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Roleplay - I'll Kill You by Mitsuki / RyukiTZR

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silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami decided to make it known he was awake. "No. Kaz is right. You got away, to avoid hurting us- I'm grateful for that. I was the one who decided to follow you- I could have sliced you're head off. If you had cut a little higher, I wouldn't be here riht now. I was the foolish one." He looked ashamed for a moment, and then tried to get up. Kaz was already pushing him back down. "Don't get up..." She sniffed, and Itami realised how upset Kaz looked. "Kaz, I..." She cut him off with a single hand gesture. "I would never have forgiven myself if you had died, Itami." Itami nodded weakly. "I'm sorry..." Was all he could bring himself to say, no more. He looked sorrowfully across to Mitsuki. "I'm sorry..."
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki felt awful and initailly wanted to protest again, but after that outburst she didn't feel like moving at all. She just laid there in that position awake, until Kaz left, with Lloyd and Itami seemingly sound asleep. Only when it was dead quiet then she sat up and rubbed her stiff neck.
With the moonlight from the window beside Itami, she observed her bandages that were around her limbs and torso; those on her calves and forearms mysteriously there. She gingerly picked herself up and limped across to the window, at the same time realising Itami's slightly pained expression as he rest, but lost all thoughts when she looked out of the room...
chosen_1 / Lloyd: so kaz.will they be ok?he looked back at the door way from when they left.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Kaz nodded wisely. "They'll be fine. Itami flinched at the last moment. Kamizoroe sliced Mitsuki's shoulder..shallowly. Mitsuki sliced Itami pretty bad, but nowhere vital. Give it a couple of days." In the next room Itami was still feeling bad. "Stupid..STUPID!" he muttered to himself. After a while Itami stopped brooding, and sat up to face Mitsuki. "So...what was it?" He asked, wondering what Mitsuki had inside her. "...It's not Zed." He added, knowing that the demon prescence was not that of a Rever Demon.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Since Itami had told her about Zed within him, it was only fair that she told him.
"Akiyu's spirit in me that uses my body to exercise my powers once in a while." Mitsuki calmly spoke as she clenched her fists slightly. "Everything that she does as she pleases, I can always see it, smell it, feel it. Its like another me... If I don't use my powers once in a while, I'll die, with Akiyu being a wild spirit and randomly roaming around till she finds someone with the ability to satisfy her needs. A vengeful spirit you can call that." She took a deep breath before she continued. "She has pretty messed up memory, and the words that she could say when we first merged was 'I'll kill you'... so I called her Akiyu. But most of the time she acts normally, until her anger was flared up by something she would start killing. And that was why I rarely move outside the house deep in that woods with my sister..." She wanted to continue ranting, but as her lips parted they quivered, making her shut up and started heading for the door.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami nodded. "Interesting...You think that Kaz would be able to help you out?" He asked, thinking hard. "Thats a tough one...Its not a demon, so much as a spirit...." Itami looked thoughtful. "You better talk to Kaz about it. She'd know what to do." He tried to look like it was nothing major, but the concern was visible in his eyes.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki paused at the door for a while as she listened to what he had said and thought about it. A smirk was on her lips and she told him not looking back.
"...There's a much better way..." was anyone could hear before the click of the door closing.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami looked at Mitsuki confusedly as she walked out the door. He didn't have a clue what she was planning, but he decided that maybe this time it would be better not to follow. He snickered, and looked at Kamizoroe. "I hope I won't be needing you," He told his beloved iaito. "Why does every girl I meet seem to be crazy?" He thought to himself, as he put his black shirt back on, and put Kamizoroe around his waist. He too then walked out, and walked over to Kaz and Lloyd. "So...er...whats happening?" He asked.
iced_heart: "I'm new.... i have a knife, someone show me the way......help me through, guy or girl, help me find my way around here......"
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki looked her way in slight interest. She was wondering deep in the forest to find someone in it.
