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Roleplay - Destiny Islands {K.H.} Need Characters Please! by Walter Hadji / Asokora

[quote] Dear Student,
The staff of Destiny Islands Highschool are happy to let you know you know that we have accepted you to your fine caring school. If you are interested send your information to our school and we will be happy to have you here. Be warned we do not except bad behavier or fighting. You will be punished, but we will not ever suspend or expell you, just try to reasn with you in more simple ways. We hope you accept our offer, it is completely free and all books will be paid for.
Mr. Ansam Wise [/quote]
All of the Kingdom Hearts characters are in an alternate world as highschool students and teachers. They are either friends, in a relationship or enemies. The students all are under 18 and the teachers 18+.

Roleplay Details

Sora: Me! (b (i Asokora))
Donald as human:(don't have to look like them, just have to act like them...)
Goofy as human: don't have to look like them, just have to act like them...)
Organization XIII members:
(bold Rules:)
No cyber. Pms please.
Romance is good, no great!
Fighting, duh.
OoC, keep to a minimum.
Keep semi-lit. to lit. No txt tlk.
Correct spelling and puntuation please, I can understand some mistakes, I make them myself.
Three sentences minimum.
Cursing is fucking allowed, but not too much.
Um, anything else I will update.
Yaoi and Yuri allowed!
By the way, have fun!!!!
h2 (b (i Join now!))


FrozenTime / Namine..: (join??)
ReinaNight / Mistarya: [If I make Kairi may I join?]
FrozenTime / Namine..: (hmmm...I don't thik the owner is on)
ReinaNight / Kairi..: Lol..]
FrozenTime / Namine..: (This has been here for awhile,probually 40 something days....I wonder if the owner abandoned it.)
ReinaNight / Kairi..: [Might have..]
FrozenTime / Namine..: (wanna just rp and see? maybe if he did abandon it,he'll notice it when it stays on the main page.)
ReinaNight / Kairi..: I have to go to work soon. But you can..]
FrozenTime / Namine..: (okay. I probually have to leve soon too)
I looked up at the school with a small smile on my face. Gripping my sketchbook tight I nervousily made my way to the school doors. Looking around as I went I pushed open the doors and walked into the hallway,pulling a piece of paper out with my locker number and schedule.

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