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Roleplay - OOC :P:P by Amillena / ArielleParker

OOC go away unless you're in the RP or I'll eat you and spit you out for worms to feed on.

Roleplay Details

(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114218 The RP!)
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/118724 The RP no. 2!)
(r R)(y A)(b N)(r D)(y O)(b M) (r R)(y A)(b I)(r N)(y B)(b O)(r W)(y !)(b !)(r !)
.::(r R)(#ffaf22 A)(y I)(#16F91E N)(b B)(#f91688 O)(#ad16f9 W)(r !)(#ffaf22 !)(#16F91E !)::.


soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...nice setting^^ lol ok i will go ahead and start on my post^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: Okay, good deal.. Ima use ='s for my fill now lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: I'ma put the link back to the RP in the details here, too..lol
AcidReinxx / Reiny: rawr rAawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rAawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr rawr
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey sorry guys but i gotta go. i will be on tomorrow but not until 2:30 because i got school. i will post again then. sorry once again
ArielleParker / Amillena: that's okay. LOL I totally was pissed when that took me like 30 minutes to type then it all got erased =.= ugh.
I didn't realize how long it actually was lol i was proud! Nice posts guys! :P
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok i guess we are talking in here now...ill post something as soon as i thing of something^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: Okay. I just didn't want to clog up the RP.. Anyway... I think it's funny how both of you said you were there first. She was...>.> Just pointing it out. XPP I needed something to say..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i know she was but i waited like 2 minutes after you said we could post and nothing was up so i thought i would be the first to post and then when i was done i read hers and was like oh crap! lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: I know right..its great! I totally loved your guys's posts! Mine was uber long I was like holy crap!
AcidReinxx / Reiny: I'll ad my picture when I get home, mainly because I'm in anime club atm.
ArielleParker / Amillena: How long is the club going to last?!? :P
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: bout ten more minutes then I have to go home. X_x. well wait for my ride THEN go home
ArielleParker / Amillena: Oh I see XP You can post, Squall... But yeah, lol.. I love Fireflies...its so cute.
ArielleParker / Amillena: :o Squall where'd you go!? asdklfh;voebnwpg
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: OKAY I iz home now, where is your post Amillena O.o it says you posted D:
soifon345 / squall lionheart: oh i am so sorry amillena!! i was rping in like 5 other rp's and totally forgot!! sorry. lol ok i will start my post now^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: LOL I posted in the wrong rp and yay we can start again!
ArielleParker / Amillena: And, my actual name (i is) Arielle. You can call me Air, for short.. ^^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: My names Syn nice to meet you XD filler filler.
ArielleParker / Amillena: Nice to meet you too! ^_^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: btw- thats short for Synthiya don't ask My parents were strange..
ArielleParker / Amillena: oh wow! I love the way that it's spelled! That's amazing!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Lol thanks. Orriginally it was "Synthiya Marie" but i didn't like the marie part, so It' sJust Syn and I also change my middle name XD So Is Syn Lovett haha...
ArielleParker / Amillena: Marie is my sister's middle name.. :) And yeah that's great.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I'm hyper, never gived me sugar i warn you XD lolololol lolol
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ I am hyper too. GO PIZZA FOR DINNER!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i got cake^^ lol but i dont like cake that much....so now im sad lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: awww....:( i take it you two fall in love? ^^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Fall in love, Huh:? me and who, Rather who and who *lost*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: idk??? lol im just going with the flow^^ lol were we supposed to figure that out before we started the rp???
ArielleParker / Amillena: It sounded like you and Squall are going to.. staring at each other ^_^ LOL you just made it sound that way I guess :/
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XD i'm just kinda being random atm- brb- food XD
ArielleParker / Amillena: Okey dokey artichokey! filler filler
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i thought she was coming right back lol so what now???
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Sorry It took me a while t omake my food. x_x buuuuuut i'm going to make mor ein a bit.
ArielleParker / Amillena: LOL so you are going to be gone for like 20 minutes again making food? ^_-
ArielleParker / Amillena: Squall why don't you post!? Filler filler filler filler
soifon345 / squall lionheart: because i just posted a little bit ago and dont know what to post about now....^^ lol
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: bad squall!!!! and yes probably, depending on how coaperatve my oven is XD
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ Nice. Well that was a while ago lol >.<
ArielleParker / Amillena: As in 43 minutes ago, and I've posted twice since then ^_^
ArielleParker / Amillena: Wow, I love how both of you leave at the same time!!! LOL
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Sorry My dog was barking >.< *anger anger anger*
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ what kind of dog? my cat is attacking meh! RAWR!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: A poodle pomeranian Mix >.> she's an evil lil bish...
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ ohmigoodness mine is a red fox pomeranian. XDDDD She is soo cute but annoying, even though she doesn't yip like other small animals but she barks at air and leaves and that shtuffs.. lol
soifon345 / squall lionheart: why are you two talking about dogs??? and sorry for disapearing but i was watching t.v^^ lol and i guess i forgot...but i posted!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: HAHAHAHHA nice post. we're talking about dogs because hers was barking
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey! i gave her some wood!! you cant invite her to sit next to your fire >< lol
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Wanna Bet? OH WHAT NOW I JUST DID! HAHAHAHAHH!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea well im gonna put your fire out!!! lol just try and stop me!! mwuhahahaha!!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I'm not afraid to kill you you know >.> *whistles*
ArielleParker / Amillena: Oh what now? I just ignored you for Syn! hahhahahah! XP
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well! see if i dont burn your cloth!!! i will just go sit by myself then and complain about you 2!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: what's wrong with your picture? ^_- it wont show up for meh.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: mine?!? it better work!!! i aint changing it....
ArielleParker / Amillena: Awww, sad. I feel bad now.. lol i love how you guys are arguing over who gets to give me fire. ^_^
ArielleParker / Amillena: no not yours, airriannas. FIller filler balbdsjhqp[rwgoa
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XDDD But I love you more so HAH TO HIM!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i gave you fire first and you just go and ignore me >< i see how it is!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Yes. Remember, I don't trust you? lol yet. I guess we'll all
trust each other later, right!? HAHA
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well i was just gonna give you wood and then leave....she wants you to sit next to her...or are you telling me you 2 have a secret alliance?!? lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: I don't (i think) so.. >.>
<.< But yeah females are usually nicer to one another! ^_^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i was trying to be nicer first....but whatever... lol so who posts next? me or one of you two?
ArielleParker / Amillena: You. ^_^ filler filler filler filler
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....fine....>< but dont blame me if it isnt good lol j/k
ArielleParker / Amillena: Lol I will accept your kindness next time, how about that?! Or give you kindness!? Haha..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: there....now leave me alone^^ lol j/k now you go^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: You really entertain me. Nice little post, by the way. ^_^
where'd Airrianna go?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i have no idea....maybe the pirates got her...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: LAP TOP NEEDS TO DIE AND SO DOES MY DOG *anger*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: why does your laptop need to die??? and no your dog does not need to die...just give it to me...^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_o wows. just...wow. LOL why does it need to die? (the laptop..)
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Lap top keeps freezing and its pissing me off!!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Ohs. delete your cookies? and maybe plug it in if its not, or get on a diff. computer? All those help me out! Well on the downstairs comp. My laptop is aweshome and doesnt do that yet.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: oh. well that sucks....lol its your turn to post...if your able to that is^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: btw, your turn to post, Airrianna....O_O LOL Haskjfhlsakfjbnvaoewkjfn;awiehgfijewnagsvj
ArielleParker / Amillena: get out of my head! that was 4 seconds apart! O_o
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol you get out of my head!! i didnt do it..i said it first...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Do do do do do do do do *twilight zone song*
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ niceee...but yeah. I posted and it was all wait 4 seconds before posting and I refreshed and it posted 4 seconds after, so we posted at the exact same moment.. lol **twilight zone song**
ArielleParker / Amillena: ooo look at my pretty random rainbow!!! ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...i dont see a rainbow...where is it at??? and why did you make one?
ArielleParker / Amillena: it is in the details of the OOC, and I made it out of boredom. Your post! ^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: here, I'll save you the energy of clicking 'Click here to see settings, details and mod options.' and put it here. (r R)(y A)(b N)(r D)(y O)(b M) (r R)(y A)(b I)(r N)(y B)(b O)(r W)(y !)(b !)(r !)
soifon345 / squall lionheart: umm i posted and now its someone elses turn^^ and i would have clicked it but i didnt know where it was thank you very much ><!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Airrianna's turn! filler filler filler (i want to try something lol)
soifon345 / squall lionheart: your turn^^ and she yelled at me.....its not my fault!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: (r R)(#ffaf22 A)(y I)(#16F91E N)(b B)(#f91688 O)(#ad16f9 W)(r !)(#ffaf22 !)(#16F91E !) hmm will it work like this? ^_-
ArielleParker / Amillena: wooot wooot !! yeah!!! Filler fille filler ajhf
ArielleParker / Amillena: lol raspberries! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you can tell what im craving, can't you? LOL
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol i want cranberries...not stupid raspberries>< but im not sure if you can grow them...
ArielleParker / Amillena: >:P I can grow ANYTHING! LOL I don't even know. haha cranberries? what? Really.
ArielleParker / Amillena: .::(r R)(#ffaf22 A)(y I)(#16F91E N)(b B)(#f91688 O)(#ad16f9 W)(r !)(#ffaf22 !)(#16F91E !)::.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey..cranberries are delicious^^ ...is it my turn again???
ArielleParker / Amillena: Er...................I don't know...........look and see..............lol......fill!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Yes, yes it is.....LOL 12345678901234567890124567890
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i think it is...where is what's her face....Air!
ArielleParker / Amillena: what? and it's (i mean your) turn. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: WHAT!? i am in other roleplays you know... like thirty others so nyeh *sticks tonuge out*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well im posting now and this time dont yell at me><!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_O wilsh you post squall? ^^ heheh...1234567890234567890
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I didn't last time though... XDDD
ArielleParker / Amillena: tehee! 12345678901235467890123457890
soifon345 / squall lionheart: don't rush me!! and there...i posted....its stupid but whatever...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I'm ignored sooooooo I'm not posting
~Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious XD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: how are you ignored??? and you better post><!!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: NBope!
~Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious XD
ArielleParker / Amillena: yesh, will you post?!? Pweaassee? it's your 'turn' now!! ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well i posteded for you^^ so ha! beat that!!....
ArielleParker / Amillena: Nooooooooooooo!!! she shall post!!!! D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D: Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee?
ArielleParker / Amillena: that was great. **applause...!!!** 1234567891234678901234567890
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Airrianna has Anger issues. XD expecially with braggers >.> Not that i'm naming names... *cough*Squall*cough*
ArielleParker / Amillena: lol i totally agree with you >.> Amillena apparently doesnt? Haha wows.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol well i kinda dont seem to like you in the rp...sorry lol for
now that is^^ and yea i can tell she has anger issues!!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: She set a tree on fire, and mite set the grass shes sleeping in on fire too O.o
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_O I hope not! your post, Airrianna. ^_^ I totally loved that so much it was amazing.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: what was amazing?
ArielleParker / Amillena: how funny that was. he was all dont laugh at me it was cool! it was it was just whoa that came out of the top of your head?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea...i was bored and couldnt think of anyhting else....so what is she on fire or something?!? lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: Mehehhh! I called you pyros! >:P 12345678901234567890
ArielleParker / Amillena: no, it's her breath, lol....right?! or did I misenterperet that???? O_o
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i guess it could be...i just thought that since you seen it that meant the fire was spreading...nevermind^^ lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ your post, btw. FILLLERF!123485218947120496712859845blaegjotqh 1v98
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey sorry to say but i gotta go for tonight!! *waves goodbye*
ArielleParker / Amillena: oh noes!! okayyyy.. >.< Goodbye. Talk to you tomorrow!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea i will definately be on tomorrow!!^^ lol ok nighty night^^ tell her whenever she gets back that i had to go. sorry once again..
ArielleParker / Amillena: Meh just so long as you post tomorrow! ^^ cause it's your post.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I hate doing the dishes =w=
ArielleParker / Amillena: Me too.. :/ fill fill fill fill ifll fill fil
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: gtg hun bye
ArielleParker / Amillena: bye!! 123456789098765432121234567890987654322123456y7u
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey im back!! im in school...i doubt you guys are on but i will go ahead and make my post.
ArielleParker / Amillena: Hiya everybody! i'm on, just so you know.......XDD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay! me too! lol so whats up tonight??? >blahblahblah<
ArielleParker / Amillena: Not much, I just got out of school 45 min. ago...^_^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: wow. i knew we went through this yesterday buuut i got out like 3 freaking hours ago!!! what kind of sick school do you go to???
ArielleParker / Amillena: One that starts at 8:04 and ends at 3:06
^_- hello, different time zones, duh!
ArielleParker / Amillena: by the way make your post! ^_^ 1234567890987654321234567890987654321
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well i still get out at 2:30....lol and dont you duh! me>< i posted in school...its her turn now!! lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: You need a hug.... **hug** ^_^ Making me feel bad...>.<
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: you guys can't wait untill i finish writing my post to post *whines*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *points finger at amillena* she made me post!!! yell at her!
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_O Hi! I thought you weren't here, sorry...^_^ I'ma hug you, too. I'm in a **hugging** mood..so....*hug!**
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *kicks* No hugs Im not in a good mood *growls and sits down* damn sexist shovenistic pigs. I hate school with a burning passion
ArielleParker / Amillena: you liar, you edited that so it said, 'well i still get out at 2:30....lol and dont you duh! me>< i posted in school...its her turn now!! lol' before it was just 'well i still get out at 2:30....lol and dont you duh! me><'
ArielleParker / Amillena: What happened at school?! O_O and you can post if you want..>.> <.<
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...did not.....your the liar. and air why do you hate school???
ArielleParker / Amillena: >.< Call her something else...my real name is Air......... lol it keeps confusing me.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ugh your never happy are you?!? lol fine i shall call her...misuzu
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: MY name is Syn thank you, and I just said so, SEXIST SOHVENBBISTIC PIGS!!!!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_o
ArielleParker / Amillena: Okay, Syn, what did the sexist shovenistic pigs do? O_O
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok syn,why are they sexist pigs??? <blahblahblahblahblah>
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: really.... I'm a feminist, I go to school with a bunch of sexist men, WHAT DO YOU THINK?
ArielleParker / Amillena: Well, (i most) women are feminists, and most men are retarded idiots that never know what to say unless their womanizers. (Hence the reason for that one chicks song.) ^_^ I got hit in the face by a fat bastard today... LOL fricking gave me a shiner -.-" But he got his ass kicked so it's all good.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Dry Ramen makes every thing better x3
ArielleParker / Amillena: I think it ish your turn to post, Squall.....
ArielleParker / Amillena: oooh yeah it does! I like beef and chickedn (not together.) ^_^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I know right XDDD *nomming happily* I am better nao x3
ArielleParker / Amillena: I totally love it! lolsh. it is the bestest thing ever.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I know right!?
~Alove is deadly i suggest you avoid it at all costs.
ArielleParker / Amillena: what in the world is Alove...O_o <filler filler fillerfilller>
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Oh sorry thats soposed to be a space between those XD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...i posteded^^ now its your turn.....have fun^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: I postified! LOL I was like, what the crap!? RAWRSSSSSS
soifon345 / squall lionheart: why do your posts always get deleted?!? it only happens to you
ArielleParker / Amillena: cause my laptop is new and it freaks out on me cause it isn't all unsensitive and slow so it does that I guess...
