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Roleplay - Shippuden Wars. --Naruto RP-- by Puppet / Sachiko

-p Team Seven: the eternal dying flame of Konohagakure. The tale began with the Sannin, the very first team in a long and bitter tradition. They’d been the hope of the village, until Orochimaru left. It happened again with the Team Seven to which Hatake Kakashi was assigned, under the tutelage of Namikaze Minato. This time no one left the village, but Uchiha Obito was killed at the age of thirteen, bringing an end to the days of the team. Now, the mantle has been passed on. A new Team Seven has come to Konoha. Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, and Uchiha Sasuke, the second generation of Sannin. They are the final hope in a legacy that has gone on for far too long, a legacy of death, betrayal, and sorrow. Their predecessors have always learned from the mistakes of the past, determined not to make the same errors. But, no matter how much they learned… it was never enough for them to be able to save themselves. Maybe this time it will be.
-p Leaving Konohagakure was something Uchiha Sasuke acually never planned on doing. Having the power to kill Orochimaru and Itachi was another shock to him. But now finding out what the Elders of Konoha did... Sasuke is pissed. Revenge on this village, his (I home) was something he wanted.
-p Madara confronted them telling them they failed capturing the 8-tails host. Madara told them that Konoha is already destroyed and that Danzo is a new Hokage.
-p Sakura and Naruto, now powerful Sannin, each suprassing Tsunade and Jiraya, go to stop Sasuke when finding out Danzo's plans, and also Sasuke's. Nobody. (I Nobody) was going to kill Uchiha Sasuke or take down the Elders of Konoha.
-p Along with meeting up with Team Seven, Sasuke and his team fight the Uchiha's old friends. He engages in battle with them, but left them. They weren't his priority. He confronts Danzo, the new Hokage, and defeats him.
-p Just before he goes to leave his old home again, he meets up with Sakura, Naruto and Sai. Somehow, they convince him to stay home. They suggest Suigetsu, Jugo and Karin can also join, but to be watched by ANBU at all times.
-p Just over a month later, Team Seven was back to normal, almost. Tsuande was back to being Hokage, and Konoha was rebuilt.
-p During one of the days, when Team Seven and Hebi were called in to the Hokage office, they hear shocking news...
Orochimaru was alive.
-p But, as Tsunade and Sasuke soon finds out, Orochimaru is not alive physically. He is inside Sasuke. The Uchiha did not kill Orochimaru, he simply overpowered the Snake Sanin. Now Orochimaru's soul hides within Sasuke, thriving to take over Sasuke's body. Orochimaru is working on each part of Sasuke's body. He only has control of Sasuke's left arm.
-p Sasuke is losing. His body is slowly getting taken over by Orochimaru. He can feel the evil flow through his body. But what he fears the most, is hurting those who are close to him. His friends. Now Team Seven, Tsunade, and Team Hebi have to find a way to free Sasuke from Orochimaru. Again.

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h2 Rules:
1)No GM.
2) Ask to join on the OOC. >.>
3) Delete ALL OOC.
4) Absolutely NO oneliners.
5) 5-7 sentences.
6) Have fun.
7) Romance is permitted. Heavy Romance is aloud, but if it gets to the point with Cybering, please time skip or take to PM's.
8) Cussing is perfectly fine!
9) You will obey me. D:<
10) Somewhere when you ask to join, say 'The Game,' so I know you actually read the Setting and the rules and shit. (:
h2 http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/107947 <-- That is the link to the OOC. Ask to join on the OOC. Not the RP. D:<
-p Okay. >.> I don't give a damn if the person you are playing is dead or not.. They could have magically became alive. :3
h2 Characters:
(s Naruto Uzumaki - clarywhite wolf) <3
(s Sasuke Uchiha - Masumi)
(s Sakura Haruno - Me)
Kakashi Hatake -
Kiba Inuzuka -
Shino Aburam -
(s Hinata Hyuga - KageHana)
Kurenai Yuhi -
Choji Akimichi -
Shikamaru Nara -
Ino Yamanaka -
Rock Lee -
(s Neji Hyuga- Reiver)
Tenten -
Might Guy -
Tsunade -
Danzo -
Gaara -
Kankuro -
Temari -
(s Sai - Masumi)
(s Juugo - MikeyMonster.)
Shizune -
Yamato -
Itachi -
(I More will be added upon request. :3)
h1 I don't want any OC characters in my RP. So, don't ask. >.> If you do, I'll start bitching at you. So, piss off all those people who want to join my RP as a OC character..


Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura Haruno lifted a small pale hand, and wiped a drop of sweat from her forehead. Her hands dropped to her sides and she looked around. With a soft huff, she pushed off the around, and then landed on a destroyed roof. Her jade orbs moved from person to person, friend to friend. Her teeth made there way to her bottom lip, and she nibbled slightly. She huffed and then closed her eyes. “Tsunade-shishou, I will not fail you.” She said and then opened her eyes again.
She couldn't believe it. One of the strongest Ninja she knew was in coma, her teacher, Tsunade. She shook her head, and then looked around to see if she could notice Naruto or Sai. Possibly one of her friends. But she couldn't see anyone. “Dammit,” she muttered to herself, and then hopped off the roof. She landed on the ground silently and then looked around. She inhaled and exhaled, Naruto's Chakra was getting close. As well as Sai's, and Kakashi-sensei's.
Looking around, Sakura concentrated on moving to Naruto's Chakra. He was probably being his stupid old self and attacking the first person he seen. She reached in her kunai pouch and then pulled a silver-gray looking blade out, and then stopped when she was next to Naruto. “Hey,” she said, and then looked over at the hyper Ninja. <<Sorry for shortness. >_<..>>
clarywhite wolf / Clary Fray: Naruto grinned knowing he was being a sneaky little devil, sneaking up on Sakura, like that. His ebig blue eyes, bugged out as he saw the kunai and he jumped back, in a scared position, legs over stretched, like he was trying to do a dance, with ants crawling up his ass. "WHAT THE HELL!" he screeched, his voice, like nails on a chalk board. High pitched and extremely girly, sounding like a little girl on crack. "PUT THAT AWAY!!! You trying to kill me or somthing!" he shouted at her again, his voice becoming calmer as he returned to his normal position. Considering you use the word normal lightly really. He scanned her with his icy orbs, seeing that she looked bothered for some reason. Then he remembered, the old lady had been sick, and in bed. Sakura seemed to take a liking to her more than others, being as she was her apprentice. They were both scary angry....so scary he could turn in his head band, and run away forever. "Uhh.." he scratched the back up his blonde mane, reminding many of a lion, with abad hairday. "Uhh...So..She getting better?" he asked, voice sweet and alerting, a tad serious. Letting he rknow he was actually growing up. being a kid wasn't always (i him).
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's jade colored eyes narrowed and she frowned slightly. “Danzo is Hokage,” she said and then frowned, her anger rising and she turned to Naruto. Her hands balled into fists, and she smacked him over the head. “Don't be stupid, Naruto!” She said. She inhaled and then exhaled. “Look, Naruto. Danzo is the Hokage now. He says that we all have to kill Sasuke. (I Have to). Okay? Not to metion, we can't do anything because the once so power Akatsuki have attacked and basically destroyed Konoha!” She shouted, and then raised her hand with the kunai in it.
Sakura's grip tightened, and the kunai bent slightly. “You know, Naruto... We still have enemies that plan to attack Konoha, again. Because we aren't at our best right now,” she said, and then huffed. She crossed her arms over her chest, before she smacked Naruto over the head again. She noted the mark on his head, and then sighed softly.
“Sorry, Naruto.” Sakura muttered and then closed her eyes. “We have to stay alert... We have to keep watching,” she said and then huffed. Konoha was still getting the bodies of the dead cleared up. She looked over at a body that was near-by. She closed her eyes, and then shuddered. “So much death,” she muttered and then looked over at Naruto again.
Sakura bit her bottom lip, and then touched Naruto's head. Her hands glowed a bright green color and she healed him. “Sorry,” she muttered and then smiled softly at him. Her jade eyes stayed watching his sky blue ones. “Naruto... I am sorry about Jiraya... I didn't think someone like him would have died,” she said and then closed her eyes.
“I mean...” Her voice trailed off, and she smiled softly at him. “I'm weak... I can't handle having someone close to me die,” she said and then sighed softly.
clarywhite wolf / Clary Fray: Naruto stopped in his tracks, face dropped to the sky for a moment, at the mention of Jiriaya's name. It hadn't been that long since he had, (i fallen). He was his Sensei, alongside kakashi, teaching him most of the jutsu'd he had known. Passing along the title, of (i The Toad Sage), to Naruto, being the only one to master the chakra needed to summon them. He remembered all of the good times spent with the pervert, chasing down Tsunade, before Sasuke left. Mastering Resengan, the jutsu he was determined to kick Sasuke's pale ass with one way or the other. Training with him for two years, to try and surpass Sasuke. He had devoted all of his time to Jiriaya, in training. They didn't really have much time for play, except when he was catching him being dirty with his (i books), now that was a different story, then the brawl began. he tried to force himself to chuckle at the thought, but nothing came out but a sigh, as he remembered his Sensei's dead body..leaned up against a rock, saying goodbye, forever.
Turning his head back up a bit, to face Sakura he nodded, serious now of what was actually going on in Konoha. The place he wanted to reighn over and protect for the rest of his life. Giving a sad smile towards his pin haired comrade, he let out another sigh, raising his fist high over his head, making a point. "I'll protect you with my life Sakura-Chan! I don't plan on dying..Hell I can't die, If I want to become the next Hokage!" he shouted, keeping it raised. "I vow to stay alive during the war!" he shouted, honorably, looking into her beautiful eyes, like a man would do.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura looked over at Naruto and noticed his saddened face. She sighed softly. “I'm sorry, Naruto.” She muttered, and then closed her jade colored eyes. “I didn't mean to make you.. Feel sad.” She said, and then smiled. She bit her bottom lip, and then moved over towards him, and pulled the hyper Ninja into a hug.
Sakura closed her eyes and then sighed when hearing what he said about protecting her. “Naruto, I know you want to protect me.” She paused her little speech. “I need to learn how to protect myself sometimes. You and the rest of the team can't, and won't be there to save me all the time.” She said and then watched Naruto with serious eyes.
Her hand gripped the kunai, and she sighed softly. “One of the ANBU told me that Sasuke is coming here. To Konoha,” she said and watched her blond friend. She twirled the kunai with her pale fingers and watched Naruto. “But.. He isn't the same Sasuke we know. Remember that. He won't hesitate to kill us. The both of us.” She said, and then sighed. “He will probably kill us when he has the chance. And Naruto, if you plan on fighting Sasuke.... I want to try to too,” she said, and then grinned sheepishly. “I want to start the fight... And you can finish him off if he starts to kick my ass, okay?” She said, her jade eyes narrowed slightly in thought. “Promise you won't interfere?” She asked him.
clarywhite wolf / +Naruto Uzumaki+: Naruto, looked at her, face becoming angry and scruntched up more every second. Every word she spoke, was difficult for him to process and take easily. She was talking Rubbish, to him. "No, No...and NO! You don't need to interfere with (i my) fight....If he comes, you need to be protected to heal the wounded. You can't go fight him, It's suicidal Sakura!" He crossed his arms, scratching his stomach a bit. "I'm not going to let you walk into a battle, I personally know You cannot win..there's no point in trying..Just drop the matter.." he scolded, sounding more like a father talking to his daughter than anything.
"In our last battle...He got lucky, I won't let that happen again...When we meet..I'm going to save him, and convince him..That he made the wrong choice.." he sighed, trying to get his second dream out in words. All he wanted since he left, was to have him back. To have his best friend fighting long his side once again. >Sowwy its short<
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura huffed with anger. "Look, Naruto. I don't need to be protected. I am as strong as you or Sasuke, okay?" She said and then crossed her arms over her chest. "You don't need to risk your life to keep me safe. I can take care of myself. Don't worry." She bit her bottom lip and then stared at him with a serious face.
"Look, Naruto. I know it is. Can I at least help you fight with him?" She asked him, almost pleaded. She took a step towards him. "I won't get in the way of you when you fight him, I promise.." She voice became a mere whisper. "If something bad happens to (I either) of you.. I don't know what I would do," she paused for a second. "You're my best friend, I can't sit on the sidelines like a weak girl anymore. I have to fight."
Sakura inhaled and exhaled. "Yes, he did make a bad choice. And if I was stronger, I would have been able to have stopped him when he was leaving. Naruto, this is my fight as well." She said. Her hand lifted and she gently set it on his shoulder.
--Sorry.... It is really really short.--
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke pushed through the overgrown trees located on the outskirts of Konoha, if that would even be the proper term. He was currently quite far from the village where Sakura and Naruto resided, about another full day and a half's travel without rest at their flying pace. However since he had Karin, Juugo and Suigetsu right behind him, and Suigetsu complaining of needing more rest it would be impossible to be there anytime soon. He kept his team pushing forward, running through the trees toward his destination to attack the Konoha elders. He clenched his hand into a tight fist, remembering when he had taken Orochimaru's life, and Itachi's. Sasuke knew what would be awaiting for him and his team in Konoha; of course not a warm, welcome to his home, but cold shoulders and glares. Many people would want to challenge him, but he had surpassed some of the most feared Shinobi, and he knew no one would take him on except for his old team. Sakura, Kakashi, Naruto.. his thoughts trailed off to their new teammate; he'd only crossed paths with him a few times, Sai was his name. He would take his team down if needed, they would be more than in his way for he had no intention of returning to the Village that destroyed him. <<<Gomen, it's short. I'm about to get kicked off the computer, next one will be longer.>>>
clarywhite wolf / +Naruto Uzumaki+: Naruto looked away for a meer second, wanting to let Sakura do this, but at the same time...I mean, she could get killed. This was a battle between him and Sasuke, something he felt no need to let Sakura get involved In. But, being the pink haired pest she was, he knew he would never hear the end of It If he didn't give In and let Sakura help. After all Sasuke was her team mate to and had every right to bring him back.
Scratching his head, he sighed, "Fine...just promise me, you won't do the imposable...or attempt." his gaze flickered over her, making her understand just what he was trying to get across. They weren't playing dumb missions, this was Sasuke they were dealing with, the toughest opponent aside from the Akatski and even them It could be debatable. It wasn't like bringing Sasuke back was going to be easy, not even a little bit. "I can't lose two team mates.." he smiled, that cheesy grin at her, already trying to brighten up their surroundings
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's face lit. "Thanks Naruto!" She said and then wrapped her arms around him and then kissed his cheek. She blinked a few times and then stepped away from her teammate. Her face became serious as she nodded. "Don't worry, Naruto. I won't do anything stupid. Like I said, I will stay on the sidelines unless you need help, okay?" She said and then her smile came back. She punched his arm playfully. "So, you ready to look for him, or...?" She stared at her blond-haired friend, and then looked around.
She inhaled and exhaled. "Same for me, Naruto. I can't lose another friend, and teammate." She said, and flashed him a grin. Her nose wrinkled. "But, I heard that Sasuke has his own little team." She sniffed playfully. "We have been replaced." Her voice was playful, but also serious. "When we meet up with Sasuke, we will be outnumbered." She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed. "Which means, I probably won't even get to help you fight Sasuke because I will most likely be fighting one of his (I beautiful) little team people," she said. Her teeth bit down on her bottom lip. "Maybe we should get Sai... Or no?" Her eyes flickered back to Naruto, and she grinned.
<<Naruuutooo! D: You called me a pink-haired pest! D: *Feels hurt* I'm going to go cry...>>
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: The sun trailed heavily over the landscape as Gaara walked. Being in the allied country, home to the Hokage, a small smile forms on his face as he enjoys the green scenery he is incapable of viewing in his home country. All kidding aside, he had come to aide the country after getting wind of Sasuke's return. Sasuke, being a full-blooded Uchiha, would be a very difficult opponent to handle for even an experienced nin.
As the scenario turns into a smouldering mass, his smile fades. Examining the fields, it must have been an ambush. Relieving a sigh, he senses two chakra signatures. After further examination, it was Naruto's and Sakura's. Making his way towards the two's location, his tone its usual serenity. "Hello there Naruto, Sakura. I take it you know what's happened here as well?"
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura looked over at Gaara and then nodded quickly. She sighed softly as she turned her body fully towards the red-haired ninja. "Hello Gaara-san," she said softly. She chewed on her bottom lip, and then shyly reached over and hugged him. She pulled away from the hug and then smiled softly. "We, Naruto and I, were going to find Sasuke." She said and then crossed her arms over her chest nervously. She looked back at Naruto and then looked at Gaara. "Uhm, do wish wish to come as well?" She asked, being polite. She shifted her weight and then continued to smile at Gaara. She pulled on her black gloves slowly and then sighed quietly. Her eyes flickered towards the trees, and then back to Gaara again.
Sakura was starting to get really nervous. Very nervous, actually. She shifted her weight again and then put her hands to her hips. She then folded her arms across her chest, and then inhaled and exhaled. "Sorry, Gaara-san. I am rather nervous." She muttered and then smiled at the Sand Ninja. She could feel 4 very faint chakra's near-by, but she bit her lip and shrugged it off.
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: Not expecting the hug, he accepted it nonetheless. Listening to her request, he replied. "Yes, that is the premise of my being here." Seeing her quite fidgetty made him wonder for a bit until he felt the presence of 4 chakra signatures that weren't well known to him. His eyes return back towards Sakura, his tone its usual gentleness. "Perhaps there is some way I could remedy your situation?"
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura looked around nervously again and then focused her gaze on Gaara. "Uh... No?" Her voice sounded unsure. She smiled the best she could and then inhaled sharply. "Okay. Let's just okay. Sorry, Gaara-san, I am getting really... Impatient." She said and then grinned at him. She turned her body away from her and then closed her eyes. When they opened again she looked back at Gaara. "One of the Chakra's is Sasuke's. I recognize only one Chakra, and that is of (I Karin.)" She spat the red-haired girls name with anger. "There's four. I know his Team mates names, but I don't know who is who. There is one named Jugo, another named Suigetsu, and you know the girls name." Her eyes flickered back towards the trees as she began to walk. "The boy, Jugo, I wanna fight him." She said and then flexed her hands into fists. She smiled slightly and then hopped up on a tree branch. "Uhm.. Yeah." She stopped and then put her hand on the trunk of the tree. Her jade irises looked over at Naruto and then Gaara. "Maybe we should find Sai?" She suggested quietly and then sighed again.
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: Listening to her words, he put them to memory. (I Sasuke, a girl named Karin, a boy named Jugo and another named Suigetsu. We will need another person at least to counter any kind of group attacks on one of us.) Nodding in conclusion, jumping up on the same branch as Sakura. "Yes, we will need another member before we should attempt to oppose the group. We should locate Sai immediately." Looking down at Naruto, a small smile on his face. "Come Naruto, we wouldn't want to start the fight without you there." Gaara awaits Sakura's initial movement, as she would most likely know where he might be.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura glanced up, and she watched as Gaara came beside her. She smiled softly and then bit her bottom lip. Her eyes flitted towards where the Chakra's were. "Remember the name's I have told you, Gaara-san." She said and then smiled warmly at him. She began to hop from branch to branch. "But remember, Gaara-san. These Ninja will be powerful. Very powerful." She said and then closed her eyes. "The Chakra in the lead is... Sasuke's..." Her voice trailed off as she spoke his name. She inhaled and exhaled and shook her head. She felt fear consume her. No time for feeling scared now, Sakura. Her inner said and then shook her head. I know... She answered other Sakura back. "Geez," she muttered and hopped on a branch. "I can't wait for Naruto..." She muttered. "He'll catch up. Gaara-san and I will be safe." She muttered to herself and then bit her bottom lip. Her eyes closed and she inhaled. Her jade irises flashed open and she hopped on the ground. She stepped through the thicket and then paused in the smallest of a clearing. She stood there and waited. They would be here in a few minutes, and Gaara could have time to catch up. We're going to be safe She thought, calming herself. Or at least trying to. She crossed her arms over her chest and stared forward. Waiting. Fearing.
