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Roleplay - Death Forest,kill or be killed by Aroura* / emolover

There is this forest and you could be killed in your sleep or dround.If you blink you could never open your eyes.Either you kill or be killed.

Roleplay Details

1:anime pics only
2:cussing allowed
3:vilonce is allowed but only kill others if their okay with it
4:cybering will be allowed but only on pm.
5:romance is ok


emolover / Aroura*: join plz
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Joinage?
emolover / Aroura*: lol.I should hve known youd join.anyway ill put you down on char list.
Mitsumi / Youkiah: OHHHH can i can i can i!?
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: ok cool.
emolover / Aroura*: lol.you can both join
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Yay!
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/107178
GI teens I'll delet this along with my other oocs ok :) and thanks for the join>>
Mitsumi / Youkiah: Woooo! thanks u
emolover / Aroura*: lol.idc and np.well you guys go ahead and start-
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland walked through the forest, his backpack strapped on tightly. He had been hiking for a while and was getting tired so he stopped by a small lake and started to set up camp.
Mitsumi / Youkiah: Youkiah walking enjoying her time in the forest, absentmindedly not knowing where she was going about and hour in the walk finally realized she was lost and had no clue how to get back.
emolover / *Yukari*: -ok-
Yukari was sitting on a branch eating grapes.Her tail was hanging off the branch cause there was no more room for it.She looked around for a second and didnt see anyone so she kept on eating.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland stopped and looked over his shoulder. He saw a girl wandering aimlessly so he shouted over to her. "Young lady! Are you lost?"
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: << that cat picture is sexy lolz >>
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: Raven was jogging looking for a way out of this horrid forest.Her blue eyes allert adn her red hair pulled messly out of her face.She walked for a few more minuts when she found her self on a clift this was the third time she had ended up in a dangerous spot from a clearing adn then poof on a clif.She frowned and looked down it was about a 13 foot drop to a watter place it looked like a lake she shrugged and jumped landing in the lake.Raven bobbed back to the surface adn wam to teh closest edge it seemed to be getting farther away. she swam for about 20 minuts before reaching the shore line exhausted and drenched and slimy algea.
emolover / *Yukari*: lol.wich one you talking to?-
Mitsumi / Youkiah: Youkiah slightly worried knowing she was lost herd the voice, looking back and saw the boy. She gave a weak smile and nodded "Y-yeah" She said looking down feeling embarrassed.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: you emolover lolz. >>
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland waived to her. "Come over here, i have a map and compass, i can show you were to go." He said with a smile. He had been walking for days, he was unsure of wether she would make it back, she looked really exaushted.
kibalycan / Kiba_lycan: Need a wild guy that loves to kill?
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: <kiba i could use you in my r/p :) its posted on this page >
Mitsumi / Youkiah: She walked over as her tail swayed behind her hitting a few things, finally reaching the boy "Hi..um sorry If I'm a bother" She said looking down at the ground kicking a rock.
emolover / *Yukari*: -Thank you.Your pics sexy too.lol.i always think ppls pics with blood on them-Yukari finished all the fruit and stood on the branch."Now which way?"She asked herself.She stretched and started to run in a weird derection with dead trees.She didnt know why but it felt like something important was there.-and sure kiba-
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland looked at her tail for a second. "Your a cat girl?" He blushed a little then started to pull out his map. "What brings you so far out here?"
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: -may i join?-
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: Raven stood adn looked around and frowned as she saw people on teh other side "great i'm farther away from anything or anyone"she said placeing her hand on a small machetie at her hip."where to go where to go" she said as seh unclipped it and began pickng at her fingers geting teh small splinters iout of them before placeing it back in its sheath seh jumped back into teh water adn began swimming across to where she had seen teh others.
emolover / *Yukari*: -yeah-
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: -thankies now how should i post??-
Mitsumi / Youkiah: She looked up at him and looked back at her tail wrapping it around her waist nodding slightly to his question. "W-well...I was kinda walking and wasn't paying attention.." She trailed off in her sentence. She looked around wondering if he came alone or if he had come with someone.
kibalycan / Kiba_lycan: May I get the address again the one thats posted here is the same or am I mistaking a joke?
