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Roleplay - I'll Kill You by Mitsuki / RyukiTZR

Um...anywhere... Just make this interesting.

Roleplay Details

Anyone is welcome. This is just a warm-up. God-modding, or killing anyone. Curse and swear as you may, but its bad for life :-P


RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki walks over to her sister. "Hi Miyuki."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Hi sis.*Hugs Mitsuki*
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Cough...Don't choke me..." Mitsuki breathed. After Misuki let go, Miusuki shook her hand. "Welcome to Elite Skills Role Playing."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: *makes face->-.-* "I somehow don't feel welcome..."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Darn it...why must we train?"*pouts*"Can I use ANY weapons?"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Misuki chuckled. "Yup yup. Of course you can. Feel free to anyhow invent your weapon/s. As for me, I pick a simple katana."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: *Jumps up and down happily* "I wanna use my guns!! Let's train!!"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Alright then. Take the side opposite of me." Mitsuki said stepping into the stone arena. She had already strapped a pair of katanas at her waist.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Alreighty.." Miyuki said as she took out her pair of trusty and heavy guns.."Let the battle begin" she said as she smirked and took her stance.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki withdrew her trusty weapons were lifted effortlessly as she leaped high into the air, very cautious not to get hit by her bullets. As she was about to land, she already heard gunshots.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: *continuously shooting...* "Don't underestimate this babies I tell you,especially when your guard is...DOWN." Miyuki said as she leapt into the air as she backed-fliped and continued shooting towards mitsuki.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Adjusting her short swords as elbow blades, she blocked most of the bullets, others evaded. Just for only one which grazed her arm. Mitsuki continously jumped, twist and turned to evade, hardly getting a chance to go near.
Finally when she saw an opportunity, she made a leap(Flying Squirrel Technique! Lol...) passing by Miyuki, leaving a mark on her cheek.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She was in a crouched position, then started leaping again. Thinking that she's evenly match. She then smiled. "Why of course, we're sisters." She thought to herself.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: *pauses awhile and cleaned the wound on the cheek* "I guess we are." "I think i should show you a trick I have with this babies.." *She stops shooting... and yells* "Dance, Benihimes!" and she combined her guns to form a long sword. "Let's dance..." as she lept into the air.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Er....ok?>> Mitsuki raised her brow. "I'm going original, sis. Don't need to get so hard on me." She said, wiping the little sweat on her forehead. "Besides...I already am." She said before taking off the ground.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Heh..." As she started towards Mitsuki and attacking. But..it doesn't seem as if she was fighting with Mitsuki but as if she was dancing with her.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "You know us dancing all day is boring..." Mitsuki said stopping. When Miyuki stopped too, Misuki dragged Miyuki by the hand and bring her to another area. This time...
"So here, let's wrestle!" Mitsuki said pushing Miyuki into the mud, jumping after her.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Ewww...your soo dead for ever pushing me in here sis.." as she jumped on mitsuki and started r=wrestling in the mud.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Hahaha!" She laughed as she was pushed into the mud. She then flipped over, throwing Miyuki off her back. When she was about to run to tackle Miyuki, she slipped and fell down herself.
"Owie my butt!"
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Hahaha..." *Miyuki stand up* "Come on..lets go into the house..i'll prepare lunch" *Stretches out hand and pulls Mitsuki up* "But first..Revenge!!" *pushes Mitsuki into the mud*
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Man..." Mitsuki coughed as she got up. "You have to get me coated by mud again. I think we're now like chocolate."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Haha..yes we are..later we should bake ourselves so we can become chocolate fudge." *Leaves mud hole* "Get yourself clean...I will have lunch prepared so.." *Turns head to side* "Do you feel it?..A presence?"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki looks around. "Hm...yupyup. But we better get back. Its gonna get dark." She said following Muyuki. "Besides, I feel more mud than that presense." She mumbled looking down at herself.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: ~Guess its juz me...~ "Anyway, come on out from that mud ho-" *blocks a kantana she looks up* "What the hell! Mitsuki look out!!"
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: ~Guess its juz me...~ "Anyway, come on out from that mud ho-" *blocks a kantana she looks up* "What the hell! Mitsuki look out!!"
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: < sorrie.. i double clicked...>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She looked at Miyuki upon her words but it was too late, she was shot through her stomach by another blade. Blood started to mix in with the mud she has on her body.
"Dammit." She jumped away and turned around to see someone in all black, with a cloth covering half the person's face, reaching to Mitsuki to retrieve his or her dagger.
Mitsuki closed her eyes, letting the person remove the dagger, wincing as it was done. Hoping Miyuki would run away first, she broke into a run, away from the stranger, whoever he or she was.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "You bastards!!" Miyuki screamed as she sliced the attackers with her sword. "I gotta cleaned up and find Mitsuki soon.Shimatta..I hope she will be fine."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: After a while, she stopped, going on her knees, coughing out blood. She then heard Miyuki's scream. "Wow...that was loud. 'You bastards?' So was there more than two?..." She thought to herself as she laid flat on the soft grass. They had already skipped lunch, so Mitsuki didn't have much energy left...
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Myuki quickly cleaned up and pack up a bag of medical supplies,food and other neceities for Mitsuki. "I hope she is still fine." she thought to herself.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Lying down, Mitsuki could hear sounds she rarely hear before. The trickle of water...the crikets softly chirping...rustle of leaves...
"Hm, water?!" She alarmingly got up, following the sound of water...till she found a river. Slowly, she dip her body into it, washing away the blood and mud...
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Sigh...its getting freaking dark and the hell the forest is HUGE!! Where on earth can she b-" Mitsuki felt something landed on her. Its a raven. She asked it telepathicly,"Have you seen an injured girl with amethyst eyes and long hair?"
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: The raven nodded its head and asked Miyuki to follow her. "At least she is safe" she thoght to herself.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "The sun had set," Mitsuki thought to herself, cold waters still rushing over her, numbing her already closed wound. "Miyuki...hope you're alive and kicking..."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: As miyuki followedthe raven..she neared a stream as saw a siilouhet in it.It was Mitsuki.She was esctatic."I'm glad you are fine..." she thoght to her self and called out, "Yo,sis!"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki turned around slowly. Instead of saying 'hi', she said shivering "Get...me...out...water..."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki giggled,"Hai,Hai." *Pulls Mitsuki out of the water* "Here." *Hands Miyku a towel and a set of clothes from her backpack* I brought food for you.Get change and later you can eat.I will dress your wonds later too."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki winced, numb on the grass. "For sure I'm not gonna change my clothes here, right? Unless you're pervo."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Fine with me...its you who going to freeze not me this 'pervo' right? So stay in that state or go change in that bush or behind that tree there." *Points to her right*
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki stood up slowly, recovering from the numb. She grabbed another set of clothes and went behind a tree to change...
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Finished changing?Or do you need me to help?"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Nah." She said stepping out. "Just freaky people can see me..." <<Sorry was away for...pretty long>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki turned her head to the side and saw a guy in a samurai outfit looking at her. "Oh shit! He must be wondering why the hell am I talking to a BUSH!!"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki heard an unknown voice and started to panic. "You there! Stay! Don't move!" She yelled hurriedly. "And I'm not a bush! Just don't come near!"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki heaved a sigh of relief as she stepped out. "Glad u heard that. You can turn around now."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Erm..sorry for the commotion..My name is Miyuki and I think the direction out of this forest is that way." *Points to to the back* Miyuki said trying to calm herself down before anything serious happens.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <BRB I GO BATHE>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Lol its not necessary to say that in Rps.>>
"Hey, you there." Misuki said looking up at the samurai, face up close to his, taking in how his face looks like. She then stepped back keeping a distance. "I'm Miyuki's sister, Mitsuki, who you had aknowledged as a bush."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki just said dully,"I don't really like crowds.But if Mitsuki here wants to go,I guess I will have to go too." Miyuki turned her head towards Mitsuki,"So how?" she asked.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She shook her head and smiled. "Even if we want to go, we need to know where the place is. But mister Hikushari here seems kinda lost in this forest right?"
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Do you mind turning aroung mr Hikusari,I have to dress Mitsuki's wound if not it will get infected.Give me five minutes." "Now turn around sis,it wound take long and try to bear the pain."
YoyoZ: hi guys:)
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Shuddup you doltz,do you want another guy to see your 'all soo perfect' body?" Miyuki replied while whcking Mitsuki's head and quickly dress her wounds."Now all done."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki turned her head towards Kotetsu and asked him politely, "If you don't mind mr Hikusari,would you like to join us for dinner?"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "I kinda afraid you might practically burn the house..."Mitsuki grumbled.
YoyoZ: .....Y did you guys leave me out?
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Sorrie yoyoZ,Will add you in soon,I gtg for the nite,sorrie i forgot to update u earlier!>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Er...Kotetsu whom are you refering to by the 'her'(last word of your post)? Me and Miyuki are kinda confused with that.>>
<<Yoyoz...you've created quite a number of accounts...Wow. Sorry gotta say that out. Call out to Miyuki, Kotetsu or me in the rp.>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <Sorry wrong character just now..>
"You there,who are you!"Miyuki stood up and took a fighting stance as she glared at the stranger with caution and fear.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <I'm here, alive and kicking.>>
Mitsuki turned around also, looking at the stranger. "Weapons down..." She mumbled to them as she walked over...
Through the darkness, she could make out that the stranger has grey eyes and hair. And he was familiar. "Who-who are you? Have I met you?"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<YoyoZ I think you've mistaken the 'weapons down' as a comment on your weapon? Its actually asking Miyuki and Kotetsu to put their weapons down.>>
"HELLO????" Mitsuki asked out loud, waving a hand infront of YoyoZ's face. "I'm talking to ya! You hear me?"
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Eh..i'm still kinda bit blur>>
Miyuki looks towards Mitsuki and brought down her weapon but still look at the stranger with suspiscious eyes. "Who are you and what do you want?" she asked.
YoyoZ: YoyoZ final said his first words to his strangers. ".......I'm YoyoZ, brother of Cloud Strifes. For now, i'm just trying to find a place for rest......"
YoyoZ: <please check out my other RP please, Final Fantasy 7. please become a charcater>
kento deablo: is any one here?
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Akima just let her guard down a little but stared at him with hatred and said,"Hn..I dont care who your brother is," she said with venom dripping and turned her head ovoer to kotetsu,"Mr kotetsu,its quite late now,rest over at our house and set off tomorrow,our house is quite near the fair." and she turned around and left towards the direction of their house.
kento deablo: mind if i play?
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki turned around, "Put your kantana down kotetsu,lets go." she said icily as she thought of a past that is horrible and painful.She continued her way back.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Sorrie if i ever offended u YoyoZ>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Suddenly,Miyuki stopped and turned her head as she snarled in the darkness,"What do you want now Kento!"
kento deablo: i come in peace i just wish to accompany you. (sheesh)
YoyoZ: YoyoZ turn around, grabed his sword and stabed kento deablo on the foot, then did a round house spin and killed him. ".....hes the enemy.... I'v seen him with the others, hes a traitor"
"sorry for the rudeness i may have gathered earlier but please don't disrepect my brother, He is of great repect to me"
kento deablo: to things one is you cant kill me,im already dead.and other than that youve never even seen me master.iv just now become visible.so sorry about your brother.
kento deablo: and no im not a trator. i just died not long ago.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Tensu they're of the same freakin person. I prefer to ignore their posts as...its spamming. >>
"Let's just go back... I'm sleepy..." Mitsuki mumbled, which made Miyuki had a worried face. She trudged very slowly at the same time clutching her wound, each step more and more exhausting.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Shudd the hell up, John. That's not the way of joining a Rp. Stop creating characters.>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Sorrie I took soo long to reply.And I am very blur about somethings...>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki turned towards Mitsuki and held her up. "Are you alright?" she turned her head over to the two living guys and the non- living guy. "Kento,can you do me a favour,bring this guys over to our place.I have something to talk with you and with mr YoyoZ here.I will go back first with Mitsuki,I think her wound opened again." And with that Miyuki lowered her head and dissapeared int the darkness.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Ok...the two of you can just cool down now,its just an rp '''>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Kento,I need to ask you something,who is your master?Satan or me?? Its quitehard to see who is who.>> Miyuki had already dressed Mitsuki and put her to bed.She prepared a room for both YoyoZ and Kotetsu and put a meal at their rooms.She went downstairs just in time to meet them. "Mr Kotetsu and Mr YoyoZ follow me to your rooms." She said with her head lowered and led them to their individual rooms. After that she and kento went into the study.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki turned and looked at him very seriously,"Kento,I'm sure you have heard about a legend from Lucifer about me.The curse of the Monnlight.I need you to do a favour for me..."she said as she kneeled down infront of him."Please take Mitsuki away from here tomorrow as Idon't want her to be hurt.Please I beg you."
miroakukirara / nolane: <<can i joins>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Well yeah." Mitsuki simply replied, not knowing what else to say. She automactically took his pack and said, "Follow me. The room's pretty vacant and stuffy, so open the windows first."
kento deablo: [turns around and crosses his arms]i hate being 5.i cant do anything.why do i have to start again at this age???
kento deablo: [doges the bullet] if you must know,i just parished her curce and that is also why im 5 again.
kento deablo: <<ok sorry i understand now>>
kento deablo: alright!
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Tell you what Kento. She isn't your master. You mistook her for someone else." Mitsuki said being slightly irritated as though Kento had been 5 yrs old the whoile time. "Here's your room..."
What could be seen was a spacious room carpetted and with a nice clear window beside a quite big bed. The whole room was of plain and pastel colours, giving it a mild and calm look. There was a small stall for a toilet. Mitsuki put down Kotetsu's pack beside the bed.
"The toilet is considered shared, so when taking a leak aim properly." She said jokingly as she open the window, letting the cool breeze in.
kento deablo: no its her[staring then turns to were she cant see his face and says in a softer tone]you are to.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Oh...these." She said lookin down. "Some sort of assasination, I guess. Lately my sis and I have been attacked more often than usual. This, is considered the most damage so far others had land on me." Mitsuki spoke, wincing as she gently touch her tightly bandaged stomach.
obliviones / lakkas: "well i be damn, this is really got me all worried bout wut will happen tomorrow" exclaimed lakkas as he ran his fingers through his hair while alking down mainstreet.
kento deablo: not to inturupt [he said in a modorite tone] do you guys have any spell books?i might be able to turn myslef back to normal if thats allright with you.
kento deablo: wait, gosh damn!!! i forgot my body hasnt developed spell using gosh damn!!!this sucks im stuck at 5.
kento deablo: o,come on guys!please!i hate being 5.please!What did i ever do to you?!hu?!
kento deablo: please!!!
kento deablo: hello...im standing right here!!!
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She shrug her shoulders before walking down the stairs. "I'm gonna check if my sis is going to burn the house down..." She said simply, as though nothing out of ordinary happened. "Dinner's ready in ten minutes."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <sorry if i never reply for a longgg time...i was away on a holiday>Miyuki comes up and finds them standing in a circle. "Ahem...dinners ready and kento,do u want me to get a babt chair or put more cushions on your chair for you?" She said as she kneeled down in front of him and look at him as he was a young lost kid.
kento deablo: no i would not like that master.if only i still had my wings he muttered.
kento deablo: ill put the plate on my lap thank you.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <I gotta admitt it with mitsuki,reply later.>>
kento deablo: well stop treeting me like one.shesh man.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Food that's cooked by my sis is always unpredictable." Mitsuki chuckled but stopped as soon as she felt her sister kicking her foot real hard. She choked a little with the food in her mouth and soon swallowed it hard after drinking gulps of water. "Shouldn't have talked when mouth is full..." She laughed softly, thinking she's a kid too. Then she suddenly thought up of something.
"Kento really. If you stop squabbling that you're five years old, and do the best you can in your rewinded life, we would practically stop squabbling over such trivals matters again." She said mainly to him. She wished that made some sense in him in a non-ofeensive way.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki nodded her head slightly in agreement and stood up.Everybody looked towards her.Miyuki stared at them and asked,"What? Is there any problem with me finishing my dinner!?" They just stood/sitted speechless. She rolled her eyes and started to wash her dish. "Wash your own dishes,no service." And she made her way towards the fridge and grab some fruits to cut and serve.
kento deablo: i know what you mean but how can i do anything.my wings are the strongest part of my body and there only a foot long.and at this time my body can not fight spellcast or anything.
kento deablo: its not that easy.i might know how to do them butmy bodie has not adapted yet.i cant spellcast even thou i know how.
kento deablo: fuck the fair!i need to get back to my original age!
Gothik / Hiro: "For someone who was turned into a kid again, he sure isn't very bright." He said to himself as he put the dishes away after washing them.
"Had it ever occured to you that we have someone at the fair that can help, he joined on as an alchemist and we found out a month later that her actually was one." He said sitting back down.
"He may be able to help you, he just seems a little wierd at first."
kento deablo: ok.ill try it man.but if some clown trys to hug me "pulls out hand pistol" i will kill them.
Gothik / Hiro: "Its a historical fair, no clowns no elephants or anything like that, its a bunch of people that dress up in clothes and armor from the feudal era and attempt to simualte daily life back then." He set his katana on the table and smirked.
"The armor you saw me inwhen we first met was my costume, although it may look cheap, its made of real steal and was fabricated like an original suit."
kento deablo: ok.thats better.alot better.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki stood up suddenly, slamming her hands on the table, also catching everyone's attention. She tried to slowly sit down when...
"BOOM!" her head and arms landed flat on the dinner table as she started to sleep soundly.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki half chewing on an apple slice nodded her head and finished it. "She usually does that but this time its much harder than the previous. She is gonna experience a hell lot of pain tomorrow.Do me a favour and wash her dish while i carry her to her room." Miyuki replied and carred Mituki on her bag like a piggy-back ride. "Dmn she's heavy," She groaned as she trudged up the stairs and loudly she said,"LIKE A PIG!"
Cross: ((Hope you dont mind me joining))
Just as Mityuki was carring Mitsuki a young boy jump through the window opened earlier and pointed a two handed golden sword at them.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki turned her head and screamed,"You just distroyed a very expensive glass pane!!!I am soo gonna kill you.KENTO!!Come right here this moment ans look after her,*points to the sleeping mitsuki*while i deal whith wondow-destroyer brat!!" She finished and grabbed the pair of hand guns on her waist. "Prepare to say your prayers boy!" She said furiously.
Cross: ((But it was open...Lolz))
"WHat the guns? I hate guns they hurt!" They Black feathered wings appeared. And he flew stait at her with his blade's tip straight towards the heart. His long hair flying away from his face showing his cold white eyes with peircing pupils.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <Glass pane dow not neccesary mean the window FYI>
Miyuki jumps back and started shoting at him as if there's no tomorrow aiming strait at his vital points.
