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Roleplay - Sakku Toppa (Closed) by xKuukix / xKuukiChanx

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Chaosura / Bit: Six cycles of light and dark, yet nothing. Bit had been going in a straight path for so long, following the trail of massive foot prints in the sand, left behind by those monsters. It seemed like it had been so long since he left the rubble of his village, having been unconcious for so long. Only several survived the attack. Out of all, why did he survive? Why wasn't it he wasn't taken away? His older sister was, but why not him? "Dammit, I fucking hate this place!" He yelled as he kicked sand up. The heat was getting to him. It seemed like years since his last meal. Looking up at the sky above, he grinned, remember hearing tales of heroics being performed on the surface. Perhaps he could do the same. "Yeah, that'll b-..." He began to say as he felt his foot hit something as he walked. It felt organic. Definately not a rock. "Please don't be a be-" He began to say as he looked down at what he had hit his foot on.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo groaned when a foot came in contact with her head. Opening light blue eyes, she blinked away the glazed film that had formed on them from being unconcious. Groaning, she sat upright, placing her hands on her knees and shaking her, trying to clear the haze that was on her mind. She remembered she was wandering and came across a village. She decided to stay for a few days and relax. Then she heard screaming and after that everything went black. Pressing a hand to her forehead, Riyo looked up at the boy in front of her. Blinking slowly she took her hand away from her face and set it back on her knees. "Who are you?" she asked, her voice groggy and tired.
Chaosura / Bit: Staring blankly at Riyo, Bit was confused. "I'm Bit..." He said calmly as he stared at the young girl. She couldn't have been much older than him. Thirteen or fourteen at most. Judging by her appearence, she had been unconcious for quite some time. "Ummm, what are yo-?" He began to ask as he heard the sounds of metal scrapping against rocks. Jumping to the ground, he shoved Riyo's face in the sand, hiding from what he knew was nearby. Feeling the tremors it made, Bit looked up at the massive green Genman as it looked down at them. Watching as it's mouth opened up, he saw a weak and pathetic looking Beastman pilotting it. (i Perfect!) As it climbed out, he began to laugh to himself as it approached them. Jumping up, he bit down into the beastman's neck, aiming to kill it. As he fell to the ground, Bit quickly climbed into the Genman, grinning. "Oi! I stole it, so it's mine now bitch!" He yelled as he flicked the beastman into a rock. Looking down at Riyo, he opened the mouth up. "Want to come along?" He asked as he continued to try and figure the controls out. This was one of the same destructive machines that destroyed his home, but this one was different. Not the same design, but it did give off a haunting feel.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo tilted her head at the boy. "Bit? That's a strange name..." she trailed off, thinking to herself. He looked younger than her, but not by much. She opened her mouth to speak until Bit grabbed the back of her head, shoving her face down in the sand. She groaned. "Hey, what t-" she stopped when she heard the noises. Watching as Bit ran towards the Genman and attacking the Beastman that came out of it, Riyo shivered. She remembered now. That was what attacked the village she was in. Not the exact Genman, per say, but that's what it had been. Looking at Bit when he called out to her, she stood. She really had no options other than this. She may have not known the boy very well, she with Beastmen around she wasn't exactly safe. "Uhm, o-okay." she said, slowly walking towards the Genman.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Sighing, Rei took the picture she had out of her right pocket, bringing it up to her face with an irritated glare. Placing a hand on her hip and leaning to the side, and cocking her head to the right, narrowing her eyes at the picture. She arched a brow at the kid's appearance in the picture. Green cape, green pants?
(i Yeah, this kid really knows how to blend in.) she thought with a smirk. Sighing, Rei walked through the partially abandoned village she was currently in. Seeing movement in a building, she grinned as a human stumbled out. Quickly walking up and grabbing them by the collar of their shirt she shoved Bit's picture in their face. "Hey," the human whimpered, "Shut up and focus. You seen this kid?" she asked. They shook their head 'no' vigorously. "Hm. Too bad." Rei took her gun out of her cloak and pressed it to the humans forehead. "Sorry about this, standard regulation." With that she pulled the trigger, dropping the body and continuing on.
Chaosura / Bit: Messing with the controls, Bit watched as the screens around him turned green. Watching as the face of what looked like a frog morphed into a head shaped like his own, he raised an eyebrow at the sight. This machine was oddly confusing. "Come on!" He yelled as he made the Genman pick Riyo up. Setting inside of it's mouth, he grinned as it's razor sharp teeth closed shut. "Nice and comfy Riyo-chan?" He asked as the screen became transparent. Surprised by the sight, he grinned as he turned the mech around. "So Riyo, what brings you out to this neck of the desert?" He asked as the Genman began to walk forward. The controls were pretty simple. The body was humanoid, so the controls worked in a similar fashion to nerve impulses. Whatever his hands did, the Genman did and whatever he did what his feet, the Genman would do. Pretty simple.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo looked around the inside of the Genman when Bit placed her in it. "Uhm, yeah it's comfortable I guess." she mumbled. To be honest, she didn't like being inside one of the things that attacked her very much, but this was the only other means of travel, save walking. Looking back to Bit and played with the black necklace around her neck. "I wander around the desert a lot. I don't have anywhere else to go really..." trailing off she looked back to him excitedly. "So, where are we going?" she asked with a grin.
Chaosura / Bit: Staring at Riyo, Bit gave her a light grin as he made the Genman continue it's path. His goal was to find his sister and kick ass along the way. "I'm going to hell." He said bluntly as he made the Genman take off running forward. Looking at Riyo as he advanced, he blushed lightly. She was kind of cute, but something about her seemed off. "Do you want me to drop you off somewhere or..?" He asked as he fiddled with the settings on the Genman. Such a high tech machine, yet it's controls seemed so simple that an idiot who crawled out of a hole could use it. Lucky Bit.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo arched a brow at Bit's answer. Hell, huh? Well that's a pretty straight forward answer. She grew even more confused when he looked at her again with a blush. Shrugging it off, Riyo cotinued to look around the inside of the Genman as she spoke. "I don't really have anywhere for you to drop me off..." she trailed off. Turning back to Bit fully she cocked her head to the right. "Could I maybe stay with you for a little while?" she asked. "I won't get in your way or anything."
