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Roleplay - A Different Path -1x1 romance twilight rp! by Arcuied Tsunade / Arcuied

An Twilight set story where instead of Jasper and Alice, Alice falls in love with an human instead!! ^^

Roleplay Details

Shy Young boy - Arcuied tsunade
Alice - ?


Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sat in the cafateria at the back, with his food on the tray and his book in his other hand, reading silently as he ate his food. This was his normal ritual everyday, he was always by himself, always studying or reading and he couldn't care what others thought of him, if they loved or hated it. "Hmm....crap food today." Arcuied mumbled.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -yes sure thing ^^-
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Walking into the cafetria, her eyes scanned the room for her foster family. She sighed, she paused and looked at the wall (i Edward, Rose, Jasper, Emment, walking to the car, going hunting). She moved to the bench and got an apple and some salad. Alice glided to the empty table.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied kept his eyes on his book, he pushed back his glasses to go over his eyes and he bit into the apple and nibbled on it. "Hmmm....Actual Apple." Arcuied thought to himself and sighed as he put down the book and looked around the room, his eyes landing on the table with cullens, There was Edward, Rose, Jasper and Emment, but no alice? Arcuied shrugged and then he saw he at an empty table and he scrathed his head and looked down. "Don't they always keep together?" Arcuied thought.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She watched as all her family got up, everyone but Edward waved. Blinking she bit into the apple to keep up her human disguise. (i Blegh!) she thought. She heard Emment laugh. (i Heres to another day..) was her final thought before looking out at the rainy day.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yawned and strecthed out his sore mucles in his body and looked over at her agian. "Hmm....maybe....?" Arcuied thought and then he stood up and shook his head. "She won't talk to me, geez when has she even aknoledge me?" Arcuied thought as he sighed and walked past her table slowly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She smiled before stiffing as she smelt his scent. (i Oh.. Dear..) she thought before leaving the table abruptly and gliding out of sight. Once she reached the wood she began to run. (i EDWARD!) she thought in her mind, using her gift to follow them.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied felt an breeze rushed by him, he turned around to see the table where Alice was sitting...was empty. "What the...." arcuied thought as he started at the table, he scrathed his head in confusion and walked out the door. "Umm....okay." Arcuied said to himself as he walked out of the cafateria and into the empty halls of the school, lunch wouldn't be over for another 40 mins, and nobody comes into the halls while lunch was on.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice sat with her head in her hands in the Volvo with her family. (i Edward...) she begged with her mind. They were about to stop to hunt and she was glad for it. As she got out she smelt the air. "Elk and bears north of the river, it will rain in 5 minutes" she confirmed. Thy all sped away.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed as he walked to the door leading to the outside of the school and he came into the carpark and sat down on the grass, about two car spaces away from an out of place Volvo. "What happened in there? she was there..." Arcuied thought and sighed as he rubbed his temples and then he laid back onto the grass and closed his eyes.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice saw Arcuied lie down, she changed course, running back to the school. She zipped quickly through the trees. His secnt was unbearable, and he was perfectly helpless. She stopped to look. (i Edward was running after her, going to grab her..) she stepped out of his way. Blinking she realised she couldn't match her foster brother and went back defeated.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yawed and rolled over, the sun hit him and it got into his eyes. He rested on his side and began to pick at peices of grass on the ground. "God...this place is boring!" Arcuied said out loud and moaned.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Looking at the sun she ran as quickly as possible back to the group, all their skin was sparkling. Trying to hunt properly she couldn't get Arcuied out of her mind, but Edward's frequent hisses warned to behave.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yawned slowly as he closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head, he started to drift off to sleep.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: It was midnight when they went home. Alice was in a bad mood the whole time. Sitting in her room she decided to read a book, while she waited for the sun to come up.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yawned and woke up, "Crap!" Arcuied exclaimed as he looked at his watch. He got up and started to run home, he decided to take an shortcut through the forest. after a while he came to an very modern and high class home. "Ugh...i guess i should ask if i can crash here for the night." Arcuied said to himself and knocked on the door.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice had opened the door after the first knock. She smiled, a little to friendly. She felt her brother stand behind her, she hissed softly. "What can I do for you?" she asked, her voice luring. Edward growled, putting a hand on her small figure. "No, You cannot come in, I'll drive you home." he said. Alice's tawny eyes smoldered before turning on the ball of her foot and moving gracefully to her room.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled at edward, "Thank you Edward, see i was at school and i ended up falling asleep on the grass, hehe." Arcuied said and let out an nervous giggled then looked right back at him. "So i tried to take an shortcut through the forest, seeing as i live near here and i got lost....so i came up to here and wow....nice looking house i must say." Arcuied said and smiled and stepped back to let Edward down the steps, not before looking back to see alice there, her eyes red. He blinked and they were black agian, an light illusion Arcuied thought.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -Hey, are you going to post in our other rp's? ^^-
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Gritting her teeth, she jumped out the window. She needed to hunt. Following her premonitions she found herself near Canada. Letting her predator side take over, it took a few elk to quench her thirst. Running quickly back, she felt her hair spill out behind her. (i Edward.. Take him away) she thought before stopping at their softball field.
Edward made his way to his Volvo. Bringing to the front of the house he opened the door. "Come On Arcuied." his voice was silky but cold.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and hopped into the volvo and sighed as he clicked in his seatbelt and yawned as he nuzzled into the seat and closed his eyes. "Ok Edward sure thing, i just live down this road okay." Arcuied said and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice followed them silently in the tree's. Stopping as they turned she felt her eyes narrow.
Edward hissed frequently as he saw Alice running near them, under the cover of the trees. He turned the corner and felt glad she didn't follow. Stopping he opened the door. "There."
