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Roleplay - Redemptionis Terrae by Desivi Fallen / Erebus

It started long ago, a time before recorded history. The world was like how it is today, but the humans believed they deserved the earth, and slowly drained life from it. When something happened, and a creature was born from the depths of the earth. To everything there is an opposite, and within a group of humans something else was born, they were given the ability to summon creatures and they used the creatures to fight back against the creature. They failed and the humans were wiped out.
Now evolution has repeated itself, and the humans have returned...history is already repeating itself as countries fight and take. They kill the earth as they did so long ago, scarring the world and taking its life. Soon will come the flash, and the creature will be reawakened, and the humans will fight, and the fight for redemption will commence...

Roleplay Details

Normal ES Rules Apply
Romance is fine for the Masters
Violence is a must for the Knights
Masters are normal humans that were affected by the anomaly and were given the ability to summon creatures called Knights to do battle with the Swarm.
Knights are creatures that are summoned by the Masters, they are guardians and scourges to the human race that were bound at the beginning of time. They can have any form and many different abilities, but once they are first summoned are bound to the Master.
The Swarm are the scourge to humanity, long lost creatures that were not bound in the beginning, they are linked to earth and will die to protect it.
Short Bio-


Druecilla / Layla: Layla walked a dimly lit street she was late for dinner yet again. Looking up at the nights sky she smiled softly to herself at how serene and quiet everything was right now. Looking around hercu her surroundings she noted a couple getting into their car and driving away. Without sound nor any signs of happening a bright flash filled the sky turning it to bright white before, turning back to it original color of black. Momentarily blinded she tripped falling to her knees. Opening her eyes she began to be overcome with dizziness and became lightheaded, as she soon collapsed to the ground passed out cold. As early morning approached Layla opened her eyes looking around she stood up slowly and made her way home where she crawled into bed and slept until evening. Getting up she realized she needed to pick somethings up for her dorm she would be moving into soon. Walking outside she slowly made her way down the street though she had a moment of constant paranoia. Looking around she saw things in the shadows.
Aion Kiori / Seiichi Yoshida: Name- Seiichi Yoshida
Age- 23
Species- Human
Master/Knight- Master
Short Bio- Seiichi was always the intelligent type in school. Graduating with top grades, he was also very athletic being the team captain in Kendo. For the past year he has been starting to feel strange vibes around him, and couldnt understand what they meant. he just pushed the feelings aside thinking it was just his imagination...but he'll soon realize that it's not, and he has a big role coming up in his life.
The morning skies seemed to be quite peaceful as the birds chirped away and a soft breeze blew outside. The sun only seemed to add to this serenity as the day began to unfold. "Damn it...I can't believe I'm late already!" a voice yelled out, as a young man turned the corner and ran pass a crowd of high school students. He was carrying a folder with some very important papers for a new monorail design. Seiichi was hired as a mechanical engineer three weeks ago and was in charge of a new design of the current monorail for the city. he continued to run as he kept cursing at himself. "Stupid alarm clock...next time I'll just...gah..." he yelled, as he continued to run down the sidewalk torwards a big building. As he reached the building's fron doors, he stopped, haring something calling his name. "Hmm?" After a second, he ignored it and was about to walk into the building until he heard it again? "Alright...whats going on? I'm already late." he said, as he walked down to an alley way and looked down it, seeing a shadow go into it deeper. "Hello?" he asked, as he followed it.
Xavior2 / Tyran Yaggoran: Name- Tyran Yaggoran
Age- 30
Species- Half Demon
Master/Knight- Knight
Short Bio- In a past life, he was the son of Nova, one of the most feared warriors in all the land. He is just like his father and though his powers are very different, he is still just as deadly. After a life of seemingly endless war, he suffered the same fate as his father, death upon the battlefield. Now, many years later, he finds himself, “reborn” somehow, and is forced to obey a human whom is his master.
He floated within the dark void, that of which had no name, he didn’t even know how he got to such a place. His crimson armor glowed within the pitch blackness, for he was the only amount of color in the void. Then suddenly, like a single drop of water rippling the suffer of a pond, the void was disrupted, he saw the figure of his “master” whom has yet to summon him and he shall wait no longer. His bright yellow eyes slowly opened, his eyes were the only features that were visible though his helmet, he looked straight forward, outstretching his right arm towards to figure of his master, calling his name. “Seiichi.. Release me, call out my name.. I desire to be free of this void..” This is what he said, his voice was just like his father’s, emotionless. He called out his master’s name a few more times as he clenched his outstretched fist, the desire to be free growing. “Call out my name, Seiichi! I am Tyran!” He shouted these words, his voice growing louder as he continued to try and reach his master.
