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Roleplay - War of the Corrupted OOC by Zenka / Tyasuke

-p Note" These are the things that will be shown in this OOC. A short day by day summary. Important info needed to be known when it occurs in the rp. Yet most important it will state where every character it and what they are currently up to.
-p Note" These are the things that will be shown in this OOC. A short day by day summary. Important info needed to be known when it occurs in the rp. Yet most important it will state where every character it and what they are currently up to.
Summaries/Character Actions:
Date: 7/8/09
-p Zenka enters the story, walking through the school hall ways. The story begins.
-p Aya enters the scene, standing in the hall. Students give her odd looks for her hair and appearance. She mentally claims she has no control over it.
-p Melanie enters, and as she walks down the hallway after riffling through her locker, she accidentally bumps into Aya.
The two girls recognise the other and are able to recall each other's names. They small talk.
-p Luke, or Lust, is the first sin to awaken. He talks to Zexius.
-p Equalera enters, and walks through the hall ways to go into her first class, and begins writing in her notebook.
-p Zenka reaches the gym after changing.
-p Law, or Envy, awakens and calls out for Luke, recognising him.
-p Violet enters, and has gym class first period along with Zenka. Being a good friend, though also rival, of his she decides to surprise tackle hug him.
-p Acheron, or Sloth, awakens as well. Zexius asks if any of the sins would like anything explained.
-p The old rivalry between Violet and Zenka slowly starts to stir up.
-p Chaos, the leader of the Sins, Wrath, awakens. He asks what is happening. Zexius recaps briefly on what has happened, and what is expected. The Sins realize that they are slowly regaining their powers, albight are still weak.
-p Zenka had shown inhuman abilities during gym class and run off. He had run a few hours until he realized he had forgotten his books back at the gym. He quickly rushed back and got to the gym where he was attacked by a negative being that took the shape of a large demonic wolf. (R Zenka had starred at the wolf and at the mention of his parents Zenka's emotions call upon his power and he awakens).
-p Vie, Melanie and Aya watch the battle between Zenka and the wolf yet they can't tell it's Zenka.
-p Yet The sin of Sloth watches finding out that the Avatar of darkness has been reborn and has awakened.
-p Gawin had been making his way home when he got ambushed by Corrupted. Though as the Corrupted drew near to taking his life his powers were called forward and he awakened taking down the corrupted in a heart beat but due to the amount of energy he used in his awakening he fell asleep.
End of day 1
Day 2:
-p All the avatars slowly awakened from their sleep. Zenka had a nightmare of two dark purple demonic eyes speaking to him within the darkness of sleep. Violet herself had a dream of floating in a pure white abyss. Then Violet woke up and decided to go over Zenka's house and see if Zenka was still her 'Zenky-kun' yet in the process of such actions Chaos Sloth and Lust appeared at the scene and Aya and Melanie also arrived. A battle erupts as Zenka leads Chas away from the others and Violet ad Melanie awaken and fight against Lust and Sloth. Yet Violet faints from the over use of her powers and Lust defeats Melanie as they are both taken captive back to the temple. Lust sent Aya to deliver a message to Chaos using his power 'Push'. During this time Greed and Envy arrive at the scenes only becoming observers. Gavin finally meets Priestess Kasumi and after talking to her comes to a conclusion to go towards the battle between Zenka and Chaos. Gluttony finally awakens. During the battle between Chaos and Zenka, Chaos triggers a deep darkness to awaken within Zenka which in turns causes a change in Zenka...
-p Zenka then possess a great dark power, just enough to be more powerful that Chaos. Noticing this, and getting notice that two of the Avatars were captured, Chaos retreats. Lust, Wrath, and Sloth talk a little in the chamber as Violet and Melanie are bound. Violet wakes up, and Sloth frees her in trust she won’t cause them trouble. Melanie wakes up after Violet and Sloth are gone, to find Lust and Wrath talking. Wrath tries to befriend Melanie, and gains some of her trust as they talk. Acheron tells Violet of the past happenings, and Violet simply denies it all as a figment of her imagination.