"What way do you want?" Mitsuki asked nochalantly which sounded a bit mocking without realising, but knowing that mysterious person needed something. Her bandaged arms were behind her back, ready for anything.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Lloyd where are you?>>
Mitsuki came back from her long stroll in the evening, shaking off that figure as a mere illusion. She came knocking into the mansion, her clothes all soiled and smelt of the foresty earth, she passed by the other straight for a shower. She would have to do some explaining later, and hopefully Lloyd would not mind.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: <<im very confused.>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Its a no brainer... your last post is like asking a question to Kaz. Then Itami asked about Akiyu (inside me/Mitsuki). I went out to the forest see some illusion or whatever was that. In other words, nothing much actually happened. Waiting for you to reply Itami's question of something like 'what's up?'>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <Nah, I been following RP, I'm just looking for an opening to be in the RP.>
Itami prodded Lloyd. "Hey, dude...Its rude to just zone out like that. You okay?" He grinned, then looked at Kaz. That angry feeling welled up in him again, and then subsided. Did he really want to kill his sister?
chosen_1 / Lloyd: sorry. im just tryin to think of a way to get this sword off of me.he looked at of his arms.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: <<do either of you have an email?>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Darn is Kaz around somewhere? The wounds are pissing me off." Mitsuki mumbled as she dried herself, refreshed after a shower. It was only then she took off the irritating bandages.
Purplish black markings were seemingly tatooed on her arms, and her legs appeared to have slight sore like a stinging burn...
She flexed her arms which were easier to move than with bandages on. She made her hair messy with the towel around her shoulders incase it would drip all over the place. She put on whatever that seemed normal which covers most of her before moving out of the room, towards the dining area as it was soon dinnertime.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami came out of his room, grinning. He was up to something, but wasn't saying anything. In his pocket he had a single item- A sky blue pebble. As he walked past he spotted Mitsuki. "Is something wrong?" He asked casually. "You don't need to tell me, but you may as well- Kaz'll know before she looks at you. He could tell Mitsuki seemed hesitant, so he nodded understandably. "If it means anything to you, Kaz won't say anything while me or Lloyd are about." With that, he turned on his heel to enter the kitchen, where his sister had just finished preparing the meal.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: hmmm.he looked around.why is it that every time i think im looking one way,im always lookng another.he looked at the dojo then looked the other way to see stairs.ummm.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki kept silent and relaxed her shoulders as Itami went to the kitchen. She hesitantly walked over to the kitchen. "Is there anything I can do?" She asked Kaz. "And oh yea and I need to tell you something; my sis went to attend to some certain matters and had left quite a while ago. And... that's all." she trailed off looking at the ceiling as she pretended to confirm with herself. She had not been good with words lately...
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Kasumi shook her head. "Its okay, Mitsuki. We've just finished cooking." Itami was already helping Kaz take the meal into the living room, but Itami wasn't concentrating on it at all. He was watching his sister carefully. It was rare for her to not carry her sword, but onchou wasn't there. She'd have daggers, or kunai, or something, but he didn't think it would match his iaito. Those murderous thoughts rushed through his mind again. But he was sick of being the shadow, the follower. Before his parents died, it was always 'Kasumi, Kasumi, Kasumi'. Itami was sick of it. His parents never wanted him- and he never had these powers, that everyone else in his bloodline had. He quickly laid the table, and sat down, waiting for the others.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: he walked up the stairs and saw the kitchen.o hey guys. i think i might need a map of this place.
miroakukirara / kira hikarashi: <<i guess i wanna join so can i join?>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Yea I guess you can join.>>
Mitsuki nodded her head slightly to Lloyd as in 'Come and eat first' as she sat the table, and started eating as everybody else did.
Mitsuki ate slowly, having not much of an appetite and deep in thought. Was she having no regrets about it? Would she have to drag Lloyd into it? This was the first time ever she had to pounder about things so much. She hated it. She felt that she's being a burden to Itami, being a drag for Lloyd... and now what, Akiyu?
