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sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol hi**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hi hi. lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **brb**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ok))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **back ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i me too. i had to look over some notes for my test tomorrow.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **ah. I had to eat. XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i did that while i was studying. lol.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i so what should this rp be about?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **el hm..........**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i you have no clue...either...do you? lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol none whatsoever**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **oh, I gotta go anyway XD bye ^^ i'll be sure to think of stuff!**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ok. bye bye. ^______________^))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I just saw Monsters vs. Aliens and they had an awesome DDR scene XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol. i dont really really remember that movie.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol watching a mutant cockroach play DDR is awesome**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i. ewww. lol i hate cockroaches. v.v))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i scream when i see the. ny friends and gf laugh at me.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i so whats there to talk about tonight?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **"Yo mama's smells so bad, speed stick slows down and stops."
"Yeah, well yo mama's so ugly, when she walks into a strip joint they pay her to keep her clothes on!"
"That sent me to college."
Absolutely no ideas for an rp XD**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **How about we get our two characters to meet and let it take off. Wing it. That's what usually happens anyway XD so let's jst see what happens!!!**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol. thanks for the laughs. i needed them.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **awww why?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i a lot of family problems.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: ** *gives sympathy* none of my business?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i its ok hun. thanks though. *huggles*))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I know how you feel. Our family is f*cked up XD. *huggles back* Just do what I did ^^ make yourself an interna happy place**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol. i usually just leave and go play with my son((my stepson actually)) he's my gfs son. we go to the park and stuff with him, so that helps. but since shes busy working and im in school, that doesnt happen as much anymore.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **awww *more hugs* **
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i thanks. like how old are you hun?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **why do ya wanna know XP nah, i'm kidding, i'm 14.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol. aww youre just a kid. dont worry im not some weirdo.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **nah, it's fine. I'm not telling my name or anything, so I can tell you my age. Either way, I could kick your a** if you ever came to get me :D:D:D**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol. no and i wouldnt ask you for your name. that would be weird. lol. im weird but not that kind of weird. and how do you know you could kick my butt? im 4 years older than you which means that most likely im 4 times bigger and 4 times stronger. lol. and even if i was that kind of weird i wouldnt have time to get you. lol. theres no time inbetween helping out my family, going to school and helping take care of a 2 year old. lol.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD well, I'm ninja. My step-dad taught me self-defense. Then I learn from Naruto XD although I know that doesn't work at all, it's good for bluffing, striking the pose thing they always do. And really, I'm probably way weirder then you. I pwn most people with my weirdness XD I haven't been beaten yet!**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (*Raises hand* Ish roleplay open? o.o)
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (And yes I have an anime pic)
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol. trust me theres nothing that you can say or do that could or would weird me out. my friends and i were the "werid" kids in highschool. lol. and youre a little ninja...aww too cute. ^________^))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **please, i'm 5 steps away from wearing a tin-foil hat to keep the mutant deepspace leprochauns from reading my mind. Dad has learned not to ask (I'd say my parents, but Tiffany doesn't really ask....ever) what i'm thinking about, because last time he asked, my answer was: "Dad, who do you think would win? Mutant Leprochauns or Rabid Bunnies?". I never did get an answer....XD**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (*Cricket cricket cricket* Er...did I just get forgotten? XP)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Hm? XD didn't notice your post sorry.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i LMAO...thats how my dad is when i see him. he hasnt asked me "what are you thinking?" in almost 2 years. he told his wife(not my mom, stepmom) that i scare the shit out of him and he wonders if theres something wrong with me. so after she told me this i went up him and said 'yes dad there is something wrong with me. the dishes in your cabinets talk to me.i hear them all the time.' and he just looked at me like "WTF?!!" and walked away...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD nice. Dad told Wendy (step-mom) not to ask, so she doesn't XD but i'm gonna teach Tiffany a lesson when I see her XD the first thing she's gonna hear is "all 3 counselors gave up on me."..........it's true XD**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Riiiiiiight...oo yay, the "weird" people! :D My little quirk is that I tend to absentmindedly bite myself. =P And I'm just...not normal...lol.)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **heh XD well, I suck my own blood. I will actually pick at a scab just so I can suck the blood.**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (~I used to cut my fingers to do that. =] I actually made the girl who sat next to me faint and than I had to give her mouth-to-mouth and when she woke up she kissed me and her boyfriend freaked and I almost got jumped by his friends the next day but I went ninja on their asses...BRAZILIAN JUJITSU FTW!! :D)
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (And I gtg...bai bai...=[)
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol biting and sucking blood...lol. i grew out of the picking my scabs and sucking the blood, but ive never gotten out of the biting thing. this year i bite a friend of mine at school and i almost got arrested, its considered an assualt if you bite someone... v.v ... when i called my mom and told her she just laughed and said "youve been biting people since you had teeth. id tried to break you of that habit by biting you but youd just giggle and bit back even harder." and now im dating someone that has the same habit...its fun sometimes...lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD oh Lord. I actually have some stuff I could totally win with, but I don't know if I want to tell you that stuff XD but I blame Tiffany for all my weirdness and my sadisticness and my ebilness mwa-ha-ha *cough* ha!**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol. tiffany must be pretty awsome if she made you weird and not normal. you might want to get that cough checked out kiddo. lol. it might be catchy. lol.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I mean, that bad weird part, not the good weird part. If you ever call her awesome again, I can and WILL list down the things she's done. She makes my life HELL.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i im sorry. i guess shes one of THOSE moms...its ok hun youre not alone...my dad sure knows how to pick 'em...i ended up with a nutty birth mom and a nutty stepmom...its ok to have a nutty mom...i guess...**huggles** it'll be ok...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD well, she's not nutty. She f*cking insane. She rated f*cking E for f*cking everyone and just thinking about her makes me f*cking angry.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yup sounds like me and my stepmom. well since you hate talking or thinking about her we shall do a magical subject change...lol...you pick...^-----^))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **what's your favorite song?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i it would all depend on whos singing...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **..........right.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hmmm....examples....paramore:thats what you get....taking back sunday: number 5 with a bullet....michael jackson: dirty diana....his sister janet((hotness...*drool*)):miss you much...journey:dont stop believein....aerosmith:dude looks like a lady...theres a few but i dont have an ALL aorund fav...i try and listen to everything...))
