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Roleplay - The Eternal Fourteen Sins And More(Need all of them) by neptune / icey171

When the hard rain pours on the quiet and almost deserted town. A black limo pulls out in the town centre of the town and out stand fourteen strangers. Seven guys and seven girls. The clouds open up and the sun appears to greet them. The fourteen sins have arrived and are here to stay. What would happen if they fall in love with another sin or even human. Will the humans take a liking to the strangers who walk about there town in a mysterious fashion and what if more sins follow in there tracks and into the town? We shall see.

Roleplay Details

Romance is allowed
Voilence is allowed
Cussing is okay
If not on in three days than you will be kicked out
Female (aalewyn)
Female (Mewz240)
Female (mellonieheart)
Male (Icey171)
Other sins:


icey171 / neptune: (Re-made)
mellonieheart / edrian paletrino: you have envy twice and are missing lust lols but i'll join :)>>
icey171 / neptune: (Whooo... as who?)
mellonieheart / edrian paletrino: <femail lust por favor :) we need a bio or anything :)>
mellonieheart / edrian paletrino: <you still here?>
icey171 / neptune: (sorry and sure and no bio needed)
mellonieheart / widdi: my charrie is it ok :) >
icey171 / neptune: (Yes)
mellonieheart / widdi: ok :) >>
BleedingxLovexx / Adrian Death (immortal): Can I be Pride?
icey171 / neptune: (Sure)
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: <can i be female pride?>
Copper389 / Angela Greene: >> Join as a human?<<
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: <Join as Wrath, Female?>
Love Lust / Star Marie Clover: <<Join as female envy?>>
icey171 / neptune: (Yes to everyone)
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: <Yay. Where do we start?>
icey171 / neptune: (Stepping out of the limo)
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: Daniella... Or Wrath, stepped out of the black stretch limo, feeling the new arrived sun on her paled face. Her white hair seemed to flutter gently out of it's braids, and she smirked demonically. "Hmm... A boring town." She said, and turned to Neptune. "Can I kill something?" She asked quietly, and smirked. "Ah, nevermind." She amended, knowing that he would probably say no. She lifted her arms above her head, and looked out at the whole group of people quickly piling in to see the newcomers. "Deaths... Unexplainable deaths, waiting to happen." She whispered to herself, and sighed. They needed a feel of her anger... everyone did.
icey171 / neptune: Neptune stepped out hungry. He was always hungry and yet his figure was so slim and healthy. He felt the sun beat on his head and grinned. "Look who came to greet us... the sun" he muttered putting his hands on his stomach as it started to grumble. "I think that youll find that those who killed are arrested..." he muttered over and grinned at the thought of the police men who tried to stop her. He looked back at the limo then outwards again. "I have to eat" he muttered scratching the back of his black hair.
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: Dani smiled at her friend, and rolled her eyes. "You glutton, you are always hungry." She said, and raised an eyebrow. "And I want to hit something... and Hun, no cop could stop me. I would lead a trail of blood." She purred into his ear, and laughed softly. Neptune wasn't that bad looking... He was quite attractive... but Dani wasn't into love. Not in the least..
icey171 / neptune: Neptune grinned and tsked her. "You should know that im always hungry by now... it comes in the name" he muttered folding his arms and shaking his head slowly. He looked around to see where he was and tsked again at her next comment. "Violence is never the answer" he muttered grinning as he ran one hand into his pocket and pulled out a crumpled packet of crisps.
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: "And you, my friend, should know that I am already ready to condone violence." She remarked, and crossed her arms over her chest as she laid against the Limo. "We are superstars..." She bit out sarcastically.
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: <yay! thanks>
Celine stepped out of the limo, her long luscious hair swaying. She raised her eyebrow at the new scenery expectantly.
(i Dear lord, what have I just walked into?) She asked herself, bored. Celine was born into a rich family and grown accustomed to parties, fame and wealth. She did not talk to people whom she did not know, did not like to mingle with the people below her. That was how she kept it.
mellonieheart: fill me in please :) sorry had a phyco anilizing essay i had to turn in today :) >
693vampire / serin neko68: <neptune can i join?>
mellonieheart / mimi shadoe: owner not here>
Copper389 / Angela Greene: >> Hi guys ^^ <<
icey171 / neptune: (Here and yes you can join and right now were just getting out of the limo and just talking outside the limo)
693vampire / serin neko68: (cool oh by the way hiiiii :P)
icey171 / neptune: (Hiiii... who do you wanna be?)
Copper389 / Angela Greene: >> muahaha time to do my usual post for being a human :P.<<
Angela sighed, carrying a shopping bag from shopping for groceries at the near by super market. She noticed a crowd of towns folks in a large group, and she peeked through the crowd to see a group of people and a limo. unusual. Gangs and motor bikers stopped in this little town, but never anyone with a limo. People murmured int he crowd and the little kids looked in awe, never having seen such a car before.
693vampire / serin neko68: (well since i'm neko i'll be other chataer XD)
Copper389 / Angela Greene: >> i g2g. schoolio. :/... see ya guys :P <<
693vampire / serin neko68: (bye)
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: "And you, my friend, should know that I am already ready to condone violence." She remarked, and crossed her arms over her chest as she laid against the Limo. "We are superstars..." She bit out sarcastically.