Cross: ((Oh missed that part sorry lol))
He flew up and dogde the most of the bullets a few hit the tips of hie feathers. Then he saw Kento. "ARG! You bastard!" He flew around Miyuki and rapidly stabed him. "*Huff Huff* WHY AM I FIVE AGAIN?! Stupid Brother!" HE said holding his sword forgeting about killing the girls.
Cross: Then he calmed down and looked around. "What the who are all these people?" he thought to himself. Then exact images apeared from him then dissapeared. "Damn I didn't learn the clone spell yet?!" He thought as he panicked. Then flew at Misuki and grabedd her and put his blade up to her neck. "DOnt any of you move." he said as he backed towards the door.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Suddenly his blade flew out of his hands, and another cold blade pointed in his face. Mitsuki was up, her eyes flared with anger. Her face twitched slightly seeing its a boy. She took a deep breath.
"HOW DARE YOU WAKE ME UP FROM MY NAP!!! I GOT A DAMN FREAKIN HOLE IN MY TUMMY, JUST EATEN DINNER AND NOW THIS!!!" She practically yelled, panting afterwards. She grabbed him by the collar, slam him into a chair, got ropes from god-knows-where and tied him tightly with a dead knot. After that she opened the door and kicked the chair a couple of metres out of the house. She slammed the door and plopped on the couch before falling alsleep again. "Sis...I'll get you for calling me that..." She mumbled in her sleep soon after. Was she sleepwalking?
Cross: He sat and staired with a confused look then he opened his wings cutting the ropes. "Whew I was lucky i guess i mean i was the one who threw the katana at her stomach" He thought then he went into the forest.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki stared at her sleeping sister. "You are so selfish you know.I carried you alll the way to the stairways and now u ploped down on the couch.Damn you."she cursed under her breath and shouted out,"Make yourself comfortable.Im gonna sleep soon."
kento deablo: dang man.does she attak anyone who wakes her up.that was harsh.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Kotetsu,come right here this instance and help me carry this,"Miyuki pauses and mouths the word 'pig' and points to the sleeping Mitsuki and continues,"Up to her room!!"
kento deablo: will you need me to help for awile?if not im going to head out.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: "Yeah whatever.."Miyuki yawns as she tries to keep her eyes open as she goes up the stairs,trying her best not to fall."Here is her room." Miyuki said as she opened the door of the room close by.After seeing Kotetsu put Mituki on her bed and exited it out,she put a hand on his shoulder and smiled before blacking and stumbled on him.
Cross: Late in the night the boy comes back to the house. "Damn first I lose two katanas and now my tsurugi." He thought to himself as he looked for away in. "That mean woman didn't even give me y tsirugi back." Then he saw an open window and went inside.
Cross: The boy saw Kotetsu an got supsed and droped foreward landing on his head and got knocked out.
Cross: "Hee hee my tricked worked." He thought as he got up "Probably thinks im a weakling that didn't hurt abit he said as a tear drop fell while he tounced his red bump. "Ah my sword." He went and grabed his tsurugi. "Hmm do they have any food" he tought as he looked around.
Cross: He answered calmly "i came here to retrive my blade then got hungry and ended up scrounging for food." then he said "If you would be kind enough to let me finsh ill be out of your way."
Cross: "Feh" He said as Kotetsu closed his room's door. He stood up and walked to the kitchen eting some left overs. "Ah that feels good after a day of training." He said then he concentraited he did the images again but this time they stayed as real clones. "Yes I learned it fasted then last time ha ha i must thank you my brother im learning everything 10 times faster and by the time i return back to my original age ill be 10 times stronger." He thought.then he sent one clone outside to retreive the two katanas and the other to stay outside and train.
kento deablo: he came and saw that guy in the frig scarfing down food.LEAVE!!!!he started to pull out his weapon and remembered that he did not have it here.i could bluf.hopfully.
Cross: "...Come on you loser at the age of fivve the only finghting moves you knew were pinching and tickling" He said sitting down.
kento deablo: ok well anyways what the hell do you want?and why did you come here earlyer?
Cross: "Im WAS here to kill those to females but SOMEONE did sumething and changed us into 5 year olds." He answered angrily.
kento deablo: your my...brother?a light demon?is that true?
Cross: "YES!" HE yelled. "YOU DONT RECONIZE YOPUR OWN BROTHER YOU FOOL!!" His wings spread and broke the rope.
kento deablo: i thought there was something difrent about you.were have you been all this time?
Cross: "Training, Somthing you dont do thats why you are such a weakling. Can you even use "F" Class spells? I can already use "B" Class spells." HE said as he walked towards the door. "I'v got to train so i can kill the females. Late."
kento deablo: MY BROTHER OR NOT DO NOT TOUCH MY MASTERS!!!!at this point all i have is a bezerck mode.If you even try to touch them.you will wish you were never born.
Cross: "Ha ha what a weakling to have masters." He said as he left. Then in the forest he met up with his clones. My Katanas Thank you and lets see how much more power i have. he combined with his clones. "HA! This strengh is great."
kento deablo: thats right.just leave into the forest he yelled.he wispurred.ill kill you.
Cross: Just then one of Cross's clone droped from the roof behind Kotetsu. "Give me my blade or I will create an army of clones and make you late to work causing you to lose your job."
Cross: Just as kento entered his room there were 9 clones "Heh looking for his armor and blade too late." And they all jumped him. While with kotetsu Another clone droped down and head locked him 4 more came and each grabbed his limb. "Why can't you return a simple weapon?" Another clone went for the tsurugi.
kento deablo: ok.but im not weak.well i am now but once i get back to my normal age i will kill him.and no im not trying to be a pet.I actuley have chips that program me to do what ever a girl says.[he runs and gets his katanas and throws them to him.]here.
kento deablo: <<skip the trows back katanas part.>>
Gothik / Hiro: Kotetsu laughed as he started muttering an incatnation, turning Kento to his normal age.
"Your welcome, now give me a hand with your midget brother." He cut the clone that went for the sword ans brought the blade down and stabbed it into the floor.
"I'm not someone to be taken lightly you runt!" He drew his katana after catching it and cut up the clones on him.
"You want your blade back, buy it in auction." He pulled several small orbs out of his pocket and threw them to the ground, causing a massive cloud of smoke. Under the cover, Kotetsu cut up the remaining clones. When the smoke cleared, he stood wit hthe sword resting on his sholder again.
kento deablo: You basterd.[laghs]ha ha ha.[goes into a beserk going crazey destroying anything in site.AHHHHHHHHH.[starts to go after cross]
Cross: "You fools He is my twin what happens to him happens to me!!!" Cross returned to normal age his strengh was far beyond its original. "I don't need that blade any more." He returned Kotetsu's blade and pulled a feather off and it changed into a new tsirugi or grewater strength. He took his brother's attack and punched him in the stomach. "Calm down you fool!" Then he teleported elsewhere.
kento deablo: slowly falling he regained control of his bodie and got back up.we have to find him.hay how long were you planing on waiting befor you used that spell on me?or is it only temporary?
Cross: "Ha ha this is great!!!" Cross exulted in his new found strength. "Brother I must thank you the next time we meet." He then casted a Exlie Light spell so that he would not be affected by time ,but this did also affect his brother.
kento deablo: kento pulls out his staff and a ball of energey starts forming.he teleports.hello brother.i might have been weak as a kid but at this age...well lets just say.im your worst nightmare.[huge energey waves start to flow around him as he gos back into a bezurk mode.]who is deffensless now bitch.by the way another light shines from his staff.i almost forgot.the lights stop and they are defused.now prepare to go back to hell bitch!!!charges at the speed of light.
Cross: "I don't feel like fighting now..." Cross just teleported away to the heavens. "I hope your master wont be pissed finding you back at your normal age. And stop going beserk you have no idea what your doing all you do is destroy." Cross was gone.
kento deablo: teleports back to kotetstu.he got away[he said in an angry voice.]then leveled back down to normal.how long does this age spell last?
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki wakes up by the racket downstairs.Her mood was not the best of time and she knows who is goin to get into trouble.She climbs down the stair case to see a hurt kotetsu and a growned up kento.She stared at them furiously,her eyes eyes burning with merderous intent,she spoked as camly as she could,"What happened just now?"She spoked giving them each a chill down their spine.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Kento,if possible,pls try not to use another of ur characters to pose as someone else.>>
Cross: Cross came back to the forest and sat down. He took out an ocarina and started playing a song. In a few minutes he stoped. "Master I have supassed you defeated you now whats left? I hate killing thats why i let you live i dont have to do your job for you any more." He thought to himself as a wolf came by and put its head on his leg. "Hello there." He said as he petted the wolf. "Im too strong this is boring." He looks down at the wolf hmm want to be my familiar? Yes? Ok." He Transfers half of his strenght to the wolf. Then he starts playing the ocarina as the glowing wolf howls.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki glares angrily at them,"Who is it?Answer me truth~" she was stopped as she heard a digusting sound that provoked her. "Stay here and look after Kotetsu and if Mitsuki happens to wake up,say i am going out for a while.I have something to settle with little cross here." Se says as she takes her coat from the clothe hanger and walk out the door as she walk towards the racket. <Mitsuki i am goin to chu diao cross?yao bu yao??>
kento deablo: kotetstu,as i was saying befor,how long does this spell last?[slowly shinks back to 5.]oh 5 minuts.thats real predictibal.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Dang ran yao ah! Ta ba wo qi dao ban si. Sha le ta yao yun dao.>>
<<Guys, if you know what's good for your brains, don't read that.>>
<<One last warning to all, especially John- no god-like stuff or manupilating the story. Kento stop bragging your a kid. Keep saying you're damn useless, (ye mei nao de)you are useless in building up this story.>>
kento deablo: <<i didnt brag.i dont even like being a kid.>>
kento deablo: <<i didnt even bring it up,cross did.>>kento wabbles as he trys to pull kotetstu in.damn man you need to lighten off the food man.
Cross: Cross kept playing to ocarina as it grew darker his area didn't forest animals and faries came to listen to his song it was as if it were a festive moment just for him breaking free of his master. Then he fell a asleep and the andimals did too.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <Shuo de hao,na me zhe me sha le ta ne??haha?Wo xiang zhi dao!!> Miyuki finally reaching him,infuriated by the noise and very dipleased whit him,mobilizing the animals.She mummbeld to herself,I swear you are soo gonna die.And crap me being your filthy master." She could feel herself boil with rage.Waiting to get her hands on him.
kento deablo: atleast my brother is younger again to.that will be alot better news for miyuki.o great im talking to myself.
Cross: <<If you were talking about me Miyuki you are not my master but if not then ok.>> Cross woke up and saw Miyuki and stood up "What do you want?" HE looked around. "Your alone do you have business with me?"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Its really embarrassing to say your full name. Don't make me do that. And, either Kento or Cross will be out. To hell with the brother thingy, we know you're the same person. Skip to morning or something please. The night is no longer young. I won't be Rp-ing until its day time.>>
kento deablo: ok then.[we all fall asleep except my brother and miyuki.she returns home with my brother tied up and they fall asleep.yada yada yada yad.]day time.
Cross: ((Wtf you think in Kento?! im not its because it you use your account instead of a character profile it automaticlly makes your name john doe or watever.))
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <God damn it,can your stop quarreling.And cross please its quite OBVIOUS that you are the same person.But if you are not,pls CREATE a new freaking account and RP.Its soo annoying.If you do annoy me,your character may get killed in this story by who ever it may be.>
kento deablo: <<we are not the same fucken person!!i dont even know who the hell that guy really is!!!>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <Okay than kento> <Miyuki,Wo yao ting zhi zhe ge rp,zai zuo duo yi ge,hao bu hao?bu yao li zhe ge fei hua shao shuo the ren.>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Er..you are Miyuki lol. Wo jue de hai shi liu zai ze li. Let's just skip to the morning.>>
"Morning!!" Mitsuki cheerfully said out to no one in particular. She looked around the hall - there was no one. She popped her head to look out of the now broken window. She could only see a slight tinge of pink in the sky. "Still early? I thought I got up late..."
She suddenly recalled the events of the day before. Stab in the stomach, then a once-adult kid, her sister, and an odd man who claimed to give free passes to a fair. They had dinner together....but couldn't remember whatever happened later. She thought harder but soon gave up. She decided to get herself some green tea.
Cross: ((So do you belive us and can i still rp here?...))
kento deablo: good morning.shesh you people sleep to long.ive been up for about 5 hours.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <eh..about that question,u have to ask Mitsuki,its her rp > Miyuki walks down with her hair bunned up after kento had greeted Mitsuki. "Wow your up early the both of you,anyways,I'll prepare breakfast,and can someone go call kotesu to wake up?" she says as she enters into the kitchen.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki grinned. "I'll do the honours..." She said as she skipped up the stairs to the guest room. Good thing the dor wasn't used much, as it didn't creak open. Mitsuki peered her head to see...
Cross: ((ok..since no one said anything about a no ill stay thanks))
Cross stood up and walked towards the fair that was going to take place later today. He put on his cloak and told his familiar to stay back then headed off to the fair.
kento deablo: hay!!!!![he yelled]you van try all you want but kotetstu did not sleep on his own.he was knocked out with energey.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Tensu you saved us! >>
Mitsuki shruged her shoulders as she bit her lip. Not giving a reply, she closed the door and started laughing before opening the door to face him. "The hole in my tummy is great. Come down for breakfast as soon as you had washed up. You're lucky you're still not sleeping." She mumbled the last sentence softly before she closed the door.
kento deablo: im heading out too.[he said as he jolted out the window and jumped onto the roof.][he flew back in and says to miyuki]here[handing her the staff.]i need you to hold on to this.[he flew back on to the roof.]
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Kento gosh its so obvious. Two characters suddenly pop out of nowhere. I'll try and get my sis back to this rp so it can go on.>>
kento deablo: ((i do not know who those other two are either!!!!all i know is that one said my staff was thiers.and im telling you the only people i have made are arshcana and kento-deablo!!!!))
kento deablo: ((rivi is made by faigan and im made by kento-deablo.we are not the same fucken person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))
kento deablo: dude just beacuse they act the same as me doesnt mean they aer the same person.why the hell are you allways accusing me of shit?you need to be less of a bitch.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<You had made multiple accounts under the same name. We're not dumb John...D-o-never mind. Rather stupid/lame don't you think? Makito is also you. Its best you rp like that, but not too dominating. But I'll guess I'll say 'buh-bye' to ya...Kento/Makito/Cross/Negi/Vivi/JOHN.>>
Cross: ((Thanks for vouching for me kotetsu. Well bye then if you want it that way. It was fun while it lasted...))
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: (Sorrie i have not been on ES this few times,been quite busy.Anyways,i think its ok for kento to haf 1-2 characters here.He just wants this RP to be more 'lively'.Anywayz,pls when scolding,no cursing and try let carry on.Kento/or whoever,dun be very domistic.Its very,very,VERY rude.Now lets carry on. )
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki looks at the staff,back to the guy/girl.Back and froth/back and froth.Suddenly she toss it over to mitsuk. "You make the decision,I am goin to grab some stuff and make a nicer meal tonight and some books.Bye Bye."She leaves as she took her jacket and her hand guns and exited from the door.She looks towards a certain direction and says,"Its not nice to spy on people you know.Infiltrate and I'll show you 'fun'."And she left the compound thinking what she was going to do next.
kento deablo: sorry but the only one of my 2 charecters that i put on here was kento.sorry that im still on here typing but i had to tell you.tha=nks.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <Lol nearly fell off my seat. Oh well...>>
She looked around seeing Kotetsu and Miyuki as they headed out to their own things. She had seriously nothing better to do, so she followed them behind. As the two of them head seperate ways, she followed Kotetsu. "Wanna see the fair." She said although he already knew.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki took the pass and kept it in her pocket. She then stared at the armour Kotetsu's putting on in deep interest. "Can I get one of what you're wearing?" She asked hopefully. She wouldn't mind paying any price. That is...if its available.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Just as what I expect from these armours. I've met the right person." She said accidentally spilling her thoughts. Her face flushed instantly as she looked away, hoping he didn't get to see it. "I didn't mean anything while mentioning 'the right person'... Sorry."
Raineyes: ummm. . .I thought this was about killing people not love. . .*looks at pretty little knife in my hand and looks sad* Can I still stab you?
Raineyes: You just said no I can stab you so maybe I will and maybe I won't b/c you seem pretty undecided about it. . .
Raineyes: *laughs and plays with knife*
Raineyes: You're funny. . .do you want to play?
Raineyes: but stabbing is only a showing of affection. *smiles* I just want to see your pretty blood. . .
Raineyes: *cocks head to the left slightly* Strange how? *spins knife in right hand*
Raineyes: You don't want to talk to me anymore? Awwww. . .*looks hurt*
Raineyes: Ah a life. . .something that doesn't always exist
Raineyes: Well, I'm pregnant and living in Texas with my boyfriend my life consists of waiting on him to get home from work. . .make lunch. . .wait on him to get home from school. . .make dinner. . .go to bed. . .wake up and start over again
Raineyes: b/c it's fun
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki continues walking towards the city.After browsing through the weapons shop,she never found anything intersting.She tought to herself,"If i buy the groceries now,it will be abit too early.Hm...Maybe i can make some pasturies and then train a little more."she says as she wonder off to the grocery store.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <Can someone figgin post.This rp had dropped to the 5TH page already !!!>
Cross: ((Well you said two people can stay right so kento is one and me makes two ill post, if you dont mind that is then forget this post.))
Then as she entered the grocery store she bumpped into Cross. He droped on the floor and dropped his stuff. "Ah? Oh...Its you." Cross said as he avoided eyecontact then started to pick up his stuff.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <Eh, sorry. I'm a yr older now!! >>
Mitsuki looked at the two of them with a bored and sleepy face. She wondered what she would that girl do next. It seems obviously... common.She sat down leaning against a tree waiting to see what's going to happen next.
'Even my sparings with Miyuki is much better than looking at this...' she thought to herself.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki stared down at him,"Is there a problem with me being here?" She asked him coldly.She walked passed him and went to do her marketing.Soon she pays her load of stuff and walked out the store hands full. She turned to her left and saw cross standing at entrance.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <I'd like to make an announcement. Kento has many many MANY acc.He even admit dat cross was him after soo long.HEHE so yah.On with the RP>
Cross: "Um im sorry if i made you feel uncomfortable befor, there is nothing wrong with you." He said staring at the ground whild holding a bag of food in his left hand.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki walked a few steps before stopping.She spoke with hatred and merderous intent,"Never touch the forest animals.Unless you want to see their dead carcass to be found at your your door." She turn and left towards her home.She puts down the bags of groceries and shouted out loudly,"Kento come right here right now!!!"