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland felt a shiver go down his spine. Something didn't feel right. He felt his pistol against his side and was comforted. He Pulled out the map and showed her were they were. "We are here. The next city is about 200 miles from here. Do you have a distress call?"
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/106881
apologies lols my bad hun here it is>
emolover / *Yukari*: When Yukari got to the center of a ring of circles she stopped and looked around."Thats suprising,no ones here."She said and shrugged she started to run west.
kibalycan / Kiba_lycan: I will check it out than.
Mitsumi / Youkiah: She looked at the map "No..I don't, aimlessly I didn't bring anything with me thinking I would make it back with out haveing to go through all of this..." She said. '200 hundred miles! How the hell did I get this deep in! Damnit!' She yelled to herself in her head.
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: raven made it acros adn now looked like a moss monster as she stumbeled and grabbed teh guys shoulder. her whole body trembling as she had had a rough day."stupid clifts stupid forest stupid place"she mumbled as seh collapsed
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: "Ahhh!!" roland yells and turns around, his pistol whipping out and pressed against her face. "What the hell?!"
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: - uh again how should i post my entry?-
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari started to get tired."Dont go to sleep dont go to sleep."She slowed down as she got to a mideum size mountain."Great."She rubbed her hands together and started to climb up.Half way through it it started to crumble everytime her foot touch a rock.-how bout your running from a killer?-
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: she pulled at teh mossy vines and looked up at him her machetie between his legs."shoot me you lose you man hood buddy"she said her face scratched up and her body now moss free. "this place eates you till no one is left i started out in a group of 20 now its just me it will take you places you have never been adn it will make you go fucking berzerks" she said looking up her patite body dripping still.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland lowered the gun, panting. "What the hell! don't sneak up on people..." he said looking at the new girl. He then shook his head. "Sorry, you surprised me." He looked the new girl from top to bottom and couldn't help but blush insanely.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari tried to climb with no hands but once she got to the top and dusted herself off She walked to the other side.A man pushed her down off the cliff and she started to yell.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: -k but more like flying lol-
Kushina was running from a killer again. She liked to trick her enemeys. Making them think that she was scared and would be an eassy kill. After flying way ahead of the killer. She stopped a nd hid behind a tree waiting to ambush the killer. The murderer came close and looked around for Kushina. Then She appeared behind him and shoved her pointed tail thru his heart,"Take that!" In an instant the man died and Kushina walked off looking for a river.
-hows that?-
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland looked in the direction of the scream. "Someones in trouble, lets go help." He turned and started running the the direction of the scream.
emolover / *Yukari*: -sweet-
Yukari got her gun out and shot the man through the throat."Jackass!"She yelled then she remembered she was pretty much dead.Her shirt catch onto a branch/She started to scratch onto the side of the cliff.
Mitsumi / Youkiah: Youkiah looked at both of them and decided to just leave, she would try to figure out her way and even if she was lost. "T-thanks for the help..guess I'll be going, she shot a small smile and turned around letting her tail loosen and sway behind her as she began to walk.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: As Kushina was washing her tail off she heard something with her ears that practically bursted her eardrums. She covered her ears with her hands,"What the hell?!" She shouted. Kushina looked at where the scream came from and saw something falling off a cliff,"eh?" She flew up and tried getting closer to see what it was.
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: RAven stood up her legs giving away and she used her blade to hold herself up. she hobbled over to teh water adn took off her netted top adn laced teh opening shut with ribbons on her pants and placed a medium rock in atossed it into the lake adn wadded in to her waist adn waited. "what you name childern"she said giggling to herself.
emolover / *Yukari*: -I got catch onto a branch.my hoodies on it.-
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland gets to the mountain and sees ANOTHER cat girl, this one in rather skimpy clothes. He shouted up to her, "Are you alright?!"
