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Roleplay - The end of the X-men? by Karra Eleni / GoldenStar

Karra (the daughter of Wolverine) had been captcured by the MRD and Striker and brained washed. SHe now thinks she is Eclipse. A wepond made to hunt and kill the X-Men. She is also under the faulse lies that the X-Men killed her family and turned her in to a mutant.
Can the X-Men stop Karra from killing them all or will the X-Men fail and died at her hands?

Roleplay Details

Karra/Eclipse (r TAKEN)
Rem-Gambit (r Taken)
Logan- wolverine (r TAKEN)
BObby-Iceman (r TAKEN)
Kitty (r TAKEN)
William Striker
senitor Kelly
MRD soilders
Faye (r TAKEN)


GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): A girl sat in a dark room, the walls all padded. "W-where am I?" The doors opened and light shone in the room. The girl backed up to a far corner.
"Come Eclipse. It is time." A man said.
(i Is that my name? Eclipse?) The girl who was apperently called Eclipse got up and walked over to the man.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby layed on his bed creating ice and melting it again.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye was a few miles away from the MRD building. She kept pacing around trtying to think of how she would get Karra out of there. She sighed as she kept pacing and glancing at the biuliding.
alexdstar / Kitty Pryde~: Kitty sat in her room quietly sprawled out on her bed as she stared up at the ceiling, ‘There’s nothing to do…’ she thought to herself as she sighed quietly. She stood up after a while and phased out the door.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby walked out of his room and sighed he went to the x-chamber and saw a couple missing x-men uniforms.
akyo / akyo naikumo: can i join as kelly striker?)
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): (( (b I ment to put Willian striker.... The leader of Wepond X, and or sentior Kelly) ))
akyo / akyo naikumo: oh ok)
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse fallowed the man to a room with a small desk and a folder on the desk. "W-w-what is going on?" she asked, her voice small and afraid.
The man turned, "I am going to show you what you must do. And who and what turned you in to a monster." he picked up the folder and showed her the photos inside. X-Men.
"M-monster?" she looked down at her hands and at the rest of het body. She screamed as she felt a pain come acrosse her hands and claws came out.
The man only chucked and continued to show Eclipse the photos of the X-Men.
akyo / akyo naikumo: hey will u join my x-men rp? its called the secret weapon.)
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby got hir unifom on too and saw Kitty's uniform was still there. He went to look for her.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sighed. She tugged at the collar on her uniform. (i Maybe I should hurry and save her..but I don't have back up. ) She thought as she kept pacing and galcing at the building. She sighed. "Please be ok."
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): The man continued to show Eclipse the photos. "I want you to go after them and kill them."
"Why?" She asked.
"They killed your family, and they turned you in to this monster. They deserve to die the way yoyur family did."
Eslipse nodded and rage came over her, "they die with no mercy!"
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby ran down the hallway and saw Kitty," Kitty get your uniform on and meet me in the garage...somethings wrong"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): THe man put Eclipse on in a plane and gave intsturctions to the pilot to take her to a school in New York. "YOu are going to be called Karra for now. I want you to get on thier good side and then kill them." Eclipse nodded and got on the plane.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye had turned into a lab. She had followed them and ran onto the plane when no one was looking. She hid in one of the seats, hoping no one would see her. She changed back to human and sat on the pkane.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse thaught she heard some one and turned around in her seat. The man looked at her, "what is it?" She shook her head, (i I must be hearing things.) "Nothing."
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye smiled. (i Shes still the same, barely noticing me. ) She thought. She loked at Karra and tilted her head. (i She looks really diffrent though. )
GoldenStar / Senator Kelly: Sen.Kelly looked at the girl. He smirked. (i The X-men will finally fall. And by one of thier own too.)
