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Roleplay - Night(1x1 Guy Vamp TAKEN!) by Tessie Shore / Nullification

(i Night falls upon the misted hilltop that conceals a shrouded castle. Amazingly beautiful..but somewhat disurbing. Through out the day it teaches mortal teenagers but at night...A new species rouses. Vampires. Things clash seemingly when a young girl, sneaking out to study after dark, comes face to face with a Vampire. Will he kill her?Will he call the alarm? Will he let her go...?)
Guy Needed, Vampire.

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Nullification / Taeko: Taeko scanned through the pages of a book, concealed within the library. Her eyes bright in the silvery moonlight. She hummed softly to herself, knowing she should be asleep and in her Dorm, but at the same time, she wanted to study. She was oblivious to the dangers that lurked after dark and she blinked a few times, reading and tracing her fingers along the books words neatly. She looked out the window, her lamp slowly fading and going out"Damn!"She cursed and tapped her lamp, pitched in darkness,other than the light of the moon."Stupid thing"She sighed irritably but cast her gaze around, biting her lip as she fumbled with the books, placing them back and managing to light a small candle nearby.
Nullification / Taeko: --someone--
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: I shall join if you wish
Nullification / Taeko: Thank you, just go ahead and post
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: A smirk tugged ever so lightly on Demetri's thin lips, (i Night time at last) he thought to himself as he wandered through the castle hallways. Living in such a place drove him crazy, the smell of all that human blood lingered in the air as he moved swiftly and silently. During the day this place may of belonged to Humans but at night it was the Vampires home and this was when Demetri got to study and hunt, tonight was studying. The males black sleek hair fell over his face but he could still see so clearly in the dark, a small flicker of candle light from the library however caught him off guard; curiosity got the better of him as he silently opened up the library door and stepped in, observing the female in the dark, not vampire. Demetri almost hissed at her but maintained his composure.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked, placing some books away unable to shake the feeling she was being watched. She swept her hair out her eyes and blinked, a book catching her eye and she was unable to control the urge to flip through it. She sat on a ledge lightly, still wary. Why had the atmosphere changed so suddenly? She grimaced as she scanned the book, her fingers clasping the leathery book. She watched the candle light flicker slightly as she peered over the rim of her book before looking back to the pages with interest. She closed the book and looked around the Library, not daring to ask if anyone was there.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri noticed the girl's slightly cautious and more weary behaviour, he could have some fun with this. Moving around the Library he circled the young mortal, his dark eyes peering from behind his blackened hair. Moving in closer from the side he just stood there, not saying anything to watching, wondering if she'd notice. Demetri had never been near a human, not one that was awake at least; there was this odd smell when up close to them and his curiosity rose as to what she was doing, who she was and why she was breaking the most important rule that the school held.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko closed her book with a snap. Aware she was now not alone. Call it a sixth sense, but she just knew she was not alone. She blinked, unsure of what to do. She turned and looked around,seeing Demetri's figure and taking him for a teacher at first glance. "Oh, sir...I was just, umm.Well.."She stammered, watching Demetri with wide eyes before registering he was not a teacher. She slid off the ledge she was sat on and kept her distance.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her a little as she stuttered and stumbled back from him, smart girl. Finally his husky male voice spoke, a slight accent hidden under the voice but it was difficult to place as Demetri had live in some many places and so many centuries. "You should not be out of the dorm rooms at this time" He stated the obvious, he could sense this mild fear from her, he could smell it in the air. "You can get expelled if your teachers find out" Demetri told her, his voice calm and serious; though it seemed obvious in his tone that this was not how he usually spoke to people, it was that sort of voice that people 'put on' when talking to strangers, it was not as relaxed as it seemed it should be. The sound of her blood pumping through her veins made him bit his lower lip ever so slightly, Demetri had to obey rules as well and the major one of them was do not eat the students.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko glared, afraid but putting a slight brave face on, "Thats nice, who the Hell are you? Your not a student. I haven't seen you around here before! I should call the teachers!"She exclaimed, stepping back and halting, the candle light making it hard for her to see properly. She squinted lightly, her delicate eyes focusing and trying to make out who this stranger was. She did not uphold the politeness he did, she was too araid and too startled to do that. She clenched her fists behind her back, ready to fight her way out of this one.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri could not help but let the smile tug on his lips as he brushed his sleek black hair aside and his dark brown eyes became visible. "My name is Demetri Valeer" He said politely as he bowed formally and then said. "If you call the teachers it is you who shall be in trouble not me young lady" Demetri told her, it was true, the teachers knew of Demetri's presence, they had to and that was why it was so hard to get teachers for this school. She was the one breaking rules not him. "I am allowed to be here at night, you are not" He said, accusingly as he turned to the book shelf and looked at those books which lined it; the shelves were packed tightly with various books of various genres and ages. The girl's high spirits and willingness to fight made her even more interesting to Demetri, he knew he was supposed to tell someone that a Human was wandering the halls at night but he was too intrigued to do so at this moment. "Who might you be?" He asked as if she had nothing to fear, as if she wasn't ready to fight.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked at him"Taeko"She said simply,not giving her second name, seeing no reason to. She did not relax as she watched this odd stranger."Why are you allowed up at night? Why am I the one in trouble here?"She questioned him, unsure if this was wise or not. She stuck close to the candle, reassured slightly that it still burned. She blinked at peered at him, as if inspecting him or searching him. He was taller than her and could easily overpower her. She kept ready to fight as she glared at him"Your a stranger, nothing less."She muttered bitterly.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri gaze turned back to her. "Taeko? What an interesting name..." He mumbled to himself mainly as he looked back at the books, running his finger down the spin of one before pulling it out and facing her. "I am not allowed to tell you why I am out at night. That, if you must know, would be something you'd have to discover yourself" Demetri smirked a playful smirk as he placed the book on the table before them. (i 'Myths and Legends of Castle Around the World') It was a long and boring title but the book was a key to her question and it was fun teasing her, playing with her to see how clever she was, if she could work it out. Demetri was testing her; he wanted to know about humans and this was the only one to break rules and he could get close to so he was experimenting with her. "At what point does a stranger become unstrange?" He asked in relation to her last bitter statement. "If you were to see me again you'd know my name therefore, surely I am no stranger any more?" Demetri told her almost as if reading some strange poem as he watched her once again.
Nullification / Taeko: "I am no toy of yours"She said, glaring at him with defiance. Taeko disliked how he treated her and she looked at him, contemplating what he said and she blinked as she watched every movement he made, watching him as he placed the book on the table. She raised her eyebrows, her fear making her seem braver than she actually was. She looked at the book, then up at him,warily flipping through some pages and scanning the words"A stranger is a stranger until I am comfortable saying otherwise"She stated, reading a few paragraphs. She glanced up at him every so often and kept alert.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "You must be one of the smarter students at this school" Demetri stated as he smiled and watched her flick through the book. As her eyes scanned the book and no longer were on him he was gone, in seconds like that. His voice drifted softly through the Library like music. "If you work it out I'll be here tomorrow night, if you dare come back" He added a slight demonic chuckle to the end of his sentence as he watched Taeko from a far, studying her ever movement; there was this strange feeling about her an infatuation he was starting to form from curiosity to who she was. Demetri had sometimes observed the humans from a far during the day but they all seemed so ... stupid, not this girl even in fear she tried to stay brave.
Nullification / Taeko: "No I just have sense about me and you must be one of the-"She looked up but he was gone."Damn!"She cursed and listened to him"Trickster"She muttered, coldly. She looked through the book, spending a lot of the night as she read each chapter carefully. She tried to remember his actions, his looks and his voice as she looked for anything she could trace him. She slammed the book shut"What the Hell is a Vampire doing here?"She exclaimed, swinging her legs over the ledge and landing neatly as she looked perplexed.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smirked in the shadows as she slammed the book shut and jumped up, his tongue sliding over his fangs and eyes fixed. Very smart. As the old clock stuck out, signalling it was four in the morning Demetri knew he had to pull away from his knew fixation, he had to go hunting before sunrise, since the human students were off limits the local wildlife would have to do. Swiftly moving from the room the male shadow departed the castle for a hunt, needing at least some blood to stop him from ravaging any students that came near his chamber in the day. His scent picked up the smell of fresh deer and Demetri was off with his speed. Chasing. Catching. Ripping. Shredding. Finally draining the deer of it's blood he sighed with relief and wiped the corner of his mouth, heading home before the sun could stop him.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko spent the next day, despite getting very little sleep, lost in thought. She was often shouted at for daydreaming. She shrugged it off though as she clutched the book from last nights events, as if it was a reminder that it had all been real. She chewed her lip and was silent most of the day as she hung in the Library, reading all she could about vampires and their habits. She flinched and mutteed under her breath as the sunset"Better not try and eat me"She sighed and continued reading, her mind consumed with curiosity.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri had left his chambers as the sun was setting, moving in the shadows towards the Library. Usually he would of waited until lights out when he knew everyone would be in bed but he was too curious to see if she would be there. He was balancing on the top of a bookcase in the shadows of the roof, only the slight pale skin on his face, that which was not covered by his hair, could be seen and only if you really looked. He heard her muttering to herself, his excellent hearing allowing him to pick up easily on it. "I am not allowed to eat you" Demetri replied even though the statement was not directed at him, there seemed a slight sadness in his reply as if he really did wish he could eat her. "I see you like to read" His voice reflecting the smile on his usually neutral face. Remaining hidden up in the shadows as he looked down upon her, he would stay hidden till no sun light at all crept in from the outside world.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and forced herself calm, not giving him the pleasure of seeing her nervous. "Hm, I think you might have a job because I can fight."She stated, not looking up from the book she was reading. "And yes, I do like to read"She said"You must aswell if your in this Library again, or do I catch your interest?"She questioned him."Vampire"She stated"Thats what you are."She nodded, keeping alert. She was scared, but hid it very well despite being spoken to by a Vampire."Your very peculiar. I would have thought you would have killed me already."She said, as if it didn't bother her.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri examined her, he could smell the fear but saw none of it in her. Interesting. "So you know what I am now" He smiled. "Did you ever think to look up who I was?" Demetri asked her curiosity. Demetri was born many many centuries before even this castle, but he was the one who ordered this castle built, he lived in it publicly for a few years before going into hiding and allowing a select few humans to use it for their own wished. He let the humans in as a sign of good faith. Demetri had chosen the path he wished to live a long time ago, one without human blood. A difficult task for a creature that craves it.
"This castle has rules" He told her. "You should not be out at night and I should not taste the blood of the innocent. Though since you are out at night you are not innocent so..." Within seconds Demetri was sitting opposite her. "I guess I could" He smirked, licking his lips playfully. He wanted to see if he could scare her, get her to show fear.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko shook her head at him"I never searched who you were, it does not interest me as such."She did not look up from her book until he sat opposite her, her eyes flashed a little nervously but she blinked and said quietly"As I said...I would fight."She stated firmly and her hands gripped the book a little tighter, knuckles slightly white but she forced her voice calm. She kept control of herself and every movement was planned out as she set her gaze upon him, "Well then, Vampire."She said and blinked"Why don't you tell me about yourself? Or is that a little much for a Human to know?"She asked him, remarkably calm.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: The girl had guts, courage, true courage was not in those that felt no fear but in those that did not let themselves feel the fear. "You did read up on vampires?" His voice husky and joking. "Mortals versus Vampire I think you would be a little out matched" He smiled before blinking, pushing the hair from in front of his eyes and saying curiously. "I thought you did not care who I was?" Demetri's tone playful to match his grin. "I doubt my history is too much for the simplicity of a human mind. It is written all over this castle after all, just the human ignorance means you never truly see it" He told her, it was true, there was portraits, tapestries, books and carvings all telling a part of his story but no one ever looked properly at them or put together the pieces. "If you truly wish to know I shall tell you..." His voice drifting off as his head lifted up. Demetri's hearing much more enhanced then Taeko and he could hear the teachers making their rounds to check students were in dorms.
Nullification / Taeko: "I would give it a good try. I would not give in to you."She said, blinking, still refusing to look up at him as she read and spoke at the same time, knowing his statement was true."This castle is yours you mean?"She asked him, flashing him a glance, figuring it out. "Hm, why did you let mortals use it then? Surely you could hold some grand Coven here!"She remarked, her gave swiftly returnig to her book. She watched him and said, thoughtfully"I would like to know about you, in a way."She said simply, she saw him lift his head"My Dorm mate covers for me whilst I enjoy a moonlit stroll"She muttered.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her, repeating one particular question in his mind (i why did he let mortal use it?) It was a mystery but something inside of Demetri after years of gauging on the pleasures of human blood made him draw a line and say no more, very few vampires shared those sort of views. "Well then shall we go on a moonlit stroll?" He asked rather then answering her questions straight away. "Unless you'd rather get discovered by the teachers about to enter this room in a few minutes" He told her with a smile, standing up he held out his pale white cold hand to offer her help up; a simple gentleman gesture, his manners after all were that of old age.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko eyed him over, warily as she stood up, dismissing his gesture of help and said"Very well."She mumbled,placing the book down neatly and brushing herself off. She walked with him, her mind buzzing as she looked thoughtful, eyes lost and vacant for a few seconds as she then asked"So, why did you allow mortals to use your castle? You could have done anything with such a majestic building."She said nodding to him simply. She looked around and said"Did you wish to be discovered? You could have hidden from me easily, but instead you showed yourself to me."She asked, unaware just how questioning she sounded. She blinked and looked up at him, having a look like a curious child about her for a moment. She wondered if this was some sort of odd dream, or maybe she was going insane? She sighed at herself, almost frustrated.
Nullification / Taeko: (Must go for the night, I shall reply tomorow when I am on ^^ )
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri walked, letting her talk and ramble her various questions, then a silence filled the air as he led her outside to the castle grounds. Finally he spoke, not looking at her but straight ahead, hands in his black jacket pockets. "I showed myself to you because I was curious. I wanted to know what you humans are like in this modern era" Demetri told her truthful and serious. "As for my reasons behind letting mortals use my castle it is unclear. A dear dear friend..." Demetri paused slightly as if lost in memory before continuing. "...once commented on how lovely the castle was and about the many uses it could have" Demetri told her but ended his tale there. "Being discovered is no problem" He started on a new subject. "It is the people who discover you that have the problem. Either keep my secret or I am forced to take action to protect myself." Demetri told her and looked up at the moon thats light was the only thing illumination the vast gardens.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko just looked at him and listened intently, her eyes bright and then vacant. "I have no reason to give you over to the others, I would not, whether I enjoyed your company or not"She said simply. 'And humans in this era are, well...umm.. "She sighed and shook her head"Malicious"She finished eventually. She thought for several seconds before speaking again, turning her gaze to the sky and watching the stars as if they were of great interest. "So, your curiosity got the better of you, then?`'She betrayed no emotion as she spoke flatly, in a matter of factly tone. She bit her lip and watched the night sky, listening for his response. She blinked slowly, not shifting her steely gaze from the silvery sky as she tilted her head. looking vacant.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled at her question which was much easier to answer. "You are a curious person who sparked my interest I could not help but allow curiosity to get the better of me" He smiled at her in a rather demonic smile; it was not Demetri's nature to be (i friendly) or welcoming to people, he'd barely spoken to anyone in years, well a year to be exact. At Christmas when few students were left in the castle Demetri would often hold a vampire event, the students were safe but it was always safer when fewer mortals resided in the grounds. "You can not tell me curiosity did not get the better of you Miss Taeko, after all you've spent most of the day reading up on my species" He smirked as he started to walk ahead of her; just the stars and moonlight lighting his way as he seemed to keep blending into the shadows as if it was where he belonged.
Nullification / Taeko: "I suppose you are right"She shrugged lightly "But it's only human nature to be curious."She mumbled a bit and watched him, walking at a slower pace behind him as she sighed softly. She looked him over "Was it lonliness or curiosity? I have not seen any other Vampires other than you, and you have not spoken of any so I am hazarding a guess you are alone here."she stated, she showed little or no emotion, even around those she would call her friends rarely saw her smile or get angry or become saddened. It was not Taeko do such things. She did not care really. She only cared for reading, studying or her teachings.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Hearing her words, two words that stood out most (bold (i human nature)) and then she continued on to question of others. "I am never truly alone" He answered very vaguely as he smiled and looked her up and down slightly before saying. "True I am the only (i vampire) here most of the time but loneliness is something I do not feel." Demetri lied. Now he strode a head of her slightly fast, walking backwards to face as he spoke he said one of his annoying little riddle like phrases. "Because a man his forced to become something he never wanted does that mean he should lose that which he once had?" It was a random and confusing statement but Demetri was her referring to human nature, her excuse for being curious in him was that it was human nature yet he was assumed not to have such natures anymore because someone damned him to this life long ago.
Nullification / Taeko: "Hm, but you have curiosity"She said, voice quizzicall. She blinked a little at him and said"Lonliness? Everyone knows it at some time in their lives. No matter what they are. Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone gets tired of being alone. I pity you, an eternity of living alone."She shrugged, looking at the sky again and folding her arms "Or watching my kind squabble over nothingness." She muttered darkly. She ridiculed her own species, disliking the fights that went on. She knew not everyone would get on, but it was worth a try. Surely. She mumbled a bit, too quiet to hear and she swept her gaze back to him, eyes dulled. She nodded to him once before saying"Even Vampires become alone at times."She said again"However,"She thought for a second"You could wipe out the humans here..My kind. Feast of us if you like... Why don't you?"