Alice sat in a tree, waiting for Edward to pick her up. "Arcuied... Your in so much danger..." she whispered, watching the futures change.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied heard Edward hiss, But ignored it, thinking the car was playing up and hopped out. "Thanks Edward." Arcuied said waving him off as he turned around and headed to his house, it was an small 1 bedroom home, he lived by himself since his parents went away and gave him cash each week. Arcuied tried to unlock the door but failed, he groaned and sat down on his front porch and sighed as he looked into the forest.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice smiled, Running into the forest she made her way to Arcuied's house. Waiting for Edward to leave, her golden eyes watched the boy curiously. Leaning against the tree, she walked silently up to Arcuied, her long dark hair, whipping around her face. (i He smells incredible! Control! Alice!) she thought to herself. Sitting down next to him, she froze. (i Edward got home, looking around, I'm not there, where am I, coming to get me.. Dam!) she saw.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied had his eyes closed, until he felt something touching his leg, and he openend his eyes to get the biggest shock of his life. "KYA!!! Alice!!! what are you doing here!!!" Arcuied said jumping up and then falling over and into the bushes and jumping straight back up and looking at her, his face bright red and his heart racing.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I decided to come with you, seems you were going to say something to me." She smiled, her white teeth showing. "Sorry for scaring you.." she answered. Moving closer, she was having trouble resisting his scent. (i Bite.. I'm going to Bi- EDWARD!) she thought, looking alarmed at the driveway. "Bye!" she yelled abruptly as she ran past him into the forest. (i Edward! Thank you!) she thought to him. Deciding she was going to leave for a while.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied blushed as she leaned in closer to him, "N-No, i-i just saw you is all." Arcuied explained before she talked and then quickly ran off, saying bye and then running into the forest. He quickly jumped up and rammed the key into the door and it finally opened. "Thank you!" Arcuied said and shut the door and slammed it, he locked it and looked around. "What the hell...what the hell was that?!" Arcuied said to himself, freaking out an bit.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Hugging her family goodbye she said her last few words. "Emment, you will lose this arm wrestle, Jasper, don't attempt to bite Callie, Pllleasse Edward not to use the C key in you new masterpiece." Waving goodbye, she headed off for Denali.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yawned and openend the window and looked outside and breathed in the fresh air and sighed. "What was with Alice tonight?" Arcuied said thinking and sighed as he looked out his window and then walked outside to the front of his house and sat back down on the steps.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice used a lot of control not to go to Arcuied's house. Running through the trees she felt homesick from her adopted family. When she reached Denali she was accepted with open arms, everyone was curious why she was here.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yawned and laid back on his porch, and looked up at the stars and smiled, "It's such an beautiful night tonight." Arcuied said happily and warmly.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -yush, when alice comes back i think?-
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -just for an few days ^^-
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice walked into the school with her siblings. As they parted, Alice gave them all a hug, they were all supportive. They had taken her advice when she left, so nothing went wrong. Sitting in her history class, she kept her golden eyes on the table.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied came into History class late and told the teacher why, there was only one desk left...and it was next to alice, he gulped and moved to the back to sit down in his seat.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice smiled, "Hello.." she said as he sat down. Moving her books onto her side she blinked at Arcuied. She listened to the teacher, keeping tabs on her family. (i Emment.. don't do anything stupid) she thought as she saw him about to arm wrestle with a kid.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled at her, "Hello, you've been gone for an while." Arcuied said and sat down and looked at the teacher.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "It's ok, I can catch up." she smiled back. She took her notes, and was shocked when they were paired for a project. (i Uh Oh) she thought. "Which Topic?" she asked him, since she had read something on everyone of the choices, she decided him to choose.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shrugged, "How about something from H.P Lovecraft, that's an good book to read about how Horror novels started, since it was written in 1920." Arcuied said and smiled. "Hey, why don't you read with me, i'm sure the teacher will let it happen seeing as you need to catch up!" Arcuied said.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: <What?>
"Oh.. Not It's ok... The bell will go in 5 seconds." she answered, getting out of her seat. (i 1 2 3 4 5) she thought, moving gracefully out of the room, when the bell went. (i H.P Lovecraft..) she thought. Moving to her Advanced Mathematics class.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -hmm....this was history so i thought acient texts might be an good idea, wikipedia it ^^-
Arcuied sighed and walked out of class and turned the other way of alice, heading towards the libary. "She seemed happy." Arcuied thought as he remembered that lesson.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Moving gracefully to her seat with her family. She went into a sort of silent state, Only Edward knowing what was happening. (i You know... I wish I could taste how sweet his blood is..) she thought, jumping out of the way before Edward could grab her. Glaring at her brother she hissed.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed as he entered the libary and sat down in peace. "Hmm....I'm glad it's so quiet now...and Alice...she's changed." Arcuied thought, thinking over their just previous encounter with eachother.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: (i Leave me Alone Edward...) She warned, dumping her food in the bin and walking outside. Sitting in the grass she realised how messed up her life had gotten ever since Jasper started cheating.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed as he packed up his things and walked out of the libary and walked outside. He saw alice on the grass, looking down about something so he moved and sat beside her. "Hey Alice...what's up?" Arcuied asked looking at her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Oh! Arcuied.." she smiled, her face brightening at the sight. of him.
"Nothing much has been happening, just troubles at home." Alice mumbled. She felt venom well in her mouth. She leaned forward, looking hungrily at his neck.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at her, "What Troubles? Are you okay? you can talk to me." Arcuied said as she leaned forward towards him and he moved away from her a bit.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She shook her head. "They don't approve of me liking someone.. And Jasper is having troubles again..." she answered, pulling back abruptly as a vision of Edward flashed in her mind. (i He is intoxicating and inhumanly beautiful..) she thought, blinking slightly as her Vampire sight traced over his perfect features.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at her looking over him and he smiled and patted her back. "I'm sorry, that must be really hard on you Alice." Arcuied said and patted her head softly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She grinned it didn't seem to match her eyes. "That feels nice.." her long hair brushed his fingers as she turned her head. "We shouldn't be friends, or study partners, or anything.." she said, before turning away. She didn't look back as she walked away, her head low as she felt excruciating pain.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied tilted his head, "Umm...I Didn't mean anything by that, i just was being kind." Arcuied called out to her and then shrugged, "Umm...okay...i'm gunna rest here for now." Arcuied said to himself and laid back agianst the grass.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She walked to the Volvo and sat, looking out into the forest. Slamming her little fists into the dashboard, she got out, feeling her long black hair spill out behind her as she ran into the forest. After a few minutes she found herself sitting on a rock looking out into the water.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at alice running into the forest and he worried. Arcuied sat up and started to walk after her, he follwed after her quietly until he saw he sitting on an rock looking over an lake. "Umm...Alice? are you okay?" Arcuied asked as he came closer to her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She hissed at him, she golden eyes turning darker. "What did you see?" she asked, her small pixie like features didn't make her look innocent now. Circling him she growled, "I told you we shouldn't be friends, or (bold Anything), Stay away from me.. I can't always guarantee anything." Alice looked at Arcuied, her anger subsiding as she smelt his scent. Out of the forest came Emment as Edward, looking menacing and worried. They walked up yo Alice, placing her hands behind her back, and led her out of the forest, giving her warnings and threats too low for Arcuied to hear.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked confused, "W-What?" Arcuied sputtered out as he turned out and ran out of the forest, he felt vunlbure and scared. He kept running until he reached his house. "Oh my god.....what is with her...she's changed." Arcuied said panicing at his front door.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I'm Not Going back to Denali!" she yelled, looking at her family. "Its not helping! I can't help it.." she cried, falling to the floor. Her visions were giving her head aches as she watched their actions. She bolted from the floor running in the direction of Arcuied's place. She kept running, past his front door, the only sign she had past through as the swirling dust cloud and the foot print in the dirt.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied raised his head to see dust swirling around and he got up and walked forward. He leaned down to see an footpath in the dirt. "Huh?" Arcuied simply said as he looked at it, it was an small footprint, obviously someone with small feet had just run past...but who? Arcuied felt disturbed as he felt someone wacthing him and he turned around on his heels.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice sat in the mass, looking at Arcuied's house through the trees. Shaking her head so hair cover her face she had an idea. Taking out a pen and some paper she began to write.
Dear Arcuied,
Please forgive me for my earlier behaviour, it was wrong of me to take my anger out on you. I still believe we should never be friends or be together. I want you to stay away from me please, it to unbearable to think of how unstable I am at the moment. Alice.
