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Roleplay - The silent one. 1x1 -closed- Author is on.- by The Samurai. / UR2Bforced2

Kyuzo was the bodyguard for the Magistrate. The news was everywhere, bandits took what they could from the farmers around the land, including their women. What people didn't know, was that women were vanishing from the city also, the Magistrate's son was a perverted man, when he saw a woman he wanted he took her and changed her life to a 'better' one. Kyuzo, serving his Father, was sent out on the strangest missions at some points. He is the quiet and honorable type, willing to die for the man he worked for reasons of his own. On a chase to catch a man whom the magistrate wanted arrested, he ran into a girl...and later, she won the favor of the Magistrate's son, so Kyuzo, once more, is sent out, this time to catch her. Question is...does this girl strike the cold heart of this silent samurai?...could that be possible?

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Need a girl character.
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UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: (( We'll start at their first meeting, so from chasing the target to running into her.))
"HALT!! IN THE NAME OF THE MAGISTRATE!" The words were from his loud companion and they made Kyuzo wince. He never liked shouting, it just panicked people. Taking off after the man who was his target, he watched as others around seemed to crowed to make it harder. He was fast and stealthy, moving easily through the people here while his companion, the other bodyguard, had trouble getting through here.
Kyuzo ducked to avoid hitting a man's arm, going between the two, his eyes ever on the target he was chasing, his target locked and wasn't going to get away from him. If the Magistrate had said he wanted the man dead this would all be easier for him...but that was the case here, he wanted the man alive, and Kyuzo was sure to make that happen.
His reasons for serving were only his own, and it was the trust there that people valued. It the Magistrate asked him to go against his own beleifs, he'd kill the man and be done with it, but for now, he would serve him, at least he got to eat. Many samurai were starving to death, or killing each other for food. It was a pity, a disgrace. Not thinking so much on that right now, he watched only his taget, dodging people right and left.
Kitkara / Kikora: [I do not know why, but my computer will not let me post pictures on my characters anymore. I'm still trying to find out how to fix that.]
Kikora Looked about the market, carrying a few bags of random items that she liked, bought, and planned to use or resell for a bit of profit. One arm full, she probed a fruit stand for a ripe plum, finding one, and then giving a small coin to the man behind the stand.
She'd been used to the thick crowds for years, and snaked her way throughout the mass of people that fought for goods at the best prices. Every now and then, her hand would slip down into her bag to make sure all was right, making it an unconscious effort.
While on her way to the next booth, she'd heard a man yelling something, then caught sight of a fast moving chase through the mess of people. She rolled her eyes, and steered to just about where the men were to get a better view of what was going on. 'Magistrate?' She wondered, and then looked around to see what they were chasing.
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UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: The sound of his companions voice, the tall and irritating Moriko Sasaki, made Kyuo sigh, he had nearly had the man when everything went astray. the man took a sudden turn, he plowed into the crowed of spectators and Kyuzo hurried to make his move then, leaping forward, but almost too late, as the sound of someone's bags hit the ground and the next sounds of gasps, screams, and someone's products falling into the street, some to be gathered by the thieves here, Kyuzo had caught the guy, pinning him to the ground beside the person the chase had lead to. Kyuzo though, paid no mind at first, saying nothing as his duty was to secure the man first.
his partner caught up to him, glancing over the rest of the situation with a snort. "All right folks be on your way! Nothing to see here or the Magistrate will have your heads!" Moriko informed the passing crowed as he took the place where Kyuzo had been, pinning the guy, and tied his hands behind his back. Kyuzo still said nothing as he watched Moriko work, the man beneath was begging to be set free, something about trying to save his wife or daughter...many foolish men tracked the Magistrate's son for that reason but it was a fool hardy attempt.
It was then, when a plum rolled next to his leg, that Kyuzo realized either the chase had knocked someone else completely down, or it had bumped into someone spilling their things. He hoped the person wouldn't be too upset, and he figured they wouldn't start any trouble anyway, seeings as this was the Magistrate's business, and also that Moriko and himself were Samurai. that word...Samurai, people feared it, some loathed it, very few showed it respect and even less people were honored to be called it. However, the golden haired man was most deffinately one, there was no mistaking it. He avoided looking at the person they had nocked over for a while, studying the plum for the longest time, and then looking at his partner who stood up. "C'mon Kyuzo, we'll be late and that's not something we're allowed to be." he told, but Kyuzo's gaze returned to the plum and he picked it up gently. Moriko understood without words and sighed. "Fine! But hurry it up, I'll cover for you...THIS time." He told, walking on and leading the man, leaving Kyuzo to finaly look at the person to whom this belonged.
((A description is all I need if you please.))
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora's long platinum blonde hair covered part of her face as she looked up towards the struggle. She sighed as she picked up her things, and stood back up with a huff. Her short black dress hugged her lean figure, coming down just slightly above her thigh, and tying around her neck. She wore thigh high black stockings to match her dress. She wiped the hair out of the way, leaving her plum, and turned to stare back at the man who had bumped into her.
Yes, she probably got what she wanted in seeing what was happening, but her curiosity was sparked even more by the poor man's whimpering. He talked about his family, begging helplessly as his arms were bound by a powerfully built Samurai. She looked from the burly one, to the man, and then finally resting her blue grey eyes on the man that knocked her down. She was still irritated, but showed no notion of it. She knew about how the Magistrate worked, and would by no means be impolite at all.
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UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo's garnet eyes turned to the face of the one whom the plum belonged to. A pair of blue-gray eyes caught his one visible eye, the other covered over by his short, gold coloered hair. he said nothing for a while, standing, but keeping her gaze, her own gold hair striking him as odd. Most women here cut their hair in an attempt to never catch the Magistrate's son's eye. Her lean figure and wonderful facial features caught him off guard, as he held her plum softly.
Standing, slowly, he inched to her, holding the plum to it's rightful owner, not daring to say a word, and hoping she understood that he meant he was sorry for all of the trouble.
With a few quick glances, he deciphered the cost of anything left on the ground, trampled already, and wished she had not gotten involved. He kept her gaze though, just standing there, holding out the plum to her.
Words were not needed here, so he didn't waist his time with them, all he needed to understand was that she was okay now, and not going to cause a fuss about this and get herself killed. He wanted her trust, and that's why he had stayed behind. If she trusted him he wouldn't have to 'clean up the mess' as they say. His eyes kept her's, but his ears worked over the crowed, listening for any threat, any mistep, any sound of a bow string, or slide of a sword...Kyuzo was a man of many enemies and had learned to deal with that.
Kitkara / Kikora: She stared at his face. Only one eye peeking out from behind his hair, and extending to her, the plum. She stepped forward, gratefully taking it and nodding. It was best if no words were shared with a samurai, and she knew that well. She could see the slight surprise in his eye, and looked sorry enough for the trouble. She then turned around and tried to push her way through the crowd, not seeming able to penetrate it anymore like she used to. The swarm of people standing by and watching the mishap of the poor fellow had everyone in an uproar.
