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Roleplay - Clans of Oblivion {The roleplay has been Restarted!} by Keery / Aylar

One morning, as the dew licked leaves became illuminated by the sun's glow something happened.
Truly an unexplainable event occurred when out of the depths of nowhere many species arose.
A special coven, that held gifts unseen by many and unheard of by more.
Of course they were not alone Hell Rivers, a clan of demonic beings who were not very thrilled when the news of the newer clan arrived, and they are not the only ones who hold a hatred towards the newcomers.
in fact, most of the other covens and clans share this distaste their immediate purpose was suddenly plainly, realized.
Reina, the leader of the newcomers was who they needed to eliminate. So it came to be, the older clans, covens and groups alike formed together plotting against Reina their goal was to slay her and her coven so they would be put to death for the second time...
Refusing to stand by and take the abuse, Reina decided to answer the call...
For long ago the battle for the throne began to be the new Hellgod. Obtaining this goal would mean she would rule over all beings inhuman.
Reina has every intention on taking the throne. But unfortunately, so do the other clans. this poses quite the issue.
The battle takes place in the realm of humans where each clan must obliterate any sign of the enemy killing any who stand in their way
Deceit, betrayal, hatred, love....
what awaits those who enter the battle is unknown
but each of them no matter how different have one thing in common
A goal....to be the new Hellgod...
Hell Rivers - A ruthless clan not caring for anyone other then themselves not only are they crude, rude, and heartless to those around them but inside the clan lies constant betrayal making trusting your comrades rather difficult aside from these factors this clan thrives on strength and power so if they are your enemy you had better watch out, though even if you choose to befriend them it still gives you little security. Most choose to avoid them. Worships no one
Bellonians - Known by most as war goddess's. These women despise all forms of men find them to be Evil and wicked. They strongly worship the goddess Bellona and their history began as mere human gladiators. Legend speaks of The goddess bestowing upon her followers immortality and power after constant gifts being donated to her temple. That was the day most of the men died their bodies denied the gifts proving them to be evil. The Bellonians are a peaceful clan though if provoked they are a force to be reckoned with. As more modern times roll upon them their opinions on men began to change slightly, though most still greatly despise them. The only ones they accept are the very few that lie within their own clan.
Kappics- A vampiric Clan who's leader in the very beginning was a woman named Kappa who dwelt in water, and attacked livestock, such as cows and horses,drug them into the water and devoured them even though long ago Kapa died these Vampires to this very day never feed from humans. As a result they are a little different then most vampire covens. For not only can many of them communicate with animals but they are known fore being strikingly beautiful/handsome.
Lidércs - They are a more traditional vampire clan, they have quite the reputation. Their stealthy movements and Assassin like accuracy make it easy to take down enemies. Before now they didn't talk to other covens or clans much so their social skills lack slightly. They worship no one and feed off of humans.
Avarians- A clan made up of several different beings from demonics to shape shifters. Their history is unknown and they roam about in an odd way. Some start fights while others watch calmly. The clan has to many different personalities to put into classification.
Snow Glade- A clan unlike any other. The Snow Glade coven is made of up species rom all over the world, Angels, Reapers, Vampires, Ect. They look to each other as a family, having no one else to turn to. They are fearsome fighters, woking together to achieve they're goal. Most of them hunt alone, killing swiftly and mercifully, but there are those in the clan who savour their kill.
Descry-A more Traditional Vampire Coven of the ancient world. New to the region, they are more interactive then most of the kin. The DesCry lay claim to a small section of territory once claimed by a human nation boarding, one of the great forests. Rumors of the reputation are unheard of in there new home. Making them a mystery to most. Remember most for there different in physical appearance, compared to other vampires
this is the link to the OOC: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/103797 Clans of Obvlivion OOC)

Roleplay Details

(b Hell Rivers-) (pic http://i31.tinypic.com/34qs96c.jpg)
Second in command-
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(b Bellonians-) (pic http://i26.tinypic.com/2q2r3ew.jpg)
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(b Kappics-) (pic http://i30.tinypic.com/24b2c79.jpg)
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(b Lidercs-) (pic http://i31.tinypic.com/33l1rwg.jpg)
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(b Avarians-) (pic http://i25.tinypic.com/21y4xg.jpg)
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(b Snow Glade-) (pic http://i942.photobucket.com/albums/ad268/rawrponzi/717382.jpg)
Mistress-Reina Abrem
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Species: Vampire
Personality:Quite, refined, regal and cold.
Bio: Reina spent her whole life inside a large coven on a sunny moor, living with demons and fairies as the protector of the moor. Untill her coven betrayed the moor and attempted to kill the demons on the moor. Reina had warned the demons, making them flee, causing her exile.
Fighting style:Hand to hand, can summon a scythe that drains life and steals souls.
Choice in weapons:Scythe
Gifts/talents {Only two talents}:Can copy other's powers, has the power of the element Fire.
Second in command-
Other Characters-Name:
(b DesCry-)(pic http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c271/DF-BackDraft/136-1.jpg)
No God Modding
No Power Playing
No Instant Kills, Play nice and fair!
Romance is a possibility, I'll take it into consideration.
Please be literate! At least one paragraph! I understand that you have writers block, so please do the best you can.
Pics: I would preferr that you have real life pictures, but do to hoe the roleplay is I will allow drawn pictures. But I must say they are okay!
If I have anything else to put up, I'll do it. Have fun!!


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dfbackdraft / Danny: A member of the Descry, now small and weak. Vampires not being as large in population now. Even more so his race all together. Valcan the coven leader haven left the immediate area. His own ways unknown to members like Danny. The Elder of the Descry his final word before leaving. They were simple and full of his ussual grace. * " Never stop fighting for our people. "* Understanding exactly what that meant. Growth, expansion, and killing he was young very young. The rituls to change his most prominant memory. The daughter of Valcan Descry. Jade having turned him his love for his mother still stong. He missed her touch and how she cared for him. She had left the area with the Elders court. Only a hand full left in the castle now. Mostly gauls stupid, strong, and slow. Having been biten for a moment and changed. Almost a zombie state all together they were of no company. Other then that is was up to Danny to grow his western coven. Walking though the forest looking though the brush. Glancing at trees and smelling the air. Clothing plain and simple being unable to fight or gain rank in war. The new age of peace and stepping back from the troubles of humans. Light chain mail pants and shirt on his body. With black. Cotten pants and shirt covering the armor. His chest, shoulders, for arms, hips and thighs padded with studded leather. Chest of descry on his back that of two wolves sitting down. Both facing eachother and looking up at a blue full moon. Long sword at his side the head of a wolf on the hilt. Two blue gems eyes that glow in the moon light. Black belt and sheath holding this weapon of war. Dagger attached to his right boot and another on his left thigh. Cloak covering this wardrobe the family crest on her back. Fall air being very pleasant. The breeze only making his hair move. short and cut only a few inches long. The leaves crunching under his feet still laying on the ground from fall. A little bit of mud on the ground and frost bitten grass. Spring coming now some snow on the ground still. Danny loved the snow knowing her would miss the winter seasons. Suddenly a load growl emerging from the ground. A brown ball of fur climb out of a hidden dee. Snow falling off him as the griz stood tall. "Damn" Danny said under his breath obviously having not been paying full attention. Eyes widening as the bear stepped forward nearly five feet taller then Danny. Fear and courage hand in hand as his sword was grasped....
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