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Roleplay - All for the bounty (join!!! need people!!!!!!!) by Ziranie / Torinchan

In this world there are three classes. the runners. bounty hunters who work under a firm and have a set code of rules and morals.
the hunters. who are bounty hunters with no rules no sense of morals and no worries....they dont care who they hurt so long as they get their pay.
then there are the targets. the criminals or rouges that are hunted by the runners and hunters.
the ones who run and the ones who chase. that is how this world is controlled. the normals who live normal respectable lives havent a clue that the police they depend on are nothing more then beer swilling distractions from the real ones who keep the peace.
we keep the peace and we sill continue to do so.

Roleplay Details

No one liners! this is a literate rp!! keep it that way! this takes place in modern day so guns and such are completely permitted but it also has a fantasy base so witches weres vampires and demons are all permitted. as well as fallen angels but give backround for WHY ur fallen if u are. be creative and have fun we need hunters runners and targets!! join as all three!!!
ask to join
fill out bio sheet
rank (hunter runner target):
name: Ziranie
age: 18
Gender: Female
species: witch dark elemental
rank: runner


Torinchan / Ziranie: Ziranie walked quickly down the city streets. scowling at the bright neon sighns and call girls on the corners. "this is to which we;ve fallen" she mummbled walking faster trying to escape the depressing social decay. she wore a large pair of head phones that stood out in a crowd and her heavy boots thunked with every step she took. she pulled at the heavy belt on her hip holding her charms setting it straight hher pace quickend as the target came into veiw. she fallowed at a fast pace absorbed only in the song 'i dont care' by apocalyptica. if she didnt feel like part of this world she would be and they wouldnt notice her unitl it was to late.
Torinchan / Ziranie: Join Please

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