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Roleplay - 1x1 [[open]] by Zack xD / Andres

I have a plot and everything

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5 sentences at least


Andres / Garth xD: -waits-
Andres / Garth xD: [[sure You want to hear my plot?]]
Tina123 / Emily Satine: Can i join ?
Andres / Garth xD: [[It's full but I can make one for you ^^]]
Tina123 / Emily Satine: Oh ok
Andres / Garth xD: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/107290 here you go Emily ^^
Andres / Garth xD: Escaped hitman. He escaped from the local prison and was on the run. He never took to anyone for help because no one helped him. He was shot and severally wounded and needed help. He laid on the side of the road for 2 days. A girl [[You..]] found him and brought him back from the unconscious state he was in. He was brought back and so on from there????
Andres / Garth xD: [can you start??]
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: [[ How should i start? ]]
Andres / Garth xD: [By seeing him and pulling him by horse to your car]
Andres / Garth xD: [yeah and yeah on the side]
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana turned off the radio with a small sigh escaping her. The song's they were playing were currently starting to depress her. They were all about being lonely and having no one. Ana shook the thought away from her mind.
She turned her gaze towards a horse on the side of the road for a moment. Wondering what it had been doing there by itself. That was when she spotted someone on the floor. She pressed her foot on her brake immediately after seeing the figure.
Ana immediately got out of her car and ran towards the person. She noticed that he was bleeding and looked somewhat dead. Biting her lip, She looked at the horse for a moment before looking back at the male.
After struggling, Ana finally placed him on the horse. She carefully held the male in place as she walked the horse over to her car. She opened the door and dragged the male in with her. He laid on the seat as Ana carefully studied his wounds.
"I need to get his wounds wrapped up." She muttered to herself. Quickly, Ana got into the drivers seat and drove towards her home.
[[ Should I continue or just leave it at that? ]]
Andres / Garth xD: [leave it at that ^^]
*His body was limp as it was tossed into the back seat of the car. His face gently and nice but cursed with evil. His eye covered in a patch. His body battered and torn from thorns and trees he climbed. The horse trotting behind them. His legs blood and cut like his body. A bullet wound in his left leg and his right arm. He had took alot of damage in his 2 days of running. now rounding his 5th day away from the big house*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana drove towards her secluded home and up her drive way. She bit her lip in thought on how she would get this man in her house. She saw her younger brothers skateboard in the garage. She grabbed the board and placed it in front of her. Carefully, She grabbed the male. She placed his arm around her shoulder and his feet on the skateboard. She pulled him out, wrapping her arm around his waist.
With struggle, Ana was able to get him into her house and on her couch. She grabbed some bandages and alcohol to clean and wrap his wounds. Luckily, She knew how to do these things. She would have taken him to the hospital but it was so far away. She knew it would be better to bring him here then the hospital.
Ana had wrapped the wound on his leg and arm before she cleaned the blood off him. (i 'Who could have done such a thing to this poor man?') She thought as she gazed at the man's face.
With a small sigh, She began making dinner. He would most likely be hungry once he wakes.
Andres / Garth xD: *The tv was on the news.* (R Runaway hitman's horse found and detained for police matters. If anyone harbors this Inmate will be arrested along with him) *He coughed lightly and felt her. But he couldn't wake. He was in an eternal sleep. His face gently and he winced as she cleaned his wounds* [sorry writers block -.-]
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana had paid no mind to the TV. She just focused on cleaning the man's wounds. "This might scar." She muttered gently.
Now, Ana stirred the soup that she was currently making. She sniffed the soup with satisfaction. "Smells good." She muttered to herself. Ana stretched lightly and looked down at her clothes. "I should change."
With that, She walked off to her room and changed into more comfortable clothing. ( Short's and a T-shirt ) Ana walked towards the living room to check up on the man. No movement yet.
Sighing, She walked back towards the kitchen and poured some soup into a bowl. She sat on the counter and began to drink her soup, Her gaze was on the man on the couch.
[[ Its okay ^^; ]]
Andres / Garth xD: *He soon stirred and set up. His chest moving up and down as he gasped for air.* "Where am I" *He said loudly. He looked around panicking. He stood up and fell back down. He yelped in pain as he looked at his body. (I Clean?) He thought before he looked around for someone.* "Hello?" *He called through the house*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana was washing her dish when a sudden gasp caught her attention. She quickly ran out of the kitchen and towards the man. "Don't worry." Her gentle tone cried out to him.