Chaosura / Bit: Stopping the Genman, Bit looked at Riyo before looking at the desert ahead. He couldn't just let her go off on her own, but he couldn't let her die helping him. Looking back at Riyo, he grinned before nodding. "You can stay." He said with smile on his face. It would have been nice to have company. With every other day being a risk to his life, having her around would be nice. Better than being alone. "It needs a name..." He said to himself as he stared at the controls.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo grinned at Bit's answer, jumping across her seat and wrapping her arms around him. "Thanks! I won't be any trouble! I promise!" She returned to her seat and clapped her hands together excitedly. She had been traveling alone for awhile and had been quite lonely most of the time. Having a friend was going to be exciting. Looking back to Bit she arched a brow. "A name? Like what?" she asked.
Chaosura / Bit: His face turning dark red, Bit twitched for a moment as he realized what had just occured. Shaking it off, he made the Genman continue it's path. "This thing. I want to name it." He said with an excited grin. Though he stole it, this machine was now his. Powerful. Majestic. Amazing. All of those were words that described the name he knew he'd think of it. "Go-gi-gan!" He yelled as he became frustrated. Nothing came to mind. It was like a blank slate. Maybe he was an idiot after all. Sighing, he looked over at Riyo, smiling as he tried to hide his rage.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo frowned in confusion when Bit's face turned a dark crimson. Shrugging, she tried to think of a decent name for the Genman. Sighing when her brain came up with nothing, she crossed her arms over her chest and glared. "Go-gi-gan!" she heard Bit shout. Turning to him, she rose a brow in confusion. "Gogigan?" she asked. "Is that it's name?" It was quite a strange name, but then again Bit seemed a tad strange himself. Not that she had any room to speak in that department.
Chaosura / Bit: Realizing that he had shouted in rage, Bit thought about it. Gogigan wasn't a word. It was just syllables he yelled. There wasn't any true meaning to them. Course, he was just gonna ditch this machine afterwards, so naming it at the moment seemed like a decent idea. "Gogigan...Sounds better than Crimson." He said to himself as he grinned. Looking back at Riyo, he looked around the cockpit. It was a bit roomy for something of it's size. Like it was meant for two people to pilot. That raised the question of where the second pilot was when he stole Gogigan. "Riyo-chan, what is this thing called...?" He asked, refering to the type of machine they were in.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo turned to Bit with an arched brow. "You don't know, and yet you stole it?" she asked. Looking around the cock pit of the machine she spoke. "It's a Genman I know that much, other than that I have no idea..." she trailed off. She never paid attention to such things that concerned the Beastmen, she never really cared. She just went about her own business, never asking questions or wondering about such things. She turned back to Bit with a small smile.
Chaosura / Bit: Stopping the Gogigan, Bit stared at Riyo in confusion. It bugged the hell out of him that she seemed so clueless. "And that thing I bit, what exactly was it?" He asked as he recalled the frog-like man he bit. It left such a vile taste in his mouth. He couldn't even believe it came from something organic. It was like tasting poison, minus the death. Why did he even bite it? He could have flat out punched it, but no, he had to aim for the jugular.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo blinked. "That was a beastman." she said. "Why'd you bite it, I don't know, I mean that had to taste horrible." she deadpanned, pointing out the obvious like she usually did. It was a quirk of hers that got on most people's nerves, the only people it never seemed to annoy were her parents. Sighing to herself Riyo looked downa at her hands in her lap, eyes drifting off in thought.
Chaosura / Bit: Spitting next to his feet, Bit mumbled as he rubbed the side of his face. "It tasted like shit..." He said calmly as he stared at the spit on the ground. Looking at Riyo, he grinned as he made the Gogigan charge towards a plateu ahead. Riyo reminded of him of something. He had no idea who it was, but the way she acted seemed all too familar. Like someone he knew personally. "So, where are you from exactly?" He asked as he watched Riyo, forgetting that he was on a "crash course" with the plateu.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo grimaced when Bit spit at the ground, leaning away from him. "Well I can imagine..." she said. She looked forward, blinking when Bit started the Gogigan straight for a plateu. "Uh-" he cut her off by asking her a question. "A village. But uhm, look forward maybe-?" she said pointing to the approaching platue.
Chaosura / Bit: Looking forward, Bit's eyes widened as the Gogigan crashed into the side of the platue. He was disgusted with how horrible of a driver he was. Backing up, he watched as part of the platue crumbled away. Backing away even further, his eyes widened as the entire thing came crashing down. "Got to pay more attention." He said to himself as he stared at the rubble. Looking at Riyo, he stared at her for a moment, before looking forward again. "Are you okay?" He asked as he continued his path, running past the massive pile of shattered stone. This "Genman" or whatever they were called were powerful. He could only imagine what it could do at it's full potential.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo gasped when the Gogigan crashed into the platue violently, causing her to hunch over. Sitting up, she held her head and moaned. That didn't feel too good. Sitting upright, she shook her head to clear the fog from it and looked to Bit. "Yes, please do." she commented to his remark about paying attention. Sighing, and sitting back in her seat she nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine." She crossed her arms and leaned her head back, closing her eyes.