Cross: "Heh I have no home..." He said as he walked towards the fair that he had heard of from Kotetsu. "Why would they die by me touching them...?" He said stareing at his hands as if they were hated.
Cross: ((Wait so theres a tournament at the fair?))
Cross had arrived at the fair and eaten all the snacks he had bought and threw away the bag. "There are so many people here." He said looking at the crowd. Then he bumped into a guy and he grabbed him
"Aren't cha gunna say sorry? Or I'll make you sorry." The guy said picking Cross up by the collar and his friends next to him surrounded Cross. "Yea boss go boss make him sorry." They said.
"..." Cross just looked down. avoiding eye contact.
"Ok I gave ya a choice fool." He guy punched his face and he flew the the feet of another guy who kicked him they beat him up for a few seconds then they ran away.
"..." He wiped off the blood at the edge of his mouth with his right arm then he slowly stood up He was bruised up abit. He gave them an emotionless look then started to continue watching the fair.
Cross: ((No just been to regular fairs.))
"Hmm?" His attention was caught by the anouncement 'isnt he that samurai?' he thought as he headed to the arena to watch.
Cross: 'That was interesting...' Cross though as he stood there and the crowd died out. Then he started walking to another area where they were selling some snacks.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<This rp has fallen to the 5 th page already!!! Kento/cross get ur ass here and start writing!!!!!>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Eh, nothing to say...>>
Mitsuki from the corner of her eye could see a flustered girl trying to knock the brains out of Kotetsu and laughed to herself. She then sighed and was about to walk off when...
"Hey you there. With that cool samurai outfit. Coudl you kindly put it on so we can take photos?" A middie-aged lady went up to her, with a child shyly hiding behind her.
"Er...me? I'm not..." She wouldn't like to dissapoint people so especially harmless ones. "Um...sure." She smiled before walking off to change. When she came out... the outfit fitted well. It was kinda loose at certain areas, but its just fine.
The lady smiled before passing her son to Mitsuki's arms. In no time there was already a crowd; and she kinda regretted it.
Cross: Cross was walking when he saw the guys that beat him up a bit earlier. 'Time to get some revenge.' He ran up and jump then kicked the guy that talked a lot last time across the face. "Hey its that one punk. lets get him.
"The guys said as they surounded. One guy ran in and went for a punch. Cross jumped and heeled the back of his head into the ground then another guy came and swung a bat hitting the back of Cross's head making him fly to another guy who kicked him in the stomach. then he was about to stomp on him but Cross rolled out of the way and got up. his head bleeding and blood from his mouth he was a bit tired. He ran to the guy that hit him with the bat. The guy swung and Cross ducked then went up with an uppercut then jump-kicked off his body as another guy with a knife went for a stab but stabbed the guy with the bat.
"Bastard. Imma get you for that." The guy with the knife said.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Cross into alot of action yea?>>
Mitsuki saw the two of them from earlier...by chance. She excused herself walked up to them.
"Er..need help. Um..I need to kinda go now..." She said shyly not looking at Miru and Kotetsu. "So.. buh-bye!" With that she quickly went to change. But as she was about to leav the place...
"Big sis, why are you leaving so soon?"
"Oh, you've lost your mom?" The litle boy shook his head. "Well...I've got to go. Take care of yourself 'kay?" He nodded happily.
"And make sure you teach some moves!"
"Er...alright." She flashed a small smile before merging with the crowd...
Cross: About ten guys around him Cross threw of his lcloak and wiped off some blood from his mouth. The guy with the knife charged at him. Cross jumped up but a guy to his left threw a dagger at him stabbing his left arm and miking him flew at the feet of a guy. The guy was about to stomp on him when Cross did a flare and triped him then he jumped on his feet and grabbed the dagger and kicked the guy's face and blood splatered out at the face of another guy temporarly blinding him . Cross ran and slid under his tripping the guy making him land on his face and flared again keeping the other guys at a distance as they circled around him. Each of the guys started throwing daggers at him but he was spinning to fast and thought they stabbed him, but he acctully cautgh them and started throwing them. Only two guys ready to fight left and Cross with one useless arm and weary they stood and stared at eachother. One guy chaged at him with a bat and cross ducked to dogde it but another guy was already down there and took a stab at him but he rolled to the right and stoped at the feet of the third guy as he stomped on Cross and blood squirted out of his arm wound and mouth. Cross grabbed the leg and made the guy drop down and he jumped up and broke the leg. Cross beathing hard turned around to see the guy with the dagger in front of him and stabbed him at the side. Cross quickly punched the guy and stomped on his face and kicked him to the side. The guy with the bat hit his right leg making him fall to the ground. As he was about to hit him again cross grabbed the dagger and threw it stabbing the guy's eye. The guy went to stop his eyes pain letting go of the bat cross grabbed it and hit the guys kleg then swung at his head. Limping Cross grabbed his cloak and limped away from the scene and blacked out in a nearby forest.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She slammed the door behind her and sigh in relief. No more flashing lights from cameras, no more people crowding around her...
"Sis? Kento? Anyone home?" She asked out loud, hoping desperately for a reply. Back there, she had already sensed watchful eyes staring at her, freaking her out so much that she decided to leave. She also saw...something she didn't quite like. Sighing, she lowered her head and trudged up the stairs, back to her room.
Akima_PZ: Miyuki was taking a walk at the nearby forest with her guns strapped at her sides.She was trying to cool herself off before burning the house down BECAUSE kento did not respond to her calls.As she walks thorugh,she releases a little of her powers and happened to attract the nearby animals.She just smiled at them and carried on walking without them following as they felt her anger as well.
Akima_PZ: As she walks,she thinks how mitsuki is.As she made a turned back,she saw a bloody thing passed out nearby.It was cross and she was even cross.She was pissed and decided to have some thrashing to release.She dragged him over to the nearby river and threw him in somehow.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <The last two post is under a wrong character,haha sorrie.Its suppose to be Miyuki>
Cross: All the blood washed off from him as his eyes opened from the cold water. 'what the?!' He started drowning and landed on the ground on the river where the current was weak. He punched the ground and fell asleep down at the bottom of the river.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki shrugs and ask politely,"Would the both of you like to join me and my sister for dinner?I am preparing something nice for dinner." She looks at them,hoping to let them be the tryers for her new creation.
Cross: A while later Cross wakes up in an opening in the forest surrounded by trees. He slowly sits up and hears a water fall and sees it next to him. He also had cuts and scratches. His arm and leg were paining and bleeding a bit. He took off his cloak and ripped off some long ribbons using them as bandages. "How did I end up in that river." He wondered as he sat leaning on a tree. He took out his ocarina and a wolf came it was that wolf that he had gave his energy to. In it was the one that pulled him out of the river now in its mouth was a sack off fruit. He dropped it and Cross started eating some along with te wolf. "Heh good boy." He said rubbing its head.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "I feel crappy..." Mitsuki darkly muttered to herself. She took a shower, change into a white tank top and some jeans shorts and dug into her cabinet for her gloves. Not any normal gloves, but the boxing ones...
She walked into another room that hasn't been used for quite some time. It was some sort of mini gym, and in the middle was a small ring with a punching bag in the center of it. She walked over as a small smirk played across her lips...
<<The room has lots of echo, so at the doorstep you can even hear the activity inside.>>
Cross: Cross stood up feeling a bit better. "Thanks." He said to the wolf as he jumped to the top of the water fall and to the top of a tall tree. He scoped out the area to see where the town was and headed straight for it.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Er Sis you're needed.>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <Ok ok i know>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki just stood as she saw Miru chasing Kotetsu with her fan.She sweat-dropped and sighed,"Kotetsu meet me back at the house at 7 pm later for dinner with Miru as well.Have fun!" she shouted out loudly towards the both of them when she heard a reply from kotetsu a short but rather clear one.She made her way towards the city to see if she could get anything more for the meal when she came across both Cross and his wolf.Immediately her blood boiled and the wolf felt her anger and started to whimper.
Cross: Cross's hand was on his wound and he was kind of limping. He stopped and looked at her. "Hello we meet again..."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<anyone mind if i jump in?>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: The sun's orange glow shone into the gym room, where Mitsuki was sitting in a corner breathing heavily and sweating profusely. The punching bag seemed more beatened up than before.
"Why isn't Miyuki back yet?" She wondered to herself.
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed sensed confusion. A 16 year old girl was sitting in a corner of a room, near some punchbags, glowing with sweat. Zed wasn't sure how he got there nor did he care. It was time to harvest another soul while it was weak.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami found himself standing in a room, with his hands tight atound his katana. A girl was looking at him questioningly. It must have been Zed, the demon who he shared a body with. He bowed respectfully to her. "Where am i?" He aske Mitsuki.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki was still in the same position, just that her breathing slowed down a little. "Me and my sister's home. Do you mind putting that down?" She said refering to his katana with closed eyes, feeling as though she had seen him before. There was something strange about him, but she couldn't bother much.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami sheathed his katana. "My sincerest apologies". He could sense that Mitsuki did not want him here. "I shall take my leave." Itami turned to walk away. He had a splitting headache like he always did when Zed had just controlled him, or was about to. Itami turned and started to run for the door. The pain was getting too much. He made it out into open air and passed out right outside.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami awoke, but apon waking, he knew he was not in the real world. He was in his own subconcious. It meant it was time to duel with Zed. And surely enough, there he stood. Memories flew by like dragonflies. A sword. A flash of blood. Zed. A forest. A samurai and two ladies, one of which he spoke to shortly before he passed out. There was no need for words, for there was only one. Itami and Zed both charged eachother. Itami swung for Zed's head, but the demon ran him through.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki's face was unfazed as she took her own time to walk outside the house, to see the unknown guy there. She kneeled down and gently held his chin to examine his face.
'Lucky ass...' she thought to herself as she dragged the man up the stairs and in the spare bedroom. He'll definately have fresh bruises thanks to her...
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Eh...ignore my post thn.>>
silentblade / Zed Rever: Itami split in half at the touch of Zed's katana. Zed had control again. Brilliant. He was passed out outside the house. He thought he heard someone approach. Zed assumed it was the girl he tried to kill shortly before Itami regained control. He shut his eyes, still pretending to be unconcious. <Zed & Itami look the same, except for when Zed is enraged or in Itami's mind. then he looks like in the pic:)
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<The two pics are interesting...>>
The girl kneeled down and stared into his face. She sighed before sitting cross-legged beside him.
"You're a lousy actor. Sit up please."
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed cursed. This girl was smart. She knew who he was just by looking at him. He sat up as she said, knowing he was in no state to fight.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She smirked as she observed him and said, "Mind telling your name please? In case you're really going to kill me, I just would like to know the name of my killer."
silentblade / Zed Rever: The demon smiled at the girl. "Itami. Itami.....erm (what was that cursed boys name again?) Saito.. Zed answered, shortly before realising that his surname was. "Er...ah ... Kojima! Sorry. The demon was evil, and sometimes cunning, but didn't have great memory. He was millions of years old, after all.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki's brows were raised in a confused manner. "Why don't we get inside before we chat?" She said as she walked into the house, trying to comprehend whatever Itami was saying.
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed shrugged and followed her in. What did he have to lose?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She took a seat on a chair like a clumsy old man at the dinner table and signalled for him to sit at the other end. Maybe this would kill some time...
"Name, age, gender, height, weight... Nah, just kidding. Now what were you saying about yourself?"
She said checkling to herself. Some sort of inside joke...
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: *Its 'chuckled'
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<I've gotta go n sleep now.>>
silentblade / Zed Rever: Darn that girl! She knew that Zed's body was controlling Itami. No one would be that inquisitive.<Zed is a demon, he doesn't understand your jokes> Instead he made up a history of himself. "I'm Itami Kojima,err ...18...er....Oh wait! male...ah...5"12, erm... no comment. Shame he didnt know Itami was actually 17 , 6 ft. Who are you?"Zed asked, trying to change the subject away from Itami.
silentblade / Zed Rever: <ok see ya>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Her chuckles turned to soft laughter. "I was just kidding about the specifications. My name's Mitsuki. Call me Mittens and you'll..."She trailed off as she traced a finger around her neck, with her tongue sticking out. Then she started laughing again...just that she fell off her chair.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<I am gonna fast forward a little since cross/kento did not reply.>> Mitsuki took her rage on both the cross and the wolf.Chaining up the wolf and kento with uranium chains from god-knows-where and dragged them overt to the house.When she entered the house,she saw Mitsuki talking to another guy,assuming that he was a friend of hers as she drag both her 'prisoners' into the store room.She wispered harshly to the both of them,"If the both of you ever try to get out of the chains and out of this room,this room will automatically blow the both of you up before you even reach the door." She turned her heels and closed the door.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: She procceeded to the kitchen and started to prepare the meal fit for a king.A wide spread for her guest but to her,it seems like a simple meal.She called out to mitsuki,"Sis,the meal is ready,start without me if kotetsu and his girlfriend arrives already.I'm gonna take a long soak." she said as she proceedes up to her room.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: She procceeded to the kitchen and started to prepare the meal fit for a king.A wide spread for her guest but to her,it seems like a simple meal.She called out to mitsuki,"Sis,the meal is ready,start without me if kotetsu and his girlfriend arrives already.I'm gonna take a long soak." she said as she proceedes up to her room.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Spelling error,its JOHN DOE not JHON DOE>>
Cross: ((Im not kento...and i did reply i said hello...and i am confused did u chain me up or kento?))
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Yummy Miyuki...lol jkjk. The thing now Kotetsu, is that you need to get you and your girlfriend over to our house. Then the real dinner can start.>>
"Okay..." She replied as a grumble although Miyuki couldn't hear it. She then remember about the silly Itami and started laughing again. After a while longer she sighed and wiped a tear from her eye. "So...where do you live?" She wanted to check if Itami has short-term memory like her, as she had asked that question before.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<The think has currently be ssttled AGAIN and may i wonder WHY will it be 'him'??>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami was slightly confused, Zed had obviouly had a tighter grip on his soul then he thought. " Sorry? I wasn't paying attention" he answered, sounding slightly ruder than intended. He also noticed his left hand was holding his katana. Zed probably intended to hack the girl in half.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki, although had seen his hand hovering over his weapon, kept up a small smile. She was slightly offended, but she didn't quite bother that. "Aren't you in no position to fight? If you had found what I had said earlier offending," She said with a hand over her heart as she bowed. "My apologies."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Er if it hard for ya, ignore the previous post and continue on what you're character's doing.>>
silentblade / Zed Rever: Itami sat back. This was Zed's mess so he'd leave Zed too it. The girl seemed young and innocent, but he could sense great power in her soul. She could have been evil- He doubted it. Nevertheless he let Zed talk. They drifted into a state of semiconcious-where they both had some control-neithe two over the other. "By the way-I come from Sagano, near Tokyo." That was the answer to his question. Itami could Sense Zed's bloodlust but he kept him at bay. This girl thought he was a maniac- He probably was. It was possible Zed never existed, and he just had multiple personalities. He doubted it. Only time would tell.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Er...you there?>>
silentblade / Zed Rever: (sorry that should say HER question)
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<okay ignore that one.>>
Mitsuki could sensed something about him that seperateshim from others- she was sure of it. She walked over to him and held his weapon in her hands. "I don't think you can controll yourself." She frowned just a little before she took out the blade and slowly slid it across her arm, slowly letting her blood drip to the floor.
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed liked this girl- Self harm! with his blade! Normally he would have leapt apon her and sucked her blood dry (DON'T TAKE THAT SENTENCE THE WRONG WAY), but he had to control himself while Itami had some control. She also mentioned she had a sister-brilliant. He could kill both of them when he had more control- but he'd only spring when he was needed. He'd have to lie low for a few days- hunting souls while Itami slept- he'd normally chain himself to his bed. Shame he knew exactly how to escape their grip and massacre the local population in the night.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki sighed and said. "You can go ahead and stare at the blood on the floor. I have to go up to my room for a while. Oh and if a couple comes knocking on our door, please tell them to take a seat. I'll come back down as soon as possible..." With that she ran up to her room. 'Please don't follow me up...' she begged in her mind. She was kinda amuse by that guy... and hopefully he stays over for a few days.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Dumb Demon! He left him in an awkward place. His weapon was no longer there and the girl's blood was all over the place. She didn't ask him to stay but he knew she wanted him too. He didn't tell anyone, but ever since Zed took his body, he could tell what someone was thinking about him. He waited downstairs, for 'the couple'
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Hm? They're still not here yet?" She asked as she walked down the stairs although she knew the answer. Itami could see her now with a bandage around her left arm and in a pair of black baggy jeans and white tee-shirt. She sat back down directly infront of him. He's a really special person, but she really wanted to know what's the jeepers about him...
"Say, what would you like to do now?" She asked after a long and boring silence.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami thought about asking for his katana back but then he understood why mitsuki took it in the first place-Zed. Itami looked thoughtful for a moment. Zed was nagging at the back of his mind to meet Mitsuki's sister- but he might have said 'make meat of mitsuki and her sister'. Itami shrugged and asked if she could show him around the area.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She smiled a little before saying "You can't go up there now, at least until my sister comes out. She has a male-detector kind of thing going on."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami smiled understandably and considered making a run. He knew if he stayed too long he'd put too many lives at risk. He got up and made for the door. <also, whats happened to my katana?>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki stopped him by his collar (if not, shoulder). "Where do you think you are going without your weapon?" She smirked as she remembered where she had hid it. "If you want it back... stay for a few days." She knew what she was risking, and didn't mind at all. But maybe on Miyuki's part... Oh well.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: He knew when he was beat. He smiled and nodded. "Okay. we'll have it your way." He silently prayed Zed wouldn't try anything. Zed didnt need a sword to defeat a master.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: In a quick swift moment, she forcefully pulled down Itami's lower jaw, and popped a candy into his mouth. "Sorry, if not my sis would throw a hissy fit about you coming up the stairs." She then dragged him up the stairs. "I'll show you the room you're gonna sleep in."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami didn't have much chance. She was smart, and strong. He sheepishly followed her upstairs. He even slightly forgot about Zed. The candy tasted sweet in his mouth. It might have been laced with poison, but that wouldn't affect Itami while Zed was in him. Zed......