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hey hun i have to head to bed now...i just thought id tell you so that you didnt think that you scared me off...like you thought last night...lol....so night night darlin...*huggles*))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD I guess that's true....alright, my favorites are Evanescence: Bring Me To Life, KoRn: Y'all Wanna Single, On/Off: Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi, Jocie: Ai Quing nu Shen, Aqua: Roses Are Red, and Toy-box: Sailor Song**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol alright, goodnight ^^ *hugs back* **
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i MORNING!! lol.))
StarryHeaven30 / *Starr*: WAZZUP!!!!!:]
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hi))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **goodmorning ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i how are ya kiddo?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **ugh annoyed >.> Tiffany, don't ask. Also, i've been listening to Loituma for the last 31 minutes, and it's still not annoying. What about you?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ive been in school all day...boring sh*t....btw sorry to hear about tiffany being annoying...*pats head and huggles*))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **thanks XD. Anyway, yeah, Loituma for 35:30 minutes....it's mindrotting XD. Dad doesn't know how I do it**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol. nothing is mind rotting....unless its a drug..^____^)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **have you ever heard this song(54 minutes now)?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i nope. what genre?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **this is the part i've been listening to the entire time. Yeah. leekspin.com 56 minutes of this XD it's like....Finnish scat or something like that**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i never heard of it...but ill surely have to check it out...how can you listen to the same part over and over?...lol...)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol it's a special webisite....it's almost like being RickRoll'd....except you go there willingly XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i rickroll'd? whats that? im pretty slow for my age.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD it's where Rick something else or other randomly pops up and plays a really annoying song and when you try to click the x, a box with one of the lyrics pops up and it won't let you off until you go through all the lyrics TT.TT XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...oh...ok makes sense now...im actually suprised my slowness doesnt bother you...or hasnt made you runaway...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD i'm so much slower then you, just trust me on this one**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Rawer!)
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i surrre you are lol..and rawr to you too.))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (=^-^= Good afternoon, ladies.)
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i good evening....lol its evening where i am...lol))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Same thing... 8:04 PM. =P)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **7:05 here XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...if i was there id just be getting home from school.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **scary XD**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **oh hey, if you read that list of favorite songs, I need to change one. The Evanescence one is now Farther Away. XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...ok...what are your favortie things to watch on tv?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I don't really watch tv, but when I do I like Spongebob, Code Geass, Death Note, Naruto, Family Guy, Robot Chicken, and Wow Wow Wubzzy (don't judge me, it's only when my sister's watching it XD).**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Hey, I gotta go, ttyl**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ok...bye))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (BOO!)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: ** *screams and runs away crying* **
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i kiddo whats wrong? what happened?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **>.< OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WHAT THE CRAP?!? I told Tiffany that I was going to band camp and that I wasn't too happy about it, and I know that's a big mistake, so that's my fault, but now she's AGAIN actively trying to make me go live in HELL with HER! This is just like the time she tried to force me! Dad had to stop me from destroying her because she NEVER asks my opinion she NEVER checks what I want, she just wants what makes HER happy and ONLY her**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Welcome to life, may I take your order? >.< I live through the same shit.)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Yeah, I want to be able to kill that b*tch without going to jail**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i thats really fuckied up of her....thats where you tell her...politelty...that its your life...youre 14...and you should be able to decide what you do and dont want to do...))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Either that or run away! Worked out PERFECTLY for me! Aparently "Uncle Greg" knows Rockafeller. But hey, that's a one-in-three million chance...)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I did that once and then she called me a fat b*tch and sent me home early**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i well tell her (bold I) said go to hell on a one way ticket and leave you the f*ck alone))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **she'd find some way to make my life even MORE of a living hell. Or ban me from her house totally. I have a little sister. I hate that she's there because Tiffany drinks and cusses in front of her without caring how many new words Belle learns, and Belle doesn't understand because she has a learning disability and one day she's just gonna be saying them because she doesn't understand that's its bad and it'll be all Tiffany's fault. That's why I still go there. I try to undo the damage Tiffany does, so she has to think I still love her. Stupid yaoru is what she is >.>**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i who for a 14yr old youre pretty mature...youre taking on the responsibility of an adult at an early age...thats a good thing and a bad thing hun...its good because youlll be very mature when youre my age....not like you arent now it....but its bad because youll spend your childhood doing what a parent should do...im not saying dont be there for your sister...but take time for you...childhood goes by really fast...and youll miss it...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I can't get a break while the witch is around. I try to enjoy it but in my downtime I worry about Belle. At Tiffany's, I have no downtime.**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (My childhood flew out the window. There was so much swearing in my family that by the time I was six I could probably say every bad word and tell you the meaning of it...I'm 13 now, by the way.)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I understand. I used to hate watching my parents fight. I especially hated it when they hit each other. Nobody deserves parents like that. My dad's good though. Tiffany usually started the sh*t**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i youre going to make a wonderful mother...when and if you decide to become one...i hope when i have kids...theyre helpful and loving like you are with your sister...its just a shame your mom doesnt see it...shes missing out (bold BIG) time...*huggles*...itll get better...))