Masumi / :Sai:: <<<Gomen.>>>
Sai walked down one of the roads in the village, fake smile plastered onto the boy's face. He was only about two blocks away from the Hokage Tower, having just come back from a small brunch with Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino. He had spoken with them of the rumor that Sasuke was headed into Konoha, he quickly finished and excused himself to search for Naruto and Sakura. He didn't know much of the situation, but right away he hated it; he loathed the betraying, lying bastard that had left everything good in his life for power. He had amazing people to hang around, a great home to live in, a great Hokage to guide him and he was powerful enough. But he threw it all away, he deserved to die. The thoughts of this brought his smile down, his mouth turning into a slight frown as he wandered the streets of Konoha in search for his friends. <<< It's 2AM, I'm brain dead. Excuse my once again, crappy post. >>>
Reiver / Neji.: Neji walked slowly helping the anbu and Jonin collect their fallen. With the village in a mere shell of its former self and many of its great ninja's dead and injured the village was at its weakest. Neji himself had not slept in two days. He was finally given a break but who the hell could sleep at this point. He walked around looking for his freinds. Lee and Ten Ten were nowhere to be found. But Sakura Naruto and Gaara were in plain sight. He strolled up to them and traced them all with his glazed eye. His now black outfit. He had been wearing white clothing until it had been covered in blood from the bodies. So he changed into these. "Hey guys."
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura glanced over at Neji as he appeared. She turned her body towards him and then smiled. "Hello Neji." She said and then sighed softly. Her jade irises flickered towards where the chakra's were coming from, and then back to Neji. She shuffled back and then stared down at the grass. "Do you know where Sai is?" She asked him and then lifted her gaze to meet Neji's. "We need Sai before Sasuke's team comes. Which will be in a few minutes. We don't have that much time, and there is four of them." She said and then looked back to where Sasuke's Chakra was. Her arms crossed over her chest and then she looked over at Neji and Gaara. Her eyes flickered to both, and then landed on Neji again. Her eyes traveled from his feet to meet back to his gaze. "Nice... Clothes." She said and then grinned at him. She turned her back towards them and then sighed. Now, they had to wait. "The joy..." Sakura muttered quietly to herself.
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai became distracted by all the piles of dead bodies, the entire village completely destroyed. Buildings were about ready to fall, threatening anyone who would be standing in their way. He sighed, but knew that he had just taken his break and it was time to get to work, if Sasuke was as close as they were saying, he would be storming through the gates of Konoha within the next 24 hours. He could feel his chakra off in the distance, coming closer, bearing a great threat to his village which he had sworn to protect. He stared up at the Hokage Tower, no longer in it's former beauty. He had heard from Danzo earlier that they had summoned the help of Suna, therefore Gaara was to be lingering around here somewhere as well. It clicked in his mind that they were probably greeting him at the gates, or somewhere around there. He changed his course and headed toward where he thought they may be. Every few moments his eyes flickered left and right, seeing the few people left in the village all mourning lost love, pain ever visible in their eye. They were in no state to fight Uchiha Sasuke, or his platoon.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin followed quietly behind Sasuke, her crimson colored eyes stared at his back. "Um, Sasuke-kun?" She moved to run next to him. "What are you going to do when you go back to that pathetic village of yours?" She asked him, and stared at him intently. The Uchiha, her crush, didn't say what he was going to do when he got there.
Karin searched her brain for ideas. Maybe to go kill that pink-haired girl! Or to kill his whole team! Maybe even kill the Hokage! She smiled dreamily at Sasuke. He was such a hottie, strong too. Oh no... But if he went to see the pink-haired brat... And not to kill her?! Karin gasped loudly at the nightmare.
(I He would never do that! He likes me only! Nobody else!) She told herself and then looked forward. (I Why would I even think like that? Sasuke wouldn't go after a girl with an odd hair-color.) Karin shook her head and then looked over at Sasuke again. What was he thinking? He always looked so serious. Very serious. Didn't he ever smile?
<<Er, it sucks. TT~TT I know. I'll get more into character later on. Heh. >.< >>
Masumi / :Sai:: Sasuke continued to push forward, keeping in his thoughts for a while longer not bothering to pay full attention to Karin. She was annoying anyway, but eventually her voice got to him and he looked at her out of the corner of his eye, his face completely expressionless as usual. He hated how much she clung onto him, but she was strong and that’s what he needed. “Hn.” Was his simple reply, turning his attention back to the path before him which would lead them to Konoha in 24 hours or less. He glanced back over his shoulder at Suigetsu, wondering if he would still be able to fight after such a long and tiring run. He himself was slightly worn down, but he didn’t dwell on the thought. He gained speed a bit, moving slightly away from Karin so she wouldn’t be directly on his heels as usual. This bothered him, but he never showed it. The Uchiha lost himself back in his thoughts of his plan, and how he should execute it. There would be lots of nin ready, they hadn’t exactly the element of surprise that would be quite useful. However, his team was strong and he knew without a doubt they could bring down his targets as planned.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura glanced around as Sai came into view. She turned towards him and then jumped up and down. She waved her hands around. "Sai!" She shouted and then used one hand to wave at him. She continued to jump and then smiled. Some odd reason, the annoying boy made her smile or feel happy when he was around.
Sai was like a brother to Sakura. The older brother she never had. She stopped waving and jumping and then looked back towards the trees. She bit her bottom lip and then gripped the kunai that was now in her hands. Sakura closed her eyes and then leaned against at tree and hummed softly to herself. "Do you think we can bring him back?" She asked nobody in particular. She straightened her stance and then sighed. "I think we should continue forward until we meet up with him," she said and then started to walk forward. "The suspense is killing me," she said and then laughed quietly and shook her head. "Sai. Hurry up!" She shouted over her shoulder.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin frowned when Sasuke didn't answer her. She closed her eyes and then inhaled. Her head turned forward and she opened her eyes. She huffed and then sped up to be beside him once again. "What are you thinking about, Sasuke-kun?" She asked and then batted her eye-lashes at him. She was a flirting mood, even though she knew a battle was to begin. She looked forward as she felt five chakra's. "Sasuke-kun, there are five chakra's. They are all rather powerful. Some seem familiar. The hyper blond, the pink-haired freak-show, that emotionless looking boy, and two others I don't know." She said and then looked over at Sasuke. "Your teammates are waiting for you, Sasuke-kun. Are you going to kill them? I'll be gladly to help you. Especially if you want that pink-haired girl to die." She said and then smiled at Sasuke.
Karin would to anything to get rid of the competition, or threat. She knew Sakura meant nothing to Sasuke, but Karin still felt like Sakura was a threat. She smiled again at Sasuke and then moved closer to him.
Reiver / Neji.: Neji smiled weakly. "Thanks." He said turning back to the forest. "You know you may never get him back... are you ready to accept that?" He asked right before making a mad dash after her and Sai. If only those two went the both would surely die. He activated his Byakugan and saw clearly the three that were running his way. One was Sasuke obviously as emotionally deprived as ever, a non too shy based on her choice in dress girl and a really weird looking guy. "Here they come..." He said quietly.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu kept a moderate pacew with the others. He wasn't to teribbly desprete to be all buddy buddy with sasuke and he hated Karin with every ounce of his being. "You know he won't respond to you." He said taking another sip of his water. He almost always had a bottle of water in his hands.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke once more stayed silent ignoring the annoying redhead until she had spoken of the chakra of his old friends, his old teammates. He'd already picked up on them a while ago, not bothering much about it since they were still far in the distance. He knew all of the chakras; Sakura, Naruto, Neji, Sai and Gaara. His eyes darted to Suigetsu once he spoke, and gave a simple "Hn." In neither agreement, nor disagreement.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin's eyes narrowed to a glare. "He only isn't talking to me because you're here." She said with annoyance and then pushed up her glasses. "Sasuke-kun," She batted her eyelashes at him, again. "Where are (I we) going to go when you're finished here?" She asked, emphasizing we. "As in... You and I. Just us. Nobody (I else,)" She said, and then smiled at him. Her crimson eyes flickered forward. "They've stopped Sasuke-kun," she said and then looked over at him again. "We will probably be there in about 10 minutes," she said and then huffed a sigh.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu smiled. 'Really when was the last time he spoke to you, outside of combat and telling you to shut the hell up dosen't count either." He said with a light chuckle. He let his water bottle drop as his body slowly started to mimic that of his old predisesor. Zabuza Momochi. This disguise should stir up some represed memories for the blond brat and pink haired annoyance.
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai looked over at Sakura when she had waved and called out his name, rather loudly. He mentally sighed, then broke into a run to join her and the rest of the group. Upon reaching them, he spoke up "Hello, Sakura-chan, Naruto-kun, Neji-san, Gaara-sama." he greeted them all, a smile now plastered onto his face. "It seems Sasuke is coming for a visit. His chakra is quite close, to answer your question, Sakura, if we can bring him back, he won't come easily. Especially since he has his own platoon now." His smile disappeared at the thought of Uchiha Sasuke coming back to the village; Danzo certainly wouldn't hear it and would kill him immediately. He knew how much pain he had caused his friends, and that was one of the main reasons why he loathed the Uchiha.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura smiled warmly at Sai. "Hello Sai." She said and then looked forward once again. She nodded slightly. "I know. He will be hard to bring back. And his group, they will be very strong Ninja." She said and then looked over at Sai as she spoke. "We mustn't underestimate them." She stared at Sai for a while and then looked forward again. She bit her bottom lip and then looked at him. "You... Don't think Sasuke would kill us if he had the chance, do you?" She asked him slightly nervously.
Sakura had always felt she could tell Sai anything. It seemed like he listened when she spoke. That was a good thing. She looked over at him again, and then chewed on her lower lip.
Sakura's eyes saddened at the thought of Sasuke actually killing his friends. She knew he cared for them, even though he claimed he didn't. He cared. She knew he did. She looked forward once again and stared at the grass.
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai's eyes saddened at her question, he looked down. Any trace of his earlier smile had been completely wiped from his face "To be honest, Sakura... I think so." he knew she needed to hear it, they all did. It hurt, and he knew it would, but it was the truth they all needed to realize that if they were to oppose him, he didn't think the Uchiha would hesitate to kill them. All fell silent for a while before he looked up, straight into Sakura's eyes "I will protect you. I won't let him bring more harm to my friends than he already has." His smile was offered to her once more. (I He has to come back, or he has to die. This won't be the last of Team 7.) he added mentally, and that's when he made the choice. He would kill Uchiha Sasuke if he posed a higher threat on the village; he knew deep down inside they knew they would have to take him out too, it was their duty as Shinobi.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura looked over at Sai and noticed how his eyes saddened. She bit her bottom lip and then smiled softly at him. "You don't have to risk your life like everyone else to protect me, Sai." She murmured in a quiet voice. She gently put her hand on his shoulder as they walked closer to meet with Sasuke and his team.
Sakura kept her hand on his shoulder for a few minutes, and then dropped her hand. She looked forward again and then continued to walk. "I don't need everyone I know to keep on protecting me," she said as she looked forward, not daring to look back towards Sai. "I'm strong enough to protect myself. Don't worry about me, Sai. Just worry about keeping yourself safe. I don't want to see you get hurt." She looked over at him as she spoke the last sentence. "You mean a lot to me, Sai." She stared into his eyes for a long moment before she smiled at him. Her pale hand lifted, and she brushed some of her petal pink hair from her face. She let her hand drop to her side again, and then continued to watch Sai.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu smiled under the cloth of his desguise. His basic transformation jutsu made him look exactly like the now decieced Demon of the Mist. He darted a little ahead of the group. Sasuke had his plans and Karin would probably try feeling him up the whole way so the least he could do was have some fun in a fight. He saw a kid with long black hair and pale eyes. He grinned and hurlled his huge sword at the boy. He spun around quickly creating a dome of chakra around him. "Sasuke told me about you..." He said disapearing just as his blade crashed against the sheild and fell to stab into the ground. Once it was fermly in place he appeared standing on the handle. "Water dragon.." He said thrusting his hand forward just as the sheild fadded. His palm crashed into the hyuga until the water that erupted from the soil around him took over. It carried his limo body into a tree hard. Zabuza as it were now looked over to sakura and naruto. "Guess who's back."
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin rolled her eyes at Suigetsu and then paused beside him. She had her hands to her hips and she glared at Sakura and Naruto. Her crimson eyes flickered to Sakura. "Why don't you move out of the way, brat?" She said and then focused her gaze towards Naruto. "Sasuke-kun doesn't want to see you," she said. "So why don't you guys leave him alone and let him do his stuff here so me and him can go live our lives together?" She asked him and then rolled her eyes at the Ninja of Konoha and then looked back at Sakura.
"She looks like a whore." Karin muttered as she stared at Sakura. A smirk twitched its way on her rose color lips as she waited for Sakura's come back. She looked back at Sasuke. "I don't see how you could stand her!" Karin said as she fixed her glasses and pointed to Sakura. "You look very annoying, and like a fangirl." She said and then looked back at Sakura again. She payed no attention to any of the others in the group. (I The little girl must die!)
Masumi / :Sai:: Sasuke stared forward as he listened to Suigetsu and Karin's bickering, his paitence with his new team was wearing quite thin. His eyes darted to Sakura as Karin spoke of the lies of the non-existant relationship between himself and her. The Uchiha smirked, knowing full-well Sakura still had feelings toward him, he wondered if she had finally learned he wouldn't return them and it shouldn't get in the way of her training. His eyes now swept over this old friends, sharingan activated however not to it's full extent of Mangekyo. "Shinobi of Konoha," He started by addressing them, not wanting to lose the time of doing so by their names, "If your main intention is to make me return, it is in vain. We haven't come to join what's left of your village." He rejected what he knew would be their main goal, to get him to come back 'home'. He was also aware of the other reason they were here, as Shinobi, it was their duty to protect their village and they wouldn't stand down; the battle started here.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's arms crossed over her chest as she watched as Sasuke's team stopped a few feet away from them. Sakura's jade irises stopped on Karin and her eyes narrowed to a glare. "I wouldn't be talking, four-eyes." She muttered. Her eyes flickered to Sasuke and the corners of her lips twitched into a frown. She took a step forward, and put her hands to her hips. "Please, Sasuke. We are merely here to protect our village," she said as she watched Sasuke.
She bit her bottom lip with nervousness and then closed her eyes. "And to protect someone we (I all) care about." Her eyes opened and she looked over at the silver-haired boy. Her eyes narrowed again, and flickered from Suigetsu and Karin. "It's Sharkboy and Lavagirl all over again. But Lavagirl is uglier." She said and then smirked slightly.
Sakura's eyes flickered to Sasuke again and she inhaled. "Sasuke, why are you here?" She asked him with a soft voice. She exhaled with a gentle sigh and she watched Sasuke with sad eyes. "Danzo is Hokage, Sasuke. He wants to kill you."
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai had smirked when he heard Sasuke reject the idea of him returning, "Good, Uchiha. You're hardly welcome here any longer." He voiced in his opinion, once again letting his hatred for the Uchiha whom he hated so much, who he himself was seen as a replacement in the eyes of some. He stepped beside Sakura, eyes glancing over toward her. He knew she had been lying a little about only protecting their village, he knew very well she wanted Sasuke back. Of course, Sai would help as much as he could to make his friend happy by doing his part to help bring him back, despite his feelings for him. "Uchiha, you'll die here if you start something. Our patience for you is wearing quite thin."
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin's eyes widened slightly. "Four-eyes?! Lavagirl?!" Her eyes hardened to a glare. "Who the hell do you think you are, pink-haired freak?!" She asked Sakura and then glared. She looked back at Sasuke and then pointed towards Sakura. "Sasuke-kun! Do something about her!" She shrieked and then turned her hateful gaze towards Sakura. "You with the fake smile!" She pointed towards Sai. "You will not touch (I my) Sasuke-kun. He will not die by you or any of these pathetic Shinobi in the village!" She said, her anger was quickly raising.
Karin looked back at Sakura. "We're here because, well... Because we are!" She said stupidly and then crossed her arms over her chest. She sent another hateful glare towards Sakura. "Why don't you just leave Sasuke-kun alone? Geez, we are happy together and don't want any pink-haired freaks to reunion our relationship!" She said and then went to grab Sasuke's hand. She hand it firmly and then pulled him closer to herself. "He's (I mine) not (I yours.)"
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu grinned at the shark boy comment. Hell he actually took it as a compliment more so than a insult. "Why thank you..." He said with plenty of venom in his voice. After a few moments of the mindless bickering he groaned. "Can we just kill them already?" He asked looking back to sasuke only to see Karin grab his hand and pull him toward her. (I Well Karin's dead.) He thought with a smirk. He was sure sasuke would kill her for that. He hated people looking at him karin might as well tried hugging him.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke stared at Sai, not at all impressed by the way he spoke to him. "I'm not here to be warmly welcomed, Sai. I'm here to destroy whats left of your pathetic village." He then slapped Karin's hand away from his, only hard enough to get the idea through to her that if she pulled something like that again there would be consequences to pay. To help her better understand, he also looked toward her with a hard glare in his eye "Enough of this, Suigetsu, Juugo, Karin." his gaze turned back to his opponents, "Harm them as much as you wish. Don't kill any of them." (I They're not our main goal.) he added in his head, lifting his hand to his back, drawing out his katana. The metal sang as it was unsheathed, ready for the oncoming battle.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin winced and then grabbed her hand when Sasuke slapped it away from him. She looked down and stared at the reddened tattoo on her creamy colored skin. She bit her bottom lip and then looked back up with a hated glare. "Finally, some action." She looked at her teammates and then smirked. "Who gets who?" She asked Sasuke quietly. Her crimson eyes flickered to Sasuke and then back to her opponents.
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Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura chewed on her pale pink lip and then moved back behind the others. (I Hurt them as much as you wish. Don't kill any of them.) The words spoken from Sasuke echoed through Sakura's head. Did that mean (I maybe) he still cared for them? Sakura hid behind her friends, knowing that she was not to get injured during a battle. She was the medic nin, and therefore had to stand on the sidelines.
Sakura wanted to fight with the others, but she knew that she could not. Maybe, just maybe, she would go after the girl. Sakura didn't know the fighting style of Suigetsu or Karin, but she knew how Sasuke fought. Her jade irises flickered to all of her friends, and then landed on Sasuke again. (I He won't really kill us...) She told herself and then let out a shaky breath. She stayed a few meters away from them and watched her oppents carefully.
Reiver / suigetsu.: After a few seconds of inword happyness due to sasuke's reaction to how he batted Karin's hand way. "Wait don't kill them? I thought we were here to end the village as long as they are still alive they'll try and stop us." He said curiously. He turned and stared at sai. "That one I want."
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai glared at the Uchiha, "Uchiha, what are your intentions? You wish to storm upon our village and yet have no intention of killing us, however we will come at you with murderous intent. I hate to repeat myself, but you will die here." he smiled fakely again, the glare wiped from his face with no sign of it left over. "We are not intimidated by you and your platoon, Uchiha." he addressed him again then ending it there. He watched as he unsheathed his sword, his thoughts flickering back to when he had attacked Naruto a while ago. He couldn't remember how long, but he looked over at his friend who had stayed completely silent. He wished he could embrace him to comfort him, but this wasn't the time for such a thing no matter how he was feeling. His attention was brought back to Suigetsu once he stared at him, "I have a name, it's Sai, fishface." his cheshire grin re-appeared.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin sidestepped to be beside Suigetsu. Her hand was still positioned down at her hip. Her eyes narrowed slightly at Sai, definitely not liking the way she was talking to her Sasuke. "Don't talk to Sasuke-kun that way," she said, speaking her words with menace. She watched Sai carefully. "I'm fighting him as well, Suigetsu." She said, her crimson irises flickered to him and then back to Sai. "And would you (I please) stop with that fake smile. It's pissing me off." She said, and then rolled her eyes. Her eyes flickered to Sakura. (I Maybe I should go after her?) She thought to herself. Her body moved towards the girl who was hiding like a whimp behind her friends. "This freak is mine," she said and then took a step towards the pink-haired girl.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke, now armed with his fully unsheathed katana, didn't bother to glance over at Suigetsu. He knew his order was final and he meant it; he could ask him of his true intentions later. The Uchiha didn't bother on replying to Sai, or Suigetsu. He glanced over at Karin, sharingan now fully activated as a warning toward her that the time for chit-chat was over and the battle was to have started as he had previously ordered. "Once you three have control here, I will move on into the village in order to complete our mission."
CalebCross / Caleb-Cross: Caleb doesn't move, at his spot near Sakura. He keeps his eyes on their oponents, not saying a word. He feels, for some reason, extremely relaxed, every single movement and sound made by their oponents analized to the sharpest point. As his eyes come to rest on Sasuke's, he feels his muscles tense, hoping that he won't have to use the Rinnegan against his Sharingan, not of fear of losing, but of fear of losing control so close to his comrades. He keeps close to Sakura, protectively, knowing she might be needed later, hoping her hot-headed temper won't force her to do something they'd all regret. He also keeps an eye on Sai, still unsure if he should help him, or stand by Sakura, he stands his ground, ready to jump in at any sighn that he is needed.