Nullification / Taeko: ( Be back in a few hours.^^)
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri stared at her intently, her train of thought, her words she was an extremely insightful young girl. Her last question was one that caught her off guard, why didn't she wipe out everyone of those humans that lived in his home, the dumb and unappreciative but instead he protected them in a way, there is always a chance in life of being chosen by a vampire to be it's meal but by them living in this castle that extremely low possibility became even lower. He simply answered her question with another. "Why should I?" He asked her, his dark eyes stared at her intently for an answer. "Why should I kill you all? Nothing changes if that happens" Demetri fixed his eyes on her, his hand rubbing the back of his neck as he thought.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko did not look down from the ksy for several moments as she thought about her answer. She then nodded in acceptance of her answer and said"Perhaps, not all books are correct then."She said, her voice quiet. Many books depicted Vampires as ruthless, bloody hungry and human killers. She looked him over and supressed a smile as she spoke"But you could...If you wanted to. Your well within your rights to take any pupil you wish to satisfy your blood lust. We are in your home"She said with a small nod."Tresspassers, intruders during the day." She was speaking her thought out loud and blinked.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri's eyes seemed intently fixed on her, infatuated with this human. "Books aren't wrong" Demetri muttered softly to her, they were all ruthless and bloody it was just that some had this self loathing towards themselves, much like Demetri; he hadn't always been this way he used to be ruthless and bloody long ago and somedays he still did. "Not you" He smirked. "You trespass at night as well" Demetri joked with a chuckle.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled, it was small but it was there none the less."I am too much of a nightowl for my own good as many have told me."She said to him and nodded"So, I take you have not been here all your life?"She asked him"I was born in Venice, grew up there, then I came here."She said and inclined her head to him once. She looked thoughtful, enjoying the memories of walking the quiet streets at night and following the canals until morning broke. She blinked, coming back to reality, looking at him and her eyes flashed slightly"Apologies.I get lost a lot in my thoughts."
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Her curiosity was certainly an interesting thing, they'd been out in the dark talking for some time now but neither seemed to realise. "It is quite alright, getting lost in thought is sometimes the best. Venice is a beautiful city" Demetri commented as he leaned against the old stone wall of the castle, his darkened figure silhouetted by the moon's light. "I was born in Romania" Demetri told her with a soft smirk as he thought back to it. "It's been so long since I was there" He told her as he thought of it.
Nullification / Taeko: "Why don't you go?"She asked him"Surely travelling is no major problem for you."She commented and looked thoughtful"Surely, a chance to see more of your kind would be a delight?"She eyed him, still alert. She was still slightly frightened but seemed much more relaxed now. She thought over every sentence he said, as if searching for a way to help him out. Her first impressions, that of being afraid and startled, of course were still slightly edged but she did not think he meant her harm. At least, she hoped not.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri laughed, a shocking response really as he laughed to himself a shook his head side to side. Running his pale cold hand through his hair, removing it from his pocket for the first time. "I do not wish to return" He told her softly as he pushed himself from the wall and took note of the moons position. "Should you not be sleep or do you choose to do that in the day?" Demetri smirked, trying to change the subject from him to her; he was never one to talk to people especially not about himself it was a new and slightly uncomfortable and long story his history hence why he avoided it.
Nullification / Taeko: "I don't sleep much"She said to him, knowing he ha deliberatley changed the subject. She blinked and said"My Dorm mate has late night discussions on the phone, thats when I started wandering the Castle at night. It seems...Different at night when it's not crowded or lit up properly."She mumbled, looking at the grass and watching moths flit from silvery flower to silvery flower. She tilted her head and knelt on the grass, letting a moth land on her palm as she stood up again.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "That is the way I designed it" Demetri told her in his husky mundane tone. At night the whole castle could be lit up with moonlight and candles to cast a glow but it had not been done that way in so long due to some of the ancient mechanics being broken that would reflect the moonlight and candles not being replaced; the humans were not taking the best care of his ancient castle but Demetri realised that slowly all things must die, even this castle. "You should see some of the hidden rooms in the castle they reflect the moons light to create a low glow" Demetri smiled as he spoke of his home, his own design and creation. "If you don't like it here why stay?" He asked curiously, she seemed to hate the crowds and people in this place so the question of why she was here seemed relevant.
Nullification / Taeko: "Where else can I go? No family. No connections anywhere else."She stated, watching the moth on her hand as she spoke, her voice hushed up"I have to get an education somewhere. It is not the place I dislike...It's the stubborn people I go to school with"She said and blinked, "The place is beautiful. Bet it was much more majestic and glorious in it's early days when technology and other things were not around."She said and smiled a little, but it was gone as quick as it appeared. She mumbled, quietly"What if someone else gets their hands on this place?Hm? Or it gets destroyed?"She looked at Demetri.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her, so much emotion in her voice and body language. "Everything has it's time. No matter what everything falls" Demetri told her, his voice a saddened whisper as he placed his cold hand on the cold stone and looked up at the slightly crumbling castle. "I can not protect anything from the neglect and arrogance of you humans in this day" He spoke as if he'd thought of this a lot. "Maybe I will build a better castle somewhere remote and quiet" Demetri thought aloud before shaking his head of thoughts and facing her once more, she really seemed impressed with his home and that made him smile, seeing someone appreciating his work.
Nullification / Taeko: "Kick the humans out. Kick us out."She nodded"You can."She said to him"Everything may well have it's time but..."She looked at the castle"It would be sad to see such a thin wither and die like beautiful roses in winter cold."she remarked, watching the Castle, almost dreamily."Your lucky to have such a place, it's very grand. Letting humans run it was a mistake"She muttered, watching the Dorm windows and sighing.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri laughed light heartedly. "If I kick them out then where are you going to go?" He asked, moving closer to her curiously with a smirk. "I have not exactly been looking after it myself so you can not just blame humans" Demetri told her, he had great speed and strength yet on his nights he would just hunt all the time when he could be fixing up the castle. "Come" He said holding out his hand to help her up again. "We better get you back to your room before morning, there is a surprise inspection in morning" He warned her with a smirk.
Nullification / Taeko: "Well, it WAS a surprise."She gave a small smile and took his hand lightly, pulling herself up"And I would find somewhere to go."She shrugged to him"Back to Venice is always an option."She mumbled thoughtfully. Venice was a distant, very distant, country from the Castle. She swept her hair out her eyes and set the moth down on a silvery flower neatly and blinked, "You should be proud."She said to Demetri"Of this castle."She nodded and looked at him.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled at her independence it was a nice change to those back in the olden days when girl's would just swoon over any male who even looked slightly rich. Watching as she released the moth and looked at him. "I am proud of it" Demetri nodded and added. "I'm glad that you love it so much as well" He told her as he gestured to the direction they had come from. "Wish for some company on the way back?" He asked he with his usual serious and straightened face, though a light smile seemed to play on his lips; she was different and this strange spark. It wasn't that he was falling for her it was that he was interested in her, in this new type of human girl, one that didn't fall at his feet and try to swoon him.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko shook her head"I am guessing you will need to hunt before sunrise,"She nodded to him, respectfully"Thank you for your company though. Makes a change to sitting alone my thoughts all night"She smiled slightly and went upstairs, blinking as she saw her Dorm mate STILL was on the phone"Good grief,Cynthia"She muttered and went to get some shut eye. For the most part of the next day, Taeko was rehearsing some Drama and Music. This was her practical day, all her practical studies. Drama,Art,Music and such subjects like that. She wandered the library, rehearsing songs and scripts. She sighed and watched the Library empty, it was just before sunset.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri watched as she left, choosing to follow her back to the dorm room just to observe her. Watching as she moved into her room he smirked and departed, what she had talking about that the castle was being ruined by the humans. Demetri had never really thought about it but now as he wandered the halls in the shadows he could see the graffiti on walls and crumbling of age and abuse to walls, original windows replaced. As he started to take note of all this he started to grow angrier, he couldn't help it, seeing how his once great home, his generosity was being abused. It was late night, no one would know it was him and in his rage Demetri flung a new modern sofa that had sat in his old hallway, throwing it through the large new window, his strength truly showing. As he stared at the shattered glass taking a deep breath he growled slightly; he could hear teachers obviously coming to see what had happened and Demetri fled, fleeing to a hidden room beneath the Library. It was here that he stopped to think about things.
Demetri spent all day in that dark beautiful ballroom that used to be so full of life and music. Untouched by the humans as cobwebs formed in the mirrored room, a grand piano in one corner with the wide open dance floor. As the night approached and Demetri knew the castle would be empty he sat at the grand and dusty piano beginning to play a soft melody that travelled through the air up to the Library that should be deserted.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko sighed softly and muttered"This is utterly pointless.The Arts?"She tittered and placed her script down. She looked over some lyrics and knew she had better learn them or her teacher would throw a fit. She yawned as she sang through some of the song, forgetting the lyrics and sighing. She tilted her head and repeated it, still orgetting the lyrics though. She had heard about the window breaking and the teachers said it was simply a 'rogue boy who had been dismissed'. (I like Hell... No guy has the strength to lift that sofa up!) She knew exactly who it was. She sighed softly and placed her glasses on the table.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri used the piano to calm his anger, playing a angry yet still smooth melody as his thoughts moved to if Taeko was upstairs. The man knew he had to try and avoid her today, he hadn't fed last night and the sun had not fully set yet so hunting was not an option right now. His fingers worked furiously on the black and white keys of the piano, so much emotion in the melody as he played strongly. Demetri's eyes were fixed on his perfect piano no other worry, no one used this room, no one had for the many of years.
His memory took him back to old centuries when parties used to be held here, elegant ballroom dancing with the beauty of music filling the air. Dancing with the mortals and humans, pretending to be human like them.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko frowned and blinked"I'm going insane..."She said thoughtfully to herself, she could hear piano music! She frowned and rubbed her head, no, she could definitley hear it. She lay down on the floor and pressed her ear to the floor."Downstairs?There is no downstairs...."She sighed and trailed off."Vampire!"She frowned slightly and sat up, crossing her legs and folding her arms,listening to him play. She stood and grabbed a book, cutting a finger on a jutting out piece of candle ware and wincing"Owch!"She said, blood dripping onto the shelf.She sighed at her stupidity.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri's mind was lost in music but his senses were still in the moment; his ears picked up on the sound of her skin ripping ever so slightly against the candle ware, his nose picking up the scent of fresh blood and he could hear the drop of blood dropping from her finger as it thumped against the floorboards, silent to a human but a to a hungry vampire it was the loudest thing he could hear. The music had suddenly stopped his breathing sharpened as he took in the delicious scent; seconds later he'd clambered up the secret door and was hanging, clinging to the wall as he stared down at Taeko, not at her but the cut and bloody finger, hissing with fangs bared. No words left his lips as Demetri just seemed to stay there, fingernails like claws that dug into the wall and allowed him to hang on it sideways; his usually dark brown eyes seemed completely blacked out as he stared at her. His mouth open, fangs now long and ready as his breathing was staggered with excitement of a hunt.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked, freezing when she saw Demetri. The sun had set. She clenched her hand, an attempt to hide the cut from view as her heart hammered, wondering what she should do. She thought back to all the books she had read, but they seemed so pointless now. She stepped back a little, eyeing Demetri, fearing for her life. She bit her lip and whispered"V-Vampire"She looked at him, she had not quite taken to calling him by his name. Yet anyway. She swallowed and her face ran pale as she looked through her options..Run?He would follow. Fight? She would be killed. Give up? Death. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes and stuck close to an alit candle, finding a little safety in it's light.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri heard her small whisper of the word 'vampire' but it seemed he did not even hear this as his eyes kept on the clenched fist that held the bleeding finger. Demetri's tongue slid over his thin lips as he could hear her heart beating and sound of her blood running through her veins as he stared; he didn't even recognise her no flicker of recognition at all in the cold blackness of his eyes. As she stepped backwards he climbed down, towards the floor, standing on the floor to his feet now. "Blood" His voice even huskier and rough then ever before as he took a step closer to her; if anyone found him like this he'd be run out and she'd be in trouble as well, they were both screwed if anyone discovered this. Licking his lips once more and closing his mouth his fangs were so far extended that even with his mouth closed they still peered through. Demetri's eyes moved up to her face, looking to her eyes, cold and dark stare before his eyes moved back down to her clenched fist.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and thought quickly. Could she take a chance on him? She dare not. "I-I cut myself..P-please Vampire"She said but then realised if she was going to die, she was not going to do it pleading for her life. She mumbled"Alright, stop! Back off"She said and thought hurriedly. She sprinted as fast as she could past him, leading him down the Halls, keeping as quiet as she could, despite panic and by the time she reached outside, she was panting for breath as her heart hammered and her muscles screamed in protest. She reeled for a second, thinking and her breath was visible as a haze as she tried to catch her it, her chest tight. (I think Taeko! THINK ) She urged herself and then took off again in the directions of the moors not too far, collpasing from exhaustion near a herd of deer. She hoped her plan worked and he went for the deer and not her.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri watched as she ran past him, not moving at all but just standing there. Once she stopped outside panting he was there near her in minutes. Then she was off again. Demetri felt a smirk tugging on his lips as he watched the females figure running. Following Demetri stopped as he saw her, smelt her fresh blood, heard her heart beating. A heard of deer behind her starting to run startled; a chase. Running, like a wind past her face, Demetri ran after the Deer, pouncing from the floor and catching a deer. The male rolled over the floor with the Deer struggling in his grasp before his claws ripped across the Deer's flesh and soon his fangs sank into the lifeless animal, lapping up the blood. Licking his lips from the blood he was starting to gain his control back but he could still smell her, still feared for her before looking up at Taeko, sorrow in his eyes before he turned away and chased the fleeing Deer, tackling another to the floor. He prayed she'd turn away, not seeing such a monstrous sight.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko was out cold for several moments before strength returned to her limbs and she opened her eyes, finding that the stars and treetops welcomed her. "Ugh.."She rubbed her face and felt startled when she saw lood on her hand, then remembered what had happened. She rubbed her eyes and sat up, shakily. Ok, so she wasn't dead. She blinked watched Demetri for a second, then looked away. It was not that she could not handle what he was, more she just didn't want to see what he was about to do. She stayed sitting for a few moments, needing to regain her strength.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri had drained three deer of all blood by this point, their lifeless corpses lay still in the field and blood dripped from the corners of his mouth and down the front of his shirt. Standing up straight as he licked the blood from his face, his finger removing all blood from his face. A heavy sigh left his lips as he approached her silently from behind. "I am so sorry..." His voice a husk whisper. "Can you walk?" Demetri asked going to hold out his hand but pulling back hand and instead taking off his leather jacket, draping it over her shoulders and watching; he was either going to carry her or she would walk if she had the energy. The smell of human blood was still so strop and so Demetri removed his already blood stained shirt and handed it to her. "Wrap it around your hand to stop bleeding" He informed her, now standing in only his black jeans, his thin muscular body showing the few scars of his past, a banded tattoo on the left of his chest and a small ring hung on a string around his neck.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko's vision was slightly blurred as she did as she was told, wrapping the shirt around her hand as she struggled to stand,failing. She sighed"It's alright,Vampire."She assured him and looked up at him, shaking her head to refocus her eyes."Um, I think I can, just give me a minute"She murmered, attempting to stand again and failing once more. She sighed, frustrated with herself.She managed a feeble smile to him and finally managed to stand,wobbling a bit but steadying herself.Her chest was still a little tight and her muscles were exhausted from the run.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri made sure to wrap his jacket around her shoulders to keep her warm before with an easy scoop lifted her into his arms, carrying her towards the castle but trying to keep his speed at that of a normal human so not to scare her. His eyes were focused on the castle in the distance, fangs were gone but teeth were clenched as he seemed to stop breathing completely while carrying her in his arms, making no sound at all. Demetri looked down at her once and looked like he was about to say something before his eyes refocused on the nearing castle and his pace quickened slightly, intent on getting there and so ashamed of his actions on this night.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and mumbled"Uh..Think I can walk..Nevermind"SHe murmered as he picked her up. She studied him for a few moments and murmered"It wasn't your fault. Vampire, I know you can't help it."She said, she really did understand. She sighed a bit and bit her lip, looking lost in thought as she watched him, she realised she must have looked quite pathetic, exhausted and weakened so much. Okay...Yes she had been scared, she would admit that. She cast her glance back down to her hands which were curled on her flat tummy.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "I could of helped it..." Demetri finally managed to mutter after a long silence and they grew closer to the castle. "If I had fed last night maybe I wouldn't of put you at such risk..." Demetri muttered shamefully as he carried her inside the castle doors, no sound coming from his footsteps as he made his way towards the dorms; he had followed her last night and knew which room was hers. "I am sorry..." He whispered once again, fearing what could of happened if she hadn't managed to distract his attention to the running heard.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko set herself down on the floor and blinked, looking up at him"You have no reason to be."She stated"I am unharmed..."She said"I'll just have to be careful next time"She said and smiled a bit, taking off his jacket and saying"Thank you"She smiled and said"I'd better wash your shirt rather than give you it back now"She nodded to him. She looked back at her empty Dorm, Cynthia must have been out"I should see you..sometime"She smiled"Perhaps you will be out a moonlit stroll?"She smiled a bit to him.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri watched as he strength started coming back and independence with that as she set herself down. Taking the jacket from her hands he placed it over his arm, making no attempt to cover his uncovered upper body. "I have plenty of shirts" He chuckled slightly. "But I would prefer if you keep it away from me" He smiled, just her scent at the moment was making his throat dry like he could smell the sweetest food but not taste it, was true. "I may go for a stroll in the moonlight or be hiding somewhere... I know where you are usually so just have to call for me if you want my company" Demetri turned and smiled. "Oh but I would prefer it you called my name rather then cutting yourself anymore" He smirked before disappearing into the shadows.
Nullification / Taeko: "Uh-"She began but he disappeared"Trickster"She said and smirked"Alright.."She nodded and folded her arms, laughing a little. It was the first time she had laughed in a while and she went into her Dorm. She slept through most of the night and was glad she didn't have any ubjects the net mornin. She washed Demetri's shirt and hung it up to dry, humming along to herself as she paced the longest hall in the Castle. She found herself looking more intently at the Castle, beneath the modernisations. She smiled and picked up on things shenever had before. She frowned as a few boys strolled past, jeering at her. She clenched her fists and controlled herself, forcing her anger back inside as she stared at a portrait intently. The boys never laid off though and she sighed, simply swinging about and giving one a quick, hard punch to te cheek"Go away"She frowned and turned her back on them as they growled and ran off. She went to the Library to calm down.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri had retreated to the secret ballroom beneath the Library, his gentle music playing softly on the wind, everyone simply thought it was the radio and assumed it was the classical channel due to Demetri's old taste in compositions. He could smell Taeko, he'd been able to all day and he knew the moment she walked into the Library; her wound may of been small and no longer bleeding but the scent of old blood hung in the air from her. A smile crept on his lips, keeping his ears open to see if she would actually try calling for him but continuing to play his delicate tune on the grand black piano, his eyes closed as he played his own composition one he wrote and knew off by heart.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko propped herself up on a window ledge and hummed to herself as she wrote, then stopped as she listened to Demetri's music. She rolled her eyes as the boy from earlier approached"Oh please g away"She frowned angrily. She really was not wanting to be messed with. She gave him a warning glare and he backed off"Thank you"She muttered coldly and sighed, she was reading when something crossed her mind"Vampire-"She stopped her self"Oh..Umm"She corrected herself"Demetri?"She said, tilting her head and looking about.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: A smirk came to his lips, she had actually used his name. It was still light out so he could not be too obvious and would have to stick to the shadows no matter what. Within seconds of the music stopping Demetri was up in the shadows of the roof, balancing on the high bookshelf and blending to the shadows. "Well you remember my name I see" His tone reflected the smirk on his face. "Don't look for me it will be too obvious to anyone around" His voice was like a quiet whisper, she was sitting in front of a window so there was no way he could get down to talk face to face with her, it was too bright. "I see you have gained an admirer" He smirked, looking at the boy who'd been annoying her.
