover

Well its a chamber where guys take hot girls and screws them.Duh.

Roleplay Details

(only thing is plz if your going beond touching time skip)


emolover / Ashlin: -time to wait-
Zeke555: [i will join]
MegumiMitoko / Megumi Mitoko: {I'll join! :D}
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -Bwahahahah Megumi!!! dirty girl!!! i'll join then as well...geez i'm bored so lolololol-
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: ->:D hello Megumi....also, hey Megumi...wanna do an slave RP? but sorta more sexual? lolol, i'm really bored....-
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -okay i did ^^, here's the name anyways 1x1 Slave for you!!! -

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