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai continued his smile at Karin, "I think you're fat, maybe if you smiled more Sasuke would be able to stand to even look at you." he insulted, knowing that would be a weak point. Something moved behind him, causing him to twitch as he realized the newcomer behind him and Sakura. He'd been exceptionally close to her to keep her safe, that was his promise and he'd keep it. He glanced over his shoulder, his smile wiped from his face completely "Back off from Sakura. It's my duty to protect her" He snapped quietly, his aura quickly changing, "Unless you're needing to be needing her healing every few moments." he offered his smile again, easy to read and yet so hard to understand. Fake, happy, teasing, emotionless, insulting. Yes, this smile confused many but Sai didn't give a damn.
CalebCross / Caleb-Cross: Caleb moves slowly, his eyes still on Sasuke's, moving up a bit, a few feet away from Sai, next to him. His face keeps the same relaxed, slightly worried expression as before. He looks at Sai, his eyes telling him all he wants to say in the split second their eyes meet. " Keep her safe." He says, his smooth voice in a bit of an asking tone. He turns his attention back towards their oponents. " I'll probably need her later.." He adds on, mumbling this, talking more to himself than to Sai. His eyes rested back at Sasuke's.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke smirked, knowing this would end fast. Slight irritation built up from such a long time waiting, they could very well have reinforcements all around them, to which Sasuke wasn't bothered in the slightest bit. He knew he could easily handle anyone from Konoha. His sharingan swirled as he charged forward, katana chidori-charged and buzzing with the sound of it, warning all of the pain lighting style could cause. Sasuke was faster now than he had been when he had attempted on Naruto's life at Orochimaru's Hideout all that time ago, meaning he would have a few seconds before anyone could register the fact that he had moved, and this would give his team enough time to act as well so they couldn't all gang up on the Uchiha. In a matter of seconds, he was on the other side of the group with his katana attempted to slice through Naruto's stomach, of course with no means to cut him in half but enough for there to be a scar, and for it to bleed more than enough.
The sharingan swirled in his eye, the scenes changed as it had instead happened to caleb, slicing his back. He had captured him easily in his genjutsu when they had made eye contact, this part of his well-formed plan. He was able to easily dodge any attacks thrown his way afterward with the help of his Sharingan. He only wanted to wound them slightly so he could get away, leaving it easier for his team to finish them enough so they could continue on in the village.
CalebCross / Caleb-Cross: Caleb's body disperses into a cloud of smoke as Sasuke's blade makes contact. He appears behind Sasuke, a katana sword flashing at the back of Sasuke's neck. Caleb's eyes are now a Grey-Purple, with ripple-like patterns around his pupil. He keeps the blade at Sasuke's neck, threatening to slice his head off in a second at any sighn of movement.
" I'm not that easy." He says, as a light, throbbing pain begins in his temple. " You're gonna have to do much more than this to get to me.."
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's eyes flickered to Sai, Caleb and then Sasuke. The main threat right now was Sasuke, so Sakura planned, unwilling, to stay away from the Uchiha. She wondered why Sai acted like that when Caleb moved close to her. But, the pink-haired girl moved away from Sasuke and the others. She listened to Sai's comment about Karin and, in the middle of a battle, she couldn't help but giggle.
Sakura's eyes focused on Sasuke as she watched him attack Naruto and then Caleb. Sakura's eyes flitted back to Naruto when she noticed some blood. She cursed under her breath and then moved towards her friend. Her hands glowed a bright green color as she only healed a bit of it, knowing that the Kyubi's Chakra would be able to heal him. She stepped away from Naruto and then looked towards Caleb. Did he need help? She didn't want to go anywhere closer to Caleb because of the Uchiha. Damn, she always hated fights. She could attack Sasuke, get killed, or... She could watch her friends die. That or she could run like a coward. But she wouldn't do that.
Sakura inhaled and then bit her bottom lip. (I Okay... What do I do?) She searched her mind for an answer. Maybe attack Sasuke and then hide behind her fights again? Yeah... That seemed like a good idea. But maybe.. It wasn't. She bit her lip. God, what could she do?!
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin's eye's widened. "Fat?!" She screeched. "And excuse me! But, Sasuke-kun looks at me all the time! I'm beautiful! Sexy! Way hotter then any of the girls in Konoha!" She bellowed and then resisted the urge to attack Sai. She looked over at Sasuke, not giving a damn if he was attacking someone.
"Sasuke-kun!" She screamed. "Stand up for your girlfriend!" She glared over at Sai and then looked at Sakura. "You!" She pointed her finger towards her. "You pink-haired brat! Stop hiding like a fucking whimp, and fight." She shouted, her anger easily rising as she shouted at everyone. And it was all thanks to Sai. So, they would have to listen to Karin's yelling for a good.... Oh half and hour maybe.
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai moved out of range of Sasuke's katana, allowing Caleb to take him on with his rinnegan instead. He refrained from collecting Sakura in his arms to hide her elsewhere, preferably away with Neji for better protection, "Stay out of this fight. We need you later." he kissed her forehead before leaving her with Naruto and Gaara. He knew he should go after Suigetsu; but he knew Caleb was no match for Sasuke.
CalebCross / Caleb-Cross: Unwillingly, Caleb feels himself smile as he stands behind Sasuke. He quickly presses pointed fingers at Sasuke's arms, not wanting to do too much that would leave him defenseless. The rinnegan gave him a full three-sixty view of his sorroundings, along with a view of the chackra in the other ninjas around him. His ocular vision, not as good as Sasuke's, but good enough to at least retaliate to his attacks, was also an advantage he had. But still, he keeps it simple, not wanting to put himself or the others around him in jeapordy, in full defence.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu didn't wait and bicker like Karin. There was a fight to be had and damn well he was going to take it. In a heart beat he vanished and appeared infront of sai. He balled up his right fist then put his left hand over it. With the added strength of his left arm he thrust his right elbow into sai's chest with bone shattering force. Unfortunatly for everyone besides him and sasuke this suigetsu was only a water clone. Expendable and if anything only another threat to the enemy. The real suigetsu was standing on a tree beside sasuke and his opponant. Sasuke's sharingan was going to get a good use now. Finally his long line of handsigns ended and a grin crept on his lips. "Hidden mist jutsu." He said as the a thick fog rolled around the area. In a matter of seconds you couldn't see three feet infront of you. Well that was besides suigetsu and sasuke. Sasuke had his peirceing eye, suigetsu had trained himself to see through the mist, hell maybe even karin had grown able to see through it as well they always fought together after all.
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Meido12 / :::Mai:::: Mai jumped from tree to tree. She was just heading back to the Akatsuki base after a mission she was assigned to do. Her violet side-ponytail wallowed in the wind as she ran. Whips of air passed by her ears as her feet hit each branch making her move faster.
She soon stopped dead in a tree noticing a fight was going on. She smiled and sat in the tree branch. This should be fun to watch. 6 people about to beat the crap out of each other. In fact it already started. She noticed the white haired boy punch the black haired boy in the ribs.
Mai giggled silently as she watched. (i What a great break period!) She thought happily. (i No dinner, but a great show!) She snickered in her mind and kept watching the battle unfold.
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: <I see. Hmm...>
After analysing all of the commotion from both sides, he concluded the identities of the enemy. (I So that's Karin, and Suigetsu. But what of this Jugo? I have yet to confirm his identity.) He didn't ponder on the thought as knowing these two were enough, along with Sasuke. His stride cautious as he makes his way semi-close to the fight, the sands beginning to flow out of the top of his gourd. (I Caleb and Sasuke are currently fighting, Suigetsu and Sai, Karin is open for an attack, though being within a close proximity of Sasuke, he will most likely try to fend the attack away.)
Off to the side, he felt an unknown chakra signal. (I Could that be Jugo, planning for a sneak attack?) It was only a possibility, so his main focus was on the fight before him. The sands beginning to pour out of his gourd, the sand flows across the ground, catching all opposing forces in place.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: <<I know, Rei-chan! I absolutely love this Karin picture. XD It's awesome.>>
Sakura's body visibly froze. (I Girlfriend?) The pink-haired girl blinked a few times with horror. "Girlfriend?" She murmured to herself. (I No.. Sasuke wouldn't date someone that her... Would he?) Sakura stared at Karin and then shook her head. Her body relaxed slightly and then froze again once Sai's lips pressed against her forehead. Her hand lifted and gently touched where his lips touched her skin.
Sakura's eyes flashed with hatred once Karin had made the comment about her being weak and a whimp. Her hands flexed into a fist and the corners of her lips twitched to a frown. "I'm not weak, nor am I a whimp.." She muttered and then looked up at Karin with even more hatred. She absolutely hated when people called her weak. A few Ninja on a mission, a few months back found that out the hart way... Sakura clenched and unclenched her fist again and again until her hand stayed into a tight fist. "I'm not weak..."
Reiver / Neji.: Neji stood up and coughed up what ever little water that was in his lungs. He stumbled to his feet and walked toward sakura. He stood beside her. "You ok sakura?" He asked looking back to the girl across from him.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura looked over to Neji and then nodded. "Hai, I'm okay, Neji-san." She said. Her eyes flitted over towards Caleb, a quiet sigh escaped her lips. She moved towards Caleb and stood beside him. Didn't he know that your not supposed to fight Sasuke alone unless you were Itachi or someone? Geez. Sasuke could look at you and you'd die.
Sakura ignored Karin completely, it seemed to work when she ignored Naruto or Sai, so it should work if she ignored Karin. (I Stupid, annoying bitch.) The pinkette thought sourly. Her hands flexed to a fist again and she bit her bottom lip. (I Okay. Um. Just dodge his attacks.) Sakura thought to herself as she stared at Sasuke. (I I can do this. I'm not weak. I'm not afraid.) She inhaled, her eyes flickered to Caleb and then back to Sasuke. Another chakra was near, it wasn't Jugo, no, but the green-eyed girl ignored it. She had to watch Sasuke, or it seriously could be the last thing she ever did.
"U-um." Damn. (I No stuttering. It shows that I'm scared. No, I'm not scared.... Terrified would probably be a better way to put it.) Sakura cleared her throat and shook her head quickly. "Um.... Fight me?" Her voice was a meek whisper. "Leave Caleb alone, Sasuke." She said, her voice becoming more strained. She chewed on her bottom lip and then inhaled deeply. (I I can do this! Duh-duhn-duhn!)
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Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu saw the pink haired brat head for sasuke and the mist that was now very thick around sasuke. Suigetsu hurled his sword down at sakura before diving off the branch he stood on. He focused his chakra to his legs to gain momentum. He pulled out a kunai knife and moved to bring the blade across her abdomin. Well that was at least the idea until sand started to wrap around his legs. "Oh thats right the sand ninja's here." He said forming a plan. He started to try and pull some water out of the ground to wash away the sand. Then he would handle pinky then finally the sand nin.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin began to mumble under her breath, everyone that was here right now was ignoring her. She turned to white eyes and the sand shinobi. Her eyes flitted to Sasuke, who was hard to see, then back to the other two. She was going to prove to Sasuke that she was cool enough to battle Neji and Gaara by herself. She lifted both of her hands and then pulled her red hair back into a ponytail.
Karin let her hands drop, and she pulled out a kunai.
<<Again. Sucky. :/ I DUN LIKE KARIN..>>
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura looked up at the sword that was coming towards her. Her eyes widened for a second, and then she jumped forward, her left arm just getting grazed by Suigetsu's large sword. She knew she was at least a meter away from Sasuke, unfortunately for her. It was probably stupid of her to turn her back from Sasuke, but for some crazy reason, she trusted him enough that he wouldn't kill her. Maybe attack her, yes, but not kill her. She knew Sasuke, he wouldn't kill those he had cared for. She was sure of it. Her jade eyes narrowed as she turned to face the water Ninja.
Her right hand became a tight fist, and she moved towards Suigetsu. Her hand pulled back, and then shot forward as she aimed to get a good hit at Suigetsu's head.
HollowCloud / _Itachi_Uchiha_: (yeah this is going to be nice indeed) Itachi watched the on going battle with interest from his hiding spot the folds of his cloak beat in the wind the hat over his face no one could really tell who he was
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: The sand currently sifting forth's main objective wasn't merely snaring the enemy. With a twist of his wrist, the sand shoots spikes of sand up in a vertically tilted angle, trying to pierce any opponents; leaving a short radius around his companions unchanged to remove all possibility of injury to them.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigestu panicked for a few seconds, not only was he trapped in ungodly dry sand but now the pink haired power house was on her way to break his jaw. But then he saw a few sand spikes that were bursting from the sand closer and closer to him by the second. Thats when a idea struck him, He closed his eyes and counted down. Just as all the spikes shot up to impail him from all angles he turned his body into pure water. The spikes forced him to splash onto the ground. And this left sakura's fist to slam into the sand possibly causeing her damage. He slowly started to pull himself together next to his sword. He put his hand on the handle and grinned evily at the two.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura cursed under her breath as her fist connected with the ground. The earth shook and crumbled from the force, and then split. Dust filled the air as Sakura straightened her pose. She looked around as the dust cleared and then laughed nervously at the crater that was now formed. "Oops.." She muttered to herself. She shook her head and then noticed Suigetsu again. Her hands became fists again, and she turned to Suigetsu. "Err... Mr. SharkBoy! Running away from me, doesn't really help me getting you..." She said and then waved her hand at him. Her eyes flickered to Gaara and everyone, making sure her massive earthquake making didn't hurt anyone. Her body froze in place as she stared at Suigetsu. Geez, why was she fighting him anyway? He didn't do anything wrong, yet.. She bit her bottom lip. Why oh why did she have to be so nice?! She hopped back, and landed silently on a bolder, her eyes never leaving where Suigetsu was.
Meido12 / :::Mai:::: Mai jumped a bit higher in the tree seeing as the sand just shot up like spikes. She watched it carefully. (i Sure, who ever that is using that jutsu is fighting.) She thought, (i But. Can he feel my Chakra?) Mai squinted as she thought that. She was using to much chakra. She closed her eyes and closed her eyes focusing on her Chakra patterns. She soon lowed her chakra use. Mai should be unnoticeable now. It should work. She hoped it would work.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin watched as Sakura's fist connected with the ground, and as it connected, the earth began to crumble. She cursed silently and then managed to jump out of the way. As she neared the ground, it split, causing Karin to tumble to the ground. The back of her head smashed into the ground with forced, and she could hear a crack from her elbow when it landed on a rock. Her eyes widened, shocked. She blacked out for a second, and then shook her head. She didn't know about this power of Sakura. She was aroused. (LOL. JOKING.Joking! XDD)
Karin stared at Sakura with hatred, she would not go down so easily. She would beat the shit out of the pink-haired girl. She would kill Sakura, even though Sasuke had said not to kill them. Karin was still going to kill Sakura. She was made a fool of, and she wouldn't just let that slide. She stood up slowly, and winced, and then jumped over to Suigetsu. She looked over at him and then Sakura. "Let's just kill her," she said, her voice to quite for the Haruno girl to hear. "We'll kill her,, evem though Sasuke doesn't want us to. That big-foreheaded girl is gunna pay."
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu looked at Karin like she was crazy. "Yeah you do that. I'll send flowers to your funural after sasuke gets done ripping you apart. Or maybe he'll have jugo do it for him." He said grinning. "And you are suposed to be the smart one."
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin twitched. "Look freak! She just like... knocked me to the ground!" She stomped the ground like a child. "Look, as long as whore-" she pointed towards Sakura, "-is dead. I'll be fine." The red-haired girl paused. She let out an annoyed sigh. "Fine. We'll just beat the shit out of her. Make living painful for her." She said, and then grinned widely. She turned towards Sakura and then smirked. "Do you want attack first, shark, or me?" She asked Suigetsu and then looked over at him. This was one of the few times Karin would actually would work with Suigetsu.. Without trying to kill him. She sighed and then stared at Sakura. "Whore." She muttered under her breath.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu growled at the name. "You are really a spoiled little b***h you know that?" He asked stabbing the sword into the ground befre running at the pink haired girl. He made handsigns as a few water clones pulled themselves to their feet each lunching to land a fist into sakura's gut all at once.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura flexed her hand into a fist and she glanced at the messed up area they were now in. Her eyes landed on her two opponents; Suigetsu and Karin. They pink-haired girl twitched at Karin's comment on her. "Whore? Me?" Sakura showed fake confusion. "At least I'm not a four-eyed freak like you." She said, shaking her head. Her jade eyes turned to Suigetsu as he made the hand signs. She reached in her kunai pouch and pulled out her gray-silver blade. She held the kunai tightly and got in a defensive stance. "Bring it, Shark boy." She said, her voice almost soft.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu growled. "That name's gettin real f***in anoying." He said as one clone threw a obvious punch wanting to take a kunai slash that would leave her open to the other two. The real suigetsu and his clone both pulled back their fists as chakra swirled around their arms for a little added strength.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Her eyes flickered nervously at the clones. Once she attacked one, she would obviously be free for attack. "Suck it up (I princess)," She said with slight anger. Although she smiled at the new found name for him. " She cursed under her breath, and then slashed at clone. Not caring if the clone dropped or poofed, she turned to one on the left. She lifted her hand with the kunai to strike down at the clone.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu's clone smiled and jumped back to avoid the clone while the real took the opening and slammed his fist into her stomach then tried to kick her away once again useing chakra to increase his strength.
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: Watching the water hazard and Sakura get more into the fight, not seeing an opening just yet, he pulled back all of the sand that covered the field, returning it to his gourd. Instead, bringing a sudden thrust to the ground with his fist, the dirt below echoed in large waves; creating ripples of earth that fanned out in all directions. Using this as a way to force the enemy to retreat, phasing through the outermost ripple, a geyser of sand spewed from his gourd towards Suigetsu whom, at this moment, most likely have been air-born.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura glanced over at Suigetsu. Her eyes widened before his fist made contact with her stomach. She flew backwards, near Sasuke and Sai. She landed in a crouched position and lifted her gloved hand to wipe some blood from her mouth after she had coughed. "Damn it." She muttered. Slowly and carefully, she stood her full height. She winced in pain as she pressed her hand against her stomach to heal her stomach. Her hand glowed a bright green color. Her jade colored eyes narrowed at Karin when hearing the comment made about her being a whore. Sakura was officially going to have a bitch fit.
"Look, Four Eyes, I don't take well to being called names. Ask Sai, he would know. You're ugly. I don't like you. You're also fat and annoying. You have a stupid crush on Sasuke-(I kun) because of his good looks. He's fucking sexy, and has a hot body, that's the only reason you like him. You never truly cared for him, or wanted to know how he felt, what his thought were. You never tried to protect him, or you were never there for him. Me? I tried to know what he was thinking, how he felt. I cared about him, and still do, I tried to help him. I wanted -Fuck still- want him to be happy every single day of his life. I tried so hard to be there for him, even thought he pushed me away. I wouldn't give up on him because I loved him. I won't give up on him now because I still love him. But Karin, you're the fucking whore. You're all over him, flashing your saggy little boobs in his face when he doesn't like it. I'm letting you know now, Four Eyes, keep you grubby little hands off Sasuke and leave him the fuck alone. He'll.Never.EVER. Like you. Got that?" Sakura inhaled and closed her eyes. She exhaled, calming herself. Yeah, she knew what she just did. And she was totally embarrassed about it.
Her eyes flashed to Gaara and she smiled at him. "Gaara-sama, can you please fight with Karin, I wish to continue my fight with Suigetsu-san." She said happily. She wanted to look back at Sasuke, but she feared his reaction. She had a feeling he would be glaring at her. His 'Uchiha' glare. If looks could kill. (I Oh my god, someone, kill me now. Please.) She shook her head quickly and looked over at Suigetsu. "Alrighty, Suigetsu-san!" Her voice was to happy. "Are you ready for round two?" Her voice was filled with fake happiness.