ArielleParker / Amillena: because I bump it and stuff. It's someones post now!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...it's syn's....either shes posting now..or she left
ArielleParker / Amillena: Okay Lol I love Scrubs. ^_^ It's one of my favorite shows ^_^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....random much? lol why do u like it so much???
ArielleParker / Amillena: Cause I think that its so retarded that its funny...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...wow. i need to type more in my posts...that one was just sad...i will do better next time.
ArielleParker / Amillena: Lol It's fine, but a little hard to reply to sometimes...^^ 1234567898273472817357137324835687247
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i know thats why i need to type more....duh! lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: duh I knew that! Jeesh. it (i is) a semi lit. RP........................
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....dont yell at me!!! lol where did she go??? and sorry but i cant think of that much to post....it isnt my fault.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Sorry Guys I'll brb, I'm trying to post for another rp right now. >.<
ArielleParker / Amillena: Okay! ^_^ and I wasn't yelling at you......
soifon345 / squall lionheart: you did to. dont try and change the fact! >< lol j/k so what now???
ArielleParker / Amillena: well we can talk in here and wait or nothing and wait lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: nevermind ^^ 123457q34985vnh4q3895hy4nrynhtiu1vyjho2n35viucnjjq4iuodthm2o5vi
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol ok brb im gonna try to post something better this time.^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ okay lolsh....... How old are you guys in the RP????
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i think im 19....we didnt discuss that did we? and im angry because it still doesnt seem like much><!
ArielleParker / Amillena: It is fine! at least it isn't a one liner! LOL
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol i guess.
*sticks you in a coffin and dumps spiders on you* mwuhahahaha!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Argh! That is something im actually scared of! (well I'm not claustrophobic but I'm arachnophobic.)
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea me too! spiders scare the heeby jeebies outta me^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: I know! everyones like, "OOhh venomous spiders!" And I'm like "I don't care whether theyre poisonous or not, THEY ARE FREAKY LOOKING AND SOME ARE HAIRY AND SOME ARE REALLY FAST AND CHASE YOU AND SOME ARE SLOW AND SOME FALL ON YOUR HEAD AND BITE YOU AND ITS ITCHY AND YOU SWALLOW AT LEAST ONE A YEAR IN YOUR SLEEP AND THE FEELING OF THEM CRAWLING ON ME IS JUST WEIRD AHH. and they're like "ooooookaaaaaay.."
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol wow. i dont think im as scared of them as you are but whatever.^^ lol the sad thing is....tarantulas dont freak me out at all.it s mainly the small ones that freak me out.lol one time i opened the door to my room and a spider fell on my shirt and i screamed my head off! lol theni found out later that its actually good luck if a spider falls on your shirt but i was like "i dont give a crap!! i dont want some 8 legged freak on me or near me for that matter!" lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: hahah I completely hate them, ALL spiders, even daddy longlegs. And I hate tarantulas, too. OMG this one time I went to get on the phone, and there was a golf ball sized grey wolfspider just sitting there on the phone book. So I was like Hahah, funny. Cause it looked fake! so I went to grab it and it fricking jumped on my arm and ran all over me and bit me three times and I finally (in my running and screaming 'kill it kill it!') fell down the stairs, and it died >XP
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol man your opinion and stories about spiders crack me up!! lol i really like how you said some were really fast and chase you. lol oh and i like your post^^ and quit nagging me about the whole your power is useless thing! ><
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ but it's fuuuuuuuun! and why do they crack you up? This one fricking chased me and I stepped on it and it somehow didnt die and crawled up my leg and I freaked out and screamed and ended up killing it with Zebraduck, my rubber duckie that's colored like a zebra. IT WAS SAD!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol because they are just funny! lol i have never been chased by a spider before...and i like your phonebook story too^^ lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: -.- that wasn't the most horrible one, either.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well you go ahead and tell me the worst one while i go post^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: -.- Okay, so I was sitting there, minding my own, when this fricking giganto spider, bigger than the golf ball one, crawls on my leg. I freeze, and let out this scream and stand up to run, and it fell off my leg. Then, I ran right into my step sis's dad, and he has a black widow in a cup, with seram wrap over the top, and he shakes it above my head, and I freak and run, and then later I forgot about the giganto spider, and go back to my room, and it crawls on my arm and I screamed and slammed my arm on the wall and its guts spewed all over me and the wall and it had babies. THAT WAS HORRID!!! OMG!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: wow. that story was just beautiful...lol not really....man spiders must hate you...lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: They DO!!!!!!!!!! I mean icky! IT was SICK! >XP I hate hate hate them back! Except I'd rather there be spiders to keep away the bugs than bugs infesting everything
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol well hey i gotta go so i will talk to you tomorrow. i will post tomorrow at school if i can.^^ *hugs* bye bye!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Urgh!!!!!!!!! Fine! Bye... ssdkljaghweiugfnawi;bkawn;lekngaworugn;woejgn;oewabgj
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: hey I'm sorry but, I really need a nap... I'll be back a bit later alright?
ArielleParker / Amillena: I'm going to head out, actually. ^^ See you tomorrow!!!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey are either of you two still on??? i doubt it.
ArielleParker / Amillena: I'm on now ^_^ Filler filler filler filler fillerf illerr filler
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay! *tackles* bout time!! ive been waiting forever><!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Aww, don't I feel loved! **glomps** ^_^ (blah blah blah blha lbahkblwdnvalwhgawH)
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i made my post!! did you read it??? did ya did ya!!??
ArielleParker / Amillena: Yeah i did.. Haha why so excited?!??!?!? Hmm I'm going to have to go in about a half hour to 45 min. to get my dad a birthday present for tomorrow. ^_^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....NO! YOURE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE!!>< *tackles and handcuffs to a fence* NO LEAVING!!!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: MIDTERMS ARE OVER FINALLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! *jumpping up and down XD*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...i take it you dont like midterms???? lol
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Uhhhh Who does?? *Raises an eyebrow* If you do I have rights to kill you >.>...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i havent taken midterms yet....*backs away*
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: OH YEAHHH! I was wonderingk, who are supposed to be the Couples in this??
ArielleParker / Amillena: Yeah me too! Sorry, I wash taking out trash -.-
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I say Airrianna and Squall that would be a funny pair XDD.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...arent you like 14 in the rp??? im 19....thats not right....lol
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: No, I'm 17 >.> Just terrifide of the dark, I can give you the whole Bg story if you want it..
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ lol I'm 17 in it too.... I posted! asdkjvbn;kbnwekbnkjabsvkjawn ;
soifon345 / squall lionheart: oh....i thought you were little in the rp....nevermind must of been a different one^^ ok i guess that means its my turn now
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: haha yes I posted "She was Young what was she doing there?" but I meant, she grew up with her father, her mother died giving birth, she had no one to comfort her in her fears, and she looked at Amillena like a mother figure at the momnet I guess, though their the same age XDD
ArielleParker / Amillena: Maybe I could make Amillena like 18 19 or 20 or something to have that make more sense or something?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Well you could leave it that way, I've done it in real llike that, actually I staill am, I look up to one of my more mature friends all the time, like a parent figure.
ArielleParker / Amillena: Yeah. My Real-life mom was a bad influence, she was addicted to methamphetamine, and she died in a car accident like a month and a half ago. I can't even be depressed or sad about it because of what a horrible mother she was, so my dad's girlfriend is my mother figure. ^_^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: o_o... thats kinda harsh donchya think!????? my moms a great mom, shes just really busy with my cousins and their mom and dad's problems all the time, and she just got done with radiation, so i'm kinda feh lately.
ArielleParker / Amillena: Not if you knew her you wouldn't think that. I mean I (i have) been uber depressed over it but what I mean is if i dont think about her like I did when she was in jail or something, I feel better. Cause I mean who wouldn't be depressed, no matter what she did she is still my mom but she was a little crappy ^_^ my mother figure is a great mom and my dad is amazing so it makes up for it
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i postededed!!! and just so you know i love my mommy! lol just thought i would add that sooo you know....i would fit into the convo^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_- I noticed that you posted and wow.....totally fitting...9.9
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...are you saying it doesnt fit in???? it's your turn but of course you know that....
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^_^ in fact I just posted!!!! Your turn again!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: syn's turn!! yay! my dad brought me food! im happy now^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: I want food...>.< Why does supper have to be so difficult?!
ArielleParker / Amillena: you think about me alot, squall....^_-
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I has no foodz... v.v cause my family sucks and won't get any thing good from the god damn store!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Hence the reason im leaving sometime soon to go get groceries and my dad a birthday present. ^_^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: because it dont like you!!! lol ....BORED!!!! lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: Because what don't like who?!?!? ^_-????
soifon345 / squall lionheart: you said why does supper have to be so difficult and i said because it dont like you.....^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh I get it now!!! Syn's post!!! filler filler filler filler
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol slow much???? *pokes her in the forehead* god i have to spell everything out for you dont i? lol^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: No......... shut up! (ash;bihipleruboerwiubbbbbbbrlhobglekbroaiebiaba)
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol do too^^ and dont tell me to shut up><! that just makes me talk more....lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: I has to go......I'll be about an hour or two or three...^_^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: THREE HOURS TO SHOP DAMN WOMAN!!! (i I) don't even take THAT long!!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...*taps foot* you better hurry up! lol^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: elo. anyone here?
{Stupid filler babble} {More stupid filler babble crap... -_-*}
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Here sorry I was.... Busy... :( I haven't had the best day haha. Whats up?
ArielleParker / Amillena: Hey! I'm back! And I posted! ^_^ fillashdvlajblahblahkasjdgo
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *tackles Amillena* Hi hih hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: -reading through the pages to try to catch up- Sorry for not being on during the week, I have homework and swimming and not really able to get on much.
Since you all are posting and so I don't have to keep reading while you all post, may I please have a recap?
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Nevermind the recap. I read. I'll get my post in in a moment.
Anyone still here?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Yeah, I was visiting with my cousin x_x Damn she can sure talk.
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Yo'k then.
<_< >_> Did everyone else show up for mearly a quick time?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: ahaha no I'm still here, hiya!! filler filler filler.
ArielleParker / Amillena: lol sorry NOW I'm back for sure. ^_^ lol..... awlvhwiuefnpogfnwirngipenvasjdvnpqwijbnadfsj
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Yo'k then.
Um. Has there been any important decisions on any topics or anything that I may need to know involving this RP or anything?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: we are trying to figure out who is in couple, personaly I don't care, I think airrianna would be a funny match with either of the males..
ArielleParker / Amillena: yeah, that and how old is your character? dasjgpqiuhwpqeg
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Ok. -shrug- I don't really care for my character's pairing..
17 years? -shrug- I can adjust it to be closer to everyone elses if need be. It won't bother me.
ArielleParker / Amillena: well that is close, Airrianna is 17, I'm either 17 or 18..I guess I'll go with almost 18.. and Squall is 19.. Just so you know, though I bet you already do.
ArielleParker / Amillena: I like your post, Syn... ^_^ askjf;ofebnaojbnpvwjawb
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: lets do the time warp agaiiiinnn *singing* It's just a jump to the left *continues off in my own lil world right now*
ArielleParker / Amillena: what?! <asdjbvouwbioqhoijhjhlkjhlhagkjsdghlkasjfhlkajsdfhladskjfhalskjfhladskjfhladskjfhladskjfhlakdsjfh>
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: it's from a mooovviiieee XD rocky horror picture show, with tim curry, *whom plays the clown in IT* AND HE RUNS IN 9 INCH HEELS IN IT I'M SO HAPPY XDDD!!!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_O Holy buckets! I'ma post I guess. :/ eww i got sticky stuff on my laptop..
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: I have the Rocky Horror picture show recorded, however i have not watched it yet. I will need to get to that this weekend or something soon....
-didn't know the ages of everyone else's characters- I was going to say 18 years, however, I figured everyone may be somewhat younger, so I just said 17 years... -shrug-
ArielleParker / Amillena: what's with the bird? Is it just a picture or ish you going to put 'em in the RP? Just curious.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *noms* I'm so hungry D: And I'm doing homework... my mom should be cooking but NOPE! she's playing on face book D:
ArielleParker / Amillena: what kind of moms play on facebook when they should be cooking!? mokdsfvjnjegibaqafbb
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Mine XDD She just got home a little while ago, she needs to rest, she's on radiation after all but I can't make dinner cause- Hell I burn water XD
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: I included the bird in. Usually, if I have an animal or something of the sort in my character pic, when I use the character, I will try to incorporate in some way the extra specimen(s).
Ok then...?
ArielleParker / Amillena: Why is she on radiaton?! O-o she got some kind of cancer or something seriously bad like that?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: aha, we found out she had breast cancer over the summer, she had the surgery and got the lump out, now it's just radiation to make sure they got it all :)
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Oh. Well at least you found it at a treatable stage. That is good. I hope she continues to do well.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: mhm, YAY She's making dinner now :DDDD Okay I'm happier now xD
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: lol. ok then.
I'm sorry. I have to get off. I have to get to bed for school tomorrow.
I guess if you all move anywhere or something just drag my character around or whatever with you all. I'll try to be on after my swim practice tomorrow -however, which would be somewhat late..- but if I am not then I should see you all Friday possibly. See you all whenever.
ArielleParker / Amillena: oooohkay. BYE! aslkdhgeirjbgijanerjgnksjadgl
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: bye bye bbye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye
ArielleParker / Amillena: lol i like how you just repeat it over and over again. aldskgjprhb
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I do to to to to to to to to to to to to X_x it gets annoying sometimes tho >.<
ArielleParker / Amillena: Hahahahahahahaha nice nice nice nice nice.. why do you do do do do do do do do do it it?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: 35 charrie thing XD hahaha aha ahaha haha ha aha aha
soifon345 / squall lionheart: you guys still here???? im lonely....i fell asleep and missed you all!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: lol i just happened to refresh right after you said that!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: YES! you are still on. oh thank god i thought i missed everyone!! lol well im gonna post and catch up^^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE I WANT LOVES TOO!!!!!!!!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE I WANT LOVES TOO!!!!!!!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: okey dokey artichokey!! *huggles syn* i posted!!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: :DDDD YAY! HUGS! *happii now XD* thanks Squall buddeh XD>
soifon345 / squall lionheart: no problem! ......im bored now!!! XD BORED!!!!!!!!! woo!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: did you two die or something?!? im booooored^^ .......talk.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Sorry Passing out, gotta go... School... More homework... Can I die yet??
soifon345 / squall lionheart: no your not allowed to die! ..fine>< nighty night!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well hey if you get this im gonna go and try to get some sleep...gots school in about 6 hours...nighty night^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: sorry, I was busy.. ^_^ night though
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok well i posted but i think its syn's turn...sorry to leave you all alone but i gotta get some nappy nap time^^ * huggles* nighty night!
