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Roleplay - The Future is Dark by Emily Sekeria & Cavus / NixLacus

The future holds no hope. A higher race came and decided that the Humans had ruled to long, they enslaved the world and took it for their own. A select few of specialist were chosen long ago in case something like this happened and a plan was put into action; those experts in many different fields of work, computers, scientists, weapons they all were committed to a life underground never to see sunlight until they accomplished their goal in finding a way to rid the world of the Dark Ones who've taken over.
It has been over ten long years since the Dark Ones came and the experts are starting to get old, worried and desperate. The best computer expert there is in America is Emily Sekeria, she is young but created a new machine that she was hoping would trap the enemy within it, however on the test run it sort of did the opposite and ended up bringing ten complete strangers from the past into the future, ten special people who though are all so different yet it soon starts to become clear they have a power of their own, a power that may help.

Roleplay Details

Future Kind are the experts in the future, the soldiers who must find a way to exterminate those who enslaved their world. It is their job to protect those who have been brought from the past, as well as finding a cure to get rid of the Dark Ones.
Past Kind
These are the ten people who were pulled from the past, each of them as a hidden power within them and a personality.
(s 01. Person with Hope)
02. Person with Happiness
03. Person with Innocence
04. Person with Anger
05. Person with Hate
06. Person with Sadness
07. Person with Love
08. Person with Honour
09. Person with Light
(s 10. Person with Dark)
One of these qualities is hidden within one of each of the men and women from the past.
Follow this profile skeleton so I know whether you are past or future character.
[For Future Kind] Job:
[For Past Kind] Quality:
(bold Name: Emily Sekeria & Cavus)
(bold Age: Fifteen & Ageless)
(bold Sex: Female)
(bold Job: Computer Expert)
(bold Personality: Emily has a hyper and happy personality and is pretty much pleased to see anyone.)
(bold Cavus is just an empty shell like a robot and has no real feelings or personality.)
Name: Serio Izumi
Age: 17
Sex: Male
[For Past Kind] Quality: Person with Dark
Personality: Serio has a calm and collected demeanor and is rarely taken off guard. A calculating as well as a cunning look is always present on those seemingly emotionless orbs. He can hide his thoughts very well and so it's not easy to tell what his true intentions are; along with an extremely intelligent mind. However, coming from an aristocratic family in the past, he is a gentleman and has his polite mannerisms. A dark past and a different side are behind all of those though.
(bold Name: Mariely aka Marie)
(bold Age: 17)
(bold Sex: Female)
(bold [For Past Kind] Quality: Person with Hope)
(bold Personality: Mariely is always kind and smiling to others while she is trying to help anyone who needs it. Harmony is one of the worlds what is describing her whole being. Her unique ability to feel others emotions is also quite strong, seems that is caused by the bracelet she is wearing around her right hand.)
Violence = Welcome
Cussing = If you wish, no going over the top however
Romance = If you like
Cyber = NO !
God Mod = No


NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Emily Sekeria was pouncing around the bright silver and steel lab, it was well lit and full of tools and computer equipment. The short young girl ran from one end of the lab to the other, grabbing tools and disappearing beneath the large machine in the middle of her room. (b "Cavus, how we doing on time?!") The small girl shouted as the question echoed through the room.
(r "Five minutes left") The robotic and mechanical voice of Cavus, the girl who stood up straight and alone.
(b "Right!") Emily jumped from underneath the machine as she put the finishing touches to her machine, her own creation that she was so proud of.
Five minutes later Emily was pushing the large red button and fiddling with small dials while praying this worked. The machine started up, loud swirling noise for a few minutes before sparks flew and eventually every light in the underground and hidden base cut off. (b "Oh crap!") Emily shouted.
(r "Power failure") Cavus stated.
(b "No shit! Really!") Emily muttered angrily at the empty shell who knew not of sarcasm and replied.
(r "Yes really") Emily rolled her eyes and she looked around for the a torch so she could see. The machine was now smoking in the centre of the room. (bold {{ That is where all those from the past will come through }}) Emily just grumbled multiple swear words to herself as she fumbled around in the dark and awaiting for the anger shouts from the other soldiers and her commanders.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: Name: Serio Izumi
Age: 17
Sex: Male
[For Past Kind] Quality: Person with Dark
Personality: Serio has a calm and collected demeanor and is rarely taken off guard. A calculating as well as a cunning look is always present on those seemingly emotionless orbs. He can hide his thoughts very well and so it's not easy to tell what his true intentions are; along with an extremely intelligent mind. However, coming from an aristocratic family in the past, he is a gentleman and has his polite mannerisms. A dark past and a different side are behind all of those though.
