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Roleplay - Change the future? -New- (Needs 2 guys and other ppl) by Lil_Niia / Niia

(I I met him on the 6th of September. It was the first day of high school. He was the boy everyone loved. I was the poor nice girl everyone would look past. As I was about to walk down the stairs to my class someone pushed me dropping my books all over the floor and almost tripping me. Luckily He caught me before I fell.)
-p Ever since that day Niia and Jared both knew they wanted to be with each other for as long as possible. After high school had finished they went off to separate colleges with hopes to still be in love after. Once they had finished getting their B.A in college they met up and got back together.
-p Months after they married he got called off to war. There was nothing he could do so he went. As for Niia she had hopes that he would return. Days, Months and 2 years had passed, yet she got no word from him. Two weeks after she got a call. Jared had died.
-p Devastated Niia had to find some way to get him back. Luckily for her she lived next to a man who had just made a traveling device.
-p (I “The traveling device is to be used only once to fulfill one purpose. Once that purpose is fulfilled the person using it will return to their time. But be careful, Time will skip when it should.) said the man before he left Niia take it.
-p Now Niia is back in the past. The only problem is, it took her farther than she excepted, Elementary school. Even worse, It trapped her in her own body at that time.
-p Stuck in her own body how will Niia get Jared back?
-p Like the old saying goes changing something in the past will change the future. Niia will learn that the hard way..
-p Starts off on the 5th day of 2nd grade

Roleplay Details

No god mode
No cyber
fill out skeleton
-p Skeleton
-p Characters
Niia (me): Taken
Best friend (has to be a guy):


Niia / Lil_Niia: <..anyone..>

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