Chaosura / Bit: Staring out of the cockpit, Bit began examine the mouth like structure he was in. Why was it shaped like a mouth to begin with? "Freaky..." He said to himself. Realizing the mouth moved when he did, his eyes widened. It was like an extention of his nature body, but a machine. "Riyo, these things can talk?" He asked excitedly as he stopped the Gogigan to turn around and try to talk to her. The "Gogigan" as it was so elegantly dubbed seemed like it was some highly advanced machine, but questions emerged from the ponder. What was it powered on? Who built it? Why was it built? He had so many questions and so little time for answers.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Stopping in her movement when a loud crash reaches her perked ears, Rei blinks and tilts her head in the direction the noise came from. Taking her gun from her pocket, she makes her way to the source of the sound and slips behind a rock. Sliding against it and looking past the corner, her eyes widen slightly when she spots Gogigan. Slipping Bit's picture out of her pocket with her free hand, she eyes it and flips it, skimming the details of her mission. Gogigan fit the description from what the Beastman had said. Nodding to herself, Rei slipped the picture back into her pocket, and got down on one knee, bringing her gun up in front of her face. Narrowing one eye, she aimed for the cockpit of the machine and shot, standing after she did and watching.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo opened her eyes, stretching her arms and turning to Bit. "Well it appears they can," she said. Tilting her head to the right, she examined the inside of the Gogigan. Bit seemed to have a lot of questions about this thing, which made her wonder why he stole it in the first place. Not that she was complaining, it was much better than walking through the harsh desert. Flinching, Riyo looked back towards the cockpit when a bullet hit it. "Bit!" she said, pointing towards the hole. "Look!"
Chaosura / Bit: Staring blankly as the small crack in the screen, Bit blinked repeatingly as he stared at it. It just had appeared so suddenly. Staring at a small hole in the screen, he began to laugh nervously as he continued to walk forward, trying to ignore it. It didn't seem too bad, but the fact it seemed like they were being attacked is what scared him. "It's nothing. It has to be nothing." He said to himself as he ignored the fact Gogigan talked as well.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Loading her gun, Rei stepped into the view of the Gogigan. Narrowing her eyes, she tried to peer into the cockpit to see the passengers. Finding she couldn't, she rose her gun in front of her again, closing one eye and widened the other as she aimed for the center of the cockpit again. Firing three rounds, she watched as they hit, reloading her gun again and setting it at her side. Thumbing the knife in her garter, Rei waited for the Gogigan to respond.
Chaosura / Bit: Watching as more cracks appeared in the screen, Bit took off running in the Gogigan, confused. "What the fuck is going on?!" He yelled as the Gogigan ran. He could tell they were being attacked, but such a method of long distance fighting seemed so unusual. It was like dealing with an invisible enemy that knew he was there. "Not gonna die here!" He yelled as he turned around and began to look around the area. If he did continue to run, he knew he'd have to deal with this foe again later on. "Come on out!" He shouted, seeming to forget that the Gogigan mimiced his speech patterns and voice. This "Genman" scared the hell out of him the more he thought about it.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo flinched, ducking her head as more cracks appeared in the screen, causing little bits of glass to fall. She grabbed her seat as Bit took off running in the other direction. She could tell that what was hitting the Gogigan were bullets, judging by the size of the holes. She blinked when Bit yelled at their enemy to come out. Sitting up, she peered out the screen, trying to look out of the holes. Her eyes widened when Rei caught her vision. Grabbing Bit's arm, she pointed in the black haired girl's direction. "Bit, look! Who is that?" she shouted.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Glaring slightly at the Geman as the pilot spoke, Rei came into view when Bit was done speaking. Raising her gun and firing three more warning shots, Rei placed a hand on her hip and spoke. "Get out of the Geman, human." she spoke to the Gogigan calmly. Aiming her gun at the cockpit, she loaded her gun again and narrowed her eyes. "If you do not get out of the Genman now I will shoot again." she spoke. Cocking her gun, she waiting for their response.
Chaosura / Bit: Staring blankly at Rei as Riyo pointed her out, Bit's eyes narrowed. She was the one attacking? It seemed almost impossible. She was so freaking weak looking. "What's shoot?" He asked as he scratched the side of his head, not even realizing the Gogigan copied his movements. Nothing at the time made sense to him. Why was she calling him "Human"? She looked like one herself. "Wait, who the hell are you?" He asked, forgetting her demands completely.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Firing again, Rei cocked her head at the human's response. How did he not know what shooting was? Coming to a realization she assumed he had not been on the surface very long. "It does not matter who I am, human, come out of the Genman or I will kill you." she stated, preparing to fire. If they would not listen to her demands she would have to forcefully take them out. And if they did not work, then she would kill them. "Get out." she warned a final time.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Lowering her arm, Riyo froze as she realized who Rei was. She was calling Bit 'human', which could only mean she was a Beastman. Tightening her hold on Bit's arm she leaned closer to him and whispered. "Bit, she's a Beastman. Shooting if what she's been doing to us, making those cracks in the screen." she looked at him while she spoke quietly. "I think we should listen to her, okay?" she said. Turning back to look at Rei she swallowed. This wasn't good. Why was she attacking them?
Chaosura / Bit: Blushing slightly, Bit looked at Riyo as she leaned closer towards him. As she whispered to him, he grinned slightly. Thinking about it carefully, he raised his hand up. "Know what this means?" He asked as he flipped her off. This Beastman seemed pretty weak to be honest. This shooting had to have been rocks being thrown at high speeds. Those weren't that leathal. It didn't surprise him those rocks could break the glass of the screen. "Why should I be afraid of a bunch of rocks being thrown?" He asked with a grin as he looked at Riyo, laughing lightly.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo's hand fell away from Bit's arm as she stared at him. Rocks? He thought she was throwing rocks? Sighing and grabbing Bit's shoulders, Riyo shook him slightly as she whispered to him hasrhly. "No, you idiot! She's not throwing rocks at us! She's shooting bullets! Bullets can (i kill) us! Which is why I think we should listen to her!" Grabbing Bit's hand that was currently flipping the other female off, Riyo brought it down. "And doing that isn't very smart either!" she hissed.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei slowly lowered her gun as confusion filled her. With her hearing it didn't matter how lowly the blonde female spoke, she could hear each of her words as if she was right next to her. Cocking her head to the side, Rei narrowed her eyes at the male human. He seemed to think she was throwing rocks at them. If all humans were this stupid, Rei honestly had no remorse in killing any of them. The blonde one seemed to be a tad smarter than her compainion. Raising her gun again, she spoke. "Are you going to come out or not, humans?" she demanded.
