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Roleplay - Pure sexy chat! by Eloy / Dark Divinity

Just be sexy and you win a cookie!

Roleplay Details



Dark Divinity / Eloy: Please hug me! *blushes*
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: (i Hugs the leaves)^^
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Please no leave!
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Fine i'll stay^^(i Hugs again) No crying!
Dark Divinity / Eloy: I wont cry ^_^
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Good^^
Dark Divinity / Eloy: cute pic!
Avannessa / .Ava.: zOMG!! All I have to be is Sexy... and I get a cookie!! wo0t!! [Waits for her promised cookie] :3
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Thank you^^ Your ish just adorable^^
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *gives Ava a cookie* Here ya go *winks*
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Smiles cheerfully and takes the cookie] Mmm.. thank you ^^ [Nibbles on the cookie.]
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Thanks Rain
Ava wins sexiest prize so far! lol
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Your wellcome and call me Maya please^^
Avannessa / .Ava.: zOMG!! wo0t! More cookies for me than?? ^^
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Nope Maya won! *gives her a cookie* lol
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Yay!(i Eats cookie) loz
Avannessa / .Ava.: T.T
I guess.. Iz ugly now [Cries]
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Youre not ugly! *hugs and kisses cheek* Nuu!
Avannessa / .Ava.: [When kissed, she turns into brunette] >.>
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *blushes* Here ya go! *gives you cookies*
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Grabs the cookie and nuzzles Jayden's nose with hers] Thank you very much [Nibbles once again on the cookies)
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: o.o
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *blushes more* Yo-yo-Your welcome!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: If thats leather you win ^_~
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: I think it ish xD
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Clings] Im ok with not winning, as long as I get you [She said winking at him]
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: eeek brb >.<
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: gotimportant call brb v-v
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: kay^^
TasteMyRainbow / Master Fwappy: H2 Horny much?
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: No just very bored^^
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: If I was horny I would post, "WHO WANTS TO FUCK ME!' But Imnot v-v
*gives Rain teh cookies and hugs ava* Ok you have me! lol
Avannessa / .Ava.: Hey maya.. you made this room?? ^^
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Cuddles Jayden] ^^
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: No i should of tho xD(i Takes Cookies and hides them)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I mean Maya sorry v-v Habbit!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *cuddles with Ava* Hehe
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Its kay^^
Taskaru / Har har har!: Wow this doesn't make whoever made this room seem like a desperate male with no life.
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Pulls out her secret stash of her own cookies and pins Jayden on the ground feeding him some. Also eating some herself] x3
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Yay! Force eating! *laughs*
((Actually it means Im bored as fuck asshole. Its 1am here with nothing to do.))
Avannessa / .Ava.: zOMG! I KNOW YOU JAYDEN!! I asked you to join my rp.. and I think you shut me down T_T
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Meow
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *pets Maya*
I didnt shut you down.
I asked you what it was about!
You never responded v-v
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: (i Purrs). xD
Avannessa / .Ava.: What.. really?? Hmm?? [Pounders this thought] Nope don't remember. [Pounces and licks] :3
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: REALLY CUTE MAYA!!!!!! ^_^
*continues to pet*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *blushes at her licking andsmiles*
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Thanks ist meh fave^^(i Purrs more) xD
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Are you secretly a neko >.>
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: yesh >.> i am a neko vampire princess >.>
Avannessa / .Ava.: Oh wow.. thats hot. [Hands over her own cookies. And secretly molests her] >>;;
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Eh v-v
Vampiresare so over rated anymore these days!
I get mad at my ex for calling me vampires boy anymore lmao
*pets neko part* lol
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: o.o (i ish petted and secretly molested) whoa
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Wait wait wait.... Which part of you is neko?
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Smokes a cigaret secretly satisfied] Oh ya, I still got it. x3
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Wait! lmao *pets both Ava and Maya*
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: xD lolz (i Giggles)
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Purrs, clinging to Maya as she does so] :3 Hello.
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Well hello there(i Giggles)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Yall so cute!!!
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Nuzzles her nose into Maya] Your my new friend! :3
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Okay! your my new friend aswell^^(i Giggles and nuzzles her nose into Ava's)hehe^^
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Awwww yall friends now v-v What about me?
Avannessa / .Ava.: wo0t! And you know what new friends do to initiate their friendship?? O.O
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: v-v
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: No what Ava?(i Blinks)
I haven't forgotten aboyt you Jayden^^
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Pulls jayden clos and huggles while waits for Mays response] :3
Avannessa / .Ava.: They have..... PILLOW FIGHTS!! [Pulls out her super duper soft hello kitty pillow] xD!
MuffinMan / Zuriel Kalju: (I rolls in) somebody say sexy? >.> <.< >.> xD
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: xD love the pic man
Oh kool yay!(i Pulls out black kitty pillow)I'm really Ava!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *kisses Avas cheek* yay! and thank you Maya! ^_^
MuffinMan / Zuriel Kalju: Tankies. =3 But I gots to get going to beds now. Nighty nightz! (I hugglez and snugglez all)
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Aww kay nite and your wellcome Jayden^^
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Moans from the constant being touched] Oh ya >.>;;
[Begans the pillow fight with maya, jumping up and down on a bed with her giggling] x3
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Hmmmm *huggles and cuddles with Ava* Hehehe
MuffinMan / Zuriel Kalju: (I Pokes Ava before leaving) Just felt like being part of the action. xD
Bai baiz! =3
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: (i Giggles and haves a pillow fight with Ava,jumping up and down with her on the bed) xD
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Ish suddenly pulled away from her Smexy friend and AWESOME pillow fight to be cuddled Ish now turned on, and pulls both jayden and Maya together and creates a SUPER DUPE THREESOME. Envolving many toys, and all sorts of creams, whipped creame, chocolate cream, vanilla cream, ETC.] >.>;;
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Now I remember why I created this room! *laughs and cuddles with Ava and Maya* lmao
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: o.o Whoa lolz xD(i giggles)
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: :3 hello
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *power huggles the wet girl* Mine! Oh... I mean HI Haynuhh!
Avannessa / .Ava.: zOMG!! And the room tempeture grows HAWTER!! x3
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lmao I love this room now! We must make it sexier!
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: What a sexy room xD
Avannessa / .Ava.: Oh ya... This is for Jayden!! ^^
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *eeeep* :] this is a fun room! :D hi jaydenn!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Well damn Ava ^_~
*picks up Haynuhh and sets her in teh middle with us* Now you must be molested too ^_^ Jk jk jk
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: haaahahah
*jumps up and down*
Oh oh oh can we do a sexy conga line D: pleaseee
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Sure! *grabs onto Haynuhh hips* Lead teh way!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Wow! I have a leash on! I didnt relize that!
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: ^-^ *leads sexy conga line*
Oot oot :D
*stops and goes backwards*
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *maybe its for someone to hold onto if they ride you :o ;] heh heh heh lol jk jk :P*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *fallsbackwards, you falling into my lap* Hey now! lol
Well, who ever takes my leash, Ill be there personal pet! lol
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: Hahaha ahhh! :D
*grabs leash* meee :D! He's mine >:o lol
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lmao I guess Im your personal pet?
You might have to fight ava or me though >.>
Comfy there?
Oh pms!
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: Yes :D
:o this means war >:]
I get lazy lol
Do you have aim? Or msn? Or yahoo?
Avannessa / .Ava.: >=O!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?!?!
[Turns into angry school girl]
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: aim- Rebel dream 6
Yahoo- cielos_pyro@yahoo.com
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: (i Hides) o.o
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: Eeep!
*runs behind jayden*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: O_O Oh snap! *hides behind slurpee machine*
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: First come first serve >=P
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Im sorry Ava!!! *runs*
Avannessa / .Ava.: Is this true Jayden... are you truly leaving me.. T.T
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: You can visit... but no touchy mwahahahaha
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: hello
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I wont leave you v-v
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Twitches her eyes]
Heh.. Ok Haynuhh.......... [slowly brings up her axe] I think you should ask Jayden.... [restarins from lifting it higher] who he belongs to...
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I belong to you Ava O_O
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: i dont belong to anyone... iam actually free.
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Clings to Jaydnes arms] Now go along chicky.. go to the free one Eiri. ^^ [Prances off with Jayden]
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *grabs brolly* fine ill have him and well be sexy and awesoomerrr >=o
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Fuck freedom! Sexual slavery is the only way to go! lmao
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: i dont like to be taken advantage of..* is grabbed*O.O
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Its fun though!
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: o.o wow
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Returns to smooth sexiness] Oh ya... Im back
Avannessa / .Ava.: zOMG!! MAYA!! YOUR MINE TO!! ^^
[Stamps "Avas propertie on her butt"]
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *holds ava*
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: they wont let me be free lol
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *hold brolly tight* ill feed you cookies and fruit :D
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: I'm owned?o.o whoa
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Actually the men are owned, the girls own people!
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: i love fruit lol *is held*
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: Ava wants it all cas she's greedy D:
I want maya
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: sighs
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *starts feeding brolly grapes*
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: No i'm owned just like the guys i guess o.o
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Maya, we own you. Me and Hay.
dantelee123 / Youko Kurama: hey
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: eats grapes
Avannessa / .Ava.: WTF!! AGIAN WITH THE SLAVE STEELING [Returns to angry school girl]
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: Yes :D
*sticks 'property of Hay and Jay' on your but*
*feeds brolly more grapes'
Anything else you want?
Hello mr. New guy :D
dantelee123 / Youko Kurama: why such violence. *Scratches ears*.
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: (i Hides again) o.o
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: he feels loved and laughs
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: That girl is a psyco. I'm the sane one :] join mee join meeee lol
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Nope maya owns the INu now thats there s male
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Show her Real life pic] If you choose me your own by me duh!! xD
dantelee123 / Youko Kurama: ill stay neutral lol
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: You're right. I'm becoming greedy >.< lol
Broly is enough ;]
*hugs broly*
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Cuddles Haynuhh] Aww your such a sweety pie we can share everyone... BUT NOT JAYDEN! HES ALL MINE..
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *glares*
Oh finee I call a truce. But sooner or later ;] muhahahaha
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Well guys i gtg so bye and good night or day or whatever xD
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: brb!
utcmocsrow1 / Broly Lee: thanks lol
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: Aweeeee *hugs and kisses maya*
Nighttt :D
Megankitty807 / Annabelle Wilson: I wanna cookie!
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *snuggles broly*
Hello :D
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: Shit I gotta go
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: I didn't abandon you jayden my fone service is cutting off talk tomorrow =*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Ok Haynuhh v-v Ill talk to ya later ^_~
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: brb >.<
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: where isall the sexy people?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I guess Im alone v-v
Megankitty807 / Annabelle Wilson: Naw,im stalking yuuu!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Hey Anna! *huggles*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: You're stalking me? yay!
Megankitty807 / Annabelle Wilson: STALKER! OBSESSED!
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: rawr...can I talk too?
Elementlove / anastasha: hellow and dark you need post ... and you ignor me i thiink
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: sure Rina ^_^
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: I prefer being called Ly, but thanks. Soooo....how is everyone?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Ana? Post where?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Good and you Ly?
and Anna, you need to be a better stalker,multi pms and such!
Elementlove / anastasha: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/111241
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: Hey, jayden? is that a collar I see in that picture of yours?? Are you into S&m? *laughs*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Wow, that rp was a long time ago ana.
ANd yes Ly, I do have a collar and I am into S&mlmao
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: Alave or master. Which do you play~?
Megankitty807 / Annabelle Wilson: I can't be a stalker, I'm used to BEING stalked. Haha.
Elementlove / anastasha: sits not that long ago you for got about me lol
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Ican play either,butlatly I wanted to try slave.lmao
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I never forgot about you lol *hugs*
and I aint stalking you Ana lmao
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: eee...do you ever play a mean mater?!
Megankitty807 / Annabelle Wilson: I kno. I worked at Hooters before my Maxie-baby made me quit.
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I can play anything, just ask and I can do it lmao.
If you want something just PM me and Ill do it for ya ^_^
Elementlove / anastasha: well got to get sleep night all
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Really? Got pix ana? lol
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: can i give you the link to one no one seems to want
to join...!? (I think I found my hero for the night...*_* )
Megankitty807 / Annabelle Wilson: Night lady in pink.
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: G'night Anna.
Sure Ly?
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/112421
You are my hero for the night
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: ok then?
Megankitty807 / Annabelle Wilson: Lala IM IN MIAMI BITCH!
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: maybe even the week. I've done just about everything I can this week while sick, and I was bored out of my mind. And, my rp partner was a jerk and won't even talk to me... So, thank you so much!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: anytime! lol
and Im in michigan! Fuck Miami lmao
Megankitty807 / Annabelle Wilson: I <3 THAT SONG!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lmao
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: Hey, Jayden? where'd you get your picture, anyway?
your post
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I dono, I have files upon files upon files of edits Ive done and shit lmao. your post
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Throws table at his head] YOU EFFING PIG!!
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: holy crap! *hides*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *runs* ahhhhh!
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: *cowers* not good...
Jayden...your post...
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *hides in tree* Your post
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: no hostages please...
you post, jay.
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Never!
Avannessa / .Ava.: Its ok.. Im done being crazy... [Sits in the corner eating a cookie]
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: you post
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: O-o
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: y-your post...
scawy cwazy lady..
Avannessa / .Ava.: Uhh. O.O [Huggles Lyrina] Oi!! IM SORRY FOR SCARING YOU!!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Your post O_O
your post
Avannessa / .Ava.: [Releases. And hands a loli] No Im not :3
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: loli- little girl anime porn. Not that I would know lmao
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: *eats the lolipop* nummy...
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: awwwwwwwww thats not sexy, thats cute!
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: mewmewmew? *waves my tail* You don't see what I'm wearing, buddy.
your post
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I see a leash lmao your post.
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: do you see sleeves? or anything else for that matter?
your post
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: wait.....thatissexy!
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: I came, I saw, I killed the chat...