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: [[Sure ^_^]]
Lilyan / Mariely: Name: Mariely aka Marie
Age: 17
Sex: Female
[For Past Kind] Quality: Person with Hope
Personality: Mariely is always kind and smiling to others while she is trying to help anyone who needs it. Harmony is one of the worlds what is describing her whole being. Her unique ability to feel others emotions is also quite strong, seems that is caused by the bracelet she is wearing around her right hand.
NixLacus: {{ Sure ^_^ }}
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: Serio Izumi was the sole heir of a a very prominent family. Thing is, he was orphaned from a young age when his parents were killed by their own business partners in hopes of rising into power themselves. Aware of this even as a small child, Serio has been tainted by desire for revenge. It was only a few years before he claimed his parents' throne in the society, becoming the youngest and most successful business man in the industry. But old prejudices weren't easily forgotten. Needing more influence, Serio engaged access to the Underworld, going as far as alleging with illegal organizations. With a known prodigious mind and an air of natural charisma, it was all too easy. It did not take long before he got his aim: vengeance; and a brutal one at that. The young aristocrat's life was never the same after that eventhough the crime was easily covered, his reputation untainted in the public's eye.
Now back to the present.
Another tedious day from work was over, his latest activity being a business trip in Europe. As expected, it was a success and here Serio was, in his private room with a glass of wine at hand. His personal chambers was one that is clearly an epitome of lavishness and opulent than any could ever have imagined. In which richly papered walls in shades of blue and gold, stucco ceilings with painted cherubs playing in the plaster patterning, and a glimmering chandelier that made more light from the refraction across its surface that it ever could if it had been turned on, adorned the place. Furnitures in the most expensive lacquered Rosewood served as mere ornaments, completely outclassed by other garments inside. And so when a portal suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Serio could only drop the glass as he hopelessly tried to avoid the inevitable. He was sucked in in what seemed like a split second, hazy swirls of who knows what flooding his vision afterwards.
And first thing he saw when he thought he landed, was light. A bright blinding light.
<hope this is alright. =D>
Lilyan / Mariely: (i "Please come and help me") said the small girl similar to Mariely with her soft pink hair. "Of course I will." Mariely answered when a smile appeared on her face. Her little sister Kaylene always seemed to need the help and Mariely seemed to know how to give it quite well. (i "I can't understand how should I tie this" ) her sister explained sadly, looking at the gift box.
"Here you go." Mariely said and tied the two ribbons toghether tightly. (i "You are the best, sis!" ) Kaylene replied cheerfuly and jumped on Mariely. They laughed toghether and played games. Mariely had the best sister and parents in the whole world. Well that was what she thought about them. She never had to worry, everything was given. And the everything ment the love and care.
(b "Kaylene, could you come here please?" ) their mother shouted from the kitchen. This took only one minute and Kaylene already climbed down from Mariely's back.
Suddenly while her sister and mother were in kitchen, one twirling blue hole appeared middle the room. It took Mariely, even though she tried to avoid it. Everything happened just too quickly, maybe because she was too near to the hole.
At the next moment , she already noticed herself on the ground.
//I hope this good too. And I am sorry, I type slowly XP//
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Emily was looking at the machine from a far when Cavus interrupted her. (r "Error... error... error...") Cavus repeated mechanically.