ArielleParker / Amillena: meh I posted anyways. ^_^ I was bored enough. Night!!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey are you by any chance still on?? i doubt it...your in school.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey either of you on yet??? you better be on soon!><
ArielleParker / Amillena: Hey!!! I'm on now!!! ^_^ blah blah filler filler gklagsf
soifon345 / squall lionheart: you better be......lol^^ so whats up???? <randommmmm>
ArielleParker / Amillena: I just posted ^_^ and it's my dad's 50th birthday, so I might have to leave
and its novemberfest(a jazz band concert for like 3 jazz bands that I'm a trumpet in) and so I won't be on long. just for like another hour or so
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ><! oh well...i will probably be off by then anyways...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I'm HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE IM HERE@@
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay!...i gotta go post now...or do you wanna post first???
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: You >.>
~love is deadly I suggest you avoid it at all costs.
ArielleParker / Amillena: ***jumps on Syn**** Hey whatcha doing!?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Just got home, right now i'm starving and bored though >.>
ArielleParker / Amillena: Ohs. I hate being starving, and I hate being bored. So it must REALLY suck to have both! DX
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm mhm
ArielleParker / Amillena: That really sucks. I TOTALLY JUST GOT GIGANTO BUBBLEWRAP AND OMG IT IS SO LOUD I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: Where is everyone? akjperwhnpaowiern
soifon345 / squall lionheart: im still here sorry my computer like major froze and i had to restart it><!!! well now im gonna post...lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: Okay good cause I'm bored and I don't have anything else to do so yeah.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol^^ yea...i hate this stupid computer!!! it makes me angry><!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: I hate life >.< It's so gaytarded and I mean that in an UNhomophobic way.
ArielleParker / Amillena: What a puny post! LOL I love it it's great. HAHA
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol as much as it can be....j/k why do you hate life??? and dont laugh at my post!! its not my fault...theres not a whole lot to reply too...
ArielleParker / Amillena: Because it fricking sucks! RAWR Like my mom's death is depressing me and almost getting raped and sitting here with four bruised ribs from it and my friends thinking their life sucks because a guy they like doesn't like them and then fighting with me because it annoys me and just..UGH
soifon345 / squall lionheart: wow. you almost got raped??? when did this happen?!? see its reasons like that i hate guys and wish i wasnt one...><!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_O you wish you were a girl? and it happened a couple days ago. That's why my ribs are all messed up and I have a broken thumb but I haven't said anything because You don't just tell random people but I was ranting
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i didnt know i was a random person...but i know what you mean. well i hope you get better^^ and no i dont wish i was a girl...thats just why i hate other guys...all of my friends in school are girls lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: Haha wow. I have to go now, and You aren't a random person, neither is Syn, but like I don't know, you just don't go telling your life story to everyone.. ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea i understand..i was just asking lol oh and ok have fun^^ since you wont be back for a while i guess see you tomorrow!! lol
ArielleParker / Amillena: Oh my God that was the funnest night of 2009 for me! IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
ArielleParker / Mary-Jo: Okay, well night! I'll talk to you guys tomorrow, maybe. I'm not sure if I'll be on or not..But if I am I'll talk to you tomorrow. ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey anyone on??? you better be on tonight><! got it?!?
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_O Jeesh.... I got it..... I'm on!! ^^ (fill fill asdhvkjlahwibhwidg)
ArielleParker / Amillena: I take it that noone is on right now...? -.- how sad. I can't even go to my dad's birthday party.. HIPOCRITE!!! (i "You better be on tonight.") AND THEN YOU ARENT ON! rawr! bleh
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey i tried to get!>< its not my fault my sister has a big butt and is hard to move!!! lol ....sorry...^^ but i am on now...are you?
ArielleParker / Amillena: I'm on (i now) ^^ are you still on?!? adsklgvjlerwhblqewihg
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yes i am still on^^ are you??? ...even if you are i cant talk long...im getting ready to leave
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: WHAAA!?!? *whines and pouts in corner*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea im going in town till 8:30...i might be back on later but i dont know yet...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *clings to squall* nu leavey D: pweaseee
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i dont have to leave right now but very soon...its not my fault.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *whimperes and clings continuisly* I nu want chu to go D:
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Hello? Anyone here?
Going to start reading over what I missed and should be here for a while.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I'm here, dealing with drama on the phone, but here XD
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Yo'k. Hello.
-finished reading over- Did I cause the RP to stop somewhat? If so, I'm sorry.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: no I just decided not to post untill you for some reason XDDD
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: oh. ok then.
um. thanks? Xd
Sorry it is taking me a little while to post. Xq It should be up in a little bit.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: its okayy XD and sorry i think that was a bit creepy x_x m,y bad ..<
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: XD lol. not really. all is cool. it ok.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Gahhh Oh course I'm going to be in pain on thanksgiving *irritation*
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Ok...??
<Stupid filler space stuff...> <More stupid filler space stuff....>
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: ahahaha. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: What?_? -confused-
?_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_? ?_?
ArielleParker / Amillena: Hi sorry business -.- fui;awefhlewwegqfg
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: hello?
<filler sutff> <more filler stuff> <even more filler stuff>
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Helloo I'm here, Just x_x In slight pain...
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: hello.
Um. You ok?
<filler filler filler filler filler>
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay! im here!!^^ lol sorry im here but i might be distracted...trying to play a game^^...
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: hello.
i'm watching a movie so i'm not exactly all here.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Sure I'm fine >.> My brother Just kicked my in the ribs, so yeah I'm fust effin peachy.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: you should kick him back^^ ....why did he kick you???
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: oh.. what did he kick you for?
he didn't kick you hard enough to damage any of your ribs or anything, did he?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: because he's an ass and loves to see me squirm =w= and no, he didn't kick me that hard, I avoided the worst of it, my side just hurts now x_x
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well when you get better you should kick him back...^^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *rolls eyes* Yeah I reach his chest thats it, he's tall!!! and he can take me down easily.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: take him by surprise....lol well anyways he did it for no reason???
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Does Kicking me in the ribs for accidently slamming a door count as a reason?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: no not really....he sounds like a jerk><! tell him i said that
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Your brother must be a coward then if he likes hurting girls...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: No I'm jus hs vulnerable little sister who can't do anything about it. And like i said he's an ass who likes to watch me squirm, I think i'll put my pet triantula in his bed tonight.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: but he will probably kill it!! you should put a snake in there instead
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: I still say he is a coward for hurting a girl for fun, especially his sister.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I have plenty triantulas as pets, I was going to use my least favorite in such an ecvent, plus he like snakes,
soifon345 / squall lionheart: oh...well ok then go ahead!!! hopefully it will bite him and paralyze his leg or something^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: lol. a girl that likes tarantulas? interesting.
are tarantulas even poisonous enough to harm a human?..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: they can't kill a human but theyre poison is powerful enough to paralyze the area it bit...thats it basically. lol
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: oh. cool.
sorry, i don't exactly know the most on spiders and such...
sorry if my RP post seemed somewhat crappy..
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I take the poisin out of the fangs once a week, so really it just herts with my pets. and yeah I like spiders, hell I used to have a black widow as a pet
ArielleParker / Amillena: LOL what geat timing! I just signed on! lkdsngljaerwhlg
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *pokes* bout time you get on!!!>< lol oh and sorry bout that one day....lol
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Cool. I like black widows.
I used to live in Maryland where they are... Not anymore though... :|
They are interesting.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I like them, though i saw one int he girls bathroom, and almsot got bitten *twitch*
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: What is with the twitch?
um. yes, we are talking about spiders..... >_>
ArielleParker / Amillena: I love the crapbucket out of snakes, and rats are so adorable, but SPIDERS...ugh! I am the most arachnophobic person I know! I can even tell when a spider is in the room (which there is every single time)!! I mean AHHHH! LOL My dad says it makes no sense for me to hate spiders but like snakes and rats so that's why I put that there but still!
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: ok...
-shrug- snakes, rats, and spiders are all different so it isn't that strange that you like some and not others of them
ArielleParker / Amillena: Hahahaha not my fault!! and I said the most arachnophobic that (i I know), not (i the world)... ^_^ OH YEAH I TOLD YOU THE STORIES DIDN'T I!?!?!?!?!?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: >.> ami how are we frineds? I have four pet triantulas and a pet pyathon *I'm a strange child no judgements >.>*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yes you told me your hilarious stories!!!^^ they still crack me up! lol
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: <_< >_> ok...
Airri, i don't exactly think you as a strange person just because you like spiders and snakes...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Did I meantion Im a wiccan? >.> just wondering- oh and my names Syn.
ArielleParker / Amillena: THEY SHOULDN'T CRACK YOU UP!
oh my goodness you have a pet python!??!?!?!? What kind!? What's he look like?!? O_O I LOOOooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeee snakes!!!!!!! I've always wanted one! like this one time, I went to the park with my friend, and ran over this gardner snake and i was like "oh my gosh" and I picked it up, it was okay, so I took it and we were playing with it at a picnic table and all these people came by and were like "cool let me touch it" and so they did and I took it home and I was like, Daddy can I keep it? :3 and he was like NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRINGING WILD SNAKES INTO THE HOUSE?! TAKE IT BACK! and I was like fine. So my friend and I were going back and we got to the road and this old guy on one of those scooter things stops in front of us, says "you dont need this," takes it, throws two dollars at us, and scoots away. We were like "whoa he is totally going to eat it or something"
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey guys i gotta go for a little bit ok? i might be back on later^^ bye for now! oh and by the way your snake story is pretty funny too!!!^^ lol
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: BAHAHAHA! I LOVE IT! but i wouldn't give up my snakey for anything. Even though my mom hates them...
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^^ Well when you're seven and this creepy dude comes up to you on a scooter with an orange flag sticking out of the top you don't really say, "Hey bastard, give me my fucking snake back!" LOL
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I'm so going to do that just to see his reaction XD
ArielleParker / Amillena: LOL That would be kinda kick ass lol.. so you're wiccan? What do you do? My friend is something in that genre..haha (different friend than the snake story)
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Aha I'm a healer, I study natrual helaing and Riki it may take more time, but the benifits are great XD
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: your wiccan? cool. my one friend also is a wiccan.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: fun :D I don't really tell people i am, because if i did i'd gett the "YOUR GOING TO HELL" shit and i hate that.
ArielleParker / Amillena: Yeah mine does some (i weird) stuff. It is really awesome. I don't know exactly what it is that she does though, its just strange when I see it. I think it's rather interesting and amazing.. What are the benefits?!?
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: i haven't seen my wiccan friend do anything and i'm not sure what type she is....
i don't really ask her about it so i don't really know much about it anyways....
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Lea risk of cancer, you feel much better and it's good for you >.>
ArielleParker / Amillena: That's really awesome. I'm not the kind of person who tells other people they're going to Hell, because nobody is actually sure of that, and because I don't believe that it's right to damn people to hell for their beliefs and/or practices.. ^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: going to disappear for a bit. should be on later.
see you all later.
ArielleParker / Amillena: Okay, bye! adshlfgiuewh jhgvwklavbwaeihgwg
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: sorry gotta go cousins are here and i have to babysit *gag*
ArielleParker / Amillena: LOL okay! Talk to you later!!!!! liwaehfliaegwhbweag
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey are you guys on??? i doubt it....unless you stayed home from school or something..
ArielleParker / Amillena: LOL I'm on now.. But not for long, probably.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: No I was Home... Just clesaning... And Suffering like everyother girl does once a month >.>
ArielleParker / Amillena: Ahh gosh that happened to me today too... >.< fricking stupidness pisses me off. LOL
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I hate my Uteris :D *hugs Amillena!*
ArielleParker / Amillena: **hugs Syn** Me too! (cough cough Arielle cough cough)
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XDDD *Sits on her* I'm goinna be in pain ffor thanksgiving *Pout(
ArielleParker / Amillena: I know me too! I was like PISS! I mean I could just tell that something was going to happen to ruin my week and there you go! So much for having fun....
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: >.> I just finished the First chapter of IT By SK and I have one word of Advice... DON'T TRUST CLOWNS WITH YELLOW EYES IN A STORMDRAIN!
ArielleParker / Amillena: LOL I know right!? It just seems really obvious.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XD I was about ot scream as the kid died >.< It was fucked up D:
ArielleParker / Amillena: Really? I never have actually read that book
ArielleParker / Amillena: I prefer the Green Mile over it (that book is by SK too... ^^)
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Yeah... Apparently the clown ripped off the kids arm...
ArielleParker / Amillena: Ewwe, does it get detailed?! He is an insane writer, and I heart me a good book. LOL
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Lol! No id doesn't thank gods! I owuld die if it did.. all it says is "The yellow rain slicker now caked in red" and thats it..
ArielleParker / Amillena: Oh, LOL I've heard that it gets more detailed.. O_O
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: "'Everything (i floats)," that chuckling rotten voice whispered, and suddenly there was a ripping noise and a flaring sheet of agony, and gorge Denbrough knew no more.
Dave Gardener was the first there, and all though he only came 45 seconds after the first scream, GeorgeDenburough was already dead. Gardener Grabbed him by the back of the slicker pulled him into the street... and began to scream himself as George's body turned over in his hands. The left side of George's slicker was now bright red. Blood flowed into the storm drainfrom the tattered hole where the left arm had been. a knob of bone, horribly brightpeeked through the torn cloth.
The boys eyes stared up into the white sky, and as dave staggered away toward the others already running pell-mell down the street, they began to fill with rain."
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_O That's just disguisting. I love it! LOL It made my friend scared of clowns, but I laughed the entire time
the person who acted as the clown was just fugly and a bad actor it was great.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XD tim curry XD He was In the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I love him cause he can run in 9 inch high heels XD
ArielleParker / Amillena: Haha well he sucked as IT >XP it was just horrible. HAHA.. It is pretty shweet that he can sprint in those things, I can hardly stand in them!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XD I love timm Curry for that reason and that reason only, I don't remeber him in IT because I was 3 when I saw it.
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_o you saw IT when you were (i 3) ?????
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Arent older brothers who love to see their sister squirm wonderfull?
ArielleParker / Amillena: Ugh...yes..that's how my brothers were. They'd hold me down and throw spiders on me just so I'd scream. 9.9 I had bites ALL over me, the jackholes
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: No wonder your an arachniphobic. Yeah I'm just traumatized of clowns, I almost didn't go to Circ De Soule..
ArielleParker / Amillena: what is that?! O_o hdsagliaehgiahbwrg
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: its a french circus, god, I think my cramps are going to my head now x_x oh like my pic XD?
ArielleParker / Amillena: YES I LOVE IT!!! I have to go for the night though, I have a science test AND a math test...UGH! PLUS Stomach aches and cramps.. LOL my friends are going to (i love) me tomorrow!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Taahee I Love you already SUCKER YOU STILL HAVE SCHOOL! *laughs*
ArielleParker / Amillena: -.- I know right? It's fricking gay as all hell, like when your bitch ex-friend-drama-causer tells the principal that you and a teacher are 'together' and they have a conference with the principal, vice principal, you, your dad, the teacher, and the counselor. AND IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING CAUSE SHE'S A LYING BITCH! I MEAN JEESH! who does that!?
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: a bitch? filler filler filler filler filler filler
ArielleParker / Amillena: lol I know! that really pissed me off.. anyways gnight! jaskdhsdfg
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: night buddy of all buddys XD Sleep tight, and bitch slapp that one chick for me XD
ArielleParker / Amillena: I will! ^_^ I totally like ES friendships their great hahahaha
ArielleParker / Amillena: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114934 ) hi.