Chaosura / Bit: Staring blankly at Riyo, Bit scratched his head as he sighed. "I have no idea what (i Bullets) are, but if they crack a screen-thingy, they are definately a type of rock." He said with a smile on his face. He had only been on the surface for six settings. It didn't surprise him he'd be learning about something new such as this. Turning his attention back towards Rei, his gaze slowly drifted towards her chest. Looking at Riyo's he nodded before looking back at Rei. "If you take off your top, I'll (i Consider) coming out of Gogigan!" He said bluntly as he shut his eyes for a second or two.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei cocked her head in confusion. She had no idea why this human would want to see her take off her shirt. Shooting another warning shot by his head, she narrowed her eyes. "No, you will come out of the," she thought for a second, "Gogigan immediantly or..." trailing off she considered her options. Turning her gun to Riyo's direction she cocked it. "Or I will kill her, human." she stated. She had no quams with having to do so. If it came down to having to kill the blonde human to get the other one to come out, then so be it.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo glared at Bit when he asked Rei to take her top off. "Bit!" she hissed. "Don't ask that! You're just making this worse!" She froze when Rei spoke and pointed her gun to her. There was no way she was going to die. Let alone be killed by a Beastman. She refused. But with a gun pointed straight at her head, she wasn't so sure anymore. And Bit didn't seem to be much help at the moment...
Chaosura / Bit: Glaring at Rei, Bit opened the cockpit up, before jumping out. Staring at her, he growled slightly as he looked back at Riyo. "You wanted me out, right?" He asked as he stared at Rei. Slowly becoming enraged, he put his hands behind his back. Lucky for him, his cape covered up what he hid behind his back. Not the best weapon, but the "Spinny-Angle" as his sister called it when she gave it to him was an impressive weapon. It seemed to be made out of some sort of metal. "Well Fur tits?" He asked with a grin on his face.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Dropping her gun away from Riyo, and aiming it at Bit she nodded. "Yes, I wanted you out." Eyeing him for a moment, she slipped the bounty picture she had inside her pocket and examined it. Turning the picture so Bit could see it, she arched a brow. "This is you correct?" she asked. "You are wanted for stealing a Genman, with a bounty on your head. Unfortunantly for you, human, you are not wanted alive. You are wanted dead." she spoke, her voice monotone and void of emotion. She slipped the picture back into her pocket and placed both of her hands on her gun, eyeing Bit for his reaction.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo eyed the pair under her, biting her lip in anticipation. Against her better judgement, she jumped out off the Gogigan and landed behind Bit. Eyeing Rei warily, she walked towards the boy and stood behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder in reassurance. Well, she now knew why this girl was after them in the first place. It must've not taken long for that Beastman to report what Bit had done, but that really didn't help their current situation. She looked to Bit for a moment with a worried expression, before looking back to Rei, setting a glare in place.
Chaosura / Bit: Beginning to laugh, Bit looked up at the sky as he began to uproar. Looking back at Rei, he grinned as he slowly began to walk towards her. "My goal is a suicide mission anyway. If I die here, it wouldn't matter." He said calmly as he flipped Rei off with his right hand. Leaving his left hand behind his back, he smirked as he attempted to try and freak Rei out. He knew it wouldn't work, but it was worth a shot. If it didn't work, he always had the "Spinny-Angle" as his sister called it.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei felt a small smirk pull at her lips as Bit finished speaking. Keeping an eye on his left arm as he slowly moved it, she turned her eyes back to his face as she examined him. "You are trying to instill fear in me, yes?" she asked calmly. "I am supposed to be intimidated?" Cocking her gun and pointing in towards Bit's left arm, she narrowed her eyes. "Are you sure you want to do that, human?" she warned.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo grabbed Bit's free arm and whispered into his ear. "Bit, maybe you shouldn't. From what we saw earlier she's a pretty good shot, she might kill you," she tried to explain to the younger boy. She eyed Rei wearily for a moment, before tightening her grip on Bit. "Maybe we should just try and escape?" she asked, keeping her eyes on Rei.
Chaosura / Bit: Turning to look at Riyo, Bit smiled as he stared at her. "Reach into the back of my pants, there is something in them." He whispered as he took his left hand out from behind his back. Waving both of his hands at Rei, he grinned as he backed into Riyo. "Hey Fur tits, what's with the emotionless voice?" He asked as he stared at her. He needed a distraction while he hoped Riyo would reached into his pants and find the object he believed was a weapon. (i Wow, that plan is actually EXTREMELY perverted.) He thought as he stared at Rei, hoping to buy some time.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Arching a brow as Bit whispered to Riyo, Rei's eyes flickered to the girl. She wasn't entirely worried, not that she ever was, but she needed to keep an eye on the girl. Turning to Bit when he spoke to her she smirked. "My voice is emotionless because I myself am emotionless." she stated calmly, her mind focused on Bit instead of Riyo for the time being. The nickname he used for her slightly irked her, but she wouldn't let it show.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo gave Bit a look. "Why is it in your pants?" she scoffed. Shrugging it off, she kept her eyes on Rei as she spoke to Bit. The girl did seem true to her word, emotions seem to be void from her. Slowly reaching into Bit's pants, she pulled out the metal weapon she found inside. Keeping her hand behind Bit's back, concealing the weapon, she whispered to him. "What do you want me to do now?" she whispered, her eyes staying on Rei steadily.
