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Roleplay - The Kingdom of Chaos [more peoples plz? D:] by Kaika Inu / LinianTheMage

The mighty kingdom of Kerrila has become the unwilling host of a demonic invasion! With each passing day, more and more citizens are sighting strange beasts, and the more unfortunate of them fall victim to the endless bloodlust of these fiends. Meanwhile, a desperate effort to hold the cities is maintained. Can sudden invasion of monsters be pushed back? What could have caused such an evil event? Only time will tell...

Roleplay Details

Pictures: I use anime, you can use whatever you want.
Fighting: Is expected, both against the monsters and your fellow mortals.
Killing: Is expected, you must have permission to kill another person's character, be it a PC or NPC.
Romance: Can happen.
Cybering: Must go to PMs/Off-site.
Cursing: Can happen.
OOC Hate messages: Will result in you getting raped and killed by the perverted ninja of death.
-p Character details
Races within the Kingdom: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Lich, Centaur, Dragon (dragons may maintain either humanoid or winged beast form).
Demonic races (do not use jobs): Fiend (can take many forms and adept at close quarter's combat), Defiler (can take many forms and adept at magic), Succubus (takes the form of a humanoid female, seduces others then steals from and/or kills them), Prime Evil (The rarest type of monster, can shape-shift and use current form's natural abilities to attack, therefore can be powerful in both physical combat and magic)
-p Classes/Jobs within the kingdom:
Peasant: A commoner, HAHA your da n00b! XD
Knight: A military officer, long live the king!
Cleric: A religious scholar, this pertains to any religious job, from priests to monks to professional exorcists.
Paladin: The King's elite knights, devoted to justice and virtue... if they are doing their job right.
Wizard: A magic user, usually a civilian but some serve in the military.
Mercenary: A sellsword who sells his/her services to the highest bidder, or whoever else he/she feels like.
Merchant: A merchant who sells goods, either wanders around or sets up shop in a town.
Bard: A light-hearted wanderer who is skilled in music. Can I interest anyone in a lute solo?
Criminal: Someone who breaks the law, for whatever reason they use to justify it.
-p Character skeleton:
Morality: (Good characters support the King, Evil characters attempt to control the monsters, Neutral character just run around being odd. 0.o)
-p More about the Kingdom
Kerrila has been around for 600 years, it was founded by Kaelis, who's mastery of both blade and fire magic earned him the title 'dragon knight'. His vision was to create a kingdom which would be a safe haven for anyone and everyone. He was considered a hero by the people, and hence easily rallied people behind him to form his kingdom.
-p Cities: There are five major cities in the kingdom.
-p Kaelia: The name was the people's idea, not Kaelis'. This city was founded as the capital of the Kingdom and has served as the royal city since.
-p Horil: A small mining colony on the western border, mostly desolate, a select few come out here in search of the valuable ores contained in the mines.
-p Ebina: The breadbasket of the kingdom, you will find some of the hardest-working farmer's here, lots of space... lots of nice people... what more could you ask for? (aside from walls to keep those damn monsters out)
-p Ralith: The holy city of Kerrila, it is here that the Dragon Apostle makes his home, this title has been passed down since the birth of the kingdom, being granted to only the most pious of clerics. In the main temple, the Apostle spends day and night studying the soul's of mankind and matters of the divine.
-p Cathel: A large fortified city that serves as the military capital of the kingdom, it is here that aspiring squires train to be full fledged knights.
-p THE CAST!!!
-p Kaika Inu
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Job: Cleric
Morality: Good
Bio: A wandering monk, his light-hearted and... 'curious'... attitude may make others slightly irritable, but he is loyal and will always try to be kind to other people.
-p Ellsa
Age: Was created 5 years ago
Gender: Female
Race: Succubus
Morality: Evil/Neutral (really just does her own thing)
-p Aeri
Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Job: Merchant
Bio: She is a girl with a big heart and a big dream. Aeri wanders between towns selling fruits and other rare items to make money. Her dream is to meet someone she will love and spend the rest of her life with. But she is fine for now :]
Morality: Good
-p Anoura
Age: 18
Race: Elf
Gender: female
Job: wizard/warrior
Morality: Good
-p Tianna (TiCup)
Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Job:Clan Master's right hand, one of their best.
Morality: Neutral, doesn't approve of king but kills monsters when possible.


LinianTheMage / Kaika Inu: -p OOC: Meow?

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