Sakura was very scary when she was pissed... But, lucky for Karin, Sakura wasn't pissed off enough to like.. Attack the poor girl and everyone near her.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu saw the sand. "Oh shit..." He said jumping back in diffrent patterns with his water clones making it hard to keep up with the real. They dodged the sand column long enough for the three to all hit a jutsu simultainiously. 'Triple water dragon jutsu." He said as all three produced their own water dragon to force the sand column to wash away as it neared them. The kid with red hair is very troublesome. He is a ranged fighter for sure but he was damn good at it. He finally landed near his sword and picked it up slowly. He listened to sakura as a smile spread over his face. "Damn she's got your ass nailed huh Karin?" He said smileing. "I like her." he said looking at sakura. "She's better lookin then you." He said looking at karin only to run a few yards infront of sakura. He gave her a wink. "Sure thing cutie." He said stabbing his sword into the ground. He lifted his fists, been a while since he had a fist fight but oh well. "Ladies first." He said grinning.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura smirked and shook her head at Suigetsu's comment. She put her hands to her hips and smiled over at Suigetsu. She flipped her hair over her shoulder and fixed her gloves. "Alrightly, Suigetsu-san... No weapons of any sort, and no huge jutsu's either." She said and then got into her fighting position. "This will be fun." She smiled at him again and then cracked her knuckles. "No, please, Suigetsu-san... You start." Her voice was full with excitement. Her eyes flickered to Gaara and Karin and then back to Suigetsu. A smirk spread across her pale pink lips.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu grinned. "Wouldn't think of it Sakura-chan." He said hurling his blade into a near by tree. "No big jutsu's but clones don't count." He said running foreward. Just as he reached he he put one hand on the ground and moved to kick Sakura in the chin. It looked like the begining to the lotas technique but in actuality it wasn't.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's hand flexed into a tight fist. "Also, my lovely punches don't count as a big jutsu. Actually they aren't jutsu. Lucky for me, Suigetsu-san." She said joyfully and then ducked under his foot. She moved quickly so her face was inches from his. She blew at his face and then smiled. She stood properly and then hopped away from him. Her fist tightened and she ran at him.
"One." Sakura moved closer. "Two." Her fist pulled back. "Three!" Her chakra filled fist headed quickly towards his cheek.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu blinked for a few seconds when she got so close to him. "Aw for a second there I tought you were gona kiss me." He said smiling. "Oh well." He said just as sakura neared him. He knew her fists were ungodly strong sasuke told him that he also told him and easy way to counter. When she swung her fist suigetsu ducked under and grabbed her shoulder. With all her weight on that side already from the punch it would be easy to move her away from him. Basicly useing her own strength against her. He pulled her shoulder causeing her to do a slight spin. If she was still in control or not was a diffrent story all together. He then picked up his leg and tried to sweep kick her feet out from under her.
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai was now back in his original position in stance to fight against Sasuke, however for better technique he positioned himself behind, with Caleb infront. He whipped out a scroll, scribbling a few illustrations down quickly without much throught. His hands quickly formed a couple of seals, bringing forth the snakes he had just drawn to wrap around Sasuke and crawl up him in order to hold him there for a few seconds. Their teeth sunk into his skin as he tugged his smaller katana from his back, lunging forward at top speed to slash at Sasuke.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's grin widened and she laughed. "Me? Kiss you? No, sorry Suigetsu-chan.. Not going to happen." She said before her eyes widened. She stumbled forward as Suigetsu pushed her. Her hands touched the ground, and she pushed off away from him. She twirled in the air and landed gracefully near her team mate, Sai. She stood a few feet from Caleb, and then huffed out a sigh. She walked up to Suigetsu and stopped a few feet away from him and stared at him. She closed her jade eyes for a second and then opened them. Her stance became defensive.
"I can do this.." She murmured quietly to herself. "I'm not weak anymore." She bit her bottom lip as she stared at Shark boy. "I have to prove... That I can take care of myself and I don't need protection anymore." Her words were loud enough for the people around her to hear. "I'll never give up." Never. (I You're annoying..) Her eyes hardened to a glare. (I You're weak..) "I can do this."
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu smiled. "Aw that kinda hurts sakura-chan." He said half sarcasticly while placeing a hand over his chest. He heard her marvilous speech but he just laughed and clapped. "Bravo very convinceing all though a little over the top. Oh by the way that little speech just proved you wrong. Your the weakest one here. Why did we get into this line of work huh? We don't do this to prove our selves or make anyone proud of us. But thats it isn't it you've never been a ninja because you wanted to." He glanced at sasuke and pointed at him. "Thats why you became a ninja huh? To impress your dark avenger? How very sad indeed." He said now slowly walking circles around her.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke turned from his previous position, in perfect time to easily deflect Sai’s attack from his Katana with his own, larger one. (I PUN INTENDED.) He thrust his blade forward into his opponent’s side, sharingan swirling in his ever observant eye. A small amount of charka pressed through his body, lazily bringing up his full-body chidori to fend off the snakes currently rising up his legs. This eerily reminded him of Orochimaru, and the off time he’d tried to seduce the Uchiha. Ignoring his slight want to shudder at the thought, attentions turned to the conversations being carried out through the battle. Almost no fighting was happening; it was attack, defend, attack, defend, talk. Sasuke found it rather pointless, and voiced so, “Suigetsu. Karin. Juugo” His voice low, demanding their attention for them to await his command, “Finish this off, this battle is a waste of time. Injure them however you feel appropriate.” As if to further explain his point, he slid around the now wounded-Sai, dragging his Katana out, slicing upwards to injure him further. He swung his now bloody, free sword and lunged at Sakura who was currently open to him as she had her attention focused on Suigetsu; a stupid mistake. He figured she would have known better by now. He aimed to slice through her side as well.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura stared at the ground. Her face became pained, she looked like she was crying. But there were no tears. "No. I'm not the weakest one, Fish Face." Her hands became tight fists. "No, Suigetsu... I did not become a ninja because of Sasuke.." She inhaled. Hearing a slicing sound, Sakura slowly turned her head to look towards Sai and Sasuke. Her eyes widened slightly as Sasuke's sword came closer and closer towards her. Her body turned halfway towards him, her head still tilted in the direction of him. (I Sasuke....Would really attack his friends?) Sakura shouldn't have been in shock that Sasuke would do something like this, but she was. Her body locked in its place, not moving. Her mind screamed for her to run, run away.
(b Weak. Frightened. Terrified. Just let him kill you...) The voice told her. Sakura's eyes became saddened even more. She shook her head quickly and reached down and pulled out a kunai. Sasuke was her biggest threat at the moment, not Suigetsu. She held the ninja blade in front of her, her eyes determined, believing she would be able to block off the attack of his katana.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu had started to question if Sasuke would go though enough to actually stab sakura so he moved his body quickly while her attention was on sasuke. He stood behind her and attempted to bring his hand down on the back of her neck and hopefully knock her out cold. Easy as that.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke watched her intently as he began to lunge at her. He smirked at the insult toward Suigetsu which Sai had used earlier, and now Sakura’s empty words. He lifted his sword, aiming it and charging it lightly with chidori; she needed to be taught the ways of the Shinobi world. She was blocking his way to completing his mission, and he would rid of her. That was the way things were done, the way he would do things too. His face emotionless, smirk wiped from his face as he thought of what a futile attempt her unsheathing a simple kunai against not only him, but his Sharingan, Chidori, and Katana, Suigetsu was also behind her with his sword, there was no way she would get out of this attack. He never voiced this thought, but kept his eyes on her’s easily reading her like a book, the fear in her eyes more than obvious. “Sakura.” He easily switched his position around her using his speed, thrusting his sword into her side as he ended up beside her. “You’re annoying. After all this time, you kept searching for me and didn’t train enough. I thought you had changed into a worthy shinobi.” He knew the words would cut her, hurt her and they would be unbearable. He thrust the sword in slightly deeper before deciding to take mercy and pulling it out which would cause her to fall slightly to her knees.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's eyes flickered to Suigetsu and then back to Sasuke. (I Damn.) Before Sasuke could get to her, she turned around swiftly and then grabbed Suigetsu's arm that was aiming for her neck. She lifted him off the ground and then threw him away from her. She turned towards Sasuke again, but he was not there. A gentle breeze across her cheek, and Sakura knew where he was. She turned her head towards Sasuke, her eyes widened as his sword stabbed into her side. She bit her tongue, refusing to scream. As he pulled the sword out, and stumbled slightly to the ground. She closed her jade eyes and her hands moved to her side. "Shut up, Sasuke." She said bitterly. "Stop acting like you're the strongest fucking person in the world." Her hand glowed a bright green as she began to heal herself. "You're almost exactly like Itachi... But worse." She closed her eyes and then opened them again to stare into his. "You're a fucking bastard...."
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Karin's eyes widened. "Excuse me, big fore-headed person! Don't tell me to keep my hands off of Sasuke! He's (I mine.) Not yours!" She shouted at Sakura as she got attacked by Suigetsu and Sasuke. She put her hands to her hips and then glared at Sakura as she fell to the ground after being stabbed by the Uchiha. "See? Sasuke will even kill you. You mean nothing to him. I knew from when we met up an hour ago, that Sasuke was going to be the one to kill you. You are weak. I'm shocked you're losing so very quickly. Sasuke does (I not) like weak girls. That's why he is perfect for me." Karin said angrily. "I bet.. Sasuke has never EVER tried to save you, has he? He saved me, a few times, actually." She pushed up her glasses, fixing them. "Proves Sasuke loves me... And not annoying pink-haired bitches."
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke kept emotionless as she spoke and began to heal herself, knowing full well she couldn't do much as he had used his Chidori as well as his katana on her. He smirked after listening to Karin, then straightened his stance, "Actually, Karin. I've saved Sakura more than you. Do you think she could make it to Chuunin without me and Naruto?" he questioned, eyes flickering to the annoying redhead "I belong to neither of you. Karin, Suigetsu, Juugo, let's go." he ordered once more, beginning to walk past them.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura shook her head and then shood up, completly ignoring Karin. Sakura knew that Sasuke had saved her lots of times. "You know Sasuke... You never had to save me. I never asked. I mean... Who cares if I died, right?" Her voice became a slight whisper. "You obviously didn't, and never will care.. Sasuke... Why did you save me all those times when you could have just left me to die? Don't you think that would have been better? It might have made you... Happy." She winced in pain and then grabbed a hold of Sasuke's sleeve. "I never said you belonged to me." She said and then tugged slightly on the while sleeve she was holding. (I Don't leave....) She couldn't dare to speak it out loud. She bit her pink lip and looked over at Sai and then back to Sasuke. She listened to his words to Sasuke, he was so serious. (I Beauitful lady..) Hearing those words, Sakura smiled and bit her lip almost shyly. Even though she could very-well die within the next couple of minutes, she was blushing. Her blush bright and showed perfectly.
Masumi / :Sai:: "Shit." Sai breathed, falling slightly to one knee as he was stabbed, turning around immediately as he realized he was headed for Sakura. He lifted himself off the ground, re-gripping his sword as he tried after Sasuke just before he attacked his teammate. The pain in his side was excruciating, but he had no time to think of it, he had to honor his promise and protect Sakura, but he knew it was too late but found some strength in himself. "Uchiha Sasuke.. you have no right to talk to her like that.." he glared, eyes locked on him with utmost seriousness, "Sakura is an amazing chuunin, and not even (I you) can deny that, traitor. She's become stronger, and even though we don't compliment her on it, she has grown into a beautiful lady, and time will continue to mature her, and one day you will regret turning your back."
Masumi / :Sai:: Sasuke froze as he listened to Sai, the words meant nothing to him. "Hn. She may be slightly stronger, she got more annoying." he motioned to her grip on his sleeve which he didn't do anything about, neither did display his feelings toward the gesture, he understood her silent plead. He flashed back to when he had first left the Village, she had threatened to scream if he left and begged of him not to. "Sakura." he breathed out, tone unknown. Not hard and cold, yet not soft and comforting like it used to be, "It was my duty as your teammate to save you." (I and I wouldn't want you to die, anyway.) he finished silently in his head. Yes, this bond was severed, but not completely. Sakura still had slight meaning to him even if he didn't want to admit it, no matter how many times he denied it. These bonds could never be (I completely) severed, no matter what. Eyes flickered to Suigetsu, then back to Sakura.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu landed on his feet and noticed he couldn't feel his right arm. 'Damn it." He said seeing that sakura had popped it out of socket with such ease. He knew as soon as he put it back in it would hurt like hell but what choice did he have. He pushed his arm against a tree and shoved it forward causing the bones to realine. He grunted in pain. "Christ that hurts..." He said streaching his muscles in the arm. "Karin for god's sake if you ever lost your usefulness he'd end you in a heart beat and I opnly pray when that day comes he lets me be the one to slice you in half. Oh and the whole being strong thing did you even fight anyone yet?" He asked while picking up his sword. He walked toward Jugo ready to leave.
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: As they conversed, it allowed Gaara enough time to gather his chakra into the surrounding area. As Sasuke's words finished, Gaara raised his hands up, creating a dome of sand surrounding a 1000 foot radius; encompassing all of them and any whom were anywhere nearby. The sand from his gourd clung along the inner lining; allowing the greatest defense. As he lowered his hands, crossing his arms, his gaze was fixed on Sasuke; though momentarily glancing at Sakura. "Whether your dwelling on the past or putting a strong affront to Miss Sakura, you are still a missing Nin and must be retained. As for your punishment, that will be for the Country of Fire to debate upon." His focus primarily on Sasuke as he cautiously awaited his next move.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu smiled. "Release us from this dome or I kill the hokage." He didn't wait for a response of any kind he quickly brought his sword to his neck and ripped it down looking as if he just killed himself. His body suddenly burst into water. This trait made it so he was the only one to pass through the sand. The water molecules easily passed through the sand and darted into one concentrated puddle outside the dome. He took a few seconds to pull himself together but once he was back on his feet hen darted toward the village gates. This wasn't part of sasukes plan but it would alow him to continue with his plan. By useing the hokage's life as a bargoning chip Gaara would have to turn his focus on suigetsu or risk the life of the land of fire's leader.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura listened silently to what Sasuke was saying. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as the pain slightly increased. Chidori hurt like a bitch. She could easily hear the emotion in his voice, something Sasuke hardly ever did. Her grip on his sleeve tightened and her other hand lifted to heal her side again. Her chakra was low, and it was har for her to heal herself. She was rather shocked when he didn't push her away. Her gaze lifted slightly and she stared into his eyes. A slight smile twitched on the corners of her lips. "Sasuke... Thank-you." She muttered quietly, although she wasn't quite sure why she was thanking him. But she felt like she had to.
Sakura's jade colored irises flickered around as they were surrounded by sand. Her body froze as she listened to what Suigetsu had said. Her grip on Sasuke's sleeve tightened. Her hand dropped from his sleeve and she turned to Suigetsu, but she stayed fairly close to Sasuke. "Stay away from Tsunade-sama.." She said, her voice held slight authority. Her voice was serious, and she knew that Tsunade was unconcious. Sakura had promised that she would keep Tsunade alive. Her anger rised at Suigetsu became a mere puddle. Her gloved hand became a fist as she turned to Gaara, wincing in pain again. "Get rid of the sand, Gaara-san." She said with clentched teeth. "Who cares if Sasuke is a traitor. He's still the same Sasuke." (I Just a little more scarier..) She added in her head. "Or I can just punch my way through, you pick.." Her eyes narrowed slightly as she crossed her arms over her chest.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu smiled. "Try and stop me Girly." And with that he was off. He ran into a few ninja's that tried to stop him but he pulled out a kunai knife. As each jumped at him he countered and left huge slashes in their legs. He held the order not to kill anyone still. He was bluffing about the tsunade thing... for now. If he reached her before they tried to save her he would end her life.
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: Seeing the situation turn into one that didn't require the dome for Tsunade's sake, the sands and dirt fall freely from its form. Releasing a sigh, he knew this would just keep getting more and more of a hassle before anything would be finished. Facing towards the direction Suigetsu momentarily, he returned his focus to the situation at-hand. Considering some of his companions were soon to be at their limits, it would be unwise to leave them here with Sasuke and his group. Eyeing Sakura before glancing over towards Sasuke, he brought his hands to his sides. (I They don't seem to be fighting; merely picking off what they can with the least amount of force required. It isn't safe to assume they'd just be on their marry way with having the Hokage, nor was it our mission to allow them to freely leave. If Sakura and Sai weren't here, I would give chase after Tsunade and retrieve her before escaping to the sanctity of one of our bases for the time being.) Seeing as this was meshing personal emotions with their duty, he couldn't leave Sakura and Sai by theirselves. Looking over at Sakura. "So what's our next move?" Even though he was Kazekage, these were allies, nonetheless, and he wouldn't desert them.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura smiled slightly as the sand began to disapear. She looked over at Gaara as he spoke to her. She sighed loudly and then looked over at Sasuke and Karin. She and Sai couldn't just leave them here alone. They might have tried to escape. She looked over at Gaara once more and then uncrossed her arms. "Okay, Gaara-san, you could go after Suigetsu..." She paused for a second to think. "Sai and I will make sure Sasuke and the bitch- Er, Karin don't try to run away." She looked over at Sai and then Sasuke. She glared as she looked over at Karin. "And we will bring them back. Whether they like it or not." Her eyes flickered to Sasuke as she said this. "Understand?" Somehow, not meaning to, her hand was resting gently on Sasuke's shoulder. Her eyes lifted and she stared into his eyes once more. His eyes looked soft, comforting. (I Beautiful..) She thought to herself. She shook her head, and then bit her bottom lip. (I Okay, no more getting distracted..) She told herself and then sighed softly. "And Gaara-san.. Make sure nothing happens to Tsunade-sama.."
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu ran until he made it to the hokage tower. 'Guess they don't care after all. Oh well." He said shrugging and heading toward the door with murderous intent. "If this dosen't put a damper on this little village than nothing will.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sharingan-trained eyes flicked back to Sakura who had tightened her grip on his sleeve once more, which he figured would tear soon if she didn’t let up. He smirked at the thought, amused as well by what he knew Sakura was thinking right now; she was afraid of him. The Uchiha stood ever so still as the sand raised around d them, forming a dome. He listened to Gaara’s words, seeming unaffected by them. He knew that at the moment it was futile to struggle, his best bet was Suigetsu who did not disappoint. To his approval, he had threatened the Hokage and escaped to one of their main targets. Now somewhat distracted by Gaara, Sasuke watched on as the dirt forming the dome crumbled to the floor. Simply looking in his eyes, Sasuke could tell he was analyzing the situation now, even further than before. (I a good choice for a Kazekage, Gaara is quite strong, a good opponent, it seems as their alliance is well kept, and he’s doing quite the job with his Village. I’m sure Naruto’s a bit jealous.) Sakura began to speak again, her voice now somewhat getting annoying, but that was just her, who she was. His lips twitched upward slightly when she tried to get his confirmation on him rejoining the village, “Sakura, you won’t give up will you? Leaf destroyed my Family. Had I not learned the truth; I would have been back. I’ve been wishing for my Brother’s death for years, when he was just playing his part. I can never forgive what this village has done to me.” He replied, looking away from Sakura after their eyes had locked, his tone cold with his face void of any emotion once more. This was his chance to move ahead, but he wouldn’t take this opportunity just yet, he would wait.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura rolled her eyes and then angrily pushed Sasuke away from her. She turned towards him and let her hands stay hanging at her sides. Her eyes formed a hated glare towards him. "Look, Sasuke.. If you just let you're stupid revenge go, nothing like this would have happened. You wouldn't have been a terrifying guy who frightened his teammate... Your brother, Itachi, wouldn't have been dead, okay?" Her words dripped with vemon. Angry. "He would still be alive..." Her hands clenched into fists at her sides. "I told you that revenge wouldn't make you or anyone close to you happy... Do you remember Sasuke?" She asked him. "Do you remember the night you had left?"