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami bowed respectfully. He knew all about the great lady Miru and Kotetsu Hikusari. He bowed respectfully to the couple and introduced himself. "Itami Kojima." <sorry as U know Mitsuki im playing two RP's at once.Thats why theres a delay.>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Great. Just as I'm gonna sleep. Hope I can buy some time from my bro... Itami, its alright. But I can't rp like right now for the next 5 days...>>
"Eh? Oh hi guys." She said, wondering what was up with Miru's change of mood. "The food is served. Both of you can go ahead and eat first." She said her mood somehow tuned down as she continued to drag Itami up stairs.
<<If I'm slow, thn ignore this.>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Hey guys, lights out for me. Miyuki, if you're reading this, I'm posting at 12.am, our time.>>
Cross: ((Ill just guess you chained me cause kento has not posted in a long time and wasnt near us.))
"What the hech..." Cross said looking around tired and a bit in pain. "All I wanted to do was go to a drugs store and buy some medical things..." He looked at the wolf. "Im sorry I got you into this mess." He gave it a small sad smile that was really weak but was a smile. "If I left you as a normal forest creature then you wouldn't be in this mess." He scooted closer to the wolf and laid on it. "Let me rest on your warm fur a bit..." Before he knew it he blacked out sleeping on the wolf.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Eh... here. Your room for now." She said showing Itami the same room Kotetsu used the night before. "There's a joint toilet there so... always check if there's someone in..." She trailed off finding what she had said pretty stupid. "Oh well...Your sword's somewhere hidden around the house. Get into mine or my sis's room and die straight away..." She mumbled, bored of saying something like this the previous day...
"So, just go down and join the couple for dinner first. I need to see my sister..." Before he could reply she had already left, and was banging the door loudly. "YOU'RE SOOOOOOO GONNA PAY THE BILLS!!!!!!!!!"
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki immediately opens the door and hot steams blew right into Mitsuki's face.She stared at Mitsuki's face and shouted at her,"I am the one who mostly earns the income ok,so just shut up and lets go down and have dinner.I guess Kotetsu and Miru is here already I presume." She walks off and greeted the couple and told them to eat first while she went to take a plate of raw meat and brought it into the store room and laid it in front of the wolf before locking it again.She sat down and aat her share of dinner.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: "This is odd" Itami thought to himself. This was too perfect. It wasn't every day where a guy with a demon living in him gets invited to stay into a house, with two pretty ladies... And what was "Get into mine or my sis's room and die straight away..." supposed to mean. That was obviously where the katana was hidden. He'd get it back, and then he'd get out as soon as he could.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami opened his small drawstring bag and pulled out a book. He sat down on the bed and engulfed himself in the story of the legendary samurai Musashi. He laughed... He thought this house, thinking they were wierd people... Who was he to talk?
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami opened his small drawstring bag and pulled out a book. He sat down on the bed and engulfed himself in the story of the legendary samurai Musashi. He laughed... He thought this house, thinking they were wierd people... Who was he to talk?
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<sorry double click>>
Cross: "Huh food?" Cross looked at it and smiled "good boy. Flame." The raw meat was set on fire and stoped leaving a perfectly nice medium rare steak. "Aero." wind cutters cut the meat in half. "Wind." A small tornado lifted each of the meats to them and they ate them. "Heh my strentgh is regaining. "Lets leave. Tele... Growth." A rose plant grew from nowhere forming the words thank you. "Teleport." THey dissapeared to the alley of the market he was at earlier. "Eh hee we made it. Lets rest up." He said as the wolf left and he headed into the market to eat.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Mituski finished her shared,cut some fruits for all and went away after Itami had finished his dinner.She went into the store room and found that both Cross and the wolf was missing.She wansn't infuriated but was smiling.She went out and said to mitsuki,kotetsu and miru."Do you all want to join me in a game of cat and mouse??"
VoiceOfDecay / Lars Marius: As the party of three where talking, a small whisper could be heard from benath them." Why have you come here?" The whisper became stronger, and suddenly from nothing, a green aura filled the air sorrounding mitsuki,kotetsu and miru. They didnt know what to do exept from maby trying to contact this aura.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami came down stairs to notice that everyone had weapons drawn. His hand moved systematically to his waist and then he realised that Mitsuki had taken his katana.He cursed. He entered a combat stance and noticed a green aura. He would have been happy to have Zed at that point.
VoiceOfDecay / Lars Marius: "have no fear". Spoke the aura. "I am the voice of decay, an guardian for the bottle wich contains the winds of peace", im here to seek help for finding this bottle. It has been stolen by an mad demon named "Halgresh". The aura started to take form as an man.
This man had a green hooded cloak and green leather gloves.
Mitsuki, Miyuki and Itami saw this man´s face and felt a deep calm cause he´s face was so peacefully. They all put down their weapons.
VoiceOfDecay / Lars Marius: "no need to be hostile, i have no desire hurting you unless you try to, but i dont want to fight. Can´t i join this engagement?"
VoiceOfDecay / Lars Marius: "I guess im not welcome here, i shall decline." The man had a sad look upon his face as he slowly turned back into mist and disappeard.
silentblade / Ultimate Zed: Miru was harsh, he thought at first. The poor spectre seemed awfully depressed. But then again, was it not rude to just burst in? Then he remembered how he ended up here. He walked back upstairs to his room, considering checking out Mitsuki or Miyuki's room for his katana, but then decided maybe it would be better to just sit down and continue reading, as he was before he ate.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<whoops that should be Itami not Ultimate Zed.>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami soon grew bored of the book. He realised maybe it was a good idea to go to the gym room where he met Mitsuki. All of a sudden it didn't seem like a bad idea to go into the ladies' rooms while they were downstairs. He'd surely find his katana... that was all he cared about. Once he had the katana, he'd leave. He didn't like the idea of Zed rampaging in a house full of strong souls. His mind played a cruel trick on him. He was used to waking up, to see corpses littering the ground, where he had slain them subconciously as Zed, but this time he saw Mitsuki, Miyuki, Kotetsu and Miru 's corpses. He shook his head. No. that wouldn't happen if he wasn't there.
Cross: "Hmm im too human." He talked to himself as he sat in a park leaning on a tree next to his wolf eating. "But it has pleasures. For once I am happy not power hungry." He said as he handed the wolf a peice of bread. "I cant regenerate imediatly and need to depend on food for energy. Well its worth it to feel like this." He smiled at his familiar. "Good boy go on home." The wolf walked off as he climbed the tree and started to sleep.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<I didn't mentioned where I was...>>
She's really out of sorts today, not really knowing. Mr. Green guy left, without her saying anything. She sighed deeply. It was...amusing. But through her bored purple eyes, she went up to her room...
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Wow all happened in one day,or rather night.>>
Miyuki stood there and was gapping.Never had she been under a trance before.Thus she thought,"Kill targets,Train later." She looked around and saw miru and kotetsu standing there."You guyz gonna join me??If not meet you soon,Iam gonnna have my hunt."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Next time can u all reply slower,its hard to understand.-.-'''>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Mitsuki turned her head and asked Mitsuki,"Wanna join us??"But she had already gone to her bedroom.She sighed and than told both miru and kotetsu."If possible,try to keep up with my speed,the both of you will go after the guy,I will go after rthe wolf,and settle something with it before helping out the both of you.Deal??"
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami slowly snuck around the house, looking for his katana. It took him a few minutes to work out that the katana had to have been in Mitsuki or Miyuki 's room. He went for Mitsuki's door when he heard Mitsuki inside. He swore under his breath. She was in there. He crept towards Miyuki's door and was about to open it when....
silentblade / Zed Rever: ... Zed had control again. He knew his katana had been taken, and he would have to find it. He could have turned the house over, but it would have been useless. Intimidation tactics, however would prove much more effectve. Mitsuki was alone in her room, so maybe if he went in and scared her into giving him his precious blade back. He reached into his dark clothes and pulled out a small tanto. This would have to do for now...
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Hm?.." Mitsuki had just opened the door after a steaming shower, to see something slightly reflecting light and smiled. Steam escaped from the door, some what blurring her own eyesight, but could clearly see the shine of another blade. "You want to come into my room? Or just for your weapon?" She asked curiously, feeling that the Itami she knew moments ago had changed.
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed 's eyes travelled straight to the katana in the corner of the room. He didn't even look at Mitsuki in the corner of the room. He only cared for his sword. He held out his right hand and the blade spun across the room. It landed perfectly in his hand and he sheathed it, turning to Mitsuki. "You are soo dead," He muttered mockingly.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki blinked a few times as she stared at him for a while before she walked a few steps over. "Are you going to enjoy yourself here?" She had her hands as always, kept in pockets. She just waited for his next move.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Sry but nope. I'm bored right now! .>>
silentblade / Zed Rever: A smile gathered in the corner of Zed's mouth. He was going to enjoy this. He struck out at Mitsuki. She casually sidestepped his katana, as he'd expected her too. "Mistake," escaped his lips as the katana arked through the air. He spun the blade around and knocked her down with the flat of his sword. "Aren't you even going to try?"
The katana hovered dangerously above Mitsuki's throat.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki sat up, the blade still over her throat. She looked at the blade, blinked a few times before looking at Itami. "So would you want to take my life now?" She was now taking an even bigger risk, hope that it didn't get out of hand...
Anna Devoux: Kazumi walks in as if she's lost. "ummm, hello. My name's Kazumi.....this might sound kind of stupid, but....does anyone where I am right now? I think I'm lost."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Happy Lunar New year everyone>> Miyuki went up to get something else when she saw Itami threatening Mitsuki.She immediately brought her hand guns up to the side of his head,speaking with anger building up,"If you want your life,take the blade away now." Itami turned around her and attacked her when Mitsuki suddenly knocked him out with a long wooden stick from god-knows-where from her room."Thanks,anywaez i came to tell you that me,kotetsu and miru are goin hunting,look after the house and put that guy in that 'Special' guest room made for intruders.Got to go,Cya later" with that she sprinted from Mitsuki's room out the door and started her hunt.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: "My head... my frikkin' head..." Itami woke up. He was back in the room in which he had stayed, his katana gone again. Zed. The cursed demon. . He felt like someone had split his head open.He felt intothe lining of his top. Mitsuki must have taken his tanto.. He walked to the door. It was locked. He could have tried a window, but he was so disorientated, he couldn't even do that. He slumped back into his bed, initially cursing the two ladies, but then he realised that all three of them had been lucky. If Zed had complete control, enough to manipulate his appearance, to take on his true form, he doubted there'd had been anything left alive remoteley near the room, and that though they easily could have, they didn't kill him. He realised that if he were to die by Mitsuki's hand, she'd soon be possessed by Zed. Itami rested his head, and drifted back off to sleep.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<sorry i misread: Itami woke up in a 'cell'..>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki had silently sat in the corner of the room, not really surprised that Itami had not noticed. She was still feeling grouchy, not knowing the reason why. "Would you mind telling me something I don't know about you? If not there won't be any meals for you."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami looked up, suprised. He hadn't noticed Mitsuki sitting in the corner of the room. He didn't want to talk about Zed. But on the other hand, she had spared his life, so he guessed he owed her. "Two years ago, back when I lived in the streets of Tokyo, me and a few other street kids went on a little adventure..heh.." Itami looked down for a second, then continued.
"On the outskirts of the city, we found a small abandoned building, probably a monastery.We thought it would be funny to go have a look. The place was a wreck, but somehow, I can hardly remember, we found our way into the basement. It was full of fancy stuff. We were playing about, and from what I can remember, I climbed a huge statue, of an ancient samurai, with the hilt inscribed 'Jiyu' (freedom). When i got to the top, I somehow toppled it over..." Itami shed a silent tear.
"There was a bright flash of light, and when i came to, all the other kids where completely massacred, and there I was, lying there... With a beautiful black katana, with Jiyu inscribed on it. I knew straight away that I had done it." Itami paused.
"I-I later found that I had unrivaled skills at Battoujyutsu, GoJou Ryu Karate and Mugen-Tenshin Ninjitsu. Sometimes I see the demon, who told me his name was Zed. Sometimes I chain myself to the bed, but always wake up to find myself covered in another's blood.I played with the idea of suicide for a while, but a part of me knew that Zed would just find a new body, and that I was the only one that would be able to defeat him. Thats basically all you need to know."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: As he spoke, Mitsuki spotted something glistening, runnning down his face. She, though tried to put up a front, couldn't help but let her own tear trickle down. It went halfway before she wiped it with her bandaged arm, hoping Itami didn't noticed. "Is Zed listening as we speak? I would like to tell him something..." She trailed off and headed for the door as part of her promise.
"Go ahead and..do whatever you want. I'll be back after an hour..."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Mitsuki,wo ke bu ke yi chu diaoz na ge hen duo acc de JD mah,hai you hor,wo bu dong zhe me jie sia qu lehz,diaozzz,hai you wo zai xue xiao li yun guo qu wahahaha,da gei wo,wo cai gen ni shuo.>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: (Cross,jhon doe or who ever friggin char u are using,stop faking that u r jhon doe or wad the hack ur name is,get kento here) Miyuki triend hunting from the woods where she couldn't see properly,she mummbled to herself,"Damn it why did i haf to go bw thw w-" before she could finish her sentence,she slammed right into a tree."Oww,that hurts!!!" she screamed.Before she knew it she tripped over a root and started frailing her arms around as if seeing if she she could fly,before she started to roll down the hill,and ending up at the back yard of someone's house."Owwie tha hurts and my hair is ruined,sigh,at least i reached the city."She groaned as she picked herself up when she sensed the hatred aura as she sprinted towards it.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: << Miyuki, jus so u know, John Doe or Jane Doe is the automatic default name you get until you change it yourself>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami sat in the room, getting his thoughts together. Images and shapes raced through his mind. Himself, Mitsuki, Miyuki, Kotetsu, Miru, the poor children in the building when Zed was awakened: Takeshi and Takumi:the twins, Kaede, Toru, Ekei... thousands of people who had fallen to his hand, and lastly, the large, dark figure, with the spines and the inhuman red eyes... Zed's true form. He prayed that he'd never had to see it, or anyone else... Beyond in his own mind. He didn't know how long he sat in the dark room.
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<finaly im welcome back!and miyoko it atimaticly makes the name john doe.beacuse my name is bryan.were do you want me to start back at.
chosen_1 / lloyd: (damn thats right!i hate that!am i still a kid?and nice tenchi pic.)
chosen_1 / lloyd: (so i wait for miyuki tho tell me were i come in?)
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Here..." Mitsuki said bringing a tray of great food, kinda bland compared to what her sister cooked every single day..
She sighed, in a kneeling position in front of Itami, not knowing what to say. Perhaps she could just wait until he finished eating and then just walk off...
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<The thing about the name has been settled manually by changing it every 6 hours or so and is kento the lloyd guy or what??>> (Kento or who ever it is you can read thru to know when you should long time come in and I can stay on to type more as i am in the hospital lying on the friggin bed,when i am better i will post a reply.)
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<yes ive made a SECOND PROFILE!!!!>> Whoaaaaaa!!!!!![he fell from a tree near by.]ahhh.[he said in pain. he then looked up and saw miyuki.]master?
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami gratefully ate his food, not tasting any of it. He was just grateful to get something warm in him. He just wanted her to leave. Something big was about to happen, and he didn't anyone near...
silentblade / Itami Rever: Itami could feel it starting to happen. Zed was fighting for control. He sat dead still, and slowly faded, until he was merely a white outline, glowing eerily. Neither he nor Zed had dominating control. He could feel Zed's true power welling up within him. "Mitsuki..." He tried to stutter, when a spasm of pain wracked through him. "Leave this place...It's Zed... It's... happenng!" Zed's true form was about to reveal itself.
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed smiled. It seemed that he had harvested enough blood to become his true form. The girl was still there, as he slowly became what he really was.. His skin turned onyx, and rock hard, and his eyes begun to glow red. His katana begun to drip blood, as it weeped for the souls he was about to harvest. It looked like the girl was first. Unintentionally, through Itami, he managed to call to her. "Leave! get everyone as far away from here as you can!" He breathed a sigh.
Itami Kojima was dead.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki was surprised that Zed took control that fast, and was aware of what he could do to her. Does this old soul ever wanted anything else besides blood pour?
"Is this all you want? Killing others for the sight of blood? Without any other reason?!" Mitsuki shouted as she stood up and backed away slowly.
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed laughed. She made it sound so simple. "Blood is a beautiful thing. Each time I harvest a soul, a new power with in me becomes stronger. Now the time has come to finish this! Zed spread his arms far apart, and all went white.
silentblade / Ultimate Zed: Zed opened his large, red eyes. There was a sudden flash of metal, as his katana tore through a wall and landed in his hand. It glowed with Zed's power. He cut the air, the katana making the sound of a human scream. "My life... My life... Leads to this moment!"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki stood calm, although knowing talking may made no sense...
"After you have killed everyone... with this power, what will you do?" Mitsuki felt kind of irritated by the big headed Zed. But she did not want to make a move yet... she just wanted to see what would happen...
silentblade / Ultimate Zed: Zed grew irritated with Mitsuki. She was the last thing standing between himself and the world. Alone, she would not be able to defeat him, but with Miyuki, Kotetsu, and Miru, they stood a chance. He could not let her leave the room. He looked up at her, when he struck like a cobra. His katana cut, and he felt it cut her, but he knew that it wasn't fatal. "That's none of your business" he smirked, answering her question. "Itami Kojima is dead. Theres nothing you can do about him. He was the only one truly able to defeat me..." The katana shrieked again as he slashed, aiming again at Mitsuki's torso. He would make sure she'd die painfully.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Hitting once doesn't guarantee a second." Mitsuki spoke, now truly irritated herself too. She had created a barrier upon herself, making the slash seemed like a little prod into steel. As the barrier dissapeared and she leapt and unsheathed the blade that soon glowed a dark purple and thrusted it into Zed's torso. She quickly pulled it out and jumped back into position.
silentblade / Ultimate Zed: Zed laughed. "You are hurting Itami, not me!" He cursed himself for letting slip that he could still feel a weak second prescence inside him, therefore meaning Itami wasn't dead. Then he realised he could play this to his advantage. "You want to try and kill me? You kill me, and Itami dies. Before you know it, the last of the Rever demon clan, will be in you!" He struck Mitsuki several times in an enraged flurry, making sure not to kill her. He'd enjoy watching his enemy suffer before she died. Zed dissappeared only his shadow showing. A wall of kunai flew at Mitsuki, screaming with the wail of a thousand people Zed had killed.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki allowed herself to get hi a couple of times, and then she flung herself to a side to evade the flying weapons, which were screaming to her annoyance. The sense of death was awfully strong, and the fact that making Itami's heart stop beating without killing Zed pained her.