She ran back, placing it on the mat, before ringing the door bell and disappearing.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied was still looking at the ground when the doorbell rang and he turned around to see nothing but an note. He walked over to the note and picked it up, he red it. He Gulped, "W-What?" Arcuied could only say as he ran his fingers through his hair and read through it. "No...Not until i understand what's going on!" Arcuied said and head off towards The Cullen's house.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Her head perked up as she heard his thoughts. She walked behind him before stopping and calling his name. She looked paler than usual and her hair was whipping her face, showing a storm was brewing.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied turned around and saw her, "Alice? what on earth is going on with you...you aren't being human." Arcuied said as he walked towards her. "Your'e scaring me....you look like death itself." Arcuied said.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Arcuied... I need to tell you why we cannot be friends.." she whispered, but it was clearly audible. "You se-" she broke off, the scent of a bear made her hiss. Turning around she saw it come out of the forest, its teeth baring. Blinking she looked at Arcuied out of the corner of her eye.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied walked towards her, "W-What's a bear doing hear?" Arcuied asked scared as he grabbed her hand and started to walk away from it. "Quickly....we have to go." Arcuied said dragging her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Once I grab the bear run ok? I might not be able to stop my self from hurting you." She whispered, her eyes glazing over. She snarled at the bear, crouching defensively in front of Arcuied. She controlled her urge to sink her fangs into Arcuied's neck. She leaped at the bear, unable to control it any longer. Whipping around to its back, she held onto it tightly. She was more frighting than before, she hair whipped around her cruel menacing face like it was alive. Alice gave a cold look at Arcuied, before sinking her fangs into its neck, her eyes going golden as soon as the blood touched her lips.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gasped and fell to the ground, unable to move as he looked at her with astonishment. "Y-Your an vampire." Arcuied said, it all clicked now as she sunk her fangs into his neck.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She looked at Arcuied with sad eyes. "I told you, I told you it was for your own good that you should stay away from me..." she moaned, looking at the dead bear. Swinging it over her shoulder she ran into the forest and dumped it. She looked at Arcuied from her position, trying to place his reaction.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied was shocked, he couldn't move, he couldn't think. "It can't be...she couldn't be.....it's an trick....no....it isn't." Arcuied thought to himself as he looked at her with so much confusion.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice walked slowly up to Arcuied, her pixie like features making her vulnerable and weak. "Arcuied... I'm so so sorry.." she answered, stopping in front of him, her eyes showing fear and concern.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at her, "W-Why are you saying sorry....i don't care that you are what you are....it's....just an shock." Arcuied said still looking at her with amazed eyes. He stood up to face her and walked forward close to her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Arcuied... You need to forget about this... I can't have you killed.. or become a monster like me..." she begged, moving away from him a little. "Please, Please... don't think about what I am... Ever.." she blinked. Alice wrapped her arms around her, for once feeling the cold. Giving a slight nod she ran away, blocking Arcuied from her mind.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gasped and called out to her. "Alice! Please wait!! stop!!" Arcuied called out to her as she ran throught the forest and Arcuied followed suit, chasing her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice heard him calling and spun around with frightening speed. Appearing in front of Arcuied, she stood their, her eyes confused.
"Yes?" she asked. Holding her breath for most part, trying to resist biting into his neck.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gasped, "Before you go, there is one thing i have to get off my chest." Arcuied said gasping for breath and then he stood up and looked into her eyes. "Alice...I...I love you." Arcuied said to her. -Hey don't forget to post in our other RP's!!-
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: <It says u haven't replied!>
Alice took a few steps back.
"No.. no no.. Y..you can't.. Its to dangerous." her bell like voice stuttered.
"Arcuied, do you understand, I am wanting to drink your blood? Your blood seems so much sweeter than anyone elses, You putting yourself at risk speaking to me" she continued. Alice punched a tree next to her, it almost blew apart. She set off again running, she appeared behind him, holding snow.
"You can't win a fight, or outrun me, How will you save yourself if I went bloodlust?" she asked. Moving closer she held her hand out.
"What do I smell like?"
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -I just did xD, which one is that?-
Arcuied took her hand and smelled it, "You smell like an beautiful blooming flower, and that dosen't matter, i love you like crazy, and if you drink my blood, that means i'll be with you, till i die." Arcuied said to her moving closer to alice, still holding her hand in his.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I'm too dangerous... I never, ever have loved you, I don't think I will.." she said, jerking her hand away. She kept her face straight, but she felt herself breaking down inside. Looking at him, she shook her head and walked away, disappearing almost instantly.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied felt like an spear had been thrust through his heart. He fell too the ground and felt tears begin to form. "W-Why..." Arcuied said and started to sob, he laid agianst the cold ground crying hard.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Hearing him sob she felt like daggers were being pushed into her cold heart. She ran back to her house, giving looks at her sibling that told her that she was in pain. Jasper gasped for air as he felt her excruciating pain, Edward's mouth turned into a hard line.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied layed there, sobbing quietly and hard, his chest hurting, his voice horse. The one person he ever loved, had just cut his heart into an million pieces and left him to wallow in his self pity. He laid there for an unknown time still sobbing and hugging himself.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Edward walked up to Arcuied, lifting him over his shoulder and taking him back to his room. Shaking his head, Edward left the room, from the window.
Alice moved up into the attic, locking the door and refusing to come out.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied woke up after an while, He groaned and subconsiley made his way up towards the cullen's home. He knocked on the door.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Edward hissed, Opening the door, he glared at Arcuied.
"I'm afraid you got us at a bad time, neighbour, we are leaving... Our sister is sick and we have to get her to a specialised hospital." his voice was cold and full of venom.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied narrowed his eyes, "Don't lie to me Edward, i want to see her." Arcuied spat back at him and narrowed his cold eyes with his own.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Carlise came out, looking harrassed.
"Oh.. Arcuied.. We really need some help, can you get some of the bags?" he asked, looking deeply worried. Edward went inside coming out with a limp Alice. Shaking his head at Arcuied, he popped her in the car.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied snarled at Edward angirly and then helped with her bags into the cars, and Afterwoods he went with Carlise to talk with him. "Carlise, don't lie to me now, i want the whole story on what's happining with her, is it my fault?" Arcuied asked.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Carlise looked at Arcuied his voice strained.
"She is in terrible pain, we don't know what caused it. Jasper can't go near her, so she is in emotional pain as well as physical. Alice has put a lot of strain on her senses and control."
He looked at Arcuied, "Have you a reason why it might be your fault?" he asked.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded slowly, "It's all my fault, she wants my blood." Arcuied said looking down, all weight on his shoulders. "Let her drink my blood, i don't want to case you pain." Arcuied said. - i gtg sorry ^^-
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Carlise shook his head.
"We are not allowed to bite humans, and she will be fine.. we will leave you in peace. I'll tell her you stopped by." Waving goodbye, all the Cullens drove off to the north.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked down as he looked around the empty house now, Desolate and alone. "U-Ugh! Damn them!! I'm Trying to end their pain!!" Arcuied snarled angrily and kicked over an chair, and groaned as he sat on the steps inside the house, running his fingers through his hair in frustration.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice peeked at Arcuied, she felt a little unhappy that Arcuied was beating himself up about things. Silently, she went to the kitchen and brought out a few homemade cookies and some milk, setting them beside him before going back up the stairs, to observe.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied then raised his head to see the cookies and milk beside him. He cocked his head to the side and picked one up, and tasted it and his eyes widened. 'Hmm!!" Arcuied said happily and munched it along with the others and drank the milk. "Hmmm...alice?" arcuied asked looking around.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice moved back into the attic, her visions giving her a head ache since her family were changing their minds so often. She could smell his heavenly scent from her position, and controlled the urge to purr.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied heard the stairs creak and he moved towards the staris and walked up them. "Alice? are you there?" Arcuied asked as he moved up teh stairs towards the attic.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: (i Don't come closer!) she yelled in her mind. Hiding behind the door, she knew in 50 seconds he would open it. Not breathing, she hoped he would go away.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied reached the attic door and placed his hand on the handle and then stopped there. "...No....I won't do it....she needs to be away from me...." Arcuied said quietly and sadly as an reminder to himself and turned around and headed back down the stairs towards the ground floor.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice walked silently behind him, her graceful steps not making a noise. Jumping out the window, she rushed back in to the lower story, writing a note to Arcuied.
(i Your parents are searching for you, Go home) it said, placing it near he bowl, she ran into the forest to watch.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied saw the note and then growled and threw it to the floor. "Geez! if she has enough time to dodge me, she could atleast say bye in person!!" Arcuied yelled into the forest before storming down towards his home.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice came out of the forest, intercepting him. Her eyes were cold.
"I didn't say it in person, because I am suppose to be with Carlise, second, you parents are looking for you, if you turn the corner, you mother will be screaming your name, because the thought you got mauled by a bear." Alice said in a harsh tone. She gestured him to go forward, her eyebrow raised to see if he tested her.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed and turned around, "Whatever." Arcuied said walking down the hill towards his parents house, pissed off, angry and tired.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: At that moment, a scream issued from the house, it was a woman's.