She sighed stopped, and then pulled all her long silverish hair over one shoulder to giver herself something to do before she tried again. 'Today just isn't my day' She thought to herself, and huffed again.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo waited until her back was turned before he slipped through the thick crowed with ease. The girl had underrstood to keep her mouth shut without him having to say a word and that's all that mattered. Gracefuly moving slowly through the crowd, he didn't stop moving, even when things got thicker and he never looked back at her, though curiosity pulled at him he wasn't one for that anymore.
Returning to the carriage, he paused only to look to the side at the second carriage...and he cringed inside. The smaller carriage belonged to Ukio, The Magistrate's son, and that cursed thing only came out when the master of it was tired of his hostesses and wanted another. Brushing the thought off, Kyuzo walked to the Magistrates carriage and opened the door, climbing inside. "What took you!? I told you to hurry but did you listen? No! You never do, look...Kyuzo, seriously, this is getting out of hand, every time you go off and.." the words started to become just white noise as Moriko went on and on, the prisoner of theirs was gagged and tied up. about half way through the lecture, duing which Kyuzo had just sat there debating wether he could get away with cutting Moriko's head off, the silent figure had finaly had enough. "Moriko." He stated, and the man stopped talking, shocked at the 'outburst'... "what?" He asked, innocently. Kyuzo met his gaze with one that could kill him and the man became silent. Looking forward again, the carriage pulled into the grand house...palace rather, of the magistrate, and the two Samurai and their captive disembarked, heading inside, Moriko leading with their prize.
The meeting was long, and Kyuzo had retreated to train during it. His two, slightly bowed, short swords staying in their shieth until the moment he stepped forward to meet the practice dummies...five of them. He drew the blades quickly and then replaced them, for a second it seemed he'd missed every target, but then they fell apart all at the same time.
He was called for, by the Magistrate once more, but he was shocked to see his son there in the meeting as well.
"Kyuzo, my best...I have a mission for you." the magistrate admited, and by his tone, Kyuzo knew this was something Ukio wanted more then the magistrate himself. (I 'spoiled brat.') Kyuzo thought, but stayed silent.
((If you want to take this post to show a bit of her daily life you can.))
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora wound her way back home, falling limply in the chair by the door. She took the remaining things out of her bag, and assessed the damage.
Her food was alright, some bruised fruit, but still good. It seemed she was missing a small trinket with which she wanted to sell for a greater profit, and she sighed looking down towards her hair.
She was restless, her curiosity sparked by a few simple words. 'Magistrate', 'family' and 'business'. Those were never a great combination, and one could only put two and two together. She repeated the words out loud, trying to make more sense of them, finding difficulty. "If only I knew more..." She said aloud, wondering more on it as she got up to retrieve a brush. It was something she did absentmindedly, and she prized her hair.
Kikora sat there for about an hour, pondering over all that she'd seen. She lived alone yes, but that was because her father had been gone for more then a few weeks. Her mother had died, and her siblings were already grown and married off to rich families. She'd have no hope of finding that for herself, especially since she'd never fit in with anyone at all.
Her stomach rumbled, jerking her out of her trance, and got up to fix herself dinner. It didn't take long for she was a skilled cook, but with her limited resources, she didn't make anything too extravagant. Just a simple rice and vegetable dish with a fruit drink. She dined alone, pulling a book off the shelf and skimming over one of the first pages, discarding it and grabbing for her favorite.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo waited to hear more. The Magistrate looked at his son, twenty or so years old looking, and Ukio sighed as he had to ask the samurai for the favor himself. "Today, I saw the most heart stopping beauty, with the longest silverish-gold colored hair, and the brightest of saphire eyes. I know you know whom I speak of, that woman you ran into during the chase. You DO remember do you not?" It was in a mocking tone, and Kyuzo felt his heart twist as his chest tightened for no real reason he knew of. He nodded, but said nothing.
"I WANT that woman, and I will not be satisfied until I have her in my arms, until I can bathe her in perfume, polish her skin like a daimond in the rough and make her beauty shine all the brighter. I will not be happy until I have her audience, until I know her form from head to foot like I know my own form, and YOU are going to fetch her for me...the others are too rough, I will not trust them with this job. I want her and I don't want a scratch on her." The Magistrate's son ran a hand though his raven locks, his green eyes flashing with longing and command.
Kyuzo thought over the orders, but did not say a word. He turned to meet the gaze of the magistrate, as if asking if it were HIS orders. Kyuzo did not serve Ukio, he served only the magistrate, If the Magistrate ordered it to be so, Kyuzo would, painfuly, obey.
The Magistrate nodded, and Kyuzo bowed in return, still not a word from his mouth, he had his orders now and that was all he needed to know. Leaving the palace, he walked down the street where he had met the girl, scanning the area and picking up a trinket of some sort that he barely studdied before shoving it in a pocket of his red coat and moving on. He made his way to a balcony over the street there and crouched low, freezing like a statue to the spot, almost not even blinking.
There he would remain until morning, a good view of the street below, and an easy way off when he saw her. He knew that the Magistrate and Ukio would send others after her too...so he'd have to fight his own people to finish his job. This would just make everything more exciting. There he waited, not moving an inch.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora woke up from her slumber not even realizing she'd fallen asleep. She woke up sitting in her chair, and her book in her lap. She stretched, then threw the book with skill over to the shelf hearing the loud thump as it hit the wood.
She took a shower, and progressed to finding a sapphire dress that fell to her knees, and hugged her form. It matched her eyes beautifully. Yes, she was a spoiled girl, her father being rich and all, and she always had the top fashions in clothes. She pulled her long hair into a ponytail, and braided it down her back till the tip hung lazily at the back of her thigh.
She went out on the town again, this time wanting to steer clear of the market. She'd gone back in the general direction, but she wanted to find some books. Something to her liking, and that could not be found at the market.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo sat there, watching the others. If nothing else, he was a man of patience, which was what Ukio meant by him being gentle and not as rough as the others. Kyuzo was the core of patience, and he didn't stir, his body aching some, but he did not dare to shift in fear he'd miss that wonderful form, that light-catching hair, or those saphire eyes. He pondered over the thing in his pocket but dare not look at it and take his eyes off the street. He wondered if she'd come looking for her trinket, if maybe she'd come back this way and if not then later, he would ask around to see how often she did come.
People would answer a Samurai, wether the questions be simple, or nosey, and she was sure to be known around here, no one could forget a face so fair as her own. He kept his silent visual, a secret place in his heart longing to see her again...wanting to see her again...but why?
He knew what it felt like to be on the job but this was a different feeling. It confused him so he pressed it to the back of his mind and tried not to think so much as he waisted the day away, and the crowds thinned and thickened at different times.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora walked the familiar path back to the square, hoping to cut around it just before entering the market place. She walked gracefully over the uneven street, her dress trailing out a ways behind her as she ducked and dodged her way through the masses of people. She looked down to the ground, hoping to spot anything that she might have missed... It was not a very great hope, because truth was that someone would have spied something and picked it up off the street. Never the less, it gave her lonely self something to do.