(r I know about what happened to your clan, Sasuke-kun. But revenge... That won't make anyone happy. No one. Neither you. Nor I.) Sakura sighed. "No one.." She looked off towards the trees as she flashed back to when he left. She blinked carefully and looked over at him. A feeling grew in the pit of her stomach. "Revenge." She muttered. "That's why your here. To kill off the elders, and my teacher, the Hokage, Tsunade." She inhaled and let out a shaky breath as she suddenly remembered the bastard Danzo. He was in the Hokage tower, not Tsunade. "You're little fish friend is going to find quite a surprise when he enters the Hokage tower," she mused quietly, changing the subject quickly. She always hated talking about when Sasuke left. "Did you know, Sasuke? That Danzo is now the Hokage?" She bit her bottom lip. "We came here to stop you, and save you.." She then stared at a bird that was perched on a branch. "But now... I'm beginning to think we should just let you die." The corners of her lips twitched into a frown, as she held back some tears. She wouldn't cry, never again. Not in front of Sasuke.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke turned when she pushed him away, a smirk present on his face. The transition from such a comforting, intimate position to one which would be regarded as a stance used between enemies; and that is what they now were. He brought his Katana back up as he whirled around to face her, lunging his sword immediately into her stomach opposite to the area which he had before. “Don’t.” His voice low, warning, breaking, he responded, forcing the sword in further. “You’re annoying.” Words cut through like ice, Chidori charging slightly in the sword. “You’ve never understood anything, you never will understand anything.” He continued, his words chosen so carefully to hurt her, to make him feel better, to keep everything from falling apart. He was strong; but now his emotions were weaker ever since he had so mercilessly slaughtered his brother and learned what he had actually done, how Uchiha Itachi (I protected) him all this time, how he loved him. “Revenge was all I could focus on, he killed my clan, my blood, my (I family,) you would do the exact same had it happened to you.” Chidori now grew, the bolts jumping excitedly from the sword as they cut and electrocuted the poor girl, “Only to find out that your beloved Aniki whom you had trusted so much, relied on, loved so dearly only to have him turn around and betray you?! After all these years he was protecting me!” His voice had been calm, collected through most of his speech but this is where it began to break, to show how hurt he was. He hated himself for killing his brother, but he knew it’s what was meant to happen. He sighed, regaining composure, “No, Sakura. You’re a spoiled, useless, annoying brat. You’re worse than Naruto was, at least he grew up.” With this Chidori now flew excitedly across singing metal, full force through the sword as it pierced Sakura’s skin. Sharingan eyes bled into the next stage, Mangekyo. He looked deep into his former teammates eyes, easily capturing her in the World of Tsukuyomi. This was it; he was losing control, Uchiha Sasuke finally reached his breaking point. Deep down he knew she was right; he hated her for that. But he also had a point, he was right as well. “I don’t need saving, mind your own business. It looks like, right now, you’re the one that needs saving.”
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's eyes followed Sasuke as he twirled around holding his Katana. She didn't have time to move out of the way, or even gasp, before his sword had sliced into her side. She winced, and then let out a pained moan. Her side tingled, as she felt the electricity begin to tickle her body with a sharp pain. (I You're annoying..) Yes, she knew she was. Her gloved hands moved to the Katana and she gripped it tightly. She ignored the sudden throbbing pain in her hands as Chidori grew stronger and stronger at Sasuke's words. Each words that was spoken from Sasuke was like a knife, each stabbed her heart with strong pain. She must have hit a nerve with what she had said. Tears formed in her jade eyes, and spilled over her cheeks as the pain grew. “Sasuke, I'm sorry what Itachi did, and I'm sorry that it was Konoha that enforced this..” She stumbled over her words, they slurred together. She would be shocked if Sasuke knew what she had said to him. A metallic taste filled her mouth, and then blood slid slowly out of her mouth and down her chin. Sobs escaped her throat continuously. Her hands moved to her side, and she could feel the sticky crimson liquid where her wound was. She closed her eyes. “It hurts, Sasuke.” She muttered, her voice a mere whisper. She squeezed her eyes shut as another sob escaped her throat. Her eyes opened and she stared into Sasuke's. He was weak. He was losing control. She watched with sudden horror as Sasuke's Sharingan began to change to Mangekyo Sharingan. “No...” Her jade eyes widened with terror as she entered the world of the Tsukuyomi. Sasuke was losing control... He was going to use the Tsukuyomi on Sakura. (I I'm going to die..) “S-Sasuke-kun?”
MuffinMan / ~ Sabaku no Gaara ~: Hearing her confirmation as to his previously devised thoughts, he nodded. Turning to face Suigetsu's direction, glancing over once before moving. "Don't die." With that, he rushed forward; riding the sands to allow perfect manuverability and speed. <pretend this happened before you posted Sachiko. <.< >.> <.< >
Following Suigetsu's chakra trail, leading up to the Hokage's Mansion, he landed on top of a nearby rooftop adjacent to the mansion. His eyes trace the building as he examines Suigetsu's location within the building. (I Considering he is within the confines of this building, he can easily manuver through the crevices in this structure as easily as I could. Knowing he has the Hokage hostage, it will take a quick, undetected attack to either remove the threat or, at least, seperate the Hokage from his grasp.) Thinking a bit longer as to his tactics, he enters through a 3rd story window silently as he begins his pursuit.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Karin watched angrily as Sakura clung to Sasuke's sleeve, and he did nothing about it. Her anger raised as she heard the emotion in Sasuke's voice when he spoke to the Haruno freak. He never spoke to anyone like that. Never ever. “She's all over you, Sasuke-kun! And you do nothing about it!” She glared at Sakura angrily and then looked around nervously as sand began to create dome around them. She listened to them talk, staying quiet, and crossing her arms over her chest. She glared at Sakura the whole time. The sand dropped, and began to leave and then she heard how Sakura spoke to Sasuke. She watched with slight pity as Sasuke twirled around and stabbed Sakura in the side again. She stared as Sasuke's eyes changed to Mangekyo Sharingan and how he used Tsukuyomi on Sakura. The deadliest Jutsu ever, and Sasuke used it on Sakura. Happiness consumed her and she grinned. “You said you didn't care for her, Sasuke-kun!” She shouted. “Kill her! Right now!” Karin smirked as she encouraged her (I love) Uchiha Sasuke. She listened as Sakura muttered his name and added the suffix -kun after she spoke Sasuke. Karin glared, but she ran up to the two. She looked back from Sasuke and Karin as she pulled out a kunai. She lifted her hand.. (I Sakura Haruno is going to die. Now. By Sasuke and me.) She thrashed her hand down, slicing at Sakura back.
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Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke ignored her apologies; they meant nothing coming from the weak Chuunin. He needed to hear the cries, the pleads for his mercy on those who had betrayed his clan and lead to the destruction of not only himself, but his Brother. He took in her current form in, smirking at how she was chained to the wooden cross but the upside was in this world, she couldn’t do anything but scream. Yes, this was perfect. “This is the World of Tsukuyomi, Although this is a mere illusion, the pain is very real. Here, I control everything. Space, Time…” he trailed off, unsheathing the singing metal that chorused it’s name, Tsukuyomi. “And even the mass of objects. For the next seventy-two hours, I will stab you with a sword.” The sword was thrust into her side, which currently was healed. Two clones appeared beside him, shoving their swords so the three formed a circle in her stomach. They withdrew, and thirty more clones appeared and continued to stab mercilessly into her. “Welcome to your Seventy-Two Hours of Pain. Seventy-One hours, Sixty minutes, and Fivy-nine seconds left.” Yes, only a single second had passed through what seemed like an hour of torture. Eighty-some clones appeared, as well as three more Sakura’s to triple her pain, and all at once they began to stab mercilessly for three days. In the real world, everything seemed somewhat normal. In the real world, Sasuke was quite aware of Karin’s jealousy at his and his former teammate’s familiarity. “Karin, shut up. Haruno Sakura will not see the end here. She has no reason to die; she just needs to be put into place.” He watched on as she stabbed her, knowing she would not yet feel that pain as she was being stabbed by what would seem like thousands of swords to her in his dark world. “Karin, don’t touch her. Attack Sai until you’re certain he won’t attempt to save her, and then meet me and Suigetsu at the Hokage Tower with Juugo. We’ll be done before you’re there.”
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu kicked the door to the hoakage's office and threw two kunai's into the chest of the new hokage Danzo. His body lay motionless. "Huh guess the old blonde died... How sad." He said until danzo's body poofed away. The real danzo on the other hand dove at suigetsu with a kunai from behind. Swiftly turning he grabbed danzo's hand and threw him to the ground. He fluently stepped on danzo's knee and pressed hard enough for a loud crack to be heard. "I'm a missin ninja I've delt with anbu types before. With that he threw danzo into the chair and tied him down. "Maybe I should let Juugo have a few laughs while cutting you down. He hasen't had any fun lately."
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura found herself chained to a cross. She bit her bottom lip nervously and looked away from Sasuke. Her jade eyes closed and she choked back another sob. "It's only an illusion." She muttered to herself. "It's not real." She listened with terror as Sasuke spoke. Air escaped her lungs and rushed out of her mouth with a loud, ear piercing screech of pain as Sasuke stabbed her continuously. The pain became harder to obtain. "Sasuke!" She called out his name and then thrashed in her spot, hoping to break free. But she knew that it was hopeless. "Sasuke-(I kun)! Please stop!" She stopped thrashing as her breath's became ragged and silent. She inhaled, gasping for air and squeezed her eyes shut. "I'm sorry Sasuke-kun.." She muttered, apologizing yet again for what Konoha had made him go through. Almost like it was her fault, she apologized for something she had nothing to do with. "I'm so sorry.." She muttered again, and then winced. A groan of pain left her lips as she turned her head. "Why-Why are you doing this?" She sobbed once, and then bit her tongue to stop her from screaming out. "Is it that enjoyable.. To see your friend die?" She asked him quietly and exhaled a shaky breath.
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Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke’s lips tugged upwards in the corners slightly, showing a slight smirk as he heard her mutters to herself in attempt to convince herself it was an illusion. “This pain is very real, Sakura.” He repeated, his smirk wiped now from his face as he for the time being quit stabbing her, however his clones continued. They multiplied by another forty or so, spread evenly about his world to stab the multiple pink-haired nins. “You will feel much worse after you are released.” Sasuke didn’t wince as he heard the piercing scream of pain as the swords stabbed ruthlessly into her; he was more than used to hearing the worst of screams after using this jutsu so much. (I Endure it, Sakura. This shall not kill you; I promise.”) He vowed silently in his head as he examined her as she struggled hopelessly against the chains, which effectively held back her chakra use. He glared at her as she voiced her apologies, “I’m not in the mood to hear your empty words. You’re village has destroyed my life, and now you are attempting to keep me from my revenge against it.” He stabbed her carefully, close to her heart but aimed so he wouldn’t hit a vital point. His eyes flickered to his clones, deciding against summoning more for now, she had almost had enough of this. “You’re no longer an ally of mine, Sakura. I severed whatever weak friendship we had the day I left to Orochimaru.” He stabbed the sword further into her, before pulling it out and continuing to torture her. “I have no intentions of killing you. At least… not yet.” He added in, not sure if he would have to dispose of her after he destroyed what was left of Konoha.
Reiver / Neji.: Neji knew he was of no good to sakura now. Sasuke had her in his world just as itachi had done to kakashi. But the girl who clung to sasuke with all desporality who was now trying to cut sakura's back was more than vaulnerable. He darted forward as the veins in his eyes became visible. "Gental fist style: eight trigrams 64 palms." With that he spun once. His middle and index finger glowed with chakra as he struck forward at the girls shoulder and exposed abdomin. "Two palms."
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura stopped her squirming to stare at Sasuke. Her eyes still red and puffy from her tears. Her eyes were wide, and almost innocent as she stared in his eyes. "Sasuke," she paused, wincing as she was stabbed again. "It was your village as well." Her eyes flickered to his smirk, the smirk she loved. Her jade irises lifted to stare into his eyes once more. The corners of her lips twitched into a smile. A small, yet beautiful looking smile as she listened to Sasuke. Her smile wavered, and she winced as Sasuke stabbed near her heart. She moved her head towards his. "No, Sasuke..." She whispered quietly, "you didn't severe those bonds (I we) shared... If you did, then you would have killed me without saying a word. You would have proved by killing me that you hated, or didn't care about me." She tried not to move as he shoved the sword deeper into her. She groaned out in pain as he continued to stab her over and over again. She ignored the other Sasuke's her only focus was on Sasuke. She weakly pulled at the chains that were holding her to the cross. The pain increased and she choked back a sob. She didn't want this anymore. The agonizing pain. She lost the will to live. She wanted to die now. "Kill me, Sasuke." She whispered. "Please, if you're just going to kill me after wards, do it. I can't survive if you're going to act like this, if you're going to keep running away and hurting me. Kill me." She was pleading now, crying. Loud sobs of pleads and pain. "Kill me." Her voice cracked, and she didn't speak after that. She only stared into his eyes sadly, pleadingly. Her eyes looking dull, lifeless.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke looked away from her, she was really doing a number on him when he’d already lost it. He looked up slightly at her, “It isn’t anymore.” He spat out, eyes cold and hard, not showing all he was ready to do was break down in tears. He wanted his brother back, his family back. His eyes softened as he saw her beautiful smile, he walked up to her and wiped the blood from her mouth “They’re gone, Sakura. There’s no bond between us. I won’t kill you because I don’t have to. You meant too much to me once.” He pulled the sword out of her, staring at the chains as she struggled. “You won’t die from this; not by my hand. I promise.” He reached up, his sword appearing as if it was meant to stab into her arm, but instead cut the chain holding her arm, while the clones attacked the other until she fell into his waiting arms. He de-activated his Sharingan entirely, they both now in the real world with her still in his arms. He gently placed her on the ground, close to Sai. He leaned forward, his lips touching her ear “I’m sorry, Sakura.” He stood to his full height, turning to Juugo and Karin “Hurry up and finish here, you're more useless than I thought, Karin.” With that, he turned and raced to the Hokage Tower.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu stood infront of the new hokage. "Don't worry danzo it's all for the best you would lead this village into the ground anyway. I was actually hopeing that Kakashi guy was hokage like I had heard then it wouldn't be this easy." That seemed to hit a nerve since danzo lurched forward from his binds only to have suigetsu grab his wrist and elbow popping both joins then shoveing him back in the chair. He then made a few hand signs. "Water prison." He said as a dome of water wrapped around the hokage.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's smile left as she listened to what Sasuke was saying. She flinched away from his hand, believing he would have slapped her, but he gently wiped away some blood that was on her mouth. Her skin tingled as he touched her, and she stared wide-eyed at Sasuke. "You... Cared about me?" Her quiet voice seemed unsure, it was obvious she didn't believe him. Her eyes flickered to the sword that was nearing her arm and she bit her bottom lip. She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting the pain that would soon hit her arm. It never came. Her eyes opened, and she watched as Sasuke cut off the chain, and the other clones worked on the other chained arm. She looked around her, she would end up falling if the chains were cut loose. Her arms were released and she fell, landing in Sasuke's arms. She looked up at him, her eyes once again widened. She watched as his eyes changed back to his normal beautiful onyx color, leaving the world of the Tsukuyomi. Sakura's body shook uncontrollably as she clung to Sasuke's shirt, although her grip was weak. She was sweating, and her breath's came out in fast gasps. Her eyes stayed widened, like she had seen a ghost or something scarier. She was gently laid on the ground, and she curled into a tight ball. She didn't blink, but she stared at a tree. Her eyes flickered to Sasuke as he leaned down and brushed his lips against her ear. He whispered something, and her eyes then closed. (I Sorry... Sasuke-kun is saying sorry..) She thought to herself. Her body still shook uncontrollably, almost looking like she was freezing. "N-no, please don't leave." She whispered in a quiet raspy voice. Her pale looking hand slid on the ground and reached towards Sasuke weakly. She closed her eyes and then winced.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin watched with angry eyes as Sasuke held Sakura, put her down gently, and then put his lips to her ear. She couldn't hear what he whispered but she didn't like the idea when he got up and Sakura asked him not to leave. She cursed and then looked over at Neji. She moved away from him, jumping to be near Sasuke. She turned, flipping her hair while doing so, and then began to walk with him. "I'm not useless, Sasuke-kun." She said with an angry voice. She grabbed onto his arm. "What the fuck was that?" She almost shouted at him. She pointed towards Sakura. "What the fuck, Sasuke-kun?!" She glared with hate at Sakura, and then looked at Sasuke. "Why... Why won't you kill someone so annoying, and ugly like her?" She asked him. She shook her head and then looked back at Sakura. "How angry would you be if I killed her, right now.. While she's weak like this? How pissed off would you be, Sasuke-kun?" She looked back at Sasuke as she said this. No bluff in her voice, she was dead serious.
Reiver / Neji.: Neji glared at the red head. "I'd kill you were you stand and I don't think sasuke would stop me either." He said standing between her and sakura. After a few seconds he knelt down beside sakura and took out a roll of bandages to keep her from loseing any more blood from her physical wounds her mental wounds would have to be delt by someone who knew how to treat such things. "Don't worry sakura just rest."
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin raised her eyebrow and laughed out. "Ha, whatever, blind person." She said and then shook her head. Her eyes flickered to Sakura. "Weak." She clung onto Sasuke's arm as she looked and Neji and then back to Sakura. "What's so special about this pink-haired whore that makes everyone care for her and not want to kill her?" She asked slightly angry. She sighed and then shook her head. "I would kill her almost as soon as I bet her," she said as she eyed Sakura. She watched as the pink-haired girl shook from seeing the Tsukuyomi. "I pity you, freak." She said to quietly for anyone else to hear what she had said. Although Sasuke probably would have been the only one to hear her, but Karin didn't care. She looked at Sasuke and then smiled seductively at him.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura sighed slightly with pain and anger and rolled over to see Neji and Karin. "Stop fighting," she muttered loud enough for the two to be able to hear her. She squeezed her eyes shut as she moved to sit. Her hand supported her upper weight, and she rubbed her eyes. "No fighting." She said again. She looked up at Neji, her vision slightly blurred out. She nodded slowly and then bit her bottom lip with nervousness. "You guys can all leave me.... Just make sure Sasuke and his team don't get anywhere near Tsunade-sama." She said and then closed her eyes. She opened then again and then sighed softly. She closed her eyes again and then began to heal herself. "Just leave me behind, I can catch up in a few." She said. Although she knew that she probably wouldn't be able to, but maybe they didn't know that. "I'll be fine here alone, and Neji.." She paused for a second. "If something happens to Tsunade-sama, I'll hold you personally responsible. I'll beat you like I do to Naruto... But worse." Her voice was dead serious, absolutely no bluff could be heard. She didn't want anything happening to her mentor. "Oh, and kill that bastard, Danzo.."
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu strolled up calmly. One hand in his pocket the other held the leg of a chair which he drug behind him. "Yo sasuke who's this old basterd? I thought the hokage was a girl?" He said tossing the chair with danzo in it a few feet ahead of him.
Reiver / Neji.: Neji bent down beside sakura. "Tsunade will be fine, she could deal with Orochimaru she can deal with him, and she's not alone you and I both know that. But right now your the one who's in trouble. Plus if anything happened to you she'd kill me and I'm more afraid of her than you." He said grabbing her arm and focusing chakra to his finger tips. Hyuga's can shut down or increase the potential of chakra points neji began hitting the points in sakura's hands and arms gentally unlocking what restraints they had. At least this would help her heal herself easier.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura sighed. "But Sasuke is (I way) stronger then Orochimaru was." She said and then frowned. She laughed slightly. "Yes, Tsuande-sama can be scary." She said, and winced. Her green eyes watched at Neji gently touched her hands and arms. She smiled softly at him. "Thanks, Neji." She muttered and closed her eyes. She concentrated on healing herself. "Thanks, Neji." She said quietly, and then tried to stand. "I'll be fine." She stood her full height, and then stumbled a bit. She pressed her hand against a tree trunk for support as she became dizzy. "Okie dokie, Neji.." She murmured. "Let's go help Tsunade-sama, and stop Sasuke and his team for killing my teacher." She said and then shook her head. She looked over at Neji, but didn't move. She wasn't sure if she walk a step before falling over. She grinned sheepishly. "Uhm, you can go on ahead.. I'll just leave when I'm ready." She said, laughing softly, but nervously.
Reiver / Neji.: Neji rolled his pale eyes before putting a arm around sakura's back. "Don't worry you can lean against me. And It looks like they can't find her they've only found Danzo." He leaned into sakura to wisper into her ear. "i say we just leave him with sasuke and his band, you?"
Amora / Sabaku no Temari: Sabaku no Temari was at the outskirts of Konohagakure with her usual large, iron fan strapped to her back and her black Sand headband tied around her forehead. Temari was sent to Konohagakure for a meeting with the ambassador since Suna and Konoha had an alliance. Temari rubbed her dirty blond haired head and yawned, she had been traveling for three days and she was tired. Though, she would go to sleep later, once she was settled at an inn.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura shook her head, laughing slightly. "Of course." She said as she looked over at Neji. She leaned on him more, and sighed. She looked around, biting her bottom lip with slight nervousness. "Hm, should we go to Tsunade-sama, or...?" Her jade irises flickered to Neji, and then searched around. "I believe all the Akatsuki are gone, but I have to make sure Tsunade is okay. I need to see if she is awake yet..." She murmured to herself, frowning slightly. "Er, or maybe I can get Ino or someone to... 'Cause I think leaving Sasuke would be very stupid, and yeah.." She sighed and shook her head. "Argh, I don't know Neji, why don't you think of something, you're the smart one." She said, almost angrily. She muttered under her breath, being childish.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu glared at the anbu that wouldn't stop fallowing him around. "God if I kill anyone in this village its going to be you lot!" He said with a growl as they backed off a little. "Ah where's sasuke and sakura."