Chaos and Melanie seem to hit it off, and fall into some sort of “like” with the other. They realize their feelings are forbidden, and soon part ways. Nexsis becomes enraged at Wrath, and starts to reprimand him for his feelings.
Meanwhile, Aya, Gavin, Violet, Zenka and Sloth are talking somewhere in the forest. Aya becomes angered with out getting answers, and Gavin is trying to act on his feelings to ‘protect’ instead of ‘run’. Acheron and Zenka begin fighting, and Violet stops them. Zenka flashbacks and becomes immobile, and Violet snaps him out of it. He becomes his old sarcastic self, and they all move on.

Roleplay Details

Avatars' Current Actions:
Zenka:Taking Violet home
Violet:Walking home with Zenka
Aya: walking home
Melanie: wondering around aimlessly
Gavin: Heading home
Curry: (Needs to post in second day)
Cassius: (Needs to post in second day)
Equalera:(Needs to post again in second day)
Sins' Current Actions
Sin of Wrath: Getting yelled at by Nexsis
Sin of Sloth: Exploring with Law
Sin of Lust: Getting Laid
Sin of Envy: Asleep
Sin of Greed:
Sin of Pride:Awakening
Sin of Gluttony: Wondering around aimlessly
Class/Periods Each Avatar has (Under construction XD):
1st period: Luke, Aya
2nd period: Violet,Acheron,Wrath
3rd period:
4th period:
5th period:
6th period:
7th period: Zenka
Social Studies:
1st period: Violet
2nd period:
3rd period:
4th period:
5h Period: Zenka
6th period: Luke, Aya
7th period:
1st period:
2nd period:
3rd period: Luke, Zenka,Acheron
4th period:
5th period:
6th period:
7th period: Violet, Aya,Wrath
1st period:
2nd period:
3rd period:
4th period: Luke, Aya
5th Period:Acheron,Wrath
6th period: Violet, Zenka
7th period:
1st period:
2nd period: Aya
3rd period:Acheron,Wrath
4th period: Violet, Zenka
5th period:
6th period:
7th period: Luke
1st period: Zenka (Study Hall)
2nd period:
3rd period:
4th period:
5th Period: Violet (German), Acheron (German/Photography), Aya (photography), Luke (German)
6th period:
7th period:
1st period: Luke,Acheron
2nd period: Zenka,Wrath
3rd period: Violet, Aya
4th period:
5th Period:
6th period:
7th period:
Important Information/Part:
(.1 (Zexius stands before the crystal crossing his arms "You see, as you know the battle between the Seven Sources and the Avatars ended with one avatar left standing. The Avatar of the Darkness of Death. Now you may think you have lost that battle and you are right you did but in the long run you became victorious out of it. For if you seven sources did not kill seven of the avatars. Our master Nexsis would not be alive yet right now he is only sealed in a crystal. All we have to do is find the key. Which may lie rest with the Avatar that sealed him away in the first lace. The Avatar of Darkness. Yet you sins have yet to fully recover your strength and powers so rest within the temple walls. Nexsis has already ordered me to send out a certain Corrupted for the boy who is meant to possess the power of the Avatar of Darkness")
2.) "I am Priestess Kasumi. I am the one who brought rise to the Avatars." Kasumi begins to walk along the water towards Zenka. As she walks ripples of water extend out from under her feet. "As for what the Avatars are. They are beings who are in tuned with the spirits of nature known as Kami, There is a Kami for each element which means an avatar for each element as well. You contain the Avatar of the Darkness of Death. Each Avatar houses the Kami in their hearts."
Zenka stands there as a gentle breeze brushes by. He looks down at the ground trying to let all of this new information sink in. "Avatar of Darkness? Kami? Yet why would you bring rise to beings with powers like these if I may ask?"