Cautiously, She walked over to the man and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I won't hurt you." She had no idea why she was saying this to him. But She thought that he might freak out if she didn't.
Ana helped him up on the couch once again. "Are you okay?" Ana gazed at the wounds before she looked at him once again.
Andres / Garth xD: "Where am I!?" *He said as he looked around.* "Damn cops caught me didn't they and your a little bitch to make me talk aren't you?" *He asked and looked around for a weapon. He felt more pain shoot through his legs. He fell back onto the couch and sighed as he looked around for a two way mirror*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: "At my house." She tried to calm him by placing a hand on his shoulder. "Cops?" She tilted her head curiously. After a few moments her eyes widened. "What do you mean by cops?!" She stepped back from him.
She walked back away from him. Her eyes widened in horror. "You're a criminal?" She fell to the ground. She couldn't believe it. She saved a criminal. She looked up at him and glared. "You're telling me that i brought a criminal to my house." She yelled in disbelief. She should really stop being nice and helping people she didn't know.
Andres / Garth xD: "Yeah? I'm a hitman in the skin." *He stood up and started to walk towards the door.* "Thanks to you I can make it across the mexico border in a few days." *He said as he opened the door slowly. He turned and looked at her* "But your can call the cops" *He said as he grabbed a knife*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Come to think of it, this man did look familiar. How could she not have known. Ana grew angry at herself. She was more angry at the man. "A hit man." She glared at him.
"The cops will find you." She stated. "They are close by." She thought back to the news. She had not paid much attention but they had said something about a horse. "They found your horse." She stated with a small smirk.
Ana walked over to the phone and dialed. "They will be here in no time."
Andres / Garth xD: *He spun and slung the knife. It stabbed into the phone and stabbed it into the wall. He walked over and pushed her into the wall. His hand wrapping around her throat as he lifted her. His arm growing weak. He reached for the knife.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: A loud gasp came from her. She turned to glare at the man but suddenly felt herself being pushed. Suddenly, She felt herself being choked. Ana gripped his hand with hers and dug her nail into them. "Let me go." She struggled lightly to say those words. Ana kicked his injured leg. Hopefully this would make him let her go.
Andres / Garth xD: *He snarled in pain and collapsed screaming in pain. Blood flowing from his leg. The knife beside him. He grabbed his leg screaming loudly still. This was a deep gun wound. It hurt very badly*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana kicked the knife away from him as she ran. His scream had hurt her ears. She had never heard someone scream so loudly. She suddenly stopped. Her kind heart made her. Should she go back? She did kick his injured leg. His screaming made her feel guilty. Ana shook her head. He tried to hurt her. She wasn't going to help him.
Andres / Garth xD: *He rolled over and started to pull his body towards her. He stood up and grabbed a table leg breaking it. He started to walk at her another knife in his hands. He felt like a horror movie killer*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana saw him move. She watched as he grabbed a knife and walk towards her. "Shit." She muttered. Ana had begun to run once again. She opened the door to one of the rooms and locked it shut. Slowly, She began to step away from the door. Her heart beating faster with each moment. (i 'I don't want to die.')
Andres / Garth xD: *He kicked the door down and then a small yelp was heard. He fell face first. Her little brother behind him a metal baseball bat in his hands with blood on it.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Her heart stopped. The door fell and he was there infront of her. (i 'I'm going to die.') She thought in despair. That was until she saw her younger brother. He saved her for a few moments. "Get over here." She told her brother as he did what she asked. Ana grabbed the bat from him and pushed her younger brother into the closet. "Don't you dare open this door." She told him before she stood and held the bat infront of her.
Andres / Garth xD: *He was limp. Blood pooling around his carcass. He looked dead. His knife still grasped in his hand. He was still awake. He was in alot of pain. He leaped forward from his tiny spot the knife aiming for her foot.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana walked towards the male to see if he was dead. He did look as if he was. Slowly, Ana pressed the bat against his back. She watched as he moved with the knife in his hand. She jumped back and fell. Her foot a few inches from where he had stabbed. Ana picked up the fallen bat and hit his hand with it.
Andres / Garth xD: *He screamed in pain then rolled over and kicked the wall. He screamed jumping around he stopped.* "I'll be good just don't report me!" *He said through tears of pain*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana held the bat just incase he hurt her. His screaming made her flinch. "How Can I trust you?!" She yelled. "You just tried to kill me." She glared at the male as she walked back slightly.