Mitsumi / Youkiah: Youkiah had also herd a bunch of screaming and gun shots stopping dead in her tracks,looking back. Her curiosity had taken over and she had went to find out what it was, each hand to the side pocket of her pants where she kept her daggers.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: -oh k-
Kushina flew close enough and saw a girl hanging from a branch,"Holy crap!" she said. She flew closer to the girl,"Are you alright?" She asked.
-stupid question of the year!!!!-
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari looked down."Oh yeah.I just decided to jump off a cliff and almost kill myself!"She said sarcasticly.She heard a snap and looked up.The branch was already breaking."Shit."
Mitsumi / Youkiah: Once reaching the area she noticed the boy from earlier,the girl and yet another girl, but of her kind. "...Whats going on?" She asked motioning the girl. She walked closer looking up. 'How'd she manage that now?' she questioned.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland looked up at the flying girl. 'What the fuck kind of place is this?!?!?!'
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: "I think u need some help girly..." Kushina said grabbing onto the girls arms,"Hold on to me and i might get you down!" She said noticing the boy at the bottom of the cliff.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari started to hiss at her."Dont touch me!I can get down on my own."She said as she started to seperate the hoody from the branch.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland blushed again. 'I hope she has clothes under that...'
Mitsumi / Youkiah: "F-flying?!" She rubbed her eyes to makes sure what she saw was real. She moved out of the way by backing up if that girl was going to help her. 'How'd I get into all of this..?" She asked herself, she looked over at the boy then back up.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina backed off,"Fine fine. ill be floating right here if you need me though." She said.
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: RAven pulled her netted shirt adn pulled up about 10 fair sized fish seh looked twards teh rucked adn frowned. seh ran to where the nois was fn alooked ath teh kitten looking girl "hold the fishies you eat them all i'll kill you" seh said as seh walked over to a group of bushes adn hacked through them and pileing then for cushion" seh turned and snatched teh fish from teh other adn walked back twards the lake "i've done my part no need to be concerened" seh thought to herself adn she made a fire adn began cooking her catch.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari heard the branch snap agian and she started to fall.She was only 12 feet from the ground.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland stood underneathe her, waiting to catch her. "fall into my arms, i will catch you!"
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina sighed and floated around making sure she would fall into the boys arms.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari looked down at him."Well I cant move!"She fell into his arms and had her eyes closed.She was panting at the same time.
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: <gotta go epople here are bitches adn making me move stuff be back soon as i can>
Mitsumi / Youkiah: She looked puzzled but then nodded. She looked at the fish and then to see what she was going to do. She felt useless. She sighed and went to sit under a tree seeing that she wasn't needed. She put the fish on the ground letting her tail hold them as she leaned back closing her eyes waiting for this to end.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland caught her and blushed, setting her on her feet. "What a crazy day..." he muttered.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina touched the ground."Nice catch." She commented
Mitsumi / Youkiah: Once opening her eyes seeing the girl was safe she let out a sigh of relief, she sat there twirling her fingers bored and wanting to be home, in the comfort of her own room, knowing she wasn't much help, and was useless.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: "thanks..." he said, confused.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari opened her eyes."Uh thanks."she said as she scratched the back of her head.She heard a huge bang and grabbed the hands hand and the other cat girls hand."Come on flying girl!"She started to run to a tree with alot of leafs.She climbed up and got the cat girl and set her on a branch.She put the other person on another branch.She got a knife out and waited for the people to come.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: crap!!!!! I got to go... ttyl >>
emolover / *Yukari*: -ok-
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: -bye-
Kushina follwed the cat girl,"Uh i have a name..." she said. floating a bit above the ground
Mitsumi / Youkiah: She was shocked at sudden movement but also herd the noise. 'One knife won't be much' She pulled out a dagger tossing it, sending it on the ground next to the other cat lady "Use that to help" She called balancing on the branch. BYE BYE
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari nodded and held them both.When the people came she dropped down and stabbed to.The other one she had to put her legs on his shoulders and tightend the grip.She spun and killed the man.She got hte sharp objects out of the mens chest and threw the dagger next to the girl and put the knife in her pocket."Thanks."