Druecilla / Layla: Layla sat up she was the end of the alley looking towards the shadow she felt a cold shiver down her body. The shadow seemed to taunt her as she stood up slowly her eyes filled with fear as she heard a deep breathing her heart began to race as she backed herself against the wall the breathing got closer and she quickly closed her eyes. A name came into her head 'Velvis'. "Velvis." she whispered softly.
Aion Kiori / Seiichi Yoshida: Seiichi stopped when he reached the end of the alleyways. "Who is that? Who keep calling my name?" he aske,d as he heard the emotionless voice call upon him again. "Release...you? Who are you though?" he kept asking himself, as he could see two yellow eyes peering at him from out of nowhere. "What...in the Hell?" he thought, as he took a step back. Right then and there, he felt a cold chill run up his back as he turned and seen three shadowy figures standing in front of him.
"What's going on...who are you people...or...(i what) are you?" he asked, not getting an answer. Instead, the shadowed figures started to advanced. Normally Seiichi was good at martial arts, but this isn't something you see everyday. Just as one of the shadows lunged at him, Seiichi tripped and fell backward, as he yelled. "TYRAN!"
Xavior2 / Tyran Yaggoran: The black void in which he drifted turned a bright crimson as he was consumed within that same crimson light. He soon found himself standing within a dark alley, the three shadows stopped in their tracks once he had arrived. “Finally..” Is what he muttered as he drew two axes from his armored belt, holding them out in front of them as he readied himself for combat. “Come, you wretched beasts…” He slammed his axes together, causing a few sparks to fly from the axes’ surface as the shadows started to charge towards him. “Crimson rain!” Making an arch-like swing with his left axe in front of him, he conjured a wave of incredibly sharp crimson blades that quickly moved forward, crashing into the shadows and destroying them like a tide of blood.
He placed his axes back onto his armored belt before turning towards his master. “Ah. Freedom at last and I got to spill some blood as well, quite satisfying if I do say so myself. My name is Tyran Yaggoran and I am your “Knight”.”
Aion Kiori / Seiichi Yoshida: Seiichi watched as the giant sized man appeared out of nowhere in a crimson shadow, as he stood in front of the three dark shadows. (i 'What...') was all he could think, as the man drawed two axes out and in an instant flash, managed to completely devastate them away.
Seiichi was already standing as the man turned to him and began to speak. He listened without interrupting, afterall, he owed him his life. When the man known as Tyran was finished, Seiichi blinked. "...my (i Knight?) I dont quite understand...wait, you were the one calling out to me this whole time?"
Xavior2 / Tyran Yaggoran: “Indeed. I have been calling you for quite some time now, floating that that dark void for so long really gets to you..” He took a seat on a nearby box, deciding that he should try to explain what he is to him. “You are one of the, “special” humans who have been granted that power to summon beings such as us, we are called Knights and you are the Master. In a past life I was and still am a half demon with extraordinary abilities, you have already witnessed what I am capable off, but let me make it a bit clearer.” He clapped his hands together and waves of blood started to swirl around him like a small whirlpool. “I have the unusual ability of blood manipulation, though I am able to simply conjure blood from thin air.” The blood started to float in mid air, remaining stagnant as the waves of blood started to separate into large droplets, slowly forming into crimson blades. “Fascinating, isn’t it..?” He sent the crimson blades hurdling towards the opposite wall, slicing right through it and inside the building. “They are incredibly sharp as well..”
Erebus / Velvis: "Jackpot," the voice came from nowhere as all hell broke loose. A bright purple light flashed, sending the shadow back, and it to show its true form, a black beetle. The light faded as a lone figure stood, his body seemed darkened with two wings protruding from his back. two red eyes stared at the beetle as it reared back on its hind legs.
The creature raised its hand "Shall we dance," and another flash of light appeared, as it dissipated the beetle fell in two, the angelic creature on the other side a purple red scythe in his grips.
"Well well well, more fools coming to meet there end I see?" More beetles started crawling around the alley, there true forms shown by the presence of the Knight. Slowly he raised is hand again, "Well, then we shall see the superior," another flash, blinding the creatures as the angelic moved rapidly severing each one.
