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Roleplay - Just Fun by Larcial / ForestShadow325

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Must be like an average lifestyle, and must pertain to the situation when you post. Swearing allowed, Mild Violence allowed,Romance allowed, Character ages from 13 to 21 Preferably to keep as an average lifestyle. Literate - Semi-Literate


ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Anyone want to join?
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<May I join?>>
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: sure, nice pic btw
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<Thanks^^>>
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: "So what kind of rp do you want to do?"
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<I'm not sure, whatever is fine by me>>
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Well whats your favorite neko rp type?
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<Anything really, though if I had to chose, I would say a gifted neko rp>>
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol like what?
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<lol, i have no idea>>
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: XD ok then, you like college? i have an idea about it if you do
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<yeah, sure^^>>
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Well i could let you be a popular girl, and i could be a loner and either fall in love with you or you can fall in love with me
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<Hmmm, i like it, you could fall in love with me if you like>>
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol thats fine, you post first.
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<Alright>>
Lynn sat silently with a group of friends under the shade of a rather large tree that stood to the left wall of the entrance to the college building. She laughed softly and pushed her dark hair away from her blue eyes as she stretched her slender arms over her chest and leaned back agaisnt the strong bark of the old oak. Her black neko ears twitched a bit as the wind blew around her and brought the sounds of other conversations that were happening, towards her. Lifting her head as she heard others call her name, she lifted a hand and calmly waved at them in greeting, giving them kind smiles before returning her attention back to her friends. Her black tail gently wrapped around her waist as she chatted with her close friends and waited for the classes to begin.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Kalial jumped from tree to tree, his strong legs and shrap reflexes an easy reminder that he was not fully human. He jumped on top of a stone wall and stopped. He looked down and there were a group of the poopular girls under him by the old oak tree. He looked at the silently before flicking his coal black tail and ear, ajusting his black coat, and jumping away towards the roof of the school.
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: Lynn flickered her ears and glanced up in time to see a dark shape of a neko jump towards the school roof. She blinked and tilted her head slightly to one side but didn't have much time to think about it because at that time everyone started to head in for classes. Sighing, Lynn stood up and waved good-bye at her friends before separating from them and heading down the hallway to her history class. Her uncurled her tail from around her waist and flickered the tip of it as she walked into her classroom and headed for her seat in the middle of the classroom.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Kalial jumped onto the roof and said hello to his only friend at the school, who also happened to be a delinquent. "What's up with you this morning?" He asked, grabbing a cigarette from his buddy. "It's not like you to come this early." His friend mumbled a reply, after Kalial finished his cigarette, he headed to his first class. "See ya man," He said ashe closed the door to the roof. He jumped down between the flights of stairs to the ground level, then headed for his first class. He slid the door open,completely ignoring the teachers questions of why he was late on the first day of the new semester. He sat down in a rear corner seat and stared at the rest of the class with his piercing dark blue eyes.
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: Lynn glanced back at him before looking away and pushing her hair gently away from her face as she turned her attention back to the teacher and what he was saying. Her tail lay on her lap gently and her ears were perked forward, listening to every word the teacher said. At least one black neko ear was, the other was angled slightly to the side, as she listened to a group of friends talk to her left. She smiled slightly at their conversation and rolled her eyes but said nothing at all.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Kalial watched as a girl in the middle of the class, very similar to the girl he saw this morning. He rolled his eyes and thought about what he was gona eat for lunch. He didn't really care. He heard a few gils in the middle talking about him. He could't hear exactly what they were saying, but he knew it wasnt good. When the bell rang he got up and jumped out the window, heading up a floor to his next class. He went through the next three hours boringly, filling out paper work and work. He headed for lunch after the fourth period class was over and grabbed a tray. he put it on the counter and grabbed a stray piece of strong wood, and jumped up into the rafters of the cafeteria. It was nice, cool and private. he also didnt have to worry about anything bothering him. He jumped back down and got a small table noone ever used and 4 chairs that went with it and brought them up on top of the wood, then sat down and started to eat.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: (what time is it by you?)
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: (night i got to go, ill post when i get home tomarow)
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<Sorry bout that, its 11:44 pm over here>>
Lynn sat down in a table filled of friends once she had gotten her lunch. She yawned softly and stretched her arms gently over her head before she began to talk with her friends and eat calmly. College life for her was nice, better than high school any day. She had more freedom and had become popular in a heart beat after she had come here, she didn't mind that much, instead she enjoyed having tons of friends, yet always remained wary at times. Tying back her hair, she gently leaned her chin onto her up drawn hand and paid attention to the conversation going on in the table with a small flicker of her ears.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: its ok, im an hour behind you, i have a few more mins) Kalial looked at the people below him. "whats that?" He wondered, seeing an odd man outside the cafateria outer entrance. He saw somthing glint and crouched at the edge of the wood. He saw the man walk up to a table of girls and pull a gun, "No one move!" He yelled and everyone stopped as he grabbed the girl he had seen in the first period. "I'm gona have a phone call for 500 thousand dollars, or this girls not gona have a life any more." Kalial silently jumped from rafter to rafter, getting his way to behind the man, then silently dropped behind him. As he dropped behind him, the man realized he was here and tried to shoot him. Kalial grabbed the gun, but too late, he shot and the bullet went through his arm, missing him mostly. He broke the mans gun hand and knocked him out. As the teachers were rushing in, he made sure the girl was ok, then sat down to rest his arm.