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: A man dropped down on Kushina and she flipped him around and stabbed him thru his heart wiht her tail.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari smiled."Nice."She saw an apple tree and ran toward it.She grabbed three apples and gave one to each of them.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: -k bye-
Kushina took an apple and sat up on a tree branch,"Thanks..." She mumbled.
Mitsumi / Youkiah: "No problem" She said "Alright..what the hells up with this place?" She asked wanting to know. "We've been attacked and what not"
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: "I dont know...Not that i really care though..." She said eating her apple whole in one bite.
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: [join?]
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: -owners not on but im sure she wouldnt mind she wanted more people-
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: [kk...anything i should know?]
emolover / *Yukari*: -sorry.Thought i wanted to go to bed but then im not tierd.and i dont mind-
Mitsumi / Youkiah: Hey sorry, have to go for a little, bye bye!
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: [sick!]
emolover / *Yukari*: -what?-
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: [i meant thanks for letting me join xD, anything i should know?]
emolover / *Yukari*: -yeah.There is a river and there are dead trees.And you can make up ppl to kill.thats it-
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: sick...[]
dust sat in a tree, his left leg swung slowly as he leaned agienst the trunk. his eyes moved about slowly looking for anything to do. his shirt waved slightly in the lght breeze.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina sighed as she sat in the tree branch,"Damn this place is boring..." She told herself.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari yawned and smiled."Well I better go to my little tree."She said as she began to run toward the dead trees.
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: [is there special powers are we normale people?]
dust yawned slightly, he jumped off the branch, his bag slammed into the ground besde him, the clang of metal emitted from the brown satch.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina nodded,"I need to find a place to stay..."She said flying off and looking down at the trees. Then she saw a boy,"Who's he?" She flew down and kept herself hidden but watched him.
emolover / *Yukari*: -no you can hve powers-
Yukari kept running making sure to dodge everything.It was quiet even for this time.She stopped and looked around.She didnt see anyone."What the hells going on?"She said as she just shrugged and kept moving.
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust cracked his knuckles, he put his hand up infront of him, a small flame flickerd to life from his fingers. dust looked around before letting his whole hand be consumed by the flames.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina watched in awe,"Woooow so....awesome!" She said trying to be quiet.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari stopped as she saw a glow in the distance.She climbed up the trees and started to jump over to one another.Whe she found a tree behind a boy she sat on the branch holding her tail.She watched him carefully."Is he,mutant?"
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust grined slightly, it looked mischieviuse. he threw one of his hands into the air, a ball of flames flew up. soon after seven more were spinning in the air alongside it, he began to juggle them.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari watched the moving fire balls."Thats so cool!"She yelled forgetting she was spying.She covered her mouth and tried to stay hidden.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina watched amazed she was a pyro. She walked out from behind the tree,"So cool..." She said.
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust jumped from the yell, he caught the balls and looked at the direction it came from, the fire licked at his arms lovingly. As soon as he thought he saw someone he heard another behind him "holy..." he said as he spun around once more.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina's eyes shone like an excited Chibi's "That was sooooooo awesome!!!!" She said.