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): The arrived at the airport and Sen.Kelly told Eclipse to get in to a cab and gave directions to the cab of the school. Eclipse sat in the cab and was nervous.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye got off the plane and chagned into a siberian husky. She followed the cab, not getting tired at all.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): The cab came to a stop in front of a large mansion, that was surrouned by woods and wild life. (i This is where hte ones who killed my family lives?) She frowned, (i they live in stalye.) She got out of the cab and made her way to the front of the school. Before knocking on the door she remebered a small com-ling Sen.Kelly had givien her. SHe took it out and placed it in her ear, "Sen. can you hear me?" She whispered. SHe then got a respond and nodded. (i Ok so I can go in, and still have my coniction.) SHe knocked on the door and avaited an anwser.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby sighed,"Never mind", he said seeing Faye and Karra walk up to the mansion but something seemed a little off about Karra. He shook his head. Maybe he was just imagining things.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye changed to human and was stand a little behind Karra, but out of her slashing range. "Karra?" She asked. (i Stop Bobby...I don't think shes herself. ) She thought to him.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: ((Im Bobby in this one Faye))
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: //join?//
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): (( (b sure join. I am your daughter Karra but I have been brain washed by the MRD and Striker) ))
eclipse turned, "me?" then she rememberedwhat she was to be called. "oh yes. Me, karra..." she scaned thegirl face. (b Striker told me her name... Fate. Faye. Tay.) "Faye?"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: <fixed it bobby lol sowys>
Faye looked at her and tilted her head. "Yes Faye." She said a little confused as to how she forgot her name.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipise smiled at the girl. "Ummmm...hey." she looked around trying to remember what Striker had told her about the school, people, and who she was sappossedto be.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sighed. "What did they do to you?" She asked as she stayed were she was. She justed stared at Karra wondering what they had done.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): "What do you mean? I'm fine." she growled at Faye. (I must controle my temper!) she took a deep breath and began to walk away.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye watched her and knew something was up. Karra never growled at Faye before. They were like sisters. 'I have to find Striker." She said, growlig at the name. He was one that shot her the day Karra found her.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse walked in to the main bulidling. (I what the he'll do I do now?)
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sighed. (i Should I ask her if she remembers? ) She asked herself as she walked around outside.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse walked around avoiding people trying to get a feel of the place. "Striker?" she whispered in to thecomlink when she was alone. "I'm in."
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: Logan parked his motorcycle in the garage and walked out looking at the exteriour of the school. "Home....No place like it" he grumbled" He slug his jacket over his shoulder and his blood stained and bullet hole riddled tanktop and jeans were swaying in the breeze alittle. He cricked his neck as he walked towards the front door. "I better still havemy cigars in my room" he mumbled as he opened the front door.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sighed a little as she changed into a wolf and ran into the building. She wasn't looking where she was going as she ran into Logan. She grunted and stepped back a little. "Sorry Logan." She said quiely, lost in thought.
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: Logan raised an eyebrow. "Whats the hurry kid? dont tell me your late to class or something like that" he stepped inside and shut the door after Faye came in with him. "And i dont get a hello or anything?"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye smiled a little. She changed back to human and looked at Logan. "Sorry.." She said as she still tried to figure out what was going on with Karra.
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: //do i know karra is my daughter?//
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: <yeah>
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: Logan chuckled and started to walk towards the kitchen. "So how is Karra? I dont think i told her i was leaving when i did" he tossed his jacket onto a chair as he walked into the kitchen and he opened the fridge. "Still no beer" he grumbled as he grabbed a coke. (Logan coming home in tatterd bloody cloths must be normal, Faye isnt concerned at all)
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sat at one of the tables. "I don't know whats going on with Karra..While you were gone she was taken by the MRD..but now shes back and shes diffrent. Very difrent." She said as she looked at the table. "We need to talk to Striker."
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: Logan clenched his free hand into a fist and set down his drink. He looked like he was about to rip somebodies head off. "Where is Karra" he growled darkly. "as soon as i see her im going to find striker and rip him to pieces" he had the deark look in his eyes he got when he was on the verge of going into a fit of rage
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye rolled her eyes. "Calm down Logan." She said softly. Faye had known Logan and Karra for a while now. Logan was like a dad to her and Karra a sister. She would do anthing for them, even if she died doing whatever it was.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby walked in the kitchen and sat down listening to Logan and Faye talk. He grabbed a soda and blew on the top freezing it. He smiled and began drinking the coke slushie,"If your going somewhere to fight i want in", he smiled mischeiviously.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye looked at Bobby and sighed. She shook her head slightly and looked back at Logan.
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: "Faye if your not going to tell me where she is im going to find her on my own" he then looked to bobby. "And you stay outta this IceCube. not your problem" he walked out of the kitchen and towards the front door
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: "Hold on slick we stick togeher", he sid getting up walking after him,"Ever since me and Karra were born we were friends and she is one of the team so im coming"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye growled slightly. She followed Logan. keeping pace. "I can find her..but I think we should wait because I know shes talking to Striker. They did something to her." She said as she grabbed Logans are making him look at her.
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: Logan took a coouple of deep breaths. "Fine. But once i find out what striker did to her and where he is. Im going to pay him a visit" he looked at Bobby "Alone. You cant survive being pumped full of bullits Kid, besides you dont need to see alot of killing"
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: "Its not like i havent seen it before", he said still looking at him hard in the eyes,"She is like a sister to me and i will come no matter what", he said putting his foot down,"I cant survive a bullet but the bullet has to hit me first. You know me i passed all of the simulations and im ready for a real fight"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye Logan straight in the eyes. "I'm coming. Whether you like it or not." She said her eyes flashing. She let go of his arm and walke away. She got out side and sighed as she took a few deep breathes.