Alice watched as Arcuied walked away. Closing her eyes, she took a last breath of his scent, before she locked herself away. She stood on the hill, her long hair blowing in the wind.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied hugged his parents and said he was fine, he told them what had happend, An hunter had saved him and dragged the bear away and he didn't see who it was. After they had calmed down and he groaned, he looked up towards the hill she was on, and saw her still there, hdf long hair blowing beside her, he sighed and turned around, one of the hardest things he had ever done in his life by far and started to painfully walk away.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice nodded, disappearing so he couldn't look at her again. She walked slowly back this time, going to the phone when she entered the house.
"Edward... It's Alice... You can come home now.." her whispered into the phone, her voice emotionless and dead.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked down, "No....i don't want this." Arcuied said and ran up the hill. "No! Alice!! I don't want this!!" Arcuied said running into the house towards her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She saw him come and felt hope rush through her, Alice dropped the phone, meeting him halfway from the hill to her house. Alice looked confused as she stood there, her small pixie-like features the most vulnerable they have ever been.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied rushed up the hill and threw himself into giving her an hug. "No! i can't be without you, i just can't! I don't care what it takes, what sacrifices i have to do, I want to be with you!" Arcuied said to her, his words truthful and honest as he looked deeply into her eyes.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice smiled, "I'll try and be human around you" she gave him a kiss on the forehead, she was very careful not to be to rough. "I can't be without you either.." she confessed.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied let an smile spread across his lips softly as he kissed her on the forhead back. "I'm sorry i put you through this....i'm so sorry." Arcuied could only say as he held her in his arms.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Its not your fault, I'm your predator.." Alice shrugged, moving her small arms around him, being ever-so gentle.
"Shall you go home? Your parents are worried,and they will be at the top of the hill in less than to minutes." she predicted, moving away from him as two figures appeared in the hill.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shrugged, "Maybe i should show them my new girlfriend?" Arcuied said and winked and giggled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Is that a good idea? I'm a mess, I've been locked in the attic for a few days, and I am abnormally pale." she grinned, her teeth white. She looked into his eyes, her golden ones worried.
"Oh! Carlise is home! Edward is.. Oh dear! I have to go, explain everything.' she whispered, giving him a kiss on the lips she ran, humanly slow till she was out of sight. Grinning sheepishly as she ran to her home. SHe watched Arcuied's parents reactions.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled as she ran off as Arcuied parent's looked dumbfounded at him and was amazed. Arcuied turned around and explained what had happened and they smiled. "See ya later." Arcuied said afterwoods as he headed up towards her house now, grinning happily.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice was arguing with her family, they were extremely unhappy that she placed a dummy in her place.
"I was surprised you didn't realise what it was!" she shouted back.
Edward growled as Alice had a vision of Arcuied coming to the house. Shocked, Alice gave a warning hiss before running to Arcuied and stood protectively in front of him.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied stopped, "Huh? what's wrong alice?" Arcuied said as alice stood infront of him in an protective stance, it worried him deeply why she was acting like this.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Edward is angry at you..." she whispered, hissing again.
"Stay away, All of you!" Alice warned, as her family wondered what was going on. Edward, Rosalie, and Jasper frowned. Esme gasped, knowing how much Alice cared for the human boy. Carlise stepped forward, but had to retreat as Alice leaped at him. She growled looking at her family unhappily.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied stepped back, "Is this what i'm doing to your family....i'm sorry alice...." Arcuied said in apoligy as he looked over what he had caused now, the riff in this family.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I accepted Rosalie and Emment, and Edward, YOU know I'll accept your girlfriend, if you have one. I know you all thought I would love Jasper, since we came together, but..." she looked at Arcuied, her eyes loving. "Arcuied is MINE, and unless you don't accept that, I won't live with you." She glared at her adopted family, before turning around, pulling Arcuied onto her back and running quickly away.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied held tightly onto her, "Hey, If you want, you can live with me." Arucied said as he held his arms tightly around her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I'll live in the forest" she whispered, as she ran faster, stopping abruptly as the came to his house. Waiting for him to drop down she smiled, it was nice he knew her secret, and he didn't mind running.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed, "I'll live with you then." arcuied said and giggled and dropped down off her and held her hands. "Would you like an shower?" Arcuied asked her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I'll be near you of course.." she grinned as she lead him to the front door, leaning to his ear she whispered really low.
"I'll sneak into your room, then I'll take a shower" she winked as she disappeared around the back of the house.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and walked into the house, and said to his parents that he was going to bed to have an sleep. When he walked in, he locked the door and sighed and turned around to see alice there infront of him smirking.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Did you think I'll leave you for a second?"she asked, smirking. Taking a towel, she went into the bathroom, taking a very quick shower and coming back. Wearing some of Arcuied's clothes.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and hugged her, "My clothes? nice." Arcuied said and smiled as he put his hands on his hips and smirked.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Mine are all at home..." she said sheepishly. Examining herself in his attire, Alice winked before sitting on his bed.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied blushed slightly, "Ah." Arcuied said and sat beside her on the bed, "Umm, sorry but i've never had an girlfriend before..." Arcuied said an bit embarssed.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "And you think I've had a boyfriend in my 110 years of life?" Alice questioned, running her finger's through his hair.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shrugged, "Sorry." Arcuied said and rested his head on her shoulder softly and sighed.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Why are you apologising?" she asked, "Are you not bothered by my coldness? or my vampiric appearance" Alice continued to stroke his hair, humming a tune Edward composed.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shook his head, "Course i'm not bothered." Arcuied said and wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled into her. "Your voice is beautiful." Arcuied said.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Its another one of our things that draw humans in.." she sighed. Getting up suddenly she hid in the closet unmoving. A few seconds later Arcuied's mother came in wondering why he was talking to himself.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shrugged, "I just need to be by myself and just talk." arcuied said and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: <Sorry Alice T.T>
Alice stepped out of the closet. Giggling she walked back to Arcuied. "Are you hungry?" she asked. The vampire had no idea how to care for humans.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shook his head, "No i'm good." Arcuied said and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I'm surprised, you were almost attacked by a bear today, and now.. you have a vampire in you bedroom..." she smiled, disappearing under the bed.
"Now you have a reason to be scared from what lurks underneath your bed." Alice giggled, placing her arm around Arcuied, she gave him a kiss on the forehead, feeling happy.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled, and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Ohh, alice might sleep with me, i'm scared." Arcuied said sarcasticly and kissed her on the lips.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Rolling her eyes, she kissed him back. "Now.. tell me about yourself.." she said, wondering about his life before she rudely interrupted it.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shrugged, "Just Me, Well i was an A-student, and i always kept to myself, never trying to go with the flow at school, i felt no need to do so." Arcuied said and rested his head on her shoulder, "And i love movies, Animals, Food, and you." Arcuied said and giggled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I'm shocked that Animals and Food are further up the list than me' she said, mockingly. Turning to face Arcuied, she propped herself onto her elbow and waited.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled, and kissed her, "Last is first silly." Arcuied said and nibbled on her bottom lip softly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Is it now!" she giggled, "I'm surprised, I'm granite hard.." she whispered, pushing Arcuied away. Looking apologetically, her eyes had suddenly turned dark. Smiling a small smile, she hoped he didn't resent her.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled, "Don't be sorry silly." Arcuied said and stood up and kissed her agian and wrapped his arms around her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice pushed him away again. "This is going to be difficult.." she murmured, going to the window. "I'm going to feed, so I am safer around you, I'll be back.." she promised, leaping out of the window and running into the forest.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and sat back and yawned, resting agianst the fabric of his bed. "Hmmm." Arcuied moaned as he closed his eyes and started to relax.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice drank a lot more than usual, she wanted to be entirely sure she was safe around him. Walking back slowly she made a list of pro's and con's against her relationship, more pro's than con's though.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nuzzled into the pillow, having an quick snooze, when he heard footsteps and he opened his eye sand giggled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice hissed, Edward was in Arcuied's room!. She ran quickly, but she was far away from the house.