Nullification / Taeko: "An admirer with a bruised cheek."She said rather bitterly. "He does not interest me"She said, not looking up from her book"Did I disturb you?"She asked, glancing up at the shadows warily."I never knew you played"She said and smirked some"I heard you yesterday and thought I was going insane"She remarked calmly and seemed so much more at ease in his company. Her eyes scanning the pages as she every so often glanced to a shadow.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled. "What on earth do you think I have done with my time all these centuries?" He asked, he knew so much and had so many talents because he had so much tie to practice. "I do not see why that male does not interest you..." Demetri stated, mainly teasing her as she obviously held no interest but the other student did as he admired from a far. "Does the brave Taeko who threatens to fight vampires not date?" He asked with his now usual smirk; his dark eyes fixed on her from the shadows as he watched with interest, still studying.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko raised her eyebrows a bit and said"He happens to be an immbecile who apprciates nothing except his own looks. He'd spend more time infront of the mirror than his girlfriend, if he had one."She stated and contnued"He doesn't interest me. I have standards"She smirked. She glanced around once more and said"Should he act a little more gentlemanly like and less of the class clown and idiot, then perhaps, but obviously he will not change."She said and blinked"Nor do I want him to, I will not mould people into what I want them to be, they are who they are."She said"I saw some portraits in the Hall"She said with a smile"Did you paint them?"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled at the girl's rambling dislike for this male. Then how quickly the subject changed. "I might of painted a few" Demetri said as he lay down across the top of the bookcase. "God do you know how annoying it is hiding in shadows. I'm scared of heights here" He joked with her as he observed the rest of the Library, people were slowly departing but her admirer still sat staring, Demetri found it funny. "You women and your standards" He chuckled. "That poor lad is head over heels for you" Demetri joked, he'd become so much more relaxed around her and it seemed even easier when he was hiding in the shadows and the smell didn't linger upwards as much.
Nullification / Taeko: "Tsk, he'll survive."She muttered and sighed, shaking her head"I'd rather get on with my studies."She mumbled"Hm, your talented in many forms aren't you,V_"She corrected herself"Demetri"She nodded and smiled, "Quite creative."She nodded to him with a small laugh,looking out the window and glaring at the boy"He'll vanish soon, probably scared of the dark!"She giggled a bit and folded her arms"Idiots..."She sighed and looked at each shadow"Hm, I look like a fool speaking to myself"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled. "Not a fool, just crazy" He teased. "Hey do me a favour? There is a rope somewhere along the side of this window, pull it and some long curtains should block out the light. You won't be talking to yourself anymore" He told her in a whisper. "Unless you rather I left you to study of course" He told her, sick of being up in the bookcases, hiding in the shadows. "I like to think I have some talent" He told her as he awaited her decision.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded and scanned the library, making sure it was deserted as she looked down, pulling the rope and shutting out some of the light"Everyone has a talent..Some are lucky enough to have more than one!"She said with a smile as she brushed herself down and closed her book. The desk by where she was sat was scattered with various notes and books. She began picking them up and shuffling them so they were neatly set away. She looked over a few and set some papers oncluding her practical studies away. Lycrics, song notes, scripts etc. She had no obligation to learn them, but she didn't want to fail. She folded her arms and blinked a few times"Demetri, surely you have not been (I all) these years?"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri waited until the shadows took over and he moved around the corner and opposite her at the table. Stealing a sheet of paper from her hands he chuckled as he looked over the music sheet. "Interesting piece of music" Demetri muttered, avoiding her question for a moment. His thoughts drifting off as his eyes fixed on the sheet of music, thinking of it playing in his head as he tried to work out the tune.
Nullification / Taeko: "Pointless"She smirked and nodded to him"I'm really no good at practical subjects if I'm honest."She explained and watched him. She fixed her glasses on top her head and smirked some"I mean, I prefer theory"She nodded. It was pretty obvious because how much she read and things like that. Taeko stretched and looked around the darkened Library"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable,Demetri."She apologised, referring to her earlier question.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smirked as he leaned across the table and said "I'll tell you a secret..." He looked to his side, paused and leaned closer his voice low a slightly gruff as he finally whispered. "I'm a vampire we're cold and heartless so we don't get uncomfortable" He chuckled and leaned back to show his was just messing on with her as he looked around once more. Demetri had started looking through the piles of papers that she had neatly stacked, looking at the sheets of music. "Not much of a challenge here..." He muttered at the simplicity of the music they were being taught. "I could play half this stuff in my sleep... if I needed to sleep" He chuckled, mainly talking to himself now.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko listened to him and smirked"I don'tthink of you as cold or heartless"She said,thoughtfully. She smirked a bit and said"Hm, I just don't do music too well. I can partner up with someone who does though"She nodded a bit and folded her arms as she rested her head on the table, watching Demetri with curiosity. (I Ok, so your not insane, your just having a friendly conversation with a Vampire) She thought and blinked.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked up at her and a smirk came to his lips. "Come on" He didn't bother offering his hand this time knowing how independent. "We are going to do something constructive and educational for a change" He smirked at her as he stood to his feet. "Let's see if I can help you with learning some of this stuff... then if not you can always cheat" He chuckled to her while signalling her to follow.
Nullification / Taeko: "Contructive and Educational?What are you a teacher?!?"She groaned and stood up"Fine"She smirked and followed him"I'm a lost cause with Music,Demetri"she warned him. In all truth, it seemed pointless to her. She raised her eyebrows a fraction and looked around.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smirked as he lead her to a corner in the Library where he slid a panel in the wall to the side, lit candles lighting the way down a small staircase. "I... (i moonlight) as a teacher at times" He smirked to her as he lead her down to the candlelit ballroom beneath the Library; the walls lined with mirrors and the floor tiles of different colours formed a mural of images across it, in the corner sat Demetri's black grand piano. "What you think?" He asked her as he moved over to the piano with a few sheets of the music that he placed on the top of the piano, looking for the easiest one to start with.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko followed and blinked, looking around utterly awestruck."Demetri it's beautiful.I never knew it even exsisted"She smiled, wandering the ballroom, looking at the mirrors and tiles with interest as she smiled softly. She was taken by surprise that such a wonderful place would be hidden away and she smiled, her eyes bright as she did so. It was still mejestic and beautiful to her despite the lighting and such. She looked back at Demetri and smiled.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he saw her awestruck face, pleased with himself as he sat down at the piano. "There are places in this castle I still defend proudly and look after, keeping hidden from the mortals who reside here" Demetri explained, certain rooms held great personal memories for him. "This was... still is a great ballroom. Though it used to look a lot better with young couples in formal attire, dancing the night away..." Demetri told her thoughtfully as he thought back to those days. Shaking his head of thoughts he smiled to her and said. "Anyway, come on then let's get this over with while the night is young" He smirked.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko listened and said"Why isn't it still used?"She asked"I doubt you are the (I only) Vampire left."She stated and rested her folded arms on the piano top,thoughtfully."There are more aren't there,Demetri?"She smiled at him. She grinned and said softly"You have sacrificed way too much, I know you could easily bring Vampires here...As a get together but."She pointed to the ceiling"Because of us you can't."
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her as she rested against the piano, listening to her words. He didn't know how to explain it he just did it. Smiling at her, a mortal who thought like a vampire, telling him he was doing the wrong thing and sacrificing too much. "I have quite a few vampires over on the Christmas holidays when the majority of you lot are home" He told her. "I don't know how to explain why I do it..." Demetri sighed as he thought then stood to his feet, unbuttoning the top of his shirt slightly and moving closer to her. Without a word his stone cold hand took hers ever so lightly and placed her hand over his chest; it was as cold as ice and no heart beat at all. "Physically I am cold and heartless" Demetri finally whispered. "But somehow, unlike the majority of vampires I can not seem to be mentally cold and heartless" His voice a soft whisper as he stood so close to her, looking away as he spoke though.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and said, softly, trying to reassure him"Demetri, just because you don't have something doesn't mean you can't (I Be) something. "She murmered gently. She looked up at him, unphased by the coldness of his flesh"Your in luck then.."She smirked"This Christmas everyone except me and a few teachers are away"She nodded to him with a small smile"You shouldn't get too badly disturbed"She nodded and smirked"I can go without your company for a while"She nodded and blinked.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri turned to look at her once more, his dark brown eyes looking down and a smirk coming to his lips. "I know" He told her, he always knew who was staying behind, he had access to all files in the school. "Though you have to promise not to go tripping up, cutting yourself or even leaving your room that day" Demetri chuckled. "Come on, let's work" He smiled to her as he placed his hand lightly on her back to lead her to sit down.
Nullification / Taeko: "That was an accident"She smirked and nodded"Fine,I promise"She vowed and giggled, sitting down and looking at the notes, feebily. She looked up at him"Point.Less"she smirked tapping the notes and giggling a little. She sighed and decided she owed it to himto at least attempt the Music.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he played the tune slowly on the piano. "Just relax and copy" He told her softly as he played it again for her. "If you don't get it right I'll just have to take your hands and teach you that way, you don't want that now do you" Demetri teased her and chuckled, playing the music once more again. Looking at her quietly.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko tittered at his antics"Whatever"She smirked and listened before attempting to copy the tune, it wasn't overly terrible but it wasn't spectacular either. She kept going until she thought she had it, her long-ish fringe falling past her bright gaze as she concentrated on the task at hand. She bit her lip and raised her eyebrows a little.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri watched her, his eyes moved from her hands as she practised, his eyes fixed intently on her face as she concentrated. A small smile on his lips. "Very good" He whispered to her and moved onto the next part. He had her concentrating on a piece of music for a while before he stopped her in the middle of her repeating what he'd done; standing to his feet Demetri smiled at her and said. "The best way to remember it is if something happens at that time that you won't forget..." He smirked and held out his hand. "So how about a break and you dance with a vampire?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, his technique of teaching hardly understandable but it was true, people remembered things easier if something else happened at that time that was worth remembering. "I mean you look like you could use a little break"
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and looked at Demetri with a small smile"Umm..Alright"She said,standing and taking his hand lightly, sweeping her fringe out her eyes so she couldfocus"Hm, did I?"She asked, not thinking she needed a break"Ah well, your the teacher"she nodded and giggled some.She shifted her hair again and quickly tied what she could ofit back. She looked at the ceiling and wondered how so much could exsist and yet nearly no one knew about it.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he watched her tying back her hair as she looked around. "You can dance right" Demetri smirked at her. "Unfourtunetly one of my talents is not playing the piano while dancing so I hope you can do without music this time" He chuckled to himself. Demetri then bowed at her politely, holding out his hands and teasingly humming a slow melody with a smirk on his face.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled a bit and said"yes I can dance"she assured him"one practicalthing I can do"she nodded and turned her gaze back to him. She blinked a few times and tilted her head"Never had a man bow to me before"She giggled and took his hands lightly in hers, smiling at him.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he pulled her close and hummed a soft tune, slowly leading her into a slow dance. "Well I don't think I classify as a man anymore. Most think of me more a demon" Demetri's husk voice whispered slightly as he dance with her, his cold hand holding hers and his arm very lightly and delicately around her waist. Concentration all over his face as he danced with her, concentrating on his moves, manners and knowing how inhumanly strong he was a putting all his concentration into not squashing her.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded a bit"Demon?"She frowned a bit as she swayed neatly with him, her touch warm against his cold. She looked puzzled and said"You don'tseem like a Demon to me"She murmered a bit"At least, I don't think so because I've never met one"she smirked a little, concentrating on her footing. She looked up at him,searchingly"Don'ttell me Demons are real to?"She giggled.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri swayed softly with her in his arms, smiling and chuckling at her smirks and giggles. "I have yet to meet a demon but I have a belief in god so I see not why a opposite force would not exist" Demetri told her softly as they moved. "Vampires are said to be a damned race not welcome through the gates of heaven. Something that is pretty close to the definition of a demon I believe" He chuckled slightly though obvious his tone was torn slightly, Demetri was torn about what he was, a damned creature bred to feed off the life of innocence.
Nullification / Taeko: "Wel...Anyone can be denied entrance to Heaven really. Everyone sins and such."She smiledShe got lost in thought for a moment and then said"besides, I'm sure seeing as you spared me you would be allowed in"She assured him softly. She contemplated what she said and then nodded in conclusion"I think if you were demonic I would be dead by now"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he held her closer gently, speaking softly. "Unless..." He twirled her around as he continued. "... I am tricking you into a false security before I..." He spun her back in closely and said with a playful smirk. "...bite" He smirked and laughed slightly as he danced with her slowly, looking to her eyes softly and smiling. Demetri did love teasing her, mainly to see if she still feared him as much as she had, they both seemed to have relaxed more around each other.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and looked up at him"Hm..Perhaps but like I said,"She shrugged and smiled"I would fight."She nodded and looked thoughtful. She did not fear Demetri now,despite his actions a few nights before. That had been her fault,in her eyes, and she knew to keep any cuts hidden and bandaged or plastered up, for his sake.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he slowly spun her out one last time then pulled her close and stopped, just looking down into her eyes slightly before letting her go softly. "There you have it, now you can tell people you've danced with a vampire" He chuckled as he stepped back from her, bowed softly and looked at her. There was something ever so different and Taeko, she spoke sense and her mind; it was all new to Demetri to be around someone as independent as Taeko, even vampire females seemed to be submissive and more like those of Demetri's time. Taeko however was strong and self minded.
Nullification / Taeko: "Would they believe me?"She said with a smile"I know I never believes such tales as a child"She nodded and smiled at him"Even if the shadows did move every now and then"She smirked and looked at him"You should not bow to me,Demetri.I am not Royalty"She pointed out with a small laugh and she looked around, still stricken by the sheer beauty of the place.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled at her and told her. "True royalty runs not in blood but in the actions of a person" Demetri smiled as he continued. "Plus when I was brought up we were taught to respect people, especially women as beautiful as you" He smiled as he teased her. When Demetri was born he grew up in a manor, was brought up with manners and etiquette that never left him through all the times.
Nullification / Taeko: "Bloody Hell"she raised her eyebrows and giggled"Makes a change from the other guys telling me I'm just a 'nice piece of ass'. "She smirked and wandered the ballroom, taking in every feature"I'll bet this place is beautiful when it's alive with music and dancing at Christmas"She smiled at the thought and bit her lip.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as she wondered the ballroom, looking at the features. "It is extremely beautiful when it is full of... well undead life" He chuckled as he sat at the piano, starting to play some music, soft and gentle as it filled the empty ballroom, only her in the middle with her reflection bouncing off the mirrored walls. Demetri smiled as his eyes watched her and his hands played the tune happily.
Nullification / Taeko: "Well...If it's 'life' how is it undead?"She asked,puzzled and enjoyed asking him questions. He usually came up with fantastic answers that perplexed her even more. She smiled and did a small twist as he played and quickly stopped, looking around"What about others,Demetri? Are they like you?"She asked with a small smirk, her curiosity forever getting the better of her.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "I have never understood that myself but isn't that what all you mortals call us?" Demetri laughed as he played and watched her twirling. "When you say like me..." Demetri spoke, never even hesitating with the music as if they weren't his hands that were playing. "...do you mean devilishly handsome and talented?" He asked with a chuckle as he flicked his hair to side slightly and laughed. "Or are you talking about the whole self control thing I have going on?" Demetri asked back curiously.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko laughed a little and said"Both"She smirked just to keep him happy as she watched him from the dancefloor. She gave a small smirk and said"It cannot be too bad, being a Vampire, I mean in Venice a lot of peoplewere supposedly turned into Vampires. "She explained"I never believed it at the time of course"She nodded to him almost apologetically"But do all Vampires you know have self control?"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri continued playing his eyes moving to the keys as he seemed to concentrate on the music more now as he slowly ended the tune and sighed. "No... very few vampires even bother trying to learn self control. People don't ask to be turned into vampires" Demetri told her softly as he looked at her. "Some vampires live by they change those they feed off, that is a lot how Venice works, that's why Venice is full of vampires. But some don't bother learning enough self-control that as soon as they smell the blood they ravage it..." Demetri looked away and sighed deeply, he'd been in the company of all types of vampires, once upon a time he'd belonged to a lot of those types. "Those like me are extremely difficult to come by..." He explained.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded and said"It's weird thinking I calledmy brother such terrible things when he toldme about vampires...Turns out he was most likely right"She smiled weakly"I regret everything now he is gone of course."She shrugged as if it was nothing"I never belived...It was all stories to scare children with to me."She explained to Demetri. "Darius went missing in venice a long while back when I was 12"She explained"I think he slipped in a canal and well...Drowned"She nodded to him.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her sorrowful. "You think?" He asked, standing to his feet he moved closer to her. "I can only say I wish we were just scary stories to tell children" Demetri admitted as he moved the hair from in front of her face; his hand barely touching her skin as he did so. "I know what you mean, how you regret everything once someone is gone" He told her, looking at her softly.