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: Logan sighed. "Fine. I need to change out of these bloody torn cloths then i will meet you two by the fountain. Dont tell Karra im here if you see her and dosnt already know" he walked upstaires to his room and changed. He was now wearing a black t-shirt and bluejeans with his studded belt.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby smiled knowing he had broken through to Logan which rarly ever happened. He did a couple flips down the hall way and grabbed his uniform out of the container. He ran to his room and slipped into it, walking outside and waiting patiently for Logan.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye was alread by the fountian. She sighed a little as she looked at the woods then the mansion.
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: Logan came down the stairs with a cigar in his mouth and he grabbed his jacket putting it back on. he stepped outside and headed towards the fountain. He had yet to see Karra but he could smell her, and something about her scent was...differant. He got to the fountain and nodded towards bobby
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye looked at Logan. "Think we'll make it?" She asked as she looked back at the woods and listened.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby nodded excitedly and looked over at Faye wandering if she was actually paying any attention.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye looked at Bobby. "I'm paying attention." She said a little angry. She sighed and looked back at the woods.
Kovaks92 / The_Wolverine: Logan slid his hands into his pockets. "So, where would Karra be. before i go disembowel that bastard Striker i need to know whats wrong with her and what he did"
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: "I dont know...she has been acting really stange. She forgot who Faye was and didnt look like she reconized me", he said remembering her facial expresion
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sighed. "She was talking to Striker...I was standing behind her when she was talking to Striker..I think she has an ear piece or something." She said as she looked at them both.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Eclipse told Striker she was in the school and had meet the two mutants Faye and a blond guy. He told her to lay low and try to infiltrate the system and school. She nooses and turned, she went outside and saw a man who looked alot like her. (I what the hell?)
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby turned and saw her. She wasnt looking at him, but at Logan as though she had just met him for the first time. He shook his head knowing something was wrong and he had to do something about it but he didnt know what yet.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sniffed the air and looked back at Karra. She looked at Logan then pointed to Karra. "There she is." She whispered to him.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra continued at stare at the man and then looked at Faye. (i I have to say something. But what? Striker never told me his name.) "Ummmm. Hey Faye." SHe nodded at Faye. "Bobby." And then at Bobby, then returned her attention to the man.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby watched Karra curiously wandering if she actually knew Logan's name. She seemed like she had never even seen him before.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse was begining to get impatient. "Wellt hen," she muttered to herself. She turned to Bobby. "It has been a while since I was here. Show me around?"
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby looked at her stupidly,"Karra you were only gone for a couple days"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): "Are you going to or not?" Eclipse growled out. (i I cant do this! I want to kill then all NOW!!! They killed my family and turned me in to a monster! Its not fair!)
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby looked at her outraged, he hated when people put him on the spot. But he stopped himself and wandered if she could tell him what was actually happening...,"come on then", he sighed and walked toward the building.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse fallowed him and began to mentaly keep track of where they were going. (i I have to make sure I know this place inside and out. I cant lets any funny bussines happen.)
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby watched her as he showed her around. He stopped at the danger room and smiled knowing if it was really Karra then she would have never forget this room.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby watched her as he showed her around. He stopped at the danger room and smiled knowing if it was really Karra then she would have never forget this room.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby watched her as he showed her around. He stopped at the danger room and smiled knowing if it was really Karra then she would have never forget this room.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby watched her as he showed her around. He stopped at the danger room and smiled knowing if it was really Karra then she would have never forget this room.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse studied the room and felt a rush of memories come to her mind. She cringed, (i what is going on? Why are these memories in my mind? They are not mine!) Once she was able to compose her self and make sense of the memories she smirked. "Lets dance Snowkflack."
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye had followed them quietly. Listening in on Karras thoughts. (i Bobby.. ) She thought to hm quickly. (i Karra said..she.. ) She didn't bring herself to think it to him. She was too shocked.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: (I what?) he thought to Faye a little concerned then turned to Karra and smiled a little but then frowned," I thought it was Snowflake not snowflack..."
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: She sighed and stepped innto the danger room. "She said she wanted to kill us because we killed her family." She said quietly as she looked at Bobby. "She has no idea who Logan is."
