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Roleplay - House of Miracles *New* Please Join by Matt Thorn / Oz

-p (bold Welcome to a world where just being you is never enough)
Everyone has a place to belong. Everyone has a place that they escape to. Everyone has a place they can go to when they need a safe place to hide.
For some, this place is imaginary, solely a place they retreat to in their mind. For others, it’s a physical place they return to time after time.
People without a place to retreat to, without places, things or people to support them snap. Men, women, children, all without ties to support them, will fall apart.
Some of them continue to spiral downward, forever worsening. Some find support in those around them. Some are sent to (bold The Sunrise Hostel.)
-p Welcome to the (bold Sunrise Hostel.)
(I Run by Doctors, Psychologists and Teachers. Funded by a man only known to few of the people who run the hostel.)
Many find themselves there by pure accident, others seek the place out- some are even sought out by the Institution, but for what reasons, no one is quite sure.
But they all go to the Sunrise Hostel for one thing- to get (I better). Some seem to, some are too far lost (but the Sunrise Hostel is proud to state that they will never give up on a person, so long as that person continues to fight) and some are never seen again.
Those who went of their own accord are free to leave at any time, though they are suggested to stay until they are `better` or `cured`. Those who were put in the Hostel (by family, friends, or their doctor) cannot leave until given permission by Head of House (Dr. Sanders.)

Roleplay Details

-p (I Other info;)
The one’s who vanish are taken away to be experimented on- and those sought out by the Institution have something very special about them. I’ll only be taking a few others who were sought out by the Institute, so it’s first come first serve. Though just because you don’t start out as `special` (an ability to control an element, become invisible, etc, just try and be original about it.)
(bold Rules;)
No God moding
At least a paragraph in length, please XD
Violence is welcomed
Romance is also welcomed, but no cybering.
And please Enjoy.
If you’d like to join, please fill in this form;
Reason for being at the Sunrise Hostel; (illness mental/physical, and if you admitted yourself, or were admitted, whether against your will or not, or if you were sought out by the Institute)
Background; (just a few lines will be fine)
-p Characters
Name: Chloe Child
Age: 16
Reason for being at the Sunrise Hostel: After an incident at her school Chloe was sent to the Sunrise Hostel, and diagnosed as schizophrenic.
Background: As a child Chloe had always seen ghosts, she’d been able to talk to them since she could talk, probably before she could talk. When she was starting to have nightmares her mother gave her a necklace with a white stone in the center, she said it would stop the nightmares, and it did, for awhile. The day “mother nature” came calling wasn’t the only life changing event, yet she was a woman but suddenly she could see ghost. It all started on the day that Chloe saw her first ghost since she was a child—and the ghost saw her.
Now there are “ghosts” everywhere and they won't leave her alone. To top it all off, she somehow got herself locked up in Sunrise Hostel, a "special home" for troubled teens.
Name; Matt Thorn
Age; 17
Reason for being at the Sunrise Hostel; Sought out by the Institute, and then admitted for DID (Split personality)
Background; Matt spent much of his childhood in hospital, fighting for his life, and even some of his early teen years in and out of hospital. The strain on him and his family caused his parents to divorce, the whole family to fall into debt, and sent his best friend spiralling into depression.
She admitted herself into the Sunrise Hostel two years ago, and seems to have vanished into thin air subsequently. Since her disappearance, Matt developed DID, and was gladly admitted himself into the Sunrise Hostel to try and find out what happened to her.
The miracle? Since developing DID, gradually, not only is there now a physical change when the other identity takes over, but every time his other personality surfaced, the cancer that would have taken his life vanished, bit by bit.
And if anyone would like to join as the friend Matt is searching for, that’d be awesome- but she’d have to be withdrawn, quiet- maybe unable to remember her life before- as if she’s turned into someone else, and she would obviously have some sort of ability or some such, as a result of vanishing for so long and being experimented on.