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i wow yea kali thats how my childhood was...i have three parents...mom...dad...stepmom...and they all hate eachother...my dad and his wife might getting a divorce soon...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **yeah, when she dies. Then I can help Belle full-time. That's when it'll get better.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i actually youll be able to help her sooner than you think...when youre 18...if you get your own place and things you can have Belle over then and you wont have to deal with Tiffany...because itll be your house and if she doesnt like that and tries to fight with you...all you have to do is call the cops...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **No, I can't. Tiffany won't let go of Belle EVER. The only way we'll get her is if she tries to get custody of me (which we think she might do soon) and Dad fights back and wins, or if we pry her from Tiffany's cold, dead, ugly fingers. I won't be able to get her.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i T.T ...it seems like youre a really good kid...you shouldnt have to worry about all of this...but i promise you..in highschool when all your friends are having minor problems at home...they wont seem like anything to you and youll be able to help them...the best thing to do is make sure you have a good group of friends that can be there when you need them...a good support system is a (bold WONDERFUL) thing...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **every one of my friends, and several that i've met online, are ready to blow her to bits with bazookas if she comes within 3 feet of me. I have to rant a lot, so they know ALL the details. I could tell you so many stories. They've taken songs (When You're Evil, Kyle's Mom's A B*tch, etc.) and edited them to where they fit Tiffany for me....they know how to make me laugh. They're great, and i'm happy to help them when they need it. I'm usually the one ranted to, because i'm usually the only one there who will listen. I know what you mean about that.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i thats good that you have good friends...im gald to hear that im not the only one that doesnt want to blow away her away...^____^...i have army buddies and im going to be an airfoce chick and ill glady use some of my weapons to get rid of her for you and Belle....))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Man, I told my dad that we should hire an assassin, and his only response was "You don't know how many people have offered their services." XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...wow...i mean my gfs brother is a special ops marine...so he could do it in a heartbeat...but yea...does Belle like Tiffany?...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Belle doesn't understand the difference between good people and bad people. She doesn't understand how to hate. She thinks everybody's good. She likes her. She loves her....but....she doesn't understand.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i then hurting Tiffany wouldnt be good...it might really hurt Belle and from the sounds of it thats the last thing you want to do.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I know....that's what I hate. I can't do anything that might hurt Belle. If I did, i'd kill myself. I almost did it once. When I was in 5th grade....I wouldn't put it past myself if something ever happened to Belle**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i sweetie dont ever try and kill yourself...its not worth it...i promise you...it may seem like it...but its not...trust me ive been there...as you get older things will get better...it wont be like one of the disney over night changes...but things will get better.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I won't. I can't. If I do, i'll be leaving Belle in the hands of that witch.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i dont not do it just b.c. of your sister...do b.c. of yourself too..you seem like an awsome kid...you deserve happiness for you and your sister..*huggles..pats forehead...kisses cheek...(no lezzy stuff intended)...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **.............we don't have much hope for the next counselor >.> when you ask your friends what your theme song would be, give them the full details, and they pick and Evanescence song, you know you're screwed for life XD but either way, I didn't that one time....or that other time.......because of Belle, and i'm really grateful that I thought about what would happen to her**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ....no that doesnt mean youre screwed....things will change...you will change...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **...............right. Anywhoooo..........subject change. Have you ever read Tegami Bachi?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i no whats that?...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **it's a manga. It's really cool. do you like manga?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ive never really read any...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **you......are missing out on life........the only time I ever really feel relaxed and not worrying about life is when i'm cosplaying manga, watching anime (animated manga ^^), or reading manga**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i read a lot thillers....suspense novels....and dorky stuffs like that...lol...but i could give manga a try...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I personally think the top 4 are: Naruto, Tegami Bachi, Absolute Boyfriend and Fruits Basket.....not nessecarily in that order XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ive heard of naruto and fruit basket...my gf reads those...but i havent heard of the other two...i might just start stealing them from her collection..lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol my friends tell me that, on my good days, i'm a combination of Sakura, Hinata, and Ino. I'm ready to protect my friends, i'm too shy to talk to even myself, and I can go from one fight to another XD. On my bad days, they tell me i'm Gaara*nosebleed*/Sasuke/Shikamaru XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i umm...who are they?...lol...ive never read naruto or fruit basket...i just know of them...sorry hun.... v.v ... T.T))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I mean shippuden Sakura and Ino. Shippuden (lightning choronicals) is after the 2 1/2 year timeskip. Sakura is awesomly...awesome XD she's not afraid to kill you if you mess with any of her friends. Hinata is really shy, and stutters and blushes a lot, especially around Naruto. SHe's in love with him. Ino is Sakura's rival, and her and Sakura go from one argument to another. SHe's very careful about how she looks. Out of those, i'm able to move between arguments with my "twin", not afraid to kick peoples asses if they hurt me or my firends, and so shy I don't talk much around strangers. That's me on my good days (i'm manic depressive). On my bad days, i'm like Gaara*nosebleed*, Sasuke, and Shikamaru. If the song Freak Out Like A Ninja is correct, then Gaara it the epitome of a ninja. He has major mental breakdowns every 5 seconds before shippuden lol. He's amazingly awesome and hot and awesome and I love him >///<. Sasuke is....well........Sasuke XD. You can usually find him sulking on a wall....or a bench.....or in a tree........or in the middle of a road :D. Shikamaru is a lazy genious, who's main saying is "it's too troublesome" or "why bother". Out of those, I have breakdowns a lot, i'm usually sulking somewhere, and I don't have any motivation to do anything. That's me on my bad days. I have those a lot lol**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **LOL BTW non-shippuden Sakura sucks, and Yuki
was originally made as an OC ninja**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **tell your gf that you met someone who was a Naruto addict, and made an OC who's the child of Kabuto and Orochimaru. SHe will LAUGH, I assure you. Or be creeped out. I took advantage of medical ninjutsu :D**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **go to onemanga.com. It has a lot of mangas. You can read Naruto, Tegami Bachi, and Absolute Boyfriend on there. And I got my reading teacher addicted to Time StrangerKyoko, which is also on there. Awesome, ne?**
StarryHeaven30 / Inami Konoharu: lol, kinda weird for a teacher to read it :3
mangafox.com has like all of them, you should check that site if you haven't
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **mangafox confused me @.@**
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: same here at first, then I got the hang of it anyways Bai,be back later
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **otay, see ya ^^**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: Good afternoon from New York!
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: ok back
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: You're new? o.O
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: nu
MicheleDeLuca / *Kami*: ((i hi kali and hi new kid))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (So your not new? =P)
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: yes, I'm not new >.>
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i no...i just usually use this charrie...))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Nuu, I'm talking to Mr. Near. Lol.)
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...told you im slow...lol))
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: so whats up people?
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Not much...chillin...yew?)
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: same, sneaking on my parents comp though :3, mine crashed >.<
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **ohayo ^^**
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: Hola, como estas? :3
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **um..........c?**
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: How are you?