"I'm not gonna die yet," She confirmed, hoping that she hadn't a need to relase a bit more of her abilities. Her feet were now floating above the ground and her blade dripping black and purple flames. She then dissapeared and reappeared behind Itami and slashed his back.
silentblade / Ultimate Zed: Zed blocked the blade from behind without even looking at her. He elegantly back kicked her and then kicked her in mid air. She was a lot stronger than he had imagined. Maybe it would be better to finish her, straight away. Zed pulled back the katana, aiming to run her straight through.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She twisted her body in the air and forcefully kicked him back to the ground. She stared at him as though she hated him in her previous life.
"This is kind of stupid..." She muttered. She remained in the air as she decided to put up a weak barrier around him, buying herself sometime before stirking.
silentblade / Ultimate Zed: Zed pressed his hands together and the barrier shattered. It was time to end this. He ran as fast as he could and exectuted a perfect 'willow splitter' technique. He looked to the side, expecting to see Mitsuki's headless body now standing there. She wasn't. Zed opened his mouth. He'd left himself open, and felt the pain slowly sink in.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki and Itami seemed to be at that position for quite some time; her blade in the centre of his chest, his somewhere at the shoulder, near her neck. She coughed out blood and couldn't find any motivation to move. 'Is it over?' She thought to herself. She hoped that she didn't killed him, but just wounded him badly making him unable to fight for some time.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami looked at Mitsuki. She was pretty battered, but she didn't look as bad as he felt. He didn't need powers to know what she wass thinking. "Yeah. Its over." With that, he gave a sigh , and dropped to the ground.
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed hovered a few feet above the injured couple. Neither of them noticed. Just as he thought, Itami dropped to the floor. Zed had been defeated fairly, and for the demon he was, he had a suprising sense of honour. Mitsuki had beaten Zed, but Itami didn't deserve to die, as he surely would. Zed used the last of his power and watched Itami's body glow feintly. He was badly hurt, but he would not die. Zed shut his eyes, and faded away to nothingness.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki, although totally beat, could felt the strong presence dissapeared. "Where's Zed?! Isn't he supposed tp..."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Ignore that post.>>
Mitsuki felt relief washed over her after hearing Itami's normal voice, and could not care less about her open wounds. But what about his? She suddenly thought sitting up and looked at Itami. His hole was definately worser than her's, and she quickly went to get supplies... in a totally wrecked place?
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <I am back and i feel better,i will post normally if nothing goes wrong>Miyuki glanced up and saw a thing that looked like a dragon.She heard it called her master.She freaked out a little and said,"Did you mistaken me for someone else??" the thing did not reply her,she sighed and jumped up and petted it before sprinting into the city to search.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Er..Miyuki I suggest giving up the search. That way its easier to move on in the story.>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami was destined to die. Thats what he thought. It wasn't fair! Mitsuki was powerful enough to defeat Zed, but he was the one that took all the pain, and suffering. Had Mitsuki's first strike been an inch to the left, it would have torn his heart apart. But he was too injured to worry about. He just lay down with his eyes shut, waiting for death to come.
chosen_1 / lloyd: you might be injoying my misery master but could you please quit!he unfolded his tiny wings and showed his face.by the way,im not a tiny dragon.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Itami could feel light slapping on his face. "Get up! Don't die... at least not today..." She mumbled, but it did not seem to be working. What had kept her from sleeping out of exhaustion was that someone was dying, and she would not like that...
She took a deep breath and hovered her hand over the hole in his chest. Her palm glowed a little and slowly healed up his wound, leaving a slightly red mark before she slipped into unconciousness.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki just looked at hime before hauling it over her shoulders before sprinting of towards Kotetsu and miru where she could feel their life aura.She sprinted over and met with the both of them and told them the search was postponed as she was to fix something,so she bid them farewell and sprinted towards the house.When she went in,she felt the presence of blood and sprinted towards the source,dropping lloyd on the floor with a huge thud.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki just looked at hime before hauling it over her shoulders before sprinting of towards Kotetsu and miru where she could feel their life aura.She sprinted over and met with the both of them and told them the search was postponed as she was to fix something,so she bid them farewell and sprinted towards the house.When she went in,she felt the presence of blood and sprinted towards the source,dropping lloyd on the floor with a huge thud.
silentblade / Zed Rever: Zed reappeared outside the house. He obviously still had a purpose. Ever since Mitsuki had slain him, he had realised. Was blood and Murder the only way? He floated through the wall and entered the guest room. Itami was not going to die. He had slept, and Zed had placed his blessing on him after Mitsuki's katana had passed through Itami, and Mitsuki herself had attempted a little healing herself. Itami was fine. But Mitsuki... He had made some nasty gashes in her, and she hadn't slept since the fight. That was two days ago... She was now passed out on the floor. Zed tried to possess the two, but he found he had none of his original power. He was just another spirit.That was when Itami stirred..
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami opened an eye. He was in pain, but he knew Zed and Mitsuki had saved him. Both of them had a hand in what had happened to him, but he didn't regret it. He sat up, and gasped in suprisee. Mitsuki was passed out on the floor. She was in a bad way. Her wounds had bandages, but they looked tattered and infected. He placed her on the bed and stumbled out of the room. Zed may have died, but he still had his natural tracking abilites.Fortunately, the person he was looking for was downstairs, so he didn't need them.Miyuki looked completely shocked. "No time to explain... Your sister is upstairs," She went up the stairs two at a time. He struggled to keep up. He hoped Mitsuki would be alright. In his state, he'd be dead in a second if Miyuki realised what he had done. He would not be able to defend himself.
chosen_1 / lloyd: ow!!!!that hurt!he stood up rubing his head.what that for?!
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Mitsuki immediatly rushed up and slammed the door door down with her foot and saw Mitsuki passed out on the floor.She was immediatly by her side,holding her and calling out loudly,"Sis,sis wake up now,WAKE UP!" There was no response.She quickly and gingerly picked Mitsuki and went into Mitsuki's room and gingerly laid her on the bed before rushing into the washroom and get some medical supplies,a change of clothes and a basin failed with luke warm water and a towel and rushed towards Mitsuki.She cleaned Mitsuki's wounds,dressed it and change her clothes before laying her back onto the bed.She put her hands over mitsuki's chest as a green glowed was emited from her hands .She was interrupted by a soft knock on the door,she turned her head and saw itami at the door.She gave a signal to tell her to meet her down stairs.He nodded and went down,when he was down he was shocked to see Miyuki in the kitchen already.
chosen_1 / lloyd: were did she go?he started to get up but sat back down.well i dont want to get in her way.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami opened his mouth tho ask how she managed to get downstairs so fast, but thought better of it. He assumed Miyuki would want to know what happened. He thought for a moment. The last few days were a blur, and the only recallection of the fight he had was of himself, after executing his signature finisher, the 'willow splitter', looking down to see Mitsuki crouched next to him, with a katana, similar to his, rammed through his chest. He told Miyuki everything he had told Mitsuki, and everything that had happened. He may as well have tried, as there were only 3 possible outcomes. Possibly, Miyuki would forgive him and he'd stay a little longer to recover, get back his sword and be on his way, Maybe, she'd kick him straight out. He'd last bout a day, then probably get killed out in the wilderness, wounded and without a sword. OR those pretty little pistols Miyuki were holding would end up being the last things he'd ever see. He'd see soon enough.
chosen_1: <<is itami cross?>>
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<hopfully nothing happened to him.>>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <I am okay with anything,he was very annoying and me and mitsuki nearly wanted to 'kill' him in a sense>
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: When Miyuki heard what had happened and nearly wanted to take up her hand guns and shoot him bulls eye,but she thought of something better."I will let you stay here as i have got a use for u and because you are a victim,soo in exchange u will trade ur weapon for ur life."
chosen_1 / lloyd: what shit did you get in?he then sat back down trying not to be heard.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<Who's cross?>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami looked at Miyuki. His katana for his life. He shrugged to himself. Mitsuki had tried to take his Katana, and look where she was. He could cut her down right there, but he wasn't in a fit state, so he wouldn't stand a cahnce in a fight. He took off the blade and the sheath, and slid it across the table. "I guess you'll want these,"He then reached into the lining of his shirt and pulled out a tanto, several kunai and a tetsugen.
"Ok... what do you want me to do?" He tried to force a smile, but it wouldn't come. Zed may have died, but a part of him had, too.
chosen_1 / lloyd: he stood up and looked at the weapons.whoa.nice blades.he backed off again remimbering he was a kid.no one would listin to me.shesh what the hell am i thinking?!he said to himself.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki quickly scan at the weapons and than stared back at him."Pass me those in your pants and shoes too,unless you want a very painfull service from me." She said while tying up the weapons in bundles.Itami sighed and than stood up,removing serveral more.He sat back down again and stared,wondering how did she know that he had some in there."If you are wondering why,just think it as a sixth sense and if you try to take them back or go into either Mitsuki's room or my room especially,you won't get soo easily away with what you did from Mitsuki as you can be sure ou will either be killed or knocked into coma.So if you don't want either of it,don't try and find it as it might not be in there." She says as she took the bundel and put it onto the counter and turned around to ask im if he wanted anything.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Miyuki was smart. She had taken his weapons. He didn't really need them. He knew more than enough Karate and Ninjitsu to get by. And he still had his spare tetsugen. And Miyuki hadn't thought of where that was hidden. "Nah. I don't need anything. Well. You said that I could only stay while i had a use, so what do you need from me."
chosen_1 / lloyd: well you have got a point empress.but....damn im the only guy here!
chosen_1 / lloyd: wrong rp
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <-.-''' right...> Miyuki turned around and teold him,"Your service is to wait on Mitsuki till she lets you go,consider this as a light punishment from what you did to her.I will make some food for you and Mitsuki.I will tidy up your room later.So enjoy while you can,you will be goin hunting with me.Try anything funny and you will die." Miyuki turned to face Lloyld who looked at her. "Your case will be settled when i haf time for you,so enjoy being a kid while you still can,and for pete's sake ,improve yourself while you are a kid." she turned to wards the stove and started frying,steaming and boiling the meal for the 3 of them.
chosen_1 / lloyd: yes master.hay what is your name?he looked at itami.and miyuki can we borow 2 swords for training?
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki without turning herself,replited a short yes but add on,"I will take one for the each of you later,but you will be in the arena room,no where out side if you want to fight got it?"
chosen_1 / lloyd: yes master.but what happend?youve changed?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Let him hand around here for a few more days..." Mitsuki spoke through clenched teeth, who had silently limped over to the top of the stairs, watching the two of them. "I don't think we have any use for his weapons either..." She felt kinda stupid standing up for him, but... "Just tell him to tidy this now-crappy place." She trailed off looking around, as though a tornado had swiped the insides of the house.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami gave a sigh of relief. At first, he thought Zed had lost completely, but now realised he probably caused a lot of internal injury. He didn't mind doing chores, It gave him time to think his life over. There wa one thing he hadn't confessed to anyone, though. Zed had never made him a good Martial artist. He had trained for as long as he could remember. He tried not to think about the demon, and continued to clean up the house. He went down to the cell room where he'd been kept while Zed controlled him. There was no more blood on the floor, but he could still sense Zed, in the room, and the part of himself, that had died. They would forever be locked in combat. He knew that he was only half what he was, now, but he knew that a part of him had been left behind in the room to fend off the demon from taking over again. There was only one person in the world that he knew could put him at peace with Zed, and he'd see them as soon as he'd got his strength back and left. Itami had cleaned the house, and done the dishes. He knew lloyd wanted to train with him, and he had nothing wrong with it, but that could wait. He sat down, with Zed, and Itami Kojima-before the fight. While he was here, he was at peace.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki set the plates on the table ad rushed to Mitsuki's side."You stupid ass,you should be resting in bed instead of coming out of the room."She sighed as she helped Mitsuki down the stairs."I will help you prepare some stuff,the both of you eat up,and it will be a physical match,now weapons allowed,any weapon marks,the person goes'bang'." Sht turned towards Mitsuki and snickered,"Of course i haf a use for his weapons,i can melt them and turn in to sharp bullets for my gun.." she turned around and saw Itami go wide-eye,"that is if he down't appease me." she continued before opening the cupboards and taking out some ingridients.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Itami I think your post is rather deep and I kinda don't understand.. (O.O)>>
Mitsuki smiled slightly at the thought of seeing Kento smashed to pulp, or Itami being bullied by an 'innocent' kid, either result would be rather entertaining... But first, she guess she wanted some sleep.
"Hey sis, just let me sleep here..." She mumbled before toppling her head and arms with a loud thud at the dining table like she did before.
chosen_1 / lloyd: he sat at the table and watched mitsuki fall with a thud.she still does that?she needs a better place to sleep or somthing like somthing under her back when she sleeps.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Mitsuki? i tried posting in ur rp lostbutfound, but u never respond>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Zeroth, are you Ark-Kai? I kinda can't see where to rp is! (T.T) Tensu, perhaps just bring your girlfriend along to the house for a visit? It has I think like been a few days had passed, according to Itami. I'll fast-forward a little so that Kotetsu can join.>>"........."Mitsuki could felt someone trying to pull her arms up to bring her to her room. She swiped them off before mumbling, "Just let me be..."
Not soon after, she could only see darkness. She couldn't hear anything, see any light or feel any warmth... Dead. Its as though she was dead...
When she woke up, she could see everyone doing their own thing, and she woke up from exactly where she had slept. Kotetsu and Miru were in the living room, which seemed to be tidied up. "How long have I slept?" She called out, hoping the reply would not be days.
me me / Lady of darkness: <<
if uve been to the first neko go 2 the sister>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<Dark tourny? Yeah Kotetsu, that died with no ending.>><<Mitsuki basically my post is saying that Itami's spirit split into 3, The one inside his body, Zed, and the one that protects Itami from Zed. Im also using it as a metaphor- for Itami becoming Darker and more serious.>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami continued sweeping without looking up. "A Day." Itami continued sweeping. "You look much better, and you should thank Miyuki- I thought I'd killed you. She's kept you alive." Itami threw the broom into a corner and sat down. "I'll be leaving tomorrow, but I'll need one thing though."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Hm? What do you want?" Mitsuki asked, as she limped slightly over to sit beside Itami. "We'll try to give whatever you want before you leave." Mitsuki felt so dead inside. But she didn't know why...
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami looked across at Miyuki. "She knows. I want my blades back. Thats all i ask." Itami got up and laughed. "I wish i could not ask for them, but its a rough world, and Miyuki cant make bullets from my Katana. That things been enchanted so many times..."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki laughed too, but stopped from the pain of her wound. "You sure don't know how we break strong enchanted items do you? If Miyuki had heard that, all the more she wanted those weapons for her bullets." She stood up biting her lips, feeling like an old lady. "After that...fight, don't you feel a bit empty somehow? Cause I do." She said softly looking at the bandage around her left arm.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <I assume that a day has passed if i am not wrong,am i?> Miyuki comes down the stairs and carries a huge bundle,causing both Mitsuki and Itami to look up."What?I haf to reload new bullets,and Itami,i think yours is in here,I might return u kantana,though it will make an excellent spray of bullets,but,maybe i will be kind to returrn you.." She saw him go wide-eyed,she snickered and continue,"If you need to any food just heat up the french toast in the fridge with the micrwave for 5 mins and its done.I will be going to E734 to make the weapon,tata" she said as she walked into the kitchen when she suddenly turned aroung and stred at itami.she took out her gun and shot a spray of hole from his missing his butt when a tetsugen dropped out.She went over and picked it up and walked towards the door.She stopped before it,"Did you really think that suck a weapon can easily escape my eyes,i have given you a grace period to pass me the tetsugen when u wouldn't,so i guess i would haf to do self service.Hurt Mitsuki,go into our rooms will result in wither death,coma or lost of weapons.Nut since i am in a good mood today,i might return you back your kantana or tetsuga.So wait " she dissapeared behind the door.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami let Mitsuki take the tetsugen. Joke was on her. She'd forgotten the biggest weapon of all. Then he pictured himself being melted down and made into bullets and stopped. Itami didn't like guns. Very little skill was required to do maximum damage. It took skill to fight in close quarters. Miyuki was accurate enough, but It could have been worse. Losing a Tetsugen was nothing major to him. If, like Itami, you used Tesugen cords to stitch your clothes together, you could use anything to make a Tetsugen. He turned to Mitsuki. "look. If i could wind back time, and stop the Rever demon entering my body, then I would, but life isn't that simple. One day, I'll destroy Zed completely, but for now, we all have to cope." Mitsuki had got lucky. If Zed were a slightly less bigheaded demon, he would have killed her on the spot, rather than treating her like a mouse. He'd paid. Itami would get his katana, then head back to Sagano, outside of Tokyo, where he could destroy Zed. Completely.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<oops top line: that should be Miyuki>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki shook her head. "I'm not blaming you in the first place. And what would you do after getting Zed killed? Cause... either options don't please me." She said as she limped over to the couch. When she finally made it, she plopped down and heaved a sigh. "Where's Zed, may I ask? Can he listen as we speak now?" She would really want that answer to be a no, as she had an idea. That is, if the answer is a no.
silentblade / Ultimate Zed: "Zed can't hear us. I can sense him. He's downstairs,where we fought. in a deep sleep. He wont awaken till I've left the house. Why?" Itami had a plan, but he reckoned he'd like Mitsuki's better.He distrusted himself, knowing that Zed would get desperate once He'd made it through Tokyo."When Zed is gone, I know exactly what I'm going to do. I'll go home,train with my sister-Kasumi, until I feel i'm strong enough.Then maybe I'll come back, I like this area. Build a house in the woods."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<Er.... REALLY wrong profile.>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "You've got to train mentally first. Do you meditate? I have a feeling why Zed chose you was that... you're not spiritually strong. Sounds dorky I know..." She looked away for a while before saying, "I'll come along if I have to...No, its settled. I'll come along. Soon, you'll understand what I have installed for him, without him knowing. Yea, that sounds fine." She affirmed half to Itami and half to herself.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami laughed. Meditate? Mitsuki sounded just like his sister. "Zed chose me for a reason..." Pause. "... Because I was strong, but not disciplined in that. Thats why I have to see my sister. She'd know exactly what to do." Itami thought about Kasumi for a moment. "Yeah. Kasumi would be cool with it. We just need to get Zed to follow without realising it." He went over Mitsuki 's words a couple of times. "Meditate. If I can control Zed mentally through Meditation-he'll follow without question....Mitsuki, You're a genius!" Itami leant over to hug Mitsuki then moved back. "Sorry."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki's cheeks went cherry red. "Never mind... So... we'll be setting off tomorrow... I wonder whether my sis would mind. And cool I would like to see your sister." She said feeling a bit nervous, trying to change the topic. Hopefully Kento didn't see that.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami shrugged. "I'm sure Kasumi would be glad to meet you, too. I have a feeling you'll get along well." Itami stood up. "I better get my stuff together.It could be a long trip." Itami looked thoughtful for a moment, then left the room. <<I have to go for now. I got Karate grading-*worry*.>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Cool all the best! >>
As Itami left, Mitsuki just closed her eyes, letting the breeze from the open/or broken window flutter smoothly through her long hair. There's still an afternoon, evening and night to go by, and wondered what to do before leaving this very house. Maybe Miyuki will come, but she wanted to kill sometime for now. The next day they will set off, leaving Kento to guard the house? She had second thoughts about that.
