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Roleplay - A roleplay mixed with video games(any type will do like pokemon, metroid, halo etc) by Lahral / Narutogeek

a roleplay when all video games meet

Roleplay Details

no one liners(must be at least 3 sentances or more)
no cybering
have fun
no godmodding must at least be able to get hurt


Narutogeek / Lahral: join]
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: IMA X-BOX36O!!!!! LOVE ME CAUSE I COST ALOT DAMNIT. Btw, I Support Online usage too! We can play Guitar Hero and Rock Band together just plug your guitar and band item's cords on the left side of my waist, Please be careful with my power button because if you turn me off in the middle of a game, I Won't be able to save your game data. -Big Puppy Eyes- Gomenasai Master. ;w; Don't hit me please! Also, Don't press too hard on my buttons and joy stick, I know you get excited but it hurts some times, But I Guess its okaii. Cause I'm built epically good, AND I Can take your rough moments when gaming, Just don't smack me if you loose. ;_; >3< Beeep-Booop! Please take good care of me! And Thank you for buying me instead of that !@#$ Wii-Tan. <3 Beep-boopboop! <3!
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: ok thats good now i need more]
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: **o.0 lol**
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: ok well you got any characters from a video game you want to use]
sandchild13 / Yuki Aono: *thinks about it* brb
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: ok and after i say i have to go i wont be back till next tuesday so you all know and broken is incharge when she is on and when broken is off yuki you are in charge]
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: Okaii, Have a safe trip~ Lets play together when you come back, DON'T LEAVE ME IN THE DUST DAMNIT. ;_; -HURRHURR- (( LOL Bai Bai~ ))
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: im not leaving yet i dont leave till tomorrow]
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: Oh. Thought you were leaving now. Why are you going btw? owo
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: funerl]
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: lol I feel so special i'm in charge XD
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: Oh my. :[ ...I'm sorry to hear that..Who's Death though..? ))
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: my grandad's]
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: Iknowright? ME TOO!
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: awwww *cries and huggles Naru-Sama* I'm so sorry Naru-Sama!
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: wow mine is maybe next monday for funerl]
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: Whut your funeral is next monday!? OMFG MATTY DON'T SUICIDE PLEASE!!! ;________;
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: i wont suicide but most likely i wont cry either and no not mine my grandad's]
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: o.0 you'd better freaking not lol if you do....i'll kill you o.o i'll find a way, trust me
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: amy from soul caliber]
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: well I didn't know/couldn't remember her name
so I renamed her
she's Kokoro-Chan, deal with it XD
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: gonna go sleep sleep now ^^ night night!
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: Oh. Phew. ...:[ Why won't you cry..You know, Its completely alright for a guy to shed tears. You are after all, Human..All emotions is what makes each and every human complete~! And I'm sorry..He must of been very important to you..I Know, Its hard to loose someone close to you in reality..I Have the luck of not having ment my grandma's and grandad's because I know if I Did I Would of lost a piece of my soul knowing the memories I have will never come back to me. But I Didn't know them when they died, I Still felt bad..But, It wasn't as bad as it could of been because I didn't have memories of them, And I Wasn't left with much to treasure if I never knew them..But, I Still do treasure the things of my grandma like my Swan lake snow glob that plays music..^^-
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: yes i know but when i found out he was sieing yesterday i never shed a tear i dont know why]
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: :< ...-Hugs Matty- I'ma sorry..;-;
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: *ish hugged and hugs back*its ok im just confused on why but i can get over it]
Narutogeek / CloudStrife: g2g bye]
BrokenPassion / XBOX 360 Tan: I Hope you do..I'm sure you'll understand..One day..Bai Bai~ :3
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: for the record, before I go to bed....
you say you didn't cry....
I say it was shock....
693vampire / sakura (dark side): (join :P)
Narutogeek / Ridley: sure why not got any video game characters]
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: **I'd love to have a game where you can play Dark Sakura XD**
693vampire / sakura (dark side): (hm i'll see)
diewithyou / .:Gaara of the Sand:.: :.asking to join.:
Narutogeek / Ridley: yeah sure got any video game characters]
diewithyou / .:Gaara of the Sand:.: Yeah Leon S. Kennedy for RE 4
Narutogeek / Ridley: ok he will do]
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: (ooookay)
Narutogeek / Chris Redfield rules: i have tons]
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: (wow, I thought Chris Died)
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: **but Gaara-Sama is a video game character.....techinically <.< >.> he appeared in most of the Naruto video games**
Narutogeek / Chris Redfield rules: true]
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: Yeah, but Leon has a gun and that makes me happy!! Kill the blasted ZOMBIES!!!
693vampire / unknown nija: (better ?)
Narutogeek / Chris Redfield rules: yeah good
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: Hell yeah!!
693vampire / unknown nija: lol
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: ^^
693vampire / unknown nija: ^_^
Narutogeek / Mr bubbles: yeah brb gonna get picture for this one
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: okay
693vampire / unknown nija: (um i changed my pic to my favorite person ^_^)