Chaosura / Bit: Grinning, Bit looked back at Riyo. "Throw it when I give Fur-tits the signal." He whispered to her. Turning his attention back towards Rei, he smiled as he began to wave his hands in the air. "Just asking, do I get a last request?" He asked as he put his arms at his sides. He knew she'd probably say no, but it was worth asking. Raising his left hand up, he shot the bird at Rei, grinning as he began to laugh. This little motion probably screwed his last request up, but he knew he would have used it on something stupid, like for her to take her top of.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei arched a brow at Bit's question. She supposed it wouldn't hurt to give him one last request since she was going to kill him either way. What did she have to lose? If anything it could've made this all the more... 'fun'. Cocking her head to the right, she narrowed her crystal blue eyes. "What would your final request be, human?" she spoke, her monotone voice coming out calmly.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: She nodded to Bit, getting a better grip on the metal weapon, and keeping her eyes on Rei as she spoke. She scoffed as Bit kept his middle finger raised, shrugging it off. Blinking, she smirked when she realized that was the signal. Raising her arm back, Riyo flung the metal boomerang in Rei's direction, hoping it hit her and if not that atleast catch her off guard enough to get the upper hand.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei merely blinked when the object came flying in her direction. Dropping her gun to the ground, she ducked swiftly, narrowly dodging the thing. Turning her back on the two humans, and staring at the boomerang as it came back, she side stepped it, closing her eyes with an annoyed sigh. Picking her gun back up, she held it loosely in her hand, not bothering to aim it at the two in front of her. "Are you done now?" she simply asked, her back still turned.
Chaosura / Bit: Grabbing the boomerang as it came back, Bit ran over to Riyo, picking her up. Running towards the Gogigan, he looked back at Rei, sticking his tongue out. Running up to the Gogigan, he set Riyo down and pointed up towards the cockpit. "Mind taking the controls?" He asked as he turned around and glared at Rei. Ganging up on her was the only think he could think of at the time. If he had to fight with the "Spinny-Angle". He was definately screwed.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Turning back to the humans as they ran off for the Gunmen, Rei merely sighed, and chased after them. Standing for a moment and waiting for them to jump in, before jumping in after them. Jumping into Bit's seat, her legs on either side of it, she placed her gun on his forehead and crouched slightly to be at his eye level. "Did I not ask you to stay out of this? It is not yours. Now, would you like to continue what you are doing, or would you like to come quietly with me?" she asked lowly, her blue eyes narrowing. Her eyes flickerd to Riyo for a moment, before she reached her claw out, and pressed a single sharp nail to her throat. "Do not move." she said to her, her gaze drifting back to Bit. "Well?"
Chaosura / Bit: Staring blankly at Rei, Bit began to laugh nervously as he dropped the boomerang. This bitch was far more psychotic than anyone else he had ever met. She was definately going to kill him. "Ummm, where exactly are you going?" He asked as he stared at her. She could have easily just killed him and Riyo at any time. It seemed questionable she was going easy on them. It probably had something to do with the fact she seemed like a sadistic bitch.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Pushing her gun against Bit's head, and taking her claw away from Riyo's neck, Rei cocked her head at Bit's question. "Where else you I take you, human? I am going to return this Gunmen back to its owner and then I will kill you for the bounty on your head. Sounds simple, yes?" she stated, her eyes half-lidded with an almost bored gaze. Drumming her claws against Bit's seat, she flickered her eyes to Riyo to make sure she wasn't trying anything, before returning her blue orbs back to Bit's own face. "Well? Do you agree to come with me then?" she asked, her eyes drifiting up towards her own gun.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo sighed in relief as the claw was taken from her throat. Eyeing Rei, she looked at Bit and his nervous expression. Not that she blamed him, this girl scared her. A lot. Her emotionless expressions where contridictory to her sadistic actions. It was almost as if she was only playing with them. Touching Bit's shoulder she spoke. "So, Bit, what are we going to do?" she asked, looking at Rei when the Beastgirl's eyes drifted to her again.
Chaosura / Bit: Grinning, Bit nodded at Rei. It was the only thing he could do at the time. He couldn't risk Riyo getting hurt, though if it was anyone else, he'd probably sacrifice their ass to save his own. He just couldn't do that to her for some reason. Best thing to do was give into her demands, then find a good time to run off or hope Riyo got reinforcements to save his ass. "I'll go." He said calmly as the grin faded from his face. His sister would have to wait.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Nodding and sliding her gun from Bit's head, Rei pushed him over a little and sat down in the Gigogan, crossing her legs and her arms over her chest. Leaning back, her eyes narrowed as she stared forward, waiting for Bit to go. Eyeing Riyo, she sniffed at her before turning to Bit and speaking. "Go." she simply commanded. It was obvious they were not going to walk and she didn't feel like controlling this giant contraption. And since Bit seemed to be listening to her now, why not get him to do it?