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami kept watching his sister, trying to see how heavily armed she was. He knew that it seemed pointless, but he'd had it with Kasumi- Little miss perfect. He'd find a way to get to her, off guard, alone. Then he'd kill her. Kojima manor would be his. He quickly finished his food, and got up, walking into the kitchen.
Kaz looked at Mitsuki inquizitively. She knew almost instantly that she was covering herself up. Kaz had a feeling she knew what was underneath, but didn't speak. She too finished her food, and went into the kitchen after...
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: ..It was quite some time before Mitsuki was pulled back to reality, seeing Kaz walking off. She sighed inwardly as she herself stood up and decided to wash the dishes.
~Everyone's off a little guard tonight, including the boy's sister. Anything can happen so be on an alert for everyone.~
~Why are you telling me this?~ Mitsuki snapped at Akiyu. ~Why haven't you dissappear until the time comes again like you always do?~
Akiyu was silent, and Mitsuki cursed...
Soon it was deep into the night, and Mitsuki shivered under the sheets unable to sleep. Something was not right, and she came out of her room and strolled aimlessly in the darkness...
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami crept down the hall, Kamizoroe out. It was dark. He could hardly see a thing. If he could make it into Kaz's room without waking her up, he could kill her and she'd never know. He smiled, and continued walking. He stopped suddenly, hearing a noise. He clenched his teeth, and pressed himself against a wall. Someone was coming. He was glad he had Kamizoroe again. He put an ear to Kaz's door, and could hear her gentle breathing inside. Lloyd had the floor below, which meant only one thing. Mitsuki. He was on guard, in case it had something to do with Akiyu. He knew he was in big trouble if that was the case, cause that would mean a fight- and if Kaz woke up, it would be the third time. And he'd have Kamizoroe with him...
chosen_1 / Lloyd: he quickly woke up as he heard the screatching in the floor bords.be jumped out of bed and got his pants and his sword, knowing itami would need assitance.he ran out the door and up the stairs then saw itami and mitsuki.what the hell?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki heard faint noises that did not belong to hers. Though in the darkness, she felt someone around- around the midst of cold night air there was warm breath. Her senses started to sharpen. And then she felt movement with clumsiness and figured it was Lloyd.
"Hey Llyod, can't sleep as well?"
chosen_1 / Lloyd: thats not the problem,im just wandering wat were you doing walking around right now......so?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Hm... can't sleep, that's all." Mitsuki said with hidden relief in her tone. "I guess you're the only around here besides me. Let's go for a walk shall we?" She asked bringing the toddler by the wrist, slightly straining her eyes in the darkness.
<<Itami carry on with your thing. I wanna see... >>
chosen_1 / Lloyd: <<who the hell are you calling a toddler?>>yeah sure,but were to?
chosen_1 / Lloyd: <<hello!>>
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Whoops sorry. You're in your kiddy form remember? If you don't well that's the way it is.>>
"Hm......" Mitsuki hummed after walking for quite some distance, finally fumbling with a door. When she opened it, a vast garden could be seen, with a nearly half moon in the night sky. Mitsuki relaxed stepping out of the mansion, and had let go of Lloyd's arm.
"We need to talk. And perhaps make it quick before Kaz finds out we're here..." as Lloyd was silent she continued. "I'm intending on leaving here... for good. And... I mean so what do you think? Would you prefer to stay here?"
