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Roleplay - Angel Wars by Kuro Muzi / Spirit74

Roleplay Details

Any!!Oh..you dont have to ask to join,but if you want to ask anyway go ahead!!But just choose sides..


Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro had woken up to a large explosion.He was a demon, but sided with the angels.After everyone thought the war between the angels and demons was over, it had only begun.Kuro went outside to see what was going on.He was unable to see anything since a large group of angels was gathered behind a large gate,it was the entrance to the city.Kuro looked around wondering what was going on.He went to the castle to speak with the Angel King.Inside he was told to sit down at a table.With him were some of the best soldiers.The King entered the room.He explained about the demons declaring war again.Kuro was shocked.He never was able to help, but now was his chance to help out.He called out."I want to help!"The others looked at him.He stood up."What can I do to help?"The soldiers looked at him.The King explained to Kuro how he will hire him to do some work.Kuro smiled."Yes, my Lord."
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro was taken to a private room, where the King and him talked.Two guards secured the door.He was told to sit down.He sat.The King told him about his job.He was assigned as a bounty hunter to kill demons and thier allies.He was asked If he accepted this job.He agreed.Kuro was now an official bounty hunter.Though he was not well known he was hoping he could have people talk about his deeds.He got up to leave, but as he did a guard rushed into the room.He warned the King and Kuro about an attack.Some demon warriors had breached the town and were storming in.The King looked at Kuro and pointed at the guard, telling him to go and fight.Kuro got up and left the room.He followed the guard outside.He saw angels and demons fighting.The guard looked at him.He told Kuro to follow him, so Kuro did.He lead Kuro to a chest by the castle.Kuro opened it.In it he found a cross bow and a rusty short sword."Hm....good enough"He followed the guard back to the battlefield.The guard ran in and Kuro followed.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((joinage?))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro had his blade in his hand.He watched as angels and demons died.He ran, jumping up at a demon.He slammed his blade down, slicing it in half.He guarded from a demons attack, countering it with a slice of his blade.He slit its throat and blood shot out.He spun and sliced another demon's face in half.He stepped back.A small flame formed in his hand.He threw it at a demon, then lit another one on fire as well.The demons started to fall back.(sure you can join.)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max was being attacked. She was being attacked by two lizard like demons who were trying to rip her apart. Max only had a blade, and she hacked and slashed at the demons as they lunged at her. Max managed to finish one off, but the othero ne tackled her from behind.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro rushed to assist Max.He forced his blade through the demons back.He pulled his blade out,then sliced its head off.He put his hand out to help Max up.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max blushed as she took the boy's hand. Max got up and brushed herself off. "Thanks," she said to the boy. "You holding up ok? Max asked after a moment.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled."Your welcome and I'm holding up fine."He turned stabbing a demon in its chest.He pulled his blade out."How about you?"As he said this the demons ran away.They retreated from the city, but the war has just started.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max nodded, "i'm good thanks." "I'm Max by the way," she introduced herself. Max slashed the throat of the last demon, before they all began retreating. "Sick, aren't they?" Max said, not really asking a question.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled and winked at Max."I'm Kuro.Nice to meet you Max."He smiled again.Within seconds the demons were gone."I have to go meet with the King to get my first assignment."he told Max."I'm a bounty hunter..would you like to come with me?"
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max nodded, "Sure. I could go for something to do. Besides, I'm up for a demon slaying anyway." Max flashed him a grin and said, "Come on Kuro. Lead the way."
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro nodded."Ok."He began to walk to the castle.Once they reached the entrance the guards took them to the King.The King explained to Kuro his first task.Kuro had to kill a group of demons that were terrorizing angels in another city.Kuro accepted his assignment.He looked at Max."Come on Max.Let's go kill some demons."He began to leave the castle and was outside.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max grinned and gripped her knife. "Let's roll," Max said following him outside. "To the city of bones, at least that's what it's about to be once we spill some demon blood," Max said with a laugh.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled at her."Yea...I love killing demons...so what race are you?"he asked as he continued to walk outside.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: "Half-Angel," Max said. She explained, "My mom married a human, it was kind of messed up. But I do have angel powers at least." Max kept walking along side Kuro.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled again."I see.I'm a demon...a fire demon to be specific..but I assist angels though."As they walked, they left the town.They were outside of town.It was only a few miles to there destination.