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke shoved his hands into his current casual shorts as opposed to the ‘skirt’ and ‘butt bow’ that he had previously worn, which after re-joining Konoha became the laughing stock of the Village. He allowed a sigh to escape his parted lips as he walked through the re-built village. In his opinion, it was now much nicer than the one he had grown up in. It took quite some time for it to be completed, even with everyone in the Village helping out, but once it had been it turned out quite well. He didn’t really remember what his, still old teammates, had done to convince him to stay. He knew he would not be clumped with them again, even if he wanted to be. The new Team Seven consisted of Kakashi, Yamato, Sakura, Naruto, and Sai. He had no place in an already large platoon, and he (I was) the leader of Team Hebi, so he might as well just stay with his current team. Karin had become less annoying over the past month, taking after Sakura and becoming a bit more independent, Suigetsu hadn’t really changed much though. Those two had a chance of getting the ANBU off their backs after another few weeks. Juugo however, was another story. He still went on his killing sprees, which is why he lived fairly close to Sasuke, and was on his team. Sasuke was the only one able to prevent him from ruthlessly killing everyone. He knew Juugo would never be free of the ANBU unless he was able to control himself, another reason he had to stay with Team Hebi, Juugo needed him. Unlike the rest of his team, the Uchiha had been free of the ANBU for quite some time. For some reason, Tsunade trusted him and didn’t have to be followed after only about a week, he figured she knew that his, er…. Friends, he guessed he should begin calling them again, would be with him constantly, so he wouldn’t be able to do anything.
Sadly, she was right.
No, he wasn’t planning any attack on Konoha, especially not after he had just slaved for a month trying to rebuild it, and find his place in the village once more. He had always just been a bit more of a loner, ever since his Brother had killed his clan. Sasuke hated to admit it but he was still a bit sensitive about the whole ordeal; Itachi was good from the very beginning. He still hated Konoha, he still wanted the elders’ blood on his hands, but he knew that by killing them it wouldn’t make him happy. Just like killing Itachi hadn’t made him feel any better, the younger Uchiha actually felt guilty for it. “Tch.” He broke his own thoughts; he was turning soft again, back into the weakling he was before he left. Sasuke knew that his... friends, he supposed, preferred their old teammate. He could never bring himself back to what he was before, too much had happened.
He was currently headed back from a ramen lunch with Kakashi and Naruto, he was supposed to head over to the training ground to meetup with Sakura and Sai, but Naruto had gone the other way with Kakashi so he was left to walk by himself. Of course he didn’t mind, he hadn’t had much alone time and he kind of missed it.
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Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu strolled up to sasuke who was obviously deep in thought. He had tried to change in this time in the leaf, so far it was little change but change none the less. And he still haden't seen any positive results of it, Everyone in the village still looked at him and the others as freaks and for all intensive purposes suigetsu was a freak. He had grown used to the name over the years. But he controled himself and what came out of his mouth a little more now. "Hey sasuke am I interupting anything?" He said staying a few feet back incase he felt like being alone.
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke only slightly noted the familiar chakra signature behind him, not giving it much thought until Suigetsu's voice broke his thoughts. He nodded to him politely, he nowadays counted Suigetsu as a close friend. He decided to correct his previous thoughts that his teammate was trying to change, and gradually people would start to see those changes. "No, Suigetsu, you're not interrupting anything." His eyes flicked to the ANBU who were currently watching him, he stepped toward his teammate and whispered, "But they are." He smirked, thoroughly enjoying that his team was followed by ANBU, and that it was something to tease them. "I was just on my way to meet Sai and Sakura," he continued, "Would you like to join us?"
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu smiled at sasuke's comment about the anbu. "Yeah I only opt to have them fallow me around to make people feel safer in the village. You can tell how well thats going." He said looking at teh group of anbu on the roof tops all around him. "Sure I guess I could tag along, it would be nice to meet them on diffrent terms."
Masumi / :Sasuke:: Sasuke nodded, "It's not like any of us had much choice anyway. Besides, Tsunade will get over herself eventually. You and Karin don't pose a threat, especially since we spent the past month helping rebuild the village. Why destroy our hard work?" He said, keeping up the conversation. He didn't spare another look at the nin's, he removed one of his hands from his pockets and slowed his pace slightly to walk with Suigetsu.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura's green eyes focused on the small crystal stream. Her lips were parted slightly while she released a quiet sigh. She leaned over, and brushed her fingers along the river surface. She stared as the fish swam to her, and nibbled her the tips of her fingers. A ghost of a smile appeared on her rosy lips, as she pulled her hand away from the cool water, and stood. She lifted her hand, and pushed some of her petal-pink hair from her face, and tucked it neatly behind her ear. Her eyes traveled around the grassy, forest area, before they stopped and landed on the houses and markets. Her fingers played with her hair, which now went to her mid back.
Sakura sighed softly, and she looked towards the ground as she walked. She lifted her head slightly, and then stopped when she was about in the middle of the grassy training ground. Yes, Sasuke was back, and she was sure that was a good thing. It was what she and Naruto wished for, was it not? Although, Sakura didn't know how they managed to convince him to come home. He hated this village, and yet he lived in it. With another sigh, Sakura looked around, hoping to see one of her friends. But she was alone at the moment. She chewed on her lower lip, deciding if she should train alone, or find someone to hang out with.Training seemed like a wonderful idea. The pink-haired girl still had much anger to free herself of. Yeah, being alone was nice. Sorta.
Sakura reached behind her to pull out her black gloves, and slowly slipped them on. Her lips twitched into a slight frown when the thought of the red-haired girl, Karin, entered her mind. Sakura didn't mind having Karin around, as long as she didn't fling herself at Sasuke like a whore. As long as Karin didn't piss Sakura off, or do anything retarded, Sakura was fine. But, she still hated Karin. Sakura eyed the large rock that was in front of her.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin sighed with annoyance as she walked through the streets of Konoha. Her crimson eyes flickered to person to person and then to the ANBU that was following her. They were really starting to piss her off. She stopped and then turned towards them, pointing an angry finger at them. She shrieked and stomped on the ground. “Stop following me you stupid ass ANBU!” She turned her back on them and flipped her hair over her shoulder. She began to walk around randomly, exploring the village. “It's not like I'm going to kill anyone.” She said over her shoulder and then looked forward and lifted her head in pride. She looked at the stores, and then paused. Her eyes shifted around, almost slyly, before she walked casually towards a clothes store. She pressed her hands to the window, and grinned. She smiled and walked into the store and put her hands to her hips. She looked around the store, before she almost screamed. Almost. She walked, er, ran towards a pair of shorts and a top. “These are adorable! Lovely!” She said happily, and grabbed a hold of the shirt. Just as another girl grabbed a hold of the shirt. The last one. The last shirt. Karin glared at the girl, and tugged on the shirt. The girl glared back, and tugged on the shirt. Karin cleared her throat. “I saw this first, and I touched it first. So, hands off.” The girl scoffed and shook her head. “In your dreams, four eyes.” They continued to glare at each other, before Karin made a 'hmph' sound, and began to walk away. “I'll be the mature one here, bitch.” She said and then pushed open the door and walked out.
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Masumi / :Sai:: Sai easily waved his way through the large trees of the large forested area he was currently running through, finding it more than simple to not run into them, like Naruto probably would have, he mused. The forest was located behind the training ground, running out to the edge of the village. The space was used frequently by new genin, who would head out to practice chakra molding. Higher leveled Shinobi would use it, but not as often. It was a great shortcut, easier to pass through than the crowded streets of the newly built Konoha, which is what Sai was using it for at the moment. He was on his way to meet up at the training ground with Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto.
Sai left a bit early in hopes to get there a bit sooner than everyone else, wanting to either train or get some time to draw in. He had found little to no time to draw in the past month since Sasuke had come back; Tsunade requested him to keep a close eye on the Uchiha, so he’d been more than busy with keeping tabs on him, but also helping rebuild the Village.
Sai still felt the same toward the former member of Team Seven as he always had since he had first heard of him. In his eyes, Sasuke was nothing more than a traitor, who didn’t deserve what few wonderful things were left in this world. Not only did he have amazing friends such as Naruto and Sakura, and everyone else for that matter, who cared about him, and he ended up betraying, he actually belonged in Konoha. A strong Village blessed with an amazing Hokage, despite her being an alcoholic and her sometimes foul moods. So many had left their Villages and fought to come and be apart of this one, yet he not only left but even tried to kill the former Hokage, Danzo, and the Village Elders.
The thought of Uchiha Sasuke filled him with such a strong, negative feeling. One he had read about called ‘hatred’, and that’s exactly what he felt for the Uchiha. However he would not let his feelings toward the betrayer come between him and his friends, he would be civilized to Team Hebi for the soul reason of keeping peace within his friends. He quickened his pace once he spotted the clearing where the Training Grounds were, not too far up ahead. Sai noticed Sakura beginning training, and he stayed on the outskirts of the grounds to sit and draw for a while as she trained, for he did not want to disturb her.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura ran towards the bolder, and then slammed her fist into it, and then took a step back. She watched as the large rock crumbled. She frowned slightly and then lifted her hand, and pulled off her glove. She stared at her now hurting, bruised knuckles, and tilted her head. She had never hurt or bruised her hands before, maybe in the beginning, but nothing like this. Her hand throbbed and she winced. She sighed sadly, and then looked around. Her eyes landed on Sai, and she began to walk towards him. She held her sore hand to her chest and then used her other hand to wave at him. She smiled and then stopped in front of him, and bent over to see what he was drawing. “Hello Sai,” she said happily. She sighed softly, and then sat beside him. She leaned towards him, to continue to watch him draw.
Her hand moved to her sore one, and she began to heal herself. Her eyes drifted from his picture to look around, sorta hoping she would see Sasuke or one of his friends. Although, she knew she would feel uncomfortable when around him. Since they had convinced him to come back, they haven't talked. At all. Maybe a simple 'hi' but that was it. Ever since the incident between them, Sakura has felt something else towards the Uchiha. Not the love she still has for him, but something else. Fear maybe? All she knew is that she didn't feel that safe around him anymore, and that kind of bothered her. She did have nightmares about when he put her in the Tsukuyomi, to the point where she would wake up screaming.
Sakura shook her head, and then continued to stare at Sai, but she was a little more distracted, dazed. Her eyes were saddened slightly, and she sighed. She forced out a smile as she began to twirl her mid back-length hair with her fingers. “Do you think I look better with long hair, like this, or short hair, like I used to?” She asked Sai and then stared at his eyes.
Reiver / suigetsu.: "Yeah but i think she's worried this is all one big act to get close to the village or something." He said in a serious tone. "Which is a logical fear I guess." He seemed to see things the way others see them instead of his childish fashion of before. Then he heard sakura's question as they strolled into ear shot. "I think it looks good the way it is now." He said tossing his opinion into the mix which he was sure would be disregarded in a heart beat.
Masumi / :Sai:: Sai looked up momentarily from his drawing to see Sakura walking toward him, smiling at her until he noticed her holding her sore hand to her chest. This caused him to frown in concern for her, but knew she could handle herself. “Hello, Sakura.” He replied, adding as much (fake) cheer as she had in her voice.
He turned his attention back to his drawing for a few minutes, wanting to at least finish a few more details on his drawing before getting into a full conversation with her. He looked up once more and noticed the dazed look in her eyes, he almost asked her if she was alright before she spoke first. He smiled at her again, meeting her eyes. “I like you with both, to be honest. You look more feminine with your hair long, and I personally prefer girls with long hair. But when your hair was short, you were still pretty.” He frowned slightly, not really knowing how to put exactly what he wanted to say into words. Sai looked up at Suigetsu, giving him a small smile, “Hello, Suigetsu-san,” his eyes moved to Sasuke, who he glared at, “Uchiha Sasuke.”
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura jumped slightly, and looked over when hearing Suigetsu. “Thank-you, Suigetsu-san.” She said and breathed out, then looked back towards Sai. She smiled and then dropped her hands to her lap. Her fingers began to fiddle with each other, as she suddenly became shy. “Thank-you, Sai.” She said quietly and looked to his picture. “I think I am going to keep my hair long. I felt to... (I manly) when it was short.” She sighed softly. “I don't even remember why I cut it...” She said, although she was lying. She knew why. But she didn't want to bring this conversation up. Not now, at least. She looked up, to Suigetsu, and then to Sasuke. “Hello Sasuke.” She said calmly, and turned her attention away from him and to Sai again. (I Uncomfortable.) She thought to herself. Sakura noticed Sai's glare towards Sasuke, and then sighed softly. She stood up and put her hand to hips. “Well, we are all here, so.... Why don't we all train?” She asked them, and looked from each boy to another.
Sakura smiled fakely, trying to act like she wasn't uncomfortable or anything. She let her hands drop from her hips, to hang loosely by her sides. She chewed on her bottom lip and then looked off to the side, staring towards the trees. Her eyes dropped to stare at her hand, the one she hurt. She lifted it to see it again, and then sighed. “I hurt my hand today, by punching that rock.” She said, pointing towards the rock she broke, but her eyes stayed fixed on her hand. “I've never done that before.” She frowned slightly. “Do you think it's because I'm getting weak, or maybe because I have a lot on my mind?” She asked to no one in particular. She wasn't even sure if anyone would answer, but she asked anyway. She flexed her hand into a fist and then loosened it. Her frown deepened, and she let her hand dropped. Her eyes closed and she sighed sadly. (I Weak. I'm getting weak.. That's me for you.)
Reiver / suigetsu.: "Hello." He said to sai and sakura both. He jumped up on one of the training stumps to sit down. 'I'd say stress if anything sakura." He said calmly in responce to her weakness statment. "But if you hurt your hand it's probably not a good idea to train with it." He stated calmly before looking to the now pebble peices of the once proud bolder. "Remind me to have you or the bowl hair cut kid teach me how to do that...." He smiled at the very thought.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin closed her eyes and focused on where Sasuke's or someone from her team was. Sasuke and Suigetsu were the closest, but they were near Sai and the.. Bitch. Karin sighed and then began to make her way towards the training field where her 'friends' were. She glanced around and looked over where they all were. She crossed her arms over her chest and walked over to them. She stopped, and looked from each person, slightly glaring at Sakura. Her eyes landed on Sasuke, and her glare left and she smiled. She stopped beside Sasuke and sighed. "Tsunade wants us to go the the Hokage tower for a mission thingy, or something." She said. "Uhh, she said it was important." She uncrossed her arms and set them on her hips.
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MikeyMonster / Juugo: Juugo stared down at the ground as he walked silently. He glanced around nervously at all the innocent people that walked near him, unaware of how dangerous he was. They could all die. So easily. He looked over at the ANBU that was following him, and then looked forward. Didn't those ANBU know that they were in danger as well? They were also easy to kill. He muttered to himself, his voice quiet and raspy. His eyes continued to flicker around and he stepped onto the grass. He looked around and spotted Sakura, Sai, Sasuke, Suigetsu and Karin. He began to walked towards them as he continued to talk to himself. “Who to kill?” He whispered to himself as he stopped beside Sasuke. He looked over at Karin, and muttered something under his breath, before his eyes landed on the pink-haired girl, Sakura. “Hello everyone,” he muttered in a low voice, his eyes staying locked on Sakura. (I The pink-haired girl? Kill... Her?) He blinked once, looked over to Sasuke, and then back to Sakura. (I No... I can't kill anyone...) Juugo sighed. (I But...) He watched the pretty pink-haired girl. (I I want to. Kill her... Sakura Haruno.) He seemed rather confused, although he hardly knew why. There was something special about Sakura, but what? He pondered why she seemed special, before his mind dropped it, and began to think about who he should kill. (I Sakura.) Her name repeated over and over again.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu stared at Jugo as he walked up beside sasuke. "Hello Jugo, Karin was just telling us we were being sent out on our first mission." He said taking a few steps toward Karin. He truely had gotten better even karin and his mindless bickering had decreased. "Well looks like the whole teams here we should head toward the hokage tower before Tsunade has a fit." He said remembering her screaming voice.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura rolled her eyes at Karin and glared. What a way to ruin the day. Kind of. She stuck her tongue out at Suigetsu. “I can train easily with a hand like this, by the way!” She said, and waved her hands at him. She turned her head away and watched as Juugo came up to group. She, along with Tsunade, has worked with Juugo, trying to figure out how to help with with his... Killing problems. Juugo was getting a little better, but not by much. She noticed that he was staring at her. A lot, and it made her flinch away from him. She could hear him mumble to himself about who to kill. That made her feel even more uncomfortable since he was staring at her. Maybe he was thinking of killing her? Sakura shivered. At least he was near Sasuke. Sasuke would stop Juugo if he tried to attack her, or someone... Right? She chewed on her bottom lip, and nodded slightly to Suigetsu. “Okay,” she said and then stepped away from the group. “Let's go see what mission Tsunade-sama has for us.” She grinned. “Maybe it's a A rank mission. Or, or a S-rank mission!” She twirled in her spot and smiled. “Okay, let's go.” She turned away from her friends, and then began to walk towards the Hokage tower. She glanced over her shoulder to look back at them before sighing. She turned her head back forward, and then stared down at her hands. She hummed quietly to herself as she began to pull off her black gloves. She put them back where they usually were, then let her hands drop to hang loosely at her sides. She continued to hum and walk as she neared the Hokage tower.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu watched jugo carefully, he liked the murdereous bastard and didn't want him trying to kill sakura and then having to help sasuke get him under control. It was a very painful process that ended in many broken bones and near fatal wounds on his part. Sasuke had his eyes and the curse mark, jugo also had a curse mark to keep them safe all he could do was get owned and then poof into water. He sighed and walked after sakura.
Masumi / :Sai:: Sasuke and Suigetsu had just gotten to the edge of the training field when Sakura had sat down next to Sai off on the other end. The rest of their walk was clouded with thick silence, yet it was comfortable. The two were now close enough to Sakura and Sai to hear their conversation. Suigetsu jumped right in, and he was reminded of his earlier comment
(I "It would be nice to meet them on different terms.")
He held back his smirk, keeping in his thoughts and brushing Sakura’s question off as worthless, a waste of time. He found it childish to ask, and he figured she still had a lot of growing up to do. What did it matter what they thought? It was her hair, she should have it how she likes it, but of course he did not voice this opinion. He didn’t even spare a second glance at Sai, there was only one feeling shared between the two, which was hatred. Yet the silent agreement to be civilized as much as possible to keep the peace, however they did have their moments, such as now, where their agreement would fall through. But Uchiha Sasuke wasn’t a child any longer. He brushed off the glare, sliding a hand idly into his pocket while listening to his friends.
As Sakura stood and gestured, with some grace, he might add, to the rock she had caused to crumble. He hadn’t been there in time to see it happen, but he had already taken notice of it while he was walking to them accompanied by Suigetsu, so the raven haired boy didn’t need to turn around. “You’re getting stronger, Sakura. Never weaker.” He voiced finally, holding so many hidden compliments. Sasuke knew the pink haired girl would understand his underlying compliments, she was smart enough now to know he would never openly be so nice.
Said Uchiha didn’t turn, nor roll his eyes, as Karin joined them. When she announced their mission, he turned with a smirk plastered on his lips. (I So Lady Tsunade has finally learned to trust us? Or is this some test?) “Calm yourself, Juugo.” His calm, cool voice sliced through the air, an order. He glanced at his teammate, ready to activate his sharingan if Sakura were to be put into danger. He glanced reassuringly at her, allowing her the peace of mind she would not be attacked.
Sasuke followed as the group began to move toward the Hokage Tower, his pace slowing to Juugo’s. It would be the best for their current situation, as they were about to enter the main street of the Village with so many vulnerable people. The ANBU were powerless against him, only Sasuke himself could calm and serve as Juugo’s ‘cage’.