As the light faded again the angelic was standing over the bodies of several Swarm, his scythe reminiscent of black bile. He flung his scythe out and it dissipated in a thousand purple lights, and absorbed into his body. His red eyes scanned the scene before resting on the girl, stepping over and bowing. "You called my dear."
Aion Kiori / Seiichi Yoshida: "So...I'm a master with the power to summon you." he said, making a mental note, still a bit confused. "Blood manipulation and a half demon....this is unreal. Definintely not normal life stuff...but...I can understand that. ONe question remains though...why?" he asked, as he looked to Tyran. "I don't quite understand why I have this ability...neither as to why I would have to call upon you?"
Druecilla / Layla: Layla opened her eyes to see what appeared to be an angel of sorts a dark angel or even a fallen angel. Which of the two she couldn't be sure?"I...the name...I'm sorry."she said thinking what she did was wrong."I didn't mean to disturb you."she said meekly."Your name just came to me."she bit her bottom lip nervously."What are you?"
Xavior2 / Tyran Yaggoran: He rested his arms upon his lap, slowly staring up at the sky as he pondered this as well. “Hmm.. You have been infected with a strange phenomenon that happened a long time ago. Not even I am sure of what exactly how you have gained the ability. But, I’m sure that your question shall be answered, in due time.” He suddenly jerked his head back towards deep down the alley as another shadow appeared, this one was a hell of a lot bigger. “This looks… Interesting..” He quickly drew his axes, clapping them together as the shadow was suddenly revealed. The creature was menacing, it was a beast that stood upon two legs, it had two humungous scythe-like arms along with a large maw filled with rows of sharp fangs. The beast lets out a roar as it brought down right arm upon Tyran, which he swiftly blocked by overlapping his axes. “It be nice if you could take a step or two back, sire.” He shouted as he pushed the beast back, slashing his axes at the beast’s stomach after having flung the thing’s arm back. He then jumps back as the beast brings its arm down again, breaking through the earth, struggling a bit as it tried to pull its arm out of the ground. Using this opportunity, he jumped on top of the creature’s arm in which it was trying to pull out before swing his axe towards the creature’s neck, sending a wave of blood that soon hardened into one large crimson blade that chopped the creature’s head clean off and crashed into the building behind it.
He jumped off the creature’s arm and beside his master again, placing his axes back on his armored belt. “Phew. I think we are safe, for now.”
Erebus / Velvis: The Angelic looked up at the girl, she said his name, she is his Master. His red eyes flowed as he looked her down and up, a simple human, female, young. "You know my name, as you have always, it was your destiny made before time. I am your sword and your shield my Mistress," Slowly he stood up, the roar caused him to turn, those pesky beetles brought a friend. "Seems as though your kind is being hunted yet again my Mistress, tis a shame, your kind has already died out."
Velvis turned back to the girl, an eerie smile on his face, his red eyes blazing, "Your call my dear."
Druecilla / Layla: Layla looked at him and then towards the others and she wondered if they should help or not. Looking back at Velvis she nodded and looked back at them."There will be time to talk later."she said running off towards the others she wanted to see what had caused that noise.
Aion Kiori / Seiichi Yoshida: Seiichi looked to the Knight as he nodded his head. "Understood...only time will tell then." he said, as he watched the new enemy appear. He was surprised at the abilities and brute strength Tyran had at his disposal. As he finished off the enemy, Seiichi nodded. "Seems that way. I guess we're partners now my friend...and even though I don't know much about all of this, I'll trust you. You saved my life, and for some reason, it feels like this happened for a reason." he said, as he bowed. "Thank you Tyran. But, from now on, we'll fight together. I may only be a human, but I know swordsmanship...so I'll try to help out as much as I can." he said, his eyes shwoing that he was serious and that he wasnt a pushover.
Xavior2 / Tyran Yaggoran: He nodded at his master, normally, he would simply cut down such a person as him, he was quite a brutal man in his past life, but for some reason, he had changed. Well, he certainly was unable to be rude or anything else towards this man, so he might as well live with it. “As you wish, just try and not get in my way, in will most likely result in injuring you.” If he insisted on fighting along side him, then he must know that his abilities are quite dangerous if he happens to get within his path. He jerked his head towards the direction behind his master, seeing a young girl running towards them, and a dark angel close behind. “Another Master..?” He mumbled as he examined the new faces.
