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Roleplay - the swords of sun and moon -open and needs people- by knight clash / dude1799

moon and sun two swords and two people.For years the two have been enemy's. But as the last moon and sun died and the sword passed on to the new kids. They are trained to fight with the odd powers they have. Sun a shy sweet girl loving but much too shy to act she will just to as told and smile. Moon a boy hurt and scared from his past a boy who will stand there and act as he wishes. Both were given a friend at birth wehn really this friend is a body guard. Tho most people want the sun and moon to live so they can protect the sword's that keep the sun up or the moon in the sky. There are a group called the stars who want to kill the boy and girl then take the sword to sell back to the people who want the sun and moon to live. But when suna nd moon meet and figght thinking the other was a star,but when they start to fall oin love then find out who the other is will it end or will the guard have to kill they 'friend' and return the sword to the temple of the sun and moon?

Roleplay Details

ok hard to follow i know please just try and must be on alot not once a month and no one liners
suns best friend
moons best friend
stars knights
star captins
and if you wanna join as something go ahead
fill out
what you are
and who you pray to moon or sun?


ninjaplayer / hokio: Can I join? I'll be the Moon.
Name: Hokio
WEapon: two Sakabota swords
Stats: currently underf the wings of kenshin

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