Andres / Garth xD: "How can I prove I'll be good!" *He shouted through tears. His screams sided inside of him as he now stood up and limped over to the couch and laid down. He didn't care if she killed him. His pain very hard to bear*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana watched his eyes. He seemed sincere. With a sigh, Ana walked over to the close and looked at her brother. "Go home Alex. And Don't tell mom about this." She gave him a serious gaze. Scared, He nodded and ran out back. Ana walked to where the man had been and stood infront of him. "I'll let you stay." She told him. She knew this was crazy but her kindness got to her. "If you try something, I'll call the cops immediately."
Andres / Garth xD: "Ok, I swear I'll be good" *He said. He soon fell into a deep sleep. His face soft. His eye patch fell off. Showing his right eye. It was an eye lid. Sewed shut and a small hall in his eye lid. Showing nothing but a black hole. He had a right eye. Just a black pupil and a bad seeing problem in it*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: He watched as he fell asleep. With a sigh, She cleaned the blood off him once again. His eyes made her shiver. Quickly, She placed the eye patch over it again. 'I'll hurt him next time he tries something.' She thought angrily. Yet She knew she wouldn't be able too.
Andres / Garth xD: *He knew his eye was bad and the special eye patch had a small sensor on the front for the hole. It shown him the world in infrared, night vision, and many others. His eye never slept.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. She sat on the chair near the couch. She placed her feet on the Coffee table and leaned back against the chair. She flipped to a channel where there was a movie playing. With a sigh, She watched with slight boredom.
Andres / Garth xD: [g2g ^^]
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: [[ bye ^^ ]]
Andres / Garth xD: *He stirred awake slowly and got up. He winced in pain as he stood. The wounds were hurting very badly.* "Thank you. Very much again" *He said as he moved slowly towards the bathroom. He stared into the mirror. He was created to be a hitman. The eye piece proved it.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana had closed her eyes. She felt so exhausted of the days events. She caught the sound of moving and slowly turned her gaze towards him. She watched him walk towards the bathroom and sighed. Once he came back, She gazed at him. "You shouldn't move to much."
Andres / Garth xD: *He looked at her and set back down.* "Can I tell you something?" *He asked as he looked at her. He removed the eye patch and and pulled the wire out. He opened his other eye. It was black all the way. He smiled.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: "What is it?" Ana looked at him curiously. She noticed what he was doing and immediately turned her gaze towards the wall. A small shiver ran up her spine. "Could you not do that?" She asked in a terrified voice. "It scares me."
Andres / Garth xD: "What? My eye?" *He asked as he pulled the patch back on.* "You think I wanted to be a hitman right?" *He asked and looked at her. He could see through her pain.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: She nodded. "Yes, Your eye." She slowly gazed at him once the eye patch was on. "Yes. Why else would you go along with it if you didn't want to be?" She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him lightly.
Andres / Garth xD: "In this eye patch I become the perfect killer. I was found by a man name Dr. Ellen Coe Jr. He gave me this and told me to kill anyone I was asked to or it would implode. Meaing I go boom" *He said as a tear rolled down his cheeks.* "My eye was temperamentally seal inside my head so I can't see out of it. After my 100th target I get a new eye"
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana's eyes grew wide. He killed people so he wouldn't get killed himself. That must be horrible. Ana stood from her spot and walked towards him. She sat next to his and gently wiped the tear from his eye. "So, Your not a bad person?" She asked him quietly.
Andres / Garth xD: "Not normally. I was made to be able to do unhuman things" *He said looking over his body.* "One more" *He said then sighed as he rubbed his arm*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana gazed at him thoughtfully. "Are there others like you?" She asked him curiously. "One more?" She tilted her head. Ana gazed at him slightly confuzed. "You have to kill one more?"
Andres / Garth xD: "No and yeah. One more" *He said. as he looked at his list in his pocket. 200 names on it. 99 marked out. Hers was at the middle. 1 away from being the next target*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: "Hm." Ana leaned back against her seat. She was now lost in thought for a few minutes. "Oh yeah." Ana turned to him before she stood. "You hungry?"
Andres / Garth xD: *He shook his head as he set still. She wasn't far from being his target. He was glad for that*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: "Well then, Nevermind." Ana laughed lightly as she rubbed her neck. "Well, Are you tired?" She tilted her head as she stretched her stiff muscles.
