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Roleplay - Different (1x1) ~open~ by -rin- / midnightkiss

Rin hates her real name Catherine. But, thats just one of the many things she hates. She just moved a small little town. To live with her Father which had abandoned her at the age of 3. And now wants to be in her life again, but now she's 16. She didn't want to move, but it was her mom's wish and she was off. She's different and is hopeing to try to fit in. (1st post will describe the rest.)

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Rin: me
Romance: yes
ask to join.
real pic please


midnightkiss / -rin-: Rin sat up in her dark room as her alarm clock started beeping. She sighed slightly as she walked out to the kitchen of her new house. The floor crecked underneth her as she walked. Stupid wood floors! they are to noisy in the morning she thought as she grabed milk and a bowl. She poured her cerial and milk. She started eatting as she heard the car pull out of the driveway. Her dad was off to work and soon she had to go to school. She quickly got dressed in her black and white striped shirt and black skinny jeans. She walked to her Black mustang gt and got in. She drove to school parking in one of the last few rows. She sighed slightly carrying her bookbag on her one sholder. She walked into the school and the stares started. They looked at her as if she was a freak, but she was just different. She went to her locker throwing her bookbag in it. She grabbed her math book which was her first class. I like math, but in this school I would rather not like anything she thought doubtful. She sighed walking to the math room 111 which was a little ways down the hall. She got glared at the whole time down the hallway. She walked into the room and looked around. She was suprised seeing a guy dressed all in black just like her. So I'm not the only one she thought looking at him. She stared back at the floor taking a seat 2 rows away from him in the back row.
midnightkiss / -rin-: (anyone?)
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: I guess I'll join
midnightkiss / -rin-: (yay! just port then)
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: Port?You mean Post right?just lemme' finish reading your first post D=
midnightkiss / -rin-: ya hahaha i can't type on a Iphone!. lol )
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: Alex looked at the girl who had just walked in.He looked at the clock and sighed as it rang.He took his seat,looking up at the teacher,a blank expression on his face.He was not depressed nor was he happy.He didn't really have an emotion right now.He was actually a little mad,about how people treated him like he was something below them,he felt like a fish out of water.He didn't even pay attention to the teacher teach the lesson,he was just listening to the songs that were playing over and over in his head.
midnightkiss / -rin-: Rin sat there. It was like she was in her own little world. She was writeing on a piece of paper which made it look like she was writeing notes, but it was really just lyrics. She hummed the a tune to the song she was writeing. She started humming a little louder and soon enough the words came out of her mouth. She started singing the lyrics. When she snaped back into reality her eyes shoot open and looked at the teacher. She glared at her. Rin slid down in her seat embaressed. Her face red.
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: Alex rested hi palm on his chin,staring down at his desk an doodling.He got bored with it and started to draw something with more detail.He started to try and draw Sinister Gates from when he had long hair.He started to hum Psychosocial by Slipknot,not noticing that he was humming,he noticed the teacher looking at him and Alex just raised an eyebrow.
midnightkiss / -rin-: Rin looked over at him her face still red. She sighed slightly. (i I'm so stupid) she thought shakeing her head. She stared at her desk as she bit her lip. (i Well, I guess I'm going to try to be invisible for the rest of the day...the rest of the year.) She sighed again looking up at the teacher. Her face going to it orignal pale color. She looked around the room. The other people stared at her oddly. She smirked. (i A freak again.) she said biteing her lip.
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: Alex had the feeling somebody was looking at him,he turned around slowly,he sort of saw Rin who had just looked away.He raised an eyebrow and looked back at the teacher.He scratched the back of his neck,looking at the teacher,resting his hand on his cheek,a bored expression growing on his face.
midnightkiss / -rin-: After a few minutes the bell rang. The teacher glared at her then sighed. RIn got up and looked around the classroom as people rushed out of the room. She gathered her things. Rin took the piece of paper with the lyrics on them and crumpled it up. " Another thing of lyrics unused." she said with a sigh. She started walking to the door tossing the crumpled paper into the trash can.
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: Alex sighed in relief."Thank GOD that's over...Hate that class."he grumbled,getting up and walking out behind Rin."Nice hair."He said as he walked off to his locker.He opened his locker,looking for his History book."Hrmmm..."He reached into his locker,taking the book and putting it under his arm.He closed his locker then grabbed the book with his hand,walking to his classroom.
midnightkiss / -rin-: She laughed a little hearing his comment. "Thanks" she said quietly slipping out of the classroom. (i I guess it's time for my worst subject.) she thought to herself avoiding the stares of people in the hallway. She smirked grabbing her book. She looked in her locker for her phone which was viberating. It was a text from her dad that read. ' Hey, hows school?' she sighed replying to it. ' It sucks :/' she typed fast ad stuffed it back in her purse. She sighed walking to the classroom takeing a seat in the back.
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: He took a seat in the corner of the back row,right next to Rin."Hi."He whispered to her.He looked at the teacher as the bell rang,like he hadn't said anything.He was waiting for the girl to reply.((writers block))
midnightkiss / -rin-: (its fine) "Hello" she said smileing sweetly. She looked at him smileing then going to her emotionless face. She sighed looking up at the teacher. The teacher smirked at them and continued to teach. He pulled down a map and rambled on about different stuff. Rin sighed thinking. (i This is boring, so boring...boring boring boring.) she said laughing to herself.
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: "What's up?"He whispered back to her,leaning back on his seat so that it was touching the wall.He yawned aloud,stretching his arms as the teacher looked at him."Um,Sorry."Alex said,with a blank expression on his phone."Weird."He mumbled to himself.
midnightkiss / -rin-: " Umm...not much. Just listening to this stupid teacher talk." she said with a smirk. (i Ya Right! I'm not llistening at all.) she looked at the ground feeling tired. She sighed again looking around the classroom. (now I'm haveing writers block thanks!)
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: ((._. it isn't meh fault))
"Complete opposite of what I'm doing."He mumbled ,closing his eyes and drawing in a deep breath.As soon as he opened his eyes he looked at the teacher,not really caring about what he said.
midnightkiss / -rin-: (ggrrrrr) She laughed a little. When he closed his eyes she quickly poked him with a pencil. SHe turned back to the teacher half smileing. (i He's kinda cute) she thought to herself biteing her lip. (i No! NO! No! I shouldn't be thinking that) she thought to herself. She sighed then frowned.
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: He bit the pencil before she pulled her hand away,narrowing his eyes a little.He growled playfully then let go,taking out his Ipod and putting Pimpin' on by Hollywood Undead.
midnightkiss / -rin-: She blushed slightly. She laughed looking back at him. " Fine, be mean and ignore me" she said teaseing him. She stared at the ground. Rin then took out another sheet of paper. She took her pencil and started to doodle quietly. SHe was peaceful. Rin like the feeling of being alone.
DylanXFang / Alex LeRoy: He could hear the bell ring,"Lunch time."He told himself,standing up and taking out his wallet.He counted the money,"50 bucks."He said,"That works"He added as he walked to the lunch room,blocking out all of the stares and glares he got from people.
midnightkiss / -rin-: Rin smirked as she got up. (i Lunch....another place to be alone) she thought gathering her things and walking out the door. She walked to her locker putting away her stuff. The grabing her cellphone. She sighed walking to the cafiteria which was almost filled. In the back there was one single empty table with no on ethere. Rin slowly made her way to it. She sat there looking around the cafiteria. She saw to irls looking at her and whispher to each about stuff about her.
midnightkiss / -rin-: (hey dylan u on?)

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