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust took a step back, the flames had comsumed his whole right arm "who...who are you?" he asked, widening his stance.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina flew up and flew around in circles,"Hi Im kushina! Thats so cool how you do that!!!!" She said
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust took another step back, he was getting closer to the trees "ummm....i just can?" he said as more of a question.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: "I cant do much. Other than fly i can just control the wind when i fly..." She said doing flips not noticing that he was getting closer to the trees
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: the flames on dusts arms whent out when he walked under a branch, he was still watching her as he attempted to sneak away, his eyes glowed a fiery red as if fire as within them.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: "Are you ok dude?" She asked seeing him back away
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust sighed "yes, but im not used to being confronted so suddenly" he said standin still.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: "O-oh! Sorry then" She said scratching the back of her head.
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust relaxed, he took a few steps and looked up "my name is dust" he said, his grin returning
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina grinned,"Im Kushina but i already told you" she said
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust nodded, he slid his bag off his shoulders, the metal clanged as it hit the ground "nice to meet you"
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: Kushina heard metal clang"Whats that?" She asked.
Mitsumi / Jade Morrison: Hello! What I miss????
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: nm i met dust))
Mitsumi / Jade Morrison: ooooOooooOh New guy huh?_
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: yup yup he uses fire and stuff))
Mitsumi / Ayori: Nicee ..where is every one????_
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: idk i posted a reply to Dust and he dissapeared Yukari dissappered a long time ago...ive been lonley TT^TT reading Anime fanfictions....)))
Mitsumi / Ayori: Aww *Huggles* lol I'm ganna be online.OHHH HEYY wanna join one of my rps, still need 2 people!???_
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: sure if they catch my interest put up the links of some ^^))
Mitsumi / Ayori: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/107198 Here ye goo
emolover / *Yukari*: -sorry alittle storm-
Yukari kept following the man to see if he could do anything else.
Mitsumi / Ayori: Hello.
emolover / *Yukari*: So like got anymore rps?
Mitsumi / Ayori: Huh? What about them...I have 3 try not to have to many.
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: i jooined that rp!!!))
emolover / *Yukari*: ok
Mitsumi / Ayori: xD Thanks!
iEmo / Kushina Uzumaki :3: ^^ oh sorry g2g bye!!-
emolover / *Yukari*: -i gtg too.sorry-
Mitsumi / Ayori: KK Bye bye!!!
mellonieheart: i need to b filled in i'm so behind>>
Mitsumi / Ayori: lol no ones on but you and me, and 1 theres someone new but the rest you'll have to ask someone else cause i rarely know my self.
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: lol ok :)>>
Mitsumi / Ayori: >< Anyone here???
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: mee mee :) >>
emolover / *Yukari*: hi.im here!did anyone ask to join?
Mitsumi / Ayori: Hello!^^
emolover / *Yukari*: did anyone ask to get on?
Mitsumi / Jade Morrison: No, other than that kid from yesterday
emolover / *Yukari*: k thanks!
Mitsumi / Jade Morrison: No problem =^^=
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: fill me in please i'm lost sorry i had things i had to do>
emolover / *Yukari*: dont ask me
Mitsumi / Jade Morrison: >< I know same...would have to ask one of the others.
Mitsumi / Ayori: >< Wrong character sorry
emolover / *Yukari*: lol.you do the same as me.I hve two chars with same pic.
Mitsumi / Ayori: lol >< Its hard using multiple accounts! T_T I just happen so suck epicly
emolover / *Yukari*: lol.its okay.i dont use half my chars.
Mitsumi / Ayori: have to go be back later sorry
emolover / *Yukari*: its ok.by
GamelordAlec: what did i miss??
emolover / *Yukari*: -nothing really.im ready to rp but no one was on-
GamelordAlec: i'm ready lol
Mitsumi / Ayori: Hello all!
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: hello!!
Mitsumi / Ayori: xD Are us 3 or 4 the only ones on?
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: someone post
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: i dont know lolz
Mitsumi / Ayori: ..Alright ><
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland followed the girls, confused and wondering why there were two cat girls, a demon chick, and then one normal girl out so deep in the forest.