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby's mouth flew open I disbelief. Who did she think her family was anyway? Why does she think we killed her? A million questions flew into his mind while he just stood there with his mouth hanging wide open.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra frowned, "what thehell? What are you talking about?" she growled, pushed pass Faye and Bobby and ran in to the danger room. A simulation started and heat rays came at her, burning her legs and arms. She screamed.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye ran over and stopped the stimulation. She sighed. "Karra. Whats your real name? What did Striker tell you?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse growled and slid her claws out. "You killed my parents! YOu turned me in to a monster. Striker only told me the truth!" SHe took a swing at Faye's arm and cut her. At the sight of blood and the smell of it she fainted.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sighed. "Great another scar probably." She mumbled. She looked down at Karra and grunted. "Still passing out to the smell of blood I see."
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse slowly regained conshoins and was in a daze. Her head throbed and memorieses filled her head. Some she reconised others she did not but felt as if she did. SHe looked around. "Faye? WHat happened?" She looked down at her hands and saw blood on the tips of her claws. "WHat the hell?"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye showed Karra her arm. "You did that." She said looking at her. She shook her head. "Karra...what did Striker tell you your name was?" She asked softly.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby watched them both confused at everything now. He sigh rubbing his temple and closed his eyes trying to sort everything out.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra now felt her heaad hurt and some morories come to here. "What Striker?" (i WHat is going on?)
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Boby walked over to her a little concerned,"Karra focus. Who am i?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra frowned, "an idoit name Bobby." She looked around the room "what is going on?"
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby smiled a little,"Ok it you", he sighed,"Striker brainwashed you"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra frowned/growled. "What!?!"
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: "He told you that the x-men killed your family and you were abou to kill us...you already hurt Faye", he looked down at Faye and her bleeding arm.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: "He told you that the x-men killed your family and you were abou to kill us...you already hurt Faye", he looked down at Faye and her bleeding arm.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra fallowed Bobby's gaze and saw Faye again, she flinched. "I can't belive I did that." She then began to growl. "Striker is going to pay."
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: "And i will be right beside you when he does", he smiled making a fist with his hand.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra nodded and smiled then a shook of pain came to her and she fell to the floor crying out in pain.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby bent down placing his hand on her back,"Karra whats wrong?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eslipse looked up to see Bobby. "Get away!" SHe screamed out. "Leave me alone! DOnt touch me!" She slid her claws out and took a swing at him, missing.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby jumped back and held his fist up turning into solid ice.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye sighed. "Great. Shes back to the other Karra." She said shaking her head. "What did Striker say your name was?" She asked her, almost growling from being patient.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse growled. "i'm Eslipse and you killed my family!" She swung her arms and hissed.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye rolled her eyes. "Striker was lieing." She said, growling lowly. "Thatman you saw earlier. That was your dad." She said as she looked at Karra.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Eclipse growled again, (i Eclipse stop it!) She heard a voice in her head say. She screamed, "who are you! How are you in my head?"
(i I am proffessor X. I am a telepath. Stop hurting your friends. YOu were brain washed and are lost. Let me help you.)
"no" she growled.
(i Very well then) Eclipse felt her mind go blanck and her body give out. The professor had done something to her miond to make her incapablle or movement.
(i Bring her to the medical wind,) he thought to both Faye and Bobby.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye nodded. (i Yes Professor. ) She thought to him as she then picked up Karra with Bobby. Thgey brought her to the Medical wing and set her on one of the beds. Faye sat down in a chair and leaned her head back on the wall and sighed.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): The professor was able to lock away the new persanalitly Striker had created. But every now and then he knew that she would over power Karra. He told this to Fyae and told them to go easy on Karra.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye nodded. "Will she be ok?" She asked Professor X as she looked at Karra. She never knew that Striker was capable of changing her into a monster.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): The proffesor shrugged, "I am not sure. I tryed to lock away the personality striker created as best as I could."
akyo / akyo naikumo: (join?)
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye nodded. "Ok. Thank you Professor." She said to him as she looked down at her hands.
GreenSun / ...::Bobby::...: Bobby watched Karra's motionless body. It was wierd to see his oldest friend in a coma. How did he brain wash her?
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): (( (r sure join) ))
Karra woke up in a daze, her head throbbing. "WHat happened?" She asked, her voice choked.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye looked over at Karra. "Karra!" She said as she hugged her. She was happy Karra was back.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra hugged G+Faye back, "well aren't yo happy to see me." SHe laughed. "WHat happened?"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye smiled a little. She sat back and frowned. "Striker..." She said. (i Do you remeber the MRD taking you? )
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye smiled a little. She sat back and frowned. "Striker..." She said. (i Do you remeber the MRD taking you? )
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra shook her head, "no? What happened!?"
akyo / akyo naikumo: hiya)
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): (( (b Post... Just jump in we are in the medical room. I just got my alternative personality put away in the back of my mind) ))
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye looked at her. "Striker...he took you away and he made another side of you." She said to her, trying to explain.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra nodded as she took the information in. "Another side of me?"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye nodded. "I think her name was Eclipse..I'm not sure..but proffesor X did something so that you would be back to normal." She said as she looked at her.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karranodded. "that is strange. But it does sound like striker and the shit he does."