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami leant back in relief. He waited till the echo of their footsteps dissappeared, then got up, slowly moving to Kaz's door. Slowly, he slid it open, being cautious not to make a sound. He couldn't see or hear into the room, so he edged blindly towards the curtains, Kamizoroe in his right hand. Quietly he let a crack of moonlight fall into the room. Kaz's bed was empty. Itami gulped. "...So, brother, got any better ideas?" Came the voice from behind him, and the feel of cold metal against the back of his neck- Kaz's iaito. "If you really want to kill me, how about a straight fight?" Itami sighed, knowing he was in trouble now. He nodded, as Kaz put a hand on his shoulder. He caught a glimpse of her cold, emotionless face as she threw him at the wall with one hand. He crashed heavily into the wall. He got to his feet, and drew his blade. Kasumi slid the curtains open, as dawn begun. She then moved again, opening the window. She took a single glance down at Lloyd and Mitsuki, then looked back up, at her brother. Itami swallowed, and then ran forwards, eyes closed, slicing madly at Kasumi's neck. Then the blade seemed to be caught on something. He opened his eyes, which widened apon realising that Kaz had caught Kamizoroe by the blade, between both hands. She smirked, then in one fluid motion, jerked the sword from his hands, and threw it out of the window. Kamizoroe slid down the small balcony, and thudded, blade first, into the grass next to Lloyd. Itami recoiled, into a fighting stance. He hadn't thought to bring any other weapons with him. Kasumi grinned, and slowly took Onchou, with its sheath, and threw it where she threw Kamizoroe. It landed less than a centimetre away from Itami's iaito. "Unlike you, I can fight fairly." She muttered. Itami slowly started to retreat. "No point running." She said calmly. Itami knew she was right. She was beyond human. He'd never be able to defeat her, or escape her. She moved towards him, rapidly moving from side to side. Itami threw a punch, but felt a slender hand wrap around his wrist. And then he was being pulled down, and the effects of a single kick reverberate through his body. Now he was on his knees, his arm still being held tightly. "Learnt your lesson?" She asked. Itami spat. She shook her head, and tutted. "Thats a shame." Itami heard an unpleasant crack, and the horrible pain in his arm as his sister broke it like a twig.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: (Woah..That post must've made history...longest post on ES?)
chosen_1 / Lloyd: <<5 not 2>> well i dont really care.my master put you in charge so you need to decide that.but i would really rather go with you than stay here.i still dont know kaz, and i could esely get killed here by zed , itami , or kaz!
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami sobbed quietly. Kasumi let go of his arm. It fell limply beside him, and Itami let out a low moan as the searing pain travelled up his arm. Kasumi looked down at him, and turned around. She knew with a single glance that she'd broken the arm in about seven places. She didn't mean to break it that badly. Itami looked up at Mitsuki, and then hung his head in defeat. His sister was perfect- skilled, smart, and her looks were the only reason that men were always attacking her. Itami had nothing, except the clothes on his back, and his Nissan 350z out front. Kasumi would probably break Kamizoroe. He slowly got to his feet. He knew Kojima manor was just as much his as it was hers, but it wasn't home anymore, and he'd chosen to run away when he had. He remembered that day. Kaz's 19th birthday- four years ago. Itami always blamed his sister for his parent's death. Arai Kojima, his father, was killed when Itami was seven years old- Kaz was thirteen. Itami didn't know quite what had happened, but he knew he'd been out with Kaz at the time. She came back screaming. He'd been attacked, and she had just ran. He knew that now, she would have beaten them effortlessly, but that wasn't the case then. Ayame Kojima, was then assaulted by the same men the next year. She was so traumatised by the events, that she took her own life. Kasumi was 15. Itami was 11. All alone. It had been a tough life, and there was always friction between the two. He also knew that there was something different about his sister- she'd become stronger. It had destroyed a part of him. Two years, they lived alone, and Itami finally comleted his training, in Iaido, Battoujyutsu, and Karate. Then, he ran. And that was all he wanted to do. Run....
silentblade / Itami Kojima: (Sorry my posts are so long, I'm trying to build on my character's story.)
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki stood there in silence. Breaking an arm was common to her, but at multiple areas at once... was rare. It was the start of the day... and this was happened. She glanced down at Itami, feeling guilty, she wanted to......
Did Kaz did this so as to make her stay around longer? Mitsuki wanted to leave earlier, and would still want to although after seeing the siblings' weapons being tossed out of the window, and... Itami and... She wasn't sure, but it just seemed that Kaz wanted her to stay longer. She shook that thought away before bringing him out cautiously.