693vampire / serin neko68: (i made a rp if you's wish to join XD
icey171 / neptune: Neptune leaned against the back of the limo and sighed grinning. His grin widerned and his eyes darted towards a girl in the crowd with bags of (i FOOD). He slowly walked over with his eyes on the bags. He only looked at her as he closed in. "Is that food you have in there?" he asked but he already knew the answer. He was just asking to sound polite before he thought of eating that food and running for the hotel they were meant to be staying in like crazy.
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: Daniella rolled her eyes, and grabbed Neptune's collar. "Neptune. Don't accept food from... street urchins." She advised angrily.
693vampire / serin neko68: she stood in a dark ally looking about. She saw some ppl but never moved she just stood there looking.
"who are they" she said to herself.
icey171 / neptune: Neptune grin faded as he was pulled away. "Its food... do i jump between you and a fight" he stated. 'Well unless i want to get knocked out then NO' he thought to himself. He still looked at the food and didnt take his eyes off it.
693vampire / serin neko68: she comes out of hidin
"why do you let her boss you about for"
she titled her head.
icey171 / neptune: Neptune chuckled at the question but then remembered she didnt know Daniella. "Well... if you knew her then you'd do the same.... do you have any food?" he asked grinning politely. He started eating the candy at a fast speed and had only one lollipop left after three minutes. "Im a fast eater" he muttered to ll the strangers that watched in amazement.
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: Daniella raised an eyebrow, and smiled kindly at Neptune. "Awe... Give me SOME credit Nep-Tan." She said, and smiled. Very few got to see this side of her... The rare... VERY RARE kind side. "I'm not ALWAYS this bad, and come on, I'm a sin, remember?" She reminded him, and winked. She was never shy about what she was.. even around humans.
693vampire / serin neko68: "nope but i'm about to go hunting for it "
she backs off back into the allly her eyes glowing bright red
then she smirks
"you can guess wat i am"
icey171 / neptune: Neptune grinned. "YOUR A WHAT...?" he shouted trying to divert the attention so they didnt hear Danielle. "Ssssh" he added as he turned his back to the humans. "You may be nice somtimes but you are loud" he added folding his arms.
Torinchan / Izzabella (Izzy): <join?>
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: Daniella rolled her eyes. "You're an idiot Neptune!" She hissed, and smirked. "My last name is a sin. It's just easier to say I'm a sin, than to say I'm a descendant of the wrath family." She said, and smirked. This was her usual cover story. Because her name was odd... Daniella Wrath... She turned to the girl, and kept her hands behind her back. "Daniella Wrath. Pleasure, I'm sure." She said, and looked to Neptune out of the corner of her eyes.
693vampire / serin neko68: she comes bakc with blood over her but she had feed.
she also had food for the other ppl she walked over placein the food down then backing away.
"don't harm me but i brought some food for you's" she backs away back into the ally.
icey171 / neptune: (Sure you can join... who as?)
Neptune frowned. "Oh" he muttered as he sighed. He scratched his hair and frowned. "I doubt she'll hurt you" he muttered taking the foood she gave him.
693vampire / serin neko68: her red eyes show in the darkness then she licked the blood of herself.
"heh the human i attacked was quit taste"
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: "I won't hurt you." She said calmly, and stood behind Neptune, almost as a body guard. He was so small, compared to her, and her military training... Something she never spoke about... She lost someone important in those days... She wouldn't let herself go back. No, she was here now, with Neptune, not back then with Sato. "Neptune? I'll trade you that Gem you've been eyeing in my trunk, for some of the food." She offered, and smiled softly.
693vampire / serin neko68: she comes bk out but still taken the blood of herself
"hm ok but i keep my distance"
(guys my mate made a role play plz join *makes puupy eyes*)
693vampire / serin neko68: (Naruto shippudden: summer days) thats the name plz join :P
icey171 / neptune: Neptune looked over his shoulder and at her. "Why do you want my food?" he asked suspiciously. She was trying to take the one thing he had... food. But the gem was quite cool.
icey171 / neptune: (srry i dont get naturo)
693vampire / serin neko68: (lol make it up as you go along thats what i do :P)
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: Daniella looked at the girl, and nodded once in agreement. Daniella didn't like to be touched, so she understood the distance. "Come on Neptune, (I please)?" She asked and looked at him. "I haven't eaten in days... I just want a small piece... Please? I actually like that gem, and I'm trading it for a piece of food. Doesn't that tell you how desperate I am?" She asked, and blushed as she raised an eyebrow... She didn't like admitting her weaknesses.
mellonieheart / widdi: Widdy walked through teh town and looked around at alot of humans she sighed and tooka breath before walking around. She was tired and needed to gfind a place to rest she sat on teh ground and closed her eyes all her sences errect at the moment she smiled and listened.
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: Celine pursed her lips together, gazing around, then to the people who had come on the limo with her, her...friends was too strong a word...her accquaintances.
"Shall we go to the manor now?" She asked, her voice had a strong british accent, her words were loud enough and clear, just like she had been taught to when she was young.