She continued on, not realizing she'd entered the market and stopped, sighing. She back tracked and made her way off towards the bookshop.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo didn't think twice about leaping from the building and landing on his feet, moving quickly and silently through the crowd. He had her, he had her and nothing was going to stop him from getting her now. Tailing her, carefuly, he made sure to lose himself in the crowd, but not her. No one bothered him as he followed her, and those that noticed just turned away quickly. Kyuzo decided to ask her to come with him quietly first before tossing her over his shoulder and carrying her in like a sack of potatos, gently of course, but still potatoes. He actualy liked the thought of carrying her, in any way that he could...and that startled him a little. Pushing all feelings to the back of his mind, he constantly told himself he knew he was on a job and not to be reckless.
He would follow her home, that was the plan, and that way he could always find her no matter the chance of losing her. He could find her and come after her and she wouldn't have a choice.
Kitkara / Kikora: She quickly went into the bookstore, then took her time scanning over titles. None of them caught her attention until she came about the back row of books. She picked out a few, then on her way back, pulling out one more off the shelf without pausing in step, and taking them to the counter. She tipped the woman an extra coin and carried her armful of books into the overcrowded street. Her main goal was to get the books safely home, and start reading as soon as possible.
She followed the same path home, and thought she spied someone familiar, but passed it off and continued walking. Her braids trailed behind her as she moved quickly to avoid the busiest time of day, and turned onto the familiar ally towards her house.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo froze outside the store and stood to the side, crouching and watching the door without moving again. No matter how many people moved in and out of his vision, his eyes were soley on the door until she came out again. He walked behind her someways, but not so much that he'd chance losing her. He was so close now, then darted when he felt her turning before she did. He knew she should have seen him but if she had she didn't say anything about it. (I 'Oblivious are we?') then again, she wasn't samurai, she'd never feared for her life all the time before, and she probably had never killed a man either...not on purpose at least.
He followed her into the alley and pressed to one of the walls, keeping in the shadows to remain completely out of her vision. He watched her though, and followed. Kyuzo knew the city well, and he knew this path lead straight to only one house. the house that once belonged or still belonged to a wealthy man and his family. He knew this must be his daughter and felt another pang in his chest at who might come after her and be beheaded for causing a fuss. He had to push it away, he couldn't be soft or she'd win and he'd give up...without her even knowing he was there. He had to stop with his mind's questions and warnings, which he'd perfected but with her, they were different and very persistant.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora slowly trudged up the stone steps of her home, dropping her books on the table by the door, and sitting down in a soft chair. She looked out into the ally, feeling someone was watching her, but showed no notice.
She extended her arm, not taking her eyes off the ally and grabbed one of the books from the pile. She glanced down at it, and opened the hard leather binding the outside of the book, beginning to read quietly to herself. Her lips moved in synchronization with her eyes as they darted over the old pages and deciphered the meanings of the story.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo knew she sensed him, it was a feeling he got when he was caught. Seeing no reason to remain in hiding, he stepped from the alley and looked at her in plain sight. He knew she could be freightened of him, scared that he was here to make sure she didn't talk, or she could be just shocked, maybe angry, in any case, he decided to reasure her he wasn't here to harm her.
Without a word, he took the trinket from hi pocket and held it out to her. He hoped it was her's and even if it weren't she would think it to be a gift. He hoped she would trust him once more and felt just a slight hint of guilt from what he was going to have to do to her.
Holding the thing out, he unbuckled the swords from their place on his back, the buckle resting on his chest, he slowly put the wheapons aside, placing them on the ground to show he most deffinately meant her no harm at all.
Kitkara / Kikora: She looked up out of the corner of her eye and spoke with loud clarity though not looking up from her book.
"I see that you have come to show gratitude, or offer a gift to make sure I don't cause trouble?" She asked, then snapped the book shut and looked up at him now. She had clearly practiced the role of the wealthy and tried to intimidate him slightly. "Why have you come here Samurai?" She asked again, this time softer, but her eyes still probing in curiosity and frustration.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo wondered how to say anything, watching her, his arm not dropping the item he had. "The Magistrate's son." He started, then couldn't keep her gaze, he looked away, toward the trinket from her eyes and tried his best to continue. "You are requested." He told, then shut his mouth again, thinking over his words carefuly.
"Be happy." He told, but like always he had to think once more. "It's a good living." He added, then fell silent. It was her choice, the ball was in her quart now, she either came willingly, or she fought back, either way, she would come with him. He tried to shoot her that warning in the glance he gaze as his eye focused on her face once more.
he stepped forward with the item, still holding it out to her, gently. "Yours." He admited, urging her to take it at least. It was not a gift, it was him returning her possestion.
Kitkara / Kikora: "The Magistrate's son wants (I me)?" She asked in disbelief and laughed lightly at that. "You must be joking. I've not even met the man." Her eyes grew colder, warning him that she was not completely ignorant to the happenings on with the son of the Magistrate. She got up, tossing her silverish hair aside and Walking down the steps to examine and take the trinket. "Thank you." She said bluntly, then turned to walk back up the steps. "When must I be graced by his presence?" She asked, turning back around to look at him warily.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo looked down at her, he was taller then her, but then again...he was usualy taller then everyone. "Today." He told, following slowly, but without closing the distance they were standing, an arm and five inches length from his grasp so as to keep her comfortable. "Him with yours actualy." He told, hoping she now understood. He looked at the ground a moment before looking back at her with sorrowful, but pleading eyes. "Please come." He told, gently, holding out his hand to her. He could feel if anyone was nearby and wasn't afraid to leave his swords for a bit, but was ready to fight with a dagger on his thigh if need be. He usualy kept it hidden beneath the red coat.
"It'll be easier." He added, then thought over what he said and knew it wasn't enough. "On you." It was his finishing words as he waited her reply, again holding his breath it seemed to hear her answer to the unbelievable question.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora looked at him warily, and shied away from his hand. "I did have... Other plans," She said breaking off and becoming scared. She didn't show it, but she knew whatever happened to the man in the square, would probably be her end if she couldn't get away from the Samurai. She backed up the stairs slowly, putting her trinket down and reaching under the cushion for her small knife, trying to hide it as if she were looking for something else and sticking it in her shoe. She turned back to him and tried to think of a way out, but surrendered herself willingly, and taking his hand slowly.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo decided to let her have the knife, at least it would make her FEEL secure. He knew that's what she grabbed because it was only right for her to do so. Samurai, made to see every tiny detail. He said nothing of it though, nodding when she took his hand and he lead her gently down the stairs, back to his swords. "I won't hurt you." He told her, gently, letting go of her hand and trusting her not to run for it, while he slowly place the blades back where they belonged and fastened them tightly to him, feeling their familliar weight, like a pair of missed arms wrapping around him once more in a welcoming embraced. "I'm sorry." It was muttered, as he turned to her once more. He held his arm out for her, trying to be polite and waited, if she ran, he'd chase her down, but still not hurt her, if she took his arm, everything would go smoothly and she'd be in Ukio's arms tonight. Something about that thought gave him a sinking feeling, and an anger that he shouldn't have.
Kitkara / Kikora: She backed away slowly as he picked up his swords again. She hesitated, looking behind him to the crowded street down the ally, and then back to her house. She continued to back up slowly, not trusting him. She had the sinking feeling that she wouldn't be coming back home. "No." She said and shook her head. Her hand flexed in and out of a fist, prepared to snatch the knife and throw it, even for a distraction.