(b "Great my machine blows up and crap shell breaks down...") Emily paused as she saw a dark figure. (b "Holy crap!") Emily exclaimed as she stared and shone to torch on him. (b "Who are you? How'd you get down here? Oh fuck have has the security gone down... oh god oh god oh god...") Emily exclaimed as she seemed to forget the man was even there as she rushed to computers, powering up the emergency generators as the large plasma screen and various other smaller monitors switched on showing lots of data that Emily quickly read over and breathed a sigh of relief before turning around and jumping up again in shock. (b "For the love of god!") She exclaimed, Emily had not been watching or listening to him at all as she panicked, scared she may of let the Dark Ones in. Suddenly before the boy could even say anything a bright light appeared from the machine and another figure started to appear; Emily just stood still gasping and gaping as Cavus stood at the other end muttering in her robotic tone. (r "Error ERROR Error 45012009")
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: A matter of seconds was all that his eyes needed to adjust to the bright surrounding. Walls lined with undeniably high technology computers and a few unfamiliar machines never failed to note his interest. Basing on various equipments alone, Serio had a good guess that he it was highly likely that he was transported into a secured private laboratory. His musings were assured to be short lived however when a string of curses had 'kindly' brought him to reality. With a step forward, Serio had gotten a full look of the panicking figure and the other.....occupant of the room. Amusement flickered in those normally emotion devoid orbs as the girl continued her rant. For a short moment, the woman seemed to recognize his presence only to start a tirade about 'Dark Ones' after that. Personal experiences telling him not to interrupt at the time being, he just stood there and waited for the girl to notice his presence again. Before he could finish those train of thoughts though, a portal that were immensely similar to the one that brought him here appeared right beside him. Now, being raised in a world which is not at all new to hectic and haze, it was quite easy for him to maintain a cool composure despite the tinge of pondering at the back of his mind.
"What.." he paused for stress, looking at the brown-haired girl briefly, then shifting his gaze to the pink-haired woman beside him and adverting it back to the former, "..pray tell is going on?"
Lilyan / Mariely: Mariely opened her eyes, slowly without any sudden moves when felt the touch of the cold unknown ground. "Where am I?" was the first question what Mariely asked from herself slowly with confused voice as she carefully stood up. Her gray eyes wandered around at the place like she was lost. All seemed too unfamiliar and different besides the home she had been for a moments ago. She boggled at the higher technology and sounds what was in that place. The next thing what her eyes noticed was a figure of somekind of girl who was trying to do something unknown for Mariely. She felt that the girl was angry yet shocked, but calm at the same time.
The other person what her eyes saw was the guy, but she didn't knew what to think about him, because seemed that his feelings were unreadable.So she just silently nodded to him and noises started to reach to her head again.These noises stopped Mariely to observe all that and made rush towards the girl. Seemed that she needed help, though Mariely didn't knew how to give that now. "What I could do?" she asked as she turned to the girl and tried to maintain the harmony and calm line, even she could feel the heart.
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Emily stood, staring at the two especially this new girl who was running towards her to help. (b "Erm.... just go and stand next to him and be quiet") Emily suggested, her eyes wide with confusion as she ran over the the tall feminine shell with purple hair and seeming to be wearing shades of some sort over her eyes. (b "Cavus 2.0 reboot, auto restart") Emily muttered as she poked the taller females arm and a keypad appeared from under the normal looking flesh and Emily entered some sort of code before turning back to the two strangers.
Moving towards them cautiously Emily pulled a small torch from her back pocket, one she used for fixing the mechanics around here, shining the light in the girl's eyes and then the boys, then poking the girl's cheek slightly. (b "Don't act or react like Dark Ones...") Emily muttered to herself before standing up straight, trying to make herself look taller though she was younger and understandably shorter. (b "Who are you? How did you get here?") Emily demanded, though her tone still held a friendly nature to it. The small brunette kept staring at them her brown eyes studying them.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: Serio made no move still even when he saw the girl motioned to help the brunette. It was probably because he figured out he cannot do much anyway as it was obvious that the surroundings were new to him; either the girl didn't really need his help on the first place or he might just make matters worse anyway. But perhaps, it just really wasn't his nature. After all, in his world one is to be expected to do things on their own. Being dependent is one of the utmost factor that render a business man incompetent.
A slight crease formed in his brows when the torch was hovered in front of him and at the mention of the 'Dark Ones' once again. Putting his hands in his pocket, he replied calmly, tone aching to nonchalance but never tinted with impoliteness, "Please do give a reason on why I should I tell you. Besides isn't it rude to ask someone's name without introducing yours first?" The corner of his lips tugged upwards in the slightest at the last statement. Though if one was has an expertise on reading expressions, he/she could easily tell that the half-smile was far from a genuine one.
Lilyan / Mariely: When the girl with a torch poked her cheeck, it made Mariely smile for a second, she could see how curious she was. Mariely was trying to figure out how she got there and why she was there at the first place. So she didn't knew what to say about the other question. But the first question was the one what she knew well. "You can call me Mariely.." she spoke slowly with her gentle and friendly voice. (i I believe that this girl doesn't want any harm) she was speaking with herself in mind and blinked her eyes while she examined her face.