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye nodded. "I'm just glad your back." She said hugging her again.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra hugged Faye back, "me too."
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye looked at her. "What do you want to do about striker?" She asked.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra slid her calws out, "i think you know." SHe smirked.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye smiled. "I thought that." She said in almost a growl. "When do we go?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra looked around and saw no others, nor sid she smell anyone. "well Faye it looks like it is just us going after that sick bastered."
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye smiled. "Just what I wanted." She said as she stood up and stretched. "When are we going?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra yawned and laied down. "after a..." ywan agin, "power nap." She closed her eyes and felt a drkness come over her. SHe feel asleep.
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye smiled. She turned into a wolf and layed at her feet. She fel asleep almost instantly.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): (y Timeskip. Next Day)
Karra woke up thenextday. She saw Fate atherosclerosis feet, she smiled and petted her head. She looked around and saw she saw still in the medical room. She sighed and got up. Her head pounding. "What the bloodyhell happened yesterday?"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye woke up and stepped back from Karra. (i Karra? ) She thought. Hoping it was still Karra and not the Eclipse side of her.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra turned, "hum Fyae? WHat is it darlin'?"
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: Faye smiled. "Good your still Karra." She said as she changed to human.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit sighed walking through the mansion towards the medical room for his pain meds. He had accidently blown a hole in his side in his sleep. He walked into the room and saw Karra awake he had heard hat she had some evil second mind. He pulled out a card and energized it "Karra is that you sherr?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra tuend and smiled she ran up to Remy and hugged him. CAusing them to both fall back. "Remy!!! I missed ya!!!" She laughed and got off the floor, seeing he was hurt. "Ohmiigod! I am sooo sorry! I did not notice you were hurt!"
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit laughed "Its ok.... you missed me?" He said laughing "No one seemed to care i was gone i havent even seen Rouge wherever she is." He stood up using his staff. He walked up to Karra and kissed her on the cheek. "I missed you to Karra."
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra giggled, "yaah i missed ya. And Rouge is not here?" She watched him limp and frowned. "Sit!" She pointed to a chair. "What the hell did you do to your self this time cazhin?" She asked taking out some medical surplies.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit laughed "Sherr i was a stupid Remy and forgot to take off my jacket and fell asleep with cards in my pocket.... i had a nightmare and well powered up the deck let go and it went cambooom.... i had to fix up my tench coat to!"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra laughed shakking her head. She turned to look at the wonund, lifting the skirt slighty. "Your stupid sometimes ya know that?" She made a face looking at the wouned. It was red a swoned. "Its preety bad. You have got to be more carful."
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit laughed "I know im an idiot...." He blushed a little and looked at the roof. "So i heard rumors you were tryign to hurt you felllow x men is this true sherr?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra frowned and looked away. "Not that i wanted to. It was not falut!" SHe threw the medical things in her hand to the wall near her. "I was not my fault," she covered her face with her hands and leaned a aginst the wall. SLiding down and sitting, her lags crossed and face covered.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit fell to his knees in front of her he lifted her hand away from her face and kissed her tendorly on the lips. "I believe you sherr Remy just needed to know it wasent perpously."
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra sighed and leaned her head aginst his shoulder. "its not fair. It was not my fault." She closed her eyes and took confert in Remy. She then got off the floor. "Now. Lets get you fixed up."
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit smiled taking off his shirt and laying on the medical bed. "Damn cards." He said laughing "I never thought you would hurt anyone of us Karra...."
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra sighed and closed her eyes shaking her head. She looked over at Remy, "not all to shy with the undressing," she muttered to herself. She took some cream and spread it on his wound. Then put a guozr arund him. "That should do it." She then sat down next to him. And smiled, "I/m glad you thought that."
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit laughed putting his arm around he. "Karra you do realize if Logan saw us rihg tnow i would be dead right?" He laughed again.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra laughed, "yaah. He is not at all faound of anyguy who even lookes in my derictin." She leaned her head on his shoulder. "He is a softie on the inside. Just like any father."
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit laughed "Whatcha takin about looked at Creed he would tear his kid apart!" Gambit kissed Karras head. "Wont Logan smell my scent on you?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra shrugged, "there is a thing called a shower darlin' or have you forgoten about that?" She laughed and then sighed. "I am so tired of all this crap. I dont want to do it anymore. I'm tired of it all."