ArielleParker / Amillena: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114934 ) HA I BEAT THE LIMIT!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: OH MY GOD WHAT HOW !?!?!?! *wishes to know, this instant*
ArielleParker / Amillena: ^^
1. type a (
2. put a link after it (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237
3. put a space and a ) after that
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 )
4. Copy it and then whenever you type press ctrl-v and it pastes it and then you type whatever
ArielleParker / Amillena: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) and vuala!
ArielleParker / Amillena: it's totally not as cool as you'd think until you only have to press ctrl v
ArielleParker / Amillena: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) instead of 19 b's
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Is here but can't post because it hasn't been long enough for my character to have been away since no one has done anything. :/
ArielleParker / Amillena: LOL its actually your turn now fang... ^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: so who of the four of us are going to end up together?!? ^_-
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Idk- but who ever ends up with Me better be ready to be ridduculed XDD
ArielleParker / Amillena: why will they be ridiculed? ^_- LOL
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: For even thinking about likeing her >.>... Airrianna has one of those additudes where its like 'No one can Like me- I'm meant to be alone' things.
ArielleParker / Amillena: Haha that's really great! I love it!!! kjdsag;lafg
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I do to thaqts why I did it XD *poke* *poke* *poke*
ArielleParker / Amillena: Hehee.. You sure do change your pictures a lot.. O-o
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Its the one I happen to have at the time cause I hate going back and looking for one.
ArielleParker / Amillena: OH hahah why do you change the picture so much? ^_-
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Because I'm in several other rps with the same charrie that require different pics.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey hey hey im back!!!!^^....so what we talking about???
ArielleParker / Amillena: Oh. well that's difficult. why didn't you make different charries for it?!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I didn't wanna /... ... ... ... ... ... ...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: fine...dont say anything when i come back><!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *Screams and tackles Squall* SQUALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDD okay now i'm happy
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *is tackled* whats up?? havent talked to any of you in a while...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *huggles* Nothing >.> U NEEDSA POSTEH! D; pwease?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...i did earlier^^ or is it my turn again????
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: your turn >.> ... ... ... ... ... .. ... ...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i posted.....i didnt mean for it to be so short...sorry
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *sits on him* Its okay Squall XDD >.>... I don't think airrianna cares too much XD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...where is she anyways??? did she get kidnapped???
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: >.>... *locks my basement door* noooo not at all- I think shes just busy... >.>...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol....then whats behind the door? *reaches behind syn and grabs doorhandle*
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *Stands in front of the door whistling* My doggy >.>.... *lieing*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: why is your dog in the basement??? *tries to push her out of the way of the door*
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Because... She was barking... >.>.... *keeps my ground unmoving and smiles*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *backs up and slams into her still not able to move her* LIAR!!!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *winces hitting the door and breaks my back* oww...
ArielleParker / Amillena: **slams through the door and nocks you two over, then tackles squall.** HI SQUALL! I'm back I'm back! ^_^ I was getting dinner, thank you very much...
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XDDD SEE I ToLD YOU SHE WASNB'T INB MY BASEMENT!!! XD *opens the door and my dog comes runnin gout*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...she just said she came running through the door....and you know you could let us know when you leave><!!!! lol j/k
ArielleParker / Amillena: lol im sorry, :'( my dad took my laptop and was like "you're driving" so I was like eh, okay
ArielleParker / Amillena: and I came through the front door, silly. Not the basement. Her doggy was in the basement..
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Amillena its your post btw XD *sits on squuall* Comfy!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...you were on it in the car??? or did he do this right before you left?? and you two quit teaming up on me!!!><
ArielleParker / Amillena: yes, I was sitting out in the car playing on my laptop in 37 degree weather. OF COURSE IT HAPPENED BEFORE silly goosegg!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: dont make fun of me!!>< and i probably would do that^^ lol i like the cold
ArielleParker / Amillena: Stop that you're making me feel bad.. :(
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol good you should feel bad...you two keep teaming up on me!! lol oh and i posted^^
ArielleParker / Amillena: Posted! YOU'RE MEAN! **tackles again and sits on.** You deserve to be on the ground for being a meanie.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Oh Squalll! *holding a fire ball* wanna Play Catch?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *jabs her in the side*let me up!! and im not being mean!! you deserved it!!!><
ArielleParker / Amillena: **grins wickedly. and jumps when poked** Stop that! and Yeah, how about a game of catch? Or maybe..hot potato?!? XDD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: my name only has two L's lol spell it right><! j/k and sure i will play^^ *pulls out ovenmitts* ha! beat that! in your face!!! lol
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *throws the fire ball at his face smirking*
ArielleParker / Amillena: *grabs a spiked club.** want to play 'hit the baseball off of squall's head while blindfolded!??!'
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *catches with the ovenmitt and chucks it at Amilena* think fast!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: **hits it with the club straight at squall** HA!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: Screw this! *grabs syn's dog and uses it as a shield and chucks the flaming dog back at Amillena*
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Squall fuck you! *grabs my dog and puts the fire out* It's only a puppy and I Just go ther for my birthday! *pissed*
ArielleParker / Amillena: **pissed with her** Poor puppy! **pets dog**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *is sorry* well i really am sorry if i actualy made you mad but i gotta go get food real quick
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: *growls an dholds my dog pouting* She's hurt...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well i will heal her when i get backok?^^ but right now i gotta go meet my sis so we can get chinese
ArielleParker / Amillena: chinese?! WOW! I love chinese! heheee
soifon345 / squall lionheart: BACK!!!!! *tackles* nom nom nom *munches on chinese food* ^^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/115009 join join join please :D I will love you forever I promise!!!
ArielleParker / Amillena: sorry, I was busy.. ^^ jdglasdgasdgasdgas
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I passed out =w= god I was tired...
ArielleParker / Amillena: weawy..? :P I'm pretty tired to. I GET TO MISS GEOGRAPHY (i AND) ENGLISH FOR A FIESTA TOMORROW! >:P I like tacos and I like soda so it's all good!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XD *tackles AMillena* so how are yew????
ArielleParker / Amillena: Heyo I'm here!!!! AND I HAVE A 4 DAY WEEEKENDD!!! XP
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I HAVE A NINE DAY WEEKEND WHAT NOW XD!!!!!!! XD
ArielleParker / Amillena: O_O wow, you ruin my happy mood with your beating me.. **sits in a corner and cries**
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Aww *huggles* I'm sorrry Ami D:!! Forgive meh?
ArielleParker / Amillena: Yesh.. :3 >< I'm going to make a 'me' charrie so that i can be called by my actual name lolsh!
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XD I'm called Acid Or Rein all the time >>.> sooo idc what people call meh!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I guess I'd prefer to call you syn or Airrianna ^_^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: haha. Well Remember that picture of the girl with fangs??? >.>
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): yesh what about her?!? ahdslkhgaskljdghlkashdglahsdlghasldkghlskadjg
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: TATS MEH XDDD!!!!! I convinced my parents to lemme get fangs one year x3.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: BOO! *jumps in and tackles both of you* ...hey air your pic reminds me of someone i got to school with except she has shorter hair....and wow you actually have fangs??
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: yush I do >.> Because I am epicly awesome an dI like to scare my classmates with them XD aren't I just so damn adorable XDD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol actually i would probably do the same thing!! lol i love to scare people^^
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: I don't scare little kids with them though... it's weird they like themmm...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea lol little kids are weird and like stuff like that lol
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: little kids scare me e.e" I don't like them- yet I have a babysitting Job =w= oh shit- sorry gotta go going out to dinbner with my family *gagness*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I HATE little kids! Well, most of the time. I LOVE THAT YOU HAVE FANGS! and woot i love your picture, then! ^^ I remind you of someone? awwww! I feel so special!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea she is kind of my friend but she is a little bitchy and whenever i hang out with her she usually ditches me for her other friends...but thts not how you remind me of her ol its the hair and makeup lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Really? My lips aren't pierced, those are convincing fakes. I totally wish I still had them, but I lost them like five weeks ago. I don't have the guts to actually ruin one of my lips. hahahaha.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Aww you would look cool with snake bites! I'm thinking about getting them myself..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol i wouldnt be able to either^^ theres no way i could get a tattoo either^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Ewwe I don't ever want a tatoo because when im old and wrinkly it'll look all weird, and I'm thinking about getting at least one lip piercing, but I'm still deciding... LOL
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Happy late thanksgiving! asdkjglagshlkaghwlhnvkjgnlaw
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: XD WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU YOUNG LADY YOU HAD ME WORRIED! *faking worry*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): *_* I was waiting for someone else to say something, as you can see, I was the last one before these last three.. ^_^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): who's supposed to post on the RP? I was last on (i that,) too.
AcidReinxx / Airrianna Michelle Fally.: Yesh I know! But I'm passed out and Squall isn't here (If he has school today I'm going to laugh my ass off)
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): LOL I would too! I totally love long weekends. When did you have to go back to school?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: NEXT MONDAY WHOOOO! XD I'm so happy with jeffco XD
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): jeffco?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: my school area XP lol *shrug* God I hae fillers =w=
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I know me too! ugh.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: lol XD XD XD *tackles Air* Soooooo How was ur thanksgiving?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **is tackled.**My thanksgiving was fantastic! how was yours?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: FUN XD WE HAD A ROLL FIGHT XDDD and I caugh the all because they bounced off my Aunts head >.>...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Haha nice.. We had a bean bag chair fight. HAHA it was great we tried to jump over large piles of them and failed.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Lol XD yeah I was stuck babysitting though that part sucked =w=
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Really? Ugh I hate babysitting, little kids freak me out.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: lol- try being the only teen in your entire family- and then stuck with babysitting when the majority of the family is babys and little kids.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): x.x I'd die
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Exactly!!!! See? God I hate being the only teen- if I was born earlier- I would be as old as my brother- or not the only teen. If i was born later- at least i would still be a kid!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): hahaha I know right? this age sucks.. -.-
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Lool hey sorry I'm doing homework- I'll be back later :D!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): It's okay! ^_^
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: OKAII! I iz back XD and I'm happy cause I'm almost done and I have 3 days to finish et XP and send it in to my teacher of course..
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): haha. how old ish you!??! O-o
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: 15 >.>.... Whyyyyyyyyy???? xD *growlness* I reall hate this 35 charecter thing!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Hehee. I do too. Idk you totally seem more than 15. (Im fifteen too!! XDDD)
AcidReinxx / : I seem more than Fiffteen!?!? :0 XD O RLLY NAO!!??!? how old doth I seem??? >.>... Damned english project =w=
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Damn it didn't work >.< *pout ness*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): what didn't work?? ^_-
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I was trying to post a picture of L >.>... And Light It was a Yaoi type thing and L is Saying "It's a MAGICAL word!" and L is in teh BG saying "NO ITS NOT" xD and I just lovered it. any who how old do I seem?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): you seem around 17 or 18, even your picture does..hehe
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I get that a lots- But I'm too immature XD trust me- this is the... Mature(ish) side of me >.>.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ I like your immatureness. hehehheee
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: AIRIGATO! XD *throws a water balloon at you and acts compleatly innocent*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **dodges and manages to catch it and hurl it back.** >XP
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *ducks* Eep! *hides* 0.0 scary airy XDDD
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): hehehe like everyone is using air as something funny i love it lol
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Lol XD nahhh *tackles and sits on yooh* XD
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **pushes off and sits on YOU*** XDDD yes huh!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *turns over and sits on you AGAIN!* NU-UH!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Ahh! **rolls out from under you and makes you fall on your butt.** Uh huh!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Owchie! NO!!!!! *tackles from behind qand sits on your back tirumphant*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **sighs, defeated.** Fine. Nahh.. -.-
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: XD I love you Air *In a friendly way >.>* XD Sorry I was in the shower- Now i'm LITTERALY squeaky clean XD
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): hehehe litterally?!?!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: OUI OUI MONSERIE xDDDD lol ok now i'm bored >.>.... where the fawk ish squall?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I dunno but they both need to get on... >.< why don't you post?!? :P
soifon345 / squall lionheart: HEY! DONT YELL ABOUT ME WHEN IM NOT EVEN ON!!!>< and no i didnt have school today i don't go back for three more days^^ i just had better things to do than talk to you two!! j/k j/k lol actually not really....i passed out on the couch earlier^^ lol but im here now!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): SQUALL!!!!! **glomps**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *is glomped* you better still be on>< especially if your gonna talk about me when im not even on><!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I'm sorry! we were missing you, can't you tell?!?! **sits on.**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: no i couldnt tell>< *pushes off and rolls to safety*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): :O
**sits in a corner and cries feeling hated..**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...i dont hate you....and umm that's my corner...>< j/k *rolls back over to her*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): you do too hate me! >.<
**flinches away.**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i do not!! >< *rolls on top of her* ha! now you can't get away!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Eek! ** pushes off.** yes you do you don't like having me sit on you triumphantly! >.<
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...well duh! i don't like being sat on! but that doesnt mean i hate you!!! *rolls back onto her*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): why can you sit on me but I cant sit on you? im much lighter! **feels fat**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: im not sitting on you im laying on you^^ *pokes* you no fatty...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): well im still lighter than you. **squeaks** don't poke meh right now i are mad at you! **still feels fat**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: are you calling me fat!?! *gets up and rolls to the corner on the other side of the room crying*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): no im not calling you fat im calling you heavy on me cause I'm like 90 pounds lighter than you. >.<
Stop trying to get me to feel bad after you already did!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: fine...*rolls back to her* sorry i made you feel bad...^^ *smiles up at her from the floor*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **sniffles and sits on.** are you going to shove me off of you now? :(
soifon345 / squall lionheart: nope^^ *grabs on to her sides tickeling her* im just gonna tickle you!!^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ahhh!! **squirms.** rawr!! **pokes nose**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: no! *sneezes* don't do that!! ><* tickles harder*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **squeeks again and passes out.** (in a ghostly voice in your mind,) see what you do to me?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i killed you??? get out of my head ghostly voice!!! *pokes..* wake up!! *shakes air violently*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): *is shaken* (ghosty voice) Aargh! you kill me worse!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: thats not even possible....is it? WAKEY WAKEY!! *shakes even more*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **feigns death** (ghosty ghost voice) rAAWWWWWR you make me haunt you!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
soifon345 / squall lionheart: what does feign mean??? i dont like being haunted!! >< *drops her onto the floor and stares at her*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (ghosty voice) it means to fake something hehehahehemuahahaha!!!!!! **wakes up** SEE YOU SHOVED ME OFF OF YOU!!! :'( **feels hated again**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: OH MY GOD!!! i didnt shove you off i just dropped you....^^ and see you hate me so much you pretend to be dead..* feels more hated* ^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **heart stops from hatred radiating off of you** aargh!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: thats not even possible....is it??? *watches her die and feels even more hated*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (not even mr. ghosty voice is there)
soifon345 / squall lionheart: .....ummmm what??? im confused??? he is not where???
PlayingHavocxx / Sophie Haile: Advertisement: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/yourposts.php
check it out, yes? :D
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (shes so dead that there isn't even a ghosty voice in your head.)