"As you can see.. I don't know how I got here.." she then answered to the other question what didn't wanted to leave Mariely alone. "So. We both are curious where we are and who are you.. Could you tell us?" she added after the silence broke in between them.
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: There was a long silence as Emily just examined them. The male not wanting to talk but the female seemed extremely friendly, it could be a trick was all Emily could think. (b "Are you two together? Are you in this together?") Emily asked the girl but moved in front of the male to answer his previous question. (b "You have to tell me under the military information law of 2050") Emily told him proudly to actually know something as she nodded proudly at herself. Glaring at him as the lights all finally came on properly, the room lit up brightly, even Emily's eyes needed to adjust slightly as to how bright she really kept this room, that was due to the fact Emily was not allowed to see the sun.
Emily had never seen the sun before in her life. She was born in the underground lab to an expert computer hacker and a scientist. She was taught everything she knew from them and not being able to go above ground for fifteen years she only really had the computers to mess around with which was how she became so good.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: His response for the girl's first question was a curt shake of his head, clearly informing her of a negative answer. However when she proceeded with her reply to a question of his own, he was almost taken off guard. (i Almost.) If Serio was any other, he would have blinked stupidly or gasped disbelievingly in surprise. But as it is, Serio merely raised a brow at the brunette, dozens of questions immediately swirling in his mind. A nagging voice was even contemplating the girl's sanity and reality check. But what of the portal? Sure, in his time many rumors were already beginning to spread out about the latest invention of a dimension-traveling machine. But being the practical man that he was, Serio paid little regard for the issue.
Despite the girl's glare, he looked back unfazed in the slightest. He had been subjected to far more deadlier glares before. "It just so happens that last time I checked..2009 was the latest year of the era" he stated. Calculating blue orbs stared at her chocolate brown one with a penetrating look. Her reaction would be the basis of his decision on what to do next.
Lilyan / Mariely: (i 2050..) she repeated the number in her mind. It seemed that Mariely started to realize just now, that she is in the whole different place and time. The thought made her serious and to frown. Why she was were the one to be there? Did it really happened? Is this real? Questions started to break her tranquil mind all together. (i I am sure there is perfect explanation to that..) Mariely convinced herself and watched at the girl again closely with her eyes.
"Yes. It was 2009..." she responded quietly and tried to recall what had just happened those minutes ago. Seemed that her peaceful mind replaced to confused and slightly scared one as she observed the room once more.
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Looking at them both, obviously confused and convinced it was 2009. (b "Um... it is 2060 now... that was the last law passed before they came...") Emily looked at them. (b "You're from past... 2009... you know each other?") Emily asked, though mainly talking to herself as he started circling the large machine behind the pair. (b "Oh crap it didn't work... I screwed up... three years work fucked up") Emily cussed at herself as she circled the machine, not seeming to pleased that she basically just discovered time travel. (b "Oh man how am I going to explain this to everyone...") She sighed as she continued circling the room in thought.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: The girl was serious. It was evident that there's no tinge of trickery in her tone. Great. Just Great. He was stuck 51 years ahead of his original time line. And he still got a a stack of paperworks that needed his signature by tomorrow. (i Shit.) Serio cursed inwardly, already calculating the appointments that would have to be canceled because of this.
The brunette's question made him snap out of his trance for the time being. He looked at the girl beside him first, mind reeling for any distinct features that he might recognize. At first glance, the girl's eyes seemed to remind him of someone. But as he cannot distinguish who fully, he responded with a quiet, "I'm afraid not." Ah, and if girl had also confirmed that she was from the same era as his, Serio would not be surprised if her answer was a yes. Who would have not heard about the youngest eligible business man in the world for two consecutive years now? Hmm, perhaps so.
"What really (i is) going on, miss? Enlighten us, if you may please" he told the brunette, turning his attention to her after.
Lilyan / Mariely: They both could see how Mariely was get back her peaceful mind and forget the questions. But again another one came front of her eyes: Have I seen him? when she turned eyes back to the guy. She tried to recall as the pictures involve. There were some news on the television one day.
(b "Who he thinks, he is?") her mother asked while shaked her head. The wealthy people never seemed to like Mariely's mother Rayane. One day Mariely turned curious and asked why. (b "They have much money, but keep all to theirselves.." ) Rayane explained shortly and continued to look the news.