MuffinMan / Rhaokanin Alrowulash: (I Bursts into the room.) I brought the sexy, now who's bringing the chat? xD
NotAnotherLemon / Amanda Scotts: Jason.. XD
MuffinMan / Rhaokanin Alrowulash: How ish you Manda? =3
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: yay lmao
Avannessa / .Ava.: zOMG! MY JAYDEN POO!! I took this picture for you >.>
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lol thank you!
NotAnotherLemon / Amanda Scotts: I'm sexy. c:
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Now... Did either of you drink my coke? [Crosses arms] -.-
NotAnotherLemon / Amanda Scotts: No, but I ate cho' pizza rolls. c:
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I drink tea, rootbeer, monster and siera mist.
NotAnotherLemon / Amanda Scotts: I luff tea.. @~@
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: =O!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Hmmm?
Green tea is my favorite, but I need a little sweetner
NotAnotherLemon / Amanda Scotts: I like awwwwwwwl tea.. @~@
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: [Loores Amanda into a closet with a trail of Pizza roles. Locks the close] x3
NotAnotherLemon / Amanda Scotts: *Squeals and bangs on the door* Lemme out! T~T I WANT MORE PIZZA ROLLS!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Ava thinks she owns me ^_^ *hugs Ava* You're so nice lol
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: [Has set a box full of cooked Pizza rolls in the closet so she doesn't starve] >>;;
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: T.T
I dont own you... And we both know why. T.T
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Like I said, you caught me ata HELLA WRONG TIME! Im normalduringthe day at night IM fucked
NotAnotherLemon / Amanda Scotts: c: *Nums quietly on the pizza rolls* x3
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: [Sniffles] So you can still be my petts T.T
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lol During the day IM the master, not pet lol
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Oh my o.o
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: I wanna shoe you my hair, Altho it looks kinda the same in the pic, but its much better live xD
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lmao,Im kinda busy with multi tabbing, dont want to kill my comp >.<
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: T.T Kay kay
Ack have to go already.. Iz going out tonight so I have to finish cooking dinner for my idiot brothers and dad. And finish washing.. So I'll try to get on later, if not dunno when xD.. kay bye bye [Huggles everyone] bye bye loves ^^
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Peace girly
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *grr i gotta get off D: ill be on tomorrow tho! i miss you jayden xD lol*
MuffinMan / Zuriel Kalju: Sexy's back! xD
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: o.o well hello there x]
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *hugs total wet girl* Hi!
MuffinMan / Zuriel Kalju: Heyo Nicole! (I hugglez)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: THis chat needs more people, Zureil, your in charge of getting more people.
MuffinMan / Zuriel Kalju: O.O but I'm LAZYYYY!!!1 T^T
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Ill make you a vice in here ^_^
MuffinMan / Zuriel Kalju: But...but.........I'M LAZY! DX<
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: fine...
Narutogeek2 / Ragno: xDDD i like the name
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: It tookalotofthinking to make that name! lmao
Mayarain / Hinata^^: Meow!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: cute...
Narutogeek2 / Altair}: Heh some people think i have a few sexy pictures(dunno if i really do)
Mayarain / Hinata^^: Chu okay Dark?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Dont worr about it.
Mayarain / Hinata^^: Please tell me?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Just forget it...
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: mind if I join?]
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Sure
Mayarain / Hinata^^: Please!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Hinata, its ok, I dont feel like stressing people out.
Mayarain / Maya Darkheart: The Names Maya please and i want know why my friend ish not okay
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: Gratias tibi ago
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Stupid things in my head, thoughts and shit.... dont worry.
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: Qoud?
Mayarain / Maya Darkheart: Okay fine
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Im sorry, I dont want to trouble you. You'd probably think I was stupid.
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: it would be better to tell her, would set her mind at ease, at the very least
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: and sorry for intruding on your two's conversation
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Its a chat room, intrude all ya want. Thats whats sexy about it, right>
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: true fact, that it be. And I am going to apologize in advance for speaking Latin in this
Mayarain / Maya Darkheart: >.>
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: PM me Maya
Mayarain / Maya Darkheart: Kay^^
JessieDixon / Arabella Bliss: :D
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: hey
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: calm toe for the win.
JessieDixon / Arabella Bliss: Hi.
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: what's up?
JessieDixon / Arabella Bliss: Not much, you?
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: been better, gotta love movies though
JessieDixon / Arabella Bliss: Hahah Oh yea.
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: watching comedy tour right now
JessieDixon / Arabella Bliss: Nice, so... PM me? >.>
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: sure
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Hmmmm
JessieDixon / Arabella Bliss: I sent one back.
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: i saw
JessieDixon / Arabella Bliss: Well, I think I give up. I'm calling it a night. Sorry, bye.
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: night
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Hmmmm
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: g'night
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Meow
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *goes to sleep*
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: -binks-
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Yes?
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Why you going to sleep?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Im not. Im thinking. Hmmm.
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: About may i ask?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Life... How its so entertaining.
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Oh
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Yea, its quite funny.
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: How?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Cause, I said so. *hugs*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Im staying here!
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Hmmmm
Vermalin / Avalin: (b I want a cookie)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Oh my
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *gives ava a cookie*
Vermalin / Avalin: (b Oh my?)
Vermalin / Avalin: (b Call me Verm or Emily)
(b *Takes the cookie with a smile and nibbles at it*)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Ok Verm
Vermalin / Avalin: (b Okay, Mr. Stranger)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lol Mr Stranger, call me Jay or Jayden ^_~
Vermalin / Avalin: (b Okie doke, Jayden)
(b It was nice meeting you)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Nice meeting you too. So how ya doin?
Vermalin / Avalin: (b I'm doing okay)
(b Just bored out of my mind)
(b You?)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Im sorry!
I was bored sorta.
Just in a bad mood.
Well I was. lol
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Well, I'm sorry to hear that.)
(b Though I am glad the bad mood is gone ^^)
(b I wish mine was. Haha)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lolMaybe I could help you with your bad mood?
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Lmfao. How so?)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Well,whatmakes you happy?
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b I do like hugs)
(b And I dunno, I guess it depends)
(b But thanks for trying to help ^^)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *gives cookies*
THen smile!
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Nah, no thanks. I'll pass on the smile.)
(b But I'll have the cookie)
(b *Chuckles slightly and nibbles on the cookie*)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: You need to smile to chuckle! *huggles*
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Nuuuuuu!)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *pokes nose* I win!
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b *Swats at your hands* Nuuu!)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: v-v I sowwy v-v
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b I'm just messing with you)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: I know *pokes belly*
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b *Giggles*)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *hugglesandnuzzles*
darkenangel / Hako miramari: *watches* quite the sexy fest xD
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: You need a sexier avi to be in here!
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Avi?)
(b Are you calling me ugly? :o)
(b I joke)
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *watches by the door*
darkenangel / Hako miramari: my picture isnt sexy enough?! ;~; i am insulted!
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lol No one is that ugly ^_~ lmao jk
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lol Its cute and innocent! Not sexy lmao
darkenangel / Hako miramari: cute and innocent is sexy in its own way D:
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: NU HUH! Its too cute! Only asians can pull off cute and be seen as sexy! lmao
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b *Points to picture*)
(b That is me)
(b o.e)
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *watches, almost invisible*
darkenangel / Hako miramari: she IS asian D:<<
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *leans on door, with a fake smile*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Emily your sexy! lol
*hugs AMy* Huuu!
*pokes Darken* She aitn full asian!
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Uhm, thanks, I guess)
darkenangel / Hako miramari: IS THIS MAKING YOUR LEGS TREMBLE?! xD
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Im very forward
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Darken I love you now! lmao
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *falls over* O(r ///)O
darkenangel / Hako miramari: xD
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: What are you up to?
darkenangel / Hako miramari: then there is ugly old me v.v
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b You are not ugly)
(b DJfjtr.r.r.r.fsF)
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *drools*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Wow your really cute!
darkenangel / Hako miramari: o.o
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b *Keeps eating on her cookie*)
darkenangel / Hako miramari: why do you people lie to me xD?!
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *in a trance*
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Why are you going in to a trance?)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: i dontlie v-v
darkenangel / Hako miramari: *inches away from amy* >.>
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Maybe something snaped in my brain.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Yall didnt know Amy was Bi curious?
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Nu)
(b Well, I'm heading off for the night)
(b Goodnight, peeps)
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Go back and forth between that and gay.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: G'night Verm. Amy, be gay with me ^_~ lmao
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: LMAO.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Cmon, send me a PM andIll make your day! lmao
darkenangel / Hako miramari: *sits in corner, holding her knees to her chest* ;~;
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *huggles Darken* You can join us!
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: I don't feel sad anymore. Just had to wait for the insult to go away.
darkenangel / Hako miramari: *pushes him away*
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *sits next to Darken*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Insult?
and wtf Darken, I was kidding....
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: How sad v-v *leaves*
darkenangel / Hako miramari: *she looks at dark , with tears streaming down* just leave me alone!
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *mutters*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Wiat... wait... wtf did I miss? *sits in corner confused*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: what did I miss?
darkenangel / Hako miramari: i have to go, i will see you guys later
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Bye.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Bye... Though nowI feel like shit.......
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b You didn't do anything)
(b Something happened in Elite Skills Chat.)
(b At least that's what I think is wrong)
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: And I can't shit. Eating too much cheese.
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b ....)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: O_O wow... just wow. omfg wow lmao
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Oh yeah, I was suppose to be going to sleep)
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: I'm going to eat more cheese. So yummy.
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b ;_;)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lmfao
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: What can I say. I'm addicted to cheese and lemon juice.
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b ...Lemon juice?)
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Yes. I can't get enough. And I could die from that if I drank too much.
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b o.o)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: hahahahahahaha
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Hahahaha. Same liver killing power as alchol, though I don't know how to OD on lemon juice. Had a full bottle of it in one sitting.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: O_o holy shit!
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Yeah. Don't eat raw zuchine either.
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Goodnight)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: g'night
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Im still here though!
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Goodnight. *looks at Dark*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *stares at amy*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Amy! v-v
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Yes.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I missed you!
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: Really? I'm a bit slow. Sowwy.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Its ok! *huggles*
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: *huggles back* It's like I'm drunk off of cheese. More sleepy than drunk.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lmao I replied! lol
Vlanderson / Amy Vlanderson: I've got to go. Sowwy. Goodnight.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: G'night deary!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: WEll now Imalone......
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: g'night yall!!!
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: G'night yall!!!
693vampire / loyal servant: hey ?
TidusSpira / Tidus Spira: Hiya
693vampire / loyal servant: hiya XP
TidusSpira / Tidus Spira: how are you?
693vampire / amph (with her hood down): i'm ok and yourself?
TidusSpira / Tidus Spira: o__o scared...you scawy...
693vampire / amph (with her hood down): O_O how am i?
TidusSpira / Tidus Spira: eeeeeyyyyeeeesssss....
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): .....
Narutogeek2 / matty}: wow lydia is scarier
oh yeah i forgot i will be gone today but will be back
darkenangel / Hako miramari: oh sure matt.. Cause that's what every girl wants to hear -.-"
Narutogeek2 / matty}: Well hey ive seen you but your still nice
darkenangel / Hako miramari: you never tell a girl that she's scary unless she asks for a honest answer D:< *kicks matty*
Narutogeek2 / matty}: *dodges kick*ok ok i take back you being scary
darkenangel / Hako miramari: ^.^ thank you
Vlanderson / Shanna Melody (LT): Hi.
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: hey to all]
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Hya.
693vampire / aura (demon form): ....
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *looks at her* Hi. *smiles*
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: seems like this place is booming
693vampire / aura (demon form): hi
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: how is everyone doing?]
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Goood. How ish you?
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: pretty good, bored, but doing good
693vampire / aura (demon form): XD :P
me random ^_^
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Random is good. Neeeeeeeeeee.
693vampire / aura (demon form): ^_^
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *runs around on ceiling with gravity boots*
Epsilon / Shunsuke Akutsu: a lot of things can heppen in the time it takes to get lost in posts...
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Meow
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Neeeeeeeee.
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *hello*
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *nosebleeds*
693vampire / loyal servant: *nosebleed* do ppl try and kill me O_O
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *surprised* Neeeee? *covers nosebleed with shirt*
CemeterySlut / Unknown Newbie: Heyo ^_^
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Hello, Apple.
CemeterySlut / Unknown Newbie: Now you're calling me that? hehe ^_^
How are you *huggles*
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *huggles back* Neee. Why not? I'm good. How ish you?
CemeterySlut / Unknown Newbie: I'm... okay... ish....
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Neeeeeeee.
CemeterySlut / Unknown Newbie: Huh?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Hey Vlan *winks*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Hello peoples
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: talk tome peoples!!!
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Meow
CemeterySlut / Unknown Newbie: Woof
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *hugs Maya* How ya doin?
CemeterySlut / Unknown Newbie: Can you resize your picture, please....
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: why?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: the txt is visible under the pic.
And resizing is pointless.
The pic is long not tall. >.<
CemeterySlut / Unknown Newbie: 'Cause it's ridiculously large and annoying.
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Good you Dark?^^
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Im alot better today Maya ^_^
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Neeee. Sowwy for the late response. I was helping my mom with an online test.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Its ok Vlan,cute avi!
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Thank you. But does it meet your requirements. Neee.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Yes, yes it does,with flying colors ^_~
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Meow. Neeee. ^0^ *pretends to be a kitty* Meow.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *pets lower back* So cute!
Oh I replied last night ^_~
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Meow. Neeee. *purrs*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *lightly pats while still petting ya lower back* So cute ^_~
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Meow. *nuzzles*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Mmmmmm *nuzzles back and kisses cheek*
[I replied]
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Meow. *licks his check*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Awww so cute. *pets and scraches behind ya ears* hehehe *continues to pets ya lower back*
[i replied]
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *purrs even more and stretches like a cat*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *lightly pats butt and scratches behind ears more* hehe
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: I replied
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: :o
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Haynuhh!!! *hugs*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *watches* o.o
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Darken!!! *hugs*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *is hugged , but did not notice dark hugged her and she fell backwards* xD hai
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *nosebleeds, falling over, and twiches*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Darken will you help me? Vlan is Bi curious ^_~
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *looks at vlan* oh shit! *wipes up the blood and puts vlan on the couch* ><;
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lmao
darkenangel / Lydia crane:
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *motorboats darken*
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *passes out* Neeeee.....