<<Don't think much about that. I'm not bothered by lost posts at all.>>
Mitsuki would say it to him soon, in the state he was in would probably make matters worse. Mitsuki got to work in silence in another room, ignoring the sounds coming from him.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<Er... not lost, long posts.>>
silentblade / Itami Kojima: <Er, Lloyd, Zed is dead.>Itami leant against a wall, looking at his sister. They held eachother's gaze for a few minutes, and then Itami closed his eyes, and turned around, to walk out of the room. He couldn't escape in his current state. He was right handed, and Kaz had shattered his right arm. He walked down the corridor, looking at Mitsuki as he passed. "Go. I'm sick of dragging other people's lives into mine." He went downstairs, and into the back garden. Kaz had somehow got down before him- her sword was gone. But Kamizoroe was still there. Awkwardly, he sheathed it with his left hand, and walked back to the house, up the stairs, and into his room. He kept a first aid kit under his bed. After a few minutes of trying to fix himself up, he managed to get his right arm in a sling. The pain had succumbed to a dull numbness. He unsheathed his blade, and then with great force and anger, threw it at the wall. The blade stuck, singing as it did. He shut his eyes, and stared at the sword. Hours later, he hadn't moved a bit.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki had been sitting outside the room in which Itami was in for hours, and felt her heart sting. Never did she knew those words of a friend had hurt her badly.
'He's gonna be a total stranger to me soon enough...' She mumbled to herself as she entered the room staring at the blade in the wall for a while before walking over to do a better job for Itami's broken arm. He still was not moving his gaze away from his blade. With unknown anger she stomped over to the sword and flung it out of the window with the loud noise of breaking glass.
"You've said it, bastard! I'm leaving! Never are you gonna see my sorry face again! Never are you going to wake up from this! Never are you going to save your own sorry ass! NEVER!!!" Mitsuki spat in his face before dissapearing from the room through the door..
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami didn't move or respond amidst the chaos. He just sat there, staring at the wall, where Kamizoroe was stuck. A few minutes later, Kasumi walked into the room. Kamizoroe was in her hand. She rested it against the wall, looked at Itami and left. She knew that she'd broken more than his arm. He still hadn't moved. Itami turned on again, and all the events of the past day rushed through his mind. He realised what a mess he'd made of everyone's lifes. He walked over to Kamizoroe, and moved to pick it up. Then he changed his mind. He felt sick. He ran to the bathroom, and wretched violently. He didn't speak. He then went into his room, and slept. He never wanted to wake up again.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki felt sick, furious and frustrated all at once and repeatedly taking in big gasps of air, her heart somehow lurching inside. She clenched her fists tightly and walked out of the mansion.
chosen_1 / Lloyd: he ran to mitsuki seeing her anger.hey i just remembered somthing!tomorrow,ill be 6!he chuckled.thats when i start to grow my wings and my powers com to me!
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki released her fists slowly, feeling a slight blood trickle in her palms which was not easily seen. She had relaxed a little. There is finally something to look forward to; Lloyd's '6th birthday'. She looked up into the soft morning sun in the sky.
She moved her hand over it and curled her fingers around the imaginary 'fruit'. Normally she could clutch it with ease, like having the whole sun in her hands, like having everything in control. But currently she could not; things were seriously out of hand. She lowered her arm and turned to Lloyd, smiling slightly as she said "I'm really stupid. I had let Akiyu controlled me for a sec and she had broken a window. But she's right, no one can help Itami but himself. That is, if he wants to. And PLEASE don't tell him we're leaving..." she trailed off knowing that Lloyd would probably tell Itami, or something.
silentblade / Itami Kojima: When Itami came to, he was a broken man. Something had changed about him. Even as he got to his feet, he seemed to move with new resolve. His arm was broken, but his spirit wasn't. And he didn't want to kill Kaz anymore- He knew he couldn't, and she WAS his sister after all... He also knew that Mitsuki and Lloyd were leaving. He didn't mind too much- He'd pay for the fare home, or give them a lift in his car if they could bear to be near him. He started to do his bed, when the door opened. "Itami, we need to talk." Itami's spirits darkened. "What now, Kasumi?"