(i Yes, that was it..It was him..I saw him in the news) she then ensured to herself.
She moved thoughts away from him til she realized that she had been thinking too long. "Could you please tell us, what is going on?" she asked the same question what the guy just told, but with more friendly and polite manner.
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Emily looked at them, eyes narrowed and they seemed innocent enough, not Dark Ones at least so that was a relief. (b "Sit") Emily pointed to some chairs she had beneath her desks while she started to type codes into a computer screen, trying to work out where her coding had done wrong. (b "In 2007 the army received a coded message. Aliens they took it for. In 2010 they received a second coded message. The experts tried to break the code but no luck until 2020. The message was a war cry.") Emily started telling them as worked on the computer. (b "Long story short in 2050 they arrived, (i the Dark Ones), enslaving the human race. The military managed to save a select few, the experts in their fields all around the world, each country has a team like I am part of. We try to discover new weapons and such to save the world...") Emily explained as she looked at the long string of numbers before her.
Cavus was standing in the shadows just looking at the two strangers, the robot running various scans on the two just to be on the safe side. The purple haired human like figure watched, a small light flashing through the shaded material over her eyes as she started yet another scan.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: Yep. She recognized him alright. And judging from the slightest hint of emotion that flickered on her features, he did not assured a good initial impression.
Serio complied easily enough and settled himself into a nearby chair, one leg crossed over another with natural poise and both palms placed at the top of his knee. Truth to be told, throughout the girl's explanation, Serio's eyebrows were threatening to shoot up all the way past his hairline. Really, it was a good thing the he was exaggerating. For a moment, he did not bother to hide a hint of doubt and incredulity in his expression before he gathered his composure once more.
"I know of the said issue that you mentioned last 2007. In fact, the matter was extremely confidential and I believe the army didn't leak a single word about this in the public. I think heated speculations lasted for only about a year before they decided to dispose the matter. Not that I can blame them for doing so. Alien affairs in our era are almost revered as a lunatic ideal, at least for the common people. If they showed lack of seriousness in the further years, then that must have explained their lack awareness until 14 years later" Serio commented wistfully, somewhat grasping a part of the whole ordeal. It did not take long before he caught the brunette's attention again. "Still. It doesn't explain what does that got to do with us" he remarked dryly.
Lilyan / Mariely: Sat on the other seat what the girl had pointed earlier. It felt uncomfortable, but she didn't mentioned that just because this seemed small matter behind herself being in the future. She placed her hands together on her legs which were tightly together. They could tell that Mariely had quite polite manner, sitting with erectly on the chair.
While they both talked, Mariely memorized every word in her head, listening eatch of them carefully. She had always thought that remembering sentences and every little detail may turn quite helpful someday.
(i Serio..Was his name.. If I am not wrong.) She still couldn't resist recalling the news what she had seen days ago. Her memory in things never let her down. And this time, it couldn't be wrong.
But all what she did not know, was the same what Serio was pointing at with his words. So she stopped the long thinking and finally asked: "Do you know why we are here?" Hopefully to get the answer, she waited.
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Emily paused as they wanted to know why they were here. Sighing and turning around to face them she said. (b "I was building this thing to try and trap the Dark Ones, it is kind of like a dimension jumper in a sense... I was just testing it but nothing should of happened, it only works when tuned to a DNA signature and I haven't programmed that bit yet...") Emily grumbled, not liking doing wrong especially when the fate of world was in her hands. (b "Unless... wait... no... can't be...") Emily was muttering repeatedly as her fingers typed on the keyboard so fast it was hard to see them. Emily fell silent and just turned to look at them. (b "What were your names? Full names?") She asked.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: There was this concern about 'The Dark Ones' again. Deriving it's literal meaning from the name itself, he could fairly infer that this ones were the...ah, 'antagonists' of this period. Serio could only wonder the extent this Dark Ones had done by the year of 2050. A dent to economy perhaps? Terrorism or dare we say Martial Law? Or to put it in general: world domination?
Here we go beating around the bush again, he mumbled inwardly with a sigh. He frowned slightly when the brunette, instead of answering them directly, responded with the inquiry for their names. Serio eyed her doubtfully at first, the gesture masked with an indifferent facade of course. He looked at the machine with contemplating eyes. What if the information revealed too much about him? About his past? Surely, it won't go that far, would it? All leads that were a possible link to his past, his revenge and of course non-legal transactions were erased from actual his actual files as a citizen. In the end, he decided to perhaps go with the flow at the moment. Somehow, Serio has a nagging feeling that all of this were true and would surely make an impact.