She walked past the once thrashed room into another spacious room, which was musty and dusty all over. She walked over to the big black 'thing' that was standing there; a piano.
She limped over and gently moved her hands over the lid before lifting it. The black and white keys were all alligned, and suddenly the letters of all the notes came into her mind. She pulled out a stool and sat down, as she used an index finger to softly push a key down. It echoed the room. In no time all her fingers were brushing past the keys to something pleasant...
<<Killing time...lalalalla...>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<Ugh.... I got the green belt, but I'm so very TIRED.>> Itami was sitting outside when he heard Mitsuki playing the piano. Itami had always been good at playing the guitar, but he had left it at Sagano, with Kasumi. He'd have to get it back as soon as he could. He walked around for a bit, taking in the scenery, but was too fired up for his trip home to notice. He breathed a heavy sigh, remembering how he had run away from home when he was 14, his mother crying, and Kasumi standing eeirily still. He had been sent by his father to work in the Navy, but he had died the day before, and Itami was free. It was time to return to Sagano. He knew his mother had died since, and that Kasumi was the mistress of the household-and the rightful heir. Itami shrugged. He didn't want the Kojima household. He was happy right where he was.
chosen_1 / lloyd: so what do you want me to do?he looked at mitsuki playing the piano.are you still mad about erlyer?he tried to put his arm on the piano but forgot about his now small arms not being able to reach.whoa!he fell to the ground.
Peace_Maker / Zeroth: <<Ah, damn, hey lloyd, i wanted to ask ya somethin, but could we talk in broken trust, dont want to mess this rp up, srry>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: After a fw minutes she had already felt bored and wanted to move off to do another thing. After closing the lid of the piano she slowly went down the stairs when she dropped her mouth slightly opened.
"Since when did you two came?" She asked Kotetsu, worried if they had saw what happened earlier on. "Kento, get your lazy bum here and entertain our guests." She called out loud enough to hear Kento bumping down the stairs carefully. <<Green belt's pretty good. My friend's only at white yellow tip or something?>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Lights out for me. Bye guys!~>>
chosen_1 / lloyd: but ow do you want me to intertain them?stunts?what?i have no clue.
chosen_1 / lloyd: then what shall i do?have you been working on that spell to turn me back yet?
chosen_1 / lloyd: damn.well same question as earlyer.what am i supposed to do until im brought back to normal.and wat happend to my brother?
chosen_1 / lloyd: well i guess so.well my brother is not dead.im still here.<<please call me lloyed.>>do you need help with anything?
chosen_1 / lloyd: alright,well.....he looked around.ill just sit.he sat down in the floor beside miru and kotetsu.
chosen_1 / lloyd: well i was born on a planet of amazons.i was the only one born a boy.when i was born to make sure i didnt do anyhting agenst them they inserted chips in my wings,brain,and heart.that way they would shock me if i tryed to disobeyed.if i had the chips in my head broken i would go to a masssive overload.worse than my berserk.alot worse.nothing would stop me from me destroying things.he sighs.so i perfer to leave the chips alone.
chosen_1 / lloyd: well the one in my head also will make me berserk if i dont have a master at least for 10 days.so thats why i was searching for a master.
chosen_1 / lloyd: no.he is my counter part.we were not born with it in us.so he doesnt have one.
chosen_1 / lloyd: uhh...well you could say that.but i perfer to call him a jack ass.he trys to overpower anyone.
chosen_1 / lloyd: hmp.he also scooted away.he looked at miru.what?im just taking his warning.shesh.settle down women!what is with wemon?!he said under his breath.
chosen_1 / lloyd: hmp.im guessing that that is your forsing girl friend.ha-ah.thats halarous man!hmp.theres nothing better than a guy being shushed by his girl friend.
chosen_1 / lloyd: he backed up after hearing miru.well sorryyy!no need to get yoiur tail in a not.
RyukiTZR: Mitsuki had walked away towards the kitchen. Miyuki was not back yet, and had already missed her sparings with her...
'Miru kept showing her cruelty, then what for did she care for a guy?' She wondered and found it rather amusing. Perhaps she would like to find out the answer before she leave the house... who knows?
<<Er...my friends are celebrating so um.. Happy Valentine's Day.>>
silentblade: Itami quietly sat down in the garden area, deeply engrossed in his book. It helped him take his mind off what would happen soon. He couldn't wait to see his sister, and destroy Zed Rever. Zed was the last one of this clan- and Itami had the honour of ending it.
chosen_1 / lloyd: kotetstu.wen do you go back to work?got any job open......a crap!im not even lod enough to work anymore!
chosen_1 / lloyd: hah!now your even being shushed!thats halarious.ha ha ha ha.he looked at miru and started to slide back again.
chosen_1 / lloyd: oww...that hurt.he looked at miru with a hurt look on his face.he then backed away again trying to keep any attaks away.damn that hurt!he said rubbing his head with a small tear in his eye.
chosen_1 / lloyd: ha.he stoped again.i cant belive you dont know were she put that!
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Sorry wan't online for the past few days,had alot of work to be done.>>Miyuki slammed opened the door carrying a hude load of bullets in packets.Everybodey stared in awe at how much she was carrying.She struggled out panting and wuzzing as she carried it into the living room when she spot the three of them."Hi miru,mind if i use Kotetsu as my laborour for e while?" Miru replied not minding it at all."Kotetsu and kento,get ur butts here and help me carrry it outside my room.I will bring it in myself.Damn its hard work making bullets from enchanted weapons." she said as she wlked up the stairs and kotetsu and kento struggling with all their live carrying the load.Finally the both of them reached her room.They slammed the load on the ground and sat beside it panting like mad.Miyuki immediateely shove the bullets in to her room and locked the door before searching for Mitsuki.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami followed Miyuki. The bullets. Her threats. His Katana. He put a hand on her shoulder before she went into Mitsuki's room. "You didn't... did you?" Itami silently prayed that some of those bullets werent his katana.
chosen_1 / lloyd: damn that was heavy.he walked back seing kotetsu ha.ope.he scooted back hoping not to be heard.
chosen_1 / lloyd: dont ask me.thats for sure.he looked at the loads of bulets.he walked to miyuki and said,is there anything i can do for you master?
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki squatted infront of Kento and said,"Go to basment E43s and get the bundle of kantana and small packet of bullets and pass it to Itami.I think he will complain to his MUMMY soon." she said out loudly,enphasizing on the word 'mummy'.She saw a look of relive and chuckled slightly.She went knocked on Mitsuki's door,seeing that there was no response,she took out her guns,load in a few bullets and shot at Mituki's door.She slammed it down only to be greeted with a pillow slammed into her face by a grumpy sleepy Mitsuki.
chosen_1 / lloyd: yes master.he walked to the stairs.he then walked down the stairs running back up with the bulletts and katana panting.i hate the dark.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Damn you sis..." Mitsuki gumbled. Her wounds had worned her out fast, and she wanted to get her rest as soon as possible, and they were to set of the next day...
<i>...Tell Miyuki?...</i>
"Let me sleep sis... important day tomorrow..." Mitsuki said. She had her covers spreaded and wrinkled under her, feeling very disorientainted. 'Uncomfortable' could be the only word to describe it.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami would have to teach lloyd one day how to be more observant. As Itami had walked past him, he had sneaked his blade from the bundle. He didn't care if she'd made bullets of his other weapons, Kasumi would provide- but he'd had Kamizoroe for as long as he could remember. (When Zed was defeated, Itami noticed that his katana had lost the 'jiyu' engraving.) He couldn't hold any other Katana. He was so accustomed to the balance and feel of his sword... He sheathed Kamizoroe and walked to Mitsuki's room. He slowly opened the door and peeped inside. Mitsuki was lying in bed- Itami had hurt her more than he thought. He questioned whether or not Mitsuki really was ready for the long trip to Kojima manor. He'd have to ask Miyuki and Lloyd to come- He didnt want Mitsuki to collapse and him not knowing what to do- Miyuki seemed skilled at such Techniques, and Lloyd could do with the training. If Itami were to leave Kojima manor again, he'd leave lloyd in his sister's training. Lloyd would come out- a few years later, a master of Battoujyutsu. Miyuki was hardly teaching material. Kojima manor was huge- there was room for plenty. He headed downstairs, hanging onto Kamizoroe.
chosen_1 / lloyd: [here master.]he handed miyuki the katana and the bullets.what the hell are those so heavy for?he said never mind.i know why.he sighed.he then walked back torwards kotetstu and miru slowly incase that miru was still in a tempered mood.
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<what dont you get about katana!!??>>
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<nevver mind i was wrong.>>but i couldnt find the katana miyuki.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki looked at the bundel and than walked towards Itami.She stared at his eyes,she stared at it immensly as if she was reading his mind.She looks a little pissed.She handed him the bundel and said,"I know you took the kantana from the bundel already and i feel kinda insulted that you think i do not have what it takes to teach you.In that case,meet me in half an hours time downstairs the back yard.I will teach you skills substential for living."
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: She looked at Mitsuki,than turned and walked towards her room.She opened up her cupboard and found an old pair of guns which looks perfectly new and took one out.She brough down her current guns and a pandant and walked down to the living room to see miru and kotetsu lying on each other in a lovely dovey way which makes her shivers.She looked at kento and signalled him to follow her outside.outside,she turned around and asked him,looking at the floor."Kento,if you were given a choice,would you leave me and improve yourself and never return to be my servent or would you continue to serve me?"
chosen_1 / lloyd: actuly master seeing how most people think im joking when i say i need a master.and if i dont get one i will go into a berserk,i would stay here and train with what i can and serve you.
chosen_1 / lloyd: he started to chuckele when he heard miru's temper rising then he then he busted out laughing and stoped when he saw miru coming towards him.shit!he backed up.
chosen_1 / lloyd: he then walked back to his origonal position and looked at miyuki.alright.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "GOOD MORNING PEOPLE!!!~" Mitsuki yelled cheerily as she stretched her arms as she walked down the stairs, not knowing she limping. "I must've slept real long... Is breakfast read-" She stopped when she found out that it was getting dark outside. She stood at the bottom of the stairs seeing Miyuki and Kento. "Say, where's Itami?" She asked a little squeaky, worried that she had overslept.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Lloyd was staying true to his mistress. Fair enough. Mitsuki was limping when she went down the stairs. She hadn't noticed Itami standing a few feet behind her. He'd leave under cover of Darkness. The sun was setting now, so he'd make his move. He checked Kamizoroe was in tight, and entered the guest room. He took out his meagre supplies- some money, a change of clothes(Identical) and a little food- which he'd taken from the storeroom. He'd miss the smell of the wonderful food Myuki made, and a lot of other things about the house. He left a note on his door, and a long thin box in Miyuki's room. "Lloyd" was written on it. He partly regretted this, but inside, was one of the most valuable items that he owned- a sword. It wasn't his katana, but a sword he'd stolen off a wealthy merchant when he was living in the streets. "Kageiki" was engraved on the blade. 'darkness bringer.' Also enclosed was a letter reading "Good luck with your training-Itami." He slid open his window, and jumped out, walking away into the night.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<I havent described it as I didn't know what you'd want, lloyd. Make it as flashy as you like, It's meant to be expensive. >>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Though she may be injured, it did not mean that her hearing was off as well. Mitsuki could swear she heard a faint and soft thud on the grass outside the house. She quickly rushed outside, ignoring the replies of Miyuki and Kento(lloyd)and was fast enough to see Itami about to break to a sprint, going out of the house. Mitsuki couldn't find words to say at the current situation, and at the same time realised the cut between her shoulder and neck was nearly recovered but with sores, thanks to Miyuki's great healing. She wanted to come along, not only for battle, she wanted to see a different place, and meet Itami's sister. It would be nice to have another friend who fights.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami turned around to see Mitsuki at the front of the house as he moved to make a break for it. He cocked his head in her direction, and turned around. He sighed heavily. "You sure you want to do this? You're not well.." Itami knew there was little chance of convincing her, however, so he turned around and walked towards her.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: She sighed as he walked to her direction. "I've already decided haven't I?" she said, wondering what would be Miyuki's reaction to that.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki smiled at she lifted her head and teared a little."Haha,I am just joking.I wan-" she pause when she could not feel Mitsuki's spirit force in the house.She turned around and sprinted to the front of the house when she spotted both Itami and Mitsuki at the front of the house.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki could hear another set of footsteps which belongs to Miyuki. She jokingly went teary-eyed as she pretends to run to her in slow motion.
(Sis...remember Madagascar? Its that slow-moving. )
chosen_1 / lloyd: he went up the stairs to get his sword when he realised it was gone.my sword!thats what he ran out with!he ran out the door looking for his sword.itami!give back exalibur!he went into his full form<<looks like the pic>>well...this is knew.he dashed out into the air looking for the sword.Itami!he said in a huge growl.
silentblade: <<er...Lloyd... Read harder. My post says I gave you a sword, not stole it.>> Itami shrugged. "Alright Mitsuki. You win. Come if you like, but I don't think you're really in a fit state..." He looked over at Miyuki. "Its Miyuki's decison. Kojima manor is HUGE so you can come... And Kotetsu, Miru and Kento can come too, if they want to!"
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<cancel that post then>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki winced as she got a noggin' on her head by Miyuki, but she had heard his words clearly. She turned to him and shook her head and smiled.
chosen_1 / lloyd: he walked up the stairs noticing his bag had somthing big in it.he caught a small glimpse of it.is that?exalibur?he opened the bag and saw it.its really excalibur.but who put it in here?he thought.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki looked at Mitsuki and said,"Go with him but help me do something as well.Bring Kento with you,make sure he improves himself by the time i visit u all." Itami looked at her questionly and asked,"You don't know where it is,how can you visit." Miyuki sighed and told him,"As long at Mitsuki has her pandent,i can find where is the mansion.Tomorrow the 3 of you shall set off at the break of dawn.I got to go prepare a sumptious dinner for the 3 of you.Mitsuki,call Kotetsu and Miru over." She finished her words and went into the garage and came out with a flashy car.A mercedes Benz and sped of towards the town to do some marketing.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki coughed a little. "She was refering to... this." She took a smooth black and round crystal into her palm from under her shirt. It would have looked like a lost and endless dark void, if not for the amazingly white left wing on it. "Unique and nice isn't it?" Mitsuki asked, although she seemed more mesmerised by it than a small kid.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki suddenly dropped the stone back into place and hurriedly went back into the house. It was only then she realised Kotetsu and Miru had left, somehow sighing inwardly. She went up to her room and quickly washed up before coming down to look for Itami, with box in her hands. She peeped her head out of the door to see...
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<Can someone friggin continue,it has dropped to the friggin 10th page already when i found it !!!!>>>>
chosen_1 / lloyd: he came down the steps looking at mitsuki and miyuki talking.where did itami go?i need to thank him.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: sorry I've been busy over past few weeks. (No time:P) Im too tired to come up with anything now. I'll post tomorrow. (Ooh...six-hundredth post.)
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<As long as this rp isn't over... I thought it had died on me...>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami had left while everyone was talking. There was no point in wasting any time. He'd not gone far, but was further near a more colonised area. He handed a small weedy man a large wad of money, and was handed a pair of garage keys. He left the building, and opened the garage door. A few seconds later, a black Nissan 350z, which had been modified to the point that it wasn't the same car, exploded out from the garage. He'd glad he'd payed the old man to look after his car. He had a feeling he'd need it again. Soon he was back outside of the sisters' house, bass pumping loudly from the back end of his car. He didn't need to press the horn.
chosen_1 / lloyd: he ran outside when he saw the car.ITAMI!he ran to the drivers side and held out the sword.did you put this there?
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami gave a grin at Lloyd. "Maybe. You coming?" He indicated to the small back seats which had been put in. "But then again... You'll have to ask your master first. Tell you what. Me and Mitsuki are heading off now. If you wanna come, ask Miyuki to take you. Ive left the address on the note in the box... for that thing," He put a hand out of the window to point at the sword. "Later." Thats when he gunned it. Itami and Mitsuki were sucked into their seats as Itami launched the car into 5th gear. "Next stop: Kojima Manor." He laughed.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki felt kind of nervous upon hearing Itami laughed, but she shook it off and smiled ahead, against the strong air blowing at her face. "I had used to drive a car, but only once as my sister banned me after that. She said I wasn't like a normal teen, but I guess that was only what she said." She yelled over, having a great time in the car. And maybe she would change her way on something...
Guessing that Itami was curious, she simply told him. "I was doing all the safety precautions and all the speed limit stuff never breaking the law. Is that bad?" By then an image of Miyuki, exhasperated, was in a car that Mitsuki was driving. Mitsuki was having beads of sweat on her forehead, and her knuckles were white on the steering wheel. The speed of the vehicle was seriously slow, and it had seemed they reached their destination not lesser than 24 hrs.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki came out of the house only to see lloyld standing there gapping.She asked him,"Where is Mitsuki??" He turned and pointed towards the direction they left and passed her the address.She sighed,"Shucks,I wanted to pass her sumthing." lloyld stared at her as a question mark appeared on his head.He followed her to wards the garrage to see a flashy jaguar parked there.He gaped.Miyuki looked at him,then said,"Go pack your stuff your gonna go and stay with them.I need them to babysit you,I got some stuff to do.Hurry." Soon he appeared with a backpack.She soon loaded Mitsuki's stuff and sped off.Instead of the speed where trees and stuff zoom pass by.It was soo fast as though it appears as mix of coulours.It was too fast till lloyld was stuck to his seat and about to throw up.Soon they reached the place only to see no sign of both itami and mitsuki.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami had brought the 350z to a halt at the back of the mansion, when he heard the roar of a v8 engine outside. "A Jag..." Itami casually muttered. He opened the door, and held it open for Mitsuki to slide out. He walked around the front, rolling his eyes at the flash Miyuki was driving. He waved to her, and waited for Mitsuki to come back. "My sis must be out..." Itami called over.
chosen_1 / lloyd: that was quick.he got out of the car and wabbled then fell to the ground.oww!hay miyuki.what did you mean by baby sit?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki whistled as she strolled past, looking at the Manor. "We'll have to wait for her to get in? And what do we do first?"