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o_o; *cant be motorboated*
*points to my pic* nara shan :3
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *picks up Vlan and places her face into Darkens chest* Yay!!! lmao
darkenangel / Lydia crane: nyeh! *pushes vlan out of my chest and bitch slaps dark* D:<
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *wakes up suddenly* Was those pillows in my dream?
darkenangel / Lydia crane: no.. they werent , vlan ;~;
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *ish dead now*
[replied vlan]
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *closes eyes and walks randomly, nomming on something*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: NYEH! DONT NOM ON MY BEWBS!
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Im thinking about posting a pic that would make yall hate me or love me lmao
[replied vlan]
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o.o
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: JAYDEN!!!*hugss!!!*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *hugs Haynuhh* lmao
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o.o;
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *huggles Darken* ^_~
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *blinks at wink* o.o nyeh
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: No one loves me v-v *hides in pm box where I never get pms* v-v
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *nom nom nom*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: brb leavemy pm box love!
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *lol jayden you know i hate pms -.0 im too lazy to check them lol aim me*
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *falls over*
Demoncat / Demoncat.: *looks at title for a second* O__o" ... *leaves*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: I responded Vlan ^_~
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Neeeeeeee.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: vlan , stop nomming on my bewbs -.-"
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Neeee. *looks around* I didn't even know what I was doing. Sowwy.
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *im leaving. bye.*
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *hides in corner* Bye.
TenstuShinta / Smoker: -walks in hackling and coughing-
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: EEEEKKKK!!!!!!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *sits back*
TenstuShinta / Smoker: -walks over to mika hacking and coughing-
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *backs away* Nuuuuuuuuuu!!! *shakes head* Neeeeeeeeee!!!! *sobs* NOOOOOO!!!!!
MuffinMan / Illis: Heyo Vlan and sis. =3
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Hewwwo.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: * lifts up her shirt in front of dark* xD
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o.o
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o.o wha?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -walks into the new room sombody told me to come too looking around nervously-
darkenangel / Lydia crane: alright xD
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: ..-hides behind a sofa scared alittle-
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: GTG
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *picks up ten and huggles* ^^^
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Wiat, you lifted your shirt for me and I missed it??? DAMN!! lmao
I replied Vlan
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -is huggled blushes bright red and snuggled-
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -stopps snuggling and offers her a waffle-
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *puts ten down and lifts shirt up in front of dark , even though she is wearing nothing underneath * xD
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *munches on waffle* thanks o3o
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *blushes heavily*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *then glomps dark * x3
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *blushes more* i-i-i dono! *hides face in chest area*
[darken check pms]
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o////////////////o
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: Hi.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -snuggles-
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Hi Enemy. Welcome to the chat!
*hides face still in her chest* SO meaN!!!
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: Thank you.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -waves to enemy -
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: *waves back*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Hes mute. Now lets pray his hands break too lmfao jk jk jk
MuffinMan / Gakupo Kamui: LEN! (I glompz Divinity's charry) Cl^_^D
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *moves* I dont like guys touching me....
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: *chuckles*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Now I feel better
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -pokes eloy scared of enemy alittle-
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: Who's afraid of me? *evil face*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Enemy, your a girl right?
MuffinMan / Gakupo Kamui: awww....but you were Len. T^T I HAD TO HUGGLE YOU! >:D xD
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: Me? Yes. Last time I checked anyway.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -sits there twiddling fingers-
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lmao I was making sure.
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Beep bop, boo)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Hey Verm!
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Hiya, Jayden)
(b How are you today?)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Doin' great and you?
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: Hya. Neeee.
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b The same)
(b Thanks for asking ^^)
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b I wanna COOKIE!!!!!!!!)
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: What kind of cookie?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *gives Karra a cookie* Sexi avi! You win the daily prize!
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Aw, damn)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Ok ok ok. You all have 5 minutes to find a sexy avi.Winner gets the daily prize!!!
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b HELL YAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b What is a sexy avi?)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: you chara pic is an avi. you have 5 minutes to find a sexy avi and post it to win! There is no rules, just be sexy!
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b This is all that I got that's close to that..)
Vermalin / Elias Fagell: (b Or this, I guess)
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b I WIN!?!?!?!)
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b Aw man ]:)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: there is still 3 minutes!
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: Hmm.....
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: 2minutes!
Vermalin / Oh my god: (b I can't believe I'm actually putting this up)
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: Here's my entry.
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b I was going to put that one!!! LoLz!!!)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: 1 minute, so far Verm is in teh lead!
Vermalin / Oh my god: (b Lmfao. That minute needs to hurry up)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: and
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b ok i am on this pick. that is it!!!!!!!!!!! i wont cahnge my entry...LoLz...)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: the
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: winner
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b ok BrB)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: is
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Verm and Star!! Yall dead sexy on that lmao
Vermalin / Oh my god: (b Okay, where is the prize?)
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b LOLz. I feel loved!!!! SO me and Verm get to share a prize!!?! Oh oh oh i know! We get U!!!!!!!!!! LoLz!!!)
(r BrB)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Well if you want me as teh prize ^_~ PM me and Illdo anything lmao
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: *applouds*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: applouds?
Vermalin / Oh my god: (b I thought the prize was a cookie)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *gives Verm 100 cookies* hehe
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: I'm congragulating the other winners. *smiles*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: You're so nice!
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: I try at least, can't say I'm a goodie girly.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: I bet ya are a goodie lmao
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b *Devours all the cookies at once*)
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: A goodie? Hmm... LMFAO. *watches Verm eat cookies*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: If your not, prove it! Pm me!lmao
Eyamma / Ambrosius: Do I win with this picture?!
I should win.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: ummmno
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: ...
-eats his own stash of cookies and other sweets-
Eyamma / Ambrosius: ....Are you serious?
This is discrimination. -_-" I should have won.
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: *grops self* Ne, neee, neeeeee......
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -hides from enemy-
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Enemy wins!!! She groped herself!
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: *grins* I scared the little one.
Eyamma / Ambrosius: Oh yeah, well I will kill a baby if you don't let me win!
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -hides behind divinity looking at enemy-
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: enemy pm
and yes you win! lmao
Eyamma / Ambrosius: (i I want muh cookies!!!)
Sarah Black / Megan.: <<hey dark? would you text candy and ask her to get on >>
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -eats a chocolate chip cookie-
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: I can't find my PM's. Hmmm...... *walks over to Ten*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: O.o -sees her walking close starts to back up-
Sarah Black / Megan.: <<you go find your home page and scroll down. so click on your name (enemy2all) and it will take you to your home page them scroll odwn
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta:
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Sarah, how do you knowme and candi txt O_O Stalker! lmao jk
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: SOrry no can do Sarah. Shes resting.Shes sick and I dont want to bugg her.
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: I still don't see anything, I should see messages and alerts... but nothing. *pickes up Ten and puts him in the oven*
Sarah Black / Megan.: candi told me about you, because she is in one of my rps and she said to have you txt her when the guys get on, and one of them is here. lol....
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: brb andI told her
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: OMG!!!!!!!!-puts her waffles on her face and jumps out the oven-
Enemy2All / Beat -Dancer-: GTG Bye.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: peace enemy.
Wait,she talks about me? Good things?>
Sarah Black / Megan.: well not talk about you,just told me to ask you to get her when they get on
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: ???
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lol oh ok ^_^ Howd you find me?
SmoothCriminal: hello
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: O~O
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Hello Vlan! I replied!
SmoothCriminal: What's a good place to get character pics?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: deviantart or google
SmoothCriminal: deviantart?
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Or photoshop.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: photoshop has been freezing for me latly v-v
I got a really sexy pic!!!
I mean its not just sexy its kinky!
SmoothCriminal: Okay I'll check those sites out. Name's Wes by the way.
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: I ment photobucket. Darn.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lol
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o.o
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *nosebleeds, covering it with shirt before anyone sees*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Darken! *hugs*
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: Yeah dude your picture is really kinky.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *is hugged*.////////////////. hai
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: hehehe
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: *laughs*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *falls backwards* -///////////////-
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *cuddles with Darken* hehehe Vlan help me ^_~
darkenangel / Lydia crane: .////////////.;
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: hehehehe
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: who's Vlan? And Why are my rape senses tingling?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: You cant rape the willing
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *scurries into her hidey hole* ._.;
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *hides with her* hehehe
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: actually...you can...but that's a big long leagal thing that my mother is always ranting about. It had something to do with my little sister running off with a 24 year old and getting preggers...they were calling it something rape...I didn't pay attention during the trial...*grins sheepishly*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: statchitory rape....
Its annoying as fuck... My buddy was 18 with a 14 year oldand got arrested.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: NYEH!
how old was your sister?
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: well I knew a chick who was an 8th grader and she was screwing a senior dude and I think that was sorta wrong.
My sis was 15 at the time.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: I believe in love.
If you HONeSTLY love the person.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: wouldnt he be considerd as a pedo too? ._.?
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: Yeah, the guy got in major trouble...My dad let me beat the hell out of him!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: wow
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: It was fun until he fought back...
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Is it wrong for a 18 year old to date a 15 year old?
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: well that depends jayden...
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: why does it depend?
Its ok for a 25 year and a 28 year old to date?
But not a 15 year and 18 year old to date? wtf
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: it depends on how the 18 year old dude I'm guessing treats the chick.
I could see 3 years difference a little more...
I dunno...I guess my sis' actions sorta screwed up my way of thinkin'...the kid's three now...and my sister doesn't take care of him my mom does...or I do.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: wtf, Id bepissedat ya sister. if I was you!
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: I hate her...My mom wants me to get custody of her kid when I turn eighteen since the kid is so attached.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: yea?You should totaly do it. I mean it'd be weird. But honestly, you sister is worthless. She should lay in teh bed she made.
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: The kid's real cute I take him almost everywhere...he helps me get girls!
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lmao wow dude,wow lmao
darkenangel / Lydia crane: oooooooo...............ooooooooooooo
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: there all "Ohmygawd! He's so cute!" and then I invite them to go the park and the rest my friend is history...
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *looks at darken and blushes*
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b hey i is bacccck!!!)
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Hey Star!
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b hey darlings!!!)
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Whats up?
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: Hello miss Star. *Bows*
GoldenStar / **Karra**: **blushes**
nothing kind sir.
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *sits in corner holding self*
GoldenStar / **Karra**: **hugges Dark**
Be happy!!!
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *hugs back blushing* o-o-ok....*blushes heavily*
GoldenStar / **Karra**: **giggles**
see being happy is better than being all sad and alone huh!?!
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: *Starts humming the song lonley by Akon*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Ye-yes!*still blushing at being hugged*
GoldenStar / **Karra**: no!!!!!!!! stop being lonly!!!!!!!
**hugges Criminal too**
i dont like people being lonley.
but i must say i do like that song LoLz.
OMG!!! DO u kno the song (r Birthday Sex!?!) that is ma song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: *laughs* birthday sex is a naughty song.
The name's Wes miss.
Dark Divinity / Eloy: They took the two things we love most, birthdays and sex. Whats next? Christmas Reach around?
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: reach around?
Dark Divinity / Eloy: lmfao nvm
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: no what is it!!!! tell me!!!!!!!!
Dark Divinity / Eloy: I cant, it wouldnt be right.
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: Dude i'm almost 18 so you can tell me!
Dark Divinity / Eloy: No, I mean if I was totell another dude, it wouldnt be right lmao
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: trust me lmao
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: oh...wait...is that...*eyes widen* EWWWWW!!!!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *facepalm*
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: I'm an idiot. *grins*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lmao
SmoothCriminal / Wesley C. Grant: well it's true even my nephew calls me that.
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Dead silence)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Dead silencescaresme!!!
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: o.o
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *hugs maya*
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: -hugs back-^^
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Yay!
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: Lolz
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lol
Near / Kristen Fredengale: I am here
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: So Near, whats up>
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Just bored
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: awww, how may I help?
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
Near / Kristen Fredengale: I don't know. Surprise me
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *tickles*
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *giggles*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *tickles faster* hehe
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *looks up at Tom*
You are next.
*giggles more*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Hmmm? oops....
Near / Kristen Fredengale: What?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: heh heh my secret! lmao
Dudemic / Tom12: .....
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Yes tom?
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *Thinks dirty thoughts*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *pins Near to a wall* How dirty?
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Very dirty
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: You should call me some times ^_~
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Okay
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Ill be waiting ^_~
Near / Kristen Fredengale: I know you will.
*nuzzles neck*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Mmmmmm how long do I have to wait?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I dont even know how to delete posts.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: It is little late.
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: its saturday, who cares if its late?
Near / Kristen Fredengale: That is true.
Here is the miad pic that i was talking about yesterday or something.
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: O_O Daaaaaaaaaaaamn!
Near / Kristen Fredengale: You like?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: alot!
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *smiles and bows to you*
What do you wish to master?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Woah, seems Jay doesn't like your posts Tom.
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: whoops!!!!!!!!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *Giggles* For sure he doesn't.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *Nods* Yep, he's jealous. That's what it is.
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: No, Im still pissed at him...
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: if he said sorry Id let his posts be
Dudemic / Tom12: For?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: for beinan ass
Dudemic / Tom12: When?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: How was he an ass?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Ealier, you called me a liar and talked shit... Know what,nvm. Stay here.
Dudemic / Tom12: Sorry I was just joking
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: alls forgiven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: What do you guys think of this picture?
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b I'm back ^^)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Daaaaaaaaaamn
Near / Kristen Fredengale: -leans against wall-
Dudemic / Tom12: O.O Candy?
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b *Scratches her head; thinking*)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Umm.. no thoughts except my name and damn?
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: h2 WHAT ABOUT A COOKIE!?
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: meow
oshamaru / cerberus,: woof?
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: No meow!
oshamaru / hargoth calmed.: wooof?
Mayarain / Rain Darkheart: -.- no Meow
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b ^^)
oshamaru / angry hargoth: woof?
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b I'm bored)
(b Let's do something)
Mayarain / Ren Smith: No Meow o.o
oshamaru / raider sesharu: yea, im pretty tierd.
