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Roleplay - i hate you... and love you? by Lydia crane / darkenangel

a girl and boy used to be friends , until they both got annoyed with each other , after the school year ended , the girl had plans for some hard partying, drinking a bit of beer , depending on how she feels.
the boy is stuck home and alone, when he hears about this party , he wants to go and have some fun.
the girl wlaks into the bedroom and tries to sleep , but then starts to feel drunk.
what will happen?

Roleplay Details

yesh , there is cybering, but it is to be done in pms.
the story starts when the girl and boy meet at the party , then we resume to when she's drunk and make the storyline jump.


darkenangel / Lydia crane: (pwease join!)
Adrij / Anime Zeke: (ill join)
darkenangel / Lydia crane: [ yay :D ^w^]
Adrij / Anime Zeke: (who stars and is there anything you want me to fill out)
darkenangel / Lydia crane: (nope m as long you dont do one liners , your fine zeke)
Adrij / Anime Zeke: (okay can you start though)
darkenangel / Lydia crane: (sure , give me a minute))
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): OH FECK O_O i forgot about this
Adrij / Anime Zeke: lol
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): meh i am so sorry >_<"
Adrij / Anime Zeke: is ok, im done with this site, doesnt interest me anymore *shrugs* short attention span,

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