icey171 / neptune: Neptune looked at Daniella with a puzzled look. "And so your asking me.... of all people you ask me.... to give you food?" he muttered slowly and clearly so that she understood just what she was doing. "But you still beg" he added in a still confused tone. Could he dare give away the food that he ate. This was a tough desicion. "You owe me BIGTIME" he muttered and slowly handed her a bag of cookies that he was saving. He snatched one of the cookies back and ate it but left her to eat the rest of the cookies. He scowled slightly as his stomach rumbled. He turned to look at Celine and nodded. "The sooner we get to the buffet the better" he muttered.
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: Celine rolled her eyes and smiled at the familiar attitude that belonged to Neptune.
"Always the same aren't you?" She asked, pulling a bag out cookies out of her handbag for him. She knew what he was like when he was hungry, and she did not want him to embarrass them all, especially her infront of the new city.
icey171 / neptune: Neptune grinned at the bag of cookies she handed him. "Thanks" he said to her as he started munching at them and looked around. A little kid ran up to him and put his hand out for one cookie. He glanced at the kid and rolled his eyes. "If i give it to one of them then theyll all want my cookies" he muttered frowning but reluctently handed him one. The kid ran off and Neptune backed away to prevent more of them coming. He turned to Celine and grinned. "Lets go... now" he muttered.
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: Celine nodded and grinned, lacing her arm through his and half dragged him into the estate where they would be staying.
"You know...I still don't get how you're not fat from all this eating." She said laughing as she dropped off her luggage at the door, the butlers would bring it back to her room later.
She glanced back at the others who were still chatting idly.
icey171 / neptune: "Its a gift of mine" he muttered grinning and looking at where they were staying. "Looks nice" he added nodding in approval. He likes new places and enjoyed it. The others were going to love this too. He just knew it.
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: "So...what have you been up to...beside eating?" Celine asked, wanting to be amused by his answer. It was strange that she was friends with Neptune at all, but something had evidently clicked and here they were three years along the track.
icey171 / neptune: .Neptune listened to her question and paused in thought. He stood still and though. "Did you say BESIDE eating?" he asked slowly and then went back into thought. "I went to the carnival" he said grinning. "But i DID eat all of there cotton candy... and i won the pie eating contest" he added grinning but then realised he was talking about food. "And you?" he asked.
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: Celine rolled her eyes, laughing again. "Some man tried to buy me a drink, but i declined, telling him that I do not mingle with strangers." She replied. "You didn't save any cotton candy for me." She added, pouting.
icey171 / neptune: Neptune searched his pockets and looked into his black jacket pocket. He pulled out a bag of cotton candy and slowly handed it out to her. Too many people were wanting his food today. Too many for his liking. "Be glad that people are being nice for you like buying drinks and going out of there way to make you more comfortable" he said as his hand extended out as much as it possibly could.
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: Celine took the packet away from the reluctant hands. "We'll share." She announced, ripping it open. "And, just so you know, I do not certainly mingle with anyone. Especially not him. His posture was disgracful, and his speech was horrid, I could barely stand to hear the sound of his voice!"
icey171 / neptune: Neptune nodded and grinnned at her decision to share. "Well maybe... to some people... you might be the same to them... not everyone's the same and thats what makes people unique and stand out" he said wisely and put a mouthfull of cotton candy into his mouth. "Plus you should never judge a book by its cover" he added as he swallowed the cotton candy.
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: Celine shrugged and took a small piece, putting it carefully into her mouth and letting it melt into sugar. She smiled, loving the taste.
"I don't see why we need to make new accquaintances, I have enough of them here already. All fourteen of them. And if it not for my sin, I might actually accept the man's offer. But as I am pride, i cannot help my actions." She burst our laughing at her own attemp to justify herself.
icey171 / neptune: (Srry i g2g)
aalewyn / Celine Delicroix: <nawww okii dokii byeee*
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: <Listen, really sorry about not being here. My comp got taken away>
icey171 / neptune: (ok)
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: <Can I have a recap?>
Mewz240 / Wrath. Daniella Wrath: <I wont be here for the week. I got grounded.>
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: <ok sorry i've been gone i've been moving in to my college dorm and doing my homework studies so fill me in please>
ChiyokoHirusawa / Chiyoko Hirusawa: <<Is the owner on?>>
mellonieheart / Raven lorance: i dotn think so but i've been off for nine days so i havent a clue what going on>
ChiyokoHirusawa / Chiyoko Hirusawa: <<Hmm... so this is kinda dead then.>>
whitewolf4 / David smith.: ((Was gonna ask if I could join as the male half of lust, but if the owners not here.....))
ChiyokoHirusawa / Chiyoko Hirusawa: <<It's a shame. This seems like so much fun.>>
mellonieheart / widdi: drools you can totaly be my lust with that pic :D>>>
whitewolf4 / David smith.: ((lol XD))
mellonieheart / widdi: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/108350
your fate in heaven or hell
hear its one simular to this but :) hope you all will join .... (i looks at male lust and smiles sheepishly)

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