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Roleplay - 1x1?-closed- by Aroura / WillowRose

Aroura is the new girl in town, she's shy, nice and sweet but can be loud sometimes. She then meets a boy that hates her and picks on her for no reason? What happens when the boys starts falling inlove with her and vise versa?

Roleplay Details

violence yes
romance yes
cybering timeskip or take it to pms
godmodding no


WillowRose / Aroura: deleting the post in 5
Andres / Zack xD: [Join?]
WillowRose / Aroura: (sure ^^')
Andres / Zack xD: [Ok so you got a plot willow or does I have to make one?]
WillowRose / Aroura: ( i kindof got one but idk if you could be mean or not )
Andres / Zack xD: [Shoot lol i can be mean ^^]
WillowRose / Aroura: ( lolz okay here i don' wanna type it again but wait just one muinite)
Andres / Zack xD: [kk??]
WillowRose / Aroura: (okay what bout that?)
Andres / Zack xD: [You don't want to type it xD]
WillowRose / Aroura: (copy and paste my persona friend)
Andres / Zack xD: [lol so who starts?]
WillowRose / Aroura: (hrmm i'll post first)
Andres / Zack xD: [kk ^-^]
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura sighed softly looking around. She was new to this town and her parents kicked her out and made her look around the town for a while. She yawned sence she'd been to the park, starbucks,walmart and target, she was gonna head to the mall next.(brain dead sorry)
Andres / Zack xD: *He was walking around the mall. With a few of his friends. His hair slung over his face and his black shirt tight on his body. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of the black skinny jeans he wore. His phone bulking out of his left pocket and car keys in the other pocket. His back pocket containing a wallet.*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura muttered softly to herself looking up at the mall. She looked down at herself, black converse with a cool slpatter paint disgn that she did herself, skinny jeans and a over sized black jacket.(i i look horrible but oh well) She thought to her self and walked into the mall slowly looking down at her converse
Andres / Zack xD: *He saw her and thought she was hot. But looked like crap. He pointed her out to the others and started to laugh. They all started.* "Ahahahahahaaaaaaaa" *They were laughing really hard. His friend started to cough*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura looked at the kids then looked down at herself and frowned, then just shook her head walking into rue 21 and started to look at the stuff.
Andres / Zack xD: *One of the guys throw a fry at her and shouted at her* (R Get out of here freak!) *They laughed even he did. Another one threw a fry at her also.* (B No one wants you here freak!) *They fell down on there buts laughing. But Zack stood still laughing lightly at the humor*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura looked down then back up and frowned more then thouhgt for a second,(i jerks...mabey i should go...) She then shook her head and just kept looking at the clothes ignoring the stuff thrown at her. Taking out some money to count.
Andres / Zack xD: *They soon left when they were chased out by the mall cops. He sighed and started towards his car. It was right beside the door you would come out from leaving Rue 21*
WillowRose / Aroura: She sighed not having enough money and shook her head and walke d out bumping into some one and falling onto the floor,"im so sorry sir!" She said starting to get up.
Andres / Zack xD: *He got up and offered her a hand. He was nice. Just when he was around his friends. Not as nice but just calm and go with the flow. His smile wide*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura smiled and took his hand,"thanks" She said softly and dusted herself off. SHe looked up at him slightly then looked around
Andres / Zack xD: "Sorry about my friends and my action" *He said coolly then nodded his ado before turning around and opening his car door. He slid in closing the door. He started it as it let air out. It ran along his cheeks and face*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura looked down and shrugged before whispering to herself,"its okay?"She sighed softly brushing a strand of hair behind her ear. She then started walking towards the bad side of town where she lived.
Andres / Zack xD: *He drove off towards his house in the rich side of town. He saw the way she was going and sighed. She wouldn't last a month*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura yawned and then walked into her home to screaming and beer bottles bein thrown at her head. She dodged them then walked up to her room starting outof the window thinking bout running away
Andres / Zack xD: *He set in his room playing System of a down- Violent Pornography. His face dull as he looked out the window towards the bad part of town*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura yawned then sighed as she packed her small backpack with her cell phone, ipod, art stuff, a stuffed bear and some clothes then snuck down stairs stealing alot of money from her adoptive mom and dad then ran outta the house.
Andres / Zack xD: *He saw a small figure running down the road as he watched the person intently. His house was all alone in a huge courtyard. He watched it as it neared him*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura sighed collapsing on the ground tiredly looking back,"good im far enough away that they'd never find me, not like they'd do that anyway" She whispered softly to herself then got up and cept walking nearing the rich part of town. Aroura then stopped cauiously looking at the rich nieghborhood
Andres / Zack xD: *He looked at her and opened his window* "Need some help freak?" *He asked loudly laughing lightly. He was the richest one in town. Biggest house and all*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura looked up at the boy and frowned shaking her head, while breathing heavily. She looked back from where she ran and then back at the rich town not daring to step a foot in the nieghborhood.
Andres / Zack xD: "You need a place to rest?" *He shouted as he scrambled out and down the wall over to her. Wearing black basketball shorts and a black tank top.*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura looked at him confused but nodded slightly while bitting er lip gently. She looked around then looked up at the boy having to tilt her head sence she was so short.