Mitsumi / Ayori: Ayori was freaking out, not very fond of the fact they were being attacked multiple times. We all seemed to have something in common, but that one thing could be known as dangerous ;All holding a weapon on us.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: We are being attacked? >>
Mitsumi / Ayori: ...Yes...some of the times while you weren't here ><-
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: hmmmm... >>
Roland was now always carying his pistol, ready to shoot down anyone who attacks them. He might have trouble shooting the girls but they wouldn't hesitate to kill him, he will have to remember that.
Mitsumi / Ayori: Trust me I don't know much myself, I wasn't on very much the other day-
Ayori had had her tail tightly around her waist. Her stomach had growled, hoping it wasn't loud enough to hear, she started to pat it saying quietly"Hush now! I'll eat soon".
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland and his kean senses heard her stomach growl so he walked up close to her slowly and whispered into her ear. "Want a granola bar?"
Mitsumi / Ayori: Ayori let out a small and quiet scream whipping around to see who it was. The boy, she calmed down a but and nodded slowly saying "I'm sorry..please if you would. And oh...Don't you still have stuff to worry about back at your camp site? You don't want it to be stolen now do you?" She asked concerned remembering he was the only one with stuff.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: "Well i have a campsite back there if you want to come and stay. I found my distess signal so we can call for help and get you some real food." He handed her a granola bar and smiled. "Eat, it will give you strength."
Mitsumi / Ayori: She flashed him a smile "Thank you" She opened it and took a small bite, soon after her stomach had settled down and was now not as annoying. She brushed her self off feeling a whole lot better, she didn't eat it all, saving the rest for later.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland led her back to camp where he had some salmon that he had caught in the stream cooking over a blazing fire. he reached into his pocket and handed her another granola bar. "Would you like some fish when it's done?" He said as he flipped it over to cook the other side.
Mitsumi / Ayori: 'I feel bad...eating his food and what not' "I hope I'm not being a bother, but if you don't mind could I?" She said. She had also denied the offer of another granola bar, she still had the other half of the first one.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: "It's no problem at all." He said smiling at her warmly. "There is a bottle of water in my bag, you can have that." He said as he pulled two plates from his pouch. They were small metal tins and he grabbed two forks as well. he placed a fish in each tin and handed one to her. "Here you go. OH by the way my name is Roland."
Mitsumi / Ayori: She smiled back and went to his bag and got the water,taking a small sip. Ayori had also accepted the food, she didn't care if anyone thought if was weird but she closed her eyes and said a small prayer before eating. "Ayori, thank you so much, I really owe you big time, your very kind" She started to eat taking a small bit she giggled in excitement of having food and joyfully started attacking it taking large bites. Her tail swayed in pleasure behind her flicking back and forth. "Umm..hey, i was wondering if you were thinking the same as me '..Whats going on' Between meeting the other girls and other chaos going on." She said looking up at him.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: "Well i was hoping you knew actually. I mean i didn't know that cute cat girls actually exsited until today. And that one girl said her whole camping group got killed off, i wonder if she killed them." He said taking a big bite into the delicious salmon.
Mitsumi / Ayori: Ayori blushed lightly at the comment 'Cute huh?" She thought. Most people thought it was rather weird, so she was very surprised to hear his opinion. She took a small bite thinking "...No clue, but its definitely strange" She had finished putting the plate down, she took out one of her daggers inspecting it, seeing if it was dirty, or needed to be sharpened.
Mitsumi / Ayori: brb Dinner time, be back in a few, I'll make it quick.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland's eyes lit up when she pulled out the dagger. He looked at the pistol that sat next to him. He reached into his pouch and pulled out a small black object. "I will set off the distess signal, a number will show up when they can get here." He pressed a small button on the side and waited. After a few seconds a number appeared. "6 days?" He said surprised. "Help will be hear in 6 days." He said putting it back into his bag.
Mitsumi / Ayori: Yeah went to eat dinner sorry!