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ooooohhhh ok^^ i gets it now^^ lol well get up!! ><
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (air cannot get up, she is dead. You killed her with your hatred of her. Happy?)
soifon345 / squall lionheart: grr i dont hate you!! now get up or i will hate you><!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): fine *mumbles something unintelligable*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay! are you waking up? *scootes closer to her and stares into her face*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **is shocked when opens eyes** ahh yes im up!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay! *jumps up screaming!!!* she's awake!! she's awake!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ **Feels uber loved**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: see i dont hate you...*stands her up and hugs her*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ **still feels uber loved** yay!!! **tackles**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *is tackled* hey....*pokes in side* where is syn???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I dunno. **squeals** stop that!!! *rubs side*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *pokes again* stop what? <fillerfillerfillerfillerfiller>
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Poking me!!!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *grumbles* fine.....*rolls away* i wont touch you anymore...*continues rolling away*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *rolls around a corner and out of sight* bye bye air!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Are you leaving!?!? **looks around.**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: no...im just rolling away cause you dont want me poking you....so im just rolling away from you..
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **gets up and chases** damn you! **tackles and restrains** you're staying here. **sits on**
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I'll be right back in about 20 minutes, okay? bai bai for now!!!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: fine!!>< bye bye *puts on sad face* since you dont like me...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): i'm back! see? it was only three minutes later than I said!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol well your still late ><! lol^^ j/k ...where did you go anyways?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I was watching a movie and I only had a bit of power in my laptop left so I had to wait till the end of the movie to get my charger - I totally guessed the ending, too. I didn't know when it'd end..lol
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....what movie was it???? was it a good movie???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): uh it was that palahoma one or whatever with John Travolta about hijacking a subway train. I don't know, I was on here, not really paying attention.
it had a couple funny parts.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: isnt it supposed to be intense not funny? and are you talking about the taking of pelpham 123 or something like that?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Yeah that one! lol well I have a good sense of humor?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol yea ok....umm well im bored and syn needs to get her butt back here><!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): post and I'll reply! it doesn't have to have an order!?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...dont yell at me! she still needs to get on though....
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): :0 I wasnt yelling at you.
HOW can you TELL if I'm YELLING at you when it's TYPING and not TALKING!?!?
that's not yelling either.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): oop you posted
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well i assume you are yelling when you have exclamation marks at the end of your sentence and yes i posted....now its your turn.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I thought that you knew that !'s were my favorite thing besides the color green and rubber duckies!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): and, (i exclam)ation point comes from (bold exclaim) and (bold exclaim) means (bold (i (u Excited!)))
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok whatever mrs.techinical! hey do you know any good elf names???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^_- er........... I don't know..?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ugh your no help><! lol i posted!! *pokes* your turn!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): *stabs with a pencil* your turn! I told you to stop poking meh...!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *stabs back* your turn! ....and eww a dead rabbit??? gross.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): what an insanely dramatic line..what the hell is it?!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i don't know...what do you want it to be??? im just putting things in there that come off the top of my head...i have no idea what it is supposed to be lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): heheee. your turn!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: your turn^^ asdefjjkpihhgkn fiuhwufknsiuaghufnmklheu
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): your turn!!
asdcvhkdslfjghruedkcjvhbusfakjngkfjnkjaf,hadskjhjfknastjaskjhsnsk jhjdksfhal wjh fhariwfnakjsdf dshj awrhkajlfhsdklgh
soifon345 / squall lionheart: your turn!!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) your turn
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol how the heck am i supposed to reply to that?!? ><
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ I don't know!
I broke the thirty limit! >XP watch
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) Hi.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea all you have to do is press enter a whole bunch of times...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): no watch me press enter a bunch of times.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): hi
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): see it puts all that extra space there but when I say it the other way it doesnt. ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....ok....lol ugh i dont know what to put!! >< hang on
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 )and using spaces doesn't work... ^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): okay
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok i posted^^ and ok you got me...how do you do it???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 )^^ i'm not telling.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) your turn!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ugh....at least we arent talking about the stupid rabbit anymore >< lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) I love the suspense..lol
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol hey what about the others...i completely forgot about them till now....lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): airrianna was like unconcious somewhere and fang was somewhere..lol
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol well what do we do with them?? i think airrianna was in the shelter...and fang was cutting up his deer.lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I took care of that.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....ugh you just have to keep making this more difficult don't you....*grumble grumble*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): yes I do! It's so fun to have suspense in an RP!
and at least this one is still running.
everyone else quits on meh. >.<
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol well hang on i will go post now^^ and yea suspense is always fun
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I know! It keeps the RP fun!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: your turn lol im getting jittery lol its exciting!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I know!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol your turn!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) yours now! I post fast.. ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: your turn^^ im not totally slow at posting^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol i was that time
soifon345 / squall lionheart: now its your turn lol sorry i tried to add more but couldnt think of anything^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): sorry i had to switch movies.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: so what..now the rp is horror now??? lol ugh the other two need to get on before we die...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): haha i know right?
no it isn't horror, it just needs action to bring the couples together! that's what went through my mind and girl's logic is usually right. emphasis on the usually.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol i guess...sorry for the short post but i can't really do anything while im blacked out so go ahead and post and i will think of something^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): -.- youre blacked out?!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: read my post and you will find out^^ lol duh! oh and sorry....spoiler^^ lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol
soifon345 / squall lionheart: man i can't freaking think of anything!!!! aaargh its driving me nuts!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): how depressing! (read my post) I'm all sad now..lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): are you there?! ^_-
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea...sorry. i posted^^ and now im trying to make it more interesting...^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): hehee I didn't kill it, just so you know.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: your turn^^ lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): eek it's gonna get me! lol
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol no it won't^^ >< stupid misfigured animal!!! lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I know!!!! you are a SLOW poster! Your turn!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea sorry about being slow but i was talking to my sister but im not anymore so i should be ok now^^ lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): okay. sorry, I was taking out the trash 9,9
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): what time is it for you?
and by the way, it's your turn..^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well now it's your turn^^ and it is 2:16 in the morning...how about you?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): damn. It's 12:20 here
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea^^ lol im not even really tired yet....well i kinda am but i might be able to stay up till 3 or 4^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): haha I stayed up until at least 6 in the morning every morning in the Summer, reading books, and slept till any time from noon to 4 in the afternoon. I would be up when my parent and his girlfriend would get up for work! (mom was in jail, if I hadn't said that before.. >.> I kinda wish she was still alive.. but she might freak out on me again, I don't know..lol :'( )
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea i stay up all night in the summer but of course now i have stupid school and can't stay up late^^ lol just wait until christmas break^^ lol im out for two whole weeks! yay! lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I was last year but this time its from the 22nd to the 2nd
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol what now?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: uuummm i don't know????lol idk about you but talking about sleep is making me tired....
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol does that mean you want to go?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....nah. i will try to stay for a little while^^ i dont know how long i will last lol
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: GAH! Soryr Having a slumber party XDD
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): >-> heey...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay! *tackles syn!!* .....you tell them to go away!! cuz i is kidnapping you!! *puts syn in a bag and ties it*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): O_O oh noes!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *sits on bag and hops up and down* you alive in there????
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol
soifon345 / squall lionheart: aaargh! i think she left ><! well what do you want to do now???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I don't know!
ahsdfh;askdjlf awidnovewkgvnrdif
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well im bored><!!! make me non bored!!! lol i dont even have any music to listen too><
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol i don't know how to make you non bored. Post or something.. ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ugh....it's 3:30...i don't know but i want sleep....^^ i might try to stay up till 4 though ok?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): why don't you go to sleep if you're tired and want to?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well i posted^^ lol but now i might go to sleep....will you be on tomorrow?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: okey well nighty night^^ i guess i will talk to you tomorrow!^^ *huggles* bye bye
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey anyone on???? i need someone to talk to
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: SQUALL YOUR WEAK! Me and everyone at the party was up untill 5 XDDD well maybe later I dunno- all I know is we got 7 hours of sleep and we just woke up XDD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea well i woke up 8 that morning and stayed up till four in the morning and i went to bed at four and woke up at nine this morning ><! well did you have fun??
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): hiya everybody! still on?!?
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) Hello?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) Hiya!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i is back^^!!!! whats up???? are we gonna rp again???
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: sorry about not being on for a long while. I've been playing a game i had. Drakengard.
anyways, could i maybe get a recap of the last two pages or so?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: omfg!!! i love that game!!! where did you get it i have been looking for it forever!!!!!
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: i got it in the used games at a GameSpot nearby.
it is a sweet game. i got the first ending today and will soon be working on the next 4.
i think eBay may have it if you look. idk though. it is a little old now so i know stores wouldn't sell it unless it was turned in as a used game..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i know!! i rented it like forever ago and loved it and i couldnt find anywhere to buy it...now its like four years later and i still havent found it but i freakin love that game!!! its so awesomely amazing!!!^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Definitely an amazing game. The fairies are annoying as heck in it though. And Leonard is a little annoying as well.
Actually, both the other partners are weirds as well. Achied is creepy and Seere is annoying but more in a child kind of way..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok umm you will have to refresh my memory....who are all the other people? i only remember the main guy and the dragon..like i said i havent played for like 4-5 years if not longer.
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Caim is the main character with the dragon (whose name is revealed in the first ending. I won't tell it if you don't want me to.) His sacrifice for the pact is his voice.
Leonard is the first ally you get. He is forced into a pact with a fairy after failing at committing suicide after his family was killed. His sacrifice for the pact is his sight.
Achied is the next ally you get. She makes a pact with the spirits of fire and water, Salamander and Undine. Her sacrifice for the pact is her womb.
Seere is the third and final ally you get. He is a kid who lost all his family. His pact partner is a golem. His sacrifice is his time (meaning he will no longer age or anything.)
His sister is Manah, the leader of the enemies, having been possed by the god of the Cult of the Watchers.
Verdelet isn't a usable ally but he has a pact with a petrified dragon. His sacrifice is his hair.
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: wow. i just did that all by memory.. o_o
I obviously have been playing that a bit too much this past week...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....umm is this all from one game??? i played that game for like 2 weeks straight and i dont ever remember getting one ally even though i thought i was getting close to beating it...
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: there is a total of 8 chapters for the main story. then 3 more additional story and 3 more side stories. it is quite a long game....
Oh, i forgot Inuart and Furie.
Inuart trades his songs about half way through the game after being captured and taken control of by the Cult of the Watchers to make a pact with a black dragon.
Furie is Caim's sister and was Inuart bethroathed, then became a goddess of the seal.
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: sorry if my post is too long or seems wierd or something.....
bbb. sorry.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol wow. i was gonna heal her but whatever....just steal my thunder!!! >< lol j/k anyways as you can tell we got bored yesterday and made up a bunch of crap lol and dont ask what the creature was because i have no idea lol
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: lol. ok...
i assumed since i missed all the action and whatnot, the least i could do was fix all the injuries and what-not. -shrug-
besides, bleeding out is a very painful way to die as well is suffocation. I had read that the creature bit her throat, am I correct? If so, she would most likely need almost immediate medical attention..
XD Sorry if the explanation was a bit wordy and what not. As well, if it sounded any rude or anything of the such, I am also sorry for having not meant it to sound like so.
Damn... I've gotten wordy as hell.... O.o
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol talkative much?? lol j/k umm im not really sure if it bit her or scratched her...you would have to ask her. lol i guess its ok that you healed her...i already saved her twice last night^^ lol well now im pissed cuz i got no food><! ugh i hate my moms new boyfriend!!
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: No idea why I'm talkative.... Though I think is it more just being wordy then talkative.
Or maybe it is both....
Um. ok then... Sorry, I am unable to be of any assistance in a matter such as that...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: you sure?? you could like kidnap him and leave him somewhere or something...i dont care what just anything to get him away from me><!!!
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: lol. i actually was about to say i could put myself to assassainate him, however, sadly i am not truly an assassain... j:
soifon345 / squall lionheart: darn....well maybe you can virtually assassinate him^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: XD well yes, i do believe i could do that. XD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: please do!!! at least that would give me some satisfaction^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: well then, have him go to this address at this time. -hads you a piece of paper with an address and time on it- All will be completed then. And don't worry, no traces will be left to link either of us to his death. XD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: okey dokey^^ thank you so much!! you shall recieve payment once the deed is done.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Hey guys, sorry, I was watching the Last House on the Left.. creepy movie..
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: ok then. don't worry, it will be accomplished. you better have the money ready.
<_< >_> Oh, um. Hello Ami.
You saw and heard nothing...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey i wanted to see that movie^^ so what is this like movie weekend at your house or what???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): My name ish Air.. >.<
and what exactly didn't I hear?? >.>
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): LOL Yeah it's movie weekend every weekend. Who's turn to post?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: umm mine i guess but hang on im eating...im still here but its hard to type while i eat^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: oh, sorry Air.
Nothing. Like I said, you saw and heard nothing.
O.o Movie weekend? May I join in it? ;D
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): hehheeee im watching up for the second time because my dad hasn't seen it.
And the Last House on the Left is uber...creepy...and it is horrible and not scary but suspensful and ugh just holy crap.
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/104739 ) Ok.....
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok im done eating so now im gonna go post^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): WHO ARE YOU ASSASSINATING!??!?! I HOPE IT'S NOT ME!! **freaks out and hides in a corner**
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: wait, what about assassinating? <_< >_>
why would someone assassinate you? you're too lovable to kill.
XD definitely not meant in any creepy way or anything. >->
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): O_O I know I'm lovable! That's why I'm scared!
**freaks out more**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hah! your turn to post^^ *tags her with the posting stick*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Eeek!! **steals poking stick and jabs in the eye** What'd I say about poking me!!??
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: <_< >_> -pokes Air wondering what she would do-
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): By the way, Fang's turn!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...ugh...i didnt poke you i tagged you^^ DUH!!! lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Well I jabbed you anyways..
**feels bad**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: you better feel bad....*feels eye where you jabbed me*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **feels horrible** sowwi...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: im bleeding!!! *starts crying as i realize my eye is bleeding*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **Starts crying** Oh God I'm a horrible person!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *looks up at her and stops crying* yes you are *starts crying again* lol no your not^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I-I Yes I am!!!!
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: -looks at squall- your eye is more than just bleeding.. it is missing all together... here, you can have it back with the posting stick -hands squall the posting stick with his eye on it-
-has posted-
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): O_O **faints**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *puts eye back in and wraps band-aids around head* ok i will be back soon^^ (from posting that is^^)
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **is unconcious**
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: -looks at Air- Gez. His eye out of his socket isn't that ugly and gruesome...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (ghostly ghosty voice) MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA IT IS TO MEEE!! ASK SQUALL!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *pokes air gently with the posting stick* umm,well its kinda your turn.*inches away covering eyes*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): (Ghosty voice in both of your heads) MUAHAHAHAHA! FANGS TURN!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: oh sure take his side><! lol i dont know why but i felt like being mean...^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): what did I do to be on his side? **feels hated and hurt**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: you were nice to him^^ lol i dont know...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Well? He helped me and Amillena felt bad for being a bitch!!
**feels hated still**
soifon345 / squall lionheart: how were you a bitch??? and why do you feel hated???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): because you hate me for being nice and I was being a bitch by not trusting him and felt bad.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...lol i dont hate you for being nice....and i dont know but he just posted so now its my turn^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **grabs the poking stick and twists it like a baton** Hurry with that post im bored. >.<
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: all is fine. if they all got along right from the start, there wouldn't really be too much to the RP then. if i am the one untrusted, so be it. i will happily play my roll whatever it may be in order to continue the story along.