D3cym8r3x: -can i join? if i can gimme a sec to get my charry-
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (ok and yes you can join.)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max nodded, "wow that's cool." Then she said jokingly, "I'll try not to kill you then." Max laughed and said, "Not that I would kill you. You're a nice guy."
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro laughed."And I'll try not to kill you too."He smiled at her."Oh..I wouldn't kill you either, Max."After a few minutes they arrived at the town."Let's do this."He entered the city.Demons were everywhere."So..this is what they think is a few?"he laughed and pulled his blade out.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max laughed and said, "Well let the blood splatter begin." Max ran towards a crowd of demons. "HEY UGLIES! OVER HERE!" She called. The demons turned, hissing and growling, they ran towards her. With swift movements, Max hacked and stabbed at everyone of them. "You guys came on a bad day," Max said gleefully as she stabbed a demon in the throat.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro laughed.He followed Max into the crowd of demons.He slit ones throat.Then pulled out his bow gun taking out six of them with head shots.He pulled his blade back out.He stabbed a demon in the chest and pulled his sword out of its chest, swinging it to cut its head off.Blood was everywhere and the fellow angels flew off to escape the demons.Kuro looked at Max."Having fun?"(ok)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max had stuck her knife into a pocket and was fighting hand to hand with a big demon. "Yeah, I am," she replied to Kuro. Max got bored with the big demon. SO she got out her knife and stabbed him in the chest.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled at her and winked again."Me too."He came face to face with two big demons with wings.He charged at the first one,running up its stomach and jumping into the air.His sword was held up above him.As he came down, he sliced the dmeon in half.He looked at the other one.It swung at him.He dodged it's attack.He rolled behind it, ran up it's back and grabbed both it's wings.He pulled them slowly ripping them out.(It's ok you don't have to use a picture.)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max saw a very human like demon. She grinned and brought her knife down straight onto the demon's head. The knife slashed through his whole face. Max made an "eww" face and kicked the demon away. She resumed kicking demon ass.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro pulled the demon's wings out from it's back.Blood was squirting out like a fountain, all over Kuro."Aww...Come on!"he looked at his blood covered clothes.He then forced his sword through the demon's face.The demon fell to the ground.Kuro got off and stabbed another demon.he looked around.There was only about 10 left.
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: -well look at it so you know what he looks like, hes a dark angel hes awesome, i got a light angel to-
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (Ok I saw it)
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: -kks-
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max waited while two demons came towards her. She stabbed one in the throat, then pulled that one into the other demon. Then she took her knife and slashed at the other one. They both fell dead. "Two down! Eight to go!" she cried.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro slashed the throat of a demon charging at him.The demon spiraled into another demon.The demon stumbled back hitting another demon.The three demons hit into a tree.Kuro charged with his blade foward.His blade went through the three demons."Five now"he smiled.His blade soaked in blood, along with his shirt.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max grinned and slashed a demon in half, vertically. "FOur!" She slit one demon's throat and threw her knife through two other demons." Max ran over to Kuro, "We got one more. And he's huge!" Max guestured to the building sized black demon nearby. "This might not be so easy," she said grimly.
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: Sairak charged towards the last demon cutting him diagonally from its shoulder to the side of its waist.It stood for a few seconds until he turned around and kicked it and watched it fall.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((gtg, this is a fun rp btw ^_^. Cya tomorrow))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled."Hmm...I agree..this might take awhile.."He ran up to the building-sized demon.He jumped up at the demon.Flames developed in his hand.He threw a fireball at it, then kicked it in the face.The demon just grabbed him and threw him into a building.Kuro yelled."Whoooaa!!!!!"He smashed into the building.Rubble fell on him covering him in a pile of the broken building.(Ok.Thanks and bye.)
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: Sairak looked over at him with his face hiding in the shadow of his hood. "..."
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: -... you didnt see my post coming in the battle?-
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro got up and charged at the demon again.He jumped up attempting to slice it in half, but it just grabbed him and threw him into the building again.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (No sorry...just pretend you didnt come here then you can come now just delete your other posts.Plus Kuro needs help anyway.)