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Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura had glanced over at Suigetsu had walked beside her. She had glanced back at Sasuke when hearing his compliment. That meant a lot to her. A smile graced her lips as she slowed her pace to walk with Sasuke and Juugo. “Thank-you, Sasuke.” She said quietly to him as she looked up at the taller boy. She hadn't really noticed that she had taken the suffix 'kun' off of Sasuke's name until now. But she didn't seem to care. Nobody else even seemed to notice. That was a good thing. Or so she thought. She noticed how the Sharingan was activated, and then her glance went to Juugo.
“Juugo-san, if you want to go on this mission, you'll have to calm yourself.” Sakura said softly to him. She smiled reassuringly at him before she side-stepped behind Sasuke to walk beside Juugo. She tilted her head up so she could see his face, before she smiled again. She felt safer with Sasuke closer, and so she really didn't have a reason to fear Juugo. Well, she was never (I really) scared of him or anything, it's just that she didn't feel comfortable.
She sighed softly, almost in annoyance, when she listened to the conversation the people were whispering to each other. She shook her head. (I I can't believe Sasuke actually came back. If I was Sasuke, I'd be awkward walking around this village. I mean, everyone hates him. The only people that actually accept him are his new Teammates and his old friends. I wonder why Sakura Haruno is walking so proudly near Juugo and Sasuke. To be honest, I'd be ashamed.) The quiet conversations continued as they walked by.
Sakura rolled her eyes, and looked over at Sasuke. She wanted to tell him and Juugo to just ignore the gossip and stuff, but she had a feeling he would brush it off, that or ignore her. She shrugged her shoulders and looked up at the Hokage tower that was now a head of them. A smile turned to a grin as she twirled once as she walked. “I haven't had a mission in a long time,” she said as she glanced past Juugo to look over at Sasuke. “I bet you're finally happy you can leave for a mission, right Sasuke?” She asked him.
Sakura stepped inside the Hokage tower, and glanced around. “Hm,” she hummed to herself, before she began to stride towards Tsunade's office. She stopped in front of the door, and turned to wait for her companions.
MikeyMonster / Juugo: Juugo had watched how Sakura flinched away from him and frowned. He looked at Sasuke, his frown increased. "Sorry, Sasuke-sama." He muttered. His gaze went back to Sakura, who was motioning for them to follow her. And he did. He glanced to his left, in which Sasuke had moved to be walking there. He watched as Sakura's face became bright with happiness, once Sasuke had made the compliment on her. It was almost looking at an Angel. Sakura truly indeed was a beauty. He watched as Sakura began to walk with himself and Sasuke. The urge to kill increased ever so slightly. "Who to kill..?" He couldn't stop the quiet whisper to escape his mouth. and then he was a where of Sakura walking next to him, telling him to calm down if he wanted to go on the mission. Juugo nodded quickly. "I'm sorry, Sakura-san." He said. "I'll try to." His heart seemed to jump when he saw her beautiful smile that was directed at him. He had never had anyone be so kind to him like Sakura. The pink-haired girl was the only one who was, and is, nice to him. He didn't know why, but the corners of his lips pulled up, making him smile back at her. He glanced at Sasuke as they entered the Hokage Tower, and sighed. Be good. He thought to himself. He had to.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin had glanced over towards the bolder Sakura must have smashed with that tiny had of hers. The red-haired girl had rolled her eyes and watched as Sakura stood, and motioned for everyone to follow her towards the Hokage Tower. The red-eyed girl followed silently after everyone, before she took her spot beside Sasuke once Sakura had moved to walked beside Juugo.
Karin ignored the must have been compliment Sasuke had said to Sakura. A light sigh escaped her lips. "I'm shocked that the Hokage, Tsunade, actually trusts us enough for a mission." She said and smiled. "I'm glad to finally be getting out of the village for a while."
Karin listened silently to the conversations people were having about them. It pissed her off. THe people in this village gossiped (b way) to much. Karin sent glares to everyone, and held herself back from starting a fight with someone. She glanced at Sakura who had twirled in her spot. "What a child, Haruno." Karin said quietly, but loud enough for everyone to hear.
Karin stopped in front of the Hokage door as well, crossed her arms over her chest, and glared at Sakura with hatred. Her glance then drifted to Juugo and then to Sasuke. She noticed how Juugo had continued to mutter to himself. (b Death. Its that really all he cares about? God.) "What a freak, Juugo. Seriously." She said and looked away from the group to continue to glare at Sakura.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura nodded her head to Juugo as he apologized. She looked at Karin, who had made the comments about her being a child, and Juugo being a freak. Her hands went to her hips, and she walked up to four-eyes. “Excuse me?” She lifted her hand to rest on Karin's shoulder, before she grabbed onto a piece of her shirt, and pulled the red-haired girl towards her, so they were eye-level. Her eyes narrowed to a glare of hatred. “Look, Sweetie, I seriously don't appreciate the comments your making. If you're going to be a bitch, then keep your damn comments to yourself,” she said rather angrily. “I'm rather pissed off by them, so if you could shut your mouth, it would make everyone happy, okay?” (I So much for being nice to Karin...,) Sakura thought to herself, and exhaled lightly. As she let Karin go, she pushed her away slightly.
Sakura's eyes drifted to Sasuke, and she stared at him for a while. She smiled at him, and then walked up to the boy she still loved, and stood beside him. “Hello, Sasuke.” She said in a happy-ish voice. Her eyes flashed to Juugo, and she bit her lip. She shouldn't have freaked out like that to Karin when she knew that Juugo acted more dangerously when there was anger or violence.
Sakura turned away from Sasuke and Juugo when she heard a (I “Come in.”) She opened the door of her mentor's office, and then stepped inside. She motioned for the others to enter before she turned to Tsunade. “Tsunade-sama,” she greeted happily, and bowed. She straightened her position, and then smiled. Tsunade nodded her head to Sakura and watched everyone else. She opened her mouth to say something, then she closed it, and began to hum.
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MikeyMonster / Juugo: Juugo stared, almost in shock as Sakura acted violently towards Karin. He closed his eyes as his blood lust got worse. He wanted to see the blood now. He was craving it. Also, the comment Karin had said to him, angered him. He knew that everyone was going to get very pissed with him, he was more worried about Sasuke, but he wanted to see the blood. His eyes opened, and he stepped inside the room. His breathing increased slightly, and he moved to stand next to Sakura. And he knew who's blood he wanted. Sakura's. Sakura Haruno's blood. To hear her scream, cry out. To die. His knew that he had to control himself, so he closed his eyes again. His breathing sped up a little more. “Sakura-san..” He muttered quietly, his voice filled with blood lust.. Juugo slapped his hand to Sakura's shoulder, and tightened his grip firmly. His eyes opened, glossed over with blood-lust. He turned fully towards Sakura, and then rammed her back into the nearest wall, with all his might. A crazed smile appeared on his lips when he saw the wall he forced Sakura to slam against, crack. He controlled himself only slightly, but his hands moved to wrap around her small neck, and he began to squeeze.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu glanced at jugo every few seconds,the tell tale signs of his immenint blood rage were clear. It was more a question of when rather than if. And it finally happened, jugo lost it and sasuke was the only one who could stop him. Jugo had sakura in a vice grip and sasuke was clear on the other side of the room. Even for him it would take time to get toget to sakuras aid. Suigetsu gripped jugo's shoulder with his left hand. "Sorry buddy but you'll thank me later." It was true in a fair fight jugo would rip suigetsu to shreds but good thing he wasnt going to fight fair. He pulled his fist back and sent it flying for jugo's face. But there was no impact, just before his arm turned to water and flooded down jugo's mouth and nose. Suigetsu's intent was to fill jugo's lungs with water and force him to at least turn his attention from sakura. He wouldnt drown his freind just hopefully make him faint from lack of air then quickly pull all the water from jugos lungs. "I hope this works."
Masumi / Sasori.: Sasuke didn’t give his attention to the mindless bickering going on between Sakura and Karin. To him, it was childish, especially on Karin’s part yet he knew there was little to anything he could do about it and he couldn’t find himself to care enough to try. At the moment they were both being slightly annoying, especially to him but there were more important things going on. The Uchiha fought the smirk threatening to ruin his emotionless mask as Karin got a taste of what she deserved. He stared straight on at Tsunade, wondering if the Godaime had finally learned to trust his platoon. Although his highest concern was with Juugo, who was mere seconds away from bloodshed but Sasuke gave him the space and time to try to calm himself before the Uchiha would have to step in.
When Juugo stepped in next to Sakura and away from Sasuke, he knew it was a disaster waiting to happen. Before he could calmly move between the two in order to block Juugo from harming Sakura, he already had her in his grip and the atmosphere of the room changed immediately the second he snapped. His calm pace turned into a rushed step as he made his way across the room to prevent major damage, his sharingan swirling to life in his eye. A sudden need to make it across faster and protect Sakura washed through him and he assessed the situation as Suigetsu made his move just before the Uchiha was almost there, having to push Karin out of his way to get there faster. He appeared before Juugo, looking deep into his eyes as the Mangekyo Sharingan bled through the first stage sharingan, trapping the redhead in his genjutsu which would calm him effectively. “Suigetsu, he’s under control now. Take care of Sakura, get her out of here.” His commanding voice rose deep within his throat, and he found himself unable to stop the small hints of concern laced in his voice.
<<<For F*ck’s sake. NO THIS IS NOT SASUSAKU. Stop. Asking. I hate that pairing with a burning passion, the simple FRIENDSHIP felt between the two is my NORMAL reactions to when Saku is in danger/hurt IRL. No we’re not dating, I’m just an overprotective friend. So shut the fuck up, okay? If Sasuke is to be in ANY relationships in this RP while I am him, it will be with Uchiha Itachi, and we don't have one, so, screw that idea. Sorry, I'm just really sick of people asking. x_x>>>
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura glanced over at Juugo as he moved to stand beside her, she smiled happily at him, and then looked to Tsunade. She looked towards Juugo, and noticed how he seemed to be in a trace, or something. A frown twitched on her pink lips and she turned to him. “Juugo-san, are you okay?” She asked him. She blinked with shock as he put his hand on her shoulder with bone-crushing force. She went to step away from him, fearing that she could easily get hurt, or possibly worst, die. But before she knew what was happening, he had slammed her into the wall. She winced as she could feel the wall crack. She put her hands to Juugo's wrist when his hands wrapped around her neck.
She indeed was happy when Sasuke came, and calmed the orange-haired ninja. Sakura grabbed her neck, and frowned. She stepped away from Suigetsu, and shook her head at Sasuke. “I'm fine.” She said. She shook her head, and inhaled deeply. “Don't worry guys, It'll take more then that to kill me,” she said, and forced herself to grin. She rubbed her neck, and sighed. “But that (I really) hurt.” She laughed out, trying to lighten the mood.
Sakura turned to Tsunade, and exhaled. Her mentor seemed very angry, shocked, and... Pissed. The green-eyed girl stepped up towards Tsunade. “Don't worry, Tsunade-sama,” she said. “I'm fine, see?” She twirled in her spot and smiled. “I want to know about the mission now, Tsunade-sama.” She said, still forcing herself to smile. Tsunade had looked at Sakura, and nodded slightly. “Fine, Sakura.” She sighed. “But Juugo isn't going to be aloud to come on this mission, I don't want you, or anyone jeapordized.” Sakura nodded, and frowned. “Okay.”
Tsunade handed Sakura the scroll. “You're mission leader, Sakura.” The pink-haired girl raised an eye-brow. “But Tsuande-sama, I'm the medic-nin, and I'm nothing special, Sasuke or someone should be mission leader.” Tsunade shook her head. “I trust you enough to be mission, leader. You're strong enough, and one of the top ninja's in Konoha, Sakura.” Sakura sighed and nodded slightly. “Fine...” She muttered, and stepped back. “Okay, so this isn't a big mission, it's an escort mission. You'll be escorting three people to Kumogakure,” Tsunade said. Sakura snapped her fingers. “Well.” She grinned slightly. “Okay, when do we start? Who are the people?” She asked.
“Makio, he's the older brother, and son of the Raikage. Also are his two younger sisters, Ami and Sumomo.” Tsunade watched as Sakura seemed to frown. “And you leave as soon as possible. This mission should only take a week, maybe two.” Sakura nodded and then sighed. She turned towards Juugo and Sasuke. She frowned. (I Poor Juugo....) She thought to herself. She seemed relieved, thankful that Tsunade or nobody started to freak out like what Juugo had just did was serious. Because Sakura didn't really think it was. She shrugged it off, like it was nothing.
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Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu stared at tsunade like she had a second head as he pulled his arm back from jugo's lungs. He nodded silently to sasuke. "Try not to hurt him sasuke." He said in a saddened voice then turned to sakura. Her neck was pretty red but no worse for the ware. "You sure your ok?" But before sakura could answer tsunade said she didn't want jugo going on the mission with them. "Um with all due respect thats possibly the worst thing you could do. Jugo goes into fits of agression that he can't control." He looked back at sasuke and envyed his strength as well as jugo's. Jugo and sasuke could handle whole armys by themselves. With the curse marks plus the uchiha blood in sasuke it was a near unstopable force. It had just occured to him how down on the totem poll he really was hell even karin had her uses. "The only one who can calm him or stop him is sasuke. He would ripp through you jonin like tissue paper. Thats why he has to stay close to sasuke." He said in a slightly saddened voice.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura nodded at Suigetsu, and listened to him speak. “I agree, Tsuande-sama. I have seen Juugo-san in one of his.. Attacks. And Sasuke is the only that can stop Juugo. So I think he should come.” Tsunade sighed. “Are you guys sure you can handle him?” She asked. Sakura nodded quickly. “Of course, Tsunade-sama. Sasuke is here with us, I'm sure he'll stop Juugo. And I'm sure I could help...” Her voice trailed off and she chewed on her lower lip. “Maybe.” She frowned slightly, and looked back at Juugo. She stepped back beside Juugo, and put her hand to his shoulder. “I trust Juugo-san.”She said calmly as she watched him. Tsuande sighed loudly as she thought about what Suigetsu had said. “Fine, Juugo can go. But you all better come back alive.”
Sakura looked back at Tsunade and laughed out. Her hand dropped, and she looked at the scroll in her hand. “Tsunade-sama, of course we will.” She said and nodded as she read, and then looked up to her Team mates. “Okay, we will all meet at the gates in 15 minutes. That's enough time to pack. Don't be late, please.” She smiled, and bowed at Tsunade before she left.
Sakura rushed quickly out of the Hokage tower, leaving everyone behind. She looked around before she began to run. (I Oh my gosh, I have to hurry and pack everything. Ahh. I have no time!) She thought to herself. She stopped in front of her door, and then tried to open it. “Blehh, It's locked.” She began to mumble to herself. “Stupid people and stupid locking the stupid door.” She fumbled around for the keys, then screamed out. “Where are they?” She frowned deeply. “Okay.. So I lost my keys...” Her eyes shifted around nervously, before she side-stepped to the side of her house slyly. She continued to do that until she reached her window. “Operation break-in... In check.” She muttered to herself, and then grinned.
Sakura hopped up on a tree branch, and then grabbed a higher branch and tried to reach for the window sill with her leg. “Just a little further...” She bit her bottom lip and then tried to reach the top of her window with her small pale hand. Her fingers grazed the window, and she tried to find somewhere to grasp. “If I die.. I swear I'm going to haunt someone.” She muttered to herself, and then hopped towards it. She pressed her body to the window, and then closed her eyes tightly. “Okay... Now what?” She looked in her window, and then saw her older brother, Sora, come into her room.
“Sora!” She began to knock on her window. Sora glanced to the window, and shook his head. He walked to the window and crossed his arms over his chest. “Yes, Sakura?” He asked and then looked away to glance behind his shoulder. Sakura glared at him. “Open my window, please.” She begged. Sora smiled and then slid the window open. He grabbed Sakura's arm before she could fall back and pulled her into her room. He stepped away from her, and then crossed his arms over his chest again. Sakura glared up at him. “Why were you in my room?!” She asked him. He rolled his eyes. “I heard something, and I came to check to see what it was. And it was you being stupid.” Sakura glared, and pushed him away. “I'm busy, Sora. I need to pack for a mission.” She stuck out her tongue, and then began to grab things she would need.
Sora shrugged. “Okay, be careful Sakura-chan.” He said and the left. Sakura hummed to herself as she grabbed her stuff. She shoved it into her bag, and then smiled. “Okay.” She walked downstairs, and then opened the door. “I'm off! Bye.” She waved and then headed towards the Gates. She walked up to three strangers and stopped.
The oldest looking one, the male, looked at her. He was (I very) handsome. He smiled at Sakura. “Are you Sakura Haruno?” He asked. Sakura nodded, and held out her hand. “Hello Makio-san.” Her voice trailed off. He grabbed her hand and grinned. “Sakura-san.” He lifted her and and kissed it. “I'm happy you are going to be the one escorting us “These are my sisters, Ami,” he pointed to the pretty girl with the blond hair, “and Sumomo.” He gestured towards the other beautiful girl with blond hair. Sakura smiled. “Hello, Sumomo-san, Ami-san.” She said. Sumomo and Ami smiled and waved at the same time. “Hello Sakura-sama!”
Sakura smiled at them, then looked off towards the village to wait for her team. Her thoughts drifted to when herself and Naruto wet with Sasuke and his team only a month ago. That was truly a scary time of her life. She actually thought she was going to die.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu smiled at his small victory. He was sure however the only reason the hokage agreed was because sakura agreed. But he didnt care he finally got to do something that he could succed in. After being kicked out of the mist villages legendary seven swordsman his life went on a downward spiral. He walked to the little apartment he was renting and grabbed his gear then continued toward the village gates where saw sakura and the three they were to protect. He was afraid one of them might have known him as the failed swordsman of the mist so he never looked at them directly. He sat down by the village gate and pulled h
Masumi / Sasori.: Sasuke regained his stance, de-activating his sharingan and releasing Juugo from it completely once things had calmed down. His attention appeared to turn from the barely-stable Juugo to Tsunade, who he murmured his apologies to. He stood emotionless, silent, appearing to not care enough to listen about the mission as it was explained and as Sakura and Suigetsu both pleaded Tsunade for her permission to bring Juugo along; had she have refused, he would use his own methods against the Godaime Hokage. The Uchiha's mind had completely wandered from Karin; she was just sitting around in the background completley useless as Sakura used to be. The thought brought a smirk to his face, for she had grown up quite well and he admired her for it. His train of thought lead his eyes to catch a glimpse of said pinkette, and he knew she would be fine from her wounds from Juugo. After all, she was a medical nin and he was not concerned in the slightest anymore, knowing if he wasn't so good at surpressing his emotions he would have felt guilty for doubting his...friend. Once the group was dismissed from the office, he immideatly went to the front gates of the village, his gear having already been on him. He walked up to join the few that had gathered already; him being just a few short seconds behind Sakura. Without introduction, he walked past the three they were assigned to protect and rested against the gate, and all fell silent in his mind. He looked out to the road which in just a few short minutes they would be traveling down, and his arm began to burn heavily, making him want to wince with all the pain and uncomfortablity it was causing him. Of course he didn't though, he brushed it off completely and eventually the burning sensation died down; the pain going along with it.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: <<Er, I'm just going to say Juugo and Karin are there... <.< >>
Sakura glanced over at Suigetsu as he came, then her attention turned to Sasuke. He ignored everyone completely, and went off into his little... Emo state. The pink haired girl began to wonder how Sasuke would react if she called him Emo Prince. She smiled slightly at the thought, then looked towards the people they were escorting. She smiled again, at them, then crossed her arms over her chest, and looked away from everyone. Her jade colored eyes lifted to her companions, and she realized that she was the shortest over everyone. She huffed out, and turned towards Sasuke and Suigetsu. “Alright, so...” She chewed on her lower lip for a second, deciding what she should say. “Okay, so I'm going to be in the front, leading the group, Karin, you can be in the back of the group, you have awesome chakra-sensingness,” she grinned at the word, “Juugo, you can be on the left of the group, and Sasuke because you have the Sharingan, you can be in the front as well.” She shifted slightly so she was leaning on her left leg. “This mission shouldn't take us that long, a week or two, but no more then three.”
Sakura fixed her backpack, and then looked off towards the gate. “Let's go,” she said. She began to walk, and Makio, Sumomo and Ami followed. Sakura glanced to her right, in which Makio was, and smiled at him. “Hey,” she said, and then looked forward again. “Hello Sakura-san. I (I really) trust you to take us there safely.” He said, and watched her carefully. Sakura looked over at him, and then smiled in awkwardness. “That's good, Makio-san.” Her eyes drifted back forward again, and she silently hoped that he would leave. (I But) she didn't mind the company, nobody else would talk to her, so what harm could it be to continue to talk to him? “Ne, Sakura-san?”
