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Roleplay - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! by Tank / EclipseIV

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nothing vulger


Finnigan / Kenji Haruno: <<Okay, I was looking searching for some ideas to make for a new RP and I stumbled upon this RP. Since there hasn't been a recent Halloween RP, I'm adapting this RP and making it into a Halloween RP.
The story goes like this: Kids love Halloween in the city/town. The city is overrunned with kids and the adults put out the candy. There's one problem for the kids fantasy. There's a group of others killing the kids. Blood drips on the sidewalk, kids bodies laying at the side of bushes.
-You have to be through the age group of 5-25.
-You may have a background with others.
-The killers will be hard to kill if you are young.
-You must be human.
-Basic rules of RP-ing (limit of 3 sentences, no godmodding, etc.)
-You are a trick or treater or a candy giver.
-You may play as a killer, but not as your main character.
Trick Or Trick, >>
Kenji laughed as he got into his costume. His sister laughed at him and he kicked her in the shin. Erika thought it was kiddy. "It's not kiddy, just because I want to dress up as my favorite character doesn't mean you have to bag on it." Dressed up as his favorite Capcom character, the Viewtiful Joe walked out. Kenji, a sixteen year old had a mind of a 5 year old. He waves goodbye to his mom and his mom gives him a kiss. Kenji leaves the house to go join up with his friends.
Meanwhile, a group of people walk through the streets with knives. They aren't fake as the carcasses of the dead would say to those that still live. They wore brown robes but either way, at night in the city, you couldn't tell.
Finnigan / Kenji Haruno: Kenji ran to the local girl, Ashley, who was hollering frantically. He rushed all the way to help Miss Ashley Walker off the ground and sighed. "What's wrong with you? You shouldn't be running down the streets at night. You can trip and fall on your face or something," he remarked to Ashley's clumsiness. It was Halloween and people were started to make the holiday violent and vulgar.
Malakyte / Ayame: Ayame was walking down the block with her little brother, Kotsu. She had to bring her brother trick-or-treating or else she'd be grounded. she hated dragging along her brother, especially when she wanted to meet up with her friends.
"I want more candy!" Kotsu screamed. "I want more candy now!"
"Shut the hell up brat!" Ayame said, turning around quickly. "The world doesn't revolve around you, ya know! Now be patient!" Kotsu made a fussy look, his cheeks red.
As they continued walking down the sidewalk, Ayame spotted Kenji and Ashley. It looked like Ashley just fell. "Kenji! Ashley!" She ran down the sidewalk, carelessly leaving her brother behind. "What happened?" she said as she came to a stop infont of them. "Are you guys okay?"
Finnigan / Kenji Haruno: "Hey Ayame! Hey Kotsu! Anyways Ashley, what the heck are you doing back in town? I mean there's nothing to do in the suburbs anymore unless you are looking to get high with those crazy Mexican sisters down the street," as he picked her up, the young man saw the pool of blood she spat up. A fall shouldn't have been that devestating.
Beyond the groups sight, there was carnage afoot. Merciless teens were slaughtering the kids one by one without anyone watching their moves. The knives were plunging into the flesh ripping all happy Hallow dreams. No one knew exactly why they did it, it never had happened the years preceding. Tiny children weren't all the targets either. Enemies of the group shrouded in the shadows were killed and the girls were expected to be tortured, raped, and killed.

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