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: Lynn twitched her ears and slowly relaxed her tense body, talking calmly to her friends and assuring them and the teachers she was just fine. Turning her gaze to where the boy that had saved her was, she headed over to him and stopped in front of him offering him a light smile as she said in her calm and soft tone of voice "Thank you". She frowned slightly when she saw the wound on the boy's arm and leaned down slowly, gently reaching over and grabbing his arm to look at the wound as she added "You should get that looked at". Her black ears twitched as she said those words.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Kalial's ears went back a bit, he had been expecting her to yell or hit him, telling him he wasn't wanted like everyone else did. He was the outcast of the school, even if it hadn't been his choice. "Your welcome," he mumbled, not looking at her. He heard on of her friends come up, "Lynn, what are you doing talking to HIM, He's not any body you should be associated with. He's trash and should be with the rest like him,." Kalial bared his fangs at her as he stood up, He jumped back into the rafters, arm still bleeding, and wound up passed out a few minutes later.
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: "Guys, that wasn't nice. Come on, what does it matter if he's not popular" Lynn snapped truly annoyed with them now. "If you don't like me talking to him, then I'm sorry but I won't stop just cause he's not like us". Following the boy up into the rafters, Lynn headed over to the passed out boy and sighed softly. Quietly using her teeth to tear her shirt sleeve off, she gently wrapped the wound in the sleeve to stop the bleeding and gently moved over to pillow the boy's head on her lap and make him slightly more comfortable until he woke up.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol your so nice) Kalial woke up with his head punding and slightly dizzy, he opened his eyes to see a girls face smiling down at him. He slowely took in his surroundings with his pounding head. He had torn up the muscles in his arm, which had been rapped. he had passed out from blood loss, and a pretty girl was keeping him from bleeding to death. "Where....Who are you?" He asked quietly, keeping his eyes closed because of the pain. He kept his ears pricked in case she moved or aanything. He didn't want to fall, so he kept his hand on the hem of her skirt to keep an idea of the ledge's location. In his condition, he would't be able to recover before hitting the ground.
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: <<lol, thanks>>
"My name is Lynn and your on some rafters" Lynn responded gently, twitching her ears and the tip of her tail that lay gently on the boy's shoulder. "You passed out up here a little while ago" Lynn added, blinking down at him with a small smile on her face. She was worried about the boy and knew he had to get his arm looked at by the nurse, but for now she knew he was as safe as he would ever be. Listening to what was going on below and around them, she angled her ears into different directions calmly but kept her eyes on the boy.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Kalial was afraid he was going to be snuck up on and he was really twitchy. He would have run already if he could see, but every time her went to open his eyes, the pain was so intense he couldnt take it. "Wel....how am i gona get down?" Kalial was afraid of what the other students might do to him in his condition. They only didnt mess with him because he could fight back. But without seeing, he was practically bait. "I....I don't think i can make it out of here." He felt her tail on his shoulder and elt a bit better, at least he wouldn't fall to the wolves below that way.
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: "I'll help you, don't worry" Lynn said gently, she calmly lifted one of his arms up and placed it around her shoulders before wrapping her other arm around his waist and jumping off the rafter's with him landing gently below. Ignoring the murmurs and disbelieving conversation of the popular people, Lynn walked past the group, twitching her ears ever so often. "Just stay calm" she said quietly, helping him stand up as she headed out of the cafe and down the hall towards the nurse's office. She could care less what others said, as long as the boy was alright, that was all that mattered.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: Kalial knew what was going to happen even before the nurse finished looking at him, his arm would be fine, but for some reason, he had a condition called Light Blindness. Its where light is taken in so intense, even he tiniest is extremely painful. He rapped a black bandage around his eyes and sat brooding in the corner, not knowing what to do anymore. He rmemembered the scent he had smelled on the way here. It had been so relaxing so soothing. He remembered the last thing he had seen, was a beautiful girl. He wondered where she was. He liked the scent tho, it had calmed him down when he walked blindly through the crowd.
tabbyscar / Lynn Crossheart: Lynn talked to the nurse for a few moments, making sure the boy was really alright before she headed over to his side and sat down beside him. "You sure you're alright?" she asked, tilting her head slightly to one side and watching him closely. He seemed fine by her, except for his eyes, but there was nothing she could do about that.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: "I....I don't know what im going to do." Kalial felt completely helpless. Truth was not only was he skiny, but he was probably shorter by about 2 inches than this girl and also younger by a few months to a year. He clung softly to her tail as though it were the only thing he could trust. In all truth, he was scared. In his mind, the only thing he knew for certain was her tail. He also knew that the girl beside him might be the only person in the world that cared for his well being. "Thanks tho. But i don't want you to be seen with me alot, it'l be bad for you."
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: hey moring
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: its ur post hun))

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