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: Sairak landed by Kuro and the demon. He threw his sword at the demon putting a cut on its face. He charged towards it to knock it over but the demon jumped ontop of him knocking him to the ground.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro charged at the demon.He tackled it with all his force.The demon fell back.Kuro grabbed Sairak's hand and pulled him up."Are you alright?"
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: "Yea... Im fine..." Sairak grabbed his sword from the wall and twirled it in his hand looking at the demon.-ill brb-
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (Ok I'll finish it off)Kuro ran up to the demon.He climbed to it's face.He raised his sword, forcing it down on the demon's face.The demon died.Kuro jumped off the body of the demon.He walked up to Saiak."I'm Kuro.Who are you?"
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: "... Sairak..." He said in a kind of deep voice. "He twirled his sword again making the tip hit the ground. "... What is all this?"-going to the store real quick ok-
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (Ok)
D3cym8r3x / Sairak: -back-
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro looked at Saiak."This is a war."He sat down next to Max, until she was ready to go.(Waiting for Max.)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((back))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (OK!!Welcome back.I was waiting for you, but I killed the demon.)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((Ok)) Max smiled at him and said, "Hey. Should we go now?" She stood up waiting for him to reply.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro nodded."Yea lets go back to the castle."He smiled at her and began to walk.As he did he pulled off his blood soaked shirt.(Sorry it took so long to respond..was busy.)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((it's ok)) Max nodded back and followed Kuro. SHe stuck her knife back into her pants pocket.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro went back to the castle.Once again he was led to the King by the guards.They went up a stair case.Kuro and Max entered a large room with a huge window by the king's chair.The King was sitting.He asked Kuro if he had completed his task.Kuro looked at Max."Yes we have."He went to approach the King, but was interrupted by a large explosion.He looked at Max."What was that?!"
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max shrugged, "Come on! Let's go check it out!" She yelled running out of the room. Max looked around and exited the castle. She looked to see where the explosion had come from.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro rushed to follow Max."Wait up!"He went ouside and to where the explosion was.He saw Max and went up to her.He looked to where the explosion was.You couldn't see anything.Just fog.Some soldiers walked up to the fog.Villagers were behind them.Suddenly from the fog arrows shot out.Hitting the soldiers, most were injured or dead.As the arrows shot out, demons came out from the entrance and through the ground behind everyone.Kuro turned around."Max, there behind us to."
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max whipped out her knife and said, "You take the ones behind us. I'll take care of the ones in front. We fight, back to back." Max grinned as three demons lunged towards her. "Oh no! help!" she said sarcastically. Max slashed her knife at one demon's chest, he fell dead. Max laughed as she kicked one in the stomach, knocking it down. Max stabbed it in the heart and slit the third one's throat. "Want me?" she asked the other demons. Then turning furious, she screamed, "COME AND GET ME!" Max ran towards them as the demons dived for her.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro laughed and whispered to himself."Man..shes crazy."He ran, pulling his sword out.A demon tried to grab his sword.He spun his sword in a windmill motion.The demon fell back and Kuro stabbed it in the neck.He swung his sword two more times.He slit a demons throat, and cut another in half by the waist.He pulled out his bow gun.As a demon jumped at him, he fired.Its head exploded.He took ten more shots killing seven of them.He put his bow gun away and pulled his sword back out."You chose the wrong demon to mess with."He said as he stabbed another.He went after another one, but stopped.He felt behind him.Four arrows where in his back.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max had just slashed her knife straight through a demon's neck when she saw something at the corner of her eye. Kuro had been hit. Max could see his pale body on the ground. WIth a cry of fury, Max ran over to him. Taking his sword. she leaped into the air and dived towards the demons. Max spun around, bringing the blade through twelve demon heads. Then Max stabbed a demon in the back with her knife. She flipped through the air and slashed at a demon's leg. It cried as it fell to the ground. Max kicked it hard in the head, making sure it was dead. Max stayed near Kuro's body as she fought off the demons.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro got to his knees."....."He yelled real loud.Screaming.As he did flames began to spiral around him covering him completely.He continued to scream.The whole area became a bright red color.Then changed to a darker red, as the screaming and yelling stopped.The flames continued to spiral around him.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max stopped fighting and turned to look at Kuro. The look in her eyes was a look of suprise and amazement. Max ran to Kuro, but stood just outside the flames. "Kuro?" she said. "What are you doing?"