Kasumi stands on the solid earth now as her eyes meet that of the curious eyes of Zenka. " Because of the Corrupted. They are the Guardians of human kind. Once again the Earth is calling upon the Avatars."


Tyasuke / Zenka: -fires meh lazer-
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Wrong person :D
(i (runs in circles again.))
Tyasuke / Zenka: >.>
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: O.O
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Hey Z ^^
Tyasuke / Zenka: Long time no see!
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: I know! D:<
What the eff?
I guess I should make my intro post, eh? :O
Where is everybody right now?
Tyasuke / Zenka: Walking in the halls of school like literally Vie is heading to class Im heading towards the roof Justen is walking with me and Gavin came up with some crazy scheme to get home
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: You all know eachother already, or are we going with we're all strangers again?
Tyasuke / Zenka: more like aquatints Vie and I know each other and Justen knows me to but other wise like I said aquatints >>
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Mmm... Okay ^^
KotaNashi / Warless: Why Aya, you still there?
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Yes, yes I am. ^^
KotaNashi / Warless: Yay :D
Sorry I got distracted lol
I found another version
of Yuki that you may like O:
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: The one with wings? :P
KotaNashi / Warless: Yupp, you got it?
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Yeah. ^^
I edited out the wings and stuff for the Rp I used Yuki in.
I saved the one with wings & stuff for her goddess form.
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Hehe, okay! Sorry Im slow Im talking/typing via psp
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Its okay. :]
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: So whats up? :D
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Watching Invader Zim!
I fucking love this show!!
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Me too! I also love Ni Hao Kai Lan, but Id totally understand if you didnt know what it is lol
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: I have no idea what that is. xD
bogg / .Luke.: *busts through the door with only underwear on*
*dives onto bed and wraps self in blankies*
dont worry you are saved.
now, whats with this business of restarting?
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Its an amazing.. kid show.
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: hello???
SideBurns: o.o
bogg / .Luke.: raaawr?
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: RAWR!
bogg / .Luke.: *hides*
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Hello?
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: -Tackles G-
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: oooomph *lays on his back* nice to see you too aya
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: *comes in quietly*
bogg / .Luke.: *screams*
I'm so evil
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: *jumps and waves* Hi, Luke.
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Hey G. ^^
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: uh...
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Ohai thar.
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: hello, ello...
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Whats up?
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: eh. *shruggs* i'm fine...
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Are you lying?
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: *sigh* yea... I'm sore, i was working all day... I finally got a chance to get on..
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. D:
At least you get a break now?
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: yea... but skool's on monday, so that means that i'ma be worse by monday... *sigh*
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Ouch, killer. I start the 24th..
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: hello?
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Hello G!
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: What's up Vie?
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Not much, to be honest.
How about you, G?
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Well nothing raely I am 1 hour lcoser to eastern time but I am sill thousands of miles fromk home. lol
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Whoa.
Do you miss home-?
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Shoot yea, I am ready to sleep in my own bed
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Shoot yea, I am ready to sleep in my own bed
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Yeah I was seperated from my own bed
For three weeks
I mean, I know it isnt as long as you have
but yeah, I sort of know how you feel.
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Yea luckaly I am sort of on my way home.
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Thats cool :D
Are you having a good time?
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Naw it could be a lot better, it's just really really hot
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Oh that sucks.
I dont like heat.. Nor cold..
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: So then I guess you just like the light, XD
I like it some where in between where it get's cold enough to snow in the winter and warm enough to just chill out bu the pool all summer
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Exactly!
Same here hehe
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: LOL I figured a frien of mine would have tried to join this one by now
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Yeah I like this rp :D
Anyway, G, sorry to cut this convo short
But its 2:15am here
And Im tired
I want to go to bed.
actually, Im not tired
But I start school the 24th
So I want to get on a schedule
and blahblahblah.
Sweet dreams!
Take care.