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol Genki desu. Anata wa? ;D**
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: same just chattin X3
sandchild13 / Yukikana: ^^ same lol I'm such a geek....I noticed that all the Code Lyoko rps had either died or (more often) never started XD so I posted on one making that comment and two people immediately asked to join, so I made my own XD
StarryHeaven30 / Near**: lol
sandchild13 / Yukikana: ^^
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I'm going to Tiffany's house in a few days**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i be good...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **as good as I can be**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i well of course...just try not to upset the evil lady...and return in one piece and no one will blow her into a million and two pieces....^____^))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I'll try, but if I breath wrong she gets angry, I swear >.> it doesn't take much to irratate her.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i well if you breathe wrong and you dont come back....she'll be in a million and two pieces...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol alright. Sorry for kinda exploding yesterday. I needed to rant.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i its not big deal...its better to rant and get things off your chest than hurt someone....or something...so its really no problem at all...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **^^ well I felt better afterwords so thanks for putting up with me lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i wouldnt call it putting up with you...i was just listening and trying to help...i like to listen and to help....so its ok....))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **nah, nobody likes a whinya** XD but hey, thanks anyway :D:D:D I'm usually the one listening to my friends rant, so when I actually rant to them, usually it lasts twice as long as theirs XD i'm one of the ones with the worst problems but i'm too worried about them -_-U**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i listening is my thing....XP....so when ever someone needs an ear...i listen...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **same lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i nothing?....same here...so whats there to discuss today?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **um, I made a new OC. Yuki's rival. Yuki was originally made for a Naruto fanfic i'm currently trying to get people to read lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...ive noticed....have a lot of people joined so far?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol it's a fanfic, not an rp. It's a story. I only have 2 readers; my best friend, and some random dude lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...im learning a lot from you kiddo....lol...it seems i have a lot to learn about manga...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD well, fanfics are usually in word form, not picture form. Fanfiction.net is the best place to read and publish your little mini stories**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i doesnt seem like a bad place...i might start reading a few things that are there.... ^___________^....thanks kid...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol your welcome ^^ while you're there, you should look up Niiro Kumo**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i looking it up...lol...^-^))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol it sucks but....I want your input please XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i its saying that the search feature is down at the moment))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **ah otay lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i but i promise as soon as i get the chance....ill read it...and let you know what i think..))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **alright ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ...anything else i should check out?....lol....?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol for users, look up sasusakucutie..........she's my friend and really good**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i is that a story...or an author?...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol author**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i no giggling at the slow person...lol...jk...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: ** oh hey, I have a link if you want it http://www.fanfiction.net/secure/story/story_preview.php?storyid=5146716&chapter=1 **
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i so hows your day been so far?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **pretty good, yours?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ok...kind of boring...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **ah.........Belle's been visiting ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i like right now?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Mm-hm ^^ I've spent most of the day helping her**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ahhh thats where you were...thats good...did you have fun with her?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **tons, we went swimming ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i aww...^___^...sounds like you really love your sister....which is a really good thing..))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Mm-hm ^^ XD I got a sunburn because I had to make sure all her sunscreen was rubbed in....I forgot to do mine ^-^U**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ouch....i dont have to worry about sunburns...ive seen some pretty bad ones...my gf gets them all the time and she hates it...but its good that you helped your sister so that she wouldnt get one too...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I'm so ticked that Belle has to go back Sunday >.> we get Belle two seperate weeks a year and Tiffany gets me at least 2 and 1/2 months a year..........hi ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: (thats not fair at all...did your parents agree to that?...)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **no, but Mom says it's "in case anything happens." which, btw, nothing serious enough where our doctors couldn't handle it has happened in years. It was plausible again when she was getting surgerys left and right (she's had 15, she's 10) and we lived in a hick town miles away from any hospital, but now.........she's comepletely fine and we live a mile 1/2 at the most away from a major hospital. Besides, if anything DID happen, we could take care of it here.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i oh...well i guess thats fine then...i mean if something really bad did happen...Tiffany could try and use it against your dad and try and keep him from seeing Belle and take you away too....but yea...as long as nothing bad happens you guys are fine...but im pretty sure it sucks for you...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **It pisses me off. Tiffany drinks and swears and stuff in front of her, remember? She shouldn't be there >.<"**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i well if your dad can prove she's not fit to take care of Belle, then Belle will be taken away from her and be brought to your house to live with you and everyone else that you live with.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **he can't, she hides it too well**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i well if you could wait two years...im pretty sure when youre 16 you can testify in court that she's an unfit mom))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **oh lol you're not gonna believe what I did earlier**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i .....uh-oh.....what did you do?....lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **LOL I walked up to Dad and said "my mom (he doesn't know I call her Tiffany to my friends and online)is rated E for everyone" XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i LMAO....what did he say?...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **he got mad at me and told me not to say that....if course, the effect was weaked because of the fact that he was LAUGHING, though he denies it XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...he knew it was funny...he just didnt want to encourage you to say thing like that...lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol he knows it's true is the thing, that's why XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i thought it was funny....))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol thank you XD everybody else does too.........**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i you seem like the type of friend to make people laugh when theyre down))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **That's exactly what I do lol and it works too ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...thats how my bestie is....i love people that are like that....))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **yay I feel so loved ^^ XD**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (*Has been reading this whole convo* o.o )