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro did not answer.The flames died out to reveal him.Though it was not him.It was his inner fire demon.Kuro looked at the demons.He pulled out a large blade, which was covered in flames.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max smiled and figured she should let Kuro do his thing. Max turned and fought more demons.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smashed his blade to the ground.Flames traveled into the direction of his blade, killing every demon in his path.He put his hand foward.A large flame ball formed.The area turned red.He released it into the ground, creating a large flame explosion around him killing several more demons.Demons tried attacking, but when they touched him they just disintegrated.He made a deep laugh.He pointed his blade at a large number of demons.From the blade a broad line of flames came out burning all the demons.Everywhere he stepped, the ground melted.He picked up a few demons in his hand, ripping them apart.He also stepped on a few of them.He didn't even have to hit them with the blade.He just swung it and flames came out.He breathed out fire scorching more demons.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((SORRY!)) Max smiled as Kuro fought hard. SHe stood there and watched him fight. He was doing pretty well. ANy demon that lunged towards her, Max would stab it in the throat or chest.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (Ok.)Kuro yelled and a large vibration occured.The demons ran away in terror.The angels have won the battle again thanks to Kuro and Max.Kuro began to be covered in flames again.They spiraled.The flames faded again.Kuro was back to his normal self.He got up, but fell back down.He was to weak after using all his energy.Plus he had four arrows still in his back.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max ran to Kuro's side when he fell. She figured she should remove the arrows now. Max yanked each arrow out of his back. "Sorry, that must hurt," she apologized to Kuro. "Are you ok?" Max asked him when she was done. As she spoke, Max gave Kuro his sword back and stuck her own knife into her pocket. "Mission accomplished," she added with a grin and a wink. ((gtg, bb tomorrow))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro only closed his eyes as Max yanked the arrows out.He looked at her."Yea..I'm ok."Kuro took his sword back and stood up.He smiled at Max and winked back."Yea...mission accomplished."He turned around reaching into his bag and pulled out a shirt.He put it on for he was shirtless the whole time.(Ok.)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: "Should we go back inside?" Max asked, guesturing to the castle. "WE should make sure the king is ok."
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (Hello!Didn't even know you were on.)Kuro nodded."Yea...lets go."Kuro began to walk back to the castle, but this time he wasn't lead inside.No guards were around.Kuro looked at Max."Where is everyone?"He ran up to the King's room.But it was to late.The demons had sent an assassin to kill the king.The assassin turned to them and pulled his blade out.Kuro just looked at Max.(Have to go to store real quick brb.)
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (OK I'm back)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((lol it's ok, and wb)) Max tensed, whipping out her knife. She shook it, and the blade grew into a sword. Max smiled and said, "Let's kick some ass Kuro."
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled back at Max."Yea lets do."He ran up to the assassin.He swung his blade and missed three times.The assassin was real quick.Kuro tried to punch him, but just missed.The assassin dodged his attack and punched Kuro.Kuro fell back.The assassin jumped and kicked him.Kuro fell back into the wall.He got up."Max, this guys real quick."
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max ran fast towards the assassin. SHe wasn't about to give up. Max slashed her sword at the assassin's throat. The assassin ducked and kicked Max in the stomach. Max stumbled backwards, and the assassin threw a fist in her face. Max was knocked backwards. SHe fell to the ground. The assassin ran towards her. Max jackknifed up to her feet and swung her sword at the assassin's chest. But the assassin jumped into the air and flipped over her. Quickly, Max spun around and slashed at the assassin's chest. SHe managed to draw a thin line of blood just above his heart.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled."You got him!"He ran up to the assassin.He swung, but missed.The assassin ignored the hit from Max and kicked Kuro back.Kuro stumbled back.He charged at the assassin, knocking him down.He lifted his fist, but the assassin kicked him off.The assassin then pulled out his blade.Kuro pulled out his bow gun and took a shot at the assassin, he hit him in the leg.Kuro took the chance to run up to the assassin.He jumped up and spun, kicking him in the face.He landed and grabbed him by the throat.He threw him to the ground.Kuro looked at the assassin, he had his sword to the assassin's neck."Now talk before I kill you."