Andres / Zack xD: *He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the side. He pointed out a way to climb up and started to climb up the side.* "Hurry" *He said as he was in his room.*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura nodded and slung her small old backpack over she shoulder and started to climb up fastly. She reached the top and sat on the window sill.
Andres / Zack xD: *He pulled her in and fell back her on top of him. His face turned a bright red as he pushed her off of him and acted like he didn't like it.* "Ew" *He said and closed the windows and walked to a mini fridge pulling out a coke and sipping on it.*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura blushed slightly and frowned as she just sat on the floor. She started looking around amazed, her backpack falling onto the ground slightly. Her hair fell into her face but just brushed it away amazed at how nice the room was
Andres / Zack xD: *He held out a coke.* "want one?" *He asked as he held a lunchable in his other. A cracker one. He set the coke in front of her snacking upon the crackers*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura took the coke and opened it gently and sipped on it,"umm thank you for letting me in?" She said softly while looking at the floor biting her lip again.
Andres / Zack xD: *He nodded to her and sipped his coke and tossed the small plastic thing into a trash can. He walked to his closet looking for a shirt. He pulled off the tank and pulled on another. Showing his abs for a second before straightening it.*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura nodded then looked at him. She blushed and looked away slightly embarassed then took another sip of her drink, looking through her backpack
Andres / Zack xD: "So, were you heading freak girl?" *He asked jokingly. His smile hasn't faded as he sipped his coke. He looked at his plasma and turned it on. MTV2 was playing Hero/Heroine by Boys like girls*
WillowRose / Aroura: "umm" She bit her lip harder looking at the ground sadly.She shrugged no knowing,"...i...don' know.." She said softly lookign through her backpack still.
Andres / Zack xD: "Well, were you coming from and why?" *He asked curiously and something aroused his thoughts up into the skies as he stood up looking around for something now*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura shruged then pointed to the bad side of town,"tried of living there" She muttered softly hugging herself.
Andres / Zack xD: "Well, where you going?" *He asked and felt something deep down but pushed it from his thoughts and walked around as he found his box of snake bites and pushed one through the hole as it was neon green*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura shrugged,""imma just find a abandoned place to stay,"she said softly and then got up and opened a window thinking she should go. She then walked back over and grabed her backpack
Andres / Zack xD: "No you can stay as long as you want if you want to" *He said blushing lightly*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura looked back at him,"i can?....but wouldn' your parents be mad?" She asked softly
Andres / Zack xD: "There gone for the next 2 months. I don't think they will care. you will have to sleep on my bed. There room is locked and all the other rooms are locked also so." *He said picturing each night.*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura blushed slgithly,"oh umm well i could sleep on the floor" she said softly looking at the ground. She played with her fingers nervously
Andres / Zack xD: "Nah I will" *He said as he made himself a bed*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura looked at him confused but nodded,"oh okay" She looked around the room once more,"you have a nice room"
Andres / Zack xD: "Thanks" *He said with a smile and pulled out a Gary Colman grill and plugged it up and started to cook.*
WillowRose / Aroura: Arorua looked at the grill suprised and then just sat down on the ground pulling out something from her backpack and hugged it close to her
Andres / Zack xD: *He handed her a burger on a plate and some condiments and made his eating it slowly*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura ate the bugers slowly and smiled,"this is realy good thanks" She said and smiled happily
Andres / Zack xD: [g2g I got to work ^^]
WillowRose / Aroura: (okay have a nice time ^^ i think)
Andres / Zack xD: *He nodded as he left the room and came back and set down on the bed looking at her. He had a sketch book in his hands drawing.*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura looked at him and tilted her head cofnused,"what are you doing?" She asked softly
Andres / Zack xD: "Drawing?" *He asked and laughed lightly. His smile wide as he kept drawing onto the pad. He soon was satisfied*
WillowRose / Aroura: "ohh" She looked at him,"can i see the picture?" She asked softly
Andres / Zack xD: "No, I'm not done" *He said continuing*
WillowRose / Aroura: "oh okay" SHe said then looked around slightly humming softly so only she could hear
Andres / Zack xD: *He was almost done and kept looking at her face. He started to draw sun light shines from the window as it was rounding the end. He put his signature on it which is a heart with a Z and a X in it*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura asighed softly looking at him kindof nervously as she bit her lip softly. She yawned then looked out side.
Andres / Zack xD: *He turned the book around and there was a picture of her looking out the window. An apple in her hand. The sun rays hitting her. He smiled* "Done"
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura gasped softly and blinked looking a the picture, "its bueatiful, your realy good at drawing" She said softly
Andres / Zack xD: "Thank you" *He said blushing slightly. She was the first to ever see any of his work. He slid it under his bed and looked her in the eyes*
WillowRose / Aroura: Aroura smiled and nodded as to say welcome and yawned looking at the bed then at him.

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