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Roleplay - Dont leave by Ellia Jude / ShadowSwan

Elie and Madison are twins. They do mostly everything together and Elie would do anything for Madison. No matter what it was. Madison is on the phone with Elie one nihgt. adison is telling her all the good things that happened at work while she was walking home until Elie heard a scream on the phone. And then a males voice came on. "If you ever want to see her alive then you will have to come and get her." And then they hung up. So now Elie is on a trip to save her sister, only she has never been able to leave the house before. She has a horrid illness. But she leaves anyway and mets up with a man who is after the same guy she is only for different reasons so they team up. Though he saves her alot because she is a magnet for trouble and her illness slows her down. Will he stay with her or is her sister doomed?

Roleplay Details

Name: Elie: Taken
Age: Nineteen
Personality: Brave, reckless
Extra: Elia has a horrid illness that makes her faint and be in pain. She thinks that she is bigger then everyone else which makes her a magnet for dangerous people.
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ShadowSwan / Elie Whitlock: Elie was just tlaking to her sister, like always. They laughed and joked and then a scream. She listened intently to what she had to do and then got up, pulled shorts on and then boots. She looked around adn then slipped her phone in her pocket. "Bye.." She muttered adn slipped out of her window and then on the ground. She coughed a little and walked down the street, trying to find out where to go. She was not prepared for this. What a stupid move. She walked for about two hours and then sat on a bench, a street light a litte ways away so she was not completely in the dark. She ran her fingers though her hair and saw a group of men looking at her with intrest. She rolled her eyes and looked away, though that did not stop them from looking at her like pray. She coughed again and ingnored them, trying to figure out what she was going to do.
ShadowSwan / Elie Whitlock: OOC:: I needs me a duuddddeeee ::

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