Nullification / Taeko: taeko shrugged and avoided his gaze"Whats done is done, I cannot change it now"She explained sadly. She looked up at him and said"Being immortal...You must have watched everyone..passon"She mumbled gently. She blinked and said"Whatever happens...If you are there when I die...Don't dwell on it Demetri."She said softly"Please."She added and looked up at him with bright eyes.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her and said. "I've watched many die, before and after I became immortal. This is why you mortals don't know I am here, I gave up watching people die..." Demetri's voice faded softly. "But when I do make acquaintances then I do make sure that I remember them, the good and the bad memories. Dwelling on the past is nice sometimes" He told her softly as he looked at her.
Nullification / Taeko: taeko nodded and her eyes flashed with grief for a moment. She didn't want to die and leave Demetri behind but she had no choice really. She sighed and nodded to him, forcing a smile"Sometimes it is"She nodded"Other times..Maybe not"She said thoughtfully and blinked, "Give it a few years after my death and you'll have forgotten me"She smiled"Just as everyone else will have."
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled and looked at her truthfully. "I don't think I can ever forget you, trouble" He smirked playfully. "Now unless you are planning on dying sometime soon, something you better not be thinking, I think we shall get you to bed before we end up spending the entire night down here" Demetri chuckled, just needing to change the subject, the thoughts of anyone dying were not high on his list of things to do. "Plus I am (i really) hungry so you might not be safe down here" He laughed as he took a bite of air teasingly.
Nullification / Taeko: "Trouble?Nope"She said with a smile and nodded to him"Alright..hey it'sonly a few days until the Christmas Holidays.."She reminded him"You get rid of me whilst your with your fellows"She giggled and smiled. She smiled at him brightly, her eyes bright"Thanks for the help, too.I owe you!"She smiled and picked up her things. She turned before going upstairs"Thanks,Demetri"She smiled"For everything"She nodded and walked along the halls,lost in thoughts.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he watched her leaving, standing, waiting at the top of the secret passageway and smirking. "Not really... It is going to be very dark in the castle when they are here, meaning I can wander anywhere night (i or) day" He told her with a smirk. "Unless you really want to get rid of me" He chuckled as he looked at her. "Anyway, go rest I have some things to do" He told her before disappearing without goodbye once more.
Nullification / Taeko: Taekosmirked and said, looking around in the darkness and folding her arms"I do not want to get rid of you..Cheek"She giggled and went to her bed,.She stirred in the morning, she had no lessons today again and she went outside to the forest, with Winter drawing in, it was dimmer. She sighed and sat against a tree, nodding as she exchanged afew words with a boy and they launched into a Drama Project.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri went a fed that night, feeding a lot more then usual, he was close to Taeko a lot now and he needed to feed more to keep from anything too dangerous happening. As morning came the place seemed quite dark now that winter was rolling in. The clouded days meant that Demetri had more freedom in the castle, he wasn't free of his affliction of the daytime clouded days were less dangerous they just made him feel like he was burning were as direct sunlight did (i actually) burn him. There was a great restlessness inside him as he sat in the shadowed Library, his pale arm the only thing touched by clouded daylight and although it burned it was a feeling, a different feeling which made a nice change. Peering out of the window he could see Taeko outside near the forest, leaning against a tree.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko finsihed up and nodded to the boy, expressionlessly as she always did with strangers. She picked up a book and climbed the stairs to the library, handing the book back to a student who had obviously asked for it. She scanned the book shalves as she hummed to herself thoughtfully. Her eyes focused and her hair a littlemessy thanks to the wind outside. She bit her lip and tilted her head, taking a book and eyeing it.It was written in French which didn't seem to phase her.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "Well you speak French then" Demetri's voice muttered from behind her but then before she could turn around he was sitting back in his shadowed corner musing over his book with a smirk on his lips as he observed her through a small opening some books had left. He couldn't help but smirk as he read over the book his darkened eyes peering from the shadows every now and then, his pale skin really all that slightly stood out but even then he was hard to see.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and smiled, not looking around"Yes....A little."She nodded and shrugged"I have to learn it here and it'suseful."She smiled softly"Your not behind me anymore huh?"She smiled and looked up from her book, eyeing around. She looked down again and smiled a little"Easier to come out in the coldness of Winter?"She smirked and said"Be careful you don'tget caught."She warned.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "Why? I own this place I am not going to hide" He chuckled. "It's easier, not safe but easier" Demetri told her as he closed his book and pushed it to the middle of his table, his hand pale and entering the clouded light that streamed through the window, he hissed slightly at first but as the pain became easier to handle he simply smiled. "See nothing to it" He told her, though didn't even bother to see if she was looking.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded and smiled, she had seen"I see."She said and tilted her head"Don'tgo overdoing it"She said whilst reading. She looked around and said"I take it"She murmered"it is out of the question to ask to meet someofyour fellow Vampires over Christmas then?"She asked, doubtfully as she smiled a little as she read. She knew it probably was, the dangers for her would be a high risk.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri's head shot up his whole body moving into the light, his eyes winching slightly but his teeth clenched. "Taeko they aren't like me. Some would be fine with you being in the same room but some of these people if there is a mortal in the room who isn't a pet or servant then you are food" Demetri hissed in disgust slightly. A long pause followed before he tried to lighten the mood. "So unless you are planing on being a pet to a vamp then I'd stay away" He chuckled though the anger and disapproval of those people still in his voice.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko folded her arms and said"Whats a Vampires 'Pet'?"She asked and raised her eyebrows, "I wouldn't be your servant"She smirked with a small laugh. She did not flinch or shift when he semed angry, she had seen the worser side of and something like him being slightly ticked off, did not phase her.She looked at him and sat down, placing her book down so he had her full interest and attention.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her, his anger subsiding and bringing a smirk to his face as her curiosity remained the same. Demetri rolled his neck back feeling slight pain as he slumped back into the shadows. "Well another reason people associate us with Demons would be sins. Your Mortals know of seven deadly sins correct?" Demetri questioned but did not wait for an answer. "Well Vampires are a little too indulgent in your sins. Sloth, we pretty much do nothing but lie around in company of others, maybe using our talents to pass a little time but vampires can pretty much sit on a sofa for a week talking with the right company..." Demetri paused, obviously lost in memory before he continued. "Greed, many vampires live on the riches of humans by either earning the money through jobs that our curse that makes us better or literally stealing. Pride, becoming a vampire seems to heighten the appearance of a person, we tend to take great pleasure in our looks" Demetri continued. "Gluttony, we don't over indulge in food but..." Demetri paused and looked at her with guilt. "...as you saw the other night blood is what we overindulge in. Anger, well you may of guessed but we tend to get angry pretty easily" Demetri then stopped, he felt he was talking to much but only two sins were left, after taking a breath he finally said. "Leaving the worst two sins, Envy and Lust... Vampires are the most lustful of races it is like a need..." Demetri kept pausing slightly, afraid of making her uncomfortable. "Usually when a vampire has found his or her mate that subsides but those who have no mate seek such fulfilment in other vampires or their (i pets)..." He hissed slightly. "... Envy is bad in us because once we have found our (i mate) no one else can even go near them, usually it is males that are worst... anyway a vampire's pet is sort of to fulfil those sins, our used as a food source when a master only wants a small amount of blood, though that takes a lot of self control. Anyway usually a pet at some point is either changed to a vampire or killed from a masters carelessness." Demetri finally stopped talking with a slight smirk as he apologised for rambling on.
Nullification / Pelia: Taeko blinked and listened, "Hm, it depends how you think about it."She said, thinking to herself for a brief second before continuing"I mean, sins are only what you make them.Sins can be justified can they not?"She smirked knowingly. "If there is a heaven and hell...I know which one I am going to."She stated with a sigh"It is all to obvious for me."She smiled a little and shrugged it off. She looked up at him, her eyes slightly vacant"Lust and Envy? "She looked thoughtful"Hm, I cannot help you there. But everyone Lusts for the one they love before they actually have them. Envy..Well with humans, Envy is constant.Most want to look good etc. Humans are more sinful than Vampires. Most of the Human race is damned and yet we have the cheek to say it's vampires who are damned?I think the Human Race are hypocrites."She mumbled slowly and smiled a bit,returning from her thoughts and looking at him. She blinked, it was odd that people saw the flaws in their own race. She blinked again and then sighed"I'm only 17 though...I don't know much"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri shook his head slightly as he looked at her. "No Taeko, that is not how it is" He chuckled slightly. "Everyone is bound to sin at least once. Humans their personality seems to circle around one sin, sometimes not even one, when they centre around one or two sins they indulge in it but the others are not as strong or not even there. But vampires we overindulge in (i every) sin." He paused and hesitated, he should be defending his race but instead he was defending the Humans and she was defending the Vampires, ironically. "Basically the Vampire's basically we live by rules that are basically sinful, we are sins, we are the creations of sin." Demetri told her.
Nullification / Taeko: Tsk."She waved her hand in dismissal to him"Most humans sin more than they count"She nodded"You have more chance of getting into Heaven than most Humans"She smirked to him lightly and rested her head on her folded arms"Personally I dislike Humans...Even myself at times"She nodded to him"I have sinned a lot, despite not meaning to."She assured him with a smile.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri clenched his teeth slightly, obviously a slight anger that she wasn't getting his point. "You are seriously stubborn" He muttered. "I am a very very mild version of a vampire I have had thousands of years to practice my self control. A lot of vampires do not even bother, a lot of us stay... (i wild)" Demetri hissed slightly, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes he tried to calm down. "We will kill at the first scent of blood, abuse and misuse any of the other sex, steal, kill... sin. We are monsters" His voice a harsh whisper.
Nullification / Taeko: "No, you just (I think) that"She objected feebily, closing her eyes"I do not stereotype anyone. You have instincts that are not your fault.That does notmake you a monster because you choose to persue them"She shrugged and gave up"Whatever, you win"She mumbled quietly and smirked, she didn'twant to argue or get angry, so she chose to get out of the situation. She opened her eyes.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled. "Well I feel honoured, I get the feeling people don't win anything against you so easily little miss stubborn trouble" He chuckled as he leaned forward into the light again a smile on his face but also the slight pain. The longer he was in light the weaker he got, even if it was clouded that just meant the sun's rays still seeped through. "Now that the subject is over with, because I take it you seriously are not going to become a (i pet)" He smirked. "Which means you are in danger here over Christmas. To be honest I would much prefer if you were not here at all" He said in all seriousness. "But I can see that is not going to happen so I'll stick with you just try to avoid getting in too much trouble" Demetri told her.
Nullification / Taeko: "Stubborn...Me?"She mocked and smiled"I would go elsewhere so you didn't have to worry for me, but I have nowhere."She nodded to him, guiltily. "But I should still like to meet some of your fellows. Curiosity is my let down"She smiled innocently at him and said"But I'll keep my distance"She promised"I promise" She said thoughtfully.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smirked. "I might introduce you to a couple of my fellow Vampires" He finally said. "If you are good" He teased. "Though if you are going to there is something you need to do... you will need a nice formal gown if you are to meet such people, we tend to be dressed guys suits and girls in some corset long dress stuff that they seem to love" He chuckled. "So you have to go see a... friend of mine in the local village he's an old male vampire tailor" Demetri smiled.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko listened and then nodded,"Alright."She said excitedly"And I'll have you know I am (I always) well behaved"She smirked and smiled at him again, her eyes bright with excitement. She was not the biggest fan of dresses, but then, she was thrilled to be able to meet other Vampires. Her curiosity alwys got the better of her and it's something she could not help at the best of times."And if something goes wrong?"She asked, hesitantly. She was wary and she didn't want to sound offensive.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her the one question he couldn't really answer, he could not predict what was going to happen. "I won't let anyone hurt you" Demetri vowed. "I am the one who is allowing you to meet some of them so it is therefore my duty to make sure no harm comes to you" He promised her before sighing and pulling a piece of paper from his pocket, handing it to her there was an address written on it. "So go to this shop just say my name to the old man there and he will sort you out with the clothing you need" Demetri told her with a smile. "Don't worry you'll just have to stand there while he does the fitting. Hunter pretty much never listens to anyone's suggestions and he knows best so if he says something suits you then there is no argument" Demetri laughed as he talked about his closest and only real friend, Hunter was an old vampire, he was old when he was changed and now lived a simple old man who like Demetri preferred to keep low profile. "He's a vampire but don't worry his a hell of a lot more self control then me so there is no chance of him turning on you like I did the other night..." He sighed, obviously still feeling emense guilt over it.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko listened and smiled"Alright"She said taking the piece of paper and grinning. She looked at him and saw guilt in him and sighed a bit"Demetri, please let it drop. It was not your fault."She assured him softly and smiled a little"No one was hurt so all's well."She said, nodding to him and then folding her arms, almost defiantly"I'll go to see Hunter tomorow night."She said with a nod"I shouldn't like to bother him at this time"She laughed a little"I'm too busy bothering you with questions"She giggled
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled at her. "So what is your next bothering question?" He asked her with a raised eyebrow. He knew that she didn't want him fretting over what he had done but Demetri had not lost control like that in years, he hadn't put a mortal in danger like that for years. Sighing he smiled at her and awaited her next question, he much preferred she asked him as much as possible knowing that others were not as (i forthcoming) about information about them, especially to mortals.
Nullification / Taeko: "Hm"She pondered for a second and tilted her head like a curious child before speaking"Have you ever had a girlfriend..Well a mate in your case?"She smirked, now she was just being nosey.She guessed he had, judging by his looks and etiquette towards ladies. She blinked and smiled innocently at him, just being curious as always.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri was taken off guard a little and stuttered slightly before regaining his calm. Sitting up straight he looked at her and said. "Before I became an immortal I was engaged to a young woman, sweet and innocent, naive..." Demetri obviously lost in thought once more. "...she died the same night I was changed. The mate of the vampire that changed me was more thirsty and well he couldn't stop..." Demetri paused slightly, the image of that sweet and innocent girl. "After becoming an immortal I have only ever found one person that gave me the feelings that come when a vampire finds a (i mate)... unfourtunetly before I could change her she was taken from me" Demetri told her. "Aside that my sinful ways must be fulfilled with vampires who have yet to find their mates" He told, he saw no need to hide the monstrous way he had to live. Telling her this was all a way of telling if not showing why he hated himself, yet he still could not deny what he did.
Nullification / Taeko: "Oh...I'm sorry"She apologised and blinked"Heh, I knew one guy in Venice."She explained,smiling sadly"Went missing like my brother did."She shrugged and put on a brave face"A summer crush that ended with rain"She said, swallowing a bit and not meaning it to sound so poetic. She sighed softly and closed her eyes for a second before blinking and regaining herself"Twice you lost someone?"She murmered, looking at him"That must be terrible"She said, thoughtfully looking into space, eyes vacant.
Nullification / Taeko: "Oh...I'm sorry"She apologised and blinked"Heh, I knew one guy in Venice."She explained,smiling sadly"Went missing like my brother did."She shrugged and put on a brave face"A summer crush that ended with rain"She said, swallowing a bit and not meaning it to sound so poetic. She sighed softly and closed her eyes for a second before blinking and regaining herself"Twice you lost someone?"She murmered, looking at him"That must be terrible"She said, thoughtfully looking into space, eyes vacant.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as her. "I have lived thousands of years and only ever loved three women, I watched two die and I damned a third to immortal hell. You can not expect to live forever and not experience such things" Demetri said putting on a brave face. "By the way the third woman was not a lover, she was my sister..." He thought he should clarify that fact before moving on. He leaned over and smiled at her, it was starting to get a lot darker so it was easier for him to move more freely. "If it makes you feel better I am going to out live you so you'll never experience that loss because of me" He chuckled to her.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked, feeling a stab of pity for Demetri and she was lost for words for a few moments. She blinked and said eventually"Hm"She rested her head on her hands and looked at Demetri"So being immortal is a blessing and a curse?"She nodded, contemplatingly. She looked thoughtful. She didn't think she could ever surivive as Demetri did, she would probably end up dead within the first few nights, she wouldn't know what to do as a Vampire.She blinked and came back to reality, listening to what Demetri had to say. He had been like a Mentor to her and had opened her eyes to everything around her.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri sighed as he reached over and brushed a small strand of hair from her face. "It is a curse" A he told her as he looked determined into her eyes. "No matter what others think or might tell you when you meet them, this is a curse I would not wish upon any other... that is one of the reasons I stopped drinking mortals, one of the reasons I stopped even (i trying) to change anyone. It is a long story but I see how wrong this is now..." He whispered in a tone full of regret.
Nullification / Taeko: TAeko looked at him and said"I guess your right. Surely though, when you meet mortals..If you've met others you (I must) want some of them to hang around with you. Keep you company and all that sort of stuff."She murmered"I guess it's just mortals aren't really willing"She shrugged lightly and looked at him, blinking sympathetically at him and thinking. She sighed and said"I feel sorry for you"She admitted
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled at her. "I have had mortals like you, ones who are interested by me and stay around me. But the last mortal was my mate and she died before she could become immortal, taken from me" He told. "Now are you finished with my history or shall I write the last few thousands years down in book form for you?" Demetri teased with a smirk.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and smiled a little"Nope, I'm done"She smiled at him with an innocent tone. She stretched and looked at the ceiling. She looked thoughtful and sighed"Tsk, tomorow I'll be the only kid in school."She muttered and shrugged"Quieter I guess"She said, thinking. She never really noticed anyone else in the school, she would be quite glad but not overly. She looked back at Demetri with a small smile.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled. "Yes you will be the only mortal child here" He chuckled. "I have to straighten this whole castle up before the day after tomorrow. I have to be a handyman" He chuckled. Demetri stretched his arms as his gaze moved outside, watching as a herd of deer were grazing and he couldn't help but lick his lips but he continued talking to her, even if his eyes were fixed outside. "The next few days this place is probably going to be rather loud with music and talking so might not be as (i quiet) as you were thinking" He told her with a smile.
Nullification / Taeko: "I see"She nodded and smiled at him. She saw him glance outside and yawned, deliberatley"Well, I better just get to bed"She smiled at him and nodded outside, stating silently he should go feed"I'll visit this, Hunter, tomorow and get my dress sorted."She said and smiled at him with a nod as she stood and picked up a book as she walked down the Hall and into her Dorm, opening the window and watching snow float silently down from the sky. She smiled and blinked, hearing a few murmers outside as she blinked and sat in the Hall. There were some kids with guitars and such. Taeko laughed when she realised they were all going to have a last minute get together and she sat down and listened, keeping wary. She hummed a little and glanced ou the window.