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit sighed "I know what you mean sherr Remy has never lived a normal life always been vigilant never really been able to enjoy life...." He trailed off kissing Karra's neck.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra smiled enjoying the way his lips felt on her neck. She turned and kissed him on the lips softly. She smiled at him snd kissed him again. She sighed and leaned her head aginst his chest. Hugging him tightly.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit stroked her hair "Karra.... what happend between you and Kurt?" He asked with a smug smile.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra sighed, "he broke it off..." She felt tears come to her eyes. She hide her face in his neck. "He left me for some othergirl." She felt the tears stream down her face and roll on to his shoulder and neck. "I...I...dont want tot talk about it." She said quietly.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): (b which is what happened in another RP..LoLz...)
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit held her closer to him. He put his arms around her waist "Then he was a fool." He said kissing her head again "Im sorry for bringing it up.... who was the other girl?"
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra sighed, "some girl named ALice..." She looked away from him. "She was your...your clone type thing. Yours and Rouges." She held her breath awaitng his reaction.
(b Danm it is funny how the other RPs coiside with each other..)
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit looked at her with a cold stare "O her....." He sneered "If a kid comes from that little pair it wont live that long." He said with a cold pissed off voice. -lol ya-
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra shook her head, pushing off him slitghly so she could see in to his red eyes with her own green ones. "Mr.Sinister made her. She was almost perfect, but digared by him cuz she could not hear." She looked away tears still streaming down her face.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit laughed "I dont want my genes fused with that elf." He said getting up grabbing his shirt and putting it on quickly. He grabbed his staff and looked at Karra his red eyes glowing with anger. "Remember Karra im not a hero i do heroic things but ive also done many diabolic things." He walked away towards the door of the mansion.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra watched him leave the room. (i what is he going to do?) She got up and ran after him. "And where the hell do you think you are going?" She sadi grabbing him by the arm. "What is it that your plaing on doing? And what was with the whole hero thing? WHat are yopu going to do?" Her tone shrp and no longer caoted with tears.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit looked at her he pushed her agenst the wall kissing her. "I.... dont know what im planning on doing."
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra frowned. "Then why go?"
Syrano / Gambit: -k- Gambit sighed "I dont know Karra." He let her down putting a diamon ring in her hand. He walked away to his room slamming the door shut. "Remy your an idiot." He said to himself laying back on the bed and yelling breaking a hole in the wall next to him.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra stared at the ring. (i This was...this was the ring he had given ROuge when they were...) "engaed." She finished her taught aloud. She stared at it agina. "WHat?" She looked at where Remy had gone. She ran after him and opened the door, it slammed in to the wall. "What is this?" Sht held out the ring.
Syrano / Gambit: Tears streamed down Gambit's face "We got divorced of course didint work out....." He sighed "She didint want it said it hurt her to much to have it...." He sighed in his hand a picture of them holding hands happily in Paris.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra took the photo slowly from Rmey and looked at it. She felt her own eyes water up. She sat down next to him and hugged him tightly. "Oh Remy I'm so sorry." She kissed the top of his head. She felt the tears roll odwn her face. "I guess we both suck at love huh?" She smled a bit and looked at him.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit looked up at her "I guess so...." He sighed snuggling with her. "Well.... i gave you the ring because i love you and wanted you to know there was no more feelings between me and Rouge...."
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra felt her heart beat quicken. "Love me?" She whispered. She turned and looked at him. "What are you trying to say? That we are...we are..." She could not finish her sentence and burst in to tears. She gripped on to Remy's shirt. "Oh Remy," She muttered. She looked up and smiled at him, kissing him on the lips lightly.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit smiled closing his eyes and leaning his head onto hers. He stopped crying and fell into a light sleep mumbling something about gambling debts in his sleep.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra laughed and set him down on the bed. She walked out once she did. SHe looked at the ring in her hand, but did not dare put in on her finguer. She closed the door behind her and leaned aginst it. "What now?" She thaought aloud. "What do I do now?" She admired the dimond ring then slipped it in to her poket. And walked off outside.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit woke up later opening and closing his eyes repeptivly. He got up and put on his casual outfit with a black tshirt and his tench coat and jeans. He walked outside sitting down on the steps.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra sat near the large water faution looking at her reflection in the water. She saw a leaf land by her and she picked it up, the let it fall out of her hnad in to the clear blue water. She sighed and leaned back. SHe shivvered at how cold the concreat structure of the faution was.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit got up and snuck over to where Karra was. He then ran at her and pushed her into the cold water. "GOT YA!" He yelled laughing running away as fast as he could.