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...good...you deserve to feel love...*huggles*))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: ** *huggles back* yay ^^ XD and Kali, stay out of our business lol jk**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i its not nice to be nosy kail **evil glare**...*smiles at yukikana**...so anyways...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i so hows it going kiddo?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **alright. Belle went to bed about 2 1/2 hours ago, and i'm just kinda sitting here, watching my time in hell creep ever steadily closer lol**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Lol...whatever... but Michelle...you're like... the greatest role model ever...)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol yeah. You're awesome. I'm a horrible role model lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i thanks kali...but im actually not thay great...i just hate to see people in pain...i prefer for people to be happy.....and yukikana try not to look at the clock...itll only make things worse for you...it might even make you sick....))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol you can ask my dad(okay, so maybe you can't but still >.>), I come back from Tiffany's all changed and stuff. I make myself sick worrying about it almost everytime. It sucks ^^ but it's all good.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i thats not a good thing...it could cause you to have an anxeity disorder...which sucks...i have one and its a pain in the a**...you worry about every little thing...like things that most peopledont worry about youll worry about...and from the sound of it you might already be developing one because of her.... v.v ....am i allowed to call in a "favor" from a friend to "help" her take a "nap"?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol, it's all good. If I develop one, I don't care. I honestly don't care about what happens to me anymore XD as long as i'm there to help my little sister, it's aaaaaaall goooood. And I really wish I could say yes but....Belle.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i no hun its not good....if you get sick then you cant help Belle...you have to care about yourself...if you dont no one else will...and then there it goes back to if something happens to you whos going to look after Belle.....you have to take care of you...im pretty sure Belle would want you happy and healty....))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Hey, I take care of myself enough to where I'm fit enough to take care of her. A little bit of paranoia won't hurt. I'm healthy, and I watch what I do.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i well good...i dont want to have to pay you a visit *giggles*...lol...jeez....youre an all around good kid...(bold WTF?!) is wrong with Tiffany...why cant she see what a good kid you are?...i mean i dont know too many kids your age...hell kids my age even...that are willing to take care of their younger siblings...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Tiffany is just a bitter, fat, lonely old woman who takes her anger out on those around her. If she's not happy, nobody else is allowed to be either. I hate visiting because not only is she a b*tch constantly, but I'm just constantly busy around there. 8 AM, wake up, help Belle, feed Belle, clean, do dishes, cath Belle every three hours, make lunch, clean some more do whatever Tiffany tells me to from the lofty perch of her couch/bed/computer, and help with dinner. I have to take care of her, because if I don't, nobody will.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i Belle's not your sister anymore it sounds like...to me it sounds like youre a 14 yr old mom...which isnt great b.c one its not your job to do (bold EVERYTHING) for Belle...i mean yes its ok to help....but its not ok to make you do everything...you deserve some time to play...chill...relax...be 14...and be friends with your sister...not be her mother every second youre around her...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Belle needs a real mother. If Tiffany won't be one, I have to be one for her. I don't care, I just don't want Belle to have to be without someone who loves her. Sure Dad does, but I have to make sure he doesn't mess up. I love him to death, but sometimes he doesn't understand how to do everything she needs right.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yea youre a mom already...theres no doubt about it....your sister is really lucky to have you for a sister...i know a few 14 yr old girls and they want nothing to do with their younger siblings...im 18 and to be honest my brother buggs the sh*t out of me...but if it came down to it id take care of him...despite how much he and his mother dislike me...you on the other hand seem to love your sister completely and totally...which is an amazing gift to have at your age...youre a pretty cool kid...whom ever you marry and have kids with...is one lucky guy or girl...im not sure if youre straight...or no thats why i said both...lol...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol. straight. for future reference XD and thanks ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...youre welcome...and sorry about that...but now it seems like being gay or bi is the latest trend with people...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol yeah, I know. My friend Amy Jo is bi. It was funny when she told me because I, apparently, this is the way she put it, reacted the same way I usually did with her confession things. Mildly suprised for about 5 seconds, blinks, then comepletely cool with it XD. It's awesome**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol....thats how my friends were when i came out...but Nicole...my stepmom...oh jesus h christ she had a fit...she said "youre doing this to spite me...you know how much i want you to have kids and marry a handsome guy...this is just a rude joke and you need to stop it"))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **that's.......really mean**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I'm sorry.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i it hurt..but hey i moved on...i forgive her...but she has no clue....i still love her to an extent...but yea...do you plan on being a mom?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **most likely.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i awww...cute...youll be a wonderful mommy...and dont let anyone tell you otherwise...ok,kiddo?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **thanks XD.......hey can I ask your opinion on something? It's not important at all, but for some reason it kinda bugs me....somebody said something about it. Can I?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i sure...lol...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I got onto this role-play, and this person, just randomly from nowhere, told me my editing sucks. Every picture you'll see me use has been edited in some way. What do you think?**
sandchild13 / Yukikana:
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...it looks good to me....im not a big editor...i suck at it (bold MAJORLY)...id have to ask my gf...shes a big editor...but she can be mean...so nevermind on asking her...but yea it looks good to me...but nevermind people and what they say...just tell them "shut your cock sucker..."...a friend of mine says that a lot...lol and...if you dont want to sound so mean...like me....tell them..."thank you for the input but i wouldnt like it if you didnt say anything unless i ask you...."))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I had to correct them.
Person: That looks like you just used paint to stick that one him!
Me: #1. Yuki's a girl. #2. I DID use paint XD.
they didn't answer X3 lol it's better if you didn't ask her, or at least of you did cut out the mean stuff XD I have low enough self-confidence already**
Scarfinger / Shades: (( Actaually edtiting things in paint is super hard, so you have realy dont a great job=D ))
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yea shes a special kind of woman...not cold hearted...just more so walled if you will...meaning shes built up walls to protect herself...so she kind of pretends to be mean...its hard to explain...but yea i wont ask her...))
Scarfinger / Shades: (( DONE* Done a great job, lol i can't type=D ))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD thank you ^^. And I know how she is, I used to be exactly the same way. But now that I actually have friends, i'm nice again lol but it's hard getting out of the habit of hatefulness 0.0U**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i im hoping she'll open up more...sometimes she gets so out if its like she loses track of time and forgets stuff...its weird))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I hope so too, geez, you make me wish that I could give her a hug lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i eh...unless you like getting bit...i wouldnt try that...she has a bad biting problem...we joke around and say that when we finally find a way to have our kids be like both of us they're going to come out with a mouth full of teeth...lol...but then again...since i like you she might not bite you, give you a hug and be nice to you...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD maybe, but hey, i'll just bite right back lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol oh my goodness gracious...a biting match....lol...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i would almost enjoy that in a strange kind of way...but then again...id get very jealous...another girl...biting my gf....(bold *GROWLS*)...im very protective of her...but then again...if i like you enough to consider you a friend *hint hint* im pretty protective as well...so id just either have to sit and watch or close my eyes))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD hint hint what?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i consider you a friend...lol...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **oooooooh XD told you I was slow
oh my God leekspin.com for 35 minutes
I consider you a friend too ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i aww thanks...i feel special now...*huggles*...if you havent noticed i have a thing for hugs...lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol same XD just more in real like then interwebs**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **for almost a month and a half straight, without fail, i've gone to bed at 4 AM.
I'm tired.