Edward looked menacingly at Arcuied. "You.. are going to pay.." he snarled.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gulped, "W-Why?" Arcuied said and backed away from him on the bed.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Alice is going against our rules, You have torn our family apart, and your going to have to pay." He spoke low and menacingly.
Alice saw what Edward was going to do, and ran faster, her small legs were quick but Edward was faster.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gulped as he approched and grabbed him by the neck. "No! I'm Sorry!!! Let Go!!" Arcuied said choking and kicking him.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Your Sorry? Leave her, make sure you never exist to her again, she may love you, but it can be changed, I couldn't bare to see her face if the Volturi get to you." dropping him Edward left some of her clothes. He disappeared without a sound.
Alice finally reached the house, jumping through the window she gasped looking at Arcuied.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gulped, "W-Who...are the Volturi?" Arcuied asked in fear.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "V..Volturi?" she whispered, her eyes wide in fear. Her small mouth was open and it glistened with blood. Turning outside, she gasped once as she forced herself to try and get into the Volturi's mind, but she had never met them, so it was impossible. She danced up to her human boyfriend and brushed his hair from his face. "The Volturi are nothing to worry about" she lied smoothly.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed and nodded, "O-okay....i must have misheard when Edward was here." Arcuied said softly and looked down to her and smiled, patting her shoulder.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Edward was here?" she said, faking confusion. She frowned when she saw some of her clothes there. "Ahh.."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded, "He....Threatened me and said that i should leave you, before the Volturi came for us." Arcuied said and gulped.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Oh.. No need to worry." she was glad to be able to fake emotion. Looking through her clothes, she sighed, they were ok, but she would have prefered a lighter shade of blue.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sat on the bed and laid down, "Okay...i trust you." Arcuied said and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: (i He shouldn't...) she thought, smiling. Walking over to Arcuied, the small vampire wrapped her cold arm around him.
"So... Sleep for the human?" she asked, not knowing sleep patterns or anything.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded, "Yeah, i'm plain tired, You can stay here if you want." Arcuied said and nuzzled into her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Did you really think I'll leave you?" she asked, placing the cover's over Arcuied and laid next to him. Inhaling his scent, she kept control, Alice stroked his hair, wondering how humans slept.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yawned and nuzzled into her and closed his eyes. "Goodnight Alice." Arcuied said and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "See you in the morning.." she promised, laying with Arcuied, listening to his breathing.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: -time skip-
Arcuied woke up the next morning, woozy as he nuzzled into Alice.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "You awake this time?" she teased, placing a kiss on his forehead. It was the start of the weekend. Alice smiled, she gave him a hug and left him to wake up.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yawned and nodded, "Yeah i am, what do you mean?" Arcuied asked and placed and soft kiss on her lips and rested his head on her chest.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "You were chatting all night, I was amazed how you sound like you awake when your asleep.." she grinned, letting go and pointing to the door. "I'll see you at school."she was already changed in a light blue shirt and black skirt. Hoping out the window, she blew a kiss and ran into the forest.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied blushed slightly and giggled, "I forget i talk in my sleep." Arcuied said blushing and chuckled nervously. He got dressed into his clothes that we usually wore to school, and then walked out of his house, kissing his mother on the cheek and waved and started on the path to school.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice appeared next to Arcuied, "Hello.." she giggled, her eyes were liquid gold as she kissed him on the cheek. She intertwined her arm with his, as they walked down the road.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled and blushed slightly as she kissed his cheek, and sighed happily as they walked down the road, her arm intertwined with his and he felt his heart beat faster.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Your heart is racing! What on earth is the matter?' she asked, placing a hand on his chest. Alice's eyes widened as she felt his heart beat.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied blushed even more, "Oh, j-just i'm still an bit embarssed, hehe." Arcuied said and giggled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Your So cute when you go red..." she laughed, it was bell like. "Shall we run to school?" Alice asked, enthused by the idea. She bounced next to him, she seemed more human before she fell in love with Arcuied.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shrugged, "If you want, but i can never run as fast as you, so that's an bit unfair." Arcuied said and lightly punched her and giggled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Don't Do THAT!" She yelled, grabbing his hand and examining it. "And I was offering to carry you.." Alice giggled, watching the image in her mind.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled, "Sorry, i didn't understand." Arcuied said and poked both sides of her ribs and leaned on her. "Well, if you want to, or we can just take our time and have fun." Arcuied said and smirled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Arcuied! You can't do that!" She gasped, looking at his fingers. She gave a small angry look and dropped it. "You don't know how hard I am do you?" Alice asked.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shook his head, "No, what do you mean? all i tried to do was tickle you." Arcuied said and shrugged.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Careful, If you put to much pressure, you could break your fingers!" Alice warned, smashing a nearby rock with her fist. SHe grinned as an Idea came into her mind. On the next rock, she wrote. Alice For Arcuied. Feeling proud, she gave him a small kiss.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled softly and blushed, then kissed her softly back. "I'm sorry, so there's no part on your body that's soft at all, like your stomuch or your thighs or your feet or cheeks?" Arcuied asked and admired the stone and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Nope, Cold, Hard, and Sparkly.."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smirked and pouted playfully, "That's unfair, now i can't even tickle you, and you have free reign." Arcuied said in an fake sad voice and then kissed her forhead softly and giggled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Aww poor Arcuied.." She mocked. She swung him onto her back and took off at a fast run.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled and started to kiss the back of her neck as they ran. "Oh shush, just unfair you can tickle me to death now...and i can't do anything." Arcuied said and giggled and nibbled on her earlobe.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "You cannot make me blush either!" she teased. As she stopped. She stood still, they were near the highway. She mumbled something before running forward. They pasted cars going 100 km's an hour but were in the woods withing seconds.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied pouted, "Awww! this is soooo unfair! you have all the advantages...i'll have to try harder then." Arcuied teased and giggled as he nuzzled into her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Yep! But I love you so much..." SHe whispered to him, as she slowed to a walk. "Here We Are!"
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and squeezed her hand, "Sweet, c'mon let's go!" Arcuied said as they walked towards the school.