chosen_1 / Lloyd: i promis i wont tell but why do you want to leave so bad?i mean, what the hell did they do to us?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: Mitsuki was already walking around in the woods, her and Lloyd's belongings with her. "I can't stand it but... I felt he was childish. I mean like he's got some demon in him, and he seems kinda addicted to it and started being Zed although Zed is 'away'. But I know I cannot compare with him. Akiyu kills alot of things easily nevertheless, but she's like having a whole new memory with me..." She settled down against a tree and continued,
"Staying as oneself is not a wit easy at all. I... just want him to be alright." She mumble the last part, a tear silently rolled down her ebon cheek. 'I'm not making any sense at all now, how the hell am I going to help someone? Is it alright for me to go that far? ...Am I... wasting my time?' It was then thoughts of uncertainty drowned her mind, but then she managed to get back up and stood up, knowing that she had ignored Lloyd for some time.
"I'm sorry. Let's go."
silentblade / Itami Kojima: Itami and Kasumi spoke for a longtime. Things were said- that shocked and amazed Itami. Kasumi was almost crying by the end, and from what she'd told him, he knew he'd have to leave. He nodded feebly, and Kaz rested a hand on his arm. It gave off a dull glow as the bones snapped back into place. Itami looked at his arm. "Go easy on it...Its not fully healed." She said. He nodded, putting on his coat, and walked out of the room, with Kamizoroe in hand. (Check out my website, link on my profile.)
chosen_1 / Lloyd: so...were are we going?
anywere inperticular?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Hm...somewhere." Mitsuki said softly. "Think again, is it alright for me to wipe my memory? Or would you like wiping your memory with me?" She knew she sounded scary, like a sadist dragging other people along. "Sorry if that came out rush, but I need to know your answer, quick. Itami should be out here soon enough..." She then remembered something. "I would want to forget meeting so much trouble... is that too much to ask?" She then sat down again letting Lloyd think through. Perhaps by now Itami is here... then it might be too late.
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: <<A shrine to RP? What do I have to do?>>
chosen_1 / Lloyd: wait,you do just mean of kaz and itami?right?
RyukiTZR / Mitsuki: "Yep. Would that be alright?" Mitsuki knew very well that it might not hurt Itami's feelings, but it would definately on herself. "I just one word from you. And that is if you want to and you have to keep that secret from me..."
Me_and_a_half / Rajin: we should start this rp back up!
KotaNashi / 31.: Oh, wowee.
This is certainly old.
Look'it the the little post from Itami.~
KmzR / Misled: Still? Bah, he (i totally) ripped me off, Kota. Itami's older sister was one of the best things about the character.
KotaNashi / 31.: I could try dragging him in here to defend himself, if you'd like.
But I agree.
You and a few friends had some sort of plot going, and I remember me and a few others were added into the mix. It's a bit blurry- only some things stand out. Like the older sisters, and the sleeping arrangements. Some of the battles.. How no swords were part of the rules, given everyone mostly used guns and it was realistic. Yadda-yadda.
Drayelya / Drayelya, the Aphotic: Hm, restarting it? may I have permission to join you then?
KmzR / Misled: Ooh, yeah, that's right, there were sleeping arrangements. It was laid out kinda like a hospital in that there were loads of individual beds separated by curtains. And then there was a top office area which had been converted into private bedrooms for the Kojima family members that ran the Ketsueki warehouse.
Or something like that?
And nah, we're not restarting it, we just needed an RP to chat in and this conveniently allows me to stop it from fading into obscurity. Sorry.
Drayelya / Drayelya, the Aphotic: Ah I see, well thats fine, have fun then ^^
KotaNashi / 31.: Yes, exactly.
It was more like cots, about three, four to a room. It didnt matter about gender, though, it was sporadic. Upstairs was off limits to regular members. The warehouse was on the outer limits of town, and the bad guys didn't exactly know where it was .. Until, like, y'know .. A few posts, of course. That's just how things are, given people tried making everything dramatic every sentence they could.