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: oh ok, your post >>
Mitsumi / Ayori: She looked up and noticed the look on his face, Aypri pulled out the other one and tossed both lightly at him "If your afraid I'll use them here, keep em and you can give them back whenever I wake up. Trust me I'm not much of a fighter, I only do If I need to" '6 days...Come on, well I'm with him and he's nice so I guess it won't be to bad' she thought. "just don't scratch them up please, Its a pain to replace it"
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland grabbed the daggers and handed them back to her. "I am not going to take your weapons. I have a few weapons and so do you. Keeps the playing field more equal." He said as he finished his fish. He put his pistol in the back of his jeans and yawned. "Well i'm not going to let a lady sleep outside all by herself, so you can sleep in the tent, i will just sit in the corner of it."
Mitsumi / Ayori: Ayori took them back and stuck each back in her pocket. "Alright and are you sure..I don't mind sleeping out side,or at least make room for you? she said not wanting to be a problem, or make it seem awkward. She stood up and stretched yawning also. She looked up at the moon, glowing like no other and smiled, night had always been her favorite time of day. She sighed wishing she was home, in her own bed.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: "Please i insist. You can sleep in my sleeping bag, i will sleep a little ways away." He said smiling and walking towards the tent. He stretched and held the door open for her. "After you."
Mitsumi / Ayori: "Thank you" She kneeled down moving in, one in she sat down so she would be facing him "Thank you again for all your help,hope there is something I can do to pay you back..get food, something to help out" She said feeling bad. She had chills go down her spine from a slight breeze of the night.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland smiled. "You don't owe me anything." He closed the tent and sat a little ways away from her. He picked up his sleeping bag and wrapped it around her. "There, is that better?" He smiled warmly and grabbed a large shirt from his back pack, pulling it around him.
Mitsumi / Ayori: Ayori smiled back and nodded "Yep, well Guess I'll see you tomorrow morning? Sleep well!" She said. She aid down closing her eyes listening to the nights presence of little noise. She soon fell into a deep sleep not even the loudest scream could wake her.She dreamed about actually being human, she never really liked the fact of being some sort of cat.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland rolled over and watched her as she slept. He smiled and blushed a little bit. She was really cute and pretty. He listened to the fire die out outside the tent. He soon began to feel colder, shivering a little. He was having trouble getting to sleep. He rolled over back and forth, inching closer to the sleeping bag. After a few more minutes his teeth were chattering.
Mitsumi / Ayori: She for some reason heard his mouth even though she was sure nothing would wake her. She sat up and looked at him "Like it or not your sharing this with me" She moved and laid next to him covering him as well "Night" She said turning so her back was facing him soon falling asleep again.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Rolands face went bright red and he turned to face her back, holding her gently. His teeth slowly stopped chattering and warmth began to flow through him. He smiled and rubs his head against her shoulder.
Mitsumi / Ayori: She felt his close and blushed lightly but paid no attention and went on with the night, sleeping soundless. Hours later when morning came Ayori had woken up, she yawned forgetting Rolands was right there, She sat up and looked around finally noticing him. She got up keeping him covered to sleep longer.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland awoke abruptly as she moved. He looked around wildely and put his hand on his pistol. He noticed it was just her and he moved his hand of his pistol. "Did you sleep alright?"
Mitsumi / Ayori: She nodded and stretched "Yeah, and you?" She asked back playing with her tail still half asleep. She looked around due to the dim of light she walked over to the entrance and opened it to let some light in (Sorry posts might be short)
Kovaks92 / Hunter Dhurst: //Join?//
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Roland stretched and smiled. "That's good. And yes i slept good, your shoulder is a comfortable pillow." He said smiling and standing. He yawned and held his hand out to her.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: << got to go, sorry >>
Mitsumi / Ayori: (kk bye bye and I don't know owners not here at the moment but i'm sure she won't mind hunter)
Kovaks92 / Hunter Dhurst: //does that mean join now or wait till owner returns to us?//
Mitsumi / Ayori: Well I'm pretty sure you can join now, she won't be mad she always like having more people.