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami glanced around. "Well...theres only one thing we really CAN do..." Itami gestured for everyone to come. "I'll show you around the..." Itami stopped. Not far away, a hooded figure, carrying several bamboo sticks, walked towards the manor. Itami squinted towards them. "I think...that.. could...be her." He wasn't certain, and he let it show- it was definately a woman,though the person's face was obscured by the hood, so Itami couldn't tell. That was when he noticed three men, walking out from behind a house. They started flexing their muscles. The person kept walking. The biggest man, possibly the ringleader, cut off her path. They conversed for a while, when he noticed the man move his hand towards something. Itami slowly crept towards them trying to see what was happening, yet staying out of sight. The man had a knife. Itami cursed under his breath, getting ready to spring out if necessary. Suddenly, the man lunged. So did Itami. Itami tripped, and landed on his face. When he looked up, all three men were on the floor, writhing in pain, while the woman twirled the bamboo stick like a hexagon staff. Itami got to his feet. "It's good to see you again, sis."
chosen_1 / lloyd: umm...he sort of scooted back.what just happened herre?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki knew it. Such good skills in taking down three men that fast was incredible, as fast as she herself could. She cooly walked over and raised a hand to her. "Its nice to meet you. I'm Itami's friend, Mitsuki."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami's sister pulled her hood down. She had similar features to her brother- Dark eyes, Jet black hair, and youthful appearances (she was 22)- but unlike Itami, she looked wise- like she knew and understood everything. They hugged for a moment, and then pulled apart. "Kasumi Kojima- but call me Kaz. Everyone else does. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mitsuki." Kasumi shook her hand, and then turned to her brother. "There's something inside you...I can sense it." Itami nodded. "Yeah, but we can discuss that later." Kasumi nodded in agreement. "You need any help carrying anything in?" They lugged the bags into the main hall, and waited for Lloyd and Miyuki. "Itami.. Before I get rid of the demon, I need to know if you are strong enough to take it on...A demon of this power requires powerful abilities...If you aren't able to defeat Zed in a one on one fight..." Itami wasn't suprised his sister knew the name of the demon- She had the strange ability to do things like that."...I could draw your own soul from your body, rather than the demon." Itami shivered at the prospect. He hated fighting his sister- She made Mitsuki look like a six-year-old with a balloon- and Itami couldn't even beat her. "Why do I always get beaten up by girls?" Itami muttered under his breath.
chosen_1 / lloyd: well its because you have a soft spot for them.as for me its becuse i will go on a bezerk melee if i dont.nothing would stop me and every thing would be destroyed until the bezerk killed me off.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: Miyuki stared at Kasumi before smiling widely and jumped to hugged her."Long time no see eh kasu-chan!" It surprised kasumi making her think awhile before hugging her back."Yeah long time no see Miki-chan!" Itami stared gapping at the both of them before asking kasumi,"You know her sis?" She nodded her head and replied,"Yeah,known her since young times.We net in this forest where i accidentally stepped into her training area.I made it up to her by accepting her challenge to fight.A very worthy opponenet.Very wise in magic usage as well." Miyuki laughed and nodded her head in agreement. "Yeah,it's getting a little hot here,why don't we go in and carry on the convesation shall we??" Kasumi nodded and signalled for a few servents to come and collect the things before walking with Miyuki loop handed and talked on and on towards the house.
Akima_PZ / Miyuki: <<erm sorrie i interpretted the words a little.It's walking towards the living room not towards the house.>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Eh, Miyuki, ni shuang lor! Dang shen eh ni. Bu li hui ni ling wai ge jie mei. Ji zhu ni cai 16 sui. Quite a cool twist lol.>>
Mitsuki looked at Itami with a weak smile and thn walked over to Itami and spoke softly, "They talk sbout the ancient stuff. Can we... go somewhere else? Since there's people here to help with out belongings..." Somehow it sounded like a soft plea for help, but it was clear she did not like chats; she couldn't sit still for half an hour in buildings.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <<Er...Miyuki...That was a nice twist, but really Godmodish...You conrolled my characters more than you controlled your own...>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami nodded in agreement to Mitsuki. "I'll show you around the manor." He wondered when Kaz and Miyuki had fought, and the outcome, although Itami knew that Kasumi wasn't the type to go all out in a fight she was not defending her life in. He led Mitsuki around the usual places, Living room, bathroom, and eventually to a long corridor, with several doors leading off. The first door, he opened, to reveal a marvellous, spectacular bedroom, with a king size bed and en-suite bathroom. "This used to be my mother's room.." Itami explained. "You'll be staying here. Miyuki will be in the room opposite, its identical to yours." He then led her to the next two doors. He opened one to reveal a plain white room, with a only bed and a desk, and clothes Identical to Itami's on the wall. "This is my room. If you need anything, just knock." Then he opened the last door, revealing a similar room to Mitsuki's but weapons and clothing lining the wall. "This is Kaz's room- This one gives me the creeps." He shut the door. "Right.I'm gonna take a shower and get dressed- make yourself at home."
chosen_1 / lloyd: he slightly opened the door to kazs room and looked at all the weapons.whoa!he saw the katanas,flails, and a lot of other cool weapons.hard to belive this is a room and not a torcher chamber.he said to himself as he was still scanning the room.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami put his hand on Lloyd's shoulder, and pulled him out of the room. "Heh. Kasumi like slicing things...Make sure you're not one of them." He cautiously put his hand on Kamizoroe, knowing that he'd have to fight both Zed and his sister. Suprisingly, he dreaded the latter more. He had changed clothes, and came out wearing a black tracksuit, which he wore for training. The main thing to remember is that he wasn't fighting the inventor of Kojima-style Battoujutsu,but to pretend that it was just another person. He'd worked out that she'd fight the same way Itami would, as this was how Zed would fight. He then decided to head down to the dojo, and started stretching. He took Kamizoroe off his waist, and took out a wooden training blade. Then Kaz was standing at the door. "No...You'll need a real sword..." Itami cursed and took back his Katana.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: After having a shower herself and putting on some black shorts and a plain white T-shirt, Mitsuki looked around the room that she was going to sleep in later that night. Itami's mom... Mitsuki closed her eyes and softly whispered a thanks before heading out to venture more of the mansion.
Soon enough she saw what seemed to be a dojo. Being curious and all but tried to restrain herself, she just sat at what seemed to be the back door and admired the place around her; until she felt a slight stir from Zed.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami looked across at his sister, she was wearing a black kimono, and she was carrying a katana almost identical to Kamizoroe- a twin blade- Onchou. They bowed rhythmically, and both ran out slicing. Itami relied on his well practised 'willow splitter' technique, but Kasumi casually ducked the blade, and hit him round the back of the head with the flat of onchou. "Try harder." Itami did as he was told and moved in a second time, attempting the slice he'd attempted before, this time suddenly changing his movement, and executing a horizontal slice across Kasumi's body. The blade sliced along the edge of the kimono, narrowly missing Kasumi. She grinned. "You did good, bro." Itami was panting, with his hands on his knees, and Kaz looked like nothing had happened. "Are you ready to fight Zed?" Itami looked up at her suprisedly. "Gimme five minutes."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki was fascinated by Kaz. She wasn't even breaking a sweat! Mitsuki felt a little odd peeping and overhearing that Itami was to fight Zed soon; Kaz must've sensed it too...
Mitsuki couldn't help herself but she stepped in between the two siblings. "He...ain't ready yet. Even after his five minutes, he can't beat Zed." Mitsuki said to Kaz, looking at her in the eye. "Sorry for interrupting. Its not that I don't have faith in him, but he's just not ready." Mitsuki knew the complications of spirits, Kaz must know it as well, perhaps giving him a...ah never mind. Its just hard to depend on skills and techniques and speed to defeat a trapped and unwanted spirit. It takes a lot more.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami looked up at Mitsuki, an eyebrow raised. "Say wha? I could show you a thing or two about fighting, and if you can beat Zed in my body, I'll make light work of him, when he's out...." Itami looked slightly hurt, though he understood where Mitsuki was coming from, but he wasn't going to back down. "I don't believe in long poncy fights...Remember.. You fought Zed, not me. I've never spent much longer than ten seconds in a fight. Stabbing away at their defoences is all well and good, but Kamizoroe, literally means 'good slice'. Thats all I need. One good slice." Itami calmed down. "Bring on the demon." Kaz just crossed her arms loosely around her chest. "I agree with Mitsuki." Itami's jaw dropped. "Well SCREW YOU." Itami yelled, without thinking. Kaz looked unfazed. Itami wasn't done. "Just 'cause you inherited this swanky mansion, and all the money, and you're a few years older, it doesn't mean you can boss me around!" He suddenly whirled around and aimed a single slice at Kasumi's neck. She leaned back out of Itami's range, and in the blink of an eye, drove her foot into Itami's side. He wretched violently, falling to his knees, writhing in pain. "Next time, It'll be your head." Kaz casually remarked. Itami slowly got to his feet, and walked away, clutching his kidneys.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki sighed. "Its never easy I guess." She looked at Kaz for a while, bowed to her respectfully before running out to search for the enraged Itami. It was clear that he's frustrated...
...finally found him. He was up at the peak in a tall tree. Mitsuki gracefully leapt to a branch slightly lower than his without him knowing. "I've been following you around lately..." She muttered to Itami. She continued after a pause. "I'll be like a granny saying this but calm down for now. Remember... about meditation and stuff?" She asked him while blushing a little. "Taking sufficient time to prepare for just one battle is so much better than continously losing, and lose your control over your body for some time..." She trailed off remembering that long battle, of which she touched a little of her powers. "Just be patient. Your sis- on your own everytime in the matches, um..." Finding nothing else to say besides things regarding his sister which might anger him further, she kept quiet, waiting for a reply.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami pretended to look like he didn't care, but he'd just been humiliated by his sister, and didn't want to look weak. "I don't care what you and Kaz say. I can beat Zed, and the longer we wait the quicker he'll get his strength back.Its my body, so I think its my decision- not yours, or Kaz's." Itami rolled his eyes. "And meditation isn't going to help me slice a demon in half." He was actually very intellectual, so he hated it when people treated him like a six year old. Kaz was the reason he left Kojima manor. He loved her, but he wished that he could beat her. He jumped down, annoyed that he'd thrown up when Kaz kicked him, and sliced the branch that Mitsuki was sitting on as he jumped down, which caused her to fall. He stormed off towards the back of the house where he'd parked his Nissan. It exploded off into the distance, light blue flames roaring out of the back, when he hit the Nitrous booster.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki sighed as she landed softly on the ground. No way she could catch up with him now. She walked over to Kaz.
"What would you really want your brother to do? Cause he's acting like the kid you saw coming with us." She said sacrastically.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Suddenly she thought of an idea. "I'll be right back as soon as possible." She ran out of the mansion...
Mitsuki desperately looked around for something she needed, and had spotted a taxi with its driver leaning against the vehicle resting. She walked over immediately sat in the drivers seat and took off slamming on the engines without saying a word.
chosen_1 / lloyd: whoa!he fell after mitsuki rushed passed him.he got up and went into the dojo and saw kaz.then quickly turned around the door way when he saw that kaz saw him looking in the room.what happened to all of them?he saw to himself quietly.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami pumped up the volume to Maximum, making it possible for any cars too near to hear the loud thud of a pounding bassline. He didn't care about sound pollution, or the police car tailing him. He just wanted revenge on Kaz. He turned off the speakers, and could hear the wail of the police car's siren. He swore, and pulled over to the side of the road. The moment the police officer opened his door, and stepped out, Itami hammered the accelerator, and sped off into the horizon.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki zoomed by the police, well aware of what had happened, and there could be no way she could catch up with Itami unless...
Mitsuki could not feel the car touching the ground, her face pale. She slammed the engines further, and soon somehow was tailing Itami at quite a distance. Ripping a strip from the driver's seat, she secured the steering wheel to one of the passengers seat before moving up to the top of the cab and made a leap over to Itami's vehicle, landed on the back seat perfectly, wincing from the wound which might reopen. She was as white as a sheet, but she guessed Itami must be shocked as well. ~Her first time going against the rules and all...~
silentblade / Itami Kojima: (The nissan 350z is a 2-seater coupe, but oh well. I didn't expect you to know that.) Itami was shocked. He'd seen Mitsuki coming, and had slowed down a little when she jumped, knowing that she'd never make the jump otherwise, but it was a daring move. He pulled over to the side of the road, and waited for the cab to wipe out against the guardrail next to him. It exploded in a dazzling yellow ball, and Itami watched the wreck go over the rail, and into the great beyond. He turned around, eyes narrowed. "What the hell were you thinking?!" Itami yelled in her face. "You could have been killed!" Itami smiled evilly, his hand moving across to Kamizoroe. "But you'll wish you had when I'm done with you..." He suddenly gunned it, sending Mitsuki backwards into her seat. Itami pushed his car to its limits on the return trip to Kojima-tono. He felt reckless...he wanted to kill Mitsuki, Kaz, Miyuki and Lloyd. He hadn't felt this way since...Zed last had control. He didn't try to fight it. He wanted to be the demon.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Yea I have no idea about cars . Sry but I kinda blur here. You stabbed me in the car or something? (o.O)>>
silentblade: <No, I intend to attack everyone back at the manor>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki just could not think and see things straight. She could feel the car moving again, the blasting wind in her face, and the trickles of blood from her wound. 'Not again,' she cursed as she slowly closed her eyes...
silentblade / Itami Rever: Itami wasn't intending to say or do anything, leaving Mitsuki to suffer in silence. He could feel Zed welling up inside of him, and knew that the demon had control...The Rever demon was too strong, and Itami didn't try to put up a fight. He'd be able to defeat Mitsuki, Miyuki or Lloyd effortlessly, with Zed's power. Kaz was another matter. He kept his eyes on the road, and soon arrived back at the manor. He opened the door for Mitsuki, but didn't look at her. He went back into his plain white room, and sat down. His skin started to change again, like it always did when Zed was taking over. For now, He was not Itami Kojima, or Zed Rever. He was halfway between the two. He slid Kamizoroe out of his sheath, and it glowed white with Itami's energy. He held out his left hand, where Jiyu- Zed's blade, materialized. It had a strange black Aura surrounding it. He got up, and Kicked the door. It flew out of its hinges and exploded against a wall. Itami Rever was on the rampage.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Wo de jie mei ah, no zai na li?!?! >>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: It had been a while that Mitsuki was Itami's car...
When she woke up, she never felt any better since she had defeated Zed in a long battle. She stretched with cat-like grace, and realised she didn't felt anywhere of her sore anymore. She looked down at the bandages and ripped them off; no trace of injury were on them. She smiled slyly as she hopped out of the vehicle and walked into the manor. She felt totally different, a lot lighter and carefree. Heck with Itami... she's leaving. She went around in search of Lloyd.
silentblade / Itami Rever: Kamizoroe and Jiyu were not living things- they were swords, and yet...Itami and Zed communicated through their blades, as they destroyed everything in the manor. There was a loud crash as an oak table flew into the door of Kasumi's room. The door slowly opened, and Kaz stepped out, wearing the black clothes she wore when they arrived at the manor. Casually, she smiled. "So... We meet again, Rever." Itami nodded- but it might have been Zed. She slowly raised her hand, so her palm faced him. "Its time you get out of my brother." Suddenly, she lunged, striking Itami in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. Zed grinned. "Of course you're right..." There was a blinding flash of light. When it was over, Zed and Itami stood next to eachother, seperate for the first time in years. Zed stood tall, roughly 7 foot, with the red bug eyes, and the spines covering his body, while Itami, doubled over from Kaz's strike, looked insignificant. Kaz's eyes narrowed. "I can see that you have chosen to try and kill me, brother." Itami stood straight. "I'm sick of you... and when I'm done, I'll let Zed have your power." They both charged at the same time, Jiyu and Kamizoroe held close to eachother. Kaz moved fast, easily dodging the two blades. Itami's reactions were delayed, and he went head over heels as Kasumi swept him. Onchou appeared from its sheath, and Kaz turned around to fight Zed. Both blades clashed repeatedly, and they locked swords. Itami uncertainly got to his feet, and ran at Kaz, his eyes eminating rage. He stabbed, with all his strength, into Kaz's spine, shutting his eyes as Kamizoroe worked its way into flesh....
silentblade / Itami Kojima: ...Itami slowly opened his eyes... Kasumi had dissappeared, and Kamizoroe was in Zed's heart. He slid the blade out, and Zed fell to the floor, dead, a pool of black blood forming around him. Itami shed a silent tear. "Why couldn't you have ben my brother, Zed Rever. Why was I cursed to live in the shadow of Kasumi Kojima....." His voice shook, and he fell to his knees. He stayed like that for a while, and eventually got up, and turned away. He heard a light thud behind him, and suddenly a pair of arms worked his way around his neck. "Goodnight, brother." Kasumi whispered in his ear. Itami swore-he was in a sleeper hold... Then he was out like a light.
chosen_1: what is with this place though he thought.he looked out the door and saw mitsuki coming.hey mitsuki!wat happened to every one?
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<sorry ,did'nt log on completely.>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: (Please someone join my first RP- Ketsueki)
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki looked at lloyd with indifferent eyes. "I'm not bothered..." She then looked at the manor; bloodshed, lots of it. "Where in this freakin Earth is my sister? We're leaving." She mumbled as she slowly walked in...
Endless_Inferno / Kain Valkrye: a dark shadow appears and out walks a tall hooded figure....
Endless_Inferno / Kain Valkrye: a dark shadow appears and out walks a tall hooded figure....
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami woke up in his room with a dull pain in his forehead. Kaz stood next to his bed, her arms crossed. "You passed." Itami misunderstood. "What do you mean...I passed?" Itami's head was tilted slightly. "I set you up. I knew that Zed would be expecting to be released if you fought him in the dojo, so I bid my time, and got you angry at me. I knew that you couldn't outsmart Zed, 'cause he lives in your mind, so knows what you're going to do before he did it. I locked swords with Zed, so you thought you had an easy shot at me. I was ready for you. Zed wasn't." Itami nodded, shocked that his sister had risked her life to exorcise Itami. He went downstairs into the front yard, where Mitsuki and Lloyd were; Kaz tailing him. She smiled. "The lineage of the Rever Clan is over." Itami sighed. He felt empty inside. He couldn't feel the disturbing warmth of Zed inside him. He threw Kamizoroe to the floor. "I hope I won't be needing this any time soon."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki saw Itami and Kaz from the corner of her eye. Somehow, anger erupted within her, and before she could start bashing things up, and dragged lloyd by the collar and ran into a forest... somewhere, just somewhere.
