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Roleplay - 1x1(need girl) by my awesome evongelion) / Narutogeek

bored make up as we go

Roleplay Details

no cybering(if goes to far it goes to pms or timeskip)
no one liners(must be at least 3 sentances)


Narutogeek / my awesome evongelion): join]
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: -Join?-
Narutogeek / Me as neko: yeah sure]
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: -Okeii, thanks:3-
Narutogeek / Me as neko: your welcome and sorry i was in kentcuky but anyways how should we start]
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: -Its okay(:
&&maybe we shoukd start from a store robbing or a collide in the street markets or in the park or something.. anything you want:D-
Narutogeek / Me as neko: hm not bad i like the robbing one]
Narutogeek / Me as neko: uh you still here]
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: -Yea, still am.^^
And maybe you should start it.. o-o
I got's writers block on mee:P-
Narutogeek / Me as neko: (9ok will do))
Kimiharo was in a shop with a jacket and stuff in it and walking out with it all without anyone noticing then acidentally running into a girl.All the stuff feel out and he was caught with the stuff and took off.He took the girls hand because she would have been taken in also.
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: The girl stumbled quietly, practically being dragged. she followed along though, not knowing what to do. "U-uhm, mister?" she quietly asked as all the people around stared. "What's going on?" she continued falling behind him, trying to catch up.
Narutogeek / Me as neko: He stopped and turned back to see if they have been followed and he sighed in releif.He looked at her and sighed."Didnt you notice all of that stuff i shop lifted them all and i brought you along so your not caught or a accomplice".He said
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: "Oh, um, are you..?" she stood quietly, wondering about what she just said as she took a moment to space out and try to remember what just happened.
Narutogeek / Me as neko: He looked at her and nodded"yes i am a theif"he said as he started to walk away"if you dont want caught better come with me and whats your name"he asked
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: "It's Mai." she responded. She looked at him and frowned. Mai quietly walked backwards as se put her hands behind her back and bit her lip.
Narutogeek / Me as neko: He sighed knowing she wouldnt come and just walking was all he did.He didnt run or anything he just walked to his place.When he got there he kept alert for anything.
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: "So.. what now?" Mai asked looking around. "Are you really gonna' escape them?" she continued.
Narutogeek / Me as neko: He looked back at her and nodded."Yes why would i be sent to jail when i need the stuff because i have no money"he said.
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: "Oh, i see." she replied. Mai looked down at the floor.
Narutogeek / Me as neko: "Turn me in if you want i will just escape all the time"he said.
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: She could only remain silent. She stared down and looked away.
Narutogeek / Me as neko: He sighed and shrugged and began to walk away again.
RyuuzakiRice / Mai-chan!: "Wait!" she yelled. "Then what am i supposed to do now?" she questioned.
Narutogeek / Raidon: He shrugged"Im not sure just figure something out"he said
((sorry lost this))

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