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Roleplay - Forgotten Memories. by Danny Sean Bowman / MoePoe

Edward was Elena's life. Her sanctuary. She found that he wasn't human. He was some kind of half demon. He and his sister had a language trait to where they could know what anyone was saying in any language. He also was fast, skilled and strong. His sister -Kate- could touch someone in their unconciousness and find what they were handling -weather it was pain or bliss. They were fine untill someone wanted Edward for his power. They tried to steal him by taking Elena and Kate and trying to make him choose who to save. He tried to do the impossible and save them both and got killed in the process. Tone was insanely sad as she lingered over his body sobbing wildly when The grim reaper came to take his life away from him. Elena pleaded him not to and something in her cries got him to change his mind but he sent her Kate and Edward into another world to find what the problem was and save that world. She got seperated from him and the world their in had an evil man who wants to kill all humans. Edward needs to find her... and soon.

Roleplay Details

I want to work on my Writing skills so I'm gong to make this a semi Lit. Which means four or more Scentences with best Grammer possible.
Edward- [Name can be changed.]


AyumiX / Brianna Grace: (r sounds cool..! )
MoePoe / Elena Gilbert...: (Thank you. My friends going to make it into a book... It sounds like fun actually.)

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