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Undestandable
good night and take care
bogg / .Luke.: LUCKYY
I start school TOMORROW and i didnt get to go to registration, so i have to basically get all my stuff in the morning before class
Vincent001 / Vincent Lienhart: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/106350
Year 38056
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: I start class on the 31st. o.O'
Tyasuke / Zenkai: hellloo?
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: heeelloooo.
Tyasuke / Zenkai: HIIIIIII
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: hello,ello...~
Tyasuke / Zenka: Hey, when you remember everything Zexius will speak to you Cheimi XD
Vaminoptra / Cheimi Misako: Ok... She just starting to, lol... She's got her senses back, she's regaining her memory.
Tyasuke / Zenka: okay thats cool =3
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Roar.
whats up people?
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Aya! youre alive!
Dont deny it :D
bogg / .Luke.: BAM!
first day of high school you guys!!!
it was alright, but it sucked pretty badly.
my german teacher is a left handed demon!!!!
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Haha, good to see youre alive :D
bogg / .Luke.: i've BEEN alive, im just too lazy to do another intro
Tyasuke / Zenka: -apppears
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: I'm alive? o.o
bogg / .Luke.: *is lazy but wants to hang out with people*
Tyasuke / Zenka: cause... their as lazy as you =3
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Sucks?
bogg / .Luke.: NU UHHHHHH!
the person im trying to hang out with is very not lazy
all he did this summer was walk to friends houses to chill
where as i did nothing
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Blehblehbleh.
bogg / .Luke.: blehblehbleh yourself :P *noms cheesestick*
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: I just did, though.
bogg / .Luke.: gaaaaaaaaaah i really wish people would answer their phones
Tyasuke / Zenka: Im having an extreme lazy day... worked 6 freaking days this week and my shins are destroyed T.T
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: (i (tacklehugs Zenkykun.))
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: *cupping hands around mouth* Helloooooooo
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Heeeelllloooooo!
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: ROAR!
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: Ayyaaa! You live!
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: I do :D
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Yay Aya lives
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: -Huggles Vie & G-
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: glad to see you are happy to see us XD
Tyasuke / Zenka: psh yet she never post =3=
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: ehh.
I was actually thinking to talk to you about that, Z. <.<
I dunno if I wanna stay in the Rps or not 'cause I never seem to know what the fucks going on. >.<
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Lol well that's cause nothing is going on were all just chillin, lol
Tyasuke / Zenka: I know .w.
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Hmm..
I dunno.
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: Think about it if you leave who will be mean to vie <.< >.> I mean would you want to deprive her of that
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: xD
Good point!
Bahahahah :P
Tyasuke / Zenka: Come on Aya STAY Gavin is right in all honesty were all just enjoying a day of school XD
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: I'll stay, I will. I'm just sayin' that I never know what the hell is going on.. but.. I guess since nothing is going on, then it doesn't matter.
Tyasuke / Zenka: yeah just keep going through the day when the rp plot starts then Ill update the OOc settings
KotaNashi / Violet Vie Decrus: WHAT about being mean to Vie? >B|
Guile / ----: ~Enters the room, yawns, and leaves, just to prove that he WAS here at one point.~
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: o.o Z shhhhhh don't say that kinda stuff....... <.< >.> o.o the government is listening........
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: <.<
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: >_>
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: -Tackles Vie-
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: oof!
(i (huggle.))
Pray tell, how have you been? :3
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: -Huggles- :3
I've been pretty good, actually :D
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Ive been pretty darn good :3
Thanks for asking.
My mom discontinued my texting though..
And Zenkykun wont answer any of my texts
From my mother phone
So grrr xD
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Yay for us! :D
Why did she do that?
What a lame-o. :P
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Yes lame-o indeed.
She's insane.
She doesnt think anything through.
and yes :D Yay for us!
Hows Secrets going alone?
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Call him and be like, "ANSWER MEEE! D: " H
Haha jk :P
Oooh, I see.