Goodnight lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i goodnight kiddo))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Hey ^^ I WILL win this lol. My Uncle and I jst got in a huge long debate about something that happened in Harry Potter. Have you read those?**
StarryHeaven30 / Matt**: I have the books but never read them...I've seen the movie though! does that count? and Hallo there love
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i no...Nicole banned ANYTHING that had to do with magic in our household when I was 13...sorrry...but Im near a friend that could help you when the debate...so go ahead with the question...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **that sucks. Why'd she ban it? Anyway, well, my Uncle Rob says that the spell that pushed Sirius Black into the veil (we're talking book, not movie, because the book doesn't specify) was Avada Kedabra, because his eyes widened a little like all the other Avada victims, but I say it was stupify because it said the red beam of light missed, then the next beam of light hit, implying that the next beam was red. Red=Stupify**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yup...youre right kiddo...lol...but yea she banned magic b/c she got all religious....))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol i'm right about stupify? And that sucks. Religion has nothing to do with it lol i'm training myself as a witch, and i'm a christian**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...yea...see both my moms are all like (bold "NO MAGIC!! Youll go to hell.) but now that im 18....its like i do what i please))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol XD well, I gotta go now..........swimming with Belle ^^ my poor sunburn lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i have funn kiddo...ttyl..))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **hey lol i'm all packed to go to hell tomorrow ^^ what's up with you?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i just chilling...happy that i have a day off tomorrow...but sad to hear that youll be in hell tomorrow... >.<...not cool...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol whatever, it's all good. I'll just try to ignore it**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lmao...good girl...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol thanks. but she's hard to ignore. lol ^^ for Belle!!! XD. So absolutely NOTHING is going on there? .....eh XD. What part of Florida do you live in?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((....not much is new here...other than i might break up with my gf....ummm i live in....should i really tell you?...lol...jax....lol...where in texas do you live?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: ** *random hick accent* East Texas. *starts okaying random bright blue banjo....with a kangaroo on it* we're all hicks down here lol i'm one of the few that has almost no accent XD you can only tell because I say "y'all" a lot**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i aww accents are awsome...i love them...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I tried an english accent with my friend laura once....because we could....and we couldn't stop XD we kept sliding back into it afterwords for about 3 hours lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i english accents are hawt...lol...my friends and i did that for awhile...lol...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol yeah. In all honestly, my friends and I should just have camera following us. Whenever we hang out, strange things happen lol like the time where we made a running joke for like, an hour and a half, about Jesus taking a holy shit (we are SO going to hell for that one) at 3 AM or the time when we actually started MAKING AND LAUGHING at fart jokes because we hadn't slept in..........a while lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lmao...you guys sound like us...like the time my friend usd a magnifying glass to school and burned a cookie...the suspended her and said she was going to burn down the school...lol...or the time guys created a fake bloody maxi pads...in a hotel room...then stuck to the girls doors so we tied...condoms to their doors...lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD well, we get hyper and drunk WITHOUT touching sugar or alcohol....figure that out lol but we act it and it's hilarious**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...a natural high is the best high....lol...so how are you doing?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **um.....stressed about hell, and talking to Emi-Chan ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i relax mi amiga...por favor...^^...itll be ok..))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol we're making jokes about how much Tiffany stresses me out....lol i'm being ragged on about how my bags have bags XD wow, our conversations are....interesting**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I know i'm different....because I have a different perspective on the most important thing in teenagers lives right now. Twilight. My personal thoughts: Belle'a a whore and no self-respecting vampyre sparkles....TEAM DRACULA!!!! or Lestat. Lestat is cooler but Dracula sounds better....**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol Drastat...........Lescula..........I choose Dracula lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i huh?...im confuzzled...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol Team Dracula. Because no self-respecting vampyre sparkles.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i. omg! thank you...i like twilight...but i prefer real vampires...like lestat...dracula....))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol XD i'm so glad you agree ^^ Lestat rules, but Dracula got to head the team XD since he started the vampyres**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i this is soo true...i use to have a crush on the count.....lol...corny and dorky i know...but yea...))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (*Half dead* Go...team...Drake...! --Drake=Dracula--)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XDDD that........is amazingly awesome**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...i guess so...but hes just awsome...hello there kali btw...))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Lol. Heya.)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol hi Kali**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i youre soo quite...i almost forget about you...sorry hun))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Yeah...I'm always here, you people just never ask for me. XD I'm my phone's internet so yeah...I don't sleep, either, so whenever you wanna' talk, I'm here.)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD I had no clue lol it's like how I just kinda let people on my rp (it was a freechat) run free, and I watched them and they had no idea lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...you guys can run wild and free...i like the two of you...you guys seem like good kids...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **you don't know me lol i'm a bad influence, but thanks ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i everyone is a bad influenece in one way or another...im no angel...trust me...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I who listen to KoRn and go running through insane rapist murderer hobo infested woods XD**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (*Loves KoRN* And I gotta go...bye, all!)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **okay, see ya ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i night kiddo))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **hey, did you check out Niiro Kumo?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i not yet...sorry..))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol don't I read over it and realized just how much it SUCKED XD**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Hey ^^ did you see Transformers?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hiya..and nope...havent had much off time...i got to school monday, tuesday, thursday and saturday...and on my days off i sleep and help out around the house...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **that sucks.....but when you get the chance you should.....oh my God XD parts of it are so PERVERTED XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i then i surely have to go see it....lol...how are ya?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I'm good..........i'm makin' it lol it's like a thing, my step-dad, Rick and I, go see movies whenever I come here. He's really cool. We both like horror movies and stuff like Harry Potter etc. so yeah XD you?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i im pretty good...not wanting to go to school but other than that im doing pretty good...its nice to hear that your stepdad is nice to you...im thinking about going to see the new harry potter...ive seen all the movies....i use to have to sneak to a friends to see them but now...im 18 and i dont live with nicole...so im probably going to go see it.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I hope this one's better then the last one >.> that director has no clue what he's doing, so hopefully this will be a redemption**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...i love them all but i have to agree with you...the last one wasnt has great as i expected it to be...it seemed awsome when i was sneaking to see it but now...eh not so great))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD of course, right? Yeah, it sucked cookies >.>. Hopefully he'll do it right this time lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...sucked cookies? ive never heard that before...i think im going to steal that and use it sometime...if you dont mind...and im going to be a little upset if this one isnt better than the last one...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I don't care. I just made it up on the spot, so thanks XD. And I'm going to be VERY upset, so ooh**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((...lol...well what happens if i get (bold REALLY) upset?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I'll get even more upset then you..........so ooh**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol....nope nope...then ill get enraged and pissed off...lol now what?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **I'll start a Yo' Mama fight with you lol and win**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i oh...really? is that so?...how do you know youll win?...lol))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol because I have TONS of nasty ones at my command**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i wow...lets hear one then...lol...i need a laugh...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Yo' mama's glasses are so thick, that when she looks on a map, she can see people waving**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...nice one...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol thanks**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i so how was your day?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **pretty good, considering 5 hours in a car lol yours?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i slept until 3:30 and studied til 10:30...boring day...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hopefully i can go to a get together that friend of mine is having instead of studying all day and night wednesday...god knows i need to get out...))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol I hope you can then ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i thanks kiddo...im more so hoping that youre doing ok since you in (r hell) and all))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD I am, but I gotta go to bed early >.> 1 AM, can you believe that? eh. Talk to you tomorrow?**
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **Tiffany just asked me the stupidest quesiton. "Do you feel jelous, or like maybe like your sister's being spoiled when I play so much attention to her?"....