"Have you seen the mistletoe it fills the night with kisses?
Have you seen the star above it fills your heart with wishes?
Have you seen the candlelight that shines from every window?
Have you seen the moon above it lights the night with silver?
Green is in the Mistletoe
And red is in the Holly
Silver in the stars above that shine on everybody
Gold is in the candlelight
And crimson in the embers
White is in the Winter night that everyone remembers" She smiled a little as she sang quietly, voice soft with the guitar.. Upon saying goodnight to everyone she went to her bed, smiling a little.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri knew that she could tell he was having this need to feed and she was telling him to. He was about to argue when she got up to leave. Demetri just smiled and left through the shadows, out into the snow that fell on this day. As he started to sneak through the forest hunting a male buck. Unfourtunetly the fact the sun had not set meant he was weaker today, the clouded rays meant his strength was not great today. This lead to Demetri having to struggle with the buck a lot longer then it usual would, ending up with cuts all over his body and the blood he got from the buck didn't seem enough to heal them as fast as he usual would. Demetri growled as he made his way back into the castle, sneaking through the shadows but now he was weaker and more injured the scent of all those excited humans who were preparing to depart for holidays seemed so much sweeter, so much more tempting. Demetri's breathing staggered slightly as he tried to avoid all temptation; he knew he needed to lock himself away somewhere and knew she was the only on who could really help. Making his way through the shadows to her dorm he knocked impatiently on her door, growling in a low hiss. "Taeko I need your help" His fangs slightly peering through as his cut face awaited, his blood was darker then that of humans, looking rotten as it dripped slightly down his cheek. He wasn't used to relying on a mortal but since she was the only one who knew his secret he needed her to lock him up till they were all gone, only a few hours.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko jumped and got out out of bed"Demetri?"She whispered and opened the door"Good grief!"She said, seeing his cuts and she bit her lip"Come inside,hurry"She nodded and closed the door, locking it. She looked at him"What on Earth happened?"She said, looking at him with wide eyes. She sat him down and pulled the curtains, casting the room in darkness and she lit a small candle so she could see"Whats wrong?"She asked worriedly, setting the candle down and blinking. Her Dorm was quite small, luckily Cynthia had moved out after her and Taeko had an arguement. She bit her lip and got a damp flanell from the bathroom, wiping the cut on Demetri's face.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri moved into the room and sat down taking deep breaths. As she got closer with a wet cloth he pushed her away softly. "Keep your distance" He hissed slightly. "Just being out in day... it drains some of my energy and strength..." He panted slightly. "When I went to feed I guess I was more drained then I thought..." He hissed slightly, his fangs lightly biting into his lip. "I just need to wait till all the mortals are gone or I'll end up feeding on one to get my strength back" Demetri explained to her, running his pale hand through his hair, not breathing very well as he tried not to inhale her scent to avoid the temptation.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and sat down infront of him,crosslegged"Alright"She said and looked at him, thinking of what she could do to help"Well, this place doesn't get very light...Stay here"She nodded and stood up, going outside and locking the door so no one could get in. She made her way to the biology department, neatly picking the lock with a hairpin to get inside. She sighed and mumbled to herself as she crept around utterly silent. She knew they had something that could help. She grabbed it up, packet of blood they used for studying sometimes. She blinked and crept back up the stairs, unlocking the door and looking at Demetri"Here, it isn't human"She said,handing him the packet and nodding as she locked the door.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri sat impatiently, watching as she left he could finally breath but this whole room was full of the human scent; he was quite literally going crazy and climbing the walls. By the time she came back with the packet of blood he was hanging from the ceiling with his clawed nails dug to the roof. His nose picking up the scent of blood, not as sweet as human but blood none the less; he dropped to the floor and almost snatched the packet from him, his fangs extending as they sunk through the packet and he took in the blood. With every drop he took the cut on his cheek started to vanish. His eyes were still slightly blackened as he drained ever last drop from the packet and looked at her. "Thank you..." He whispered as he licked his lips, still thirsty but a little stronger. "I'm sorry I had to come to you" Demetri apologised. "I didn't actually realise how weak I was getting without human blood in me..." Demetri whispered to himself mainly.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded to him and said"It's alright. I'd rather you were here than out there"She said as she turned to face him. She blinked and saw his cut was gone and she tilted her head"Demetri, why did you stop...?"She asked, sitting down on the window ledge"Why did you stop drinking human blood?"She asked him,puzzled. She murmered"If it made you so strong, surely..."She trailed off and blinked, not understanding. What were the lives of a few mortals to a Vampire these days? Her mind raced and her eyes flashed slightly in the dim light as she watched him cautiously.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri sighed. "I am not a killer... I don't want to be a killer..." He growled slightly as he balled up his fists in anger. "A vampire stole my fiancée from me and turned me into this!" He growled. "A vampire stole the only other woman I truly loved... You think I should put others through that pain!" He couldn't control his anger in such a lack of control now. "When I turned my sister I ended up taking a mother from her children, a wife from her husband! Should I steal more parents from children? Or should I just steal children from loved ones?" Demetri's angry tone asked as he tried to calm down, he'd backed himself into the corner of the room, as far in the corner as possible.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko muttered darkly"And what about those who have no one?"She snapped irritably, this being the first time she had ever got angry towards Demetri"Hm?"She asked and folded her arms"Those who have to live their life knowing their going to die alone! You won't have to face death! You have your kind forever. Your near enough indestructible! You can easily find a Coven or something to stay with your fellows.How many mortals who are alone can do that? None. Because most of us are utterly fucked up in the head and cannot trust or even think about sociable skills."She shrugged"I'm going for a walk"She said sharply and stood up"You stay here."She said and sighed, locking the door behind her. She paced the halls with intense thoughtfulness. She sighed and sat down eventually, thinking and smiling a bit to herself,sadly.
"I see the girl I wanna be
Riding bare-back, care-free
Along the shore
If only that someone was me
Jumping head-first, head-long
Without a thought
To act and damn the consequence
How I wish it could be that easy
But fear surrounds me like a fence
I wanna break free"She sighed muttered"God, Marius, I really wish you were here"She mumbled and stood again.It was then apparent that Taeko did not (I choose) to be independant all the time. She just did because it's all she knew. She did not want sympathy, she wanted...She wasn't sure what she wanted.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri couldn't help but growl as she spoke, shouted at him. Sure some mortals were alone but they could always find someone, they always had the chance to try and find someone. Panting to try calm down he was pacing around the room. In his anger he quite literally pulled the door off it's hinges before sighing, looking at the door in his hands. Chuckling Demetri he lay the door against the wall beside the now empty door frame; he couldn't help but smirk at the door he'd ripped off in anger. Leaving he noticed most mortals were gone and so Demetri broke into the biology lab less subtly then Taeko had and found the hidden supply of human blood, feeding on it. After finishing the blood he had finally calmed down enough to actually get to go talk to Taeko. Once he finally found her he approached silently and muttered. "I'm sorry..."
Nullification / Taeko: "Don't be"She muttered, not looking at him as she sighed"My temper always gets the better of me and yo have nothing to apologise for"She murmered, she regretted saying so much to him back in her Dorm and she blinked a little, knowing she could not undo any of it."I am not angry at you, rest assured,Demetri"She said and nodded"You should be tedning to your duties"She mumbled, rather formally. She stared into space, lost in thought and not fully with reality. She blinked slowly and ran her hand through her hair, looking troubled."Sorry"She said again and went upstairs, sitting in the drama studio and staring at a blank stage.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri watched her and sighed. "Taeko... there is just stuff you don't understand" He whispered to her as she started to leave. Following her silently and without her knowledge he sat next to her without a word and finally spoke. "You never know what the future might hold or what other people are thinking so I don't want to take someone's life because no matter whether they have no one and feel alone a death effects other people... it is not until after you are dead you realise how many people you really had looking out for you and caring..." Demetri told her a little sadly. "Look I'll leave you alone for now, just know that I do what I do to try and stop being the monster that people assume I am because of (i what) I am" He told her as he stood up. "Oh... and sorry but I may have accidentally broke your door" He chuckled.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked"I know I'm going to die alone, trust me"She said simply with a shrug and she nodded to him, not taking her eyes off the empty stage"I'll fix it"She smiled a little to him and blinked"I'll see Hunter later on and for goodness sakes, stay out of trouble"She said gently and blinked, eventually she stood and sighed, tearing her eyes off the stage and casting her eyes around as if expecting something to happen. She looked at Demetri before leaving and said"Personally, I know my life is meaningless."She said with a gentle sigh and smile before going back to her Dorm,.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri hated her feeling like her life was meaningless, in a way she had stopped him from going insane alone and he showed her more of this mortal world. She was already gone before he could think of the right thing to say and just sighed, running hand over his hair. A growl left the back as his throat as he grumbled. "For god sake Taeko..." Standing to his feet Demetri started his work on the castle, he had all the work to do with restoring and fixing the castle up, plus the whole place had to become dark, the windows all needed covered up except for some of the safer windows, mainly those stain-glass darkened ones.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko fixed her door easily, humming softly to herself. She blinked and sat down in her Dorm, looking thoughtful. She looked outside and waited for night to draw in. She wavered a little about going to see Hunter, thinking. She sighed and pulled on a jacket, shrugging it on her shoulder and pulling the hood up due to the fact it was snowing. She made her way downstairs and headed for the address. It wasn't too long a walk, thankfully. She took a deep breath and tapped on the door"Hunter? Demetri sent me...."She said quietly.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Hunter had appeared, old wooden walking stick with him but throwing it to the side as he heard Demetri's name. "Demetri! Ah how is the boy? Good I hope. You are his mate? I haven't had one of Demetri's female companions here in years!" The old man was talking fast as he asked questions and exclaimed with a smile on his face. He moved around the small shop room, his features showed he was in his sixties, white thinning hair and wrinkled features. "What are we fitting you for? Oh wait Christmas already! Oh yes the ball! ... wait..." Hunter finally stopped sniffing the air. "You are human..." He stated, his eyebrows furrowed. "Demetri is letting a human attend such an event... you a pet?" The old seemed a little more confused but he still seemed to hold a childlike excitement.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled and said"You ask as many questions as me!"She smiled and said"Demetri is fine"She assured him"No I am not his mate"She blushed at such a statement"Yes the Ball"She said and nodded"I am not his pet...I don't think so anyways. A simple friend."She assured Hunter with a small smile"Would you be attending,sir?"She asked softly, smiling kindly at him. She looked at him and smiled, her head tilted "He told me not to argue when it comes to you picking out tailoring and such,sir"She dipped her head with a smile.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Hunter chuckled, that same husky chuckle that Demetri often had. "No I am afraid I do attend such events anymore" Hunter told her softly as he rummaged around his shop, occasionally looking over at her up and down then back to all the material. "Demetri is smart, no one ever has a bad word said to them while in one of my dresses or clothes" He smiled to her sweetly, it was hard to tell he was a vampire, there was not that distance that Demetri was always trying to keep from them, he looked sweet like he had no angry bone in his body and just everything about him seemed opposite of any vampire should be, especially his age. "Now we shall go with a black I believe but I will have a nice purple beaded sequin in it..." Hunter seemed to be making notes to himself before in seconds he was beside her, his hand moving and taking her measurements in moments, muttering and remembering them. "This won't take long I promise. Speed of a vampire can help with certain tasks" He said with a smile.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled and listened, enjoying this Vampires company and nodding "Thank you,sir. I'm Taeko by the way"She smiled and stayed still so he could take her measurements"These Balls then..Sir, your expected to dance,right?"She said,"Heh...Vampires with thousands of years of expirience and me with around 4"She smiled jokingly and nodded to him with a smile.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "I know your name, Demetri spoke highly of you when we talked, wouldn't answer anything I asked about him just rambled on. Kid can talk to much at times, never listens just talks" Hunter laughed as he started moving around the shop in a blur, cutting materials, sewing and making her dress. "Dancing is a not about what others think it is about the connection and trust between the partners who are dancing" Hunter stopped his work to smile at her before continuing his work. "If you have a strong enough connection when dancing then you soon forget you are dancing and shock the world with your moves" He explained with a smirk as he worked.
Nullification / Taeko: "Demetri spoke of me?!?"She asked perplexed and she smiled, looking at him"Oh...Can't say I've spoken much of him...Might be a little awkward speaking about a Vampire to my friends"She nodded with a laugh. She nodded at his comment about dancing"I suppose you are right,sir"She smiled softly. One thing she adored about Vampires was the wisdom they were willing to share with others. They were wise creatures. She smiled and said"I must say I'm rather excited"She giggled a little.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Hunter laughed. "You are excited to be in a room of people likely to want to eat you? Demetri was right you are a little strange" He chuckled as the dress started to take shape. "Demetri is terrified" Hunter told her, it was obviously a secret. "Feels it is his need to protect you" Hunter was telling her things that obviously Demetri only told him. "Now try this on" Hunter held out the floor length formal black gown with purple beaded pattern elegantly ran up the sides.
Nullification / Taeko: TAeko blinked and looked at Hunter with a small smile"He need not worry for me"She said"I think I can cope. I'll just have to be really polite"She nodded with a small laugh and she went to a side room to change into the dress. She blinked and smiled, she looked quite stunning in it. "I think Demetri was right,sir."She smiled"Your fantastic at dressmaking!"She nodded and looked down at herself, giggling a little.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Hunter smiled at how she thought being polite would be enough to keep her alive through the ball. "I have had years of practice" Hunter smiled glad to see her happy; before his mood had to change and he looked at her serious. "Taeko... Demetri has every right to fear for you and need to protect you. These people you are going to meet... that day when you saw Demetri hungry and he chased you, well some of these vampire are a hell of a lot worse, they won't stop until you are dead, that is the god honest truth. You may not mind that but Demetri does not want more blood on his hands, especially that of such a young and beautiful woman" Hunter smiled to her softly but it was obvious he was serious. "Just don't go making him worry or his job any harder, he's had a tough life" Hunter explained.
Nullification / Taeko: "Thats the last thing I wish to do"She said to Hunter"I will try not to,"She said thoughtfully and looked at Hunter. She blinked at how fast he turned serious and nodded,"I will keep cautious"She said and then nodded"I should be getting back. You won't mind me visiting will you sir?"She asked and smiled"I guess Demetri sometimes tires of me bothering him all the time."She nodded and grinned, happily.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Hunter could not help but laugh. "Bother him? Is that what he tells you?" Hunter was obviously laughing very hard as he leaned against his desk the old man with a big smile. "Demetri loves the company" He laughed. "Just don't tell him I said so" The elderly man winked at her. "Now change out of the dress and I will pack it up for you. Oh and could you take Demetri's suit over as well?" Hunter asked politely as he pulled a down a packaged suit off the rack.
Nullification / Taeko: "Course!"She smiled and nodded to Hunter, she went to change out her dress and smiled. She re-emerged in her jeans and vest and blinked, smiling to Hunter"I can be a pest"She nodded innocently and giggled"I ask too many questions and answer very little."She said with a nod as she looked thoughtfully around."It was nice meeting you though,sir"She smiled.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Hunter smiled as he took the dress and wrapped it up to keep it clean and protected. "Well Demetri is one person who loves to talk so more questions you ask the happier he is!" Hunter exclaimed as he smiled to her handing over the dress and suit. "I hope to see you soon Taeko, you are a delight and I can see why Demetri is so fond of you" Hunter smiled to her. "Tell him that I'm getting on in years so he has to come visit me soon. Just tell him, it may sound strange since we don't age but he will understand" Hunter told her with his gentle smile.
Nullification / Taeko: "I will, sir. Thank you"She smiled gratefully and took the dress and suit"I'll visit again too, if I can!"She smiled happily and made her way back to the Castle, brushing snow off herself as she went inside. She smiled and seemed much happier than earlier. Her eyes bright and she shook her hair free of snowflakes. She smiled and called out"Demetri?"She looked around and smiled, her eyes searching. She swept her fringe out her face lightly and grinned.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri had seen she wasn't in her room and had ended up pacing around the castle while working, all windows covered in the castle and long candles burned and lit up the castle now. As soon as his sensitive hearing picked up her call he was there in seconds. "Hey" He said trying to sound calm and casual as he had not been wondering where she was. "You been out having fun?" He asked looking at her and noting the clothing and suddenly realised where she had been, relaxing slightly and smiling softly.
Nullification / Taeko: "I met Hunter"She smiled excitedly and grinned"He says he is getting on in years and you should visit him"She nodded and handed him his suit with a smile"You've been busy"She said, looking around and smiling. Her excitement about the Ball was clearly shining and she looked back at him and smiled"He doesn't seem to mind that I'm quite annoying with questions either!"She said and smiled."And you were right!"She said, hardly realising how much she was speaking"He is fantastic with dresses"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri couldn't help but smile and chuckle at her. "Who said you were annoying?" He asked with a smirk. "Hunter is a great tailor" He smiled as he folded the suit over his arm. "You should go rest okay. I will be coming to get you tomorrow at about five in the afternoon tomorrow, until then stay in your room. Unfourtunetly if you want to live you will be introduced as my... pet" Demetri hissed the word. "... but don't worry it just means that no one will harm you and you can pretty much do as you wish, unless I give you a direct order then you kind of have to obey, but I am not much of an order giver" Demetri chuckled as he spoke. "I'm glad you enjoyed Hunter's company" He smiled to her before turning to leave.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded and grimaced at 'pet' but she shrugged"Alright!"She smiled and said"Thanks Demetri!"She nodded and giggled, she was clearly excited and the dangers to her seemed....Numb. She smiled and went upstairs, to her Dorm and rummaged through her things, wondering what she could do with her hair for tomorow as she hummed a little. She looked out at the snow and smiled. She experimented a bti and sighed"Knew I shouldn't have got it cut!"She muttered
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he rushed around the castle all night, making sure to get everything right the lighting to be perfect and the rooms that were going to be used good enough to satisfy him. It was early the next day that vampires began arriving, it was a dark day and snowing so vampires could travel during the day. Vampires started flooding in, music started to fill the castle and talking began. Demetri had made sure that there was enough human blood for the next two days they would be here, stealing human blood from hospitals and such, making sure to leave enough in them for people who may be in accidents. The place was perfect. The morning was everyone settling in basically.