Oz / Matt Thorn: (I Well, really gotta hand it to me. This is the most stupid thing I have (bold ever) done. What the hell was I thinking? Riding in here like there’d be any evidence to where she went. Like getting myself in the same situation would help me find her.) Matt Thorn sat on the stairs leading to the second floor of the Sunrise Hostel- secluded and keeping to himself (he was quiet, and had always been- maybe it was a lack of confidence, or just a lack of experience with people who weren’t Doctors trying to save his life or people in his ward who were dying. Honestly, he was in a little over his head.)
(I So maybe I’m better off here.) He (I knew) he shouldn’t be thinking that way, but he also knew he should be living his life- making up for lost time, making mistakes, making friends and having (I fun.) His cancer had been cured once, by some miracle (his Mother had said it was God, but losing his hair a few years ago had kind’ve knocked all the faith out of him. It’d grown back, but his faith hadn’t.)
But here he was- the weird one in a home for the weird (but maybe he was only weird because he didn’t try and speak to anyone.) Standing, he brushed his hands on his jeans weakly, and looked around- the hall was quiet, as was the Hostel (it was called a hostel, but it was more a prison to those who had been put there... it wasn’t (I bad) exactly, but he felt like he was still in hospital, and by Christ, it’d been a (I year) since he’d made the full recovery, so shouldn’t he be out? Living life before it was taken away again?)
It annoyed him- but he knew it was his only shot to find one of the few friends he had managed to make (and keep) when he spent half his time in the hospital, and the rest of his time on the way to the hospital, throwing up or being followed around by his Mother.
Even if he wasn’t in here, he knew it wouldn’t be much better (infact, his Mother would likely be even worse. Between dissolving into tears because he’d survived cancer only to inherit some weird split-personality that actually changed his physical appearance, to that his mother almost hadn’t recognised him- apparently, anyway. He never remembered anything when his `other` took over) and at least here, he had some slim chance of finding the friend he’d lost.
<< Neh, it’s short, but I just wanted to get my intro up XD
That sounds pretty cool- I’ll have a look for the book next time I’m down at the library >>
Serenedrama / Chloe Child: ((Sorry don't really know what to write....))
Goofy clutched at her chest she walked into the house, the stares of the keepers and the other kids drilled a hole in her body. Their hot inquisitive gaze made her uneasy. Eyes following the sea of faces taken in at a glance, running over bodies and people that she was to live with now. Her cool blank and deep pool of a gaze landed on a nurse in what looked to be an outdated uniform. Chloe’s mouth opened and closed like a fish struggling to breathe air after being pulled out of the lake. Blinking furiously she looked away, her eyes kept leading her back to the young blond in a bob like they were drawn back with a magnet. Breathing beginning to hitch and turn labored she pushed all focus on breathing, acting normal. (I nothings wrong, nothings wrong. I don’t really see that….)
it was a mantra she repeated all to much. But that’s what this place is supposed to fix right.
Having been lead down the hall, she clutched her goofy closer to her like a kids security blanket. Her eyes took another glance to where that outdated nurse was to land on nothing but a bland pale blue wall. (thank god) turning back to the woman leading her, her relived gaze met that nurses as she stood before her. With a scream Chloe flung herself out of the way of hitting the woman.
“Ah ha! You do see me!” the woman shouted joyously!
Muttering to herself tears ran down her pale cheeks as she huddled herself in a ball at the wall. The attendants came to her, shouting at one another as the other kids laughed at her humiliations.
That was the last thing she remembered from her first night arriving, after that it was all blank and black. Since then she hasn’t “seen” or “heard” from anything that isn’t there. She takes her pills like a good girl, and nothing like that would happen.
Oz / Matt Thorn: << That’s great- sorry my first post didn’t give you much to work with >>
Frustrated (and feeling a little sick, which he’d taken to assume meant that his `other` would have taken over, had it not been for the medication or constant stream of nurses and doctors watching every patients every move. Matt wasn’t exactly bitter about the `other`, it might have saved his life, but he also didn’t know what the `other` was like, and he was more comfortable with the idea of the `other` being suppressed, and only ever coming out in a Hostel, where he could hopefully do little damage.)
Climbing the stairs slowly, he wandered the Hostel (mostly keeping his head down and trying to avoid eye contact. When he had first arrived, he’d openly stared at everyone, until he was repeatedly told staring was rude and he shouldn’t do it- a simple enough fact, that everyone seemed to know. Unfortunately, it was another of the little things he’d missed learning.)
He was fully aware that when the `other` did make it through, fighting medication and will power and risking a heavier dose, he was an active, animated young man – making friends with ease that made Matt a little sick. He only knew this much because when he got control back, anyone he was around would often ask where Thorny was. (Why the `other` would call himself Thorny, he wasn’t entirely sure. How he knew Matt’s last name, he didn’t know either, but he doubted it was a coincidence.)
That definitely made him feel physically ill (and maybe a little jealous) that the `other` (a personality born from stress, depression, and the knowledge of a fast approaching death) would make friends with ease. Lost in his own world, he bumped into one of the less friendly nurses- apologising and moving away quickly, he was relieved only when the nurse continued on her way.
Everyone here got watched enough by the nurses and doctors that drawing attention to one’s self became something akin to a nightmare (for Matt, at least. But maybe he was just socially damaged.)
Rubbing the back of his neck, his pace was slow and it was obvious he had no destination in mind (he didn’t really understand why all the patients were woken by 8am- what the hell was there to get up (I for)?) He slowed to a stop- puzzled briefly by the flash of red he’d seen as he glanced around- before realising it was a girl. (I Idiot. What else was it gonna be? Other than a boy, I guess. But they don’t let the guys grow their hair that long.)
Blinking as he openly stared at the girl (he’d never (I seen) hair that red before... but he guessed that didn’t really count for much) his eyes slipped to the side as he recalled the lesson about staring (it was almost an obsessive thing, the way he tried to memorise the way everyone he met looked like, and he wasn’t sure why he did it- just knew it was what he’d done for a long time, and was somehow comforting.) “Um, hi.” He lifted his hand in a vague mockery of a wave and a weak smile tugged at his lips. “How are you?” He’s a bundle of nervous twitches and habits- scratching his wrist one minute, shifting his stance the next, then rubbing the back of his neck or raking a hand through his hair, and now that he’s conscious again of the fact that it’s rude to stare, he’s barely looking at her for more than a second or two at a time. “I’m- I’m Matt.”
He isn’t shy, not exactly, socially damaged might be a better way of describing it, because it has nothing to do with his confidence (one thing he’s never doubted is himself, even when he probably should) and he’s always tried to be outgoing (because he often found himself feeling alone, so when there was the chance, he always tried to reach out to people) so he’s clingy and a little socially stupid. But his nervous twitches have eased a little, and as long as the girl doesn’t scream or throw anything at him, he thinks that the nervous twitches and movements will stop completely. He just has to resist the urge to bolt until that happens.

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