But she was nearly frozen in place. All she could do was shake her head and back away very slowly, each second adding to the realization that something was not right.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: (( Thank you for the permission.))
Kyuzo waisted no time when he saw her hesitating. If he waited, she would run, if he hesitated she would run and shout away. With one movement comming from years of training, he moved toward her and lifted her over his shoulder, easily, then turned her to the other shoulder so his arm rested around her waist, his other to her mouth, and he didn't worry about her legs which were behind him anymore.
she couldn't hurt him if she was armed or not. She was not a killer, and she probably wasn't used to this at all. He would have carried her lightly in his arms but she'd be able to struggle free that way. He started off with her like that, hushing her gently. "I told you." He started, gently, close to her ear. The most she could kick was the sheith with his swords, he had made sure her hands were in front, so she couldn't grab one of the hilts. "I wont hurt you." He reminded and started off, walking casualy. If she were to scream he'd keep his hand over her mouth, but if she were calmer, he'd remove it.
Kitkara / Kikora: She wanted to scream, but couldn't. So instead, she pulled at his arms with her hands. His arm wouldn't budge. She kicked at his back, but it didn't seem to affect him. She decided to go for a more violent approach to get free, biting into his hand and swinging her legs upwards, and back around, attempting a flip.
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UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: If he'd been training her to get away, he would have aplauded this effort...but Kyuzo had had enough. He took his hand from her mouth and dropped her lightly in front of him, shoving her against the wall, gently but still a shove, and pulling his blade over his shoulder, holding it at her throat. "Hush, or else." He told, keeping the blade there for a bit. "Nice try." He added, a glint in his eyes as his real aproval shone through. "I'll knock you out." He warned, his expressions showing he wouldn't hesitate to do it either. "Come quietly please." He begged, it was a final chance, and with the blae to her throat he hoped she'd listen.
(( I understand.))
Kitkara / Kikora: She shivered once, truly frightened now. Her hands moved upwards in surrender, and she closed her eyes. She panted lightly, and nodded. "Alright..." She said quietly, and then glanced down at the blade. "That's not necessary..." She added warily and looked into his eye, pleading both to let her go, and not to do what he was about to do.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: He waited just a moment, before pulling from her, keeping a hand on her shoulder as he put his sword back over his shoulder. "Don't force me." He told, gently, then hesitated a moment. "To use force." He kept his grip solid but light so her skin wouldn't bruise. He couldn't keep those saphire eyes, those wonderful saphire eyes, as he started to lead her, his hand remaining on her shoulder now.
He waited for her to start walking, knowing this would be the hardest thing he'd ever done, and yet why was that? It was the same as the others.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora followed reluctantly, but obediently. Her hands shook slightly, so she put her hands together, trying to keep them still.
She was scared, nervous, sad, and everything felt wrong. She pulled her braid of silver hair to her front, and undid the braid slowly while walking, running her fingers through her hair for comfort. Every now and then, she'd glance back at her kidnapper, wondering why his eyes held remorse, and affection. She looked away quickly every time, following the lead he created with his hand on her shoulder.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo could never hold her gaze. He stopped suddenly, pulling her to him and pressing her against the wall, shielding her as a thick mettal dart wizzed past his head. He pressed there, trying to keep her rom getting hurt and knew now that he wasn't the only one out for her.
Everyone knew they got killed when they disobeyed the Magistrate. Kyuzo had no choice, everytime he looked at her he felt pain about what he was doing, he broke away slightly, having pressed to her for too long. "run. Be free." He told, then took off, drawing a blade to cut the next dart in half before reflecting another, he drew the second blade and kept reflecting the darts as he headed for the attacker behind a booth used to sell fruit.
Kitkara / Kikora: She did not waste any time, and ran back towards her house. She thought along the way, 'I shouldn't go back to my house. They will find me. They know where I live... But I've got no money with me, no clothes... Where will I go?' She asked herself in her head as she ran passed her ally and down towards a part of town she didn't recognize.
She stopped for breath, pulling the knife out of her shoe and holding it carefully as to conceal it behind her wrist.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo worried after her as she ran, he hoped she would know better then to go back to her house, that place would be crawling by now. Kyuzo turned, seeing another hunter heading after her and threw one blade at him, cuting him down, while the other blade still worked to reflect the metal darts. Running for it, he cut down the thrower, then went after her.
He picked up his second blade on the way, and went towards her house, bring a few with him as he went, but he dare not turn around.
Kitkara / Kikora: She walked slowly around the dark streets... The buildings were high, and even though it was day, you couldn't tell. She wandered around, taking in and checking out every ally before walking passed it. She checked behind her and hoped she hadn't been followed.
She held the knife nervously in her hand, and shook involuntarily on occasion. She breathed lightly, almost no air at all so she could listen for any noise, jumping when a cat started digging through a trashcan. She found a small nook and sat there, her hands around her knees and trembling. 'Oh god, please don't find me. Please... Don't find me.'
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo left a blood bath behind him as he walked from her home. He had found fifteen in her living room going through her things and he killed each one before he left. the Magistrate said this was his mission ...HIS, nobody elses...so he didn't feel the need to share a single thing with these jerks.
Kyuzo had to hope she was safe, he would have to report failure and it would cost him his head, but he just had to hope that she'd gotten away...he knew she'd get caught someday, but he just couldn't bring himself to be a part of it.
He did have his scratches from the recent battle though, and walked straight but with the slightest limp. He moved into an alley and leaned on the wall, breathing harder, the only sound being a cat digging through a trash can. He rested his head back, panting and knelt to rest a bit, looking over his ankle where the sharp Kunai had givin him a deep cut. He winced and started to tie a tight band from his pocket there. "Be safe.." He muttered, deciding to just rest a bit there.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora shuddered again and shifted her weight over. She knew that someone was in the ally with her, but she didn't know who. She pulled herself tighter together, making as little noise as possible so as not to attract attention. 'Oh no, I was followed...' she thought and suppressed a scream. She covered her mouth, and tried to calm her erratic breathing. It seemed the world wanted her... Dead, or alive, she didn't know.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo froze, he was sure he heard someone in the alley with him, it was the sound of someone's light breathing, and he smiled a bit. the cat made enough noise to cover his movements as he slid against the wall, stopping to the right of what seemed to be a hidey-hole, but he didn't let himself be seen just yet, lowering, covered by the cat's howling, herested there, ready to draw his blade if they made a run for it.
He looked at the roach on it's back beside him and picked it up, nudging it to go into the hole. If the person gasped or otherwise, it was obviously his target, but if the roaches soft steps ended in nothing hen it was another hunter. He waited to hear the sounds...
Kitkara / Kikora: She looked nervously out of the hole, and tried to keep quiet. It wasn't until a small roach entered the opening that she jumped slightly, gasping and then slapping her hand to her mouth. 'Stupid, it's just a roach' She thought acidly, and waited for the attacker to come out.