Narutogeek2 / Matty: *walks in*
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b Biatches)
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *greets*
oshamaru / raider sesharu: NARUTO! laundry is looking for you in ESC
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
Vermalin / Anika Renold: (b My back hurts O.e)
Dudemic / Tom12: Why?
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b I dunno)
(b But it hurts)
Dudemic / Tom12: Heavy lifting?
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b No ;_;)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Light lifting the incorrect way?
Dudemic / Tom12: Bad posture?
oshamaru / raider sesharu: lol nice xD
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Maybe...)
Dudemic / Tom12: Using muscles you don't usually use?
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b O.e")
Dudemic / Tom12: A large amount of percussive force?
Near / Kristen Fredengale: That sounded so perverted.
Dudemic / Tom12: You have a perverted mind
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b I'm not sure! D:)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: I thought it sounded perverted too.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Hahaha
I know Tom
oshamaru / raider sesharu: same here
Dudemic / Tom12: you guys are horrible
Near / Kristen Fredengale: But it makes life so much more fun being perverted.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b I didn't think it sounded perverted)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Sorry
animechic02 / Velma Dinkley: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/112563 Scooby Doo Meets Jay and Slient Bob)
Dudemic / Tom12: I'm just not in a perverted mood right now, fortunatly
Near / Kristen Fredengale: I am always. Just depends on what is said.
Dudemic / Tom12: I have to go
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Bye
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Jayden needs to give me my prize! ;D)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Your prize?
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b For winning a contest :D)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: A contest?
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Lmfao. Just all fun and games.)
(b Cookies.)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Okie dokie! He'll be on in about 5 minutes.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Whoot)
xXJorgeXx / -Adrian-: I'm frigg'n sexy.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b So how are you?)
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b I don't see a picture, Jorge)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: I feel like shit. I have the flu. But I'm getting better. How are you?
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Aw, I'm sorry to hear that)
(b But it's good that you are getting better :D)
(b And I'm fine, I guess)
(b Thanks for asking ^^)
xXJorgeXx / -Adrian-: I know...It went buh-bye...so now I so sad.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *gives Verm a cookie the size of taxas* YOUR PRIZE!!!!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Woah, the size of Texas? That's mighty large. I would know since I live in Texas.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b The size of Texas?)
(b Oh my god, I think I am in Heaven)
xXJorgeXx / -Adrian-: O_O
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Jay, honey, are you going to make an RP for us?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: hehehehe!
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b My name is Emily)
(b E is for... email)
(b M is for... monkies)
(b I is for... ice)
(b L is for... freak)
(b Y is for... yogurt)
(b Wow, that sucked)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Is that really you?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Ive been thinking of an rp. Ill makeitright meow
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b Yeah, it's really me)
(b Wanna see more? :D)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Psh...I wish I could do my makeup all awesome like.
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b It wasn't hard to do ^^)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Sure. I only have one of me online. Let me find it.
Vermalin / EmilyO_o: (b I don't really this one, but hey)
(b ^^)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: I can't get it to work. Flickr is being an ass right now. Here's a link. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sumomoplum/4024782944/
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/112567 sakura
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Thanks. I'm not really that white but when the light from my bathroom is shining on me... I am.
Thanks honey.
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: whati miss
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I came!
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/112566
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: h4 (http://www.myspace.com/nobodycares_deal_with_it Here, just look at my myspace)
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: im not
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *lays on roof*
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b I'm not a muffin)
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b I don't like feeling this alone ]:)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Your not alone!
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b I'm not now :])
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: hehe
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b hoho)
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b haha)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *Lays down on the floor*
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b tehe)
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b *Lays down on the rug and stretches*)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: ...I never got my cookie...am I unsexy?
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: IMNOT A HO!!!
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b No, you are not.)
(b Santa is)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Nah, Santa just calls everyone that.
Narutogeek2 / draco]: *lays on floor and sighs*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: A girl would have to give you a cookie >.< lmao
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Oh...wow...sexual much?
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b *Hands Jorge a cookie*)
(b ^^)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *Hands Jorge a cookie too*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lmao I just dont want to admit your sexy ^_^ lmao jk jk jk
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b :D)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I got two cookies! I must be amazing.
Divine, you can admit it. I'll understand.
Ifreat: Cookie?
Narutogeek2 / draco]: ifreat its been a while
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: lmao
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Hiya, Ifreat)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Hey, welcome to the chat!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *pouts* I didn't get a welcome when I came in....
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *shoots Nick in the face with dessert eagle* No touchy...
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: You got my love Candi v-v
Doesnt that count?
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: *Dies* X_X
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *Keeps pouting* You'll have to make it up to me.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Ill make it up too you!! I promise!!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Good! *Huggles him*
Narutogeek2 / draco]: *glomps chiyko*
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: *drool slips from mouth* X_X
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *Giggles as she falls over from being glomped* Hey Matty
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Hmmmm
Narutogeek2 / draco]: hi chikyo sorry i spelled your name wrong
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Matty, you ALWAYS spell my name wrong. It's Chiyoko and you spell it Chikyo.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *lays on roof*
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Where did my shirt go?!)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *Giggles like she stole it*
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Hey now, give me my shirt)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *Holds up her hands and backs away* I didn't steal it!
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b I need my shirt D:)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I did. O_O
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *giggles*
Narutogeek2 / draco]: oh right woop sorry chiyoko
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Hahaha it's ok
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Give it back, Jorge)
(b Matty, is Timothy doing okay?)
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: JAYDEN!!!!!
Narutogeek2 / draco]: yeah he is emily just grounded from the computer
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b What did he do?)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Hmmm, i don't think I'm done with it yet.
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: *pokes Jayden's stomach* Wake up, lazy.
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b What are you doing to my shirt?!)
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: bbl! leave my pm box love! and Ill respond from there, I gotta type out something!!!
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: Grrr...get on yahoo!
Narutogeek2 / draco]: it was something with school i forget
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Hey Mr. Rapist, stop)
(b ^^)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Who's Mr. Rapist??
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I'm wearing it to a club...I poked little boob holes and everything, even has a white check mark like those stupid cereal boxes.
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b You ruined my shirt!)
(b I had to pay thirty dollars for that -_-)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Go sell yourself on a corner...You'll be able to get ten+ of those shirts. Besides...I look prrrreeeeettty!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: *giggles at them* Alright, you guys have fun.. I'm going to bed.
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Pretty?!)
(b You look fabulous!)
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: *mews for attention* meow?
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Nighty night!
*Shakes hips* You think so?
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Oh yes, so totally)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I think it makes me look kinda fat...
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: http://darkemofamale.deviantart.com/art/My-little-toy-2-125299858
Look at this! It's fucking cute as well..CUTE!
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Oh my god, that is ADORABLE!)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: So it DOES make me look fat!
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b What?! I didn't say that!)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: But you didn't answer the question! You were avoiding it!
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b What?! I didn't see the question! D:)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Sure...Now I'm not gonna eat.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b >.>")
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: *shoves a cookie in his mouth secretly* Nu more fud is gomma go true meh mouf.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b ...Huh?)
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: *says in a small voice*I think you look pretty...
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I does not!
and er, thank you?
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: Y-you're welcome.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b YES YOU DOOOOO!)
Eyamma / Ambrosius: P-pills.
TidusSpira / Lyrina_Chara: ...?
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: It's my...er...beard, yeah. I'm growing a beard.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b I don't believe you!)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Well, then. I guess I'll SHAVE! Guess I'm fat and I look like a hobo.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b What?! Nooooo!)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Yep.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!)
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: *mews and curls up by the fireplace*
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: im watching naruto
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Gay!
And why not?
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: Mew.
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: NARUTO IS NOT GAY
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: mew. ( I like having my posts be every other post)
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: He is...He likes sasuke.
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: mew
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: No he doesnt he is not gay
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: mew
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Yep.
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: nope
darkenangel / Lydia crane: naruto is gay , period .. its turning martial arts into fucking "look at me , i have super powers"
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: alright you never watched it once you watch the series then you know god damn people just take one thing from a show and say its all bad its not
darkenangel / Lydia crane: i watched the series , naru.. it does spell out gay on its storyline
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: *slaps self in the face*wow lydia you havnt seen the series then trust me i know way more about it then you and ive seen every episode once but im on episode 131 of shippuden and two change your picture ive seen that a lot
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: GAY!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: i will not change my picture.. i aint like those people who change pictures every 5 seconds
i dont need to know about naruto to tell it sucks.. your just being a cry baby.. stop acting like a child
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: mew
oshamaru / wolfgang sesharu: im bored.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *pets tidus* o.o
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: hiya darken, wuzzup>
darkenangel / Lydia crane: hai xD
Dark Divinity / Vosler: Darken!!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: dark! O.o?
Dark Divinity / Vosler: *cuddles* hehehe
oshamaru / dustfinger master of fire: *head hangs low and drifts away o a corner*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o.o;
Dark Divinity / Vosler: Darken,I missed you v-v
darkenangel / Lydia crane: O_o
Dark Divinity / Vosler: Im sorry v-v do you have aim, yahoo or msn?
darkenangel / Lydia crane: i have my brothers aim o.o
Dark Divinity / Vosler: Are you scared of me???
*cries and runs to pm box to sit in it* v-v
darkenangel / Lydia crane: o.o
Dark Divinity / Vosler: Why are you so mean!!!!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: what did i do? *tears roll down her cheeks* ;~;
Dark Divinity / Vosler: *hugs her tight* Im kidding hun!!! Im kidding!!!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: ;~;
Dark Divinity / Vosler: *kisses nose* I am not mad at you! We are happy!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: thats it we are over! ;~;
Dark Divinity / Vosler: I pm you saying sorry!!! I am sorry!!! Ill do anything just dont hate me!!!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: gotcha :P
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: mew...? *wants to be petted*
Dark Divinity / Vosler: *nuzzles Darken* I sowwy! Please, pm me backv-v
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *giggles*
Dark Divinity / Vosler: Tell me what I can do to make you happy! *cuddles*
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: pet the kitten...?
darkenangel / Lydia crane: i am happy , i was joking xD
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *picks up tidus and pets* awwwwwwwwwh
Dark Divinity / Vosler: *kisses* Oh ok then!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: ^^
Dark Divinity / Vosler: hehehe
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: I is lyrina.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: lyrina eh? .. sounds cute ^^
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: *mews* thank you! *nuzzles* You is warm...
darkenangel / Lydia crane: hehe thanks i try my best to be a living warmth source xD haha
Dark Divinity / Vosler: keep checking pms. I wont be on here much longer, I will only be checking my pms >.<
darkenangel / Lydia crane: haha okayl uffs
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: Miss Lady? Do you like kittens?
Dark Divinity / Vosler: luffs you too ^_~
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b SEEEEEXXXXYYYYY)
darkenangel / Lydia crane: O_OOOOOOOO VERMY GERMY!
o.o i do
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b EXACTLY)
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: then ly-ly Likes you! *purrs and nuzzles you*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: EXACTLY GERMY! XD
^^ cool *pets ly*
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Well, I'm getting off for now)
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: mewmew
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *pets faster* xD
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: *giggles*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: ^^ hehe
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: you gots any milk?
darkenangel / Lydia crane: hmmmmmmmm i dont think i do o.o"
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: oh, ok. can you get me some? I is hungry.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *swirls her finger and milk appaers in a bowl * :D
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: yummy! *drinks* tank you Miss Lady!
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -slides into the room quickly,quitly-
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: *hisses in surprise* oh. hi.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: - neko ears rises hisses back in shock,looks down and sees the kitten starts to meow to the kitten-
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Shoes.
Sarah Black: anhyone here?
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I am...
Narutogeek2 / Matty: me
Sarah Black / Megan.: how are you guys?
Narutogeek2 / Matty: hey sarah
Sarah Black / Megan.: Hey matty
Narutogeek2 / Matty: Im good as well for saying that and you.
Sarah Black / Megan.: Im good, just chillin for now, Im going to my grandpas in a few hours
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I am...tired.
693vampire / loyal servant: hey guys :P
Narutogeek2 / Matty: Ah I see sarah.
Hey Vamp.
693vampire / loyal servant: narutogeek :D
*tackles him* ello :)
Narutogeek2 / Matty: *ish tackled*You like to tackle me don't you vamp.
Sarah Black / Megan.: Hey vamp
you guys aren't interested in twilight by any chance are you?
693vampire / loyal servant: i love talkeling you matt :D
and i'm into twilight ^_^
Sarah Black / Megan.: well I have this twilight rp and I need some people to join, mainly guys though
Narutogeek2 / Matty: Nope I hate Twilight sorry.
Yeah it seems you do.i wonder what would happen if you and momo actually were together that would be a bit funny.Oh yeah Vamp I forgot to say Momo and Lily are no longer together.
693vampire / loyal servant: O_O wat happened?
Narutogeek2 / Matty: Wow she told me yesterday and I forget already.It delt with them getting in a fight i know that.Ask Momo when she is on but not today.Momo will be at her grandparents house.
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Twilight sucks my left nut.
693vampire / loyal servant: ok but your still going with her right matt?
Narutogeek2 / Matty: Yes I am Vamp I am still with her.
693vampire / loyal servant: *sighs* good
Narutogeek2 / Matty: Yeah she won't get mad at me if someone breaks up with her.
693vampire / loyal servant: i see thats cool ^_^
Narutogeek2 / Matty: Yeah I know and you wanna know one weird thing.Me and Momo never gets into fights.
693vampire / loyal servant: thats down right creepy -_-'
Narutogeek2 / Matty: A bit yeah.But anyways I am really bored might make a literate 1x1.
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Anyone up for a zombie rp?
Sarah Black / Megan.: what kind or zombie rp?
Narutogeek2 / Matty: I'm not sure gotta think that over.
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/112585 This kind.