Chaosura / Bit: Staring at the controls as he was order, Bit sighed as he made the Gogigan walk forward. Being bossed around by a bitch would have been nice if it was in a different situation and she didn't have clothes on, but this seemed ridiculious. He didn't fear her. If he wanted, he could have tried to fight back at any time, but she had a hostage. One she was probably going to kill after he had been disposed of. "You're going to kill her after you kill me, aren't you?" He asked as he looked back at Rei, his eyes narrowing as he hid his anger. Bottle up emotions had never been his style, but this was the first time he had been place in this kind of situation. He wasn't a coward, but he could let this bitch kill Riyo. Adverting his gaze to Riyo, he sighed as he looked forward. Hearing his own stomach growl, he continued the path the bitch wanted him to go. (i When was the last time I ate?) He thought as his vision became blurry.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Arching a brow at the boy's question, Rei tilted her head to look at him. She couldn't help the small, cruel smile that came to her lips at his question. "I can tell it enrages you when I threaten this girl." she stated, keeping her eyes locked on him. "It amuses me how protective you are of her. In light of that, I think I may kill her before you. Or rather kill her in front of you." Feeling her smile grow when the girl next to her tensed, Rei turned her attention forward again, eyes flicking to Bit when his stomach rumbled. "You are hungry." she stated. She also hadn't eaten in quite sometime. "If you would like I will allow you to stop and search for food." she offered, looking forward again and dropping the smile from her face, replacing it with a frown.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo slowly relaxed after Rei was done speaking. She was hungry as well, but quickly lost her appetite as the other girl's words sunk in. She knew, expected, the girl would kill her first. She wasn't surprised in the least, but that didn't help the cold panic that settled in her when the words actually came from her mouth. Attempting to lighten the current situation, Riyo turned to the pair beside her with a bright, albit shakey smile. "Food sounds pretty good to me! What about you, Bit?" she asked, trying to keep her voice even.
Chaosura / Bit: Stopping the Gogigan, Bit's eyes narrowed as he slowly turned towards Rei. "All I've seen for the past six settings has been dirt. I haven't seen a pig mole at all..." He said with a hint of anger in his voice. Rei's words shook him up. He didn't have the slighest idea why it was they bugged him so much. It seemed so odd that they would to begin with. It wasn't like he knew Riyo for that long. They just met what seemed like two hours earlier. "Where exactly can food be found out here...?" He asked as he looked forward, gritting his teeth as he became more enraged.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Taking in Bit's expression out of the corner of her eye, Rei smirked. "And all I have seen for the past hour is a disgusting human and his little toy." she nodded her head in Riyo's general direction. "I think you can survive just a few moments longer without food." she sniffed. Drumming her black elongated claws against one of her arms, she closed her eyes, only having to open them again and narrow them at Bit as he spoke to her. "If you would keep silent and continue going forward you will come across a small oasis. I am sure you will be able to find some sort of nutrition there, human." she stated, her eyes returning forward, to glare out the screen of the Gogigan. "Go." she commanded again.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo flinched at the hidden anger laced in Bit's tone. He could tell he was getting close to snapping at Rei's behavior, though she couldn't really blame him. The girl (i had) called her a 'toy'. With a smile she went to touch Rei's arm, thinking for a moment and deciding not to, and settling on just speaking. "I'm not a toy, Miss, I'm his friend." she smiled. Getting no reaction from the other, she sighed. "I think we should just listen to her and keep going, Bit." she commented quietly.
Chaosura / Bit: Blushing from Rei calling Riyo his 'toy', he straightened up and continued to move forward. He knew quite well what she meant. The village Elder used to gather 'toys' for his own amusement. Luckily, that ass died when the village was destroyed. Moving forward, he stopped the Gogigan as he saw the oasis the bitch mentioned. She wasn't just screwing with him. That had to be the most surprising thing out of it. Looking at Rei, he pointed towards the oasis, trying to confirm if that was it. He had no idea what an oasis was, but figuring that was there, he was just guessing that it was. It's not like he grew up on the surface. If he did, he probably would have become fried or crazy. Opening the cockpit up, he stared out at the oasis, watching the reeds move from time to time. "It's....beautiful..." He said as he stared at the reeds moving along the small puddles of water.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei smirked at Bit's blush. She had assumed that would be his reaction, considering the way he acted around the blonde girl. Smiling softly as they appoarched the oasis, she recalled when she had first been broughten there. That was the only reason she knew one would be there, and realizing this might've saved her a lot of grief from the humans complaining about hunger. She nodded when Bit pointed. "Yes, that is the oasis..." she realized she didn't know the boy's name. Turning to him with an arched brow she spoke. "What is your name?" she asked politely, not out of friendliness, it was simply her manner that caused this sort of speech. She had always been like this, something her fellow Beastmen slightly respected. She blinked in surprise at Bit's comment on the beauty of the oasis. "Yes, it is." she said, standing and jumping from the Gogigan. Realizing he hadn't answered her question she turned and looked up. "If you want your food you and your toy will come down here and join me. And you still haven't told me your name." she narrowed her eyes at the pair and waited.
Chaosura / Bit: Standing up, Bit slowly walked over to Riyo, before kneeling next to her. Looking towards Rei, he looked back at Riyo. "Take the Gogigan and run away. I'll find you." He whispered into her ear, blocking his lips from sight with his hands. Looking over at Rei, he realized she probably thought it would have looked supicious. Jumping out of the Gogigan, he glared at Rei, before scratching the side of his head. "Well, you going to help me go kill and eat something?" He asked as he looked at her. He knew quite well this woman wanted him dead. Strange thing was that she was willing to feed him before he died. He probably had to kill it too.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo stared at Bit as he jumped down and started talking to Rei. She shook her head. First, she had no idea how to pilot this thing. And second, she wasn't just going to leave the boy alone with a Beastmen. Glaring at Bit, she jumped out of the Gigogan and walked over to the pair. "I'll help you if she doesn't, Bit!" she grinned happily, ignoring the fact he would probably he angry with her ignoring his orders.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei arched a brow when Bit crouched down to Riyo, whispering in her ear. She assumed they were plotting something, but honestly she wasn't all too worried. When Bit jumped down a few feet away from her, she watched him carefully as he approached. "Why should I help you, human who has still yet to tell me his name? I can find and kill something small enough to satisfy only me, as you should be able to find and kill something small enough and satisfying for you and your toy." she snapped, turning away from the pair as Riyo approached them. She could tell the girl had blatantly ignored whatever Bit had said to her. Eyeing the girl she asked her. "And you? What is your name?" she asked, her monotone voice slightly tired from these annoyances.