KmzR / Misled: I think that's what made it so fun, though, as OTT as it was. (This RP is perhaps even worse).
I wish there won't so many "_wolf" members now, cause I can't differentiate any of them. Like, there were at least 3 Fire_Wolfs.
KotaNashi / 31.: Right? I remember being LoneWolf, and having it stolen like .. fifteen times. Sigh.
I remember something with "rain" in it. And kitten_kilala, or something. KittyKagome, Kyo, Haruko. I'm just naming stuff off.
OTT? I'm ignorant as to what that stands for.
But yeah, it was all about just having fun and going with the flow. It's that sort've thing that I miss.
Things were much different back then- but I keep wondering, do I just think that because I hardly remember it, and it's the same thing as it is now?
KmzR / Misled: over the top.
There was Raining_Tears ( I think?); who was already really good when I started, and I learnt from people like her.
Things weren't that different, but I think this was just before we all kinda drifted apart. You ended up integrating really well into ES as it is now, I didn't. But it was more fun cause we weren't worried about post length (or quality, for that matter), we would just enjoy the adventure.
KotaNashi / 31.: Ah, thanks.
Yeah! That's it. Exactly.
I always wanted to better myself, to make people I roleplayed along with not roll their eyes- ahh. You know, I'm guessing.
Yeahh, it wasn't all that much. I just meant the attitude of it all. isketch kept people close knit, and oncewe were introduced here we sort've.. unwound. I guess.
I actually left for a good year or so randomly, on this site I mean. I came back just as abruptly and jumped into a roleplay sort'velike Ketsueki, actually. Didn't last long, and I started becoming more social with people on the site.
.. Sorta wish I hadnt, in an odd way.
KmzR / Misled: Well, iSketch was smaller than ES. Like, there were a hundred of us throughout from when it kicked off to when it died out, across two or three main groups. Like, there was us lot, and the wolf load, and the more anime group too, and we were all pretty closely tied and would join eachother's rooms anyway.
Here, people like to exclude.
KotaNashi / 31.: I guess you're right. People liked integrating others on isketch after they got to know them better, and see where they fit. I mean, there were 'families', and drama and stuff.. But it was so carefree, and we all stayed together, anyway, no matter what the hell was going on.
People like to cluster here.
Hell, I've been here how long, and I still don't know half the people.
I don't know.
I sorta miss isketch.
Only a little, though.
KmzR / Misled: Yeah, just a little. It was quite juvenile, and it wouldn't be the same if we went back now, unless we were just all having a nice little reunion and had a chat. Otherwise, you gotta leave that stuff in the past.
KotaNashi / 31.: Agreed.
It's only nice to think about.
(i (shrugs lightly.))
Oh, well.
Fun while it lasted.
KmzR / Misled: I wish it had ended a bit more amicably than it did for me. I lost a few people that were close to me before I fucked off to Eliteskills for good.
KotaNashi / 31.: Yeah.
I wish I had taken the time to get a few more things for contact information from a bunch of people. I hadn't known it'd end like that. I was under the naive impression it'd always be like as it was.
KmzR / Misled: I have a few people on MSN, but even then, I don't talk to any of them, except Aaron/Kageiki/Zenkaosu/Various names I forget.
KotaNashi / 31.: It's not the same, though ..
Not at all.
A big part of me wants a reunion, but the more logical part of me reasons that it'd be an awkward disaster.
KmzR / Misled: Yeah, definitely awkward. I wouldn't do it unless the perfect opportunity arose.
KotaNashi / 31.: Ehh. I doubt anyone would truly remember anyone, anyway. "Rememeber that one time when .. hell, even I don't remember."
M'getting kicked off the PC, now, though. So I'll be floating around ES, just much more slowly if at all on my DS.
Was nice chatting with you about the old days, heh. 'Hope we can do it again sometime.~
KmzR / Misled: Yeah, later Kota.
silentblade: Don't mind me, just adding this old, old RP to my watch list over there. -->
Sinkaiyen: Wow.... Still active, huh?

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