Geez woman, the girl is UNABLE TO WALK and has a freaking LEARNING DISABILITY it's kinda hard to feel sorry for myself around her....**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (-I'm putting that quote on my myspace; "Geez woman, the girl is UNABLE TO WALK and has a freaking LEARNING DISABILITY it's kinda hard to feel sorry for myself around her" XD)
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **XD oh Lord thanks, I guess....I got grounded cause my dad found out I had a myspace XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i wtf?...is that all?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **eh?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i you said you got grounded b/c you dad found out that you have a myspace.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **<.< >.> um.........yeah..........**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i and i said thats all?...as in you got grounded for having a myspace?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **oh. Well yeah. I wasn't exactly SUPPOSED to have it <.< >.> but I wasn't thinking....it was 5 AM....that's my story, and i'm stickin with it**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lmao...good luck with that....so other than being grounded how are you?))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **lol, no it was a while ago..........and i'm doing okay >.> Tiffany and I got into a fight....I got here late yesterday, so what does that say, hmm?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i that evil works really fast? what happened? if you don't mind me asking, i don't want you to feel like you have to talk about it if you don't want.))
sandchild13 / Yukikana: **she got angry over something ridiculously small too. She wanted to go check the mail with me so she could send me out alone next time to get it. I told her "Okay, i'll get my shoes on. May I please finish this song?" and she said "Well all I really wanted to do was show you the box." "Well i'm coming, just this is my favorite song, there's not much time left, I just want to finish this song." "I don't know the box number! Just put your shoes on!" "Okay, I will." I got up and she ended it with "I just wanted to check the mail with you, you don't have to go I guess." glaring at me like she wanted to eat me.**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **Mom started talking bad about my pepaw today, and wouldn't believe me when I told her he wasn't a, as she put it, narcassistic jacka**. Then a little while later something else came up and she told me my dad could fu** off. Then she continued on about Pepaw and Dad, both of whom I love dearly, for a while.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i she sounds like she really is insane...you should have her committed...like seriously...fast and soon....))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i or you could just lock her up in a closet....forever...))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **>.> people have offered...........a LOT of people have offered.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i wanna do it...then i wanna see you go "MUHAHAHA" in her face...before i close the door...lol))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol I wish**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i im could pretend to be a genie...lmao))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **XD well, whatever, I managed to blow it off**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ok...well how have you been?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **um...........the depression is setting in lol but otherwise, i'm good**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i as i tell all my friends when theyre sad......spill the (b beans) ))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i spill em'...unless you dont want to talk about it...and in that case i wont push...))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **eh?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i pretty much i said if you want to talk im here to listen...if not thats fine too...i wont force you to talk))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **heh, no, the depression is....well........The Depression XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i oh...ok...well hopefully it gets better... *huggles*...hows belle?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **she's doing good. SHe's going in for a "procedure" >.> so she won't have to get a shot every month tomorrow, so she's good. Her and Rick are playing hide and seek**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...aww hide and seek...i use to love that game...even though i sucked at it....lol....and its good to hear that shes doing good...what kind of procedure is she going to have?....))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **they're putting something about 1/2 the length and the entire width of a toothpick in her arm.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i owie...sounds like its going to hurt like hell...))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **yeah TT.TT**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **goodnight ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i night kiddo.))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol did you know that Kami-Sama is what the Japanese call God?**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **oh Lord, i'm looking some of my dreams up on a dream dictionary XD i'm getting a little depressed lol**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **hey.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hi...sorry ive been doing a lot of sleeping today...how are you?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **okay. and I don't mind. You can sleep.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i oh no....its ok...im up hun...my friend texted me saying wake up NOW!...so ive been up for awhile now...))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **okay. how're you?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hungy...lol...you?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **okay.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hows everything going at you know whos house?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **...................**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i whats "............................" mean...what did she do?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **..................my 10 yearold sister got her 15th surgery**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i how is she? is she ok? did everything got well?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **she's fine. It went well. I gotta go, bed early. Night.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i night kiddo *huggles*))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **hi, i'm back and feeling less sad ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i YAY! thats good to hear kiddo...di you sleep ok?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **mm-hm ^^ did you?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i pretty good. i had a funny dream...that i finally remember..lol))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **I had a funny dream about ghosts, pumpkins, and waterparks**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **Tiffany wants to eat me because I tried to make a friend and accidentally agreed to download him music because I couldn't hear him very well**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i now can i lock her away?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **no lol as much as i'd enjoy that....**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i damnit...ok...well can i atleast hang her upside down by her feet from a high building?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **If you could find her >.> I don't get what her problem is. "That boy could steal something! He could hurt you! What if he had the knife?!?" Um yeah....i'm 5'3". The boy couldn't have been taller than 3'5". He can't win if he tries to fight me. But he's kinda stalking me now 0.0. >.< Why must I inherit my father's luck?!?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yea she sounds like a pain in the butt...and so now you have a stalker?...gross i had one of those when i was in 8th grade and he was soo creepy...i remember his first and last name til this day...*shivers*))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **This boy is 11 and is somehow going into 7th grade >.> whatever**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i let me guess...hes kind of geeky and dorky?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **He thinks he's gangster. Yet he's quiet. Dear God this boy is strange.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yup the classic stalker type...be careful...))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol if he tried to attack me, i'm not kidding, I could hold him back and he couldn't reach me XD besides, Rick taught me all these self-defense moves that are good for people my size, so I know that if I tone it down, they'll work on the little boy without hurting him too seriously**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol youre too funny kid...as long as you can do your moves im not as worried....))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **heh well, he's about half my size >.> and he keeps calling me his girlfriend**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i wow....creepy...and strange...how did you meet him?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **I went for a walk XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i jeez..did the little monster follow you home?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **follow me home? He followed me inside! Then today he showed up at the door 3 times, each for something different.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i omg! what a freak!...id have said 'beat it or ill beat you'))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **I'm too nice TT.TT**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yes sounds like it...just tell him nicely that you dont like him))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol
Hey, check this out
Dark Leaves: Fallen hopes, despair, sadness, loss
Shadow: an aspect of this person you have not acknowledged
Stranger: A part of yourself that is repressed and hidden
Dead dog: loss of a good friend
Desert: Loss, barreness, lonliness, feelings of isolation and desertion, and Misfortune
Ghost Town: Feeling rejected by society. Isolation.