693vampire / loyal servant: *calapses* gah...thats the god dam third time today i've calasped and i even rought blood up :(
i'm going to die ='(
Narutogeek2 / Matty: No your not going to die just might be really sick vamp thats all*goes and helps vamp*
693vampire / loyal servant: i went to my doctors and they think i have a brain tumor :'(
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): hello
Narutogeek2 / Matty: hey lydia
Hm i had a inactive brain tumor
693vampire / loyal servant: matt your post in the rp XD
darkenangel / drencha nightmare: >.>
Narutogeek2 / Matty: will do
darkenangel / drencha nightmare: i guess this is a perfect time to make a rp.. since no one is distracting me
Narutogeek2 / Matty: oh sorry lydia*looks at her and looks around*Hm*glomps lydia then runs*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Blue Hair O_O *inches closer*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *flips jay*
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *falls on butt* Ouch!
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi Jay
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *pokes Darken in belly then chains to bed and leaves* HAH!
Hows it goin' tom?
Dudemic / Tom12: Good, You?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Im ok. Slept on my arm wrong, now Im one arm typing lmao
Dudemic / Tom12: Nice job XD
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Man, if it aint one medical issues its anothing >.<
Dudemic / Tom12: XD I rarely have trouble
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Me too! Its just been latly my body is saying "FUCK YOU!"
Dudemic / Tom12: lmao
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Just so much shit in the last month lmao.
SO whatsup>
darkenangel / Lydia crane: ./////////////////.; *is chained to a bed*
MuffinMan / Illis: Need help sis? =3
darkenangel / Lydia crane: yes i do .//////////////////."
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: hahaha!
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *uncuffs darken*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *bitch slaps jay back in time* -.-"
Dudemic / Tom12: Lmao
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Wait? no love? Its all good I love pain ^_~ Hit me again
darkenangel / Lydia crane: emo
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: FUCK NO!
I dont cut my wrists!
I just like to be hit by girls >.>
Its a sickness v-v
darkenangel / Lydia crane: you dont need to cut yourself to be emo xD idiot
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Im a punk rocker!
Im always happy.
and yea!
Im a sadist!.... or is it a masicist?
Emos dont fight. I do ^_~
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Yall got quiet, so meanv-v
Dudemic / Tom12: Sorry
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lmaonoworries
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: my space button and right/left mouse pad buttons hate me >.< Damn laptop
Dudemic / Tom12: I like my laptop
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: well my laptop hates me lmao
Dudemic / Tom12: Thats too bad
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *kills laptop*
Dudemic / Tom12: :O
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Juuuuuuuuuuust kidding, Ill force it into suicide.
Dudemic / Tom12: .....Riiiiight
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: You need a sence of humor
Dudemic / Tom12: XD I'm just bugging you
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Ya not bugging me.
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: If you were Id start deleting ya posts again lmao!
Dudemic / Tom12: XD not nice *shakes head* Not nice at all
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: never saidIwasnicelmao
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lol
Dudemic / Tom12: No one is one :(
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: who is one? Maybe I am two?
Dudemic / Tom12: XD I meant no one is on
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Sephiroth needs to get) (b (i laid))
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: AInt that the truth v-v
Dudemic / Tom12: Lmao
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b And I'll help him with that ^^)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: OMG VERM! *huggles*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Verm,do you have aim,msn or yahoo?
Vermalin / Avalin: (b Hey, it's true ^^)
(b *Huggles*)
Vermalin / Avalin: (b I have AIM ^^)
(b It's:)
(b RavenousChildren)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Imma IMYOU!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: I addedyou! Now im me!!! hehe
Vermalin / Avalin: (b I won't be on there until later this evening when I return to my mothers)
(b What is your AIM?)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: rebelstryker
Illpmyou then>.<
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Okie dokie, Jaypants)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Jaypants? lmao
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b It is my new nickname for you ^^)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: ok then!
Dudemic / Tom12: Nice pic Vermalin
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Thank you, Tom ^^)
(b Yes, okay then, Jay)(b (i pants))
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: lol
Dudemic / Tom12: Your welcome
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Lololololololololololmfao)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *tattoos Jay on my pants*
Now answer ya pms!!!
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Exactly, now your pants explain it all ^^)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: yay!
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b I'll check it later, because I gots to go ^^)
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: awwwwwwww byes!!!!!
Vermalin / Star Scream: (b Toodle-loo, Jaypants!)
(b And sorry I didn't get back on last night, I was way too sleepy and fuzzy headed ^^)
693vampire / loyal servant: *sighs* v_v
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Its ok lmao! Ill see ya tonight!
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Hey vamp!
693vampire / loyal servant: hi v_v
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): i like your picture vamp, but i also like the original better
693vampire / loyal servant: v_v k
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): why so bummed?
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: Blue hair O_O *inches closer*
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): *uppercuts jay into the sky*
Dark Divinity / Jayden X: *poofs*
693vampire / loyal servant: nice :D
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: I think you just need a good old physical. Now bed over! *evil laugh*
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): nice what? XD
693vampire / loyal servant: eeep O_O *kicks the doctor* I HATE DOCTORS !!! >:(
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): i dont think he was going to put the needle is us though >_< RUN!
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: I got a different kinda needle ^_~ Exept its bigger and longer
693vampire / loyal servant: nice ^_-
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: Though, just as hard and direct ^_~
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): and it doesnt have a actual needle in it! >_< *kicks dark in the gonads*
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *ish wearing a cup for protection* Ive learned.
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): >.>
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *evil laugh*
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): >_< fine i will take my check up .. but nothing else! TO THE DOCTORS OFFICE!
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *follows her to my office* Wait, is my office in here of the pm box??? I forgot
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): XD your the doctor! so you know where to go!
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *sits and ponders on a toadstool* Hmmmmm I forgot.....
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: brb O_O
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Hello.
xXJorgeXx / Roza H.: HAHAHAHA!
Eyamma / Ambrosius: That's not sexy.
xXJorgeXx / Benji Rush Price: Haha, she has big boobs.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Doesn't make her sexy though. I do like her hair.
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: O~O Neeee.
xXJorgeXx / Benji Rush Price: O_O Those are big knockers too.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Hahaha yeah. I know, right?
xXJorgeXx / Benji Rush Price: I wish a had big boobs.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I wish I didn't.
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: O~O Neeeee......
xXJorgeXx / Benji Rush Price: ^_^ You have big boobs!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Yep. DD.
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *passes out*
xXJorgeXx / Benji Rush Price: I like youououououo!
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *huggles Vlan and Candi*
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *wakes up* Neeeee.
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *pets Vlan* Hello!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: What reasoning is that Jorge?
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Hya. *falls over* Neeeee.
xXJorgeXx / Benji Rush Price: Er...I don't know...
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Hahaha okie dokie. I'll take that.
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *scratches Vlan behind the ears*
xXJorgeXx / Benji Rush Price: You kind of have to. ^_^
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Neeeee. *purrs*
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *pets lower back* Sooooo cute!
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: =^0^= I'm a kitty. Meow.
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: hehehe Kitty!!! *scratches behind ears* Hehehehe >.<
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: Meow. *purrs more* How ish chu?
xXJorgeXx / Benji Rush Price: Numa Numa...
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *cuddles and pets* Im doin' alright! and you?
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: I'm gooood. *w* Neeee.
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: hehehehe Kitty kitty meow meow!!!
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: Hey Gun
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -waves to brother tom-
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi Ten
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *w* *dances to the song, "Intuition"*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: What's new guys?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -hides-
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: kittykitty meow meow!! *dances*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Why is Shinta hiding?
Dudemic / Tom12: I don't know
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Afraid of cats?
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: I love music. *more dancing*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Kitty kitty meow meow!!! *laughs*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Nah, he is a cat.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -hides...takes out a bowl of sheese fondu and dips a block of cheese in it and eats it-
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Wooooooooooow lmao
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: >~< He's taunting me. *points at Ten*
Dudemic / Tom12: *laughs* Ten stop being so mean
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Growls* Cheese.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -writes thats why i hide!-
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: DONT TAUGHT MY KITTY!!! (Im a cat person in real life lmao)
Vlanderson / Mika Vlanderson: *hides*
Dudemic / Tom12: Ten if you don't stop your gonna get massacred
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: My main, I love his chara ^_^ *sits in corner drinking rootbeer*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *jumps on Aiden* I like this one
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *cuddles with Candi* I like you too...Alot ^_~
Dudemic / Tom12: I like her more :)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I highly doubt that TOm...
Oh tom, make a chara named Gun.
xXJorgeXx / Roza H.: What happened to Tom11?
Dudemic / Tom12: I killed him
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: :o
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Tom=tommy=tommy gun!
xXJorgeXx / Roza H.: He double died...Like a zombie.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Hey Haynuhh
Dudemic / Tom12: XD great Aiden
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Go! Now! Make a chara now! Named Gun!
Dudemic / Tom12: Fine
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: hello.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Hahaha!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Asain Taco? That brings up really dirty thoughts >.<
Dudemic / Gun: back
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: You dont have a pic? You fail!
Dudemic / Gun: *sigh* later
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): O~O What are Asian Taco's? *nosebleeds*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Jay, stop being mean to my Tom. *Huggles Tom*
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: ahaha always dirty wiff you
Dudemic / Gun: *hugs* I'm yours?....
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: You's all crazy.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Im am literally crazy. Im not being mean! Know what fine.Ill just get on later.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *nods* Sure Tom. You're allllll mine.
Dudemic / Gun: O.O *blushes*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Oops.... I pissed off Jay...
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: noo jayy you cant leave! D:
Dudemic / Tom12: Don't leave Jay
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): *falls over* Neeee. *passes out*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -starst crumbling and figiting in a corner-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I think he already left guys.
Dudemic / Tom12: Thats too bad, Oh well *hugs Candy*
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): *wakes up* Neeeeeee?
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: Pissy people!
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *oh boo lol; im leaving then. adiosss*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Gimme a second. I'll see if I can get him to come back.
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I'm so bored!
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): T~T Everyone ish leaving.
Dudemic / Tom12: I'm not leaving
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -writes- hey guys wats a troll and a grammer nazi?
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): Yaaaay. Neee. Don't know Ten, but not nice things.
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: A troll and a grammar nazi are simply blue.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: ?????????-writes- what??? im confuzzled-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Only because you said please
Dudemic / Tom12: HI JAY
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Thanks Jay. I'm gonna take a nap now.
Dudemic / Tom12: Bye
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): WB, and bye. Neeee.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I came back cause you asked me too...then you laeve...go get some rest.
Dudemic / Tom12: Everyone wanted you back
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): Neee. *idea*
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: No no no. Confusion is orange.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I think I might hide out in my pm box, even though I never get any...
693vampire / loyal servant: hey guys just poped in to night to everyone
*waaves* so night ^_^
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -waves bye to loyal-
Dudemic / Tom12: Bye
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): ????
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *throws cookie to Jorge* Thats for the Ha
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *pets Vlan even know shes not a kitty anymore* Hmmmm
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: That just means I'm sexy.
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): *looks at everyone*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Sexy as a hips ass. I say that with love ^_~
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Theres no pic Vlan v-v
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): Really?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -O.O LOOK STA THE PIC WITH WIDE EYES-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: well damn, no theres a pic *jaw drops*
Dudemic / Tom12: *covers Tens eyes*
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: A hips ass? Um...Er...What?
Vlanderson / Tiffany Johnstone (older): Did I do something wrong? *tilts head*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -eyes are covered blushing bright red-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *still staring* You win sexy award!
Dudemic / Tom12: I think Candy has a better one
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: *blushes and goes on his tippy toes*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I have a better one ^_~ But I dont want yall to nose bleed all over ya monotors!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *smiles*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Vlan pm >.> *poofs to find a rp*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -writes- Aiden the new worlds rp is dying slowly-
xXJorgeXx / Nickasuar: I'm off to go eat.
I'll talk to you fellas later.
Dudemic / Tom12: I g2g
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -waves bye to brother-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Boo. Bye.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -covers eyes-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -throws up from new pic-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lmao wanna see what my pet shall looklike>
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -nods yes-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *drools over new pic, blushes, and nosebleeds*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: [replied vlan]
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: o.o
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *w* Meow.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: o.o -covers eyes-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I got alot more~
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *w*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: [replied]
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -shakes hand so so-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I got alot more ^_~
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -stares alittle but goes back to normal-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *w* More.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -stares but goes to normal-
Vlanderson / Lemon Juice:
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: you wantmeto post more?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -waves to lemon-
xXJorgeXx: Lemon juice hurts when it goes in your eye.
Vlanderson / Lemon Juice: Yes please.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -nods to divinity-
Vlanderson / Lemon Juice: If I poke your eye, it'll hurt.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied vlan
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Not if I have a glass eye.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -stares abit drooling alittle-
Vlanderson / Sakura Oak: True. Glass eyes. *grins* Pics nice.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Vlan, this oneisspecially for you
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Okay. *w*
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Thanks. ^_^
*cleans up drool*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I replied
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -DROOLS A WATERFALL-
xXJorgeXx / Phil: *drowns*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: hehe you likeVlan?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *w* That ish.... *glomps pic and plays* ^_~
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: wantmore?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks so so at new pic-
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Why don't those girls have bras on?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: wait, those two aint wearing underwear???
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -drools abit-
5secondsforme / Kumi Carter: nice pics
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Not much clothing. Some people like to be free.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-:
xXJorgeXx / Phil: If I had boobs, I'd wear a bra.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *glomps tiff* mine!
5secondsforme / Liz~sexi~: ~I'm too sexy for my shirt~
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn Liz
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Boner.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied vlan
5secondsforme / Liz~sexi~: ~I know I'm irresistible~
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Wantmetopostmore?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Woah.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -drools at all the pics-
xXJorgeXx / Phil: You people are a bunch of sex monkies.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: hehe
5secondsforme / Liz~sexi~: HOly shit....I take my hat off to Aiden....damn it!!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Oh?
xXJorgeXx / Phil: O_O Why don't you do some guys? Raacist.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I found these when I was 8, I told myself to keep them and save them somewhere safe cause someday it'll meansomething. I was right!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: I can look for a guy pic if you interested. I think girls are hotter. Neeee.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I replied Vlan andI got another hot one. areyou ready>>>
5secondsforme / Faith~sexii~: grrrrr
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -drools at liz's pic going into a bush looking at her pic-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Faith, thats hott!!!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *w* Ready. *feels funny*
5secondsforme / Faith~sexii~: //which do you boys(girls) preffer...faith or....