As evening approached Demetri made his way to see Taeko, his hair was straightened a sleek, his perfect pale face of view instead of obscured by a mess of black hair like it usually was. His suit was a perfect fit to his body, his muscular body showing through it slightly and the white shirt beneath the black jacket was unbuttoned half way and showed of his chest and tattoo. Knocking on her door he asked. "You ready Taeko?"
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked, looking herself over in the mirror with a dainty smile. The beautiful dress Hunter had made for her hung off her slender frame. For once, her hair was out her delicateley featured face and it was neatly twisted up. Amongst her hair was purple, pearl-like beads that shimmered when the light glinted off them. She smiled and slipped her slightly heeled shoes on and did the straps up. She wasn't wearing glasses or make-up tonight either. She gave a small smile and hoped everything went alright. She looked up and walked to the door, her shoes clicking quietly as she did. She opened the door and blinked, surprised at how dashign Demetri looked"Hey"She smiled softly and nodded"You look quite fetching tonight!"She praised him with a smile
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri was looking around and as the door opened he stood there mouth open slightly and just stared. Finally managing to mutter something he said. "You look amazing" He smiled and held out his arm to link with hers and lead her to the ballroom. "Now just don't go talking to strangers unless I introduce them to you" Demetri warned her but his smile friendly "And try not to panic too much. We can hear your pulse and heart beat so just relax" He smiled to her.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled and blushed a little"Thank you"She nodded and linked her arm with his genlty. Se listened and nodded"Alright. And keep questions to a minimum"She giggled a little. She would do everything Demetri said, knowing that if she made a mistke, it could be fatal. She took a deep breath and smiled, looking around.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "Let us go then" He smiled as he started to lead her down the candlelit hallways. They passed a few vampires in the hallways who were talking but stopped to stare as the two walked passed, nodding in acknowledgement to Demetri but their eyes fixed on Taeko. Demetri had soon led her into the ballroom that was full of people, the mirrored walls making it look like a never ending room, while a group of vampires played music and others danced. The whole place seemed to stop as Demetri entered with Taeko, the scent of human making them stop. Demetri just smiled at how funny he found it. "I thought I was throwing a party" Demetri said loudly to them as he took a glass of red liquid from a near by server, the scent of human blood hitting him. "I believe the rules apply here, my pet is not to be harmed" Demetri warned them and they all seemed to smile and nod before the music started up again and the dancing started once more. "I told you this place was beautiful" He whispered to Taeko.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko's eyes flashed nervously but she forced herself calm. She looked to Demetri and smiled"It is"She smiled and looked around, everything seemed so different when it was alive with music and dancers. She smiled and watched everything with immense curiosity as she looked to Demetri"It's wonderful!"She smiled brightly and watched, her eyes tracing over every vampire in sight and she blinked, listening to the music and such things.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled as he studied her face, taking a sip at the blood and then whispered to her. "You look beautiful really" He whispered in her ear as he lead her down the stairs. A female vampire moved in front of them, smiling to Demetri and slightly scowling at Taeko. "Victoria" Demetri smiled in acknowledgement.
(b "Hello there Demetri") She smiled sweetly to him. (b "I don't think I ever saw you with a pet") She said with a devilish smile.
Demetri looked at Taeko and just smiled. "Well we are all entitled to it" He chuckled. Starting to leave the female behind when he spotted the only white haired figure in the room, Hunter. "Hunter?" Demetri questioned. "I haven't seen you here in many a years" Demetri smiled.
Hunter just smiled and answered. (r "Well after meeting the delightful Taeko here I felt I had to") Hunter smiled as he asked Taeko. (r "How are you holding up?")
Demetri's attention was else where at this point watching a figure in the crowd intently.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled at Hunter"Hello Hunter!"She smiled softly"I think I'm doing alright"She nodded"It's wonderful to see you."She grinned and said2Your dress has done wonders"She smiled at him and glanced at Demetri, not straying too far from him or Hunter. It reassured her to know that at least two good natured Vampires were present. She smiled up Hunter, looking all so innocent in the crowds. She nodded to Victoria politley.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri was not even paying attention now as he'd recognised someone in the crowd that he wished he hadn't. His eyes wide with horror as he watched. Hunter noticed this and followed his gaze to the girl and muttered. (r "Isn't that...") He drifted off.
"Yes. Look after Taeko for me please" Demetri said slowly letting go of Taeko, looking at her softly before leaving to the crowd where he stopped in front of a shorter, black haired female.
Hunter stood beside Taeko as he stared in amazement but also kept his eyes on her. A few male vampires were walking past them, walking close to Taeko, the scent of a fresh human appealing to them. Many were staring at her.
Nullification / Taeko: "Hunter, whats wrong?"She asked, instictviley pressing against Hunter as the Vampires got close. She blinked and watched, her eyes wide with worry. She looked at Demetri and the woman. "Is she dangerous?"She asked, shivering slightly at the thought of Demetri being hurt. She blinked slowly and looked around, surely no one would let Demetri come to any harm? She hoped with everything she held dear no one would. She was so much smaller than the others who seemed to tower over her and she blinked. She forced herself calm.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Hunter laughed as if she'd told some funny joke. (r "No one hurts Demetri, he's like the prince of darkness") He chuckled as he put a comforting arm around her. (r "I don't know if I am allowed to tell you but that is his sister...") Hunter paused as he saw Demetri look over at them with narrowed eyes, obviously he'd heard what Hunter had said. Demetri started to walk over to them with his hand clamped around the smaller girl's wrist, she did not look overly happy. (r "They are not the closest of family, in fact it has been...")
"Over a hundred years since I last saw her" Demetri interrupted now right in front of them. "Are you okay Taeko? I thought I heard you getting a little nervous" He teased her.
Nullification / Taeko: "Um.."She watched and blinked"No...I'm alright..I think"She nodded, pausing to think as she nodded to him, then looked at his sister with a nod. She was attempting to control her heart and pulse rate, knowing if she didn't it would be a welcome invitation for someone to feed off her. She looked at Hunter and nodded with a small smile. She turned her gaze around and bit her lip, not realising she should incase she accidentally cut the flesh....Thankfully it didn't happen and she stopped.
(B A trouble maker, Vittorio stalked up and eyed Taeko, nodding to Demetri and Hunter"Hunter, never expected to see you here, old timer."He smirked. He never let Taeko slip from his gaze though. He had very little self control over his actions)
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled and nodded to Vittorio and could not help but notice his gaze on Taeko, torn on what he was going to do, he needed to pretty much be everywhere right now. His grip was tight against his sister, Elizabeth's wrist as he stared between all of them.
Hunter looked at Vittorio and chuckled. (r "Old timer my ass. I may be older then you but that just means I know more about how to party") He told him with a smirk. (r "This is Taeko") Hunter introduced the girl politely. (r "Demetri's latest pet") He told him with a smirk while Demetri remained silent.
Nullification / Taeko: (B Vittorio ran his tongue over his fangs and smirked, he never really got on with Demetri much. He looked at Taeko and nodded"Pleasure I'm sure..."He smirked and nodded to Hunter"Your wits growing old with you"He smirked.)
Taeko blinked and nodded to Vittorio, she felt intmidated by him and stuck close to the others, blinking as she forced a smile"Uh...Hey"She nodded quietly. She blinked and saw Vittorio's eyes flash. She felt her heart rate go up and she closed her eyes to try and calm it.Failing at the attempt.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri clenched his teeth slightly as his free hand bawled into a fist and he took a step forward. (r Hunter stepped before him, looking at Demetri with a warning glare before looking at Vittorio. "Let us go get some drink" The old man suggested.)
Demetri was glaring at Vittorio as he moved to Taeko's side, one arm around her waist and the other around his sister's wrist, protecting to two females he truly cared about in the room.
(r Hunter was looking at Vittorio, he knew of Demetri and his disagreements but was hoping to try distract and keep Taeko out of any feud.)
"How about we go get some fresh air?" Demetri whispered to Taeko, his low and against her ear.
Nullification / Taeko: (B Vittorio seemed satisfied with himself as he hissed to Demetri"Don't let such a pretty thing stary too far, Demetri. She might not return and we wouldn't want (I another) of your lady friends to go missing would we?"He smirked before turning to walk off.)
Taeko frowned at Vittorio, angered by his arrogance and tauntings of Demetri's past. She glared and barely registered Demetri had spoken to her"Hey! You can't say stuff like that you arrogant, poor excuse for a Vampire"She seethed, her eyes narrowed. What she was doing was foolish and she folded her arms,definatly"You should watch your mouth!"She snapped.
(B Vittorio stopped and turned, grabbing Taeko's chin and forcing him to look up at him"You dare speak to me in such a way, you morsel"He snarled, his eyes flashing black as Taeko's heart rate went up.)
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri hissed at Taeko as she spoke finally letting go of his sister but she didn't move. The entire ballroom had stopped, forming a large open circle around the small group. Demetri growled at Vittorio, his fangs extended as he snarled and forcefully pushed aside the males hand off Taeko. "You should keep your hands of other peoples pets" He snarled as he stood protectively in front of Taeko.
(r Hunter moved between the two vampires, it seemed impossible to break the two apart. "You two stop this now. Such actions should not be displayed in front of a lady" Hunter's tone serious and calming.)
Demetri did not move, standing in front of Taeko while he leaned slightly forward snarling, his eyes fixed on the target.
Nullification / Taeko: (B Vittorio laughed at Hunter"Remove the ladies then"He smirked, "Let us see if Demetri treausres his pet so much"He cackled and glared at Taeko, his eyes dilated to fully black as he heard her pule soaring with worry"Hm.."He said,fangs extending.)
Taeko blinked and glared at Vittorio"You lay one measly hand on him and I'll kill you myself!"She snapped, her voice quaking urgently, these were of course, empty threats. She blinked and if it wasn't for Demetri standing infront of her, she would have launched at Vittorio out of pure anger.
(B Vittorio laughed coldly, watching Taeko still"Hm, perhaps...I feed off her a little..Then claim her as mine for eternity,Demetri?"He smirked.)
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri growled even louder and as soon as he commented on drinking from her that was the last straw and Demetri launched at him quickly, fangs and claws extended as the male vampires ended up on the floor snarling, thrashing and snapping at each other. "Keep your filthy hands off her" Demetri hissed at him.
(r Hunter had moved just in time and quickly grabbed Taeko. "Come" He hissed at her, dragging her without even an effect back up the stairs. "We need to get you out of here" Hunter told her hurried, dragging her literally, his strength definitely didn't match his appearance.)
Demetri and Vittorio were jumping all around the room, chasing, snapping and fighting each other.
Nullification / Taeko: "No!Wait!HUnter, what about Demetri?"She said, almost in tears, she tried writhing against Hunter but he was too powerful. She blinked and muttered"This all my fault!"She cried.
(B Vittorio smirked"Hit a nerve there,Demetri?"He asked with a cold laugh. He landed in the centre of the room, clearly unphased. Demetri could kill him outright if he wished to"I'll have her as mine"He cackled.)
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: (r Hunter kept tight a hold of Taeko. "It is not your fault" He reassured her. "Demetri was bound to fight that guy eventually. Once two vampires start a fight it is unhonourable to divide them. One must surrender or die" Hunter told her bluntly, never hiding the truth.)
(b Elizabeth, Demetri's sister, was behind them suddenly. She hadn't said a single word all this time so when her harmonious voice finally spoke she said. "Don't worry, Demetri has always fought for what he loves, he won't give up again" Elizabeth spoke trying to comfort her, though realising that if that was the case and Demetri wasn't to win he'd be dead, she tried not to think this though.)
Demetri was growling at Vittirio. "You will never set a dirty claw in this castle again, I'll be sure of that" Demetri threatened as he circled his opponent. Demetri lunged at him again, swiping his clawed hand and quickly jumped back.
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Nullification / Taeko: (B Vittorio chuckled darkly, jumping back from the attack. However, he was a clumsy fighter and within moments, Vittorio lay dead on the floor. A pathetic fighter.)
TAeko shuddered, her eyes betraying her fear. She wiped her eyes, feebily. She looked from Elizabeth to Hunter with wide eyes. She tried to seek peace in their words but could only see the bad points. She sat on the steps and brought her knees to her chest, burying her face in them and sobbing quietly.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled, he lost his control with Vittorio as an evil smirk took place and he literally tore the vampire to pieces, his claws and teeth ripping at the body till only pieces were left. "Burn him" Demetri ordered as he looked around and asked. "Unless anyone else has some issues to raise I will go see to my pet" Demetri growled at them.
(b "The fight is over..." Elizabeth's soft voice said as she heard Demetri's comments.)
Seconds after she'd said it Demetri was sitting on the step next to Taeko. "You know I invited you to a party to have fun, not to sit here feeling sorry for yourself" He told her with a smirk.
(r Hunter could be heard muttering. "You vengeful fool" But he simply smiled at the two.)
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked up and hugged Demetri"You worried me!"She said, wiping her eyes and smiling,relief washing over her as she smiled. She grinned happily and stood up, nearly falling over with relief. She had been so worried and she smiled at Hunter and Elizabeth kindly and she brushed herself off. She swallowed and her fear and worry vanished as she made sure Demetri was real and she was not hallucinating.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri stood up eyes narrowed as he teased her. "Okay what have you done with Taeko?" He teased her. "I mean my Taeko is usually independent and not caring what I do" He laughed. Standing up he brushed down his suit as placed his soft cold hand over her shoulder ever so lightly. "Taeko this is my sister, Elizabeth..." Demetri introduced her to the petite black haired girl in order to change the subject.
Nullification / Taeko: "Pleased to meet you,Miss"She smiled to Elizabeth and nodded, her head bowed in respect to Demetri's sister. She smiled and fixed her hair neatly. She smiled kindly at Elizabeth and nodded to Demetri"I am independant, just don't get any big ideas."She smirked and blinked, looking herself over and shuddering at the thought of Vittorio. She regained herself quickly though and blinked, looking around.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at his sister and sighed. "I need to talk to you later Elizabeth..." Demetri's voice was like a whisper. His sister simply nodded but she stayed where she was. Turning to Taeko he looked at her ever so softly. "Are you okay?" Demetri asked her, his voice showing only concern.
(r Hunter interrupted them as he said. "I shall go make sure the vampires are (i behaving)" The old man said and disappeared to the ballroom.)
Demetri's eyes didn't leave Taeko as he awaited to know she was alright, fearing for her safety as always.
Nullification / Taeko: "Yeah, I think I'm alright"She murmered, nodding to him"Thanks....I know I shouldn't have spoken out of turn but he was acting like a fool."She said quietly,nodding to Hunter and looking at Demetri"I just thought.."She sighed and faltered"I thought you might end up dead."She admitted, her voice hushed and she looked up at him, her eye genuinley worried.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her, now that he knew she was alright he could be angry, spark of anger flickering in his eyes. "You were an idiot!" His voice slightly raised. "I can handle myself and stupid comments of my past I can not let affect me" Demetri was growling at her slightly. "I told you to be careful with what you were doing and saying" His pissed off tone hissed before he took a deep sigh and closed his eyes. Demetri slowly opened his eyes, they were much softer now. Without a word Demetri pulled Taeko to him roughly but careful not to squash her as he pulled her up against his chest. "You scare the hell out of me sometimes you know" He whispered.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko winced a bit as he growled at her and knew what he said was right"I know...And I'm sorry"She apologised"It just annoys me. Like that idiot had such a great past"She said bitterly, relaxing slightly as she looked up at him, smiling softly"Yeah, I'm just glad your alright"She said gently and nodding, her eyes back to their soft and relaxed state as he held her and she nodded to him"I won't do it again"She promised"Or I'll (I try) not to."
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled. "Just think before you use that mouth of yours" He told her. "Now enough excitement or are you still so eager to go dance in a room of vampires?" He asked her with curiosity, well aware that his sister seemed to be just standing and staring at them intently. Demetri's grip loosened on him, his hand now only lightly around her waist as his darkened eyes looked down at her softly.
Nullification / Taeko: "Hm, I should like a dance before I retire for the rest of the evening,Demetri"She smiled softly up at him with a small,supressed giggle. She grinned innocently and said,hesitantly"As long as your up to going back inside?"She asked, smiling a little and nodding, her eyes flashing in the dimly lit hall.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled. "This is my party so I can hardly avoid the room forever. Plus these are vampires remember, I basically just provide some rather perfect entertainment" He told her with a soft smile, taking her hand ever so lightly he made his way into the room with her, a few vampires clapping as he entered. "Shall we then" He smiled to Taeko as he spun her onto the dance floor, aware of many eyes watching them.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled a little at him and nodded"Please"She accepted and smiled, dancing lightly with him. Her small shoes clicking every now and then her black and purple dress rippled as she moved. Due to the fact her hair was back off her face, she had no need to sweep it away and she grinned, swaying lightly with him and enjoying the music. She grinned softly and despite her being in a room of Vampires, only one interested her.Demetri. She smiled and he had her upmost attention.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri's eyes were fixed on only her, a smile on his lips. He placed arm around her waist and hand in his as he lead her in dance, moving soft, slow and graceful. She looked so beautiful as the candlelight glistened against her dress and in her eyes. Keeping his eyes on her, infatuated with her. Her scent. Her appearance. Personality. Her. (i His) Taeko, whether she knew it or not she was (i his) in the way he would protect her to the ends of the earth no matter what. Demetri realised he would run into a thousand suns and try to save her while turning to ash.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled, in a way she did not want the song to end, but it did. She sighed slightly and smiled at him. Oh the thought of him having to watch her die, how it killed her. She bit her lip gently and smiled, concealing her thoughts well as she looked up at him, then smiled, looking around and saying"Thank you, Demetri...For everything"She nodded and turned her gaze back to him, still clutching his hand and smiling softly.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled as he held her hand and playfully twirled her around. "Thank you? For what? Endangering your life? Fighting for your life?" He asked with a playful tone as he smiled at her, keeping her close and a protective eye on her. There was this obvious need to protect her and his over protectiveness might be annoying but Demetri felt this need, it was stronger feeling then he'd had with his previous (i mate) but Demetri couldn't seem to tell her no matter how much he felt a need to.