Andres / Garth xD: *He shrugged and laid down his head on her lap. He wanted to get comfy*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana sighed and closed her eyes briefly. She opened them back up once she felt him lay on her lap. She blinked a few times and looked down at him. With a sigh, Ana shifted lightly and leaned her head back. She closed her eyes and let him lay on her lap.
Andres / Garth xD: *He soon drifted back off. His dreams haunting. He shot up in pain. He ripped the eye patch off and slung it. A voice echoed* (R Garth.....OBEY ME Kill her!) *He looked at it and panicked. He stood still. (I She helped me. He can kill me......) *He grabbed the patch and pointed it at the paper. She was two away from his target. He left the room and out the door walking towards his next target*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana was asleep through the whole episode of his. Her mind clear of thoughts and her breathing soft. After a few minutes or hours. She woke up from her sleep. Ana noticed that he was gone. She shrugged her shoulders and walked towards her room. Maybe he left. Maybe he wouldn't come back. With another shrug, She fell on her bed and fell asleep.
Andres / Garth xD: [g2g]
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: [[ Bye ^^ ]]
Andres / Garth xD: *He walked to the persons house. With a knock he head the door began to open. He pulled out the pistol he stole from a farmer and sent a bullet through the door and through the man. He slung the gun and ran off. He pulled some paper and a pen out. He began to write.* (R I will be gone for about 2 months. I want to thank you very much and for taking care of me. I hope your life is well till I come back and can repay) *He tacked it to her door* [Wanna timeskip till then??]
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: [[ Sure ^^ ]]
Once morning came, Ana looked around the house for the man. "Where is he?" She muttered to herself. Ana opened her front door to look out. Seeing nothing, She turned to see a note. Ana carefully read what it had said and sighed. "Oh well." She muttered once again and went in to make some breakfast for herself.
Andres / Garth xD: *It had been two months since he was here. His face normal and his eyes a normal shade of blue. He knocked on the door and stepped in. He looked around.* "Hello anyone home?" *He asked loudly*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana had been laying on the couch in the living room. Her whole body felt sore. She had been planting in her garden the whole day. Ana opened her eyes slowly and sat up to look around. "Hello?" She called out, confused at who it might have been.
Andres / Garth xD: *He smiled and walked to her. He set on her stomach $1000 dollars and smiled.* "I owe you" *He said looking her in the eyes with a smile.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Her eyes widened at the sight of him. She looked down at what he set on her stomach and her eyes grew wider. She couldn't speak. He looked different. He actually came back here. Ana looked back up at him and finally spoke in stuttered words. "Y-You actually came back?"
Andres / Garth xD: "Or course...I don't lie.....Much" *He said laughing and crept around and set down beside her and gave her a hug.* "I'm a free man. All charges were dropped on me as I got them man who did this tome arrested. But I'm still on watch"
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: She was still shocked. His appearance was still a great surprise to her. "So, You don't have to kill anymore?" She shivered lightly when he hugged her. It felt weird. But, Also nice. Slowly, She hugged him back. She pulled away and gently placed a hand on his cheek. "You look so different."
Andres / Garth xD: "My eye was transplanted so. I can see now" *He said with a smile. He grinned as he looked her in the eyes. He felt new. It took him a few days to get here. Walking for 3 days were hard*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: "Wow." She muttered softly. Shaking her head, Ana leaned back and stretched. "Are you hungry?" She grabbed his hand and stood. She then pulled him into the kitchen and set him down on the chair.
Andres / Garth xD: "Boy am I" *He said laughing lightly and blushed when she touched his hand. His smile was wide as he set down.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: He was different also. Maybe because he was free. She liked it though. Ana placed some pasta she made on a plate and set it down in front of him. She the set down a glass of water too. Ana sat in the seat across from him and leaned towards Garth. "Where did you go anyways?"
Andres / Garth xD: *He smiled* "To report the man. The lady I was suppose to kill I ordered a cop protection on her so" *He said laughing*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: Ana leaned her head on her hand and gazed at him thoughtfully. "Well, Thats nice of you." She stated. "In a way." She said as an afterthought. Curiously, She tilted her head and gazed into his eyes. "Who was the lady?"
Andres / Garth xD: "I don't know" *He said with a laugh then kept eating slowly as it was very good.*
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: "Hm." With a shrug, Ana stood from her spot and yawned lightly. "I'll be in the living room." She walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "So, If you need some, You know where I am." With that, She walked out of the kitchen and layed herself on her couch.
Andres / Garth xD: [g2g]
TsukikoHamino / Ana Marguerite: [[ bye =] ]]

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