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -o.o takes both pics into bush-
5secondsforme / Liz~sexi~: liz????
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -writes prefers faith lol-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied Vlan and I win ^_~
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Er...Cups.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *dies*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -takes liz pic into bush-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I replied Vlan, ready for more?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Yes. *w*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I replied Vlan
xXJorgeXx / Phil: I...er...have to go.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -srools another water fall-
CemeterySlut: What is your obsession with ridiculously over-sized pictures?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: ooooooooooooh! I found a really sexy one! Ready?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Cause slut, I like detail ^_~
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: O(r ///)O Yes.
5secondsforme / Liz~sexi~: //Fuck....you win....0_o//
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied
CemeterySlut / Point Proven: You're horny, aren't you?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: O(r ///)O Woah.....
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Im not horny at all, just having fun.
CemeterySlut / Point Proven: With slutty pictures... yeah... Okay....
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Read the title. Youre the one with slut in ya name.
CemeterySlut / Point Proven: You are an idiot. I never called you a slut. I said you keep posting slutty images. And you're probably getting off to them too.
And the title? There's a line between "sexy" and "slutty"....
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: hehehe
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Oh yes Slut, Im totaly putting off to digital porn. Hey, if the asians can, why notme?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *kisses Dark*
DylanXFang / Adam Young: All you have to do is be sexy?:D I'll have 2,000,000,000 cookies by the time this thing is dead!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *kisses Vlan back*
5secondsforme / Liz~sexi~: how about this one?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: You win this round 5
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I replied Vlan!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
DylanXFang / Adam Young: ....>-> What am I doing that's so wrong? <-<
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: what ya mean Adam>
5secondsforme / Liz~sexi~: //i have a better pic but I think i would get in trouble if i were to post it..//
DylanXFang / Adam Young: You're deleting my posts ;-;
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I wont tell if you dont ^_~
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Must of accidently did it
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: want more Vlan>?
DylanXFang / Adam Young: Mhm...I dun like you!;-; *scoots off to a corner*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: loli!
DylanXFang / Adam Young: Lolipop!MINES!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Its ok Vlan v-v
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: I'm weirdish.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: ya pics aintshowinglmao
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: cute pic! lmao
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Those two are twins. O(r ///)O
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Yea >.>
What is wrong with the world. They could have atleast been adults! That would have made it better...v.v
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Its anime, getover it! THey all look alike!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: You no reply Vlan *cries*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: ^^' Hide from this pic.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
DylanXFang / Adam Young: o.o That isn't anime...Anime is guys making out, people getting blown up, blood! Not little kids going at it. >->
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Hahahaha. Replied, sowwy. Slow reactions with all these pics. You know.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-:
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *grins*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: O_O I replied Vlan!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
DylanXFang / Adam Young: That is frickin' impossible....-.-'
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: getoveritdude lmao
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Woah. *w* {replied}
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Wooo Tiff I likes that picture!
DylanXFang / Adam Young: Dude...You know it's impossible....And I'm wonderin...Are you some sorta...Porn addict?o.O'
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Really? Thank you. Ummm.....
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Nope not porn addict. Just bored ^_~
*hugs candi* Yay! Joinus!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Okay honey. What are we doing?
DylanXFang / Adam Young: KAROKE!*sings Fireflies by owl City*It mines songs.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: we're posting sexy anime >.> WHoops on the total lolishot
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Ew I don't like that one.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
DylanXFang / Adam Young: Umm...Wow...o.o She had no...Like...Ew...
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur:
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: O(r ///)O
DylanXFang / Adam Young: matsuzake!*eats matsuzake mushrooms that have gone bad*
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: hello!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Hahaha could you imagine having boobs bigger than your head?
Hi! Tamaki and Haruhi!! Yay!!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: [replied]
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-:
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: Yay! *dances* I'm super happy!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: we're all super happy!
DylanXFang / Adam Young: This is weird...You people are weird...Afro's are weird...*falls asleep*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X:
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Hmm... Dylan you're weird.
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: My painting from my very own collection got asked to be made into a mural! And i get to paint it!!!!
DylanXFang / Adam Young: That ain't right.
Hm...How did you know?You psychic!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Im stopping forthenight ^_~
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO COOL! I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: thanks! i start to work on it wendsday after school! *sighs dreamily* this has always been one of my biggest dreams!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: O~O Now my stomach hurts. From the cheese?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: That is so cool!
Probably Tiffany.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Sure... from the cheese!
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: I'm stoked. I get to paint a huge wall and a door!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: You better take a picture before you start each time and after you finish each time. It will be cool to put in a photo album or something.
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *flies into the room* :D
DylanXFang / Adam Young: Ello Lydia!:D
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: my "big brother" Craig is taking pics. he's my youth minister.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Sakura Hanakimi: Awesome!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Hya, Lydia. *lays on couch*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Jay, honey, you have a PM from me.
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): WTFFFF (what the fuck for flying fucks fucking) xD
it dylan! ATTACK! MOSH HIM!
DylanXFang / Adam Young: O.o Holy shiz.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *giggles and watches*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: back!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: ???
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: That is such a cute picture Tiff.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lmao thank you Candi!
*sits in corner drinking rootbeer*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied Vlan!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Sits beside Dark and steals his rootbeer* Why are you thanking me? *Drinks some of it*
darkenangel / tressa carnell: why do thy put beer in it xD
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: {replied} *closes eyes, arm falls to side of couch* Tired....
DylanXFang / Adam Young: Lydia you're a candy-ass!o.o
darkenangel / tressa carnell: i am the blonde one .. jai is the candy ass one xD
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *Smiles resting my head on Candies shoulder* Becuase I can! lol
{replied Vlan}
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Yawns* I hate when you ask someone to use a different picture because theirs is rude and they get all mad at you and leave. oh well, what can you do?
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: they are jealous tia! *gropes*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lolI understand
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Neko! *eyes twitch, but doesnt leave Candis side*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Giggles at Lydia* Who ya gropin there?
DylanXFang / Adam Young: What chu talkin bout foo!
There once was a nun who got into a taxi,the taxi driver said,"Nun...I have a confession.I've never kissed anyone before...Can i have my first one with you?"The nun nodded and they kissed the taxi driver said,"I have another confession...I'm married and I have to kids."The nun replied,"I have a confession too...My name is Phil and I'm going to a costume party."
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Bahahahaha that's funny Dylan!
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Hello
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Hi Near!
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Hey
I had an epic pillow fight today.
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: i am groping you!
*ears twitch*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *falls asleep in the corner*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: NEKO! *twitches in corner* aahhhh....
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Giggles* YAY pillow fight! Okay, grope away but gimme a second* *Runs and jumps on Aiden* Wakey wakey. No sleeping for you utnil 5 am!
DylanXFang / Adam Young: Thank you Tia!:D
There once was a blonde in the middle of a green pasture in a canoe,rowing and going nowhere.A blonde boy got out of his car and yelled to the blonde girl."You dumb blonde's are a disgrace!If I could swim I would push you out of your boat and hit you with your paddles!"
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: *mews* ^o.o^
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: I don't get the blonde joke dylan.
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: *gropes* xD you should write the world on your bewbs and pass them off as globes for skool xD
"hey whats the nipple count as*
"a soft plushie volcano"
DylanXFang / Adam Young: You retarded o.o gtg
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Hhahahaa. *giggles, falling to sleep*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Nods to Lydia* Yep, it's Mount Everest.
*Giggles* You really don't get it?
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: oh wait...haha! The guy's a blonde isn't he?!
DylanXFang / Adam Young: Yup.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *sits in corner*
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: haha *keeps groping* :D
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: There we go!
*laughs at Lydia* Having fun?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: {replied} *sleeping*
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: Oh...Haha!!!!! It's funnier now!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Darken that rocks!!!!
Near / Kristen Fredengale: 8begins to nod off to sleep*
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: hell yes i am xD its look playing a video game xD *gropes*
unlike that . aidens moobs are pathetic
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *sleep walks, goes into kitchen, grabs a knife, and walks up to someone, all of this while asleep*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: moobs??
*sits in corner yahning* I wont fall asleep until 5 am Candi ^_~
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Good. Cause I'll keep you up until around then unless I take a sleeping pill earlier than last night.
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: man boobs = moobs
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Haha. I have heard of that
What is a man purse called?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Yall so meanto me v-v
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *wakes up, wondering where knife came from*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Hugs Tiff and takes the knife away* How long have we been friends, Tiff?
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: *ears twitch and she walks to aiden* do you have milk :D?
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: a man purse is called a murse not to be confused with a male nurse.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Yes. I know a few that have one.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *hands Darken a huge bottle of milk* hehe
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *grabs a piloow and hits Aiden*
Random Pillow fight!!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: I don't remember. Umm... Let's see. *thinks hard* Neeeee. >~<
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: *Fills a pillow case with bricks then hits someone*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *hits ground hard, faceplanting*
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: is this really milk?! O.o
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: what darken, you want my milk? O_o
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *hits Aiden some more*
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: *drinks milk and it tastes salty* you mother fucker! i will kick your ass *chases after aiden*
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
XxXLiesXxX / Dani and Al: I'm tired..
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *jumps onto roof* Eeek!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Jumps on Tom* HEY TOM!!
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *gets up ans hit Tom with pillow*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *falls over* I'm trying to think of a number. Neeeee.
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi.....*gets hit by pillow* oof
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Maybe a month?
darkenangel / Rose. H. Narutu: *lcimbs up roof and pounces onto aiden and eats his finger*
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *hits tom again*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: That sounds right Tiff.
How ya doin Tom?
Dudemic / Tom12: *gets hit* Stop that
I'm good
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Good
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: *yawns*
Near / Kristen Fredengale: But pillow fights are so much fun.
*Hands tom a pillow*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *pets Darken* Awwwwwwwwwwwww!
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: *covers her own mouth to keep from saying something perverted*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Curls up on the floor*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *sits on couch and yawns*
Dudemic / Tom12: *takes pillow and hits Candy*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: [replied]
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *hits tom again*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Looks up at him and growls deeply* You're really gonna hit a sick person?
Dudemic / Tom12: O.O Sorry
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked): *purrs* >_<
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *hits Natsuhi*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Grabs the pillow from his hand then hits him with it* Yeah you better be sorry! *hits him again laughing* Just kidding!
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: sorry I meant Shirt fights are more fun!!!
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Shirtless pillow fights??? *pets Darken more*
Dudemic / Tom12: HEY!!! *laughs*
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Lets play strip twister
That is fun
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *giggles and tackles him* Well you started it. *Straddles him and hits him with the pillow again*
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: Well I do enjoy no shirt thursdays...
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Tom is lucky lmao
Dudemic / Tom12: *squirms* No fair you tricked me
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *smiles*
Then you get your wish Jayden
*Tackles Him*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Giggles and hits him again* Well there wasn't ever a rule saying I couldn't trick you. And you fell for it!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: O(r ///)O No shirt? *hides, wide awake*
Dudemic / Tom12: There was no way I could not have been tricked, your sick. You used an unfair trick.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: yay!
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: yeah. Only on thursdays...
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Sorry, but you fell for it! *Hits him again*
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *Sits on him*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: I really never wearashirt when IM home. Just shorts.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: and what ya goin to do Near?
Dudemic / Tom12: *pushes her off* Fine then
Near / Kristen Fredengale: I usually wear a shirt but no shorts
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: I hate clothes...
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: Tom, did ya mom ever tell you not to hit or push girls!?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I hate them too.
*Sits where she fell* Hmm... That kinda hurt.
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: WHen its night I...nvm *hides*
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: I want to go streaking now.
Dudemic / Tom12: But thats no fair if I can't push her. Why is everyone talking about no clothes?
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Who knows
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *huggles self, pretending not to hear anything* Happy place. Happy place. Happy place. *freaks out, hiding in closet*
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: Because...being nakkid is...well...i dunno.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Huggles Tom* It's okay. I don't mind.
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked):
Dudemic / Tom12: *hugs back* good I can't beat you other wise
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Smiles* Yeah, I know.
Dudemic / Tom12: *sticks out tongue at her*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Grabs his tongue* Don't stick it out unless you plan on using it! *Lets go and gives him a wink*
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: *leaves*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *huggles teddy* Neeeeee. *hiding in closet*
Dudemic / Tom12: Using it for what? o.o
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: Hey tiff LOOKIT I'M NAKKIDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (under my clothes)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Shrugs* Dunno. Why did Jay just leave?
Dudemic / Tom12: I have no idea
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *cries* NEEEE!!!!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Okies.
darkenangel / Drencha. N (masked):
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Tom. How can't you think how to use your tongue?
Dudemic / Tom12: Eating?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Kissing!
Near / Kristen Fredengale: I can think of a few things...
Dudemic / Tom12: XD I'm just bugging you
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Giggles*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeeee. *terrified*
Narutogeek2 / matty}: *wonders in and looks around*
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: YOU LICK STUFF WITH YOUR TOUNGE! like icecrea- I WANT CAKE!!!!!
Dudemic / Tom12: Although I think Near is thinking of very naughty things
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Yes
Dark Divinity / Jayden XXX: I got a new sexy pic.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeee. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Neeee. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Neeee. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Neeee. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Neeee. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese. Cheese.
Dark Divinity / Vindicated: Hello Vlan,
Hello Candi,
Hello Near,
Hello.... World
Dudemic / Tom12: XD nice pic
Narutogeek2 / matty}: holy crap get a new picture
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Happy place. Happy place. Happy place. Happy place. *sniffles*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: hehehe *hides in corner blushing*
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *Drools a little*
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: that guys naked.and my peice of cake is a lie. it doesn't taste like chocolate cake at all more like vanilla with a black tint to it.
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *hides*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I don't really like it Jay.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *dying*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *tackles Eloy, rubbing your face with my neko ears*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: I dont like it either. Its just hard to find sexy pics of guys.
Dudemic / Tom12: It's a nice pic, but not my style
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *blushing heavily from neko ears*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *licks nose*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Ne-neko... *blushes heavily*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *falls over*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *wags tail*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *hugs Tiff* You no die on us!No no no nono! *shakes*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *puts a hand to her head*
Dudemic / Tom12: Candy something wrong?