-throws posting stick at Squall-
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *throws posting stick at AIR* YOUR TURN!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **cries** why did you steal it from me I was playing with it!? **grumbles and leaves to post**
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **throws the stick at Fang** tehee
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay!! time for the excitement to begin!!! *marches around in circles*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): LOL I love the excitement in it! It makes it more interesting! NOW WHO'S GOING TO FALL IN LOVE?! Which one of you wants amillena!? ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...well i guess ive grown attached to you in the rp sooo i guess i could^^ lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol you have? Hows?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i dont know...i think most of it happened last night^^ lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol really? How did THAT happen when we were like, dying?!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: thats why because we were like dying together and i was trying my hardest to protect you. all i know is last night wore me out^^ just pretending to be tired in the rp made me tired in real life lol
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Yo'k..... >_> Yea, I would say you two together. From what I had read it would seem so. As well, it seemed like that more from the start...
-throws posting stick at Squall-
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol that was so fun though! I guess I (i did) protect you back, jumping on the animal like that..hahaha
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Ah. It is after one in the morning here... =_=
and of course it is a part where i can't exactly make an exit post.
-shrug- guess i have to stay on till i can do so then.. Xd
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): YEARSH!!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey i didnt call your bird stupid out loud...dont read my mind!!>< *throws posting stick at air* your turn!! oh and its 1:08 here^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: i didn't read your mind. When you said 'step away from the damned creature' he thought you meant his bird, since it was mainly right after he called it over and remembering how the others hadn't liked it before just because it looked at the squirrel curious of the situation...
and i don't believe i did say anything on the stupid comment...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: OOOHHHH....i get it now^^ sorry...im a bit slow *knocks on forehead* ^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/115504 ) lol. ok..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: and your not aloud to leave ><!!! nope you gotta stay and help fight the creature^^ or we will all die!! *dramatic music comes on in background*
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: I'm sorry Squall, but this line sounds a little cheesy and like a bad pick up line or something. XD
"I'm gonna try my hardest not to use my magic again but if I am forced to,make sure you stay out of the way ok?"
Idk.. Don't ask..... >_>
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Alls I can say is, once a girl who thinks murderous animals are cute, always a girl who thinks killer animals are cute.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: DONT JUDGE ME!!!! lol i know....ask air...i just put whatever pops into my head in there^^ wether its stupid or not.
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: h3 (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) WOW Air...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): and, I think amillena is liking Fang more than Squall.. O-o how confusing.
NOT MY FAULT, I'M AN INSANE READER/WRITER AND I KNOW THAT YOUR CHARACTERS ARE ALIVE!! they really are its weird. I'm writing this book and by accident she was ocd with counting things.. I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT TILL MY DAD SAID SOMETHING!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...ummm that thing is not cute!!! god what a weirdo....just dont pet it ok?
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) I do believe my characters are alive somewhat.. <_< I usually make them from a part of myself...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok well air you just threw off the whole couple thing>< so i take it you want to be with fang?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol it's really strange. HAHA SQUALL LIKES SOMEONE WHO LIKES SOMEONE ELSE BAHAHAHAHA
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **gives poking posting stick to fang** here you go! :P
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ...well now thats just depressing *sits in corner crying* noone likes me!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I like you! Amillena just doesn't like you in that way! >_>
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: ah, it could a drama to the thing. a circle of liking. XD -shrug-
-throws posting stick at Squall- Don't worry. There are plenty of girls out there.
Or guys if that is your preferance. Idk what it may be.
Either way, all is cool. You will find someone.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH Oh, goodness, you made me laugh until my lungs hurt!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: lol good you deserve to be hurt! *throws posting stick towards air's face*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **grabs the stick and hurls it at Squall's face at lightning speed** I can kick your butt! Just read my post!! *laughs all creepy and triumphantly**
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: -confused- what is funny? talking about Squall's sexual preferance?
Hey, if he is gay, idc. I have a some gay friends..
I AM straight however.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *snatches the stick and tosses it towards fang* your turn! and i already read your post....whatcha gonna do shoot it??? even though you want to name it....how about creepy deformed cat from the depths of hell?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol no I just got a laugh from it. WHAT'S IT TO YOU!?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: actually bow and arrows are freaking awesome!!^^ lol thats why elves rule so much^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I know! Amillena could totally kick that animal's ass better than both of you but she doesn't feel like it because you two believe her weak.. >.< MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yea ok. psshhh you couldnt kick anyones butt XP! lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^_-
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: =throws posting whatever-it-is at Squall=
Sorry about the getting dramatic and what-not with the spinning the lance... >_>
Bows are cool.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *throws the stick at air* its ok^^ everyone has added their cheesey over dramatic line before^^ especially me...
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: Well, mine was an action so it was somewhat different. -shrug-
[last name is my add..]
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^_- **Steals stick and shoves in pocket, making a different stick and throwing it at Fang.** I need this one for my other RP.. ^^ What are you two blabbing about?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: NO!!! *tackles air* you cant steal the posting stick!!!! give it back!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Too late it's already in my other ooc.. ^^
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: -throws posting boulder at Squall-
We don't need a stick. We have a cooler boulder to chuck at each other! XD
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): O_O But I made a special one for this Ooc. **points to the crappy drawings on it and the leaves sticking out.** See? **lip trembles**
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: Hm.. -looks at stick and boulder-
-stabs stick into top of boulder. the leaf flaps in the wind like a flag-
now it is even much more better!! maybe...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: *grabs the ugly looking stick and shoves it in air's direction.* umm i like it^^ your turn.
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: I just noticed... Squall's shirt looks like it has cleavage...
Ah crap. I'm getting tired which is when I start to say weird things like above...
Sorry. I have to get off. Maybe continue this tomorrow or something? Sorry. I have to get off and get to sleep.
Sorry, not tomorrow, I meant later today.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttt""""""???????????//
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/115515 ) 'What' what?
Anyways, night all. Hopefully I should be on later today.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): no please make one last post!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: do you want me to go ahead and post??? guess i might as well
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): okay...
LOL I love my other RP, but the ooc for this one is better..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: what is it??? i posted^^ so now i guess its your turn.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): It's called the Observers.. lol it was my big sister's idea and I've come to love it.. ^^
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey im like passing out is it ok if i leave for now??? i will be back on tomorrow
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): No it isn't.
Of course it is why do you have to ask my permission?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i dont know^^ i didnt want to leave you all alone if you didnt want me too
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Well I don't but it's all good, I guess I can sleep too.. -.-
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ok well i will most likely be on all day so if you can get on before night time i should be on then^^ well i guess talk to you tomorrow!! bye bye! *huggles*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): bye. >.<
soifon345 / squall lionheart: dont bye. >.< me! oh and im back but not for long^^ soory but i will be on later tonight
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Hrmph
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey you on????
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): hi brb though I has to take a shower ^^
ak sjdfklasjd;flkjads;klfjsk;ladjfk;lasd
soifon345 / squall lionheart: umm ok dont take too long!!!! ><
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ugh!!! you take forever ><!!!! i have to go to bed cuz i got school tomorrow and i gotta get up in 6 hours....><!!! night...*sigh* im not sure when i can get on again...maybe tomorrow but i dont know....
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Hey, I was only 45 minutes!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ....>< more like 58!!! i think im gonna stay up till 11:30 instead...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): WHERE IS EVERYONE?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i is here!!!! ^^ i wont be on later though cuz i gotta clean out my dads basement ><!!! but at least im getting paid for it. lol soooo im gonna go ahead and post since i wont be able to later.
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: sorry about missing the past couple days. haven't had the internet.
anyone here?
-going to start reading what i missed-
-finished reading- Should be here for a while if anyone shows up. I don't have practice tonight, so... yea...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I'm on now...
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/100229 ) Hello
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Hiya!
May I ask why you are that charrie? ^_-
I posted.. ^^
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: Why I'm this girl character on the chat?
Idk actually... O_o
-shrug- Would you prefer I change it?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I don't care I wash just wondering.. ^^
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: brb.
<filler filler blkadjflkajf;lakjflkd;fjlkfj>
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ok?
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: Sorry, had to help my mom with some things and ate dinner.
As well, now my mom wants the internet.
So I have to get off. I'm sorry. See you whenver...
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: Xl Back. again.
anyone here still?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): LOL I have to go for however long it takes my sister to download ipod songs. I'll be back ^^
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: ok. Xd see you then, i guess. Xq
I'll try to make my post then in that time.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Okay I'm back...^^
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/115717 ) hello. welcome back.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Sorry guys- I'm grounded... v.v I can't be on very often anymore.
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: Oh. That sucks... D=
Hope you finish your grounding soon so you can return.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): What did you do to get grounded?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I have some time on the computer everyday after I do My homework :)
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Missed on stinkin four point assignment..
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I totally don't understand how a four point assignment got you grounded?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Ask my uppity damned parents- after I entered Highschool it's been like this since then!
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: Oh. Cool. That is good. =D
What? you missed a 4 point assignment and got grounded..?
Wait, how much is each point worth at your school? Like a little or a lot?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: a little- I got both of my 100 pt point assignments in D: And I'm grounded for the 4 point!? grr... any way- catch me up?
FangxTrydorm / Dante Dragrrs: O_o Ok then...
A storm came and burned down the camp with just about everything in it. Then Squall and Amillena were attacked by a creature. Squall 'killed' it. Fang returned shortly after. The creature returned to life then got killed and burned this time. I don't think there is much else. I believe your character is out cold on the horse..
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: .... tis it??? wow =w= I thought you would have gone a little farther lol jkjkany way- I'm thinking of making something TRAgIC happen to Airrianna- just cause I'm bored.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol yeah we decided she was still knocked out from falling off the tree >_>
FangxTrydorm / Cloud Tribunal: Something 'TRAgIC'? O.o You aren't going to kill your character are you?! ().() jk. I hope you don't. That would kind of make the entire love circle thing awkward.
Oh yea. I think a love circle thing kind of developed. Cause Squall likes Amillena; Amillena likes Fang; and I was thinking of having Fang like Airrianna.....
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: XD yeahhh sorry Like I said- grounded (from anything even remotely fun- you have no idea what I went trhough just to keep my phone!)
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: OoOoOoOoOoOo nahhh not like HER dieing... MAYBE she gets word of her father dieing or something... And wow- I think that IS a love circle... WHO THE HELL WOULD AIRRIANNA LIKE THEN!?!?
FangxTrydorm / Cloud Tribunal: Amillena was the one that ended up developing it, I do believe..
Um. Whoever you want. I don't think we made it official. Idk though... -shrug-
I was just thinking it would be awkward cause then it would be 2 guys and one girl for the love circle if you killed yours or something major like that.... >_> And it would make it a love triangle instead of a circle-ish.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I wasn't going to kill her off- I was prolly going to kill off like her dad...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): O_O You think I would go through with a love triangle?
And LOL You're the ones making the love circle, it's not my fault Squall chose Amillena (i after) Amillena decided on you..
FangxTrydorm / Cloud Tribunal: ok. that good. killing your character off would completely screw everything up.
i only said the killing you character cause you had tragic spelled in capitals and i usually associate tragic in that way as dying.. -shrug- don't ask why cause i'm not sure..... >_>
OR DID he choose (i after)?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *so lostedededededed ededed eedededed eddeed*
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol he did.
FangxTrydorm / Cloud Tribunal: Why are you 'lostedededededed ededed eedededed eddeed'?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): did you copy-paste that?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: ._. because I haven't been on in two days and idk what ur talking bout.
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: oh. i understand now. we're just talking about whether Amillena fell in love with Fang first or if Squall fell in love with Amillena first....
copy-paste what? the 'lostedededededed ededed eedededed eddeed'?
no...................... >_>
maybe... <_<
yes.. v_v
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^_^ awwwwwwwwww chibi. heheee
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: i have a crap load of chibi pics... just click on the character name and look at the info to see all them. i only have the links but you get the point of how many i have.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: CHIBIIII! XDDD *huggles him tightly* OMEGA UBER KAWAII!
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: (http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/114237 ) -ezh huggled?- Xj
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: OMFG ITS OROCHIMARU! *pats oreos head* XD that reminds me of something...
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol what does it remind you of?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: OROCHIMARUS THRILLER!!!!!!!! XDD XD XD XD XD XD
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: OROCHIMARUS THRILLER!!!!!!!! XDD XD XD XD XD XD
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: 'Oreo'? O.o
Orochimaru's Thriller? Like Orochimaru doing the dance to Thriller?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): You must be spazzing out. You posted BOTH of those in the SAME SECOND!! O_o
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: this site can do that from time to time for some reason... -shrug-
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: =w=w==w=w== I REALLY hate this fucking 35 charecter thing!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lolsh. YOU SHOULD POSTIFY, SYN!!! sd;lfkja;sldkfja;sldkfj;asldkfja;sldkjf
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: XD yea. it does get annoying.. some people have found a way for less then 35 characters to show up but it still has at least 35 characters entered....
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I kinda need more detail on the whole where you guys are before I can- and the storm blew off the layer of Ice and her plants!?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Like me!
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: it did more than blow off the ice and plants. it ignited one of the trees and everything burned...
i think they are just a fairly short distance away from the camp. i'm not entirely sure on that part though....
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): And Okay. After you were unconcious and Fang left to skin his deer or something, Fang (EDIT: sqaull. oops!) Sqaulland Amillena went out when the storm started, and saw this dead rabbit and stuff, and when they got back, lighning hit the fort thing and it started on fire, and then Fang and she ran away from it and Amillena remembered you and went back to get you, then the fort collapsed around them and then we got out and then the animal chased Amillena then Squall then they killed it and then they passed out next to you with the fort ruined and then fang came and healed amillena because she was more than half dead and blood-drained, and then the animal came back to life (after being chopped in half) and they killed it again and Amillena was like 'lets burn it!' and they did and basically that's where we are. We're like a hundred or so yards away from the camp. THERES YOUR DETAILED EXPLANATION!! ^^
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: NUUU!! my inuyasha chibi pic didn't work... :c
Sorry. I have to get off. Later. Night.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): okay. night..
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: You said Fang when you should have said Squall....
Fang left to prepare the deer to be eaten and whatever else. -not actually sure how the process goes....- >_>
but yea. what Air said....
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: anyways, night. chat with you all again whenever.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): I edited it.. lol
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: teh fuck O.o you guys are absoulutely infrigginsane!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ How are we insane?
what'd we do? >_>
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Idk I just thought you were always insane- alright... um where are you now are you all up? and sorry about this but i was originaally making it so that airrianna like fang- I'll change that though
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol okay.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: um where are you now are you all up????
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Yeah we are. lol why doncha just read it? ^_- it was only like 12 posts..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: okay i read all of what you guys said and i have a couple things to say:
one:um no i liked amillena BEFORE you liked fang!!!
two:Why does noone like me!!!?!
three:why the heck did your parents ground you for that....its just stupid.^^
four:....i dont know....i just wanted an even number of points^^
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: I have a number of things to say as well. ^_^
1) I believe I can seem insane at times... >_>
2) Um. So is the love circle thing official now?_?
3) I usually have to read about 2-3 pages of posts or so. [Which I need to do again right now, I think....]
4) What about no one liking you Squall??_??