Chaosura / Bit: Staring out into the reeds, Bit grinned as he looked at Riyo. "My name is Bit." He said before he ran out into the reeds, not even caring what could be hiding in the thick grass. For all he knew, a large creature could have been prowling around. Coming to a stop, he looked down at a small puddle of water. kneel down, he cuped his hands in the water. Drinking it, he could taste a small amount of salt in the water. "I bet if I killed something a boiled it in water from around here it would taste heavenly..." He said as he stood up smiling.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei sniffed at Bit as he ran off into the reeds. "Bit. That is a ridiculous name." she said more to herself than outloud. Turning to Riyo she eyed her up and down. "And your name, girl?" she asked. Her thoughts wanderedback to Bit's reactions to the girl's small touches and her implication of her being the young man's toy. Blinking in realization she looked back to Rei with a smirk. "Bit," she started as the girl looked to her, "He likes you. I can tell by his reactions to your prescence." Turning to chase after the boy, she stopped looking back to Riyo. "I just thought that you would like to know that... human." she said with a polite tone, running off into the reed and catching up to Bit. Grabbing his shoulder, she leaned down. "What are you doing?" she asked calmly.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo looked to Rei when she asked her for her name. "I'm Riyo!" she said with a bright smile. Frowning when Rei seemed to ignore her after that, she looked away and off into the reeds after Bit's direction. "Bit," she heard Rei say. Turning back to the Beastmen she tilited her head. "He likes you. I can tell be his reactions to your precense." The pig tailed blonde blinked in confusion at this information. That explained the random blushing whenever she got closer to him. Looking down it thought, her eyes cast back up when Rei spoke to her again, before running off. Standing still for a moment, Riyo thought to herself before shaking her head and running off after the pair. Walking up when Rei grabbed Bit's shoulder, she ignored it and glanced around, looking through the reeds, afraid of what they might hold. "I wonder what's out here..." she trailed off.
Chaosura / Bit: Looking up at Rei, Bit shushed her as he watched an odd creature with multiple green orbs on it's body. It seemed edible, but it didn't suit his tastes. He wanted a much fleshier creature. One that had enough fat to cause one's heart to go out on one bite. "What is that thing?" He asked as he pointed at the creature. It seemed like the entire thing would be enough for Riyo to eat. As he watched the creature, a much larger and more reptilian beast burst from the reeds, biting onto it. Hearing a loud squeak coming from the creature with the green orbs on it's body as it was bitten down on, Bit's eyes widened as he watched his potential prey disappear. "So, what was that other thing and why do I get the bad feeling there is a crap load of them hiding around here?" He asked as he looked up at Rei, terrified.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei smirked in amusement as the Grape Hippo was killed and eaten. She wasn't exactly worried about these Beastmen, though she didn't feel very safe either. Looking to Bit, she arched a brow and looked at him curiously. "What do you think they are, human? They are Beastmen, such as myself." she stated, watching the ones still hidden in the reeds with a bored and tired expression. Crossing her arms over her chest, Rei slipped her gun out of her sleeve just for safe measure, and held it there, hiding it and rubbing the side with her thumb in reassurance. Eyeing Bit and Riyo she spoke. "Well, are you not going to fight them? I highly doubt it is me they are after, considering you are humans and are apparently in their territory." As she spoke, she stepped away a few feet from the pair beside her, still eyeing the reeds with close suspicion. She'd stay on her guard just in case.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo flinched, backing away when the Grape Hippo was attacked and hiding behind Bit, grabbing his shoulders and looking over one of them. If she wasn't afraid of Rei, she probably would've hidden behind her instead, considering she had a gun. But since Rei would probably kill her for that... Grasping Bit's shoulders tighter as Rei confirmed her fears on what the creatues were. She felt panic drop in her stomach when she realized Bit had left his only weapon behind. She looked towards Rei then the woman backed away from them slighly, cocking her head when she saw her slip something from her sleeve and quickly hide it. Turning back to Bit she whispered, "What are we going to do, Bit?" she asked worriedly.
Chaosura / Bit: Grinning, Bit cracked his knuckles, before looking over towards Rei. "Excuse me Fur-Tits, can I borrow your weapon-ma-thingy?" He asked as he pointed towards her gun. From his understanding, it was a blunt weapon, designed for melee purposes. Of course, the odd hole on the back of it and the trigger didn't make too much sense. Figuring Riyo was frightened by it, the damn thing probably could take those guys down in a few seconds.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Jumping when Bit spoke of her gun, Rei shot him the dirtiest look she could manage. "I was trying to hide the fact I had a gun in my possesion, you fool." she spat. Seeing the Beastmen begin to close in on this knew knowlegde, Rei sighed as she had no other choice. There were only about three, perfect for her since that's only the amount of bullets her gun held. Aiming quickly and firing a round in each of their heads, she smirked as they collapsed to the ground unmoving. Kicking one of them to test if they really were dead she turned to the two humans. "Well? You were complaining about hunger, were you not? Eat." she pointed to the three carcases on the ground before her. They wanted food and she had found some. She was quite sure this would be enough.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo flinched at the familiar sound of Rei firing her rounds off. Opening her eyes, she gasped when she saw the three dead bodies before the woman. Dropping her hands from Bit's shoulders, and grabbing one of his arms, she turned to him. "Could we eat those, Bit? Or..." she trailed off waiting for his answer. He had bitten one earlier, not the same species, but still maybe he would know. Rei probably wouldn't have offered them as food if they were fatal, considering she wanted to kill the two herself. Looking to Rei for a moment, she realized something. She hadn't told the two her name. Tugging on Bit's cape she whispered. "Hey, she hasn't told us (i her) name yet. But we've told her ours." she complained with a pout. "That's not fair!" she whispered with a small whine.
