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Roleplay - Light Vs Dark (Need dark angel ^^ 1x1)Semi-literate. by Toshya Albarn / Nullification

When an Angel of Light is sent to search out an Angel of Darkness, she is rather surprised. Maybe everything she was told about him wasn't true? However, she has to choose....

Roleplay Details

Guy needed, no one liners please and paragraphs and such would be great! ^^


Nullification / Toshya Albarn: Toshya blinked and looked around the area, her long silvery white hair flowing neatly behind her. Her eyes glowed as she took everything in, alert and wary. She was your classic Angel. Kind, gentle and soft on everyones eyes, her pale and smooth skin was perfect and she was slender and petit. When she walked towards this Angel of Darkness, her footsteps were soundless and light. She swept her gaze over him, her dress billowing in the gentle breeze which caused her hair to ripple. She took a deep breath and spoke, her voice sweet and smooth,
"I was sent here to find you." Her voice was hushed and gentle on him. Her eyes scanning him, her looks could be devious seeing as she could fight and defend herself easily. She only looked about 17-18, which made her look even more vulnerable than usual. She was forever belittling herself though, keeping expressionless as she faced him. She showed no fear, despite the fact he was probably more powerful than her.
Nullification / Toshya Albarn: ---Anyone?---
Necromuncher / Necro Desius: ((Still looking for someone? I see its been awhile, but it never hurts to check.))

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