Kovaks92 / Hunter Dhurst: //ok...i will post my intro now//
Kovaks92 / Hunter Dhurst: A man coverd in cuts and blood stumbled over a root. He landed on his hands and knees and coughed up aittle blood and grabbed his sword as he stood back up. He had barely managed to survive his last fight and unless he found a place to rest soon he probably wouldnt live to survive another. He wiped bnlood from the corner of his mouth and walked forward a few steps then put his back against a tree and slid down into a sitting position
Mitsumi / Ayori: Ayori decided to go take a walk, not to far but far enough to think about whats happened the other day, she sighed taking a deep breath when she suddenly saw a man cover in blood and cuts, when she saw his sword she put her hands to her side where her daggers were, she had no intention to fight but just in case he did. Her curiosity took over and she went over to ask if he was okay, possibly may be help him.Just as she approached him she began to speak "Umm...sir are you alright?" She asked now looking down at him. She say cross legged so she was now facing him.
emolover / *Yukari*: -anyone on-
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: [i am]
emolover / *Yukari*: -wanna rp-
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: [damnit, i have to go in like 2 mins anyways, mabey next time.]
emolover / *Yukari*: -ok-
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: nvm, i have 15 minuets lets rp xD[]
emolover / *Yukari*: -ok.you can start-
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: [alrighty] dust walked inbetween some trees, his shirt hung loosley as it was done up by onlly one button, his bag was slung over his shoulder.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari was laying on a tree branch like always eating oranges.They were pretty good.Her tale was hanging in the wind wagging.She kept eating knowing that someone that was trying to kill her she would sense it by its smell.
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust walked under a few branches pushing them out of his way, when he felt something fuzzy brush agienst his face he jumped backwards. he light a flame on his fingertip so he could see it in the light, he noticed it was someones tail. When dust looked up and saw yukari sitting on the branch he doused the flame and crouched.
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukari dropped some orange pills everytime she finished one.One of her arms hanged off suddenly.She didnt mind.The hand had a gun in it but she put it up when she needed two hands.
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: dust put his hand inside of his bag, the metal clinked slightly and he silently cursed everytime, he soon pulled a shortsword out fo the bag, he layed in on the ground and spoke silently "hello?"
emolover / *Yukari*: Yukaris ear pricked up at the sound.She leaned up and looked around with her gun ready."Whos there?"
emolover / *Yukari*: here
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: hello?
emolover / *Yukari*: hiya!
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: hi!
emolover / *Yukari*: hey.how are ya?
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: I'm doing good Ms. "Almost Naked Cat Girl" Lolz
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: and how are you?
emolover / *Yukari*: well my heart is broken.
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: Why? What happened?
emolover / *Yukari*: lol nothing.im great.so wanna rp?
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: crap i got to go... ttyl
emolover / *Yukari*: by
GamelordAlec / Roland Fair: yeah i am really sorry but i should be on later
emolover / *Yukari*: ok
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: back[]
Amara203 / Suzuyumi: does anyone get on here anymore????? this is the owner in different account. sorry i have not been on.... if anyone is here im super sorry.....
Amara203 / Suzuyumi: hello????? ? ? ? anyone on here anymore??? it's the old boss... i lost my old account..... anyone???? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??
RoxyFoxy / Ditt Ex.1: ((May I join this RP please? It looks like fun...))
Amara203 / Suzuyumi: ..... it is dead...... but i have another one........ . . .. . . .. . . . . . . im sorry.... . . . . . . . .. . . . . . i wish it was open too
RoxyFoxy / Ditt Ex.1: (I wish it were open too...What's the other one then?))
Amara203 / Suzuyumi: killer forest...
so yeah.. if u hve any friends ask them to join... so yeah.... thx

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