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ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I Can't, the sun will be out today.." Alice whispered, shrinking undercover as the sun burst through the clouds. She looked sympathetically at him, watching him from her darkness.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at her, and nodded. "Yes you will be noticed cause your skin will sparkle....well....i'll be back soon okay Ali?" Arcuied said and blew an kiss before running inside to the bell.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "You know I sparkled?" She yelled after him, watching him go. She sat in the darkness, before going around the school, following him. He was in the classroom, and it was next to another one, so she could watch him from the windows, and not sparkle.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and sat in his classroom, and the nearest one to the window and noticed her and smirked, he kissed the air softly as he sat down.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice's eyes smiled back, it was all that was seen, since her hair blended in with the dark wall behind her. It ached to be apart from him, so she opened the window silently, reaching in to hold him hand.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied moved towards the window and leaned his arm out, making look like he was resting agianst it, but secretly she was holding his hand.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Feeling calmer instantly, she listen to the lesson, hoping he was concentrating too. Alice did mumble a few answers to him, making sure the teacher didn't suspect a thing.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smirked at her as he wrote down the answers he didn't know, and this continued for most of the day, at lunch he headed outside and whisteled, alerting alice,
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice Went back to the tree's, hoping he would follow. Alice waited in a small clearing, hoping he would run with her, she had a surprise.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied came after where she went into, until he reached an small clearing in these woods. "Heya Alice, why here?" Arcuied asked and looked around.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: " I have something to show you!" She grinned, taking him into her arms. Once he was in them, she sped west, dodging the tree's expertly. It wasn't long at all before she came to a waterfall and a clearing. There was a picnic and a bag. "Shall we go swimming?" she asked, letting him onto his feet.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smirked and he nodded, "Sure! This is Amazing!" Arcuied said and started to take off his shoes and socks, and then stopped. "Umm, but i have to keep dry? what will i have to do?" Arcuied asked suddenly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I got some clothes from your place, and towels, and if we need to, I can start a fire..." Alice smiled, reaching into the bag and pulling out bathers. She flashed a smile, dashing into the tree's and emerging, changed into a purple bikini, not long at all after.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied blushed as he saw her in an bikini and he nodded. "Thanks Alice, i'll go get changed." Arcuied said and as he walked by, stroked her cheek softly and smiled before going into the bushes and changed.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice already knew that, and had to find away to stop perving on him. Giggling, the vampire walked into the warm water, sinking to the bottom, waiting to scare him.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied got changedc and walked back out, and saw nothing. "Alice? Alice?" Arcuied asked and shrugged as he walked into the water and slunk in, and sat down on the edge of the warm water, letting his whole body get wet.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice appeared silently behind him. She grabbed him gently from behind and floated on her back. "Water Nice?" she giggled
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shirked and jumped, until he realised who it was and sighed in relif. "It's beatiful." Arcuied said and giggled and looked at her as she floated around.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Don't scare the game away.." Alice laughed, noticing the animals scamper. She floated towards him, stroking his soft human skin. "Should I be jealous?" she asked, talking about he called this place beautiful.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied started to blush as she stroked his skin. "Heh, i'm sorry Ali." Arcuied said and smiled softly as she continued to stroke his arm.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I was being Silly... Do I really suck at that too much?" She pouted, before giggling. She splashed him with the water, before swimming to the waterfall.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied laughed and followed after her. "Yeah you do!" Arcuied called out as he arrived at the waterfall after her and smirked.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "So.. your saying.. I suck at being human? Others can tell i am not human?" Alice was a little shocked, and annoyed she had not memory of being human. She saw his smirk and opened her mouth. Putting hands on her hips, she moved towards him and rolled her eyes. "Don't provoke me"
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied put his hands up and nodded, "Sorry, and you don't suck that much, it's just certian things, like your insanse speed or that time when you dragged me by the collar to your car, sorta reveals somethings up, but none of that matters Ali." Arcuied said and moved forward towards her, sinking so only his nose and up was above the water.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "No one but you see's those things... And thats why i don't compete in running or throwing..." Alice joked, dipping under the water.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled and then she dipped under the water and he raised an eyebrow, he couldn't see her. "Alice? Alice?" Arcuied asked until he felt an tickling on his foot and he jumped up laughing! "EI!!!! ALice!!" Arcuied laughed out.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She didn't rise, she didn't need too. She continued to stay underwater, laughing at his reaction. An idea popped into her head. Alice than began to walk her finger's up his leg.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shivered and squirmed, "No!! Stop!!" Arcuied giggled and tried to move away, but she had grabbed his leg and held it still as he helplessly giggled and squirmed as she walked her fingers up his legs and thighs.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice appeared next to him laughing. "Shall we eat? We have half a lunch break left.." She told him. Dragging him from the water and drying him off.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied started to blush heavily agian as she dryed him down, poking his ribs teasingly as she did which made him jump and giggled. "H-Hey! That tickles, c'mon do it after we eat." Arcuied said and kissed her after she dryed him down.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Ok..." She said, moving to the basket. She opened it and brought out all the food before he had dropped the towel.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied helped her arrange the food onto plates and smiled at her. "Okay, what are you gunna have?" Arcuied asked in an serious tone.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I don't eat human food.." She said sheepishly. Alice blushed and looked down. "Sorry.."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and stroked her hand softly, "It's okay Love, don't worry." Arcuied said and kissed her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Eat up! Rosalie and Esme will be annoyed if you didn't!" She giggled, throwing a cherry tomato at him.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled and started to munch on the sandwhiches there and flicked the tomato back to her and smiled. "Hmmm! This is good!" Arcuied said and giggled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "They will be pleased..." She whispered, looking at the tomato and placing it between her teeth. Alice grinned showing her fangs, wanting to witness his reaction. (i Edward ran through the forest, searching hunting, water, scent, intoxicating, them.) Alice jumped up, wrenching Arcuied from his seat and placed him protectively behind her. It was so quick, but didn't seem long enough, since Edward was there, standing right in front of her.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gasped in amazment softly as he looked at her fangs. "Wow....that's what they look like...." Arcuied said in awe until he saw her throw him behind her, and she held his arm and glared at the one man infront of him......Edward. Arcuied gulped and moved further behind Alice.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Edward! What possessed you to be so careless!" Alice asked, speaking out loud so Arcuied could hear. She was annoyed, no one was please about her fangs, or her for that matter, only her gift. She held Arcuied close.
Edward just grinned, looking at Arcuied. "Oh.. I just wanted to hunt, His scent washed down the river, you were careless Alice, your always a bad vampire."
Alice flinched at looked down.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied hugged her from behind, "Hey! don't speak to her like that!" Arcuied said angirly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "He is right... I am a sucky vampire." Alice whispered, keeping Edward's actions playing though her mind. She then realised he could hear it, then moaned.
Edward laughed. "You... Suck..." He whispered, too low for Arcuied to hear. Alice just sniffed, only to run at Edward unexpectedly. She was small and fast, so she had her fangs poised at his neck in a few seconds.
"Sometimes, Not remembering when you were human, has its advantages."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gasped and looked on at how fast she ran, being small did have their advantages, but he kept quiet, not wanting to be hurt from the conferntation. -hey, can you post in the Unluckiest day different path rp?-
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Get Off!" Edward hissed, as he grabbed Alice by the hair and threw her into a tree, which crashed into the ground. He lunged for Arcuied.
Alice sped from the destruction, colliding with her brother before he got to Arcuied. "Arcuied! Run to Carlise, Say.. Plus Mort.." she begged, holding her neck away from Edward's teeth.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and ran, his feet being cut and the branches wipping him, until he arrived at their house and barged through and towards Carlise, "Carlise....Alice is being attacked by Edward, plus she wanted me to say mort." Arcuied said.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Carlise, Esme and Jasper looked at Arcuied in shock. "Mort? Or Plus Mort?" Carlise asked, signaling for the other two to prepare. Waiting patiently for the answer, he placed a hand on Arcuied's shoulder.
Alice was fighting a losing battle. Pinned to the ground, she had a hard time trying to get him off.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at him, "Plus Mort." Arcuied said and gulped.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Carlise's eyes flashed. "Thank you Arcuied, We might be able to save her..." Yelling order's to Esme and Jasper, they all sped off to the waterfall.
Alice flew across the water, crashing into the rocky ledge on the other side. As she fell into the water, she swam quickly to catch Edward around the neck.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gulped and ran after them, slowly and in pain, The cuts across his small bare feet, and he was running for his life after them. He arived at the Waterfall behind them.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice and Edward felt instantly calm. Looking at Jasper, Alice smiled and got off Edward. She ran to Arcuied, pulling him onto her back, as they waiting for Edward to get rid of his bloodlust.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed in relif as he rested on her back and closed his eyes. "Thank goodness your'e okay." Arcuied said in relif.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I am glad your ok..." Alice said sweetly. Looking at Edward, she just shook her head, and took Arcuied back to school.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed and looked at Alice, "Alice, i don't have my clothes and look at me....i'm an mess....can you please take me home?" Arcuied asked and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice had already turned direction. She was feeling a little bit moody and was keeping a protective grasp on Arcuied. She twitched at the slightest sound, and when they reached the house, she wouldn't leave Arcuied along, Standing protectively outside the bathroom door.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied was in the bath, letting the water warm him up and he sighed in relif. "Hmmmmm." Arcuied moaned softly and in relaxation. "Thank you alice for taking me home." Arcuied called out to her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "No worries Love!" she called before he started. Grinning she waited to see his reaction. Alicce twiddled her thumbs angry about how selfish her brother was being.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied was shocked an bit. "How did you do that?!" Arcuied called back to her in confusion.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I guess?" She giggled, rolling her eyes, which he couldn't see. She ran to his bed room and threw his clothes into the bathroom, she knew he wanted them.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied rolled his eyes and then hopped out and got dressed, when he did he walked out and smiled at Alice. "Heya love." Arcuied said and stroked her face softly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice kissed him and grinned, "Hungry?" She asked, not knowing how fast is metabolism was. The Vampire nuzzled him affectionately. "Wanna have the rest of the day off?" She asked as well.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and nodded, "Yes, i just want to rest, and no, those sandwhiches you gave me were so delicous, i'm stuffed." Arcuied said and stroked her hair as she nuzzled into him.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Esme and Rosalie will be happy..." She giggled into his shirt. She turned on the T.V and they watched some random show...