Narutogeek / Mr bubbles: Tira from soul caliber
693vampire / unknown nija: (HELL YEAH >:D)
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: duuuude shes hot!
693vampire / unknown nija: lol ^_-
Narutogeek / Dark nightmare: my favorite soul caliber character
693vampire / unknown nija: ahh he's amazing :D
Narutogeek / Dark nightmare: yeah im really good with him]
693vampire / unknown nija: hm i'm amazing with tira cause i love evil charaters >:D
Narutogeek / Ridley: i see]
693vampire / unknown nija: (lol)
Narutogeek / Ridley: yeah imma video game geek]
693vampire / unknown nija: same here :D
Narutogeek / Eliwood: who is this]
693vampire / unknown nija: eliwood from fire emblem
693vampire / unknown nija: (hey a made a rp if you wish to join Xxd)
Narutogeek / Eliwood: ok what is it]
693vampire / unknown nija: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/107345
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: Leon <3's Tira
693vampire / unknown nija: O_O
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: :D
693vampire / unknown nija: ^_-
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: :)
693vampire / unknown nija: =)
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: ;)
693vampire / unknown nija: meanie i'm not talkin to you =(
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: what did I do?? Oh Sakura was like kill me so Gaara was about to.. cuz you hiteted him
693vampire / unknown nija: lol i don't hate him silly i'm emo so i don't care much about stuff XD
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: Omg I <3 emo girls even though I am goth
693vampire / unknown nija: O_O wow i found someone like me cool :D
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: O_O wow!!
693vampire / unknown nija: lol
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: ^^
693vampire / unknown nija: ^^
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: do you have an msn?
693vampire / unknown nija: yeah ^_^
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: mines XsinX666@hotmail.com
693vampire / unknown nija: mines is
LilyWykkyd / Amethyst x: Join???
693vampire / unknown nija: someone has that charater and the owner is not here at the moment XD
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: Konichiwa :D how is everybody?
693vampire / unknown nija: ok i guess -.-"
LilyWykkyd / Amethyst x: ((KK well if I change my character could u ask the owner when they get back?))
693vampire / unknown nija: ok
693vampire / unknown nija: =( ok wat happed to to=he hot guy i was talking to
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: *raises hand* I'm one of the non official owners he appointed for when he wasn't on :D
Meido12 / ::Hinata::: ((Join? :3))
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: **yesh :3**
Meido12 / ::Hinata::: (:D Yay~ Thank you!)
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: **lol.
that's a video game picture, right?
I can't tell and that's what he wants XD**
Meido12 / ::Hidan::: (Its not from the accual Video game. But the Character is a Character. She's Midna from "Legend of Zelda Twilight princess")
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: **lol mmkai**
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: Can I join with this Character?
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: mm-hm ^^ looks kawaii
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: Yay...She's also from The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess game
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: heh looks like I need to play that game it seems good since so many people apparently like it
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: I love it! I'm on the desert level atm :P
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: lol I love Legend of Zelda but i've only played one
Meido12 / ::Hidan::: (<---feels like a dork* I completed it in 2 days after I got it l3)
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: **XD niceeeeeee *applauds* I salute you man**
Meido12 / ::Hidan::: (xD What can I say Im good at puzzle games like that! )
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: ((It took me ten mins to figure out how to get the cat...I then realised that I needed to catch 2 fish not 1...lol))
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: **lol nice.....thanks for the tip XD**
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: XD I have four Zelda games and I haven't completed any of them yet...I've nearly completed Ocarina Of Time and Wind Waker though
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: lol I never finished Ocarina of Time XD I couldn't get past the fishy part
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: lol...I completed it once using the cheats, I'm trying to complete it without them now...I hate using cheats
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: lol nice yeah same here though they do help a lot @_@
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: Yeah...Exept on Wind Waker...I used the cheats to get the Triforce...but it didn't unlock the area I had to go to next, so I was stuck :P
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: XD revenge!
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: Lol
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: *sighs* and she never tried cheats again.......
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: :P I haven't acctually played on Wind Waker for two weeks cz I've been on Twilight Princess...I must play on it soon :P and see if I can outsmart the cheats :P
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: lol
Narutogeek / Lahral: hey all im back]
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: heeeey
Narutogeek / Lahral: ello all]
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: wow I thought this died
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: no
owner was off
and nobody responded to me TT^TT
diewithyou / .:Leon S. Kennedy:.: Oh sorry to hear that
Narutogeek / Lahral: well sorry i was off go ahead and start]
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: is this acctually gonna start soon?
sandchild13 / Kokoro-Chan: I hope so
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: me 2
LilyWykkyd / Ilia Twilight: Should we just start anyway before this dies?

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