Aion Kiori / Seiichi Yoshida: "Understood, after all, your abilities far surpass mine, thats a given." he said, knowing the truth. Even if it was, he'd show his new partner that he was very capable of quite some skill himself. Before he was able to say anything, he noticed Tyran looking at a girl running torwards them. "Hmm, whats this?" he asked, watching the woman approach, as well as the Angel behind her.
Erebus / Velvis: Velvis's grin widened, as he looked over to where the roar was sounded. He wrapped his arms around he and made a giant leap, gaining quite a bit of altitude before they actually say the blood red knight, and the dark creature. "Not to late I see, well the other knight looks rather young, he may not recognize that Swarm Lieutenant."
Mumbling as he descended, placing a strong kick to the back of the black swarm before bounding behind the other two, "Here we are my Mistress."
Xavior2 / Tyran Yaggoran: The headless corpse of the Shadow feel to the ground as it was kicked, hitting the ground with a loud thud. Tryan gazed at the other knight, he was certainly different, a dark angel..? A Black Swarm lieutenant? So that is what these things are.. He has been stuck within that dark void for way too long it seems.
He cracked his neck, speaking in his usual emotionless tone as he spoke to the other Knight. “Yes, I am quite young for being a knight, but I am extremely old for my overall life. If that counts at all.” He placed his axes back onto his belt as he summoned an orb of blood, playing around with it as he gazed blankly at the sky. The sky seemed to be growing darker to his eyes, a dark omen indeed. “So does the Black Swarm usually take on an insect-like appearance..?” He asked the other Knight as he lets the crimson orb fall to the ground, watching as it exploded into tiny bits of shards upon impact.
Druecilla / Layla: Layla looked around an then at the other knight as he spoke. This was all so very confusing to her. This talk of knights and masters. Layla was slightly frightened by the other knights appearance and took a slight step back towards her own. With her mind racing she just wanted to bolt but somehow she knew she wouldn't get very far and her knight would be there. "I think I.... Need an explanation of why exactly can I summon you, who are you, and why are you here?"she asked quietly.
Aion Kiori / Seiichi Yoshida: Seiichi heard the girl asking her Knight basically the same question he asked Tyran not too long ago. Sei was still curious about all of this, afterall, he was only a normal young man who would probably be fired from work now. He let out a sigh, imagining the project manager yelling at him. He shook the thought away, since this definitely took the cake of being important. Not only did he want to know why exactly he was able to summon Tyran, but he wanted to know what those beasts were he killed. He walked over to Layla as he bowed. "My apologies miss...but it seems that you and I are both in the same boat. I'm Seiichi Yoshida. You managed to summon this guy as well then?" he asked, as he let out a sigh.
Druecilla / Layla: Layla nodded slightly and looked at Sei."I am Layla Liao."She said quietly. "I summoned him just as I well.... I don't really know."she was confused and scared though she hid it she figured her knight was linked to her somehow. "What were those things?"she asked."And why were they after us?"she asked looking at the knights.
Aion Kiori / Seiichi Yoshida: "I know what you mean. I somehow summoned my own Knight when I was being attacked by those things as well." he said, as he crossed his arms, standing next to Layla, also looking to the two Knights. "I too would also like to know whats going on..." he asked, wanting to know just as much as Layla. Tyran might have not known much about this new world he was in, but maybe Layla's Knight did...
Druecilla / Layla: Layla looked at Velvis and the other knight her eyes scanning their faces."what was that flash in the sky last night."she asked herself as well as the other three if they were listening. "Did it have something to do with this? Did it cause this?"she said biting her bottom lip in thought.
Erebus / Velvis: Velvis sighed and shook his head, his purple wings slanted down out of the way. He met his masters eyes before turning to the other human, "Your kind has always been so inquisitive, but its to be expected. The flash was an unleash of power, caused by Earth herself. Earth truely is alive and has what you call an "Immune System" its on different stages, being from earthquakes and storms. Her final way is what you see," His dark voice reverberated as he motioned to the dead creature.
"Those are called the Swarm, they were created when the earth was. The release of power also affects certain people, chosen at th beginning of time, giving them a special ability to speak with the Earth, to calm her down. Those people also gave off a signature that draws the Swarm to them, and your race before the first fall understood magic, and they performed a special ritual that bounded some powerful swarm to them against there will. That is why you summoned me, but some of the adverse effects caused your race to be also bound, by another degree. If one of your race awakens its true potential it will not wither and die, but may come back, which is why you," Motioning toward the other human, "can summon Tyran."

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