5) I was on your side Squall about you having liked Amillena first. -points to a previous post somewhere down more-
6) Oh. Um. Forget number 4. I understand now... Sorry Squall. >_> Anyways, why is it that everyone likes Fang? What did Fang do that was so special or whatever? -confused and curious-
7) I may not have to leave for practice tonight, meaning I should be on for the rest of today. -doesn't have a ride to practice and is not legally old enough to drive yet. v_v {is 15 <_< >_>}-
FangxTrydorm / Chibi ^-^: Oh wow... Squall, I just now noticed you are Soifon... XD Xd.
Then again I probably noticed it before and forgot it.... -shrug- Anyways.... >->
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ Heheh I can drive >:P The legal age in SD is 14..
I also find I have some points.
1) Aww I feel bad for both of you.
3)I guess you're just likeable, fang.
5)What do you practice?? O-o
6)I have to go eat, so I'll be back.. ^^
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *blink!* You three are stange- wait what am I saying??? any way :DDD Haiiii Okay- Answer this question... IS EVERYONE AWAKE IN THE RP EXCEPT ME!??!?!?!
and... Who thinks I should make it so that Airrianna gets word of her father dieing? (She would need a shoulder to cryonnn >.>... *Hint*)
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Yes you need to post and wake yourself up!
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: 1) I get a lot that I am likable... hm.. -shrug-
2) Swim team practice...
3) Yes, everyone else is awake exept Airrinna.
4) 15 1/2 for permit. 16 for license. (OH) -_-
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): LOL HAHAHA Our permit is for 14 and the license is for six months after you pass the written-permit test.. ^^
South Dakota is... I can't find any words.. :/
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: better than Ohio? I think there are very few states that Ohio is better than. I prefer Maryland to Ohio though I don't know about other states since those are the only two I've lived in...
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Things are quiet.... Too quite... -looks around suspiciously-
-obviously bored- None of my RPs are alive at the moment. -_-* Then again, I have only like 4 RPs...... >->
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): LOL ^^
Try having people ask you if you REALLY live there and have New York try to take their garbage here and have people ask where the indians and the horses were -.-" Or live in a town where SEVENTH graders have PAROLE OFFICERS and SEVENTH THROUGH TWELFTH GRADERS ARE PREGNANT and have drug dealers all around.. -.-" It's like a 6,000 person population mini-NewYork..
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Oh, and don't forget the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally... The population here goes from 6,000 to over 150,000.. It's BAD. AND having naked chicks on bikes and bikers coming into your house without knocking to go to the bathroom and all the noise from overstuffed bars and the threat of Hells Angels roaming around and Banditos and other biker gangs and such and the horror of picking up the TRASH they feel they can just leave there -.-"
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Oh wow.... That does sound major suck-ish. O_O
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Yeah, lol.. At least you probably have stuff to do -.-
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: O.o just jumpping in- COLORADO SUCKS ASS D:! i can't get my permit untill in 16 and then my licence untill im 18! bitches...
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: oh wow. that sucks Airri...
Ohio has gangsters, rednecks, drug dealers, and those kind of things.... -shrug- not too bad [well at least not where i live at...] but not at all good...
(i psst.. Airri, post?)
brb. going to eat.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *pout* I acctually live in a pretty peaceful town.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ At least naked people don't come into your house and you don't see Hells Angels shoot at cops in your front yard every year.. WAKE UP IN THE RP SYN!! ^^
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: brb. going to eat.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Okey Dokey. ^^ I ate at a resturant like an hour ago
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Mhmmmmmmm
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: sorry cat was trying to kill me =w=
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol kitty!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: MY FUCKING CAT IS EVIL! She's tried to kill me what... 7 times now?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): teheh she needs more lives
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: I like my cat. He is quite nice but knows how to put up a fight if needed. My dog, a malimute [somewhat like a husky but different] is afraid of my cat even.
Then again, my dog is an annoying chicken... -_-*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: my cat is out to get me- both of them, thats 18 lives against me >.<
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ my cats never got nine lives.. -.-,
FangxTrydorm / Fang Tribal: Wow Syn. 18 vs 1? That sucks....
Um. Air, your cats didn't get 9 lives? i'm sorry, that sucks.
I think my cat is down to like 5-7 lives. Idk....
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: XD Lmao! haha... ._. *sigh* damn limit
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: I have to get off now. Sorry. See you again another time.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): GUESS WHAT!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: wow....i missed alot!!! lol well hopefully someone is on but i doubt it but for now.....im off to post!^^
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: Hello?
Anyone here still?
-looks around- <.< >.>
soifon345 / squall lionheart: BOO! i am!!! but im inceredibly bored!!!! how are you???
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: lol. ok... Elo.
Tired but well enough.
How about you?
-has no idea for anything for a post...- DX
soifon345 / squall lionheart: now you know why my posts are so short^^ lol umm i was tired but not really anymore.....now im just excited about my birthday and christmas!!
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: -nod- ok.
Cool. Your birthday is this month? Well then,
soifon345 / squall lionheart: actually my birthday is in eight days!!! im so excited!!!
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: Oh wow. Cool.
May I ask how old you become?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: 16....im so excited!!! how old are you??? you better not be older than me ><
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: cool.
you're older. I'm 15 right now. Don't turn 16 till the end of July....
soifon345 / squall lionheart: yay!!! it seems like everyone else on here is older than me!!
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ugh those two need to hurry up and get on.....im bored!
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: -nod nod-
i just joined this RP that i just found since i'm bored... -shrug-
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey sorry i gotta go...i will be on later tonight though around 8:30 9 o clock
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: yo'k. see you later then.
(http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/115944 )
FangxTrydorm / Arioch Amberlech: Yo all.
I decided to make a Debate and chat forum. Please check it out.
Arguments of the Mad =chat=
soifon345 / squall lionheart: hey anyone on yet!?!>< you guys need to get on cuz i am bored!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: yeah yeah I'm on- and 'll stay On if you Join my rppp *Evil grin*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: what rp is it???? and now your forcing me too join just so i can talk to you?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: aha no I'm just bored and we need more family members for it.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: well what is it and i will check it out^^ but i might not like it...it depends on what kind it is
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/115969 I fail at writing pplotss.
soifon345 / squall lionheart: OMG MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! its not even here yet but im so freaking excited that im about to cry!!! i love christmas!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *gags* christmas... People have lost an Idea of what it's really about... Now it's all about money.. and presants.. I hope all of those poeple burn...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: im not excited about presents!!!>< i just love the feeling you get when christmas is near!!! im listening to some christmas video right now and im so excited!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: O.o *falls over laughing* XDD I hate christmas music no offence XD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: this isnt like jingle bells or anything><! its some weird song...i dont even know if its english lol but i like it^^
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Lol XD I like Carol of the bells Parody the 'Buger King' song XD
soifon345 / squall lionheart: ^^ i found a new picture just for christmas!!!^^
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: AWWW XD And sorry about the whole "COUPLES" Thing the other day- Originaly my charecter was going to like fang- but now amillena likes Him sooo...
soifon345 / squall lionheart: its ok i dont really care lol i was just bugging her about it....i dont really care who i end up with...
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: lol ok ok but seeing as he likes her and she like fang... and... Wait who the hell does fang like?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: lol ok ok but seeing as he likes her and she like fang... and... Wait who the hell does fang like?
soifon345 / squall lionheart: i have no idea....lol i just like amillena more because me and her were like the only ones on for three days and i thought it would be better for us to get together....
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: ._. D: *so lonely* *sits in the corner and draws in teh dirt*
soifon345 / squall lionheart: at least someone likes you......you guys get to choose and then someone else is stuck with me....lol man that just destroyed my christmas parade.....
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: u teeh dun.. Oh holy shiit.. my gum tastes like Egg Nog..
soifon345 / squall lionheart: egg nog is yummy!!!! ugh i lost my christmas spirit><!!! heres some advice:dont be in a good mood and get on es....it kills your mood.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *tackles him* Dun beh Like that! SMILEEE! *trying to cheer you up*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: i made a new character^^ lol well join in on the christmas spirit and i may be happy again
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Ok ok I love christmas! (Just hate the songs with a burning passion)
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ....>< you need a christmas pic!!!! go get one!!! lol
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: lets see if the one I want to use works first
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: it works!!! its amazing!!! lol *throws snowball at syn*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *growls and throws one back ducking behind a fort giggling*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *gets hit with snowball.*no fair!!! *builds fort and throws more snowballs at syn*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *Giggles darting them instantly* Na na na na na!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *throws snowballs while singing "last christmas"*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: 'last christmas I gave you my heart- the very next day you gave it way, this year, I'll save me the tears and give it to some one special.' *sings cascadeas Last christmass happily still hiding.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *walks up around her fort and glares at her* you stole my song!! *hits her in the face with a snowball and runs back to fort*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *glares and tackles him from behind* DID NOT!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *rols and pins her to the ground* did too! *rubs snow in her face*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *laughs and squrms* COLD! she said whining half whimpering*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: deal with it!!! *grabs big pile of snow and drops it on her face* <sorry for the late reply. stupid computer got pissed and froze!!! >< >
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *dies* x.x x)x x.x x_x x.x x_x *killed before christmas how sad*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: NO!!! *uses magic christmas powder to bring syn back to life* you have to live till christmas!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *Still smotthered by snow un breathing*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *smacks snow off syn's face and sprinkles more powder* wake up!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *remains Unbreaths- bbut half alivee now*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *shakes violently* wake up its christmas!!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Still Isn't breathing laying compleatly Limp*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ugh *wanders off and brings back electric paddles* guess im gonna have to do this the hard way...
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: (Bahaha Nice)
*Limpedness nothing can save me Freezing as well ~dummy...~*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: .....im not dumb!!! *shocks her with great force leaving burn marks on her skin* oops....these things arent safe to play with.*throws paddles away and pokes syn in the side.* dont make me pour hot chocolate on you...
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *Still dead* (Pour Anything on me and I may have to kill you.. then you would end up alone in the rp >:3)
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ....if you kill me how would i be the one to end up alone??? oh and you cant kill me if your still dead...
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: (Fvuk Yooh...) fillerfillerfillerfillerfiller
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: now now thats not nice....you know what youve been bad! *piles snow up around syn to make her colder*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *dies again of the coldness* x_x x_x x_x x_x x_x
StHats / Gabriel Hathaway: Hello there...and I guess Merry Christmas?
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *starts piling snow onto her body covering her up* i will dig you up in 2 hours....if i dont forget^^ oh and hello guy^^ and yes...merry christmas to you!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: YOU FUDGIN SUCK! *pouts under the snow- the sparkly shoes and black velvet over them sticking out. "I hate you/"
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: now you see thats the exact reason i put you in there!!! *throws snowballs at the giant pile of snow*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!! *so out of the Christmas sprit now*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ugh....*pulls syn out of the snow* go back into the spirit ><!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Fuck no *kicks him and storms off to sit in the ouse trying to warm up*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: -sigh- *stands up and walks toward the house and tries to go in but realizes she locked the door* hey let me in!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: MAKE ME! *growls from beside the sire still dripping wet from the snow- and the black marks still on her chest from the electricution*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: -sigh- come on syn im sorry now will you please let me in???
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ugh did you leave??? >< well i guess if you did its ok because im getting tired anyways...
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: You burried me under snow- Electro cuted me- Gave me Hypothermia And Thats all you have to say is "I'M SORRY"!?!? *glares at him from the window and takes off the shoes drying her feet and Hair with towels.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ok well then im really really sorry.....its your own fault!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: OH ITS MY FAULT YOU KILLED ME TWICE!? *now positivly fuming she thre her shoe across the room and stormed up the stair sitting on her bed growling* FUCK CHRISTMAS!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: HEY! its not christmas's fault!!! take it back woman!!!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: MAKE ME! *growled and threw all teh christmas presents she waas going to give them out the window*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: you know what....FINE!!! you can spend christmas all alone for all i care!!! *storms off knowing he refuses to let her ruin his christmas*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I already do! *slams the window shut and changes into dry cloths sittin gon the bed feeling tears prick the surface of her eyes*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: -back at his house- maybe i was to hard on her....he looked at the gift he bought her and tried to think of what to do with it.ah screw it.*he grabbed his coat and scarf and grabbed her gift and went to her house* i doubt she will let me in. *he sat the gift down on her porch and rang her doorbell and ran away*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: She didn't move from the bed just huggin her pillow close- the lights off and a horror movie playing on the television*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: -......how am i supposed to reply to that!?!....-
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I'm mad at you! so Nyeh! and the front door was unlocked any way XD
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: how did you know it was me??? oh and well then *goes back to her house goes to her room lays the gift in front of her door and knocks it but this time he didnt leave*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *she sighed and stood up from the bed thinking it was her dad- she walked to the door* What da- Oh... hi..
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: umm i brought this for you. *holds up present* im really sorry about earlier...
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *Looks at it- then at him feeling tears prick her eyes again ahd stepped back and began to shut the door*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *slams hand against the door to stop her from closing it* please.....just open it and then i will leave if you want me too.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *she sighed and stuck her hand out the door for the present keeping her face hidden not wanting him to see her cry* Fine.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *he hands her the present* umm ok then. i guess i will go
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: *She opened the present and looked at it with a dull exprssion shutting the door and sitting back on her bed flicking off he lights- right in the middle of a part that made her scream of coursee*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: -hey sorry but i think im gonna go to bed...im sleepy^^ what time will you be on tomorrow???-
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: (prolly all day- I'm sick >.>. So I can't do anything else.)
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol ok well i gotta clean tomorrow but i will sign on when i wake up and just check every few minutes....dont lose any of your christmas spirit ok??? nighty night^^
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: hey you on yet???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Guys I got hit by a car and ish still in thine hospital! X.x
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: no way did you really!?! is that why you havent been on lately?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): yeah.. I had a seizure yesterday and they wouldn't let me on the computer. LOL I didn't WANT on it. ^^ but fricking ouch i need morphine >.<
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): but I got hit like two days ago i think. It's sunday right? I got hit friday.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ....yea its sunday.....what is it with this rp and killing my christmas spirit??? lol wow...i never knew anyone who had a seizure....now i do!!! lol but your ok now right??? just recovering....how bad was you hit???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Yeah, so I was walking down this hill, and I heard this screeching noise, and I turned to see this car fishtailing down the hill across the ice, and I tried to get out of the way, but it started spinning in like a circleish motion and it jumped the curb and hit me and since we were on a hill I rolled underneath it and it continued through a fence, dragging me against the tires and off of like a 4 foot cliff into a stop sign.
what I mean by that is the docs said I was lucky because the tires were locked up because of the brakes and the ice and stuff, and it just pushed me along with it and the little cliff thing was right next to the stop sign and the space between them was short enough that the car's rear bumper was on the cliff and the front was against the ground/stopsign pole that is now broken. That left space under it for me to fall and be away from the burning hot engine. I was also lucky because this hill was where the police decided to put their police station. ^^ I have 2nd degree burns from rolling under the car and those broken bones and bruises all over. I guess there is something wrong with my head too because of the seizure and stuff. SORRY I WAS HIT BY A CAR AND RUINED YOUR HAPPY DAY! :'(
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol im just saying i was in a good mood yesterday and syn killed it lol and i was in a good mood today and then you tell me about a deppressing story about you getting hit and now im depressed instead of happy^^ lol ugh....and you see its for that reason i dont want to drive...i dont want to drag someone under my car going down an ice covered hill.....lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): it was horrible! AND TO TOP IT OFF I RUINED MY STEP-MOM'S BIRTHDAY I'M SO SAD!