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max went over to help Kuro. WHen Kuro knocked him down and spoke, Max stood right by him. "Tell us, who sent you? Cuz we'll kick his ass," Max asked harshly. "We've already kicked your ass, so no point in trying to escape."
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (brb gtg eat.Actually I'm almost done...^_^)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((kk lol))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (OK I'm done..I had to do other things to...^_^)
Kuro smiled."You heard her!"The assassin just looked at the two.He said nothing.Kuro looked at Max."What should we do?"The assassin looked at Kuro and told him how he should just kill him because he wasn't going to tell them who sent him.Kuro thought about killing him, but waited for Max's suggestion.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max shook her head. Max gave the assassin a firm kick in the head. "Alright you dirty bastard, TELL US WHO SENT YOU!" Max screamed at him. "Or.." she put the tip of her blade at the assassin's throat. "I'll let you (i suffer)." ((gtg eat XD))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (lol ok.)Kuro smiled and looked at the assassin."I would suggest you tell her."The assassin looked at Max after she kicked him in the head.He told them about a powerful demon.The demon was well guarded and was located at the demon realm.(A place full of demons.)Kuro looked at Max."I can take us there, but think about it first..two against..a lot."Kuro then looked at the assassin."What do we do with him?"
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max shrugged, "WE can just kill him. Unless he has something else he'd like to share." Max looked the assassin carefully. THen she said, "If we destroyed a horde of demons a few minutes ago, I think we can handle being in the demon realm."
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro shrugged back."Eh.just take him out.I'll be outside to open up a portal to the realm.You can finish him off."Kuro began to walk away from the assassin and Max.The assassin said nothing.He just stared at her.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (Sure you can join.You can pick whatever role you want..)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max smiled. She knelt down by the assassin, holding the blade to his throat. "YOu gave me a great battle, so thanks," Max said. "But unfortuantely, it was your one way ticket to hell. Which by the way, is where you belong." Max sighed and got up. SHe plunged her sword through the demon's throat. Taking the sword back, Max walked outside to meet Kuro.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (GTG see ya tomorrow.Whenever you are on...)
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro was outside.He saw Max, but said nothing.He pulled his blade out.He lifted it in the air.The point faced foward.He slowly lowered his sword down, while mumbling some words.His sword reached the ground.A broad opening opened up in front of Kuro.It opened wider as he walked in.He looked back at Max."Lets go."He continued to walk.He entered inside the Demon realm.He looked around.Thousands, and thousands, and thousands of demons.Every demon still alive in the world is here and some of the strongest demons are here as well.All demons of different kinds as well.Kuro pulled out his sword.He started to charge at demons, slashing them open.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max grinned and dived into the fight. An entire battlion of demons surrounded her. As they closed in on her, Max spun around, slashing them all with her long sword. She brought down 20 demons. Then she ran through part of the battalion, hacking left and right. Then she started to stab more demons and kill as many as she could.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro ran past a row of demons, slashing them all in half by the waist.He continued to run, while he still stabbed demons.He came to a stop.A row of dead demons lay behind him.He looked around.There was two paths, left and right.He turned to Max."I'll go left you go right.Kuro ran to the left path.As he did a strong demon came.It was wearing a black hood and robe and had a scythe.It had large black wings.The demon looked at the other demons.The other demons turned and went after Max only.Kuro turned to go help her take some out, but the demon appeared in front of him.Kuro backed up.He figured that Max had it, so he left her.He pulled out his blade and looked at the demon.The demon pointed its scythe at Kuro.A large gray ball formed and shot out, hitting Kuro.Kuro flew back and landed against a wall.He got up."Is that all you got!!?"The demon lifted its hand's, and from the ground shadow figures appeared.They were shadows of the demon.Kuro was surrounded by five shadows and the original.Kuro smiled as a large flame developed in his hand.He forced the flame into the ground, making it travel in every direction.(But not to where Max is.It only hits enemies around him.)The demon and shadows were thrown into the air.Kuro's hands went on fire.His sword went up in flames.He charged at a shadow, cutting it in half.The shadow faded, and reappeared behind Kuro.It swung its scythe cutting his back alittle.Kuro remained standing.He turned and smashed his blade down another shadow.It was cut in half.But it came back like the other one.Kuro looked around.There was more shadows then before.(You can't tell which is a shadow and which is an original.Oh..and if you kill the shadow it comes back until the original demon is killed.But the original can just keep sending more or have his shadows send more for him.)Kuro was to weak to use his demon form.The only way was to make him either angry or hurt.He wasn't hurt or angry.I mean really really hurt or angry.Kuro was unable to use it now because it needs energy and focus, but with anger he will get more energy and it kicks in automatically.Kuro spun around killing the shadows around him.He charged killing any one in his way.Three shadow balls hit him and another one sent him into the same wall.Kuro slowly got up.