She slumped down against a tree, dropping lloyd at the same time, breathing slightly uneven. She rested with her head on knees that were bent, covering her face, from anything. She didn't spoke anything...
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami made a move to follow Mitsuki, but Kaz pulled him back by his collar. "Leave it for her to sort out." Itami raised an eyebrow, but he thought it'd be better not to question Kaz. "What happened to Zed, then?" Itami asked, trying to changed the subject. "He's gone back to where his clan lay to rest. We haven't seen the last of Zed, though." Itami nodded. He realised how tired he was, and walked back into the manor.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "I'm dying..." Mitsuki muttered to herself, and thn noticed that Lloyd was still panting. Why of course, a kiddo...
Mitsuki looked up at the canopy of leaves above her, shadowy patches appearing on her skin. After a hour when she felt that she need to pull herself together, she pulled lloyd by the collar again and walked slowly back.
chosen_1 / lloyd: oww!he got up and tryed to make her let go of his shirt but could not reach.mitsuki.could you please let go of me?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<About time you replied lol.>>
Mitsuki dropped him down and continued walking, sighed as she did a hundred eighty turn, and after a while turned again. She groaned in defeat then flopped herself down flat on the grass. "You can go back first if you want, lloyd... and if you know the way. I'm staying here for the night."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami woke up sharply. He took a shower, and got changed, wondering what Lloyd and Mitsuki had done. He felt bad for Mitsuki, for dragging her into it all, but felt annoyed that she'd gotten so angry. It wasn't like she had a demon in her, or anything... He walked out of his room, and set himself down infront of the television. He flicked it on, but nothing good was currently showing, so he turned it off again. He stopped and thought, and then decided to go out. "Kaz! I'll be back later." He heard her say something from the dojo, and walked outside, heading down to the woods nearby.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki stared up at the cresent moon in the starless sky, and sighed after breathing in the forest air deeply. Staying for the night was what she decided, and that would be that. The question she had always avoided, was why she'd fumed all of a sudden. It happened everytime when... she wanted to hide.
She leapt up to a tall branch and closed her eyes. She liked keeping to herself with too many, too many secrets... quite a number even her sister didn't know.
chosen_1 / lloyd: well, about that.i really dont like the dark.i know its kinda odd that im a dark angel and im scared of the dark but you have to remember i have some of the emotions of a kid.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "So you're still immature, since its not the first time being a kid." Mitsuki affirmed as she dropped down, being bugged that someone else was wondering around the woods; not her territory, but she knew a few things that the moon can see. She picked up lloyd and hung him on a branch high up, and if the more he struggled, the branch would snap...
She held a long breath as she started moving from tree to tree, until she sensed something odd. She chanted a spell and bounded herself to something low and from dangling upside down she dived down the tree blindly grasping anhything before she was being pulled up. The sound was very obvious, but it happened to quickly. Leaves were stuck in her hair, and Itami's neck was gagged between her arm.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami hadn't seen it coming. He moved his hands around to grab the person, but couldn't see what they were doing. He stopped for a moment, shutting his eyes, and moved his hand slowly to Kamizoroe. Then he blacked out, his head sagging. He hoped they'd release their grip, but they didn't. He hadn't fooled them. He knew he'd really black out in a moment, and needed to think. He wished Zed were still alive, but he knew it wasn't the case. Then he saw something moving in the distance, towards them. He blacked out as Kasumi leapt out into the opening, unleashing a hail of kunais at Mitsuki. He felt the tension around his neck release as he hit the floor. He also knew that Mitsuki would be out cold, no dispute- He had met much stronger fighters that couldn't face down Kaz.
chosen_1 / lloyd: yeah,i could always sleep down theIIIIIRRRRR!!!!he fell down the tree hiting every branch in his way.ahhhhh! he fell to the bottom of the tree and hit a rock then fainted.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<I wasn't trying to kill you, just that there was someone else around and had found it odd besides me and Lloyd. Guess its my fault. I'll carry on with what you posted then...>>
Mitsuki was hit and had released Itami. She cursed under her breath as she shakily stood up from the ground she had plummeted down from and swiftly pulled out a couple of them from her body; no blood flowing, just red marks where the kunais once were which seemed invisible in the night. She wasn't herself and she knew it. Wounds that did not bleed, no pain felt at all throughout the entire thing, and worse of all, her hands were about to kill Itami. What for did she need to tell him? Just help out a little and then leave...
She was about to run when she felt the poison making her body numb and weak. Taking only a few trembling steps, she fell to the ground unconsicious, like a tranquilizer,..
Shot at a monster.
chosen_1: <<u guys have msn, yahoo or aol?>>
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<didnt fully log on.sorry.>>
chosen_1 / lloyd: <<plz post itami.we are both out cold and we are waiting for you.>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Lol.I was away for some time. Lloyd, I got hotmail, msn.>>
Mitsuki groaned as she woke up, finding herself on a bed, but with shackles restraining her limbs. Had they knew what was going on? Its better to blame her than anyone, nor anything else. She had not seen Miyuki for almost an entire day so where would she be? And Lloyd? Still hanging up there?...
Itami was standing before her, and she was not sure about what was going through his mind. Needless to say about her own thoughts- she was staring back at him with indifferent eyes. She wanted to turn away, but her body didn't obey her. Not that she will say anything about what was going on, she just wanted to leave this place... forever. As though she had never met these people...
chosen_1 / lloyd: he was walking quietly with a bar in his hand through the door way when he saw itami standing there facing the other way.he ranu and slamed the bar aginst his back as he did nothing.coommon.flinch ,stutter, do somthing.he watched as he still faced mitsuki.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki tilted her head slightly at the person who just came in. Ah Lloyd, he's alive. For a moment she looked away from Itami and closed her eyes, the shackles that bounded her unlocked themselves. She paralysed Itami, for only a breif moment. With the immense power rushing though her veins, she clearly knew her reasons, and not even Llyod knew it.
"Let's go," She told Lloyd sat up calmly and she rubbed her wrists. "There's not a thing for us. A waste of our time." She said the last sentence loud and clear before closing the door with Lloyd behind.
She was thinking of going back to the historical fair, and perhaps get another glance of the innocent boy she had promised to see again.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: (Is having internet problems, thats why I'm not posting.) Itami swore, and shut his eyes. He had a horrible pain in his back, and couldn't move. He concentrated hard, on the strange spectral force around him. And then it was gone. He knew the house better than everyone, but Kaz. He ran up the stairs, and through a secret tunnel behind a bookshelf. When Mitsuki and Lloyd came out, Itami was waiting. Kamizoroe was out. "So... what exactly are you doing.?" He growls. "First you try and kill me, and then you attack me when I spare your lives?!" He knew Kaz didn't approve of the shackles, but Itami didn't care. "I oughtta Kill you both, now." Lloyd would be easy. Demon forms, and promising skills wouldn't match Itami. But Mitsuki was getting more and more powerful by the moment. He resheathed Kamizoroe, intending to execute a willow splitter. His eyes narrowed. "So...How do you want to do this?" He wasn't really waiting for an answer, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Kaz was standing there. "I think you all better explain yourselves inside.." She said cooly. Itami knew there was no point in arguing with Kasumi Kojima.
chosen_1 / lloyd: He slowly walked back in. He pulled mitsuki's arm down so he could speak in her ear and wispered im scared of kaz.if i had my strength id have no problem but shes very power ful and i have no idea who she even is.
silentblade: Itami nodded understandably at Lloyd. He knew that his sister wasn't human- Itami thought he was the first in the Kojima lineage, and that Kaz held godlike powers. Itami indicated for Lloyd and Mitsuki to follow. Kaz had dissappeared. "Kaz?" He called. "I'm in here." Came from the dining room. It was a traditional japanese room, with ricepaper screens lining the walls and a low dining table with cushions next to them. Kaz had made this room hers, and could spend entire days reading in the corner where a small white beanbag stood. Itami bowed, and sat down. "I think you better all explain yourselves." Kaz said smoothly. Itami hated the way that Kaz was always so cool. But he also knew what she was capable of when she was angry. Him and one other man could attest to that- and that man was a corpse at the bottom of a ravine. Itami had stayed quiet for the time being.
silentblade: <<sorry wrong profile>>
chosen_1 / lloyd: i had absolutly nothing to do with it.he backed up from every one else.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Sometimes I wonder if you had your gender mixed up," Mitsuki said jokingly to Lloyd and took a sip from her cup of tea. She then slowly placed her cup down and said, "Personal matters." Before anyone could speak up she continued, "I just have to be away for a while, and by the time I'm back here I'll be no longer needed to help. That's all."
Mitsuki wanted to slap herself for the realisation of revealing pretty much, but was pretty relaxed about the situation, knowing that Itami might... what was she thinking? Akiyu would have started smacking things upside down, already, but through the desire of being released as was being kept away longer than expected, Mitsuki got up and bowed to Kaz before sprinting off somewhere, far and fast.
Each step she took the grass under her withered away as her eyes and hair became fully black, a beautiful gold ring stood out from each of her eyes. Mitsuki was clearly aware that Itami would follow, and would mistake her as a stranger... if not for her body's intent of killing something.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami had followed Mitsuki the whole time. He knew that something was wrong with her. She was acting almost...like he was, when Zed was inside him. But that wasn't his problem. But he didn't want his friend to do something stupid. He had followed perfectly silently, completely avoiding detection. He knew that Mitsuki probably didn't know where he was, but she knew he was following. He also had Kamizoroe, as he always did. He hadn't been truly separated from the blade since before he had it. He considered saying something, but decided that it would be better not to let her know. That was when Itami realised that she was changing. As was the ground beneath her. He shivered. He had a feeling Kamizoroe would taste blood tonight.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Just because there are others in the vicinity doesn't mean you should hold me back for two straight days, dear Mitsuki," Akiyu light-heartedly yet dangerously said. "I could simply just kill them and you know that. Your sister agrees me so much better than you do." Her fingers slowly hovered over the ground and the grass lurched.
~Give me a break. Venting on things are both of your hobbies...~ Mitsuki retorted in her mind. She could see and feel whatever that Akiyu can do, even if its something against her own will. Akiyu was quite the rather patient killer, doing whatever she wants to in no hassle.
"Well at least your body is much lighter with swords..." Akiyu trailed off as she sensed Itami, her hands aching to handle flesh. "Now how many times do I have to go through this, I KILL and DO AS I PLEASE, and that's part of the deal." Immediately after finding out where exactly he was, Akiyu dissapeared and appeared behind Itami slashing him on his back, the golden parts of her eyes speckled crimson, increasing her anxiety as she saw the blood gushing out.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: he walked out of the house and saw them both.itami wit the sword in mitsukies back and her struggling.STOP!he quickly threw the sword and watched as it stuck in itamis back.he didnt move again.what the hell does it take to hurt you?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<(o.O)...You did that mistake on purpose didn't ya? I SLASHED ITAMI not HE slash ME.(-.-")>>
chosen_1 / Lloyd: <<oww woops 0_0 cancel the sword throwing part then.>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<I wasn't hurt at all lol.. I'll improvise a little...>>
Akiyu could sense another being; all the more she wanted her fun. Seeing the body in front of her not moving at that moment, she swiftly made her way to Lloyd, plucking him up from the grass, staring at him with mocking playfulness as he struggled. "And you're Lloyd, Mitsuki's and Miyuki's ever faithful." She said in a dangerously sweet tone as she slid the tip of her blade on Lloyd's cheek.
"And Mitsuki, stoping bickering. There's alot more bloodshed with these hands we'd share to go." It seemed that she was talking to herself. No one in the right mind would want to provoke her when Akiyu's pissed off. Her exotic eyes taunted illusions and traumas into many, and felt that she would have to move a bit faster to satisfy herself.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami slowly got to his feet, muttering something to himself. Blood dripped from his back, but the cut wasn't too deep. He gripped Kamizoroe, like he always did, and slowly got to his feet. He wouldn't go down without a fight. Mitsuki had beaten him with the demon inside him, so it was time to return the favour. Itami ran at Misuki, full pelt, and waited till he was past her to slice across her torso. "shoukin- raishuu" He yelled. Redemption attack. He resheathed Kamizoroe. That was what he loved about his style. His power all came from the unsheathing motion of his iaito, and you could never tell if he was going to attack until he had done so.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: he backed after hearing mitsukies coment.i hate being yong.he muttered.he quickly changed his sword in length and it covered his arm and was now a part of him.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Akiyu smirked. No blood spilled and she did not flinch at all, but her shirt was torn a little. "It will take more than magical or enchanted weapons or whatever crap to even scratch me." The area where Itami hit had only remained a faint red line on her skin.
"Mitsuki is this why you don't want me to kill them?" She ask aloud as she took Lloyd's weapon and stabbed it into her own stomach. Nothing happened.
She slowly pulled it out and the blade had became tinted black, but it wasn't visible in the night. It was then she had slightly showed her weakness; Lloyd's blade started to glow and pulse faintly, and being Lloyd's weapon, he could somehow feel it. Akiyu started to use a stronger grip on her own. The weapons impaled through her have always become more formidable and her anger flared up again remembering her past. She had better get rid of the bleeding one.
Akiyu dropped Lloyd and imitated Itami's move, but was of more dexterity and her blade had cut his right stomach, resisting herself from cutting too deep. She only had her warm-up.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami swore as he crashed into the ground. He considered running, grabbing Lloyd. He'd go to the manor. Kasumi would be able to save the day. "No..." He thought. He wasn't going to go crying to his big sister. He slowly got to his feet, knowing that it was likely he'd die; but he had to prove himself, by at least trying. He put his hand on Kamizoroe, and allowed his blood to drip onto the blade. Itami grinned. He had discovered how Zed achieved his ultimate form. It was the Ketsueki (blood) theory. His blood would become imbued within the blade, and truly, he'd be one with it. The blood sunk into the blade, and clear plasma fell out of the other end, as all the cells and other things within his blood were absorbed. Kamizoroe took on a slight tinge of red. "Ketsueki..." He muttered. He looked up at Mitsuki, breathing a silent prayer. "I don't know what the hell you are, and ou might have triked me into befriending you, but don't think I wont kill you." He pulled back his blade, and ran forwards, practically stumbling. "You don't bleed, so I guess I'll give you blood!" He leapt over Mitsuki's head, and aimed a single slice at her. He prayed he'd given Kamizoroe enough time for the Ketsueki effect to work. He felt the blade run through flesh, and Itami hit the ground hard. He looked across at Mitsuki, but she looked unfazed. He hadn't given the Ketsueki enough time to work.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki heard his words and felt terribly hurt, but beared in mind that it was all her fault of poking into his business. She didn't even clearly understand that Akiyu did not act like herself. She simply stood where she was and took the hit from Itami. Why the odd behaviour?!
She couldn't continue her words. She felt she was controlling her body again, and the pain instantly sank in. She fell to dead grounds, her eyes obviously changing back to their fine amethyst shades again. Everything was a blur to her, and then dimmed to darkness. She could feel the warm liquid under her...
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Mitsuki was bleeding again. Itami knew something wasn't right, but he had had the living daylights beaten out of him, and he couldn't keep his head together. He knew Mitsuki wasn't getting up any time soon, and he knew it was the same for him. Blood trickled from his mouth, down his chin, and dissappeared under his collar. His eyes rolled back, and he looked desperately at Lloyd. He muttered something, but no sound came out. He hoped Lloyd knew what Itami was saying: Get Kaz.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<I'll fast-forward.>>
Mitsuki groaned as she stirred from her unconsciousness. Why was she still alive? She found herself in bandages all over her body, and the memory of what had happened was too vivid that it hurted.
She found herself looking at him who was badly hurt himself. It was her. All her fault. That she had done this. That she had ever met him. Mitsuki tried to sit up but was pushed back to the bed rather harshly. She looked up to see...
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami stared at the ceiling. Kaz had taken off his bandana, so his long black hair was all over the pillow. His stomach was not visible underneath the bandages- He had so many Kaz had not bothered to put his shirt back on. He could make out movement in the bed next to his, and assumed Kaz was tending to Mitsuki. He couldn't remember the room at first, and it took a while for the childhood memories of a six-year-old Itami throwing tennis balls at the wall. It was his playroom. Kaz had taken almost everything away. He considered getting up, but decided against it. Kamizoroe was leaning against the foot of the bed. He wondered what was going through Mitsuki's mind. It wasn't Zed, but it seemed pretty damn likely to be a Rever demon.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki felt miserable. The moment she was pushed down she fell unconscious again. She didn't want to wake up at all...
~Akiyu. Why did you do that?~
~What? Aren't you happier they're alive? Or you actually want them dead?~
~That's not what I meant!~
~My personal matters. Just shut up, recover and leave okay? I believe you're in a serious stuck-up position.~
~Its only sometimes you behave like a bitch... Promise something?~
~Promise what?~
~Make me forget that I have ever met these people. Brainwash or whatever knot. I just don't want to regconise him. But after I left.~
Mitsuki promised herself to repay them before leaving, and might consider giving an explanation. That is, if they would buy it.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: <<im confused.who wants to forget them?and all of us or just itami and kaz?>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Its me, I don't wanna remember them. The 'them'... Let me consider.>>
Kaz was still standing infront of Mitsuki, probably demanding an explanation. But at the same time she wanted to shoot a question as well.
"I had nearly killed your brother... but why am I here? I don't deserve to live..." Mitsuki's words were obviously hiding something, even she felt it herself, and inside Akiyu was wondering when she would stop lying.
~Akiyu stop that. I just want to be responsible for my own actions. I'm not a kid anymore!~
~You're still 16...~
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami groaned. He could tell when Kaz was about to start a lecture. He also knew he was the one in trouble. Mitsuki had been possessed, or something along those lines. Itami had left the house, and rather than turning back, to get Kaz, he'd nearly decapitated Mitsuki, which obviously wasn't worth the hassle- She'd asked to be alone, and Itami's inquisitive side had got the better of him. Now he was wounded in several places, bleeding internally and externally, and had nearly killed his friend. The thought of suicide dawned on him again, for the first time in a long while. He shut his eyes. Itami envied his sister- she was perfect- pretty, intelligent, and the worlds greatest martial artist in the world. He'd kill her, and then kill himself. He went back to sleep, as Kaz explained what Itami had just thought. It wasn't Mitsuki's fault. It was his.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: he was looking at all 3 of them in the door way.any thing i can do to help?he asked kaz.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki desperately shook her head and protested, nearly crying. "Its my fault! It has nothing to do with him! It is me being stupid and do stupid things like that... It has nothing to do with him!" Mitsuki tried to breathe evenly after the sudden burst of words. She slowly rested back on the bed and muttered 'sorry' before digging her face into the pillow.

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