Phantom: Guilt, fear, or repressed memories
Haunted House: Signifies unfinished emotional business, related to your childhood family, dead relatives, or repressed memories and feelings
That's from a dream dictionary. My entries for my dreams. How messed up is that XD?**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol the stranger and the shadow are actually one thing. A shadowy stranger in a trench coat. Chasing me >.>**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **LOL this is the picture i'm using for a killer in an rp XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i nice))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol thanks, everybody thought it was hilarious when I put Bob the Killers catchphrase. "Can I kill it? Yes I can!" XD. Of course, he was made simply to be killed, so apparently that's not true lol. I had a weird dream last night. People were selling their souls, which looked like weird huge thin red and white batteries, then everyone was in cages and I was watching them being burned alive....then there was randomness with babie. I have no idea where they came from. But they were cute lol.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i wow...and i thought i had some pretty strange dreams...youve got be beat by a long shot with that one kiddo...lol...what were you thinking about before you went to sleep?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **"God I wish I was asleep"**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i then go back to sleep...))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **XD no, that was my last thought before I went to sleep. Before that, I was thinking about different stories and role-plays. I like trying to figure out what'll happen next....it helps with my writing**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: (i lol...oh ok...do any of your rps deal with soul selling?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **nopers. I'm in a transformers one, a neko highschool one, this one, a horror movie one, a Harry Potter one, and asylum one, a medivial one, and a whole bunch of others. XD too many, but no soul selling ones**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i thats odd then...hmmm....))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **I've had stranger. Like this one where I and this one random dude started being chased by this shadow guy with a headless dog. Or maybe that one where I was locked in a room with a mad scientist who was killing babies 0.0**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i jeez kid...you have some pretty weird dreams...you should write short stories about them...and maybe sell them one day...))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **heh i'd rather not relive some of them >.>**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i ahh well wrtie down the ones you like the most...lol))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol well I try to**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **I got in trouble because Tiffany was busy, and I didn't know it, and I tried to give her a hug >.>**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i you tried to hug her?!!! did she bite you? are you in one piece?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **yeah >.>**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i are you sure youre ok?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **i'm fine**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i sorry i havent been that talkitive ive been really busy with finals coming up and stuff))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **It's fine. Even if nobody answers, it makes me feel better to post something. I'm afraid if I write it down she'll find it, find out I don't like her, and make my life more hell than it already is.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yea writing it down isnt the best...i did that...and nicole found it...and boy oh boy...she never lets go of the stuff i wrote...she even still has the stuff that i wrote.))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **yeah, I didn't think it'd be smart.
What're you doing?"
I'm managing role-plays, chatting with a friend, on a forum and listening to Y'all Wanna Single (best song ever) lol and i'm not a multi-tasker**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...nice coverup....too bad i didnt know about roleplaying until just this year...which is pretty sad...lol))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **eh? Nice coverup for what? And yes, that is sad lol**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i sorry about that...the coverup thing was supposed to go into one of my instant messages.))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **XD blonde moment much?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i yea...i hung out with my bff and shes a blonde it mustve rubbed off.))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **heh i'm a natural blonde >.>**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol do you get a lot of blonde moments?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **my life is comprised of three types of moments. Blonde, emo, and smart. In that order. XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i lol...sounds like my bestie...just maybe not that exact order...so hows your sister doing?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **she's good. she's going in for a doctors appointment tomorrow, I guess to see how she's doing after her surgery. And she got a new wheelchair ^^**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i good to hear that shes doing well...are you still her 2nd mommy?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol yes.**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i are you taking care of yourself too?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **................................yes <.< >.>**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i are you telling a fib...lol))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol maaaybe.....lol no, i'm doing better about that >.> though I forget lunch or breakfast....or both <.< >.>**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i you forget what? and what?....how do you forget to eat?))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **lol I could forget the world was ending, okay? I just forget. XD**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i thats not a good thing kiddo...if you get sick...itll take you longer to get well again))
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **>.> as long as i'm not here when it happens, it doesn't exactly matter. Granted, I should work on concentrating more on me and less on Belle, but really. It's not the end of te world if I get a cold for a week longer than I should (although when I get sick, i'm sick 0.0U my lowest record tempurature is like 101.5) **
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **eh, I gotta go to bed. Belle has her appointment tomorrow early. Night ^^ ugh, midnight's so early....I'm ususally aleep at 4 AM, even on days when I wake up early (6 AM, 8 AM....)**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i night night kiddo))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Excuse me, Lily, are you available to speak to at the moment?)
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i i am now...sorry hun...yesterday night was a bad night...but go ahead....))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (Yours too? Why, what's going on?)
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **yeah, what's wrong?**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (-I think I'm going to kill myself on Saturday. Jump infront of a car, probably. I just hope I die on impact.)
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **why? you shouldn't.**
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **I'm leaving on Tuesday ^^ hello everybody, how are you all?**
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: ((i hi guys. ive been sick. hope everyone has been fine.))
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: (One of my kidneys failed, and I'm still staying alive. =])
MicheleDeLuca / Lilly Johannon: (i awww thats good that youre alive. but are you going to be okay?)
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **you okay Archer-Sama?**
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: Slowly dying...but I'm good. =^-^= And you?
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: .......*sighs*
don't say that D= you can't be fine!
meh i'm okay I guess.....I tried to overdose not too long ago....didn't work obviosuly XD
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: XD Bad move. Suicide is rated PG-13 Lmfao. Aren't you 12....? Idc. :P How's life?
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: lol i'm 14 XP
lol pretty good
just a lot of crap, though your situation makes mine look like a land of rainbows and pixies XD
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: Lol. I'm just physically f'ed up. Mentally, I'm a-OK! XD And I gtg...sweet dreams!
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: alright *ish concerned* night!
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: Boo!
sandchild13 / *Emi*: OMG :O
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: :D
sandchild13 / *Emi*: lol what's up?
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: Nm...chiiiiiiiiillen....yew?
sandchild13 / *Emi*: I got three shots today Y.Y
I looked at Dad and said "so, what happened to that one shot you were talking about?"
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: XD I failed a drug test last week and I didn't even take anything! It was weird. Lol.
sandchild13 / *Emi*: lol that is so strange
Archer675 / Kali Sorren: O.O Is there anybody here? It's been a long time...

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