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max looked around. It seemed like the more she killed, the more demons came. Something wasn't right. Then the truth hit her:The demons were making shadows of themselves. Max looked around for the demons that had come at her the most. She spotted it, the original. Max could tell because the demon was so real looking. It looked like it was about 20 feet tall. Its blacked skin glimmered in the moonlight. Blood seeped from his eyes, and his teeth were so incredibly sharp. Max decided to bring that one down. Max ran towards the massive demon. "HEY UGLY!" Max shouted. "OVER HERE!" THe demon's eyes rested on her. Every one of his shadow clones disappeared, obvoiusly most of the demons were comnig from him. Then Max noticed a wierd symbol on its chest. She didn't know what It ment, but she knew it couldn't be a good thing. THe demon seemed to want to battle Max alone. A large black blade appeared in its hand. Max stared at the demon, gripping her own sword. SHe looked over at Kuro, knowing he would be alright. Max looked back at the demon, and charged. It had been a mistake. The demon swung a huge hand towards her, knocking her back into tree. Max hit the trunk hard. She could feel warm liquid trickling down her back. She hit the ground, her sword falling out of her grasp. Max looked up as the demon approached her. "Oh crap," she muttered.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro looked around at the shadows.There was so many now.He got to his feet and grabbed his blade.He charged slicing each shadow in his way.They all faded and came back.There were to many for Kuro to handle now.So much that basically the whole area was filled with shadows.Kuro looked at Max."I have to get angry!Something has to make me angry!Its the only way I can kill them all!"he yelled to her.She was really far away from Kuro though.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max thought for a minute after hearing Kuro's words. She stood up as the demon towered over her. Then an idea came to her mind. (i Mass Suicide) It was risky, but it would have to make Kuro mad. Max dodged the giant hand coming down towards her. SHe dived for her sword and grabbed it. Max climbed up the tree she had hit, and jumped towards the demon's head. Max stabbed the demon in the eye, making it roar in pain. Max was now hanging in midair, holding on to the sword that was now stuck in the demon's eye. Max was a few feet off the ground. Yes the demon was big, but he wasn't as big as a palace. Then the demon swiped his hand at her, knocking her off him. Then he ripped the sword out of his eye. Now he was blind in one eye. (i If I could just get the other eye)Max thought. Suddenly The demon grabbed her with one hand. She was flung towards Kuro. Max hit the ground in front of Kuro, hard. She was bleeding badly. Both from the head and scrapes she just got frmo skidding on the ground. "KUro," Max moaned, looking up at him. "H-help. She was drifting towards unconciousness. Max closed her eyes as a black wave of darkness washed over her.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro saw Max fall.He ran to her yelling her name."Max!Are you alright??!!"He saw her drift out of conciousness.He tightened his fist.He looked up, then stood up.He began to walk towards all the demons.Flames where around his body.His eyes turned black.He began to change into his demon form again.He was now in his demon form.Kuro pulled out his large flame sword.He killed every demon painfully in the area they were in.He showed no mercy, thier deaths were as painful as possible.It was lucky Max was drifting out of conciousness because it was really painful and hideous.Max may have just met Kuro, but there was something about her.She made him happy.Kuro went towards Max.He shielded her body in a barrier.He yelled real loud.A large red ball was forming in his hand.He lifted it into the air.A real bright light shined blinding everything.A large explosion was heard.Within a few moments the light stopped shining.Kuro was in human form.The whole realm was destroyed.The whole entire realm, even areas they haven't been to.Only the strongest demons survived.But they would die easily for they were real weak.Kuro looked at Max, who was fine thanks to the barrier.The barrier died out.Kuro ran to Max.He dropped to his knees."Max..."(I didn't use my demon form for the pic because he was human when I finished it.)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max was in deep darkness. Strange shadows had been floating around her. Cold voices touched her, giving her chills. Then out of the darkness came Kuro's voice: "Max.." Max felt a tiny flutter of hope in her chest. "Kuro?" Max whispered, her eyes were still closed. Slowly she opened them. Max tensed, afraid she'd feel pain. But then she saw a pair of green eyes looking at her. "Kuro," Max repeated. A worried look appeared on her face. "I...Did you kill them?" Max asked.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled."Max!And yes I did kill them all."He looked at her and smiled again.He stood up making a portal to the real world.He went back to Max.He picked her up and carried her through the portal.He began to walk back to the city.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((Gtg sorry))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (ok)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((I hath returned. Be alarmed.))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: (lol o..k...so continue..)