She shook again, wondering if the person would kill her then, or take her to the Magistrate. She'd apparently caused a lot of trouble, and didn't know why, or what had happened.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo smiled just a hint, but it slipped away quickly. "Your safe." He stated, softly, his voice always as deep as it had been during the war. "I'm glad." He admited, waiting to see if she'd come out, and if she did come, to see if she would run for it.
"They're after you." He informed, a hint of pity in his voice. "Not even your fault." He muttered, breathing a bit. he fell silent, followed by a wince because of the wounds he had, small as they were, they still hurt. "fifteen at your house." He told, slowly, knowing she was listening. "all dead now." He added, even more softly, before standing. He leaned on the wall, waiting for her reaction to both his words and his actions.
Kitkara / Kikora: She crawled out at his voice, better to face death or worse in the face then run from it like a coward.
She looked up to him, leaning on the wall and gasped. "Are you alright?" She asked worried and got up shakily to help him. "Here, sit down," She said softly, almost motherly and unlike her.
Glancing over the wounds, she sighed and tried to help him down. "I'm not worried about me." She said, though she was, it wasn't the pressing issue. "I'm worried about you. So would you please sit down and let me take care of that for you?" She asked kindly.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo's visible eye grew wide slightly, and his bottom jaw dropped, only a hint, almost like his shock was as silent as everything else about him. He studdied her for a long time and didn't say a word, sliding back down the wall with great resistance. "they're nothing." He started, shaking his head slowly. "Just scratches." He added, softly, and looked up at her. "You could run." He told her, coughing a bit.
Kitkara / Kikora: She shook her head softly. "I cannot just sit here while you bleed to death." She said as she ripped the bottom part of her dress into long strips. She covered and tightly tied the strips over his wounds, trying to be as gentle as possible.
"I cannot hide anymore..." She said reluctantly after some time. "It's not right. Obviously they want me for something, so they wouldn't kill me right away right?" She asked more trying to convince herself. She sighed and sat down next to him, shaking still.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: "Ukio wants you alive." He told, knowing she would know that Ukio was the Magistrate's son, EVERYONE knew that. He didn't know how to tell her the rest, his mind racing for the longest time for a way to. "And unharmed." He added, gently. He noticed her shaking and took the red coat he had taken off already for her to work, placing it over her shoulders, slowly. "He wants to own you." He told, then tried to think of a better way to put it...not 'marry'...because it wasn't that the women he took were his wives... "wants your companionship." He told, better wording but didn't describe it not even half way. "Give you a better life." He added, softly. It was indeed a life in paradise, and after a while Ukio left the curent obsession to have another...then you could have anything you asked for and be free of him....but that was too much for Kyuzo to say, his mind would have changed by the third word.
Kitkara / Kikora: "It doesn't sound so bad..." She said sadly. "I suppose being his concubine would have it's... (I rewards)..." She sneered. "I'm sorry for all of this. If it gets you killed I mean... I just wonder... Why didn't you carry out your.. Mission?" She asked both being conversational and curious.
She looked over at him, watching as pain flitted through his eyes every now and then.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: The silent Samurai was just that, silent. He did not say a word to her more then that because the truth of the matter was he didn't know the answer to that question himself. He had heard her talk of being the concubine of Ukio as if she were trying to get herself to believe her words. As much as he wanted to tell her that no woman deserved to be that spoiled brat's personal plaything, he kept his mouth shut and stood, carefuly, holding his hand out to her.
"Come." It was one simple word, but he still couldn't meet her gaze because his own scared him. He felt longing...it wasn't right to long like he felt, not for a person. He also felt anger at Ukio, and anyone else who wanted to hurt her. He held his breath a moment to calm and press his thoughts away before meeting her gaze and looking away again, waiting her hand hand in his. His sords, he strapped back to him but left his coat on her shoulders.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora stood, still shaken from her recent encounter, and took his hand. She did not feel afraid this time. Only safe.
She thought about pulling off his coat and giving it back, but being a lady, it'd probably insult him. She took it grudgingly, and said nothing on the issue. His eyes always seemed to escape hers, right at the moment that she though she understood what emotion, he'd look away and change his mind. It was vastly irritating for her to keep quiet, but her more pressing questions, which were also personal, could wait.
She could sense his anger rise, and noticed it fell back into it's reserve when he held his breath. That means he'd wanted to speak something, but either didn't know how to say it, or couldn't say it. She sighed and shook again, snuggling deeper inside his coat. She blushed just a slight rose color before quickly willing it away. Her eyes fell to the floor before she could look anymore up towards both her kidnapper, and her rescuer.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo had glimpsed her blosh, and felt the change of her pulse through her palm as he held her hand to lead her. this destraction was going to have to stop if he were going to keep both himself and her safe until he had finished his mission. she kept quiet and moved her along with ease, trying not to watch her as she lowered her gaze because he knew that the emotions she was hiding were meant to be private and not spoken of or shown.
He held his tongue as he lead her back to the main street and looked around, seeing a carriage comming. He had already decided, to himself, that he wasn't going to let her be Ukio's toy. He could get her out of the city, out of the country, and bring her to the one east of here, though getting to the border would be difficult. He watched the carriage comming and turned to shield her from view when he saw it was the Magistrate's carriage. "shh.." He told, and moved in front of her, pressing back some. He waited until they'd passed to move once more to her side. He wanted no thanks, she didn't know what he was up to yet, and he needed to keep it that way for now.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora walked along willingly, and calmed herself of the strange feelings for him. Her hand held his lightly, and did as she was told despite her personality.
Once they'd come from the winding alleyways, she spotted a carriage. She figured as she was hushed and pushed back some, that it was the Magistrate's own personal carriage, and stayed completely silent, almost not breathing.
She looked back at him when he moved to her side, looking at him both curiously and cautiously. If that was the Magistrate's carriage, shouldn't he have offered her? His mission was to deliver her to him. If he wasn't delivering her, then where were they going?
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo heard rushed footsteps and two men ran to the carriage, flailing their arms wildly, more then likely describing what they found in her house. He knew he didn't have much time, and moved her quickly through the crouded street, needing to get somewhere safe, and the only place he knew of? the Firefly Inn and Tea House.
He stepped quickly, but gracefuly, careful to lead her through a path that wouldn't nock her around too much. He knew she would question him, so he paused just once to look at her and shake his head as if to admit that he couldn't do it. "I will not hurt you." He reminded and took off again.
the street's flow of people was opposite the direction of their movements and Kyuzo halted when he saw three of Ukio's men comming foward to get them both. Taking her down another alley, he moved to the crates at the back of a shop and turned to look behind him. "Climb." He told her, pointing to the crates, then drew his blades. "Firefly Inn. Meet Juro." He told, softly, before seeing his opponents. "go." He told her, sternly.
((Last one for the night.))
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora quickly kept pace, not bothering to say excuse me for anyone she ran into. She stared at him again with more understanding now as he told her he wouldn't hurt her.
She was quickly led down a mall alleyway and spotted the trouble he'd seen from afar. She looked at him for not even half a second, a worried expression on her face, before climbing the crates into the nearest opening. Inside, she paused for a moment, taking in her surroundings and pulling her knife back out.