“Mhmm?” Sakura hummed to him, but didn't look in his direction. “Are you dating anyone, or are you single?” He asked her. Sakura sighed. “I'm single,” her words came out in a mumble, and she hoped that he didn't hear her. “Oh? Well, when we get to my village, do you think...?” Sakura laughed out with fake humor, and looked over at him. “Sorry, Makio-san, I don't want to date anyone at the moment,” she said truthfully, and looked away from him again. (I Why? Why did he have to ask?) His face dropped, and he looked away from her, “oh.” Sakura frowed deeply, and then sighed. Great, now she felt quilty. “Sorry, it's just... I'm not into long distance relationships. I don't really want to date anyone I never can see, it gets (I very) annoying.” She told him. His face then became slightly hopeful. “So, if I moved to Konoha---?”
Before Makio could finish his sentence, Sakura coughed loudly, hoping to shut him up, it worked. “Sorry, I had a tickle in my throat.” She sped up a little bit, away from him, and then looked up at the milky blue sky as she walked. She began to hum a lullaby to herself, to pass time so she wouldn't get that bored.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu sighed as he walked across the cobble stone road until he was away from the group a ways since sakura seemed to forget about him. But he kept his mouth shut since she probably stared at Jugo to make sure he was in line or sasuke in a sort of deja Vu feeling. Suigetsu just sorta walked until he heard one of the escorts started to hit on sakura. He smiled to himself lightly. "At least he wasnt the only one being a little out of luck." It all seemed so funny but he kept his eyes front and walked on. He did seem a little out of place though.
Sachiko / Kariin: Karin was shocked that Juugo attacked Sakura, but the red-haired girl didn't care. She actually hope that Sakura might have died. But no Sasuke just had to come in to save Sakura and play the knight in shining armor. Karin could imagine Sakura glomping Sasuke and saying in a very flirty voice, “My hero!!!!!” The red haired girl shuddered at the thought. Karin made a 'hmph' sound, and crossed her arms over her chest. “Well, I'm leaving.” She said after Tsuande had said what she needed to. The red haired girl headed straight to the gates, and stepped away from everyone to stand beside Suietsu. She closed her eyes, and was about to start day dreaming about a certain black haired boy by the name of Sasuke when Sakura's annoying voice filled her eyes. Karin wanted to shriek out, but she didn't. She glared even more when Sakura told them the formation as of where everyone was going to be, but she liked the whole awesome-chakra sensingness thing Sakura had said. But Karin really didn't like the fact that Sakura was to be having Sasuke up front with her. That little hog! Karin thought to herself. Trying to lure Sasuke-kun into her death trap. That's low, Haruno! Even for you! Karin was mentally strangling the pink-haired brat, but outwardly, she stayed quiet, although it was probably very easy to tell what she was thinking.
Karin had began to walk, and glared even further when the goodlooking boy, Makio, started to hit on Sakura. Jeez, the girl wasn't that pretty, was she? Karin flipped her hair over her shoulder, and held her head up with pride as she walked. She didn't bother to look at anyone, but stared straight ahead.
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Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigestu saw Karin walk up beside him. She seemed to not be so bitchy at the moment but he was sure any second it would all boil over and she would flip shit at someone. He sighed slowed his pace so he was in the very back of the group. He put his hand on the sword strapped to his back. He did this everytime he thought deeply. Why did sasuke pick me? He thought. "I didn't have anything to offer besides swordsmanship but almost anyone could learn to do that. Karin could sence chakra easily, jugo was a tank in and of himself, and sasuke was the last uchiha, and now sakura was pretty much the next Tsunade. He asked himself in his head. He couldnt wrap his head around the idea.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura had glanced back at Suigetsu, and noticed how he seemed to be staying away from everyone. Her eyebrows knitted together with slight confusion, and she slowed her pace and let everyone pass her so she could walk next to Suigetsu. "Ne, Suigetsu, you look so lonely." She said in a soft tone. Her eyes drifted to stare into Suigetsu's purple colored irises. Her pale hand lifted to his shoulder, and landed gently on it. Her fingers played with his sleeve for a moment, before her attention turned back to the silver haired boy.
"Suigetsu-kun," she said in a pouty voice, "try and be happy! Smile, grin! Grin one of those toothy grins!" She told him. She stared at his face, her eyes taking in every detail. "You know, I've never noticed... But you're sort of beautiful, you know that?" She muttered to him, smiling slightly. And it was true, he had a nice smooth face, beautiful colored eyes, this was the first time she seen Suigetsu up close. He was also a head taller then her, like Sasuke, she noted. Sakura blinked a few times, and quickly looked away from him. She moved her hand from his shoulder, then looked back at him.
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Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu was stareing off into space once sakura awoke him from his thoughts. "Oh hello sakura-chan." He said giving her a smile that revealed his pointed teeth. "Sorry sakura I was just thinking..." He was cut off when sakura called him beautiful and put a hand on his shoulder. He blushed madly, that was the first time anyone called him that usually he was evil and cruel in most eyes. The only girl that treated him as a equal was Karin and that wasn't really a great relationship either. Then it hit him, didn't sakura like sasuke like karin? "Um thank you sakura, thats the first time I've ever been called that before..." He said with a chuckle. "Your very beautiful too." He said placing his hand on her forearm for a second. He moved his hand back when she did. He was confused but happy all at the same time for some reason. "Hey sakura you know you never told me where I should be in the formation."
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura put her hand to her mouth and giggled slightly. "Thanks." She said, and grinned up at the sliver haired boy. She then blinked, and stared at him for a moment. "I never told you...? Seriously?" Sakura tried to remember what she had said, and then squeaked. She really (I did) forget about telling him where should he be. (I I'm such a terrible person!) She thought to herself."I'm sorry!" She said, mentally slapping herself for forgetting Suigetsu.
"Well, Suigetsu-kun," she chewed on her bottom lip for a moment, "you can stay on the right of the group, okay?" She said. She clasped her hands together in front of her, and stared forward as she walked beside him. She thought about what he had said for a while, then looked back at him. "Nobody has called you beautiful... Er, handsome, errr, good-looking?" She asked him, shocked. She thought that maybe some girl would notice his good looks, and possibly say something.
Sakura smiled at Suigetsu. "Well, Suigetsu-kun, I feel honored that I'm the first one to tell you that you are very good-looking," she said, and punched his shoulder, hopefully lightly. She continued to smile Suigetsu, and stuck her tongue at him.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu smiled. "Its no problem sakura." he said happily. "Yeah your the first, But you have to remember I used to be a real vile person, so most didn't talk to me period." He said honestly, he knew how he used to be and he wouldn't lie to himself to tell himself otherwise. Suigetsu looked at sakura to see her pull her hand back for a light punch and his eyes widened. Her light could be bone shattering but it was rather gentle in actuality. He chuckled remembering the fight he had with her before she convinced them to come back. His arms were almost shattered beyond repair. "So is what you told that one guy true? You not lookin to be in a relationship?" He asked in a whisper so he wouldn't hear and get his feelings hurt if she said no.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura grinned at his look when she went to go punch him, and laughed out softly. She stuck her tongue out him again, and looked towards Sasuke briefly, then looked back at him when hearing his question. She inhaled deeply, and chewed on her lower lip in thought. "Well, I'm not sure, actually..." She said softly. "I've been in so many other relationships, and they always ended with me getting hurt." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "I'm scared that I'll end up hurt again, you know?" She said quietly and looked over at him. She let herself smile slightly at him.
"I'm worried to love someone again. I mean, I still love (I him)," she whispered, tilting her head towards Sasuke, "but I know my feelings for him will never be returned... And, all loving him has done is hurt me. And I know that I'll always love him." She sighed out. "Sometimes I hate myself for it. But you know, when you love someone it's hard to just stop loving him." She shook her head quickly, and forced out another smile. "I might just go on a date with someone, but I don't want a big, serious relationship." She said honestly, looking over at Suigetsu again. Her tilted her head to the side slightly, letting her hair hang loosely over her shoulders, and down to her middle back. "Why, Suigetsu-kun?" She asked him. She also noticed how she out the suffix 'kun' on his name, and not on Sasuke's, it caused her to smile slightly to herself.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu nodded. "I can understand that. I mean you can't pick who you love just the same way he can't choose who he cares for. It just sort of happens ya know? I'm not good at explaining things like this but I don't think you can ever stop loving someone." He said nodding slightly. He then saw her hair fall over her shoulders. "You look good with your hair down. Didn't you use to have long hair? Really? Sasuke always said you only ever wanted to date him... but then again I guess he was away for some time huh?" He then blushed deeper again. "Um well I was just curious sakura-chan wondering if ummm..." He bent down and whispered in her ear. "If a guy like me had a shot with you."
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura smiled. "Err, he told you that? Yeah... I always used to ask him out. Well, because he was -is- really hot and good looking, but then I actually began to care for him. Not because of his good looks, or because he was popular, but because I kind of got to know him, and I wanted to understand him... And shockingly, I love his personality." She sighed out, and smiled. "And thank-you. Yes, I used to have my hair long... Because I knew that Sasuke liked girl's with long hair, so I kept my hair long." She sighed softly. "Then I ended up cutting it during the Chuunin exams when I was (I trying) to save him and Naruto. I think I did very well. Yes, but if it wasn't for him waking, I'm sure that me, Lee-san, Naruto would have been dead. But, I must say, when he woke up, it was the most scariest times of my life. Seeing the Curse mark all over his body... And I thought he was going to strangle me or something when I didn't answer him when he asked who hurt me." She shuddered deeply at the memory, then shook her head, wondering how they ended up in the conversation about the past.
Sakura noticed his blush, and she had a feeling she knew what he was going to say next, and she was right. She smiled at him, and closed her eyes for a brief moment, then opened them again. "Well, maybe..." She muttered, more to herself then anyone else. "I don't see any wrong in that."
Reiver / suigetsu.: "Yeah but that demonic tattoo makes him and jugo damn near invincible. Some times I wish I had one.. In all honesty sasuke and jugo could beat my tail 6 ways till tuesday easily." He nodded. "I think you'd look great with long hair." He nodded to himself then she said maybe which caused him to do a double take. "Holy crap really? I was expecting to get turned down in all honesty." He said chuckling nervously. "So after the mission do you want to go on a date or something?" He asked with a blush.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura nodded as she listened to him talk. "Yeah. The Curse Mark scares the shit out of me," she said, and looked towards Sasuke. "I wonder how he could stand it....." She muttered. "But since Orochimaru is dead, don't you think that Sasuke wouldn't be able to use the Curse Mark?" She asked Suigetsu, but didn't look at him. "I wish I had something powerful like the Curse Mark..." She whispered to herself. "That way I wouldn't feel weak, and like I can do anything." She said, and looked over at him, she sighed out. "But maybe I don't need something like that," she looked back at Sasuke longingly. "Maybe I can use my own strength, and not have to get used by someone to become stronger." She looked up at the tall silver haired ninja. "Maybe, Suigetsu-kun, maybe." She gave him a lopsided grin. "I'll think about it though," she giggled out softly, then looked forward again. Her eyes flickering every so often to stare at Sasuke. Why couldn't she go out with Sasuke? Just once? She sighed. That was a stupid question. She knew the answer(I s). One, because she wasn't strong enough, two, because she was annoying, three, because she'll never be a good enough for him, and four, because Sasuke had other way prettier girls that he probably knows.
Sakura tried not to wince, but she did. Man, now she was sad. She pouted a bit, her bottom lip puckering out a little bit, and her eyes saddened greatly. What a way to ruin her mood; to think of why she would never have a chance with Sasuke.
<<Err, I have to go. >///< I'll beh on laterr. Byebyee.>>
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu nodded. "Yeah I've seen him and jugo use theirs when ever they wanted and had full control over it." He said with a nod. "Don't worry and even if jugo gets out of control sasuke can stop him, and if he's two far away, I'm sure I could maybe slow him down.." He then heard her whisper. "Well on that we are on the same page. I'm not as 'special' as the others. I was wondering earlier why sasuke asked me to join. I don't have anything special to contribute." He said calmly. He then saw her stare at sasuke. He smiled and patted her on the back. "Don't worry about it, you've still got him on your mind. But if you ever decide otherwise my offer stands... Ya know I feel a little like that blond jinchuuriki boy." He said with a laugh.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura looked at Suigetsu. "Well, have you ever asked Sasuke why he asked you to join?" She asked him. "Will Sasuke stop Juugo every time he goes scary like that? Or..?" She shuddered at the thought. "I believe you could stop Juugo if he went all scary if Sasuke wasn't anywhere near by. I wonder if I could calm Juugo down." She mused quietly to herself. "Probably not, but I would like to try. Juugo looks like he's in so much pain when he uses the Curse Mark." She said quietly. "I feel so bad for him..." She then thought of another question to ask Suigetsu. "Has Sasuke (I ever) killed anyone? Other then Itachi-san..." She asked him in a whisper, hoping nobody could hear. She then grinned at him, unable to help herself. "Of course. But, the answer will probably be yes. I have a hard time saying no to friends. Sometimes I wonder if I'm to nice." She laughed slightly.
"Naruto?" She grinned again. "He's okay, he's a really good friend of mine. He (I actually) convinced me to go out with him. But then when we went to dinner... I had to pay." She shook her head, and sighed out. "And then when I went out with... Lee." She shuddered. "A very nice guy, but (I way) to weird for me."
Reiver / suigetsu.: "Oh the fast little green kid. I wish I could move like that though." He said with a chuckle. "No because in all honesty some times I'm afraid what the answer might be." He said truthfully as he walked beside her. "He made you pay? Wow... pathetic sorry." He said with a grin. "Well the funny thing is jugo is afraid, not of anyone or anything but of himself. He hates hurting people but the curse mark makes him. His is very unstable and it tweaked his brain a little. If he's calm he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet, but if something sets him off you better start digging your grave." He continued. "Before kimimaro kept him in check, he was jugo's best freind cause he could keep him from hurting others, same thing with sasuke. As long as he's near by jugo can actually live a life." He said smiling a little. "Yeah but we all have it was what we had to do." He then looked at sakura. "Have you ever had a normal date before?" He asked grinning from ear to ear.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura smiled slightly. "Yes, I have trained with him and my other friends many of times, learning some of the Jutsu's they know, and some fighting styles." She said, and looked away. She noticed how Suigetsu totally ignored her question about Sasuke ever killing, and would then ask the Uchiha after. Would he be a cold hearted killer? She sighed out, and looked towards Sasuke. No, Sasuke isn't that that type of person, he looked like he was, though. Like, if you looked at him wrong, he'd kill you without hesitation.
Sakura sighed softly, but she knew Sasuke, not very much, but she knew him enough to know that he wouldn't kill anyone at random, or because someone looked at him weird... (I Maybe) hurt them, but not kill. The pinkette quickly shook her head, and forced a grin at Suigetsu. "Well, maybe. But Naruto is my good friend." She said truthfully, and smiled slightly. "Ah, I see." She murmured quietly, but said nothing else about Juugo. She was already set to helping him, and no matter what anyone said about him, she would continue. Even though she knew she was risking her life in doing so.
Sakura chewed on her bottom lip as she thought. "Well, yes, I have," she said, answering Suietsu's other question. A thought suddenly popped into her head, and she looked at him, grinning. "So, Suigetsu-kun..." She paused for a second, "you a virgin?" She knew that he would be shocked or intensely weirded out by it, but she couldn't help herself from asking. (I Yes, yes, Suigetsu-kun... I'm a pervert. I'm like Kakashi-sensai and Jiriya-sama... But I don't read those awful porn books.) She thought to herself, and thought about saying it out loud, but she didn't. She smiled sweetly at him, and clasped her hands in front of, and looked up at him.
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu nodded until he heard the last question. He stopped cold and did a double take. "Holy crap, are all leaf girls as pervy as you?" He asked with a grin. "And yes I am as a matter of fact. Once again used to be evil so not a whole lot happened for me. Although there was a time in the mist when I was training to be one of the seven swordsman but it never got to far being kicked out and all." He said telling a small portion of his past.
<<Sorry for the shortness has to go>>
Amanetty / Hinata_Butterfly: << Okay then,okay... >>
Hinata knitted her eyebrows together and kept her gaze thrown into the ground,while her steps were leading her with a slow pace trough the rocky path from between trees,in forest.She sighed gently and shook her head slowly,shutting her lids over her extremely light lavender orbs for a moment.She was somehow disappointed that she hasn't managed to gain enough information about a group of ninja thieves,as the Hokage (?) requested her.Though,she had some information and stuff,but the girl simply had the feeling that it wasn't enough.Some low voices,footsteps sounds,made her lift her lids back up and tilt her head at the source of noise.She lowered her pace,bringing it to a stop,behind a tree,from where she poked only her head behind,letting her dark blue hair cascade down her shoulder.At a better look,she located firstly a pink haired head and by the voice,she just realized it was Sakura.Hinata stepped aside shyly and waited for the people that she heard to approach the spot she was,as slowly her gaze was getting buried in the ground,just to lift it up later on. (b "Hello...everyone.") she spoke to them,her voice soft and low,as she brought a slight,gentle smile upon her lips.
<< Sorry,but I didn't really know who is in Sakura's group nor if Hinata is supposed to know Suigetsu,Karin and so on...BAH.Also,I gotta go,I'm terribly sorry. >>
Reiver / suigetsu.: Suigetsu saw a dark blue haired girl walk toward them. She seemed friendly enough but there was something about her eyes as if there was a serious danger hidden among the pale beauty. "Um hi..." He said still getting used to meeting new people. "Are you and sakura freinds?" He asked looking from one girl to the next. That was his first guess because he had no idea who this girl was so it was either sasuke's friend or sakura's.
Sachiko / .Sakura.: Sakura smiled at Suigetsu and nodded slowly. "Ahh, I see. You seem to be the one who (I has) had sex before." She shrugged her shoulders slightly. "But, you aren't. That's good." She grinned at him. "In case you want to know, I have." She sighed. "But it was for a mission..." She grinned at him again, and looked towards the young Hyuga that came up to them. Sakura smiled and went up to her. "Hinata," she greeted softly, waved slightly. "You are just returning from a mission, yeah?" She muttered, and smiled sweetly at the girl. Sakura clasped her hands in front of her, her green irises drifted from Hinata, and shifted from person to person, then back to Hinata. Sakura had to tilt her head up a little, Hinata was indeed taller then Sakura.
Sakura's eye brows knitted together when realizing that she was at Hinata's chin. The petite girl stepped away from the Hyuga, and she grinned again. "I hope you had a safe mission," she said softly, and lifted her pale hand to brush her petal pink hair from her porcelain face, then clasped her hands in front of her again. Her smile came out soft and innocent, and she then chewed on her lower lip. "I will see you soon, Hinata." She said in a gentle voice, and looked at her companions. "I'm afraid that we have to leave now, Hinata." She said quietly. "We only have a good week to finish this mission, and I don't want to be late." She spoke softly and truthfully. "But, when we get back, we should all have a party or something." She gave Hinata a lopsided grin, and skipped back a few steps and smiled again.
<<And okayy. Try to find as many people to join as possible. But they have to semi-lit., to lit., okay? :D >>
clarywhite wolf / +Naruto Uzumaki+: (bold OOC, Its short...I know...I promise...Ill pick up the slack <3)
Naruto licked his lips, looking over at Hinata. She had gotten beautiful, very beautiful. Then again, chuckling he shook his head, blonde hair as spikey as usual. Love wasn't something he was looking for at the time. He had other goals. Big dreams ahead of him. Friends to protect even. Wiping his brow, he stuffed his hands in his pocket, and grabbed Sakuras arm, pulling her away from them. She would talk on forever and ever if he didn't do it this way. She was like a highschool girl. "Sakura..." he whined, pulling her away more. Finally getting her next to him again, he turned around and began to walk the opposite direction from Hinata and the others. (i Naruto, get your head straight...come on now. Don't be like this. Whats got you down so much? I mean you did good? Right?), contemplating shit in his head he let out a exasperated sigh, and stood up straight. Determined to snap himself out of the trance he was in. "BAH!", he shouted. (i ..now your embaressing yourself..by screaming out funny noises..you moron....). "SAKURAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!, Are you coming? cause we don't have all day. You can socialize later! We have stuff to do! Come Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" he pestered, finding his old goofy self again.

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