Nullification / Taeko: "For opening my eyes"She smiled and giggled as he twirled her, she lokd up at him"And for fighting for me. I would do the same for you even if it meant death"She confessed with a gentle grin and she nodded to him. She smiled, wondering what it would be like if she had not met him. She smiled and didn't want to think about such things right now. She had met him and it had been the best meeting of her life, something worth living for...Something worth dying for.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: "You are an idiot" Demetri whispered to her but with a smile. "When it comes to vampires I would prefer you avoided fighting for me, I am quite capable of looking after myself" He teased her. "It is my duty to protect you, I exposed you to such a world and therefore my sole responsibilty to look after you" Demetri told her with a smile. Demetri's fingers slipped between hers as he looked at her hand ever so softly.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled and said"Still, I would do it."She nodded to him quietly and clasped his hands gently and smiled to him"I could never watch you fall to harm,Demetri."She said, soothingly. She smiled and said"I am no ones responsibilty"She grinned"I am my own"She said, her voice quiet and calm as she looked up at him, her docile face gentle and relaxing.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri shook his head slightly at her with a smile. "You are (i my) responsibilty" Demetri told her forcefully. "No matter if you want to think it or not. There are forces stronger then what I know making it that way..." Demetri muttered to her, knowing he was talking about the feeling that a vampire feels when he finds one of those he feels to make a good (i mate) but he was hopeful that she did not realise this; it was something he just couldn't seem to admit for the fear of causing her discomfort or rejection.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and didn't quite understand but she nodded and said"Alright,alright"She smiled, accepting it and saying"But don't expect me to let you do all the fighting on your own, I'm not that bad"She giggled and smiled a little. She said"My turn next time, seeing as you dealt with Vittorio."She smiled a little bit and looked at him.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her and muttered. "Like I would allow that" He muttered to her grimly, she stood no chance against a vampire and therefore Demetri would never let her fight one, (i never). "Now tell me, trouble, why are you planning on getting into more messes like that?" He chuckled as his cold finger lightly prodded her soft cheek and slowly his hand slipped from hers. "Now what would you like to do?" He asked her, vampires dancing around them as they stood and talked.
Nullification / Taeko: "I am not (I planning) on it."She smiled and said"Doesn't matter if you allow it or not. I would do it"She said strongly but softly. She looked around and said"I should expect you wish to talk with your sister"She said gently and nodded in respect"I should go upstairs and sleep. No doubt your guests wish to speak to you"She smiled a little.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri led her to the top of the stairs, knowing she could safely get back to her room from there. "I will come and check on you soon... whether you know it or not" He teased and winked at her before turning. "Elizabeth Nizoria" He said to thin air slightly annoyed tone when the small black haired girl appeared before him with innocence all over her face. Demetri took a final glance at Taeko.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded and smiled to him"Tsk, trickster in the night"She smiled before turning and going inside her dorm. She took the various pins out her hair and slipped into a pair of night clothes as she looked outside. She was utterly breathless now, smiling to herself within her dorm. She looked around, barely believing what had happened. She shook her head and smiled softly. What a rush! She thought and sank back, sitting in the window ledge.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri's smile faded as she disappeared from his sight and he looked at Elizabeth. "What are you doing here Elizabeth? What happened to never wanting to see me again in you eternity of life?" Demetri asked her with a sigh.
(b "Demetri..." Elizabeth's tone pleaded slightly. "I realised I was wrong. It wasn't your fault... you did it to protect me..." Elizabeth was pleading softly as she looked at him.)
Demetri could never deny his little sister's innocence that worked so strong on him. It was hard to believe she looked about fifteen, she was seventeen and in a mortal life she'd been married and had children. Demetri ran his hand along her hair and smiled. "Thank you" He whispered, the excitement and eagerness as well as nervousness wanting him to go check Taeko, knowing her she could find trouble just walking down a hallway.
(b "Go to her" Elizabeth whispered.)
Demetri smiled and left, using his speed in seconds he was in the shadows of her room.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and looked out the window, tilting her head to look down at the snow covered grounds. It seemed like a matter of moments, maybe it was hours, Taeko didn't rightly know but she dozed off in the window ledge, her knees drawn to her chest and her eyes closed. Her short hair slightly ruffled slightly and her arms by her knees, a soft smile playing on her lips. It was impossible to tell exactly what she was thinking or dreaming but it certainly did not look to be troubling the girl as she slept peacefully. She had a silk dressing gown draped around her slender shoulders to keep the cold out. She had her back against the window frame as her chest rose and fell softly as she slept.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri could not help but smile at the figure of her slumped by the window. As he moved over he could see the peaceful consent on her face which was a good sign that the evenings events had not put her off. Moving over he picked her up with ease and lightly, the only thing she would feel would be the sudden coldness; placing her on the bed Demetri slowly pulled her blanket over her, his cold finger running ever so delicately over her cheek before he quickly pulled back. Glancing at her for a moment he sighed and turned, leaving to return the party.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko smiled a bit. When she woke in the early morning she blinked, she could have sworn she fell asleep in the window last night. She rubbed her eyes and got changed, smirking somewhat to herself. She blinked and grabbed a few pieces of paper as she went down to the Library to hand a few books back, despite the Librarian being away. She looked out the nearest window and watched the snow float lightly. It was dimly lit and she closed a curtain, eyes not properly adjusted to the light and she looked around, smiling to herself.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri spent the night dancing away with various people, enjoying the company of his vampire brethren; though they were not all of the same coven they still could stand to be in the same room with others of different values. Though he had not slept or stopped moving/dancing he was still flawless in appearance; hair perfectly straightened back, eyes now a golden colour due to the strength he felt from all the human blood that had been drank. A smile came to his lips, though all the vampires were satisfied of thirst the burst of life in the human heart of Taeko easily echoed through the castle and sparked interest. Chuckling Demetri excused himself from the ballroom, the party would carry on till the next morning so she would have to put up with constant stares and possibility of some male vampires trying to get (i close) to her.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko peeped neatly out the window, hearing the low hum of music still from below the Main Halls of the castle as she smiled. She looked around the dimly lit library with a small amount of interest despite her mind being elsewhere, forever wandering with other thoughts. She smiled to herself and tapped her fingers along the spine of the book in her hands as she smiled a bit, perfectly content. She couldn't help but wonder what Demetri was up to. She blinked and looked a little puzzled for a moment before returning to her book. Her head nodding ever so slightly to the rythm of the music below.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri spied Taeko across the Library and with a tugging smirk on his lips. As he strode majestically across the Libraries floor towards her when a taller male with long tied back sandy hair stepped in front of him, impatience and anger hit Demetri but faded suddenly as he looked at the taller vampire before, an old close friend, Valkier. "Valkier, my friend!" Demetri's usual quietened and husky tone exclaimed in a childish and excited manner as clasped a fist over his chest and bowed to the taller male with great respect.
(#00FF00 Valkier had noticed Demetri and deliberately stepped in his way to stop him, Demetri was like a brother to him and he had yet to grab his attention and gain some of his time. However, there was another sudden want to talk to Demetri and that was the new human female that he seemed to have claimed as his. Unlike Demetri, Valkier embraced his damned cursed life with great joy and pleasure and he took pride in his collection of young females that were his, it was a thing that Demetri did not like but Valkier did not hold this against him. "Demetri my dear friend" Bowing back with respect. "Now I hear you are starting a collection of fine woman of your own after such hypocritical remarks on my lifestyle" Valkier said with a playful smile and only friendly teasing towards his friend.)
Demetri felt himself freezing slightly, this was the trouble with having Taeko around others would want to know if they could buy her from him or claim her as their own, it sent a shiver down his spine; Demetri knew Valkier enough to know what his true interest and desires were but there was not much Demetri could do. "Well I hardly think my one human measures up to your set up" Demetri said sheepishly as he started to Taeko once more knowing that if he did not introduce her to Valkier he would simply take matters to his own hands. "Taeko..."
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Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked up and blinked, watching silently then nodding to Demetri and smiling"Hello!"She said, happy to see him. She mumbled"Not keeping you from your guests am I, Demetri?"She said, placing her book down and grinning at him, happily. It had been a long time since Taeko had been this happy and she wasn't exactly sure why she was this happy with Demetri around. Perhaps it was the insight he gave her into something more than any human could. She honestly didn't know.
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NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled as he smiled to her and said. "Even someone who could physically dance forever can get bored with the wrong dance partners" He smiled to her, seeming to forget his friend beside him until the taller male cleared his throat deliberately to regain attention. Demetri seemed to stutter for words for a second before smiling and saying. "Taeko this is an old friend of mine Valkier, Valkier this is Taeko my..." Demetri seemed to stutter and Valkier took it upon himself to say proudly.
(#00FF00 "Your latest pet" He finished for him.)
Demetri shivered slightly but remained calm and smiled with a slight nod. Leaning into Taeko he whispered ever as quietly as he could. "Watch him, he's rather lustful" Demetri warned her soft and serious.
(#00FF00 Valkier could not help but chuckle as he stood and watched the two with curious eyes, his muscular arms folded over his equally muscular chest. A smirk played on the tall man's lips. "Demetri you might as well speak aloud, this vampire hearing means I hear just as well" Valkier chuckled again. "And I think it is only fair that young Miss Taeko here decides if she thinks me a threat or if she finds my company (i pleasurable)" Valkier smiled his usual flirtatious that he pretty much used on any creature that was female.)
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded to Demetri, she knew exactly how to handle flirtacious figures. She got enough of them at school. "Nice to meet you, Valkier"She said politley and smiled formally. She felt assured by Demetri's prescence and knew little harm would befall her with him around"I trust your both enjoying the celebrations downstairs?"She smiled and folded her arms, her hair tied up as best it would go and she looked to them both.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri couldn't help but smile as he looked at Taeko, he was used to watch girl's fall all over Valkier with one smile or a few kind words. He knew that Taeko was independent and could take care of herself but this would be her real chance to prove if she could handle herself and part of Demetri did not wish to take the chance. There were few ways this was going to work out, Taeko would managed to escape this safely or Valkier will claim her or kill her and Demetri knew once Valkier was fixed on an idea or a person then who was used to getting what he wants, always.
(#00FF00 Valkier simply smiled at the girl and recognised the challenge before him, the exciting challenge. "I always find Demetri's parties such exciting events, but there has yet to be such beautiful and interesting company like you at one of these things in a long time" Valkier smiled to her as he looked her up and down with no shame.)
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko said"Beware for this cat has claws,sir"She looked at Valkier with a little contempt"A few swooning words will not sway me."She stated and remained firm on that fact. She looked Valkier over and shrugegd"Didn't really enjoy pretty-boys anyways"She said quietly and smirked,knowingly."This is my first event with Demetri."She explained and smiled at Demetri with a nod"I find it quite enjoyable."
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled to himself though obviously he was not what she would class a 'pretty-boy' and wondered if he should feel offended by this and just chuckled. "Taeko is quite insane, she seems to actually enjoy the company of vampires" Demetri teased her as he joked with his friend.
(r Valkier gave a chuckle of his own as he eyes Taeko, definitely a challenge that he will enjoy. "Well I guess I will have to try harder to attract your attention and steal you from my good friend Demetri here now won't I" Valkier said is a friendly joking manner but his tone also held a seriousness about it.)
Demetri watched as Valkier held his gaze with Taeko and started to feel the competition that Valkier always tried to offer a competition that scared Demetri because in essence it was to win or lose Taeko and he couldn't work out if the stakes were too high. "That sounds interesting my friend but surely you are leaving with the others tomorrow, so you expect to win the heart of Taeko in one night?" Demetri asked, slight hope in his tone if that was the case.
(r Valkier simply smirked and answered. "Surely you my dearest friend could allow me a room to stay for an extended visit?" Valkier asked with a slightly evil grin.)
Nullification / Taeko: TAeko muttered"Miss Taeko is not a possession to be rightly stolen, I suggest you begin watching what words leak out of your mouth,sir."She said to Valkier and nodded, her eyes bright with annoyance"Fancy lines do not enchant me"She stated and looked at the ceiling"I am happier with Demetri's 'ownership' . "She said, looking Valkier over"Judging by your earlier conversation, you have many girls at your service anyways. You can spare the loss of but one"She nodded and looked at him, silent dare to continue the matter. She glanced at Demetri, her boldness alighting her eyes.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri listened to Taeko closely and by the end of her speech he could not stop himself from laughing a loud half hearted laugh. "What can I say Valkier, I guess my girl is a little more self respectful then all of yours" He chuckled to his friend but knew there was still the danger of Valkier, Vampires could influence people easily and by nightfall a powerful Vampire like Valkier would not have any trouble with simply persuading Taeko with that influence gift of his. Demetri placed his hand lightly on Taeko's shoulder and said. "If you excuse us Val I promised I would take Taeko out into the snow today" Demetri came up with an excuse for his friend, he knew it would be bright daylight outside but if it would help get Taeko away from Valkier for a while so they could talk he'd risk being weakened. Valkier and Demetri bowed gracefully to each other with their fists over their hearts and he smiled to her. "So shall we go walk?" He asked with a smile.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked at Demetri and raised her eyebrows"Thats dangerous..You and I both know it"She said, smiling a little, her voice hushed as she nodded to Valkier"Perhaps not in daylight,Demetri"She said and looked at him"You'd risk your health to get me out a situation like that?"She said, a little shocked and she smiled slightly, her eyes searching him, bright as always with questions. She shook her head"I can handle a few fake, passionate lines of flirt"She assured him"My will is stronger than my strength against Vampires"She smiled,knowingly.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled softly as he put his arm around her and pretty much dragged her with him. "Come on it is a perfectly clouded day plus darkness will fall soon" Demetri smiled at her, his sweet and kind smile as he looked at her with almost pleading blackened eyes. "As long as I'm not planning on getting into any fights tonight then all the blood I have drank over the last few days should keep me fine" Demetri insisted. "Plus I can't really have you to myself when so my ears of interest are tuned in on you" Demetri teased as he started to walk ahead of you. "So you can join me or I am sure Valkier will gladly be back in seconds to help you with any of you... well his... needs" Demetri chuckled with his teasing grin.
Nullification / Taeko: "Ahahaha! Very funny"She smirked and said"Hm, I candle the likes of him, Vampire or not."She stated, defiantly. She smiled"What would a Vampire, who has lived hundreds of years and seen so much, want from me?"She asked him and smirked"I've only seen a few years really"She shrugged and laughed slightly"Well, just don't get into fights."She smiled"I'll fight if anything happens"She remarked, sounding serious and she was. She looked thoughtful. Almost as if contemplating what would happen should she get into a fight with a Vampire, biting her lip a little and raising her eyebrows at the thought.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri couldn't stop but chuckle at her softly. "You're cute when you're lost in thought you know" Demetri told her as he looked at her, studying her intently. "You know Valkier doesn't care about what you know or your years of life. Valkier sees the outside of a person and you are, if you don't mind me saying, rather attractive" Demetri told her, trying to explain Valkier in a way that made sense, though Val's lustful intentions were never easy to understand. Suddenly turning and facing him he smiled as said. "You know what I was saying the other day about sins and being damned, all that?" Demetri reminded her as he walked backwards, heading to the main entrance. "Well I choose to try and sin as little as possible, Valkier is like my opposite... he figures if he is damned he might as well have some fun and one of the things top of his list would be lust." Demetri explained to her.
Nullification / Taeko: "Yeah well, that pretty boy can keep clear of me. I think I'd give him a few reasons to go away and die."SHe said bitterly and sighed"Apologies...I really dislike people who think they can get what they like at the expense of others"She said,glancing at Demetri and she bit her lip, thinking again then jumping back to reality"I used to get a lot of them in Venice, not Vampires but boys who acted like it"She explained and sighed softly.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled as he looked at her with a playful look on his face. He suddenly grabbed her hand, trying to be gentle seen as his inhuman strength could be dangerous to her. Pulling her outside into the clouded, dull and grey outside, thick snow covering the grounds. The sudden burst in energy had him gaining a sudden confidence and a chance to say what he wanted without worry. "So you don't like pretty-boys and don't like those flirty lines" He chuckled as he moved a little closer to her and said. "How about straight forward guys?" Demetri asked with a smirk, unfourtunetly all the human blood he'd been drinking and the competition with Valkier now made Demetri's more damned side come out. He moved swiftly and pressed his cold lips lightly against his with much desire behind them; it didn't take him long however before he pulled away and looked completely apologetic. "I'm sorry... sorry..." He turned around, he hadn't meant to do that so abruptly he was terrified he'd hurt her or used to much force by accident. Demetri ran a hand through his perfectly tied back hair and sighed as he started to walk away muttering. "I'm... stupid... idiot..." Growling slightly at himself for the sudden stupidity of impulse.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko was taken aback and she looked at Demetri, her mind racing. She bit her lip and was not harmed in any way. She eventually managed to speak"Your no idiot,Demetri"She said, taking a deep breath"That was somewhat unexpected"She smiled and tucked a few loose strands of hair behind her ear, a soft blush on her cheeks. She thought quickly. (I He's a Vampire...) She shook her head and looked at the sky, thinking still. She ran her hand through her hair"Don't be sorry"She said finally, turning and looking at him, her eyes soft and gentle on him as they had always been. Her heart raced with adrenaline.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri was pacing side to side slightly, he didn't dare look at her as he listened to her. Finally looking to her sweet face Demetri froze as he took a deep breath, his finally tuned senses noticing everything; especially her fast beating heart as it sent blood coursing through her body. Licking his lips lightly he shook his head slightly and shivered. "Sorry about that... I didn't mean it... well I did... but I mean..." Demetri stuttered completely losing his cool composure for once as he shook his head slightly. "I'm sorry..." He muttered again as he took a deep breath and sighed. "What I mean is that I shouldn't of done that so abruptly" He was still trying to explain himself.
