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Roleplay - 1x1 Need guy! NEW by Belle Stanford / telearose15

He was the heir to the throne of Darkness, a sly, cunning man that was determined to take down the opposing kingdom of Light. He knew the most prescious thing to the King of Light was his daughter, the princess. He expected her to fall into his trap; a secret invitation to the woods to only find herself gagged and kid-napped. He didn't expect her to be so fiesty and strong willed. Infruiated by her insolence, he locks her inside the dungeon, only coming down to ask her about the secret tactic of the Light Kingdom. Soon, he is over come by a loving feeling towards the girl, what will happen?

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telearose15 / Belle Stanford: *Twidles thumbs....*
Kyba / voxsen: hey my dear
telearose15 / Belle Stanford: lol hi =]
Kyba / voxsen: ok you start
telearose15 / Belle Stanford: (ok)
Belle's small face peeked out of a large navy cloak that totally covered her, concealing her as a mere dark figure of the night. She had gotten an anonymous letter detailing to be in the forest at night. She was a curious girl, so without a second thought she had strode out of her castle and into the dark forest. "Hello?" She called out.
telearose15 / Belle Stanford: (i may have to go soon but ill be on tomorrow =-p)
Kyba / voxsen: hello my dear a voice said in a low tone. you've gotten my letter fallow me in to the west forest to my castle.
telearose15 / Belle Stanford: Bell froze in her spot, looking around for the man. She knew in the west forest the dark kingdom was there. Clutching her hands into fists she took a few steps back. "Like hell I am. Who are you?" She said in a quiet but strong voice.
Kyba / voxsen: voxsen came out and took bell be for she could run or even know what was up. he locked her in a cart he had by and took off.

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