She wandered around for not but a few moments before someone walked into the room. "Juro?" She asked, and looked over towards the strange person, both fear and curiosity in her eyes.
[Alright, I'll talk to you soon Hun.]
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: (( I get one more hour on here..sorry for the false alarm.))
A sword was to her throat in a split second, and the darkness was turned to light with a few candles that were soon lit to show a woman there, sword in hand. "You ask for Juro? who asks for Juro? what is your name and business in Juro's domain?" she asked, quietly, her voice close to that of a whisper, and smooth like a serpent's would be. "who sent you?" she asked, carefuly.
Kyuzo watched her go, glad she got away, and turned to the two who were after him. He took off towards them, not waisting any more time running. His blades were met, and reflected, but he managed to graze one of the two's right wrist. One was covered from head to toe in black cloth while the other was robed in brown.
The battle continued, misses, and hits for both sides, until Kyuzo managed to take the head of the black-clad, and the other ran for it. Kyuzo decided to give chase, knowing that the girl would be safe with Juro...hopefuly.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora tried as best she could to keep her calm, still not over the fact that she was being hunted like prey for a trophy. She twirled the dagger back to rest against her wrist, and put her hands up slowly.
"My name is Kikora, and I was sent by a samurai. He did not mention his name, hardly speaks at all actually, but he is fighting down there in that alley." She referenced out the window and looked back towards the figure. She cold see it was a woman and relaxed slightly. "I mean no harm, honest." She said warily "I was told to come in here, and speak with Juro."
She worried about her rescuer in the back of her mind, most of her concentration focused on the blade at her throat. It was the second time in one day that it happened, and it was getting old fast.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: The woman paused, thinking, before her eyes grew wide and she shiethed the sword. "Forgive, Juro cannot be too careful here, too many people out for Juro's blood now to just let anyone in." she told, then walked to the window, seeing the alley clear out. she turned back and was about to draw again when she froze, walking to Kikora and touching the red coat she had on her. "Oh...Kyuzo-sempai sent you to Juro...that makes sense then. Kyuzo-sempai never speaks much, like you say." she smiled and stepped back, fiddling with her hair a bit. "Juro is happy to host any friend of Kyuzo-sempai's. Welcome to Juro's house." She bowed and turned to motion Kikora to follow her. "What is you're name? Kyuzo-sempai must trust you a lot to give you his coat." She told, not looking back to see if she followed.
Kyuzo hunted down the guy and cut him in half before doubling back, hoping little Juro would listen to the girl. He whiped the blood from his blade, sheithing it and hurrying so he might not be too late. The coat he'd left with the girl would protect her, he hoped.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora nodded at her remarks and replied "Kikora" Before glancing back at the window. She worried now for Kyuzo. 'So that was his name?' She thought and then shook her head slightly to bring herself back to the real world. "I don't know what I did to deserve his coat..." She trailed off. "I wasn't even cold, but I guess I understand now."
She took it off and examined it. It looked odd against her sapphire blue dress, but she was more concerned for his life. Hers would be spared, but his... Would end possibly in the worst way imaginable.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Juro had looked back at her as she was leading her down the stairs of the Inn. The girl studdied Kikora's face as she examined the coat. she stopped walking and turned to her. "Oh my! Kikora-san is worried for Kyuzo-sempai's life. Could it be that Juro has found someone who has interest in Kyuzo-sempai? Could it be that Kikora-san...loves Kyuzo-sempai? Oh dear, oh dear, Juro is speaking out of line again, Juro is sorry, apologizes to Kikora-san." She told, bowing again before turning her back and moving on. "No worries for Kyuzo-sempai, Kikora-san. He always comes back for his coat. You have his coat, means Kyuzo-sempai wanted you to know that he would come back for you." Juro shrugged, sighing a bit, romanticaly, before hopping on the gold-painted metal banister. "Juro's thirteen year old habbits are no good at all hmm? Come, come Kikora-san! slide down with Juro? It's faster way down." She told, shaking her head and patting the rail beside her.
Kyuzo looked around the crates to make sure they were gone...just like he thought, then went back to the front of the inn and didn't nock as he slid the door open and took off his shoes, easily. He knew they would be down soon, and walked past the empty desk into the employee's quarters, waiting in the large tea room for them, leaning on the wall with his arms and ankles crossed.
((Now I do have to go, sorry...goodnight.))
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora was shocked. Juro had summed everything she was feeling into few simple words. This made her both envious, and sad. She'd never win the heart of some poor samurai, and if she did, he couldn't be with her. Her eyes fell slightly to the floor as she sat on the rail, clutching it tightly and sliding down quickly behind Juro.
'How could this be?' She thought, 'How could it be that this woman knows all about what I'm thinking? Is she psychic? Was it pain on her face?' Kikora couldn't tell. She'd always worn her emotions on her sleeve, trying not to most of the time. Maybe her defense was weakened.
She sighed about halfway down the banister, then hopped off, landing lightly on her feet. 'I'm such a fool' She thought looking up sadly at Juro. "You caught me." She said simply, and added, "There is no need for apologies. It's not a crime to speak one's mind."
[Goodnight. Get some rest.]
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Juro had said nothing until they got to the bottom and she smiled up at the attic. "Juro knows better then to say some things though. Come, come, this way, Juro will show you to where you can rest a while and wait for Kyuzo-sempai. He likes comming here, visits Juro often but has not been here in a long time. Made Juro think he was dead." She sighed slightly before smiling again.
"Juro knows Kyuzo-sempai because he helped Juro a long time ago as a small child. Brought Juro here to be kept safe from harm and to be well fed an trained to defend against enemies. Juro sees Kyuzo-sempai as....hmmm....as a father and a friend." Juro entered the tea room and smiled widely.
Kyuzo was still in deep thought when he felt their pressence and turned his head slowly to look at the two girls there, before returning to look at the floor. He seemed to be thinking over something, and he would have breathed a sigh of relief for the fact that Kikora was safe...but he only allowed himself to do so in his mind.
Pushing off of the wall, he walked towards the two, slowly, his eyes scanning Juro, before landing on Kikora and staying there. He had not expected the younger girl to run forward and hug him like that before she pulled away and bowed twice. "Kyuzo-sempai!! You have kept Juro worried, how could you not visit, hmmm? Juro waited for you, but then you never came, made Juro sad and even more worried....but Juro is happy you're back and is glad you brought a nice, beautiful friend with you." The girl stepped back further and motioned to Kikora. "Kikora-dono is such a pretty lady...so kind hearted too." Juro looked around again, absent-mindedly. Kyuzo's eyes were smiling at the girl who seemed to still not understand how to speak. His face was still as blank as ever and he said nothing to her as she continued on, not that she noticed. "Sorry, Juro-chan." Was all he said, before returning his gaze to Kikora. "Oh! Juro has to...uhm..go make the tea. Juro will return in a few!" The girl ran off, leaving Kyuzo with Kikora. "Are you alright?" Kyuzo asked, after a rather long silence. He stopped in front of her and looked down at her, his eyes full of concern for her physical and slightly for her emotional, health.
Kitkara / Kikora: She smiled at Juro's comment. 'So he was caring, protective...' She trailed off in her thoughts turning the corner into the tea room.