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): Karra screamed and fell in to the water. She freaked out and jumped out as quicly as if one threw a cat in water. She saw Remy running away. "Oh that sick son of a..." She stopped her self and ran after him. Ramming her shoulder in to him. ANd causing him to fall. SHe sat on his back and held his arms back. "Who has got who now, my dear?" She asked lips near his ear. "I think I would have you now!" She laughed and made her self confterablue sitting on him. "Now. I am not going to get off untill yu say sorry."
FayeSkipper / Faye Parker: <umm....recap?>
GoldenStar / Eclipse (Karra): (( (b Remy and I are engaed...) ))
Syrano / Gambit: Remy smirked and chuckled "Im sorry." He said still strugglign to get free. "You have to admit it was funny though." After he said this he tried to break his hand free but then stopped realizing it was pointless.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra narrowed her eyes at Remy. "tour mean to me!" then laughed kissing him. Her hair and clothing still saking wet. She let go of his arms and hugghed him. Resting her head on his shoulder.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit smiled and kissed her. "This sucks now old Remy got a girl who could beat me up." He chuckeled and pulled out a deck of cards shuffling them over and over again.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra laughed. "well I've always liked older men." she sighed and took his deck of cards anddhufglibg then.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit walked behind her and put his arms around her. "So want to go somewhere?" He asked looking around for any indication of someone else being there but saw no one and relaxed a bit.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra thought about it for a moment and nodded. "Sure," she smiled and kissed his cheak. "where do you wanna go?" she continued to shuffle the cards.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit sighed trying to think of somewhere intresting to go to. "I dont know Genosha?" As he said this he braced himself to be hurt in some way for suggesting the place.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra froze in place. "Genisha?" she hissed. She turned sharply and threw the cards at Remy's face.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit let go of her and put up his hands "Sorry for even suggesting it." He sighed and turned around walking towards the gate of the mansion "Ruined another one Remy Lebou you fool." He said to himself his head looking down at the ground as he walked away.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra felt her anger disapper and a wave of saddness washed over her. "no Remy! Don't leave me!" she ran over to him, tears about to run down her face.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit looked into Karra's eyes. "Do you love me?" He asked his face with a emotionless expression.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra looked away as tears streamed down her face. "what do you think?" she walked over to him and lauded her head on his chest. "do you love me?"
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit still had his emotionless expression on his face. He did not speak and he walked away from her pulling out a card of a joker and throwing it at her feet. He walked out of the gate and started down the road he seemed way more gloomy than he ever was.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: She crumbled to the ground crying. "remy!" she cried out. "dint leave me! I love you! I love you!don't leave me!" Hot tears sontinued to roll down her face.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit glared back at her. He pulled out his queen of hearts and threw it at Karra. "COME OUT ECLIPSE I KNOW YOUR IN THERE!" He screamed at her pulling out his staff and preparing for battle. "COME ON OUT!"
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra stared looked up at Remy laughing. She brushed herself off. "ahhhh... That girls an emotinal roller costal. She's pussed or sad and vuala I appere!" eclipse slid out her claws. "for that I thank you dear Gambit. But unforteniatly you are the first X-Men to die!" she carved at him.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit chuckled he ran backwards and pulled out an entire deck of cards and energized them with his kenetic energy then threw them at Eclipse.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: The cards exploded in Ecilpes face. She laughed ad her face healed. She carghed at him and cut his arm. She laughed again, "your death shall be slow and painful!"
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit sighed and dropped his staff. Then he kneeled down and looked into her eyes "So Karra you would kill your own fiance?" He asked tears streaming down his face "I needed to see Eclipse needed to know if she was still there, and now that i have i can help you control her.... i love you Karra i truely do." Then he put his head down and waited to either be embraced or killled which ever one came.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: The proffeser scenced what was happing from his office and quickly trigered the block in Karra's mind to stop Eclipse.
Eclipse was about to strick Remy with one last cut and kill him before she passed out.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit stood up and glared down at Karra. He then picked her up and carried her to his room and set her on his bed. He then layed down behind her and put his arms around her closing his eyes wanting her to return to normal.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra slowly regained conciuosness. She looked at Remy and turned so she could face him, but made sure his arms were still around her. "how badly did I hurt you?" she asked in a small voice. Tears streaming down her face again. "I'm sorry." she muttered.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit kissed her and grinned "Not that bad a couple cuts not that bad." He laughed and pulled her as close to him as possible. "I love you." He whispered to her.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra felt her heart skip a beat. She smiled and kissed him softly, burieing her face in his shoulder. "I...I....love you too." she wiggled out of his arms and say up, taking the ring out if her pocket and giving it to Remy. She held her hand out, "I want to be yours and yours only."