Nullification / Taeko: "Demetri, your hopeless at explaining yourself"She giggled slightly and said"Like I said, you have no reason to be sorry"She said, watching him and smiling softly. She was breathless for a moment and then regained herself" She took a deep breath and watched him, admiring him for a second and blinking, unsure of what happened next. She rubbed the back of her neck, thinking. All the books in the world couldn't describe how she felt, all that reading seemed pointless and she smiled to herself. She looked at Demetri, as if he would give her the answers.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri had to force himself to stand still as all the adrenaline ran through his vampire veins. He couldn't resist a small smile on his lips as he looked at her in search of any emotion in her face but as always Demetri was completely clueless. "God now I am confused" Demetri chuckled as he sat down on the snow covered ground and let out a sigh, leaning back on his elbows; the darkened clouded sky was making it easier for him to be outside but he was still weakened slightly, not that it mattered much. "What are you thinking?" Demetri asked Taeko suddenly.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked at Demetri and sat down, thinking"A lot of things.."She answered"Things I'll have to ponder on"She giggled slightly and looked over Demetri. She had utterly lost herself within Demetri and she was glad of it. She looked at the sky, tracing powdery snow through her fingers gently, watching it fall as she bit her lip slightly. Her eyes thoughtful
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri lay back, lying in the snow as he stared to the side, looking at her in thought. "Well once you have finished pondering then you should tell me" He chuckled as he watched her hand playing with the snow and that thoughtful look in her eyes. He laughed softly to himself and looked away in the other direction, seeing the remainder of plants beneath the snow, few footprints even broke the snows perfect blanket that covered the grounds. "You know I was half expecting you to slap me when I kissed you" Demetri finally spoke, still looking away from her.
Nullification / Taeko: "Why would I have done that?"She smirked a little and bit her lip"I thought it was obvious I liked you..."She shrugged"I'm hopeless at lying"She giggled a little. She looked at the sky and dropped the remainder of the snow"I am only curious as to what we do now..."She said,softly. "Because, it would be cruel to go along with this...You would have to watch me die"She admitted, she seemed to be overlooking a lot of things and she sighed softly, contentidly and smiled a bit, watching Demetri and letting her eyes trace over him before turning her gaze to the Castle.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri felt slightly taken aback as he heard her say that she liked him more the fact it was supposed to be so obvious and he was so bloody clueless. Running a hand over his hair he rolled over so that he was lying on his stomach and his face tilted to the side and looked at her; as she mentioned it, mentioned what would happen next. "You think watching you die would be the only problem?" He asked back with a raised eyebrow as he shook his head and sighed, not even awaiting an answer. "I mean anything could go wrong when you are around me... I can hear your blood running through your veins every second you are near so the temptation is always going to be there... not to mention that if I even hugged you too tightly I could shatter every bone in your fragile body... hell if I ran at you without thinking I could literally flatten you with the inhuman speed... everything about me is so wrong and unnatural as well as unsafe for you... so watching you grow old is extremely unlikely to be the thing I worry about..." Demetri told her, trying to explain all the problems, all the worries and fears that he had when around her; he had to tell her and she had to know all the risks.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko shook her head"I do not care"She said with a small shrug and sighed. "I'm utterly confused"She said, falling back on the snow and staring the sky, her eyes lost in thought, snow traspesing in her hair lightly. She sighed and fiddled with a loose strand of hair, biting her lip gently and brushed her top down, still thinking."Those things don't bother me..."Her main concern was Demetri, how he would react upon the event of her death, watching her grow old. She sighed and closed her eyes.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri could not help but sigh and laugh lightly. Shuffling towards her he knelt beside her, looking down into her soft and thoughtful face; his cold fingers ever so lightly brushed against her skin and moved the stray strands of her, his touch so lightly and delicate. "You are absolutely insane you know that right?" Demetri said with a chuckle and smile on his lips. "Of all the things you should be worrying about and you don't... you are rather irresponisble" Demetri teased her as he stayed kneels beside her, his gaze looking down on her innocent face.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked at him and opened her eyes"I am very much insane, but not irresponsible"She remarked and smiled a bit"I'm responsible, for both you and me"She nodded and smirked a little. She studied his face as she spoke each word"I worry about what worries me"She stated with a small laugh"And you worry me"She said"I worry for you, I don't want to put you through heartbreak,Demetri."She sighed softly and looked at him, her gaze meeting his steadily.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri shook his head lightly while meeting her gaze, a few strands of his hair softly on his face as he looked at her with a smile on his face. "I am not as young as I may look you know, I can handle heartbreak when the price is worth it" He told her, his eyes never leaving hers as he placed his hands ever so gently on either side of her head; his eyes fixed on hers as he tried to remain completely calm and in control.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko swept the strands of hair out his face and sighed"But I don't want you to have to go through it, Demetri"She admitted, looking at him, her eyes bright with concern as she looked at him, taking in his image and not wanting to ever forget it, she prodded his chest and laughed"You'll have to watch me get old,Demetri"She said with a small smile.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri chuckled at her childlike innocence that was entrancing. "Don't you think I should be the one to decide whether I go through that or not?" He asked her as he kept her graze and then teased. "Plus once you start getting old and ugly I can just disappear to the shadows to find someone else" Demetri teased in a playful manner, sticking his tongue out at her and laughing before leaning down and kissing her forehead softly; turning serious again as he returned to gaze into her eyes. "It is not me that we should worry about... you will constantly be in danger around me, then there is the fact that being out in the sun makes me as weak as an infant... I am a night person literally, a son of the moon..." Demetri looked at her, she worried for him and he worried worse for her.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko frowned at his playfulness and giggled"Your a trickster."She nodded to him"I wish I was more powerful...Anything that could keep you from worrying so for me."She stated and sighed, closing her eyes and thinking. There had to be something..Anything. She couldn't think in this state. This state of enchantment and enjoyment. She opened her eyes and smiled a little.
Nullification / Taeko: -g2g, I shall reply tomorow-
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri kept his eyes on her, even as she closed hers. Just watching her face in complete wonder and awe; moving his hand ever so lightly over her hair, his fingers running through her soft hair as he smiled. Nothing she was saying was really getting through to him right now, he couldn't think straight about anything as he just stared softly at her with his fingers interlaced with her hair he was forcing himself to steady his breathing as he looked upon her.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko prodded his chest, smirking "Your not listening are you?"She smiled softly. She opened her eyes and giggled softly. "Mm.. Fine"She shrugged and smiled, it didn't matter just that moment anyways. It could wait. She grinned and ran her fingertip down one of his cheeks softly and smiled a bit"Trickster in the Night"She frowned,playfully and smiled, looking at him with affectionate eyes.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her and smiled as he twirled her hair between his fingers lightly. "I am no trickster" Demetri pouted childishly and playful manner. "Well maybe I am a slight Trickster at times" Demetri teased as he stuck his tongue out at her and chuckled. "Now..." Demetri pulled her up and rolled her on top of him. "You young lady should not spend all day lying in cold snow, you'll catch your death" Demetri told her matter of factly and with the slightest of concern.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko giggled and said"I guess"She said, looking down at him and stroking his face softly, she was still worried for him to her, it was a fate worse than death to watch to someone you loved die infront of you. Her eyebetrayed her fear and worry. She looked at Demetri and smiled softly, "Young Lady?Tsk.. Speak with me as if I am some child"She said, giggling softly and smiling at him.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri smiled at her, the fear and worry of things so obvious in her eyes he couldn't help but trace his finger ever so lightly over her cheek. "You are a child" Demetri answered seriously but also teasingly. His finger continued to stroke ever so delicately over her skin as he sighed, the scent and sound of her blood so strong but he was controlling himself as well as possible. Demetri couldn't help but look into those worried eyes of hers, it was agony to watch such worries and fears in her face; he knew the reason behind her concerns and wished he could find the words that would make her feel better about this but he couldn't, it was true, he would have to watch her grow old and die because the only other option was that she be changed to a Vampire and Demetri could not bring himself to damn her to his life.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko blinked and looked at him, catching her hand in his softly and looking at him, thinking"Demetri..."She murmered, thinking. She knew what the answer to her next question would be, and she was slightly afraid to ask it"Demetri, turn me like you?"She suggested, her voice soft and gentle. She looked at him, meeting his gaze steadily, no inkling of a joke in her voice now. She was utterly sincere and serious. She looked him over and smiled softly. She ran through her thoughts again, thinking silently but still holding his gaze.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri felt her hand in his stone cold one, his fingers gently intertwining with hers. As soon as she said his name he could see it in her eyes, see the thought playing in her mind; as soon as the question came out he just froze, looking to her soft eyes with utter terror in his. Shaking his head and looking away from her he looked at the snow and whispered. "I can't be responsible for turning you into a monster... for taking your life away..." Demetri muttered.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked at him and sudied him for a second"Hm.."She knew where he was coming from and looked thoughtful"What about Hunter?"She suggested"I honestly don't care..."She said, assuringly"I just don't want you to have to see me die.."She mumbled quietly, her eyes trapsing over her thoughts, stroking his hand softly as she became vacant within thoughts.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri shook his head. "Taeko..." Demetri's tone was almost pleading. "...asking you to do such a thing would be the same as asking you to kill yourself. Being human is life being vampire is a curse" Demetri tried to explain while he slowly let go of her hand and slid his hand to back of her head bringing her lips slowly to his as he kissed her lightly and moved his lips down to her neck lightly, his fangs extending slowly as they grazed softly across her skin being extremely careful not to break the skin. Then he pulled back and looked at her. "Taeko it has taken me hundreds of years to gain self control to not kill you right now, could you really live with deaths on your hands? It can take years to gain enough control to take blood without killing, even some experienced vampires can't do it... not to mention how hard and dangerous turning someone is..." Demetri sighed as he looked at her, the pain and worry obvious in his darkened eyes.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked at Demetri and returned the kiss gently, she understood. She murmered"But you could try and teach me"She said, imploringness in her voice"I don't want you to have o watch me die"She repeated"It would hurt me to know that somewhere in the shadows..."She broke off and sighed, shaking her head slightly and looking at him"There has to be something"She mumbled"And come on,Demetri"She giggled softly"You don't think I'd give up that easily on life do you?"She asked him and said"I want to be with you..."She whisepred.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri looked at her and could understand everything she was saying but he was still so scared of what could happen. "You are so stubborn" Demetri teased her with a chuckle as he ran a hand down her back ever so slightly. "I want to be with you too... I just want you happy and to have a chance at life" Demetri's voice was a husky whisper. He could hear his name being called from inside but he didn't want to leave this moment.
(r Hunter walked out to the grounds where Demetri and Taeko lay in the snow. With a chuckle he said. "Well Miss Taeko if you are going to kill Master Valeer you could at least wait till we all aren't around" Hunter joked. "Demetri there are a lot of guests wondering where you were, some of the covens will have to be leaving soon... shall I tell them you are... (i busy)?" Hunter asked with a chuckle and amusement.)
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked at Demetri and mumbled"If my chance of life ends without you..I don't want it"She replied gently and blinked, looking at Hunter and smiling,shaking her head"Demetri is just returning"She said, standing and helping him up, grinning slightly"I must have distracted him"She said,apologetically and smiled at Demetri, her eyes bright. She nodded to Hunter, politley and said to Demetri"You get back with your guests. You can see me plenty of times"She assured him and laughed a little.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: Demetri was about to argue with her when Hunter interrupted them. Sighing he stood to his feet, brushing the snow off his clothes. "Yeah you certainly distracted me" Demetri teased as he brushed his hand over her cheek and sighed. "Try not to go get yourself in any trouble please" Demetri smiled to her as he headed back inside.
(r "I couldn't help but over hear your little conversation" Hunter commented as Demetri went inside as he looked at Taeko with his usual old wise and kind face.)
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko nodded and rubbed the back of her neck, looking to Hunter"Oh...I see"She mumbled and sighed a bit. She bit her lip"You think the same as him,then?"She said softly, thinking. She mumbled, in defence of herself and words"I just don't want him to see me die...I don't want to have to grow old and watch him suffer as each day goes by and I age while he stays the same! I couldn't bear it,Hunter!"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: (r Hunter just smiled at her softly. "I understand what you are saying and I think you have the right idea Miss Taeko" Hunter smiled softly to her. "I have known Demetri many a years and watched the pain he has been through with his last mates as it were" Hunter told her softly. "His losses outweigh his wins, you must understand that he feels if he doesn't risk it he can have at least sixty more years with you... by trying to change you he risks losing you" Hunter tried to explain Demetri's point of view.)
Demetri heard Hunter talking to Taeko but he had no chance to stop and listen. Making his way to the ballroom for drink of blood and farewell to some of the covens that had to depart.
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko slumped down by a tree and looked thoughtful and for once, confused. She sighed and bit her lip"I understand but I really think I could live through it,Hunter"She explained"I don't think I'd die during the turn"She said, thinking and rubbing her head"You Vampires are just complicated"She smiled, jokingly and kept her lost in thought gaze. "Do you think I would die during the change?"She asked, seriously.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: (r Hunter looked careful at her with his old knowledgeable gaze. He couldn't help but smile at who selfless she was, only ever thinking about Demetri at not the toll this could take on her, unfourtunetly Demetri was only thinking of her and not him and therefore they were both working opposites. Moving over to her he rubbed his old wrinkled face. "If an old man like me can survive I see not while you couldn't" Hunter joked with her. "But I am not going to lie, the chance is still there" He told her, placing his hand on her shoulder he sighed heavily. "You'll of noticed how different vampires feel different things about what they are, those like Demetri who see it as a curse and those like Valkier who she it as a blessing. Well there are different views on the process of changing humans, some see it as the up most sign of love, choosing a mate to spend eternity with and others see it as a way to satisfy lust, you'll of heard that vampires have strong influentional powers and some people feel that vampires are just tricksters who lure human victims into sense of love before taking life away from them... I guess it depends on how a vampire was changed and their personal experience to their views. Anyway..." He chuckled slightly. "...I guess getting old has made me talk a little too much but you have to see that with every decision comes with high price and it is whether you are willing to pay the price... don't answer quickly you have to think, it is not a light decision Miss" Hunter explained, trying to make sure that she knew all the risks and that she felt they were worth it.)
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko looked at him and frowned in thought. "I know all that...I think I guessed that Vampires get rather..Lustful. That is, those like Valkier"She muttered and said"But surely it cannot be that bad? Demetri would teach me what I need to know... I wouldn't ever regret it. I don't think. But then I wouldn't want to upset Demetri either, but he will only grow more upset at seeing me grow old and rot away like any other mortal before his eyes and him being powerless to see it"She mumbled, seemingly talking to herself as she weighed out options and sighed."Wouldn't an easy choice be nice for once?"She muttered and bit her lip.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: (r Hunter listened to her intently then chuckled. "If life was easy, my dear, then where would the fun and choices be?" Hunter said as he looked out at the snow, the sky getting even darker as the sun obviously setting behind the clouds. "I must return to the party now, apparently these strange people enjoy my company" Hunter joked as he stood to his feet. "You and Demetri can really discuss this once all these vampires have left")
(b Valkier had been outside through-out Taeko's conversations with Demetri and Hunter, a small smirk on his face. As Hunter left Valkier could not resist temptation before him. "Trouble in paradise eh?" Valkier's smooth tone asked as he appeared from darkened corner where he had been listening.)
<< hope that is alright >>
Nullification / Taeko: -No problem-
Taeko nodded to Hunter and smiled and closed her eyes as she heard Valkier"What business is it of yours?"She asked, frustrated at him"You certainly have no control over that mouth of yours"She remarked,scathingly and folded her arms, getting to her feet and looking at him. "What do you want?"She asked, looking at him with cold eyes"Eavesdropping is a terrible habit."She snapped"One that will land you in a lot of trouble!"
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: (b Valkier could see the spark of anger and independence in her. Holding his hands up in surrender he put on his best innocent face. "Hey hey before you bite my head off are you forgetting I am a vampire, I could hear your conversation clearly from other end of grounds I didn't (i mean) to eavesdrop" Valkier tried to convince her. "And I know it is none of my business just thought you have only really been given two options Demetri says no to changing you and Hunter thinks you should just sit and think. So a third option is there are more vampire then Hunter and Demetri, if you are really set on spending eternity with Demetri then there are people who are willing to sort that out for you" Valkier told her, hinting at himself. "Now you know all your options" Valkier told her, turning around as if it was natural conversation.)
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko glared and said"I wouldn't let the likes of (I you) change me!"She muttered and folded her arms"I've read that people become very much indebt to the vampire that changes them. I will not siffer in your shadow."She snapped, irritably, not thinking it through"I doubt Demetri or Hunter would be happy if I allowed you to change me"She snapped and looked at him"And don't play innocent with me. It does not work"She snarled, her eyes blazing"You have a bigger ego than the halls of these castle can accomodate for!"She said, sharply.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: (b Valkier was completely taken aback by the up roar of her actions, no one had ever spoken to him like that and especially not a woman, that was something he would not take. His eyes seemed to change completely black as he glared at her and growled slightly. "You need to learn your place and control such a tongue" He hissed as he pushed her forcefully. "Saying that I did always find dinner to taste better when it fought back" Valkier hissed slightly as his fangs started to extend, his strong hands gripping her wrist with no gentle touch or care at all.)
Nullification / Taeko: Taeko struggled, feebily under such a powerful creature"Let me go!"She snapped, glaring at him, trying to prise his grip off her wrist, flinching and grimacing when she realised it was futile. SHe was determined to handle this herself and she snapped"I need to control (I my) tongue?Oh thats rich!You must learn the difference between Lust and Love."She snapped, her eyes meeting his steadily, blazing with a fiery cold.
NixLacus / Demetri Valeer: (b Valkier growled as he gripped her wrist tighter, his grip like a vice tightening around her wrist and the bones in her wrist bending slowly and getting closer to breaking with every second. "I know the difference, love is nothing but a feeling you mortals convince yourself of feelings. Lust is a need we have to satisfy within ourselves. Lust is a need essential to life and love is just an inconvenience" Valkier answered truthfully as he pushed her roughly against wall, his hand close to breaking her wrist as he growled at. "Another need that we have is hunger and well Demetri never seems to have enough fresh blood to satisfy me" Valkier smirked as he let his long fangs hang over his lips and felt the need to go in for the kill.)
Demetri was giving his farewells to some dear friends of his while he saw Hunter re-enter the ballroom. In that instant knowing that Taeko was alone made him feel uneasy and he could hear Taeko's heart beat increasing in speed. Apologising Demetri began to leave the ballroom with a puzzled look as he followed Taeko's beating heart.

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