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Roleplay - Safe Haven Lodge by Luna Mersacelli / NixLacus

Safe Haven Lodge is a large building on the outskirts of a busy town, it sits near the woods and provides a great view for guests. The guests at this lodge however are rather different then normal guests; these guests are all different (i creatures) from vampires and werewolves to ghosts. The Lodge itself hold many different mysterious and even appears to have a mind of its own, opening doors and such to different people randomly.
The Lodge is run, well was, run by a Mr. Mersacelli but on his passing his only niece received the house. She was still young and knew nothing of the houses true nature and guests until she arrived. Luna Mersacelli is forced to learn quickly as to what these people are and how on earth she is supposed to run the house, from meal plans to stopping the fights, while hiding all of this from the Humans of the near-by city.

Roleplay Details

Need guests of many different races and abilities.
Maybe some Human's who are trying to uncover the truth.
Usual rules defiantly no cyber, killing or god mod.
But fine with violence and romance ect.


NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: It had been two days now since she'd heard the news of her Uncles death, they weren't close much any more but they had been when Luna was young; he used to tell her stories of monsters and treasure hunting stories. Luna had received a letter from him, one that was to be sent the day he died, the letter explained that he ran a business, a lodge, and he wanted Luna to take over running it after he was gone. The past few days she'd spent mourning her Uncle and thinking over his offer and now she found herself packing up her stuff, selling her apartment and getting ready to leave. Her furniture in storage and her clothes stuffed into a large bag; climbing onto her motorcycle Luna set off to find this 'Safe haven Lodge'.
Five hours drive later Luna skidded to a stop at the porch steps of a large, old looking wooden house. The sun was starting to set and she desperately just wanted to sit down. Turning off the bike and climbing off she made her way to the door step where a girl suddenly appeared and asked. (b "Who are you?")
(r "Luna Mersacelli...") Luna answered without thinking. (r "Who are you sweetie?") Luna asked the young girl.
(b "I'm Cassandra")
(r "Are you here with your mummy?") Luna asked curiously to why this girl was sitting out here. Cassandra didn't answer just giggled and Luna proceeded into the house. (r "Hello?") Luna called, her Uncle had written that there was someone else looking after the lodge till she got there and would explain everything but what Luna saw was a lot of people, some shouting but mainly just people rushing around here and there, all of them stopping and looking at Luna. (r "Erm... I am Luna, Luna Mersacelli") She introduced herself, she couldn't think of anything else to say.
Seleneswift / Cassandra Nightshadow: (Join as a human maybe?)
NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: {{ Sure }}
Seleneswift / Cassandra Nightshadow: (What would I post?)
NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: [[ you could be one of the few humans who knows about the place and be there to help Luna take over, you could be a human from the city who knows that there is something weird going on and trying to discover what it is or you could be a human who hunts things like vampires ect and is looking for the lodge to destroy some of it's tenants. ]]
masterkinght / thoriums: taking human form so as not to scare the poor girl he took her hand kissing it "luna your uncle was a dear friend of mine and i told him i would take good care of you and the house of course you are now in charge the house wouldnt have it anyother way. let me take you to your office witch is connected to your room" covering her ears he yelled in a voice that shook the house "the new care taker is here and if anyone so much as act out of place while she gets her bearing i will eat you" moveing his hands back to hers he lead her upstairs
NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: Luna felt slightly overwhelmed by the the large group of people here and the very mention of her uncle brought back all those memories. Trying to keep herself together she smiled and nodded at the man, he seemed charming, though when he'd shouted at the tenants Luna felt a little scared even though her ears were covered. "There are a lot of guests awake considering how late it is getting" Luna noted out loud, still unaware of the (i types) of people that resided here. Gripping her bag that was over her shoulder she followed the man who'd yet to give his name in the obvious buzz of her arrival.
masterkinght / thoriums: "there are things your going to need to understand about this house but im not sure your ready to understand do you remeber the stories your uncle use to tell you about the adventures he use to have with thoriums?"
Seleneswift / Cassandra Nightshadow: Cassandra, better known as Cassie, was a very curious human girl. She knew about the other creatures of the world but wanted to know more about them. She knew that there was other beings that were far greater than she was but she didn't know what all there was in the world. She had recently found an old house on the internet that was said to house monsters of every sort. She wanted to explore it more so, on the fateful day that Luna had taken over the house, Cassie decided she was going to check it out. She woke up early that morning and gotten herself ready. She lived alone in an appartment because her mother had recently died of cancer and left the appartment to her. She never knew her father because he walked out on her when she was younger. She bit her lip once she was ready and went out to her jet black Mustang GT 98' model. She got in and threw her bag to the side and started the car up. She shifted the gears and made her way to the house. Once there, she got out of the car and crossed her arms over her chest glareing at the house. (b "I wonder what I will find?...") She thought before pushing herself up and pulled her bag on her shoulder and shut the door. She locked the door and began to slowly walk up to the house.
NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: Luna studied him as they walked and nodded. "Briefly. Something about a dragon like creature that he befriended if I remember right" Luna said aloud as she tried to recall the stories, he uncle had told many tales and stories; looking back on them Luna could not help but chuckle at how silly they were, she loved them as child because of the adventure and mystery but as she got older they became more unrealistic and unbelievable to a closed human mind.
masterkinght / thoriums: "well me sweet luna i am that dragon he befriended and this house has alot of friends that your uncle has meet during his travels that need a place to hide form the human world" he watched her closely judging her reaction
NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: Luna stopped dead in her tracks. "His stories were true?" Luna asked standing with her mouth opened in shock. Shaking her head slightly she muttered. "Things like that aren't true..." But her face showed the confusion of her really thinking about it, maybe it could be. As she was thinking a voice called to them.
(bold "Human approaching") To which Luna just looked to Thoriums, were Humans not allowed in the lodge, what was she to do, how did this type of thing work. Luna was starting to see this would be a lot more difficult then she originally expected.
Seleneswift / Cassandra Nightshadow: Cassie sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Do I go in or what?.." She asked herself before shrugging and biting her lip. "In I go then..." She said before slowly approaching the house. Once at the door, she knocked three times on it. "Wonder if anyone is here..." She asked herself while leaning on the doorframe and crossing her arms loosly over her chest.
masterkinght / thoriums: "just follow me for now dear" going down the stairs thoriums answered the door. "how may we help you cassie"
Seleneswift / Cassandra Nightshadow: Seeing the door open, Cassie jumped back. Hearing her name, she bit her lip and looked at the male. "Oh um I was actually looking for...wait...how did you know my name?" She asked causiously. She ran her fingers through her hair and tilted her head to the side.
NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: Luna stood quietly behind Thoriums as she watched him working, knowing this was to be her job from now on a curious as to what the hell she was doing. Staring at the girl from behind she wondered if humans often wondered up here lost or if their were people out there who wished harm. It was all so new and confusing.
masterkinght / thoriums: looking at the girl he knew why she was here "well i think you probobly know the answer to that since i know what your here for and this should answer your ? now how about go home now that you have your answer."
Seleneswift / Cassandra Nightshadow: Cassie scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I am not leaving so easily..." She said matter-of-fact tone. She bit her lower lip and looked at the other girl who seemed nervous. "I mean no harm, just a curious female..." She said in a softer tone.
masterkinght / thoriums: "fine i can tell your intentions are pure you and the new owner miss luna here can explore together i have things to attend to" leaning over to luna he wispered "if anyone gets out of had just say my name if the keep getting out of hand call my name three times and ill be there"
NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: Luna looked at the girl and then to Thoruims. Nodding to him as he departed she smiled her most friendly smile in an attempt to hide her fears as she invited the other in. "How did you hear about this place? I didn't think humans knew about these sort of things" Luna asked curiously; Luna only knew stories she'd thought to be fairy tales not that it was true but this girl obviously travelled to get here.
Seleneswift / Cassandra Nightshadow: Cassie slowly walked in the house behind her. She bit her lower lip and shrugged. "I heard a rumor and looked it up on the internet." She closed her eyes and took a big wiff of the place but then covered her nose with her hand. (b It stinks...) She thought while looking at her.
NixLacus / Luna Mersacelli: Luna looked at her. "Something wrong?" She asked puzzled. Luna had visited this house when she was a child, her uncle used to make up stories about the residents; Luna now sees they weren't necessary make believe. Spending all that time meant any smells that may of been in this house she was used to. Luna started to walk, assuming the girl would follow, she wanted to look all over the house.
gummibearitron / June..: June sat in the corner of the small sofa that resided in the lobby area of the lodge. In her hands was a small paperback book, her amber eyes quickly scanning each page. Her long, wavy, blonde hair cascaded down her back and shoulders, creating a little veil surrounding almost her whole head. She looked up as she heard the door open, seeing a new girl walk in. She tilted her head slightly, taking in the scent of the girl. It was sort of familiar, but not. Only when she said her name did it make sense to the girl. She closed her book as Thoriums took charge in showing the girl around, and stood up.
Upon hearing someone yell, human approaching, she turned her head back over to the door, curious to see who it was. Seeing that it was just another curious human, she shrugged slightly and sighed. She walked quickly back into her room and put her book on the bed, before exiting and returning to the lobby.
Seleneswift / Cassandra Nightshadow: Cassandra followed behind the young girl with her hands in her pockets. She bit her lower lip and looked around at all of the numerous creatures and (i monstsers) persent in the house.

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