Narutogeek2 / Matty: *looks at near*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *looks at Naruto*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: My head still hurts.
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *huggles near* hehe
Dudemic / Tom12: *hugs Candy*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Go get some rest Candi....
Near / Sylvie Patton: *is hugged*
*still looks at Naruto*
Narutogeek2 / Matty: *laughs*wo w near why are you always against dark
Hm candy you be ok i get advil for you*runs and gets advil*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Hugs back* Not yet. I will be going to bed kinda early tonight though. So Jay, you get to go to bed before 5 if you want.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeeeeeee.
Near / Sylvie Patton: *shrugs shouldes*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I dont fall asleep easy v-v
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *falls asleep in corner*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *walks away from dark and gets a cookie*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I don't either. Thus the sleeping pills.
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *sits in corner crying*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *sits next to Eloy and cries with him*
Dudemic / Tom12: You take sleeping pills?
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *cuddles with Vlan and crys together*
Narutogeek2 / Matty: *laughs a bit hard*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *looks at Eloy*
What is wrong?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *huggles Eloy back* T~T
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Nu-nu-nuthing!
Near / Sylvie Patton: *looks at Matt*
How are you?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Yeah, I do. I used to have REAL bad insomnia so sometimes it's really hard for me to fall asleep.
Dark Divinity / Eloy: v-v
Near / Sylvie Patton: Are you jealous Eloy?
Dudemic / Tom12: Interesting, I sleep like a log.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I have my moments when I can sleep heavy but not usually.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Y~Y
Dudemic / Tom12: Thats too bad, I love sleep.
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Jelous? never
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -watches them talk among themselves-
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi Ten
Near / Sylvie Patton: *looks at Eloy deeply*
You sure?
Dark Divinity / Eloy: sure
Narutogeek2 / matty}: im good you near
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I love it too I just can't.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -nods to his brother shaking the birthday cone on his head then looks at him-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeee. *cry sighs*
Near / Sylvie Patton: Okay. Then why were you crying? *hugs*
I am good matt. Had a pillow fight with my friends.
Dudemic / Tom12: *hugs her* That must suck
*smiles* Ten is it your birthday?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Yeah, it does.
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *hugs Vlan again* Cuz
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -shakes his head up and down and wonders has he seen the way he looks-
Dudemic / Tom12: *hugs Ten* Happy Birthday
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *hugs Eloy back* Neee. Bunnies.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -would hug brother back but has no arms, rubs his head against brother's shoulder-
Dark Divinity / Eloy: You want bunnies?
Dudemic / Tom12: Ten what happend to your arms?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks down alittle hurt from his question has alittle frown on his face-
Dudemic / Tom12: You can't write it can you?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: No. Just saying bunnies.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: alright
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: .....-takes off his sandels and grabs a pen with his foot and slopply writes...i..um...rather not say....
Dudemic / Tom12: *hugs Ten* thats fine
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *leaps on Jay* You gonna call me tonight too???
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks at sakura on the ground and waves with a foot-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Hey Shinta. How's your brother?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks at her and nods-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Good good!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: You want me to call you tonight?
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: mewmewmew.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Of course!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *sits on couch by myself and watches the others*
Dudemic / Tom12: *sits beside Tiff*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lmao ok Candi! What time?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: After I get off here in about an hour.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *looks at Tom* Why are you sitting next to me?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: ok then!
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -sits next to brother tom looking kinda down-
Dudemic / Tom12: Cause I want to Tiff
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Okay. *fiddles fingers*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *sits next to Ten and looks around*
Dudemic / Tom12: *stretches and puts arm around Tiff*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Yawns*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *sits in a corner on a soft pillow*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *huggles Candi*
TidusSpira / Kitten Lyrina: mew.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -kinda sad and looks at Aiden wondering whats he thinking-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *looks at Tom*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Huggles Dark*
Dudemic / Tom12: *looks at Tiff* Hi
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *pulls Candi onto my lap* Sit with us!
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *nods* Okay.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: haha
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Hi. *nibbles on fingers, not paying attention to how hard*
Near / Sylvie Patton: I have to go to bed. Bye everyone.
Dudemic / Tom12: *grimaces*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *bites fingers, causing them to bleed a little* Ouch. >~O
Dudemic / Tom12: *jumps up*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Bye Near!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: G'night Neary!!!!
Dudemic / Tom12: *does jumping jacks*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Candi, what you sent me? Im in love with lmao
Near / Sylvie Patton: Night
*hugs tightly and leave*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Night Near.
LilyArcadia / Natalie Cross: Hmmm....
Dudemic / Tom12: Candy?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: What honey? Send it to me in a PM sweetheart. Or text me.
LilyArcadia / Natalie Cross: ...........
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Yeah Tom?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: pmsent.My phone died
Dudemic / Tom12: Have I been spelling your name wrong?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: No, it's Candy. Jay spells it wrong.
Charge it Jay!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *hides in closet*
Dudemic / Tom12: *sighs in relief*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Jay, PM.
*Huggles Tom* Yep, you've got it right.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Im charging right right now Candi!
Dudemic / Tom12: *hugs Candy* I was worried
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Ok good Jay.
*Pets his head* Silly Tom. Your spelling is right.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: replied
Dudemic / Tom12: *smiles* I know
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Smiles and kisses Tom's forehead* I'm glad you spell it right unlike someone.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *listens to others, peeking from closet*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I wonder who CANDIIIIIII is talking about???
Dudemic / Tom12: I'm glad too *smiles*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Giggles* no idea Jay.
Dudemic / Tom12: Nice Jay
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *looks at everyone funny then closes the door*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks at the closet door and knocks on it with foot-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *opens door a crack and peeks out* Hello? *says it with a shaky voice*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Replied to all my messages!!!
So Candiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks down at her from the outside of the closet with a confuzzed look on his face-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I replied to all of mine as well!
My throat hurts so you better have lots of stories to tell me so I don't have to talk that much.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeee. -Isn't that a girl pic?-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I was thinking the same thing Tiff. That is a girl. She has boobs.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I replied too!
and I have lots of storyes lmao
Dudemic / Tom12: Girls do usually have boobs
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: (lol evrybody think its a girl lol cant blame them with the puncture torso braclet kinda looks like boobies huh?)
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Why are we talking about that kind of subject again. Naked, naked, naked. Why?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: well ya avi is armless
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Um.. yeah, that picture is for sure a girl.
Replied Jay.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks at teffy in the closet with a confused look-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *hides in a pile of clothes*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: (man or female?)
Dudemic / Tom12: Male :)
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Male.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: That's a dude!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Its Haku, first saga of Naruto. Male.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: (does this look like a male or female?)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Its a male, Its Haku, from Naruto
Dudemic / Tom12: Yup
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Saddly enough Im Naruto expert. First manga I religiously followed lmao
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: That looks female. But then he's in his girl cloths.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Yep. Jay's right on that one.
I replied.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: lol(what does he/she look like i know what he is i just wanna know what does he look like)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Saddly enough Im Naruto expert. First manga I religiously followed lmao
Dudemic / Tom12: Looks like a she :)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I enjoyed the epsiodes with Haku in them. I wanted to hug him. Course he would have killed me if I had probably.
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: (ok because my brother wanted to have a avi that looks like a girl like mine does)
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Yours looks like a girl because it is a girl....
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *runs around*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: (writes is it becuase of the chest area?)
Dudemic / Tom12: Yup
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Well she clearly has boobs but also her face is girly. I mean, she could be shota but.. she's a girl.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied!
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: (lol its a puncture braclet for his back it wrapes around his whole upper torso to keep his spine from straining itself alittle since the character is alway on his back in the game)
Dudemic / Tom12: I see thats interesting
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *trips over something*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: (its like haku from naruto but with the braclet-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: replied again lmao
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *face hits floor hard, and gets a nosebleed and red face*
Dudemic / Tom12: Tiff you ok?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Frowns* Still looks like a girl.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: I think I broke my nose. *nose bleeding* Neeeee. *sobs*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -leans over to hug sakura,to make her feel better-
Dudemic / Tom12: *hugs Tiff*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: OH NO TIFF! *Hugs Shinta* Man my head hurts and it's thundering. This is no fun.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -feels her arms wrapped around him rubs his shoulder on her since he has no arms-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Just keep checking in on it Candi ^_~
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeeee. *lays on floor* Is there something that can make it better. Is there a doctor? My nose ish broken.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks at her nose and sees its not the problem-
Dudemic / Tom12: Cast?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -shakes head and announces-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: You can't really cast a nose, can you?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *nosebleeds all over self* It won't stop. Now I need a bath too. T~T
Dudemic / Tom12: I was joking.....sorry
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -roundhouse kicks her in the back of the neck knocking her unconcious flips her over with a foot and grabs her nose with his left foot and shifts it into place-
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -wipes her nose with a tamp cloth cleaning her up-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Owwww Shinta. That would hurt.
Dudemic / Tom12: O.O
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *uncouncious*
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: Did I hear doctor!!!!!!
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *Grabs Vlan and takes her to my room... I mean office to cure her broken noseness*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Huddles over to Tom* Umm....
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *still unconcious*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks at tiffy smiling abit wondering how will she feel about him helping her-
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *sets her on bed and pulls out huge syringe with feel good meds in it* Muwahahahaha!
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: I command people to PM me v-v
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: It makes me happy to reply to messages, sometimes or I get bored lmao
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -walks over to tiffy balancing a blanket on his head,jerks head throwing the blanket over her-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Yawns and curls up on the floor* The thunder here just set off a car alarm.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *wakes up* Neeee. *blinks*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *cuddles with Candi* I hope my replys are too forward >.>
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: Ready Vlan! *flips her over* I need to poke this into your ass, it gets into ya blood stream faster!
Dudemic / Tom12: I gotta go
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: My what? *shivers* Won't it hurt?
barrymcgee / Taylor Uchiha (Hatake): i get cookie?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: You hope they are or aren't?
Okay. Bye Tom!! *Hugs him and kisses his lips lightly* Have a good day at school tomorrow!
Dudemic / Tom12: *blushes* Bye Candy, have a good day doing whatever your doing tomorrow
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: Your kakashi, of course you get a cookie *gives*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I have classes from 10 am to 6:30 pm so I might not have fun but I'm sure it will be a relatively good day.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Bya, Tom.
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *takes a swab and brushes her butt with it before injecting her with the medicine. flips her back over* Now for your nose.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -is standing right next to tiffy's bed looking at her-
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *sits in corner drinking*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: >~O Umm....
Dudemic / Tom12: XD well try and have fun
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *takes wooden sticks and use them to allign her nose, then wraps it up*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Thank you. >~O Neeee.
Dudemic / Tom12: Bye
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: I'll try!
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: ?????-wonders why he need to do that after he already fixxed tiffy's nose-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Pats Shinta's head* It seems he has problems reading.
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *pats her on teh back* There ya go Vlan! Youre all fixed! *goes to pm box*
MuffinMan / Kuroshitsuji: Heyo all. =3
Dark Divinity / Vasura: Hmmmmmm
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Hi. *sighs*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *goes to roof and stars out*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: HEY IT'S THE MUFFIN MAN!!!!!!
Dark Divinity / Vasura: Vlan, you stole my roof *sat next to her*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *stands up* You can have it back. *jumps off*
Dark Divinity / Vasura: *grabs Vlan before she went to far and pulled her up* Nope
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks at sakura picks up a pen with his left foot and writes-
MuffinMan / Kuroshitsuji: What's wrong Vlan? (I hugglez)
Heyo Chiyoko. =3 How ish you?
Narutogeek2 / Tristan]: *looks around*
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Hey. I'm good ish. Still a bit sick though. How are you?
Hey Matty
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeeee. >~< *wiggles*
MuffinMan / Kuroshitsuji: Doin alright, nothing grand. (I hugglez Chiyoko)
O.o Come on Vlan, tell me! (I hugglez more lovingly) x3
Dark Divinity / Vasura: *pulls Vlan back up on the roof* No dying tonight.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -slides the note over to sakura-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeeeeee. >~< *looks away*
MuffinMan / Kuroshitsuji: Am I going to have to put provacative images back into your head again to get you to talk? >:D
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *huggles Muffin back* Strange kid
*Picks up the note* What's it say?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Hmmmmm, Ill talk to you guys later.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: o.o? -looks at muffin man wondering who he is talking to-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Where are you going Jay?
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -the note said- how are u?
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Smiles and scoots close to Shinta* I'm good. How are you? *Hands the note back to him so he can write on it*
MuffinMan / Kuroshitsuji: I'm talking to Vlan, lol.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *jumps off roof again*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -looks at the note in her hands turns sidewyas and grabs the note with his left foot and places it down grabs a pen with his right foot and starts to right-
MuffinMan / Kuroshitsuji: (I jumps off with Vlan and grabs her, taking the brunt of the impact.) damnit Vlan! >.<; What's wrong?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *sighs* It's a stupid reason.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Waits silently for Shinta*
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -slides the note over to her,it said im doing so,so alittle hungry though-
MuffinMan / Kuroshitsuji: So? Tell me anyways. I won't laugh or anything.
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: *Nods* I'm hungry too Shinta. But I'm more tired and now is my time to depart and go to bed. Night all.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -waves goodnight with foot-
MuffinMan / Vahn Stirecttous: Nighty nightz!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Bya. Okay. I'll think of how to say it.
MuffinMan / Vahn Stirecttous: You can PM me if you don't want everyone to know what it is.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -sends a pm to self o.o-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: I sent a PM, Muff.
dantelee123 / Youko Kurama: hello
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -waves with foot-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Hya.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: ...
MuffinMan / Vahn Stirecttous: Replied.
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: ...
dantelee123 / Youko Kurama: fun
TenstuShinta / Tenstu Shinta: -nods-
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: -replied-
MuffinMan / Vahn Stirecttous: Replied.
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: -replied-
MuffinMan / Vahn Stirecttous: Replied. After I reply to the next PM, I'm gonna head to bed. =_=
Narutogeek2 / matty}: hm
dantelee123 / Youko Kurama: nice hat
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: -replied-
MuffinMan / Vahn Stirecttous: REPLIED! BWAHAHAHAHA!