"Serio. Serio Izumi"
Lilyan / Mariely: Mariely never had to reveal her full name someone she did not knew very well. But the same time, it wouldn't make any harm. Though the last name caused slight pain reminding her home,family and her little sister who nicknamed her Marie. She was far away from them and she didn't knew how the time she spent there affected to the year 2009. Mariely started to shaked her head a little, when she thought that she has to live in the present, not in the day before.
"My full name is Mariely Sanne" she then answered to the girl after the hesitating sigh and continued to look at the stranger.
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Emily didn't hesitate as she typed the name into the computer database, searching the names. (b "You disappeared in 2009... You two are part of the suspicious ten whose bodies were never found, you are those who disappeared from there homes... I remember some rumours about that, some crazy man and prophecy or something stupid...") Emily was talking to herself aloud as she read the information and smirked. (b "My my Serio you certainly have a (i colourful) past") Emily giggled childishly, after his disappearance the military drove very deep into him and his past and an extremely detailed past formed.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: (i Rage. Confusion. Guilt. Surprise. Anger.) It took years of practicing self-control for Serio not let any of these emotions show outwardly. If he wasn't convinced enough, he would not have believed it. "It's obvious that our disappearance was exactly marked today. And as you said our bodies weren't ever found, technically speaking, you're telling us that there's no possibility of going back to our timelines" he started with gnawing realization. He paused to close his eyes briefly, snapping it back open in a split second, gaze boring to the brunette. "This is your fault" an accusing tint couldn't be missed.
However, it was the girl's mention of his past that Serio lost it. He should have known. Her childish giggles didn't help either. Was she mocking him? He seethed inwardly. She doesn't know anything about how he felt and the revenge he desired all these years. All of those for her amusement?!
"That's private. You have (i nothing) to do with it." he told her icily, nonchalance clearly replaced by an icy dangerous edge.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: < gtg. see ya. really enjoyed rp'ing with you guys. =D
i just hope you won't leave me far too much behind. xP anyways, i'm off. ^_^ >
Lilyan / Mariely: Those emotions of Serio, apparently came all together towards Mariely. She couldn't tell how she suddenly felt them all now, not before. Mariely took a heavy breath, she didn't knew what was going on. She had been feeling emotions before she came here, but seemed that wasn't aware of it. Something in her mind told to look the bracelet what she was wearing. The hand felt warmer than the left one. She touched it silently as she was trying to figure out if the bracelet was the one causing feeling the emotions. Then she remembered the day when she got the colorful braclet. This was a gift from her mother for Mariely's 17 birthday. "Who knows what power it holds, my mother said when she gave it to me. And now I give it to you" her mother said.
Mariely tried to hide the found she knew. So she started to speak calmly with her gentle voice: "What has happened in the past, is unchangeable, but we couldn't judge others. Because each of us has some mistakes." Those words seemed powerful enough, reflecting all the wisdom she got from her parents.
//Cya then..It was really great to roleplay to you as well. And I quess I must go too//
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Emily looked at them both and shook her head. (b "Time is not straight, just because it says you were never found doesn't mean that you won't get back but no one has ever travelled through time, no one knows exactly how it works...") Emily looked at them a little apologetically. (b "I wasn't trying to bring you from your time, I wasn't even trying to travel through time. I was trying to save my world. I was trying to save the millions of people up on the surface who are being beaten and enslaved because of our own arrogance") Emily told, harshly and mainly to the boy as he told her it was her fault. Her eyes cold as she looked around, looking at him then looking away. (b "Whatever you think or try to hide I don't care who you were I just want to know why you are here") She told him.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: < hello? >
Her first statement just fell on deaf ears as Serio wasn't even looking at any of girls anymore, icy blue eyes concentrated at the wall across from them. Through her next statement, Serio just looked at her defiantly, clearly pointing out that he would have nothing of whatever things she would have to say. It wasn't her intention to bring them here, she says. Be that as it may, she should have checked for signs of any miscalculations before putting her experiment into testing. But all those thoughts were firmly concealed in his mind, not really giving the brunette a fair portion of his real take in the matter. Deep down, Serio knew he was being unreasonable and perhaps, even insensitive. If only the girl hadn't bring up his past and subjected it like it was some kind of laughing stock, maybe he would be more willing to understand the situation. But as it is, and the damage already been done, Serio radiated nothing but an aura of bitterness and coldness which in his world has never failed him in the Underworld's way of life.