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((XD)) Max smiled, "I'm glad you're alright Kuro.."
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: "I'm glad your alright Max.."He smiled back at her.Within a few minutes they arrived at an inn in the town.Kuro carefully placed Max on a bed."You should rest."
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max nodded, "Ok Kuro." She relaxed in the bed. Then she asked, "What are you going to do?"
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro smiled."I'll rest myself.."He went to the inn keeper and gave him some gold.He then went into Max's room."I'll be in the room next door, ok?"He walked away into the room next door.He sat in the bed and laid down.He began to close his eyes.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: After a few hours he woke up.It was night time.He slowly walked to Max's room.He opened the door to check on her."...."
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max was having a nightmare. First, she was in total darkness. Then she heard Kuro cry out, "MAX!" He had sounded like he was in pain. Now Max was trying to run towards the sound of his voice. Her heart was beating hard against her ribcage. (i ba thump, ba thump, ba thump). Max finally came to his body. ONly it was dead, blood was every where. Max fell to her knees, staring at Kuro in horror. Then suddenly his eyes shot open. They were bright red. Max screamed, waking up.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro watched Max as she slept.Once he knew she was alright he left.He heard her scream and ran back to her."Max!What's wrong?Are you alright?"He looked at her.He was very concerned.Kuro continued to look at her."What happened?"
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max was breathing hard. Her eyes were filled with fear. She gripped Kuro's arm as he came to her side. "Kuro.." She looked up at him, calming down a little. "It was just a nightmare," she explained.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: "I see....what was this nightmare about?"Kuro sat down next to Max."You can tell me..if you want to talk about it.."
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max was still recovering from shock. "There was darkness everywhere," she whispered. "You were lying there....(i dead)." Max looked up at him, her face fear stricken. "Are you going to die Kuro? Cuz I don't want you to," she asked.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro looked at Max."...No...I'm not going to die..."He made a faint smile."What makes you think that anyway?"He asked her."I don't want to die either..."
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max shrugged, "I don't know. It was the dream, not me." She thought for a minute and then said, "Maybe it's cuz of all the freaky demon stuff you were doing back there."
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((We gonna get anywhere in this rp?))
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: ((Sure...^_^...Where do you wannna go?))Kuro smiled at her."Ok..I think its time we get out of here.Where do you want to go?"
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: ((idk, we'll see where it takes us)) "We should leave the kingdom," Max replied. She was thinking hard. "The demons probably see us as the greater threat, so they'll be coming after us. So in order to protect the kingdom, we need to leave so they'll leave too and come after us. Then when they find us, we kill them all." Max shrugged, "That's my idea. What do you think?"
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: ((Ok..but you lead the way to wherever you want to go.You can be in charge for know...I'm not feeling very good anyway..can't think lol...-_-))Kuro nodded."What ever you want to do."He smiled at her."So where to?You lead the way."Kuro looked at Max, waiting for her to answer and guide him to where ever she wanted.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: Max nodded and went to the doorway. "Don't bother getting anything, just keep your weapon and lets go," she said over her shoulder. Then she walked down the hall and left the castle.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro shrugged."OK."He took his sword and bow gun and left the castle to meet Max.He saw her and went to her."Where to?"He smiled.
darkavenger42 / Max Drake: "Out of the kingdom, I know this cave. We can hide there for a while," Max replied. She started to head out of the castle grounds. "COme on, we should hurry," Max said over her shoulder.
Spirit74 / Kuro Muzi: Kuro nodded."OK..."He began to follow Max.

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