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled and laid down on his bed with her as they wacthed the tv, Stroking her hair with his fingers and kissing her cheek softly as they wacthed the tv.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I'm thirsty... I won't be far.." She promised, leaving the house painfully slowly. Once she was out she ran as fast as she could, drinking little, so she could be back to Arcuied, her eyes were darker than their usual liquid gold when she returned.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at her and smiled as she left, He could see she wanted to stay, be with him. He nodded and waited for her to return.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She came in silently, walking towards him with grace, just a little hesitantly. Alice was having doubts, she couldn't help feeling she was eating away his life. Giving a reassuring smile, she waited for him to say she could sit.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied cocked his head to the side, "Well, come on, you don't need to ask to sit you know." Arcuied said and smiled as he patted the bed.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "You sure?" She whispered, sitting next to him and calming instantly. Alice ran fingers through his hair, thinking of what she could do to make her world less dangerous.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied blushed slightly as she ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm Very sure." Arcuied said softly and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Would you like to do anything?" She once again started to ask questions. She laughed, "Yes the joke about the blonde and the microwave is funny..." She then gasped and covered her mouth. "Sorry.. i was about to bite you..." Alice lied, running out the door.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied raised an eyebrow, "Huh? how did she know that?" Arcuied said and nodded as she ran out the door, he was horribly confused now.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She did go to hunt, she felt agitated that her thirst wasn't quenched. Killing some more of the game around his house, she returned shortly after, sitting outside with her hands in her head, watching Arcuied being confused.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied didn't notice until an few minutes and he turned around and got an fright. "Oh! Hey, why you outside in the cold, c'mon in love." Arcuied said and walked over and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She already was closer while he said it, She gave him a hug and nuzzled his chest carefully. Alice smiled "Sorry about that, cannot risk biting you.." She intertwined her fingers with his.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and nodded and kissed both of her hands that intertwined his. "I understand alice why." Arcuied said softly and rested his head agianst her's.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Do you sometimes think, I am too dangerous to be around? Are you scared of me or my kind?" She asked, biting her cold granite lip. Alice shifted so her cold body wasn't pressing onto Arcuied.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at her dumbfounded and then smiled. "No of course not, I trust you with my whole heart, and your'e kind, how could i be scared when there are people like you?" Arcuied explained and moved forward softly so they were face to face.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Are you afraid of my family?" Alice asked, she couldn't cry, but her eyes showed she would be. She stroked his cheek softly.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shook his head, and blushed as she stroked her cheek. "No, they want to protect me and they like me, an human to have fun with per say." Arcuied said and giggled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Edward doesn't, Rosalie doesn't, Emment and the others I have no idea, they just didn't want a human hurt.." She explained, feeling very guilty of betraying him.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied looked at her with shocked eyes for an moment and then shrugged it off and sighed. "Then i don't care about that, i can trust them even if the only reason is they don't want an human hurt, but i still do like them, and i love you." Arcuied said softly and kissed her softly, letting his lips linger.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She kissed him back tenderly, hoping he would be welcomed into her family. "I Love you too.." Alice whispered, wrapping her cold arms around him.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled into her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Your parents are home.. Shall I leave?" She asked, heading for the window. Alice smiled, "Ok I'll stay.."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shrugged, "You can do whatever, they already know about you anyway....but if your thristy, go drink." Arcuied said and smiled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I was leaving because they might no approve..." (i Then I saw you wanted me to say...) "Your parents are going to think something is up when they open the door in a second and see me in here." Alice whispered, leaning on him and giving him a hug. The door swung open.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and hugged her back and leaned on her smiling. "I understand, run around the front when they walk in, then when they shut the door, knock and ask to see me." Arcuied whispered to her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Too late..." She whispered, as the door opened and his mother popped her head in. SHe looked at the too, before turning to Arcuied. "Arcuied... Out here please"
Alice gave him a reassuring squeeze. "It will be fine.."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gulped and nodded as he walked towards his mother. "Ohhhhh shit shit shit shit shit shit shit." Arcuied kept thinking as he walked outside to his mother. "Y-Yes Mother?" Arcuied asked.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Is That the girl you were telling us about?" She asked, she gave a little smile, before continuing. "Are you sure about this? She is a little strange, and I don't want to see yourself hurt.."
Alice could hear everything.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied sighed, "Mother, she's fine, she's not strange at all, just an little pale is all, and i won't get hurt okay mother?" Arcuied said and kissed her cheek softly before walking back in and smiling at Alice, and held her hand in his as he walked up to her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "You seriously believe you won't get hurt?" Alice whispered, looking a lot more pale than usual.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shook his head, "I don't know, but i can trust you and your'e family, so don't worry." Arcuied whispered back and kissed her head softly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Arcuied... Are you having doubts because I am a vampire? I am keeping so much from you..." Alice confessed, looking down, her face pained.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied scoffed at what she said, "Hell, i couldn't care if you were an Bird, an Neko, An Zebra or an Elephent Girl, I said i have no doubts and no regrets, I love you, no matter if your an vampire or not, even if you keep some stuff from me, i still end up happier because the time i lose is spent with you, which makes my heart soar." Arcuied whispered and moved close to her, looking her in the eyes and stroked her face.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I'm a vampire who can see the future and has no memories of being human.." She blurted out. Hugging him, she rested her head on his shoulder. (i Its good that he doesn't care what I am, I'm just scared about... The others..)
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied gasped softly and then let out an 'ohhh' and nodded. "Ohhh, so that's why when i was in the bath you knew what i was about to say, but i'm sorry you don't remember your human past Alice....i'm sorry." Arcuied said softly as he hugged her back tightly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "No one does.... I wasn't born here... I don't know where I was born.." Alice told him, grateful he hugged her. Sighing she looked at him. "Your parents are wanting to know what you want for dinner and If I'm staying. Just say I won't eat anything.."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and called out to his parents. "Yeah mum, i'm staying for dinner, and Alice is fine, she ate dinner before she came." Arcuied said to them and smiled and leaned down close to her and sniffed her softly, and inhaled her scent. "Hmmmm, you smell delightful today." Arcuied said and chuckled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "The words I may use to describe your scent are probally too graphic and may sound like food.." Alice blushed, kissing him lightly on the cheek and laughing.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied chuckled softly and the started to walk to his bedroom with her. "Oh? i smell that delicous?" Arcuied asked intreged as they walked into his bedroom.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Have you ever thought how much you are tempting me right now?" She purred seductively. Alice smiled, then shook her head, "You don't have any idea how good you smell do you?"
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied blushed softly and chuckled, "I know how much i am tempting you Ali....and no idea." Arcuied whispered and sat her down on the bed and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her lips softly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Your parents are down stairs.." She giggled, nuzzling his chest. She listened to his heart and closed her eyes smiling, soaring. "Arcuied... What do you want to be when your older?"