"It was you who brought us here, so I assumed (i you) would know the reason. Even that, the timing was completely unexpected. We don't even have the faintest idea of what and how this world works. But when it comes to that.." he paused, gaze flickering at Mariely bracelet. "..that bracelet might have something to do with it.." And before any one of them could reply, Serio removed one hand from his pocket and held it out. "And also this.." as if on cue when he said those words, wisps of black flames began to form around his palm before it dissipated and turned into water spirals this time. Not long after, the water too disappeared from sight and small sparks slowly formed at the tips of his fingers, the sound of crackling electricity echoing around the room. Another jerk of his hand and the element vanished at once.
"Whether it's possible for me to unlock other elements, I still do not know"
NixLacus / Emily Sekeria And Cavus: Emily glared at him slightly, he seemed rather intent that this was all her fault, well it was in a sense but she was trying to do the right thing. About to argue with him she watched as he pulled out a strange object, then she realised it was not object, it was him who was doing that. Emily just stood in shock as she stared at them. (b "No one does anything like that... not in this world...") She whispered to herself looking between the two strangers who now sat in her lab. (b "Cavus, medical reports?") Emily now spoke over the two to the purple haired female in the corner.
(r "Irregular mental activity and high levels of fear but healthy") The robotic female voice said.
(b "What do you mean irregular?") Emily asked but instantly regretted it.
(r "Irregular and adjective can mean: without symmetry, even shape, formal arrangement, like an irregular pattern. Or not characterized by any fixed principle, method, continuity, or rate: irregular intervals. Or not conforming to established rules...") Cavus started when Emily held up her hand and interrupted.
(b "Stop. It's fine just forget it") Emily grumbled to herself. (b "Do you have any (i special) abilities Miss?") Emily asked the girl softly.
Lilyan / Mariely: Mariely took her eyes away from the bracelet and remained silent for longer. She couldn't help that the thoughts came and went away from her mind, it had been always that way. Even if she seemed to smile most of the time, thoughts made her serious by the seconds. She just couldn't stop hearing sentences coming into her head. This time Mariely tried to awoid them and reply the question. Even she had to think through all before she could say anything.
"I noticed that this gives me a ability to feel others emotions." she started, raised her right hand slightly and showed the braiclet to the girl. "I think that this is the reason why I have the ability.. But I wasn't aware of it before I suddenly appeared to here. " Her reply was short, like most of her sentences, summing up all that she wanted to say.
bluezephyr023 / -Serio Izumi: He could not comprehend what (i exactly) the purple-haired girl at the corner was saying but Serio chose to stay silent anyhow. He did raise a delicate brow at her mention of the matter regarding his...ah, (i irregular) mental activity and of course about him showing not only a flicker, but (i high) level emotion of fear. Ridiculous, indeed. He was seething, not cowering.
Serio's ears were sensitive enough to hear the brunette's muttering to herself. (bold "No one does anything like that... not in this world...") Serio did not bother to suppress a grunt. "Well guess what then, neither does anyone in our timeline." he mumbled, himself. He had first found out about his...unique ability at the tender age of seven. Serio could still remember the shock that rushed through the younger version of himself during his first encounter with his special skill. The image of a photo of his parents' murderer suddenly being engulfed with black flames was perfectly clear still in his memory.
When the brunette turned to the pink-haired girl for a question, Serio wasn't any less interested with the reply. Ever since picking up the full concept of what he can do, Serio has always been pondering about the possibilities of others being the same as him.
(i "Empathy then, is it? Interesting.")
Lilyan / Mariely: Some way Mariely started to recall all the sentences what had been said before. Maybe it was caused by the two words what were stuck in her mind. Dark ones... she repeated the words in her mind many times. Same unknown was the reason why Mariely and Sergio were there. And those two things seemed to go together.
Mariely smiled slightly, yet wasn't sure if the Dark ones were involved two of them. But she decided to tell the thought and simply said: "Maybe so called Dark Ones are the reason why we are here." The sentence became suddenly though they didn't mentioned anything about it.

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