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Roleplay - Hang Out by Emily Satine / Tina123

Here you could hang out and there are (bold NO RULES) you can do whatever you want.

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Sparkey / Spark: hi
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Hello.
Tina123 / Sharney: Hi
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Nice pic
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: hey
Tina123 / Sharney: you are talking to me or him ?
Tina123 / Sharney: Oh hi Kailal!
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: is that a real picture?
Tina123 / Sharney: Of what ?
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: ur pic, is it of you?
Tina123 / Sharney: yes
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: O.O i know you i have ur pic from a while back, i just never remembered you XD i htink it was before i moved here
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Wow your cute.
Tina123 / Sharney: really ?
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: yep, i deleted it earlier when i had to dump my hard drive, but i definitly remember it.
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Yes!
Tina123 / Sharney: I think you are mistakening me Kailal
Tina123 / Sharney: I don't know you
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: really? i definitly remember your picture, i might have it still but i doubt it. I just dont remember when the last time we talked was
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: im trying to think of where i might have met you
Tina123 / Sharney: Dude , i live in Australia.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: i talk to people from all over the world, i didn't mean met you in person. lol i ment tty before. i just dont know where.
Tina123 / Sharney: oh like around here in ES ?
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: LOl okay..
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: no i joined this a few days ago, i was thinking maybe imvu, or myspace or somhing like that, i get on there from time to time and tt randome people
Tina123 / Sharney: I'm sorry for not putting attention on what you said Michelle , thanks for calling me cute.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: i am pretty good at rp tho, my friend told me about this place cause he said i have a good imagination for writing cause i write poetry ad i finished my book
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: yeh man forgot to say hey btw sry
Tina123 / Sharney: oh nice!
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: yeh. do you have any of those? imvu or what not. it might have been from there
Tina123 / Sharney: Damn , i let the cutie go away darn it !
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: It is okay you guys are in a middle of a conversation.
Tina123 / Sharney: I have an IMVU but i erased it.
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol poor you
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: that might be why we havnt talked for so long
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: if thats where we met
Tina123 / Sharney: maybe but do you know what my name is ? Just checking you are not mistaking me
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol i just said i dont remember you by name i just recognised your picture, and if thats you then i tty b4 cause i got that picture from an email you sent me
Tina123 / Sharney: Michelle Johnson is a hottie and he left the OCC Dx
Tina123 / Sharney: Ohhh
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: XD
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Who left what
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol if you give me a hint i might remember, im fairly decent with names. i might recognise it or somthing. Maybe il have a divine intervention or w/e
Tina123 / Sharney: don't put ( XD )is like laughing Dx
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: hey man wb to the convo
Tina123 / Sharney: Oh nothing , i was just talking s***
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol
Tina123 / Sharney: I wonder if thats his real picture because if it is.. DAMN he is hot
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: LOL
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: I still cant get a picture of me, i havnt gotten a digital camera or anything it sucks. you gona give me tht hint?
Tina123 / Sharney: * Giggles * His a cutie
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol maybe you should get to know him
Tina123 / Sharney: I don't really want to talk about the hint , i'm distracted
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Whos a cutie hun?
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol well i have to go to bed, i transferred schools so i start at a new one tomarow, so ill go ahead to bed now, plus i feel like a third wheel, ill talk to yuo 2 later
Tina123 / Sharney: you * giggles *
Tina123 / Sharney: ok , bye !
ForestShadow325 / Kalial Shaidean: lol good luck
Tina123 / Sharney: ok
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Me*blushes* why thank you.
Tina123 / Sharney: lol yw
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Your sexy!
Tina123 / Sharney: if you say so , thanks!
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: =]
Tina123 / Sharney: Darn it! I went to sleep yesterday , sorry for letting you hanging there Michelle.
Tina123 / Sharney: Anyone here ?
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: it is okay but are you still here?
Tina123 / Sharney: yep
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Cool.
Tina123 / Sharney: I wonder if this guy is on.
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: What guy?
Tina123 / Sharney: you
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: And why do you wonder that?
Tina123 / Sharney: i don't know , i just wonder.
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: *pokes your cheek*
Tina123 / Sharney: * Is being poked in the cheek *
Why did you poke my cheek ? * giggles *
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Cause...lol
Tina123 / Sharney: Cause... ? * giggles again *
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: You have a cute giggle*smiles*
Tina123 / Sharney: Aww , thanks !
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Your welcome!
Tina123 / Sharney: * Kisses him in the cheek * Sorry i can't hold myself Xd
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: IT is okay* kissed her lips*
Tina123 / Sharney: * kisses him back *
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: *blushes*
Tina123 / Sharney: lol
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: =]
Tina123 / Sharney: :d
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: *pokes your stomach*
Tina123 / Sharney: * laughs *
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: *chuckles*
Tina123 / Sharney: You are wearing some nice close , i like it.
MichelleJohnso / Chase W.: Thank you I actually do have these clothes
Tina123 / Sharney: they look nice

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