She sighed in relief at seeing him, and said nothing. She looked him over assessing him for more wounds, but not seeing anything life threatening. Juro had a voice, and seemed to talk often when she was excited. Kyuzo's silence had rubbed off on Kikora, and she became slightly more reserved.
After Juro had left, she looked down and blushed at his approach. She hesitated before touching his cheek and hugging him lightly before turning away. "I'm fine, Kyuzo." She said simply. She was so conflicted in her emotions, not feeling it right to like him the way she did, and the truth that Juro had implied, hurt. She sighed and then turned back to him, happiness in her eyes for him being safe.
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UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo said nothing to her knowing his name. He said nothing as he looked her over for any harm at all done to her and then his eye widened slightly yet again, as did his mouth, but still only barely, at her touch on his cheek, making him freeze on the spot and seem to hold his breath. He didn't expect her to hug him either, but his expression did not change and his words were still lost as he watched her step back and turn her back to him.
It was then he hung his head slightly angled a moment, staring at the floor near the toe of his left boot. He did not look up until she turned back to him and he met her gaze. His own being happy, and content, though a little lonely and sad. He turned his eye from her view and looked toward the low table surounded by cushions. "Hungry?" He asked, gently, knowing Juro would bring dinner soon. "We will rest here." He confessed his plan, hoping it suited her taste. "Safe for now." He explaned, knowing they would indeed have to keep moving sooner or later.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora turned back to him as he spoke. She registered his voice, and smiled slightly to herself, unable to control it. She then turned her gaze quickly over to the little seating arrangement, and looked back at him nodding. She moved slowly over to it and sat down, waiting for him to join her.
"I understand we will have to move on again," She said, but added "Will we ever stop being hunted?" She looked, down and sighed. "I want to stay with you." She stated firmly and looked up into his eyes with a determined expression. She had meant that she wanted to stay with him on the road, stick together so they could look out for each other, but she caught the double meaning only after she had said it. Though it wasn't untrue, she still hoped he didn't take it the wrong way and leave her. Samurai never really settled down with someone, let alone allowed themselves to Love. But that was city gossip, old wives tales, and myths.
She battled herself in her head, and sighed, shaking it slightly to push them out of mind for now, focusing instead on him.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo walked slowly over to where she sat and knelt across from her on the cushion there. She was speaking and his eyes, though one was hidden, watched her mouth move in order to catch every word and hold it in his head, wanting to remember every aspect of her indeed. She had asked if they would ever stop being hunted and his only answer was the shake of his head. Then came her statement that again threw him off guard, though most wouldn't be able to read his eyes for that feeling. (I 'I want to stay with you.') He knew she meant on the road but her tone was different...just slightly. He considered what it meant, and hoped that this wasn't going to make things harder while traveling.
He decided that for both of their sakes, he would see this as just her saying she wanted his company in travel. It would help them both to keep from awekward situations...for traveling was full of that already, awekward situations. "I'll keep you beside me." He told, slowly, having seated himself wit his legs bent under himself, honouribly for the house hostess. He gaze lifted to her, he had to make sure she was safe, no matter where they went, or how long they ran, he had to protect her...no matter what.
She probably hadn't meant to imply anything by her words anyway, though the tales of Loveless Samurai haunted the land, there were also tales that they were the most loyal lovers, though gone all the time, there were Samurai who would take the love of a woman so that they would have something to live for. Secretly, Kyuzo wondered how that must feel, fighting with something to live for, instead of not caring if you died...did it make you weaker? He didn't understand it at all. He watched the girl in front of him and knew he would die for her, but the question was...would he live for her? Turning to glance at the door, he wondered when Juro would get back. "Was Juro kind?" He wondered, quietly.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora lowered her eyes and spoke quietly. "Yes. She didn't harm me." Her expression was sullen and her tone clear. As if she'd decided where she'd stand. (I I will let him decide.) She thought, and looked up determined to hide her emotions.
Her expression softened and she looked into his eye. "She was very nice once she saw your coat. Thank you." She said and glanced over to the door where Juro was supposed to come through with tea. Her heartbeat slowed down some, for it had been racing earlier. A calm washed over her and left her more at peace. At least she could decide things for herself.
She asked him about the fight, wondering whether they were all dead. And waited eagerly for his answer. Her next question, would be even harder on him. But there was no harm in just asking. If he refused, then that would be the end of it.
"Kyuzo." She said softly. "Can you teach me to defend myself?" She asked, wording her sentence carefully. She didn't want to feel useless, like the damsel in distress all of the time. And him getting cut up as bad as he did during a fight... She couldn't have that. Not without fighting with him. "Please?" She added and looked back down towards the table.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo listened to her, and then watched her hide her emotions. 'Once she saw your coat.' yes, he figured as much, it was the same coat that he'd wrapped the beaten and bloody girl in as he'd carried her here many years ago. He smiled slightly at what Juro had become, but it faed in an instent when she asked how the fight went. He stayed quiet a long moment.
"They ran off." Was his reply, feeling the wounds he'd hidden, but he didn't bring them up, not wanting her to worry over little scratches like they were. now if he'd come in missing an arm, that would be something to worry over. For the second question, he paused, looking her over before getting up and walking to her side, facing her and turning her by the shoulders to face him. His eyes scanned her's, probed into what seemed like her soul, before he sighed, slowly, slacking his grip. "Kikora." He stated, flatly, then looked away, his mind racing, and he faced the table once more, this time beside her. "You have never killed a person, but once you do their soul follows and haunts you until your death. That is something I..cannot allow you to feel." He started, fading off for a long moment. "I will teach you." He stated, knowing she should know something if worse comes to worse. "However." It was a strong word, one said with full authority. "You will not fight unless there is no other choice." He told, his hands gripping into fists. "You're a decent lady, who's gentle hands should never be calloused and blood stained, and who's body should never be marred by the steel of a sword." He stood, walking back to the side of the table across from her. "I did not save an innocent, to turn them into a soldier." He finished, his voice having been soft and deep.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora sighed, her long silverish hair falling around her face as she looked down. "I never wanted to kill anyone." She said in a small voice. "I just want to help you. I don't want to be useless." She smiled and touched his cheek with the back of her fingers, dragging them lightly over his skin. A trick her mother used to sooth her when she was a girl. "I only want to make it easier on you." She stated firmly, wishing that he'd not be so tense. She got up, walked around to his other side, and took off the piece of her dress tied around his arm to examine the wound. At least it wasn't bleeding, and it was clean.
She tied it back, waiting to ask Juro later for some bandages. "If you'll allow me, I can clean your wounds properly. I understand that you don't want me taking care of you, but I can't sit and do nothing. I owe you that much at least." She said softly, standing back up to go sit back where she was before.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo didn't mean to tence when she touched his cheek, a simple manuver that he realized must be a trait of hers. His eyes alone followed her when she stood and moved to his side. He didn't pull away from her as she examined his wound that she'd taken care of earlier. He placed one hand on either of his thighs, his legs being folded under himself, and as she stood he turned his head slightly to watch her, waiting until she'd been seated before speaking again.