Now off to bed. =_= Nighty nightz all! (I hugglez and snugglez Vlan)
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Night. *huggles back*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *trips in*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *records it and watches it over and over in slow motion* >.>
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *bitch slaps tiff and gets the tape* -.-"
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Ouch. *rubs face* Why'da do that?
darkenangel / Lydia crane: Cause i can *drops tape to floor and she steps on it*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Okay. *looks at camera and grins*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *blasts cam with a ion cannon* god damnit woman! dont get any ideas!
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: O~O I 'borrowed' that camera. *looks at Lydia, hoping she doesn't know about the secreat camera in the collar* Neee?
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *blasts tiff with ion cannon*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: What! *gets out of the way at the last second and falls over* What's going on!
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *then starts slashing tiff with knives and forks*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *covers head, not able to move* Y~Y Owww. What are you doint this for?
darkenangel / Lydia crane: *then thrusts a sword in tiffs stomach*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *coughs up blood* Ahh.... *is about to pass out*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *passes out, and dies* -GTG-
ChiyokoHirusawa / Tianna Prieur: Was there death here after I left?
LucienThorn / Maul: Because I couldn't be bothered reading back...was a Kynum Kiaran on this chat awhile ago.
693vampire / loyal servant: hey
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeeeeee.
693vampire / loyal servant: O_O hi to you as well :P
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Hya.
LucienThorn / Maul: Never mind he wasn't thanks anyway.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Hi
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Hya.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Hey
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeee. How ish chu?
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Good. Yourself?
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: I'm good also.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: So quiet here
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Yup.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *looks around* Too quiet
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *glomps you* Neee.
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *is glomped and falls over*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *falls asleep in midglomp*
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *giggles*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: *snores lightly*
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *giggles some more*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *ish sleeping in corner*
(doesnt know if Ill be on long)
Near / Kristen Fredengale: *waves at Eloy since Tiff is on me*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: Neeeee. *rolls over in sleep*
Vlanderson / Tiffany J. -Sexy-: GTG
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Bye Vlan! Hi Near!
Dark Divinity / Eloy: eeek bbl
Near / Kristen Fredengale: Alone :(
WalkMe: Oh...Now this is sexy. <~<
Dark Divinity / Eloy: not really alone!!
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Yaoi is nastY
WalkMe: Yuri is too...
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Yuri rox sox lmao
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: But nothing is better then the real thing~
WalkMe: Then Yaoi roxx soxx.
How I do agree. o.o But...More of guys...<~<
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: It would be so easy to just delete your posts, but that would be rude
WalkMe: I want post anymore pictures. Chillax. v.v
Oh-Miii-Gawd. o.o Do you like Ax? >~>
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: ax? sounds formilliarlmao
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: HELLO PEOPLES!!!
693vampire / loyal servant: hows up for playin
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: Ill play Vamp ^_~
693vampire / loyal servant: awsome :D
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: and what are we to play?
693vampire / loyal servant: no idea yet >//>
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: awww blushy!
693vampire / loyal servant: >////< yep
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: *pokes blushy* hehe
693vampire / loyal servant: evil
Dark Divinity / Doctor Vicious: I am lmao
693vampire / loyal servant: i'll bite you >_>
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I like to be bitten
693vampire / loyal servant: >_>
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I could scare you with ecchi!!!
693vampire / loyal servant: hmmm >:( *bites your neck*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Mmmmmmmmmmm I like!
693vampire / loyal servant: hehe *sinks my fang futher and dose not let go*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Mmmmmmmm aah!
693vampire / loyal servant: *sinks my fang futher in slowly*
let see how long you last.
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I love biting and pain ^_~
693vampire / loyal servant: try and be in my vampire role plays XD
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: eh, vampiresare overratedlmao
Maybe ^_~ I dono lmao
693vampire / loyal servant: *pushes my fangs harder into your neck*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Mmmmmmmmmm Yea
693vampire / loyal servant: watch how you talk to me
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lol I could always turn the tables!
693vampire / loyal servant: like how ?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X (demon form): Now lets play.
693vampire / loyal servant: uh oh O_O
*trys to hide*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X (demon form): *blows up everything I see*
693vampire / loyal servant: eep O_O
Dark Divinity / Aiden X (demon form): rawr!!!
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b *Kills babies*)
(b O.e)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X (demon form): yay verm!
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b You like to kill babies?)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X (demon form): Sure, why not! Im Pro Afterlife
693vampire / loyal servant: *jumps behind aiden and raps my arms round him pinning him* got ya
Dark Divinity / Aiden X (demon form): *vamps skin starts to hurt at an alarming rate*
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b I suck mega giraffe abortions at being black.)
693vampire / loyal servant: O_O meannie T_T
i'm not talking to you now
*gose into aa conor*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X (demon form): Awwwwwwww *hugs vamp*
693vampire / loyal servant: still not talking to you
*turns away*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *leaves crying*
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b No offense if either one of you is black O.e)
693vampire / loyal servant: O_O
*chase after him and him tight*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *still crying* Im not black, my step dad is.
Eyamma / Atticus Adams: Sex. Me. Up.
693vampire / loyal servant: *keeps hugging him*
i'm not black but i get mistaken as one -_-'
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Aw, don't cry, Jayden.)
(b *Huggles him.*)
Dark Divinity / Eloy: BBL!!!
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Elizabeth, you are so cool.)
Eyamma / Atticus Adams: Emily, you are so c-Am I about to get raped?
XxXLiesXxX / Natsuhi Suoh: *Sulks into the room and sighs heavily* Hi.
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Uhm, what?)
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
693vampire / loyal servant: *yawns*
Eyamma / Atticus Adams: Whaaaaaaaaat?
Exactly. *British accent*
*Sexes herself*
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Hello you horny deliciousness people.
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b Lmfao)
693vampire / loyal servant: O_O
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
xXJorgeXx / Phil: That's gonna be a new apple. Horny Deliciouness.
693vampire / loyal servant: nice xD
Dudemic / Tom12: good name
Eyamma / Atticus Adams: Horn bondage.
xXJorgeXx / Phil: I want fruit now...TT_TT
693vampire / loyal servant: *gives him fruit* >_>
xXJorgeXx / Phil: *noms all of it bye bye* yummy.
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: [Walks in all sexy like drinking her coke] Hello ^^
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi...
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Hi o.o
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Coke is ucky.
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: =O! Not when its from mexico!!! ITS THE BEST!! ^^
xXJorgeXx / Phil: PEPSI!
xXJorgeXx / Phil: NU!
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: I really don't care. O.O
I only put this picture cause I like the
way I came out in it >.>
I'll drink anything, as long as it has sugar. ^^
Dudemic / Tom12: Smart girl :)
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Thank you. ^^
Wait, are you being sarcastic?? O.O
Dudemic / Tom12: No I'm not :)
xXJorgeXx / Phil: I like milk.
Dudemic / Tom12: Me too
xXJorgeXx / Phil: and American Cups.
Dudemic / Tom12: I don't care about american cups
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: [Somehow feels insulted] -.-;;
Dudemic / Tom12: insulted?
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: [Nibbled on a cookie] Mhmmm.. :3
Dudemic / Tom12: Why?
xXJorgeXx / Phil: But they're always used in the cinema!
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Dunno.. dont worry. Im not. ^^
Any hoots, Hello again ^^
Dudemic / Tom12: Sorry i g2g eat dinner, cya
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Bye sex monkey.
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Bye bye sex monkey?? >.O
Narutogeek2 / Matty: *walks in*
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: =O!! MATTY!! [Tackles and hugs] zOMG! Its ben years!! [Nuzzles] x3
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Never heard of a sex monkey?
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Yes. o.o
xXJorgeXx / Phil: Ba Bai!
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: xD [Waves] Goodbye. ^^
Narutogeek2 / Matty: *ish tackled and hugged and nuzzled*actually only a few weeks
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Same thing! ^^ [Stuffs cookies in his mouth] So, how the life going?? YOur relationship?? School?? Tell me, I would like to know everything about my good friend matty-cans! ^^
GoldenStar: (b HEllo I am here!!! who is that!?! she looks like my cuzin LoLz!!!)
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Iam Avan. O.O
Who are you?? I iz one of the original member >.>
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b I would like to say I am.. IDK... but yaah I am... I gusses.. but is that u fro real!?!)
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Yes m'am. ^^
I would never use a real pic of someone else.
Thats kind of odd, that why I never join those kinds of RPs
If I was one of those kids, that they use the pics to RP with, I would
be pretty pissed and flattered at the same time xD
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b Ur preety then. U also look like my cuz... What is ur ethcity!?! R u latina!?!)
Eyamma / Freya Vermalin: Why is she cross eyed? >.<"
Vermalin / Afallon Hart: (b *Starts coughing*)
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b who me!?!)
Avannessa / zOMG! Who drank my Coke?: Heh, Si senorita, Iam Latina, Mexican to be exact ^^
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b Yo say Dominican. Y it showes que tu eres latina!!! LOlz!!! U speak spanish good or no!?!)
Eyamma / Freya Vermalin: Yes. It looks like she is about to have a hernia because she is crossing her eyes so hard. O.O"
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b gerrrrrrrrrrrr U r insulting my pick!!!)
Eyamma / Freya Vermalin: *Shrugs* You can take it as an insult, I guess.
But I just wanted to know if she was purposefully crossing her eyes, or what. It confused me. >.>"
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b yaah is is sapossed to be that way)
Eyamma / Freya Vermalin: Why?
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b IDK... I just drew her that way...)
Eyamma / Freya Vermalin: Lmao. You didn't draw that. xD
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b I did!!! I found the pick online and redrew it)
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *huggles Karra blushing* H-hi!
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b Hey baby!!! whats up!?!)
**hugges back**
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Nothing! *hides face while hugging*
GoldenStar / **Karra**: **giggles**
(b hey u want to join my new RP!?!)
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *looks up blushing* Su-sure!
GoldenStar / **Karra**: (b Look up)
(r Gods Game)
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
Dark Divinity / Eloy: I dono, Im not much into greek mythology >.<
Dark Divinity / Eloy: No one will talk to me v-v
Dudemic / Tom12: I will :)
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Your creepy pedo talking to a lil boy!!! POLICE POLICE POLICE!!!
Dudemic / Tom12: -.- Idiot
Dark Divinity / Eloy: You are an idiot! Talking to lil boys =-=
Dudemic / Tom12: You wanted to talk to someone
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: and we're talking are we not?
Dudemic / Tom12: Yup :)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lmao
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: End needs to be educated!
Dudemic / Tom12: I think End left
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I win again!
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: brb
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: back!
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: hello everyoneee
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Hi wet girl ^_~
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: lol
thats whati go by now jaydeeeeeeen?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Yep, my wet girl ^_~
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Hey now, I'm a rockstar)
(b (i Get laid))
Dudemic / Tom12: XD
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Verm! *hugs*
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b *Smiles and huggles*)
(b Hiya, Jayden)
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: lol siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Hehe, whats up?>
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi Vermalin
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Hiya, Tom ^^)
(b Absolutely nothing.)
(b I'm bored as) (b (i fuck))
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Message me on chatango? hehe
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Okie dokie, Jaceypants)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: jacey? nice lmao
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b M'hm ^^)
Eyamma / Freya Vermalin: *Films Vermalin getting it on with Sephiroth*
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Well, I sent you one on chatango ^_^)
NicoleDaVinci / haynuhh: *i gottago loe. adios*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: ok then! Ill be on there!
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: h2 (b Sephiroth needs to get laid)
h3 (b And I will help him with that)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Can I be sephiroth?
Dudemic / Tom12: Lmao
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b *Laughs*)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I got the white hair ^_~
Eyamma / Freya Vermalin: Only if I Emma-lee gets to be Zack Fair. *Giggles*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Emma? wants to be a guy?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: I want a hug v-v
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b *Hugs Jayden*)
Dudemic / Tom12: *hugs Jay*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *hugs*
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Yay for hugs)
Dudemic / Tom12: :D
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *nuzzles*
Eyamma / Eolande: I want skittles!
*Noms on Emma-lee's hand*
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: lmao!
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b Hey Mr. Rapist)
(b Stop)
(b ^^)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Why am I mr rapist? You cant rape the willing!
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b I wasn't speaking to you, hun ^^)
(b It's something me and my friend say)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: oh ok then! yay!
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: brb
Eyamma / Eolande: Hahahahah.
"I'd bang all the Final Fantasy characters, I don't even care if it meant anything."
I remember when God told me that.
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b I thought I was the one that said that.)
(b O.o")
Eyamma / Eolande: He used you.
Near / Lyssa: *pops head in*
Dudemic / Tom12: Hi
Near / Stevie Vitti: HI
Dudemic / Tom12: Hows it goin?
Near / Stevie Vitti: Fine. Just hating monday
Dudemic / Tom12: XD same
Near / Stevie Vitti: Mondays are such a downer
Vermalin / Alexander Le Tragedy: (b *Sniffles*)
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Hi Near!!!
Near / Stevie Vitti: Hi
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: *hugs Near*
Near / Stevie Vitti: *hugs Aiden*
Miss me?
Dark Divinity / Aiden X: Yes alot!
Near / Stevie Vitti: *hugs tighter*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Hehehe *blushes*
Near / Sylvie Patton: NEKO!
Dark Divinity / Eloy: hehehehehe! Neko!!!!!!
Near / Sylvie Patton: *moves neko ears*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *blushes* hehe
Near / Sylvie Patton: *moves thme faster*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: *falls over dizzy*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *licks cheek*
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Hehe!
Near / Sylvie Patton: *smiles*
Feel better?
Dark Divinity / Eloy: Yes! hehe
Near / Sylvie Patton: *Licks nose*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: happy 4 days before halloween xD haha
Dudemic / Tom12: Nice pic :)
Dark Divinity / Eloy: hehe *pets near*
Near / Sylvie Patton: *Sits down on all fours, purring*
darkenangel / Lydia crane: thanks.. i wanted to put a funny quote on it.. but it was too small so i went for i play for keeps xD

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