Chaosura / Bit: Staring at the three dead bodies, Bit tore one of the three's arms off. Licking the blood, he sighed as he took a bite out of the arm. "Barely enough to feed me..." He said with a groan of hungry in his voice. A normal amount for him was equal to three full grown Pig moles and these theree equaled one. It seemed like a pathetic meal in comparison, but he had to share with Riyo. "Well, she is about to kill both of us." He said happily as he sat down and began to eat the raw meat of the arm. It tasted like dirt for some reason. It seemed like the creature it's self was a freaking pile dirt. Tearing the skin off slowly, he continued to eat away at the arm. "It isn't that bad after getting past the skin and the first layer of what I can describe as some kinda fat, hardened into a secondary skin." He said with look of disgust at the thought of it. Whatever kind of beastmen he was eating, it was actually pretty tasty. It's blood was spicy though.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Scoffing at Bit's comment, Rei folded her arms across her chest and narrowed her blue eyes at him. "Well make it work, it is all you are getting for now, human." she spat. Ignoring the two humans as Bit ate, she turned her attention back to the reeds, examining them as her eyes glazed over in deep thought. She didn't want to be out here anymore. She wanted to go back. Kill these two and just be done with this. She never liked being away for very long. She missed things too much, despite her cold demeanor. Turning back to Bit when he commented on the taste of the fallen Beastmen, she looked towards Riyo who was watching Bit eat. "Are you not going share any of that with your toy, human?" she smirked at him when Riyo's stomach growled to prove her point. "That is quite selfish for someone who seems to be quite fond of her." she commented, examining the black nails of her normal hand with a bored stare. "Maybe you do not care for her as much as I thought you did..." she trailed off, leaving the harsh sentance hanging in the air.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo felt her face heat up when her stomach growled loudly. Rei's comments also weren't helping her that much. "I told you, Miss..." she trailed off, "I'm not his toy." she said, a firm smile set in place. Looking back to Bit, she bit her lip nervously. Flinching she looked at Rei when she finished speaking. "That's not nice! We haven't even done anything to you for you to judge us that way, so stop acting like such a bitch and try to have a little decency when you speak!" she shouted at the woman, hands curled into fists. Gasping, she covered her mouth with one hand, eyes wide. She couldn't believe she said that, she probably just got them killed. Turning to Bit nervously, she kept her hand over her mouth to keep from shaking.
Chaosura / Bit: Tearing the tail off of the body of the beastmen he was skinning. He handed the tail to Riyo. "I'm sorry if it tastes bad." He said with a smile on his face as he continued to skin the beastmen. Ripping a chunk of meat out, he began to eat it as if his life depended on it. Of course, eating three whole Pig moles a day did this to a child. He was used as one of the main work forces since an early age, so it was important for him to consume a lot. "I doubt these guys will fill me for long..." He said to himself as he disembowled the beastman.
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: Riyo cringed, eyeing the piece of meat in her hands. To be honest, as she looked at it, her appetite quickly wained. And Bit's eating habits weren't helping that much either. Frowning with a grimace, she forced herself to take a bite and eat it. It might have been disgusting, but she was hungry. Looking to Rei, she swallowed another piece of the tail and spoke. "So," she started quietly, "What's your name?" she looked to Bit for a moment to see if he was okay with her asking the woman that question. But she found it fair, considering they had told her their names.
xKuukiChanx / Rei.: Rei narrowed her eyes at Bit, sneering and looking away in disgust. Her eyes flickered to Riyo before examining their surrondings. She wasn't comfortable here. She needed to take the two humans back and complete her mission quickly. This was started to get rather annoying.
Looking back to Riyo, she glared at her slightly before speaking.
"Rei." was all she said. She didn't find the need to say more. All the girl asked for was her name and that was all she would give her.
Chaosura / Bit: Chewing on what seemed to be the intestines of the beastmen, Bit watched Rei. She was seeming to be more of a bitch than ever. Swallowing a chunk of the beast's lower intestine, he coughed. It tasted like shit!
"Could...be worse..."
Tearing the heart out of the beastmen, he threw the organ to the side. Staring at the hallowed out corpse, he laughed nervously. With the amount of time spent, he had hardly realized he consumed each and every organ, aside from the heart, of the beast. He felt like such a glutton...
xKuukiChanx / Riyo: "Rei?" Riyo cocked her head to the side as she examined the older girl. "That's a nice name. Mine's Riyo," she grinned brightly. Gesturing towards the other member of their group, she continued. "That's Bit. He's kind of slow if you haven't noticed." The Beastman didn't look as if she was listening to her any longer at that point, causing the blue eyed girl to frown. "So," she looked over to Bit for help, biting her lip. She really had no idea what to say in this situation. Being hostages, they couldn't very well make a run for it, considering their captor had a gun. "So, uhm, what should we do now?" she laughed nervously, scratching the back of her head.
Chaosura / Varanus: Adjusting the scope of their sniper, the hooded figure laid carefully in the reeds. Peering through the cylinder, he caught sight of his target. Sweet sweet human flesh. A cute little blonde and brown haired boy, who was devouring a fallen beast man. In some way, that could have easily been seen as cannibalism, but seeing as they were initially animals, it wasn't. Grinning, a small bit of salivia dripped from his mouth and hung loosely from his lip. Dinner would be served very soon.
Firing, he watched as the stream of smoke went by the gutton's head, only cutting a few hairs off. He missed?! Reloading, he became a bit annoyed. His prey could have left easily now. Finishing, he got ready to fire once more upon the clueless human. Peering through the scope, he blinked as he watched the human run off into the reeds. "Little bastard..." He muttered as he began to scan the reeds carefuly for any movement, forgetting the girl entirely.

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