"You're not useless." He started, softly. His words almost had a hint of dissapointment in them but he continued. "I only wish for your safety." He tried to explain in what few words he used that he didn't care if she knew how to fight, but he would rather she never have to at all. He fell silent a while, thinking over his words, what he should reply to her request to take care of him.
"Later. I will allow you to take care of what little scratches I've gained this day." He decided, figuring it couldn't hurt to let her do that much. He'd usually let them heal on their own which would be why they scarred so badly, but he wanted her to feel like she was doing him a great favor by taking care of the small wounds.
Kyuzo's eyes flickered to the doorway that Juro had vanished into, watching her walk back quickly, but carefully with a tray in her hands. "Juro has learned much here. Juro can poor fine teas and make good meals. Does Kikora-dono and Kyuzo-Sempai want to try my tea?" She wondered. Kyuzo only nodded, then looked at Kikora, wondering what she'd reply.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora pulled her long silken hair behind her ears and sighed softly, looking down at the floor. She thought for a moment while Juro entered the room. Taken off guard by the offer, Kikora smiled softly and nodded as she spoke, "Yes, thank you, Juro. I would love a cup of tea."
After everything was settled, Kikora re-tracked her mind to what she was going to say before. "Kyuzo," She started off, not sure how to go about saying it. "I do not understand why you will not let me help you, yet you are determined to keep me 'safe'. See, you should have no reason to even give me a second thought, considering you are the one who normally does the Magistrate's bidding." She paused, unsure of where she was going with it. She took a sip of tea, then grumbled to herself.
"I suppose what I mean, is... It would help you if I knew how to defend myself, at least." Kikora quickly took another sip of tea and set the cup in her lap. The entire time not looking up at him.
As the thought of him going out of his way to break the rules sunk in, she found herself thinking more about the glimpses of emotion in his eye. The one emotion, she could never figure out. It was almost like compassion. Though, she never would have believed a killer to be capable of such compassion. There was more to Kyuzo than what he led on. Obviously, that was a given. But it frustrated her that she couldn't figure out quite why all this was happening, much less, who he was. (i Perhaps I'll talk to Juro about his past later...) She noted mentally, then looked up at him finally.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Juro knelt beside Kyuzo first, preparing and pouring the tea very gently and expertly. She then poured some for Kikora, setting the cup gently down in front of the girl, before preparing some for herself as well. She said nothing, listening to Kikora speak. Her eyes flickering to the samurai in curiosity.
Kyuzo was in no hurry to ander any of Kikora's questions. He focussed on the tea in front of him, lifting the cup, turning it, and then taking a sip. he set the cup down and kept his eyes closed until he inhaled slowly and turned to meet Juro's gaze. "Very good." the two words were followed by a long silence that broke only as his gaze turned back to Kikora.
"Be who you are to be." He started, softly. "Innocent hands, never learning bloodshed." He took another sip of tea, never rushing the process. "I will be your deffence. Do not take that right away." He rose slowly and started for one of the doors to the side. "I must think." He said softly as he exited the room, sliding the door shut behind him.
Was he that arogent? Did he believe himself invincible? Or was there a reason behind his madness? A reason so deep in his soul to keep her from feeling the need to fight that it was close to insanity.
Juro had said nothing, simply sipping at her tea.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora sat in silence, sipping on her tea. The appetite she once had for it, now vanished, however she still resumed sipping on it for the sake of appearance. His words pierced through her heart like knives, letting it sink into the depths of her stomach. Lucky for her, she was accustomed to controlling her emotions in front of company.
Her long silverish hair billowed down her back and lay sprawled across the floor behind her. Her eyes, now adverted to the table in front of them, never leaving the same spot as if she were in deep thought. As she was.
The town square, where she so carelessly was knocked over while witnessing the Magistrate's orders executed. Her home, which now lies in shambles awaiting her father's return. The grief he must face, knowing that his daughter was now a fugitive of the Magistrate. He would never see his beloved daughter again. (i He never much cared anyways. I mean, he was always gone. I very rarely saw him.)
She closed her eyes at the thought, then took a deep breath and opened them again. "Kyuzo," She began, directing her thoughts back to the conversation. "I am sorry. I will not push the issue any further. I wish to take nothing further from you than I already have." Her words were sincere, and sad. Yet, in her heart they hung even heavier. She watched Kyuzo stand and make his way to the door in her peripherals.
She set her cup down gently on the table, and looked up for the first time. Though, not at Kyuzo who was exiting the room.
"Juro?" She questioned, watching her eyes light up at the mention of her name. "Would it be possible for me to freshen up a bit?" She asked, hoping Kyuzo wouldn't follow her. She needed a moment or two to sort through the emotions going on inside her head freely, without having to control them for the sake of the audience.
UR2Bforced2 / The Samurai.: Kyuzo stood in silence in that room he'd entered, before taking the backway out of the tea house to patrol. There was no doubt the Magistrate would want to see him soon, and not just to talk. they'd be sending her best after him, but for some strange reason he couldn't let the girl go like he could others before her. He'd saved her and he intended to protect her from that man's touch. It wouldn't be an easy life, they'd have to move around a lot, but he could do it to defend her. Only to defend her.
Juro sat in silence until Kikora addressed her, making her head snap up. "Kikora-dono can use the bath in Juro's quarters. Juro can find clothing to fit Kikora-dono...ones that would be easier to run in, yes?" She wondered, softly, before putting her cup of tea down, leaning in a bit to touch Kikora's hand. "Kyuzo sempai ...really likes Kikora-dono. He would not insist on Kikora-dono never shedding blood if he did not really like her." Juro explained, before standing slowly. "Kyuzo sempai...taught Juro how to fight. Kyuzo sempai never comes to see Juro often because she can defend herself...Kyuzo sempai...had no more good reasons to come see Juro more often....maybe Kyuzo sempai wants to always see Kikora-dono?" Juro whispered softly, motioning for the girl to follow her.
Kitkara / Kikora: Kikora stood up slowly, taking a quiet breath. She looked through the doorway that Kyuzo went out one last time before following Juro to the wash room.
"Juro," Kikora began softly, not sure what to say. "I would like to thank you for your hospitality. You've been very gracious." Her tone was kind, and soft.
Once in the washroom, Kikora looked around for anything like a brush. She loved her long silver-ish hair, and it was upsetting her that she didn't get a chance to brush it all day. That, and she could use a bath. She was dirty from running, and being cramped in the hole.
Kikora shook her head and sighed. "I am such a brat sometimes." she spoke quietly. She knew now that she didn't have the ability to be picky about her appearance anymore.
"Juro, would you by chance happen to have a dress I could wear? I prefer dresses, because they are easier for me to maneuver in. If you don't, whatever you find will do. I'm not picky." She mentally laughed at herself, because in actuality she was. But if she were to survive, and be free, she had to adapt.
Kikora's thoughts traced back to what Juro had said before, and the reality of it sank in. Kyuzo could be compassionate. Just not sure how to show it? She didn't know. But she hoped he'd never leave her. She worried about him being away from her. Knowing him, he'd find trouble.
Kitkara / Kikora: I miss you. :(

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