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit smiled and put the ring on her finger "Will you marry me?" He asked his heart racing. He had done this before but this time he knew this one would work out.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra giggled/screamed and glomped Remy to the bed. She kissed him muliplue times on the lips, then continued to kiss him, from his lips down to his neck. "I will marry you!"
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit laughded and grinned. He kissed her tendorly and then rolled her so she was under him. "So when do you want the wedding?"
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra giggled and kissed Remy. "as soon as possible." as kissed him again, "but it does not matter to me. As long as I am with you."
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit chuckled "When are you gonna tell your father?" He shivered at the thought of Logan finding out. He sighed "If our kids have the mix of our abilties that would be one dangerous teen."
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra laughed and kissed Remy on the lips. "DOnt owrry about my father. I can make him come around." She sighed and rested her head back on the bed. "And our kid would be a hell of a hnad full..." She laughed and pulled Remy closer to her. Kissing him along his neck. "Just be happy."
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit chuckled "well not what.... we have the enire manison to our selves...." He had a funn look on his face.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Kara giggled and looked in to his red eyes with her own green ones. "What do you proposse we do then? My dear?" She laughed and shook her hand trough her dark curly hair.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit chuckled "You know what i mean love." He jumped up and pinned her kissing her neck softly. "Now do you get my meaning?"
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra giggled and gave in to his kisses. She smiled and kissed his lips softly. Her toung running along his bottom lip. Her body gave a shiver of plesure and smiled kissed him agina, this time deeply and with passion.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit chuckled and pulled off his shirt returning to the kisses. "I love you so much." He whispered into her ear. -timeskip?-
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: (r si. TIMESKIP)
Karra opened her eyes slwoly and yawned. She pulled herself closer to Remy and kissed his lips softly. "YOu awke Remy?" She asked quietly. Her face was flushed, her hair a mess, and her heart still pounding hard in her chest. She could stillnot belive what had been done not only a few hours ago. She smiled and placed her head on his bear chest. Pulling the covers over her own body.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit opened his eyes and smiled. "Ya im awake." He kissed her and laughed "Wow that was amazing.... i think you stabbed me though..... i didint want to look...."
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra cringed and looked away, she covered her face with her hands. "I'm so sorry." She looked at his body, "where?" She asked softly. SHe was afraid to see how bad the wound would be, but wanted to see it never the less.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit chuckled and uncovered his lower stomach where tweleve bleeding cuts where. "O crap ya you stabbed me good...." He laughed "O well i can get over it babe."
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: (b I might have gotten grounded so IDK when i will be able to get on for this week)
Karra saw the cuts and felt tears weld in her eyes. She covered her face and then buried it in Remy's arms. "I'm so sorry Remy." She did not like that fact that she had hurt him, or the fact that she was crying in front of him.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit laughed "Im fine, im fine, ive had worse." He lifted her head and kissed her. "You didin't do it on purpose i understand that."
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra shook her head free from his hands and sat up, covering herself with the covers. "No." She said firmly, tears still in her eyes. "I hurt you. I...I cant do that again. I have hurt too many in my life already. I dont want to hurt any more people." She wipped tears way from her eyes and tok a deep breath to clam her sobs.
(i Glomps Remy)
(b long time no see. school got you busy!?!)
Syrano / Gambit: -sure school....- Gambit sighed and put his arms around Karra. "You know there's a chance your going to be a mother Karra." He smiled kissing her neck trying to calm her down.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: (b what is that sapposed to mean!?!)
Karra looked up at Remy and gave in to his kisses. She loved the way his lips felt on her skin. "A mother?" She asked queitly to herself. She took a deep breath, her heart was now racing.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: (b what is that sapposed to mean!?!)
Karra looked up at Remy and gave in to his kisses. She loved the way his lips felt on her skin. "A mother?" She asked queitly to herself. She took a deep breath, her heart was now racing.
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit's eyes went wide "I didin't use protection.... i thought you knew." He stood up and grabbed his staff ready to defend hiself. "Dont try and kill me please!"
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra sighe dnad shook her head. "No. I am just...Thinking." she said trailing off. SHe sighed and looked up. "I'm not ready for that. I can bearly take care of myself. HOw am I to care for a child?"
Syrano / Gambit: Gambit sighed and layed back down. "With me?" He suggested "I can help im not just gonna run off now." He smiled and put his arms around her kissing her neck.
GoldenStar / Karra Eleni: Karra tok a deep breath and gave in to his kisses. "BUt what I am really pregent?' She asked. "How will my dad take it." She shuttered at the thought of his reaction. She turned and kisse dhis lips softly. "You were my first you know?"

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