I mean I totally was freaking out. The person came to touch me and I started like screaming and freaking out.
:/ I take it that's what happens when you're raped doesn't it? DAMN MORPHINE STOP FUCKING ME UP! >.< RAWR RAWR RAWR! I'm just so painless now that its making me happily loopy. wow bipolar me!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol wow....umm personaly i dont know what its like to be raped lol and i think its better to have morphine than pain right?? and at least you didnt die^^ thats the best thing...so stop worrying about ruining her birthday!!><
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): :'( sorry just have difucilties rigth now. JEEBUS I CANT TYPRE >.<
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: you better not be siezing!!! you dont need to stay here and talk to me if its causing problems for you.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): It isnt I was just adjusting to no more pain! see? all bettre!
Okay well my hand's are a little numb but thats about it!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ....that better be it....so do you know how much longer you will be in the hospital?
Diamondz / Sokanon (Rain): Lycan Clan (new- Needs People)
Please Check my new rp out!! ^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Well theyre keeping me in here at least another night to make sure I don't have any problems and THEN I go to recovery again ( I was before but they moved me when I had a seizure then they had to wait for a different person to move out soz I could go back into recovery) and then stay there for a night.
so, two nights at the least.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: -sigh- well you better get better or i will beat you up ><!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Wow, way to make it harder for me to get better! PLEASE DON'T THATS SCARY!! X'0
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol well then you better get better!!! how does it make it harder??
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): if you beat me up itll get worse!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: well if you get better i wont beat you up...
Diamondz / Diamondz (Me): lalalalalalalal :)
hi, im bored... nice to meet you!!! O_O!!!!!!!!!!!OMGGG ITS Santa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: there is no santa here.....
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): can I ask why you are in my ooc? ^_-
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ...i dont think she is gonna reply.....lol
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol okay then. ANYWAYS, I hope you dontsh beat me up O.O
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: well then get better!! if you are in the hospital for more than two days im gonna beat you up!!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: you could sneak out.....maybe three days...depends oin what kind of mood im in^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ I need a christmassy picture!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: yes you do!!! go find one><!!!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): you're so pushy!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: i am not pushy........*sits in corner and cries* now go find one!! ....please^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **grumbles and limps away**
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): you know what screw crhistmassy pictures! >.<
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol....your so wierd..but thats the reason i like you^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ^^ It's the reason most people like me. OOH I GET BUTTER SCOTCH CHIPS WITH MY FOOD!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol is it time for you to eat???? and why dont you have a christmas pic???><
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): because I'm too lazy to get one. LOL and yesh I get some sort of white mushy stuff that looks like potatoes and a cup of butterscotch morsels and er.. green beans I think? Blech. LOL i should ask if I can have brocolli or something actually tasty next time.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: umm broccili is gross...and i like green beans ><!!! if i find you a pic will you use it?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): yes!
I'll even make a special charrie for it!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: yay!!! be right back^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): lol ^^
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: oh wow....there are alot i like^^ do you want just one person in it?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): sure? I don't care! lolsh
^^ mmmm butterscotch.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Holy shit... I'M SO SORRY AIR! D:! *jjust read all of the 3 pages you guys typed* D: and yeah I'm on... not for long going to a movie in a bit =w=
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): what movie!?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: The Half BLood Prince It's in the dollar theater now and I get to see it with my dad :3
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Hehe I saw that the day it came out (July 15th AKA the day after my birthday)
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: hey air can you resize pics???
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): erm not at the moment...
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: WOLFWOOD DIED!!!!!!! D:!!! *sorry Watching trigun*
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ugh....ok then...hold on....*grumbles and stomps away to find another pic*
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: psh fine don't say hi to me! jerk face.
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): **cries**
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): Hi, syn! >.>
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I was talking to Squall but thankies :DDD
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: omg hey syn!!! omg it was sad when he died....
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): D: whaaaaatttttt!?
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: IIKR!? I miss wolf wood- and the rest of the seirise its just like "He's gonna come back right!?"
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ...when wolfwood died....it was depressing^^ i almost cried.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Oop Gotta go- movies gonna start soon :) love you guys be back later!!
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): ooooooooooooooooooooh. >.< damnit i want to wach tv but the freak old man next to me freaks out when he's not watching T.V. guide!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol your stuck in a oh wait -bye syn!!!- room with an old guy who watches t.v. guide network??? oh i feel sorry for you lol^^ i think i found a pic for you....how is this one?
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): great! lolsh
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: okey here is the link thingy for the picture^^
ArielleParker / Air! (me! :P): tehee!! ^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: dang I keep trying to change the character and it wont rawr! oh it worked finally! heheh
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol yay! no we are the christmas ooc group!!^^ oh and i made a christmas rp lol
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: did you?
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: umm its kinda pointless but i wanted a christmas rp!! lol heres the link:http://www.eliteskills.com/rp/entry/115990
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: what are you supposed to do in that
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: what are you supposed to do in that
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: im not really sure....lol thats why i said it was pointless^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol my computer is freaking out! >.<
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol mine did that yesterday!!!! it sucks!!! lol i might go take a shower soon....
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: okay. lol. ^^ well mine is only like 5 months old!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ....ok...lol well yea im gonna go take one^^ dont leave!! >< i should be back anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I wont leave, don't worry. Nothing for me to do...remember? -.-
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: im back^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: hiya!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: heya^^! well....was i gone long????
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: long enough for me to listen to Toccata and Fugue in D minor.. ^^
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ......ok? what the heck is that??? is it playing on the t.v. guide network? lol
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: O_O It's a song from Phantom of the Opera, and no.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol oh ok....why was you listening to that? do you like it?
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipzR9bhei_o
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: wow. thats pretty cool^^ but it was weird because when it would pause to load it would look like the screen was still moving...lol
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol I don't know. But I call it the dracula song hahahah
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol i could see why^^ its actually pretty good. have you seen phantom of the opera?
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: nope.. :'( lol
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol just wondering.....one of my friends says its really good but ive never seen it...lol
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol I bet. I want to see it, kinda... ^^
What ish you up to?
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: umm eating bread....and watching ace of cakes^^ how about you?
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I love ace of cakes!
I ish laying here in this uncomfortable gown thing freezing my ass off and listening to Marvin(the old man) go "nehahahhah nehahea han ahan diuh dand hadn!" at the T.V. guide and resisting the urge to yank this thing out of my nose. -.-
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol why is he talking/singing/mumbling to the t.v? lol and it sounds like you are having fun....
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I am. Really. LOL he is like, 103 years old and he's going to move to the hospice soon. I cried when the nurse guy told me that.. :'( it was so sad!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: oh...that is sad....my moms friend's husband is going into hospice because his body is filled with cancer and there is no way they can remove it....it sucks
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: :/ I hate hospice. I can't stand to go near there cause it reminds me of death which reminds me of my mom's funeral which reminds me of her. :'(
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ugh...thats depressing....it must suck for you to have gone through that...im sorry
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: It's okay. I'm a pretty happy person, so all of these things haven't made me depressed in the slightest bit.
Sad, maybe, but not 'I want to die' stuff. ^^
I still have the 'omigod' moments. :/
LOL I even learned a lesson.
Do NOT slap a potential rapist in the face when he comes onto you, you'll get beat up. ^^
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: oh wow.....did she do that or did you? well hey i gotta sweep real quick ><! i hate my moms boyfriend.....hang on *grumbles and pulls out vaccuum*
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol I did.
Okay, this dude like came up to me and I was wondering what he was doing in my house and he asked me something around the lines of me and him in his hotel room and I said nope and he tried to force me so I hit him and then he threw me on a table which broke and attacked me and I don't know what happened till I woke up with my dad kicking his ass >.>
totally not great I was glad I was unconcious through it!
but that was like, two months ago, and two weeks after my mom died and two and a half weeks after my aunt and uncle died. 9.9
stupid guys.
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I think the people in this hospital are sick of me and my family coming here all the time... lol
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol how much do you have to sweep? lol
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ugh ive been done for a while but my house hates me and when i swept i blew a fuse and sooo yea....i just got the computer back on.
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Hehehe that's kinda funny. ^^ I hope my bad luck ended after this.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: its not funny this house freaking sucks!!!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I'm sorry.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *grumble grumble* you better be.....lol man im bored!!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I am too! -.-
I need somewhere to RP in. lol.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol me too ....someone else needs to get on...oh! did you post yet?
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Er, I was waiting for Fang to post.. But I guess I can go.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ...ugh well you could have waited....i was just giving you something to do...
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: well rawr you difficult person!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: fine I deleted it! >:P
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: i didnt know i was a difficult person....am i just difficult or difficult to get along with?
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: BOTH
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: well fine if im so difficult to get along with i will just leave!!! *stomps away and hides behind corner*
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: >:)
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *pokes around the corner and freaks out when i see your dead body and i freak out and run back to you* wake up im here!! dont die!!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: **wakes up** oh, feel bad now, do you?
**looks away but can't go anywhere due to stupid bed and stupid embarrassing gown thing
>.> and is taking a liking to the oh-so-mystic tv guide**
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: no,i dont feel bad...its just that i didnt know you were so weak that me leaving would kill you.so i returned until you healed and then i will leave once again. lol its not that mystic by the way^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: **cries**
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *sits on bed and looks at her* i would never actually leave you^^ even though you leave me all the time and when you do something bad happens ><!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: **sniffles** huh?
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: well one time you get raped ><! wich still pisses me off! and then you get ran over!! and apparantly you also get attacked by spiders alot...
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Well why does it piss you off? -.-
And 's not my fault that I got hit by a car!
Or that spiders get me! **looks around, paranoid**
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: because if guys are too fugly to get laid then they need to accept it instead of raping people ><!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: aww, thank you.
Not that it's not (i my) fault.. ^^
but still. heheh
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ??? what? you confuse me^^ you are a very confusing person...lol
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I said that it was my fault all that crap happened!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: its not your fault!!! >< its not your fault there was ice on the road and its not your fault that guy is a freaking pervert!!!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Yes it is.
I'm so hot that he couldn't resist and I'm a loud mouth who made him freak out.
THEN i was so clumsy that I was walking in the winter! >.>
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ...alot of people walk in winter and maybe you being a loud mouth had something to do with it but other than that he had no excuse!!!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Mhmm! Let me endulge myself!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ??? are you eating again??? how often do you eat in a hospital???
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Well, it (i was) kinda creepy that he just let himself in. I miss that table, too. >.<
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: NO I'm not eating again! I'm endulging myself with blame!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: oh ok^^ sorry....and exactly you dont just wonder into someones house -no matter how hot they are- and rape them ><!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I mean indulge. Sorry. LOL
I am not thinking strait. >.>
But let me indulge myself!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: ^^ okay.
**dances in the hospital bed cockily**
Meh, I don't like being cocky.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ok thats better^^ and when do you ever think straight?!? never^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Uhm... when I'm getting hit by a car!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ^^ lol yea like thats a good excuse...lol j/k
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: **Cries**
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: oh god now your crying again....shocker! j/k j/k lol please dont cry...
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: whoa this video, the beginning is really weird, but it's aweshome. ^^ well, I like it lolsh
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v2UdQ9JiAc
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: skip like the first 30 seconds.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: are you just like looking up random videos or what??? how did you find that?
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol I listened to the beatboxing flute, then I went to their page to find other videos and such and they'd subscribed him so I listened and I was like whoa.
^^ I love classical music instruments, what can I say?
Ooh search Project Trio "Bouree" and listen to like the first one I think lol it's great. ^^
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ugh well i will have to wait till my mom goes to bed because she dont like listening to the computer...
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol wow
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: yea it sucks ><! lol but for now i can just chat with you^^ she should be going to bed soon
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: it's like 8 30 heresh.
^^ the doctors want me for something
O_o That will take an hour and a half?!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: ugh.....its like 10:30 here and i got to bed at 11....your not allowed to leave!!!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: do you want me to die?! O-o
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: no but it doesnt need to take that long!!! ><!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: o.e
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: what the heck does that mean?????
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: are you still here?!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: yep^^ what did the whitecoats need you for?????? anything serious???
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: **shivers** They gave me five shots!
Three were putting stuff in me and two were taking my blood.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: oh wow.....what for??? did they hurt??? are you all hyped up on drugs now or what??^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: HEHE no
I think theyre testing me for some shit and I dunno why, and they gave me some kind of thingy they said had to do with my low white blood cell count.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: oh....well i gotta go to bed soon and you better not die on me ok!?!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I wont! I promise! >.< I got fuzzy socks!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O yay!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol how fuzzy are they??? *fuzzy wuzzy was a bear,fuzzy wuzzy had no hair.fuzzy wuzzy wasnt very fuzzy was he?* ^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Er... edward scissorhands?!
THEY'RE FUZZIER THAN MY KITTY, MERCY! OMIGOD I have to show you a picture of her! I think I has one on my computer.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: okey dokey artichokey^^ and what is that on edward scissor hands or something?
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol it's a great movie! Hmm I dunno how to get her picture on here lol
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol i bet my cat is cuter anyways^^ lol and ive never seen that movie...
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: O_O REALLY?
Hehehe mercy is CUTE AS HECK!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: my cat is fluffy and squeks alot^^ lol oh and she is verrrrry loving^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: mine is orange like garfield!
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: mine is a watcha ma call it.....-the fluffy cat thats is usually orange whit and black- i cant remember what they are called...
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol calico?
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: YEA!!!*huggles* thanks for reminding me^^ oh crap i gotta go to bed....i hate school ><! i take it you will be on tomorrow since you dont have school?^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: I have no idea. I'll probably sleep forever ^^
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: lol yea if your on all those drugs you probably will^^ well i will try to catch you tomorrow...hug goodbye? *puts arms out for a hug*
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: **hugs**
THEN **grumbles**
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: *hugs* dont grumble at me!!! >< well i really gotta go so i will yell at you later^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: okay bye
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: bye bye! ^^ *runs in and hugs again real quick and runs out the door*
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: ^_-
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: hey you on?
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: i take it that your not! >< ugh well its probably only 8 in the morning where you are.....well have fun in the hospital...remember only two more days and if your still in there im gonna beat you up^^ oh and im excited because it snowed this morning!!! yay snow! well i hope i talk to you later....bye^^
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: lol hi. It snowed today, too. And our high was 13 degrees! ^^ I slept in until the nurse woke me up at like 11 to stab me again. I dont know why she keeps stabbing me!
Ugh I'm so..(i sore) today. Like, it is all hard to type and stuffs. >.<
I'm ALWAYS in the wrong place at the wrong time. What an eventful 2009!
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: I'm here x_x tired and right out pooped but here.
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: -.- me too.
AcidReinxx / Syn *Half Breed*: Damn Finals... fillerfillerfillerfiller
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Damn bad drivers. >.<
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Ish anyone here?
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: im here^^ are you still here???
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Yes.
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: you better be ><!!! lol you made me suffer through school alone!!!
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: How?
soifon345 / the christmas spirit: i tried talking to you but you must have still been asleep^^ lol so i put up with annoying 6th graders to gaurd my computer to try to talk to you lol
ArielleParker / Christmassy!!!!!!!!: Awww don't I feel loved!
;'( I missed my concert band performance!
stupid driver person ice thing. >.<

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