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied shrugged, "An Musican, Producing and recording in the studio, i already have some recorded stuff sent to companies and they are very interested." Arcuied said and smiled, and stroked her hair and giggled. "Well...we will have to wait till they are asleep...Won't we?" Arcuied whispered teasingly and chuckled.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Your tempting me..." She growled playfully. Alice giggled and tossed her brown hair. "I have to eat... Be back soon.." She whispered, taking him down stairs with her.
"Goodbye Arcuied.. Mr. And Mrs Tsunade.." Alice said kindly before leaving.
She ran quickly, only to 'see' herself getting cut off by her family. She stopped and waited.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled, "Then it's working." Arcuied whispered and smirked and then nodded as she said that and he walked downstairs smiling...he was going to enjoy tonight with alice when she returned, he sat down and quickly ate dinner with them, and chatted about alice.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice ran back excitedly. Her family just gave her the best news. Her eyes were liquid gold as she went through his window and waited. She laid still on the bed.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied returned to his bedroom to see Alice lying on the bed and he smiled. He shut the door and locked it and moved over and laid down next to her. "Yes?" Arcuied asked smiling as he stroked her face.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Guess where we are going tonight?" She smiled, her eyes bright and dancing. "No not the movies, or the shopping centre, no not hunting. Close but not cards, Yes its to do with me family, GAH you not going to get it! You and My family, we are going to play a tournament of baseball, and if able to, a game of hide and seek, vampire style..."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied raised an eyebrow, "Sounds interesting....guess i'm the odd one out so far?" Arcuied said and chuckled as he thought it over. He was confused at why they wanted him now....it was strange. "OKay cool, it's sounds an bit wierd but okay! let's go....but first...." Arcuied said giggling and started to softly kiss her, letting his smell linger on her lips, teasing her like before and watched her eyes light up.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Oh dear... Edward will HAVE to watch that for the rest of tonight!" She giggled. Alice kissed him back on the cheek, scooped him up and jumped out the window. She ran into the nearby forest before letting him down. "Ok.. Ready?"
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled and nodded "Ohhhh, let's just do it for the fun of it...it will make him hate me even more." Arcuied said and giggled. "Okay i'm ready." Arcuied said and smirked.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Got that moment locked firmly in your mind?"She asked, before taking off at a large sprint, she started laughing once she got to the meadow. "Look at his expression.." Alice whispered to Arcuied, making sure the moment was replaying in her mind.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled, and he nodded. "Of course." Arcuied said as he arrived in the medow and started to lean down on her and wrapped his arms around her waist and rest his head on her shouldur and kissed her neck softly. "What's he thinking?" Arcuied asked.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "I can't read minds... but he is going to break us apart if we don't think of something else.." She giggled, running a hand down his back. Edward was beside them quickly after that.
"I am here to remind you... its baseball" His voice was smooth yet irritated.
Alice laughed and nodded. "Your umpire sweetie."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and giggled, "Sure thing, i don't think i'll last five seconds with them." Arcuied said and nodded as he kissed her back and ran his hands over her neck.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice giggled before lightly pecking him on the nose and dancing off gracefully, before beckoning him forward.
"Arcuied, This is Carlise, You have met, Emment, Rosalie, Esme, and Edward." She smiled kindly as the members of her family shook his hand.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and shook each off their hands as he met each one, and smirked widley when he shook edward's. "It's nice to meet all of you." Arcuied said and nodded.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Its our pleasure as well..." Whispered Carlise. Esme took Arcuied's hand and led him to the batter's marker. "Ok. Ready?" She said sweetly.
Alice smiled adorably as she took her place at the pitcher's plate.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nodded and let her take him towards the batter's marker and took an bat. She was trating him like he was made of glass, but he liked this. "Yes...i am." Arcuied said and picked up the bat, the helmet drooped over one eye.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice giggled and bowled extremely slow. Edward had appeared on the left of Arcuied, in the exact place he had seen the ball go. Alice rolled her eyes and waited for him to hit the ball.
It was done extremely fast, the ball had only just left her hands.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied had just swung hard as he could, and it hit far and wide, and he dropped the bat and ran as fast as he could to the base. "Gotta get there before edward!" Arcuied could only think.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice cheered as she instantly saw the ball go in a different direction. "RUN ARCUIED!!" She called. Edward threw the ball hard into Carlise's hand as Arcuied just landed on second base.
Alice smirked and called to Arcuied. "Watch This.." Throwing the ball the speed she was used to. Emment lazily swung it with one hand into the air, a mere two seconds after.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied was still gasping for air as he was still running by the time he reached third base. "Crap....vampire baseball sucks!" Arcuied said to himself and sighed
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Edward let out a hiss in anger. Alice told him to wait at third base. Emment was on second and laughing. Bowling again. Jasper hit the ball towards Rosalie who nimbly and beautifully caught it in mid air.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied groaned as he started to run towards the forth base. "Ugh.....geez!" Arcuied said and groaned as he ran.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Laughing Emment had scooped up Arcuied and carried him to the last base. Setting the human down he grinned. "Maybe the little human should Umpire not play..." She chuckled.
Alice laughed, her exquisite and unique laugh rang around the clearing.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied was breathing hard and panting but he was smiling at alice's beautiful laugh. He smirked and patted emmet's sholdur. "Thanks." Arcuied said and walked slowly over to alice and rested agianst her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "How was it?" She grinned, walking over to the edge of the pitch so he could sit down. Resting him in her arms, she felt the sweat roll off him. "Maybe that was a bad idea from me.."
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied giggled and nuzzled back into her arms and closed his eyes. "No i enjoyed it....but it's an bit wearing out when your'e running agianst vampires." Arcuied joked and smirked as he kissed her cheek.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Of course sweety... You better Umpire now.. Or we can go to sleep..." ALice offered brushing his hair with her fingers.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied purred softly as she brushed his hair with her fingers, he of course wanted the option where he could be with her longer. "Sleeepppp......" Arcuied said woozingly, and nuzzled into her.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: She nodded and picked Arcuied. Nodding to Edward, she speed off, gently keeping his head pressed into her breast. She leaped gracefully into the window and laid him on the bed.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and fell asleep agianst her. "Hmmmmm." Arcuied was sleeping soundly before she laid him onto the bed.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice giggled and tucked him into bed. Moving so she was sitting at his desk, she watched him, waiting till morning.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied opened his eyes, "Don't you want to lay down with me?" Arcuied pouted slightly, with laughter in his eyes.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "You need sleep... I don't sleep, I'll just annoy you.." She whispered into his ear, since she was at his side instantly.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied nuzzled back into her, and wrapped her arms around him. "I need you here...." Arcuied said in an sooothing voice.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: "Ok... go to sleep..." She whispered, hugging him tighter, but not too tight as she too, nuzzled into him.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and rested into her embrace, and slowly fell asleep happily.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice laid there, still and cold, watching the spider on thr wall, and listening to Arcuied's breathing. There were a few more premonitions but she brushed them off as she placed a gentle kiss on his forehead.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied in his sleep felt the soft kiss and smiled softly in his sleep and sighed......They were like this for the hole time he slept and then opened his eyes and yawned softly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice smiled and kissed him forehead. "Good morning... how was your sleep?" She asked, hugging him tightly. Watching the spider had been daunting, but she did run through some of the notes she had jotted down in class.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied yanwed agian and wrapped his arms around her and smiled happily. "Great....i feel so good now." Arcuied said and kissed her cheek softly and sighed warmly.
ShadesOfAutumn / Emalee: Alice smiled, "You need breakfast... I need to go home..." She told him, getting up and kissing his forehead. She waved before jumping out of the window with grace and skipping off.
Arcuied / Arcuied Tsunade: Arcuied smiled and nodded, "Goodbye." Arcuied said waving before he headed downstairs, and hugged his mother to say goodmorning, his father was out.

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