Well thats lame. D:<
High five? :D
Its going pretty good :]
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: (i (high fives.))
No minutes, though. :/
Good to hear!
I started a new roleplay and its going swell :D
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Aww, I'm sorry.
Are you going to get use of your texting back? o.O
Ooooh. :O
Whats it about?
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Probably not..
Its called
Sing Me to Sleep
In a nutshell;
When people die, they go to a world
And they age backwards from the age they died at
Up until infancy, and reborn
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Aw, how come?
Ooooh, sounds interesting. :O
I'll check it out later. ^^
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: O: Coolbeans!
Because as Ive previously stated,
my mother is insane :3 lawl
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Oh yes, definitely :D
Oh god, I have a rockstar. >:]
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: OH god, what color?
Sorry, I got distracted :/
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Roar.
Anyone thar?
Vaminoptra / imanoli kinoba: I AM... FOR NOW...~
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Well ok then >__>
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: <.<
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Ayyyaaaa!
(i (tackle.))
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Hey. ^^
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: (i (huggle.))
how's it going? O:
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Bored out of my mind. Haha.
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Im getting there.
Im putting together a roleplay
And its going to be
Simply made up of basics.
Literacy and basics, its all me and my new friend
Are asking for.
Its gonna be great.
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: :O
Tell me when its made?
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Alright O:!
We're accepting limited people
Siiince, yknow,
Multiple people are hard to keep track of lol
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Cool, Cool. ^^
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: If you want to take a peek
Up from the Ashes
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: I checked it out. ^^
So... What exactly is it about?
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Thats the point. <_<
Its just a bunch of teenagers
From a cul de sac
Who all go the same school.
We're starting off with the basics of basics.
Because we're letting all of the characters
Develop the plot, instead of us laying it out
Everyone is going to collectively add onto it
And itll evolve at its own pace. xD
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Hmm..
Okay, cool :]
I'm not sure if I'll join or not, but maybe.
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Its still cool of you to consider.
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: ^^
Wow, I'm watching Malcom In The Middle.
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Nice :D
Thats a funny show
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Yeah, I haven't seen it in forever. :P
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Same here.
Isnt it an uber old show-?
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Yeah, definitely. Haha.
That Malcom kid is way older now. :P He's like.. I dunno... older. xDD In this show he's like.. 10 or something. Now he's like... maybe 20? I have no idea.. haha.
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Yeah.
I cant really get into the show
Since I know he's so old
Know what I mean? xD
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Haha Yeah, I guess. xD
What to do..
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: No idea!
Im trying to keep up with all my rp's
And ooc's, harhar
Tyasuke / Zenka: (Sorry I haven't been on guys. Sister has been over and I have been hanging out with her. Be on sunday hope I can get a recap laterz!)
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: I was off most of da time... u ok????
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: h2 the game.
h3 yes well..
h3 you lost it.
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: Hello,ello~
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: hey.
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: How are you... Things going well???~
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: i suppose so.
i miss Zenkykun though D:
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: me 2... he's supposed to answer my uestion... *sigh*
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: he just texted me :D!!
"Speak of the devil,
and he shall appear."
o: im sure he will..
Vaminoptra / Constance Larling: yea... sigh~
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: Thanks for that, Vie.
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Thanks for w-
I noticed another but I was like
"ah she may be already peeved at me.."
So I left it alone. xD
You're very welcome. :'D
SideBurns / Deacon Carver: anyone?
Musicaddicted / :Aya:: ....
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Iuno. Im here, but Zenkykun is acting distant. Its what ever. :/
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: this too?
SideBurns / Gavin Wade: helloooooooooo
KotaNashi / Violet Decrus: Helllooo :D
essence of life / Acheron: hmm so the rp did die???? Kinda wanted too see how it ends too bad i guess
SideBurns / : yea same here i would have like to see it to the end
essence of life / Acheron: Maybe Zenka will finally right that book or something.

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